Oh Brother...

Xanadu Weyr - Beach
The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.
The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.

It is early in the day. Early because, like any other day, ka-el got up to do his usual chores and tasks, all of which seem to begin before the sun even rises! But today, for whatever reason, Kale found himself being dismissed from his usual duties and has been given a surprise rest day! Odd, but he's not questioning it. It's not often that Orik just gives him an unscheduled free day, and he left the forges before the burly man could realize what he's done and change his mind! And so, despite the slight chill, he's on the beach, Alloy not riding on his shoulders. The little bronze is growing fast, and being a bronze, he's getting kind of…big. Which is a good thing, for now Kale has more opportunity to strength train him. He's jogging along the sands now, Alloy trotting a pace or so behind him, dragging a weight behind him that's been tied to a rope, which has been tied around the firelizard. Nothing too heavy, likely no more than four pounds, and Alloy seems to enjoy the game. This human is so clever with making up these fun things to do! Raar!

Idrissa spent most of the morning at the stables, there's a surprise! Though she, Willow and Asher are down at the beach settled upon a rock watching the waves as they roll into the sand. Well, Asher is digging his hole to who knows where and Willow is curled up upon Rissa's lap getting a soft rub down and coooing out happily the whole time. So far she hasn't picked up on Kale and Alloy out an about, though that doesn't mean Willows hasn't picked up anything. With her clutchmate about she chirrrups out while lifting her head and peers around.

Alloy too seems to always sense when there's a clutchmate nearby, especially Willow, as his person seems to really like her person, and anyone who is good with Kale is good with him! Firelizards included. Kale continues to jog, seemingly focused on his exercise, while Alloy is starting to veer off, sniffing around. She's around here somewhere, around here somewhere…oh there she is! Raaar!! He hops up in the air, wings spreading as he takes flight, dragging the weight after him as he heads towards her and her companions. Kale is only aware of his wayward lizard after Alloy is already halfway gone, and he blinks, peering over his shoulder. "Hey…" he slows down, looking around til he spots him and Idrissa, Willow, and Asher too! Grinning now, he turns his jog their way. "Tryin' to steal my firelizard, are ya?"

Idrissa peers at Willow and ponders before glancing up and then over the area. It takes her a few moments before she catches sight of Alloy and she blinks before a soft chuckle escapes her. "Well hello there Alloy." This said with a smile to the bronze, she eyes the weights that are tied to him and ponders. "Oh totally Kale, what are you doing to the poor thing anyway?" She points at the weights while Willow clambers up onto Rissa's shoulder and chirrups out at her brother, images are sent as to try and figure out what is going on it seems.

Kale slows his jog when he's near, then plops down on the rock next to her, exhaling a few breaths. Tired! "What? Poor thing?" He eyes Alloy, who has landed by now, the rope and weight still tied to him, and looks up to Willow. Oh, it's been fun times, sis! He shows her things that he's been up to. Things like pulling rocks, flying with rocks. Jumping in mud. Getting oiled. Getting some weird harness thing attached to him that he promptly chewed off. Things like that! "He's no poor thing," replies Kale with a smirk, shoulder pressing against her as he leeeans. "He's officially in trainin' now. He's gettin' big.. I dunno how big a bronze firelizard gets but, geeze. Anyhow, before he gets /too/ big, I want him to learn how to carry things and be strong. So I put weights on'm. Builds muscle." And as if to prove this fact, he lifts an arm and flexes. Smither muscle! "See?"

Idrissa chuckles softly and smiles while nodding to Kale. "Sure sure.. Alright so not a poor thing." This said with a grin while leaning over to ruffle Kale's hair and with her other hand give Alloy a soft head rubbing. "Don't let him work you too hard Alloy. If you ever get tired of working for him you can come hang out with Willow and me." This said with an amused tone while Willow hops over to peer at the rope, she sniffs at it a few times before promptly trying to chew on it! She offers back the fun things she has been doing, like chasing after runner flys, and nearly catching a small tunnelsnake that was too close to the stables! Asher peers over at everyone and bounces over to Kale wruffs out at him, tail wagging about.

Kale snickers and leans away as his hair is ruffled, squinting his eyes a bit. "Alloy, don' you listen to her," he warns his lizard, who really isn't paying any attention to him anyway. He's too busy getting a feel of what his sister has been up to, which looks like fun stuff too! What fun partners they have. They really chose well. As his rope his chewed, he watches, then helps out with the chewing. Gnawgnaw! Kale sighs, shaking his head. "I was hopin' he wouldn't think of doin' that…" He smirks, glancing over at her before leaning over to lightly touch his lips to her cheek in a light kiss. "Are you off too?" he asks, head lightly tipping. "An' have you thought've where you're goin' to stay? In the barracks or..?" Wherever it is that she usually sleeps!

Idrissa giggles softly as he leans away from her and huffs while looking to Alloy. "I'd give you lots of jerky." This said with a joking tone. Willow is busy helping Alloy chew out of the rope. "Well that is because Willow is working at the rope. I tried putting a little piece of a harness on her and she chewed right through it. I wanted to see if she would keep it on." Ha it was amusing! At the light kiss she smiles, blushing and leans close to Kale to give him a half hug back. "Well, I figured I'd stay over at the barracks instead of the dorms. Thought it might be sorta interesting to stay somewhere else for a bit." She glances to him curiously. "What about you?"

"You too?" Kale laughs, shaking his head. "Yeah, apparently harnesses and firelizards don't mix, eh? Alloy chewed his too." His head is given a shake. "He'll chew through anything 'less it's made've metal .. an' I don't know how to make a metal harness. I don' think it'd work too well for them." At he received hug, he grins a little, taking it as an invitation that he can use her as a pillow. So, he leeeans against her even more, head resting against her shoulder. Comfy! She won't mind that he's a /little/ sweaty, right? Heheh. "Thought the same as you. Barracks, probably. It'll be different, an' it's not every day that we'll get a chance to go there, huh?" His eyes turns out to the horizon, lifting a hand to point. "Rider comin' in," he notes, spying a dot in the sky, and as it gets closer, the dot looks more like a dragon.

Idrissa totally would mind! ewwww sweat.. Well no not really. She chuckles softly while blushing still and shifts to let him sit down if he wants and then leans close snuggling a bit closer to him if at all possible. Taw an't the just cuteness? Now where is a certain rider.. "Well, what about putting thin pieces of metal over a leather harness?" It's a thought at least! She smiles and nods. "I figured I'd get my stuff together and get over to the barracks later today or something." Her bright gaze lifts and she looks to the sky watching as the rider seems to be getting closer and closer. "Ya, wonder who it is."

Kale is already sitting :) and seems to have no problem with her moving closer to him. Makes it easier for him to use her as a pillow. "Hey, that /is/ a thought," he says, nodding against her. "Might be sometin' I can rig up… if I do, I'll try it on Alloy, an' if he doesn't chew it to pieces, I'll make one for Willow." He keeps his eyes on the dragon, if not only just to make sure that whoever it is isn't angling to land too close to them. Sand in the face isn't fun! "We can move in whenever we'd like then, huh?" he asks, head lifting from her shoulder as the rider comes closer. He peers forward. The dragon is a blue, that's obvious now that it's some yards away. Large and beautiful, as blues go, with a wide wingspan edged in black. He blinks once, head faintly tilting. Why does that dragon look.. familiar? "Oh no.." The dragon slows, looking for a spot, and he eventually comes to a graceful land a little ways away from the two of them, wings kicking up sand as they flap and flap, gradually folding against his sides.

Idrissa smiles as she stays put near Kale all the while, not minding being used as a pillow it seems. "Alright, sounds like a plan." She offers at the idea of the harness for Alloy and possible Willow. "If I can help let me know." Ahs softly. "Well, I assume so? I never really figured that out I suppose." She shrugs at this. Willow is settled down next to Alloy, still working on that rope, up until the blue dragon is coming in for a landing and then the little green chirrups out and sits up peering at the blue and the rider that is there. Idrissa looks to the landing dragon, and hears Kale. "Why do you say that?" She questions curiously, a wave is offered to the rider and dragon once they have landed.

The rider sits up once his dragon has settled, lifting goggles from his eyes to rest them atop his head. He turns, checking the cargo that's been attached to his dragon's back; a large, bulky parcel of things covered by a tarp. Ropes are checked. Everything seems secure. He unbuckles himself and dismounts from the dragon's back, half sliding, half jumping and landing at a crouch. He briefly brushes himself off and then searches for the bodies on the beach that he saw from the air. Blue eyes alight on the two younger teens, and a large smile stretches across his face as he heads towards them, arms wide and outstretched. "Youngest brother!" he calls, shaggy brown hair blowing across his eyes as they fixate on Kale, who offers a crooked grin in response.

"That's why.." he answers to Idrissa, smirking a bit. Alloy pauses in his gnawing to chirrup? curiously. New person! "Kei'lan. What're you…doin' here?" Kale stands up again, glancing to Idrissa and offering a hand to her to help her up.

Idrissa tilts her head while peering at the rider, and then back to Kale, this happens a few times before she looks back to Kale at the youngest brother comment. "Ah, older brother then I see." She chuckles softly while standing once she takes hold of Kale's hand. Willow hops up onto Rissa's shoulder for the rider over it seems. Another wave is offered to the older brother. "Hello, nice to meet you." An looky there she is actually talking to a new person! It's the dragon really, an well maybe because she knows Kale so well? Possible?

"Ha ha! Look at you!" exclaims Kei'lan, who shares some of Kale's same physical qualities in the face. Same eyes, for one, the color near exactly the same. And the hair, while longer, is also the same hue. He looks to be about nineteen or twenty with an average frame, bulkier due to his rider's clothes. He walks right up to he both of them and wraps his arms around his brother, enveloping him in a bear hug of death! Kale is squeezed, letting go of Idrissa's hand in the process as he's clapped on the back. Then, he's pushed back a bit, Kei'lan's hands on his shoulders as he's kept at arm's length to be looked over. "Grown, haven't you? Wow, how long as it been? You’re hardly the wee boy I left behind, are you? And who's this?" The rider's eyes look at Idrissa now, his grin still in place. "Your girl? She's pretty," is said to Kale, who is only given enough reaction time to gawk before he continues, to Idrissa now. "You're pretty. Kei'lan Crestwood," he introduces, pulling his hands away from Kale's shoulders to extend one to her. "Lovely lizard you have there."

Idrissa chuckles softly and smiles as she watches the two brothers, which do look sorta alike. She peers at Kei'lan and a faint ah escapes her. Pretty?…did he just call her pretty? A soft cough escapes her and now she is blushing while peering off. "Um…Thanks. I'm Idrissa." This said with a soft murmur, her bright gaze flicks back to the rider and she gives his hand a slight shake. Willow chitterups out and her head bobs a few times while she shifts back and forth on her paws. The new person just said she was lovely!

"Ah, and a modest one," observes Kei'lan with a warm smile and nod. "Mother will like her."

Kale rolls his eyes. "Kei!" Oy. Brothers. He'd almost forgotten what it was to /not/ have them around.

Kei'lan grins and shrugs. "Just speaking the truth, youngest. Pleasure to meet you, Idrissa. Will you be joining us then, to the celebration?" He pauses, head slightly turning in the direction of his dragon. He taws a little and waves a dismissive hand. "Soon, Azrith, I know I've promised, and when I have ever not kept my word to you?" A smirk follows and he returns his attention to the two younger teens. "Forgive him. He's eager to do a fly around. I haven't the heart to tell him that the gold had already risen and been caught. I think he still has hopes of wooing her, gold and all. I think the poor bloke is color blind." Again, he waves a hand dismissively before clapping them together once. "Back to business! You'll be joining us, then?"

Idrissa watches the two curiously a moment, still blushing it seems. Willow bounces around on her paws and soon ends up in Rissa's arms. The girl blinks and smirks while hugging the lizard to her softly and murmuring to her softly that it is alright. "What celebration?" This is questioned with a curious tone before she peers over at the blue and then gives Kei'lan a look. "A blue?…" Though she doesn't finish her comment. "Joining who for what?"

"Yes, yes," Kei leans forward, lowering his voice a bit. "You see, Azrith is a bit…mmm.. I've tried convincing him to go after a lovely little green once. You know, a bit more his…level? But he sets his sights high. I can't blame him. Golds are /lovely/ things, but ah, if he keeps at it and doesn't settle for what he's /able/ to actually catch, he'll never, you know…have the experience and will forever be a virgin dragon." He shakes his head sadly as he leans back. He blinks at Idrissa's lack of knowing, and a flat look is given to his sibling. "You haven't told her?" But Kale is looking just as lost as Idrissa is, and thus the rider exhales a breath. "Damn messages haven't been reliable with the storms that've passed through. Probably lost. Ah, well. No matter. Well … surprise!!" he says with a large grin. "Happy turnday, youngest! You're…eh-heh, having a party."

Kale's eyes widen, though it's a bit hard to tell if it's in surprise or terror. "What? .. Wait, when? An' whose coming?"

"Why, the family of course," says Kei'lan, blinking impishly, ignoring how Kale's face goes a little pale. "You didn't think mother would turn a blind eye to your coming of age, did you? And it's perfect! Your girl can meet everyone at the same time. Though, if I were you…" he taps at her Candidate's knot. "I'd hide that,” he advises, tone inching towards the serious side. “You too, youngest, don't think I haven't noticed. Congratulations, though,” he adds, his smile small, yet genuine.

Idrissa looks over to Azrith watching the blue a few moments. Well she supposes blues could well, act like that. Her bright gaze turns back to Kei'lan and she blinks once more. "Your whole family is coming here?…" She glances to Kale and pokes at his arm. "Why didn't you tell me??" She didn't get him anything! The world will end.. At the tap to her white candidate knot she looks back to Kei. "Ah… why do I need to hide it?.. And… Wait you want me to meet your family? Like the rest of your family?" Willow chirrtoles out and goes about preening at wings a few times.

Azrith rumbles, looking blandly over at the three. Kei'lan's grin falters and he turns to face the surly blue from afar. "Keep that attitude and we'll be going nowhere. I'm serious with you now, Azrith. It's the wee one's turnday, and you won't be ruining it. Mother will be here, and you'll behave.." He chastises as if the dragon was a two year old child. While Kei'lan deals with the moody dragon, Kale's attention turns to Idrissa. "I didn't know!" Pause. "Well, I knew about my turnday but I really did sort've forget that it was comin' so soon. Honest!" He grins crookedly. "S'been a busy time, y'know? With Alloy an' now the candidate thing.." He lifts a hand, rubbing his neck. It's a lot to sink in. "When?" he asks his brother, taking on another question for him to answer.

"This…afternoon, I suppose," replies Kei'lan, pulling the goggles off his head now, fingers combing through his shaggy hair. "Ah, they'd be here earlier if she'd allow me to fly everyone over, but…you know mother," he says, giving him a knowing look. To Idrissa, he offers a kind smile. "You treasure your ears and sanity, yes? Then hide the knot. Our mother will give you ten thousand reasons why you shouldn't go through with it, and give you a thousand reasons more why Pern is no longer needing of dragons and how they ruin this, that, and whatever else. Lewdness and scandal!" A hand is waved, idly. "I've heard it all. Trust me, you want to be spared. Plus! If you're to be our new sister in law, you'll want her to like you, and you might as well meet us all at the same time."

Idrissa smirks at Kale and eyes him slightly while letting her arms fold in front of her. "Really now…" This said with a soft tone. "You was all biting at the bit to know why I didn't tell your mine." She points out with a nod. Willow chirrups out and lets her tail swing about to try and smack out at Kale's shoulder, YA! Her gaze turns over to Kei and she blinks. "Wait…they’re coming today?" She questions softly before she frowns a moment. "It's alright, I'm sure I've heard it all before from my own mother… Not that I want to hear it all again actually." Her eyes widen as Kei goes on. "…sister in law?…" She looks rather pale for a few moments and even forgets to breathe until Willow nips at her ear which makes her yelp out at the feeling. "Willow!"

A brown firelizard flies overhead. Two spiderclaws clack their claws. The moons are in the ninth phase. Soriana arrives on the beach. The teen wanders down the stairs at a fairly brisk pace, headed to- waaait, never mind where she was headed, there's Idrissa and Kale and a blue dragon, complete with rider. So Soriana heads over that way, waving cheerfully. "Heya!"

"Ow!" Tail whipped! Kale rubs at his shoulder, giving Willow a look. "M'pretty sure I told you…at somepoint…when it was.." Maybe. But wait. Sister in what now? "What?" remarks Kale, giving his sibling an incredulous look. "Ah, shards, scorch it Kei! We're not getting married," he says, kicking a wave-smoothed rock at him, which his nimble brother avoids with a gleeful look. Ah, how he's missed his relentless teasing! "Ah, fifteen now and with such language, youngest. Better clean that tongue before mother gets here!" He pounces him then, grabbing him in a headlock to noogie his hair. "You know how she loooves her precious baby and would be so heartbroken to hear you speaking in such a way!" he says, mock wailing even as Kale struggles to get out of his grip. Kei is relentless though and only keeps on grinning as his arm tightens around his neck. And ah! Another weyrbrat coming their way! "Hello there!" he calls to Soriana, smiling as if holding a struggling someone in a headlock is the most normal thing one could hope to come across.

Idrissa shakes her head while eyeing Kale after she regains her composure, or something along those lines. "No, I'm rather sure you didn't cause I would have remembered it." This said with a soft tone at the idea, her hand lifts and she rubs at her eyes looking utterly confused it seems at this talk of sister in law, and family and mother's that go about talktalking like /her/ mother! She takes a few steps back as the two brother's get into a scuffle, which she is rather used to seeing and, well, doing with her own brother to some degree. Willow chitters out as she hears and sees Toral, the little green bounces about on her paws before hopping up into the air to green the brown. Someone is getting better with flying! "Hey Sori, come meet Kale's brother."

So, a bluerider. One Soriana doesn't know, but who evidently knows Kale. At least, casual headlocks do tend to indicate knowing of each other. Idrissa fills in the connection, and Sori goes ahhhh as she nods. Toral chitters a hello in passing, but he's headed for the waves himself. Splooshytime! "Brother, huh?" she says, looking Kei up and down consideringly. "Heya."

Kale pushes against the rider's side and finally slips out of his hold, hair standing up every which way now. A glare is sent to him, though Kei'lan's too busy idly brushing himself off to notice. "And who are you? Another one of his friends? Quite the popular one, aren't you Kale?" He cranes his neck and shields his eyes, eyeing the distance as if expecting a horde of others to come rushing the beach. Nope. "Kei'lan Crestwood, at your service. And Azrith," he extends, gesturing to the lounging blue whose eyes are now on the approaching green firelizard in a skeptical manner. "Who has been in better moods, but he'll lighten up once he gets his wings spread. You'll be coming to the celebration, too? Since dear…Idrissa, was it? was unaware of it, I'll go lengths to assume you are too. It is Kale's turnday! Fifteen and a man to the world's eye. We've a tradition to celebrate the coming of age a bit harder than most other turndays, and, with Kale off growing up and becoming a manly smither and possible rider now too I see," insert somewhat proud look here, "our mother is bringing the celebration to him."

Idrissa scratches at her neck a few times and soon nods to Kei. "Ah, yes that's right." She offers with a soft tone while she peers at Willow whom follows after Toral until she is near Azrith. The little green attempts to land on the much larger blue's head and trills out at him, and is she's cooing? Why yes! "Um.. Your dragon is ok with firelizard's I hope…" Anything to get her mind off the whole sister in law thing at the moment!

"I'm Soriana," she says to Kei'lan's question. No surname, nor even the bit where she names her mother and mother's dragon. She doesn't much feel like that today, thus she's not doing it. "Nice t'meet you," she does say, with nods both to Kei and to the blue dragon. But what's this? "Your turnday?" she asks Kale, in that 'you didn't tell us!' sort of way. Someone has been keeping secrets. For shame! "Of course I'm coming," she tells Kei, and grins until- huh. Kale's mother. Glance back to Kale, because she's heard… stories. Stories that promise this will be an interesting day, to say the least. Well. All the more reason why. Still looking at Kale, she repeats herself. "Yeah, I'll come."

What? Azrith's elegant head is given a light shake as a fly or som-…no. A firelizard, not a fly! He tilts his head back a little, as if trying to look and see the green, though with her being atop his head, his efforts are in vain. "Ummm…" is Kei'lan's reply to Idrissa, eyeing the blue. "Sure! He's a sweetheart, deep down. He's actually very impressed by her voice, he is. The best he's heard in some turns, in fact. What a kind thing for you to say, Azrith." The dragon, meanwhile, seems unamused by his rider's antics, and although … tolerant of the green on his head, the few little shakes he gives every now and then might indicate he'd rather she'd be elsewhere.

"Slipped my mind," Kale offers to Soriana, his grin sheepish. "An' it's true! It's been busy. I would've told you, the both've you, because I'm expectin' grand gifts." You only become a man once! As she confirms her presence, he smiles, though the look is guarded. Oy. Between having to hide his candidate knot along with Idrissa's, Alloy forever tailing him, and weyr born Soriana being … well, weyr born, Kale can imagine about a hundred ways this day can go.

Kei'lan, on the other hand, is all optimism. He claps his hands together once. "Grand then! And, youngest, invite as many of your ickle friends as you'd like. My task it to scope a venue that won't interfere with the weyr's daily activities and such. No need to impede on Xanadu any more than we will by our hefty numbers. So, I should get on to that. I'll send word when everything is in order, and expect the family sometime around noon or a bit after."

Idrissa takes in a soft breath while watching Willow and Azrith a few moments, her eyes narrowing in thought it seems and soon enough the little green is fluttering off to find Alloy or Toral to pester it seems! Her bright gaze soon turns back to Kale. "Grand gifts huh? Well you have given us such short notice I'm not too sure how grand it will be Kale." This said with an amused tone. Her gaze turns after Kei and she nods to the rider and dragon. "See you then. Take care."

Soriana laughs to Kale, and nods. "It's okay. Not like we did anything for my last." Besides… smirk. "See, now it's too late for gifts! You'll just have to wait for us to bring you belated ones and hope it doesn't… slip our minds!" These are the risks involved in the situation. Well, the present-based risks. The risks of something happening to scandalize Kale's mother are… ah, but let's not worry about that until it happens! Or doesn't happen. That's possible, right? As Kei takes his leave, Sori waves. "There's the cafe," she suggests ever so helpfully, and points. "They rent out the back rooms."

"Oh, don't let that stop ya from gettin' me the greatest gift ever," Kale replies to Idrissa, grinning brightly. No need worrying about things now! Midday is hours away. He can worry about it then, right? "You don't have to give it to me today. If y'need a bit of time to find something that'll impress me, then I'll give ya sevenday to get it together." His grin is extended to Sori, and as Kei'lan speaks of leaving, he moves towards him and is promptly bear hugged again.

"Proud've you, youngest," he says, squeezing him a little longer before releasing him, cuffing a shoulder. "See you later." He waves to them all, flashing Soriana a parting grin. "Thanks! I'll keep it in mind, but we're more've an … outdoor sort." Fingers are tapped against Azrith's hide before he clambers atop him. "Yes, yes, I know I haven't forgotten.." said as he settles in, strapping himself. "We'll do a flyaround, /but/ we've a task, mind you. No time to inspect every single inch of this place, yes?" And with that, they take to the skies! Kei'lan waves again before he's too high to be seen. And with his brother gone, Kale .. plops onto the sand.

Idrissasmirks while peering at Kale. "Hey…why should I get you some /great/ gift when you never got me one." This said with a teasing tone, well of course she is going go get him something! With one brother gone she moves along to where Kale is and crouches down holding back to the need to give him a lishg too. "So turnday boy, what did you want to do to celebrate your day?"

Oh, an entire sevenday? Well, in that case… Soriana laughs, then nods to Kei'lan's talk of the outdoorsyness of these farmer folks. Color her entirely not shocked. "It's true, y'know," she notes to Kale after Idrissa's complaint. "I mean, I'm absolved on account of having brought the cake, but you?" She shakes her head. "You'll be lucky to get a leftover biscuit or something." …hey speaking of. "Are they going to bring food? Like, a picnic or something? How do you celebrate turndays out at Black Rock, anyhow?" She's gotta know what to expect on this Adventure With Family!

"Survive it," remarks Kale to Idrissa, eyes on the sky. "An' I did get you something for your turnday….didn't I?" He props himself up on his elbows, thinking back. DID he? No, he didn't. The cake was entirely Soriana's idea! "Oh, it's because I didn't know about it /and/ y'didn't say you wanted anything.." *Cough!* "No, wait. The cake was from Soriana an' I both. I made … part of it." Yes. Yes he did! He sticks his tongue out at Sori, smirking after. At her questions though, he can only shake his head. "Beats me. I only learned of this today. Never got the message or it was lost or something. I guess they're bringing things." He flops back down on his back, arms crossing behind his head. "Regular turndays aren't too special. I mean, we're usually so busy they come an' go so quick it's just like, a family thing. But this one's bigger because I'm fifteen, an' .. a man, I guess." He smirks, puffing his chest up. "So, it'll be a coming of age. An' how it's done…Uh, it all depends on who it's for. Like, Kindin's? He wanted liquor for his, so everyone brought a bottle of somethin' different and he had a glass of everything. Vomited it all up by the end've the night, but he got to keep all the bottles. Kei'lan had his formal. Wanted everyone to dress up real nice. Dad usually says somethin' nice. A story or somethin' from when whoever's day it is was little. Mother makes their favorite foods and dessert, an' .. well, it's just a big party really." He shrugs again. "I didn't think they'd come out here an' do it for me though. Everyone else's was at home."

Idrissa smirks and shakes her head, a soft chuckle escaping her. "It's alright. I'm just messing with you." She says while sitting down next to Kale upon the sands. Willow flutterhops over to the three and pokes around Sori a few times and tilts her head while trilling out. "Well, sounds like your family had fun comes those turndays. I can't recall doing anything when my brother turned 15 a few turns ago." As if that is a surprise! Her mother didn't much do anything for any turn day, and her uncle was too busy to worry with such things, though he at least attempted.

Kale made part of the cake? An eyebrow is lifted in dubious fashion, and there's a smirk. Not that she actually says it aloud. Besides, Rissa is so nice. She can't even mess with Kale for more than a few minutes! After a moment, Sori joins in with the sitting on the sands, leaning back on her hands with a grin then reaching to scritch at Willow. "Seems like it should be fun. And, hey, maybe we'll get some good stories." The grin widens somewhat, then she goes considering. "Hmm. I suppose it's research, too. I mean…. I'll be the one coming of age next, gotta make sure it's a good one."

Hey, where's Alloy? He's out splashing about with Toral, that's where! Having long ago chewed off his rope, the weight that was tied to him is left forgotten in the sand while he gallivants. Kale turns his head to Idrissa, nodding. "Yeah. It is fun, an'… it should be fun. If everyone comes then there'll be a lot've people, an' my mother probably won't be able to focus on everybody …" Meaning maybe he'll be saved some embarrassment and them some strife? Hopefully. "Stories, eh?" A smirk is sent Soriana's way. "Ones we can all live down, eh? When's your turnday, then? So there's no confusion when it comes and we all know."

Idrissa grins as she hears Sori and nods a soft chuckle escapes her. "That is true. Think of all the stories we can possibly get from Kale's mother, and his other brothers." Yes she is clearly liking this idea, hah! She hmms and peers at Soriana. "I suppose you have a point there, we can totally use Kale's party as a testing on. So we can get yours right." Willow coos out and leans into the attentions from Sori.

Soriana grins. "Aww, your mother can't be all that bad, can she?" Shows what she knows. Also, "How many brothers do you even have?" If he's told her, she forgot! As for her… "Twenty-third of the seventh month," she tells him. "Mark your calendar." Because we can't have anyone missing such a momentous occasion. Willow continues to get scritches and attention, while Toral shows Alloy all the best ways to splash around in the ocean waves. Drip drip wetlizards.

"Stories about me?" remarks Kale, lifting a brow at Idrissa. "Ah, you mean the ones that mark what a wonderful an' well behaved child I was and how I've grown to be a model citizen?" .. Riiight. "Mm, I'm sure there'll be plenty of those." He straightens one arm to rest against his side, fingers digging into the sand. "Five. Kerrick, Kord, Kage, Kei'lan, an' Kinden.. in that order," is answered to Soriana. "Kerrick 'n Kord are married. Kerrick has two daughters, Kord a son. The rest've us are available bachelors," said with a crooked grin as the sands slip from his fingers before his hand is lifted to write in the air. "Twenty third….seventh month. Noted!"

"Suuure, we can listen to those stories too!" says Soriana with a grin. Then… "Shards, that's a lot of brothers." So says the girl with none, at least that she knows of. Certainly no fullsibs. She nods as it goes onto Kale's mental calendar (What, she doesn't deserve space in his notebook?), then goes huh. "Between you, me and Rissa… we're kinda spread out even through the year. Four months and a bit apart, all'f us."

"Aye, I think my mother was tryin' for a girl each time. Can only imagine the disappointment of hearin', 'a boy!' six times," Kale laughs, head shaking. "But I think Kerrick make her happy with the girls." At her observation of their turndays, he thinks it over, then nods. "It's fate that we became friends then, isn't it? Now, every four months or so, we'll have a reason to have a party. Our lives'll never be a bore or lackin' celebrations an' gatherings." And those celebrations will soon have great grownup things like liquor involved! Maybe even starting today. "Hey.." he glances over to her. "Really though, if she starts on one've her tirades cuz…she's known for 'em, just find me or somethin'? Don't let her get under your skin. She really doesn't care for weyrs an' never's been shy at givin' her opinion. But.. hell, it's my day."

Boy, boy, boy… Soriana laughs at that, then nods. "Totally fate. And none of us were born on holidays, either, so we don't lose our parties because it's just a turnover or something." Really, though… hmm? Sori lifts up one brow, head tilted. That bad? Really? In the end… she hehs. "So… is this because the weyrs are a blight of immorality, or because they're a leech growing fat on the hard work of honest folks?" Her tone is light. It will hardly be the first time she's heard bad things about the weyrs and weyrfolk, after all. "I'll deal. Besides, I can't ask Yumeth to squish anyone right now. She's far too busy with her eggs! So I guess I'll have to deal, one way or another." She grins. Really, how bad can Kale's mother possibly be?

"More the first than second, though I've heard'er mumble of both," answers Kale who eyes the flight of a dragon who soars by with its rider high above them. "More've the immorality though. She has like… this idea of what things could an' should be, an' if somethin' doesn't fit, then it's bad and shouldn't be. Dragons, for one, and their link with their riders. They were useful for a time in history, but now she believes they're only kept as an excuse for wild behavior. Some've her favorite sayings? 'Blending the soul with beasts'. 'Humans coupling like animals' and their 'unwanted offspring livin' goal-less lives'.." Much like his brother before, he waves a hand. "S'why she and Kei'lan don't really get along, an' why he wants me to not wear the candidate's knot. It'll just be … trouble."

Soriana gives Willow another scritch as she listens to Kale. "H-uh." Wow, his mom really… goes all out with this. She nods again about the knot. "Is she gonna be okay with Alloy?" A bronze firelizard is a lot harder to hide than a knot, after all, and he's most certainly a soul-mingled beastie! For that matter… "Suppose I'm pretty much exactly what she doesn't like about the weyrs."

Kale glances over to the still playing bronze, head faintly tilting. "I don' know. Probably not… Of all of this, she'll probably love Asher most," He grins a bit.. "So! My dilemma. I've had no time to prepare, an' I've many things to keep quiet. I suppose I could keep Alloy in the smithy til they're gone…though he won't like it. A firelizard may be a bit easier for her to swallow than my knot, though." His chest and drops with an exhale. "Mmm…as for you…eh, I guess." He pause, brows raising curiously. "Who's your father?"

Soriana looks over to Alloy herself, and shakes her head. "If he's not happy, he's gonna try betweening to find you," she says. So speaketh she who knows firelizards. "Not to mention you'll be feelin' just how unhappy he is." That whole soul melded with beasts thing, remember? Turns out it's accurate as well as being a nice turn of phrase. As for other things that may or may not be accurate… time to discuss Sori's parentage! "Mm? He's at Ierne." She actually has to pause to think before she adds, "Name's S'iad." That's right, she only barely knows her own father's name. And why's that? "His brown caught Yumeth."

"Yeah.. I don' really want to leave him behind anyway. S'not fair to him. He'll be missin' out." Kale frowns a little, apparently not favoring the thought of a sad Alloy, and thus a sad him. And Alloy's never been between before. What if he gets lost? /Can/ dragonlizards get lost? And if they do, what happens to them? Kale shudders a bit, having a feeling that whole possibility ends with nothing but Bad. Well…he has some time to think about what to do and how to face things. A few short hours. That time is best spent avoiding the situation! His first adult decision. So his attention turns fully to Soriana and her life because, now that he thinks about it…he doesn't really know much. "Have you met him before? Do you get to visit, or.. does he visit you an' your mother?"

Soriana nods. Better to face the firelizard-having music! …later. It's also better to not worry about things until they happen. Maybe Kale's mother will have an amazing reversal and be totally cool about all this. Self-delusion is an important part of this balanced breakfast. On to Sori's personal life! "Nah. I mean, I guess I could find him if I wanted to, but… what would be the point? It's…" just a mating flight, but this is Kale. He probably wouldn't really understand what that means. All he's got is his mother's tirades about 'humans coupling like animals' and 'unwanted offspring' to guide him. Okay, Sori can explain. …uhm. Explaining involves talking about her mother's sex life. Does she have to? Does she really, really have to? Because, ick. That's her mother. "It's not like he and my mom were ever together. I mean, during the flight, but that's it. Just when the dragons were."

The point? Sori called it: No, Kale doesn't really get it. He, who comes from a household where mother and father chose to be with one another, chose to have multiple children and raise a family. Where his father was a father who taught him things and showed him things and experienced things with him and the other boys. Maybe it's a different relationship with girls. A father daughter thing…but it couldn't be so different that it doesn't even matter that he's not around and the point of finding him…isn't there. Right? "So, when their dragons .. Uh, when his dragon caught Yumeth.." Oh. Ok, now he's understanding the unspoken awkwardness. Talking about her mother's personal life is sort of… weird. So! Let's make it anonymous. "When a dragon catches a gold .. or even a green, I guess, then their riders…" Mm. Let's use his mother's term, shall we? "couple? Do they /have/ to?"

A generic gold, yes, that's a much better dragon to talk about. The reduction of awkward is palpable. "They do, yeah." Those generic riders, with their generic dragons! Well, 'with them' in the mental and cotemporal sense, at least. Not so much the physical. The dragons, high up in the sky! The riders, in a guest weyr by the feeding grounds. "It's not like anyone makes them. But… a rider feels what the dragon feels. Kinda like with firelizards, but way, way, way more. The riders want it, because the dragons want it. There's some people that try and have someone else instead. Sometimes it even works. But mostly… yeah, the riders couple." If that's the word Kale wants to use… Sori'll use it too. "I've heard it's sorta a blur, after."

Hearing it from Soriana is more eye opening than hearing it from his mother, who obviously has no real knowledge of how things work. But, even though that is true, he can't help but understand why she feels that riders 'couple like animals' if they cannot control themselves at that time. Does it make her right in deeming them lowly human beings? No, but he can at least see where that thought process came from. "Good to know.." he says, glancing Alloy's way. At least it seems as if a firelizard's mental bond may be a bit easier to resist when it comes to mating. "Yumeth was caught by a brown dragon, right? Isn't his rider a woman?" Uh oh. Treading back to awkward territory. He waves his hands a little. "I could be wrong. I met K'drozen, an' he mentioned how his weyrmate or whatever's dragon was here because..he caught.. or at least, I thought that's what he said. Might've misheard. Maybe it was his dragon.." Eh. Wave it off, Kale! He obviously hadn't connected /those/ dots til now. "So.." Cue awkward silence.

Soriana follows Kale's glance to Alloy, and Toral near him, and smiles slightly. Dragons are way, way more, remember? "Toral's caught greens before. No stronger'n a good kiss." Which is to say, yeah, it can get her hot and bothered, but… she totally remains as much in control as any hormore-filled teen ever is. Aaaand back to Sorrin's sex life the conversation goes. "Maehwazeyeth," she names the brown dragon in question, and nods. "And Jaye." Over the years, Sori has gotten rather good at compartmentalizing the news part of things from the actual imaginings of her mother during certain times. Generic gold dragon. Generic brownrider who just happens to be female. For those two hypothetical people, "Yeah, they did it."

"Oh." Well .. what else is there to say about that? Kale nods to her. No big deal. See? He's learning! Or rather, he's processing and is getting better at processing in silence instead of wtf'ing out loud. This life may be his life if one of those dragonlets in those eggs feels as if he is the one for them, much like Alloy. What if he ends up with a green dragon who is mated with a blue dragon, whose rider is male? But a green wouldn't impress him, right? He shudders a bit, then, as his eyes return to her, a grin stretches over his face. "Thanks. For…layin' it out for me. Home isn't the best place to really learn anything about how this stuff works, y'know?"

'Oh', indeed. Soriana watches Kale as the wheels turn round and round in his head. The shudder gets a curious look, but oh hey there's a grin again, so whatever it is, can't have been too terrible. She hehs. "Yeah, I imagine not." A brief pause, and she adds another thing, because she does have a guess what the shudder might be. "It goes both ways, you know. The bond. If the rider wants someone, or doesn't want someone… it makes a difference, what happens with the dragons." Not always, of course - and someone has to care pretty strongly to remember those preferences during the heightened emotions of a mating flight, not to mention still being limited to other dragonriders, but… hey, hopefully it's at least vaguely reassuring?

Somewhat reassuring. At least, in Kale's mind he can always imagine himself as The One who can resist such strong, incredibly strong, urges. He is The One that can say "No!" in the rapturous heat of the moment. Yes, in his mind, he is incredibly strong willed, and…yes, delusional thoughts help. "Right. I'll keep that in mind, if I get a dragon. If not, I'll still keep it in mind for Alloy. He's good lookin'. An' he's already big. He'll probably be winnin' females all the time," he says with a nod. "Which is gonna make me the hottest guy on Xanadu, right? Give Xanthius some competition." His grin widens then, though, ah, thoughts have a way of creeping back at inopportune times, and it's now that he remembers he has family coming. Soonish. Sigh. "I should go. Mentally prepare an' all," he says, tapping at his temple. "not to mention bathe an' find Kei'lan."

Delusion makes the world go round! …at least, if you're deluded. Soriana nods, then laughs. "Oh, sure, he'll be chasin' all the golds. A girl in every beach." She grins. "You'll have a swarm of them, following you to fawn over him." Never mind how utterly improbable that is, since gold firelizards claim a territory and defend it, and it's the bronzes that follow them in retinues, not the other way around. Why you gotta bring facts in to disrupt a perfectly good tease? And, worse still, bring up things that gotta be done instead of hanging around on the beach discussing the mating habits of generic dragons and handsome firelizards? Siiiiigh. "Yeah, I guess so. Maybe I'll go practice changes of topic for when someone asks me questions." She gives a crooked grin, because after hearing all that (and going over just how nicely she fits into it) this party is seeming like it might hold quicksand and pit traps. Not that it's going to stop her from coming along!

Kale laughs and rises from the sands, brushing clingy bits of beach from the seat of his pants and back. "M'sorry I've made it sound so awful. The rest've them aren't so bad, y'know. My da's sort've carefree about it all. Didn't care either way about Kei'lan, long as he kept himself useful. An' my other brothers don' care much either way, either, I don't think. They're fun. You'll like Kei, once you get to know'm." He grins encouragingly, offering a hand up, if she is in fact going to rise. "It's my turnday, after all. Everyone's job is to make me happy, an' if they make you feel bad, then I won't be happy, an' they'll be hearin' about it."

Soriana takes the hand and hops up to her feet. She nods. "Yeah, okay. I mean, they can't be all that bad, if they ended up with you, right?" A laugh. "Besides, it's not like I haven't heard Holders complain. If your mother can say things I haven't heard… well then, I'll be improving my vocabulary." Sori smirks, then goes on. "I do know how to keep my mouth shut. It's your day, I'm not gonna go and ruin it by picking a fight." She leans in, aiming a brush of lips for his cheek, and smiles. "Happy turnday."

"Go ahead. Pick a fight. I choose Kinden for ya. He's given me the most headache since we were kids." Likely due to the nearness in age. "So have at it with'm if he gives ya strife." Her hand is let loose once she is up, and he smiles warmly at the touch of her lips to his cheek. "Thank you," is answered warmly, expression softening a bit before his eyes shift to the waterline. "C'mon Alloy!" he calls, to which the pretty wet firelizard answers, though not without one last trounce to Toral. Rar!! "Time to get you cleaned up. Gotta give you a fighting chance to make a good impression, eh?" With a wave, he turns to head off the beach and ready himself for … whatever may come!

Soriana laughs! "Kinden. Got it!" she replies. Toral wrassles briefly and makes sure there's plenty of sand and seaweed bits on Alloy's hide, then dives deeper into the waves once the youngster is gone. Time to go fishing! As for Soriana, well. She just smiles to those thanks, then waves to Kale as he heads off. A moment or three's contemplation, and then she's off as well. Time is short, but she's got to see if she can scrounge up something for a turnday present! Just wouldn't do to show up empty-handed…

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