Proddy Greenrider Seeks Geeky Computer Crafter

Xanadu Weyr - Meadow

A large, slightly rolling meadow is set high enough above the riverbank on both sides to avoid suffering from flooding, healthy ground cover and grass spreading out from either side of the dividing river. Scattered amongst the meadow are a variety of buildings, each with a narrow path leading up to it from a main, winding road. Some are set under a few trees, while others sit by themselves.

Stables and a smithy are settled on their own plots, while trees border the western edge of the meadow, and a faint outline of a fence can be seen to the north.

It's the middle of the afternoon about Xanadu, and Xvetaoth emerges from between high above, coming down in tight circles - the green does so love to show off her maneouverability - to land in the meadow. She's decked out in cargo straps today, but they seem to be empty - she must be returning from a cargo run. Xylaihl unbuckles herself well before they land, sliding off of the green's neck the second the dragon touches the ground. She's been running transport for over thirty turns, she's got this down to a fine art. She tugs at a seemingly loose strap, and a clipboard tumbles from somewhere up there. She catches it neatly in her hand, and scans it, with a slight frown.

There's a grumpy-looking computercrafter walking through the meadow, typical frown on his face, eyebrows hunched together as he stalks silently through the grass, laptop bag slung over one shoulder. The strap across his chest is being held tightly in one hand, as if it might be in danger of running off somewhere, while his other is stuffed into a pocket. Given the recent storm, and what happened the /last/ time he was out here, there might be an understandable hurry to his steps, with occasional, suspicious upward glances at the sky, tugging his hand out of the pocket breifly to adjust those spectacles. The young man is in his usual loose, light pants and shirt, neatly dressed, hair back in a runnertail, looking a geek, really. Eledri completely ignores the aerial display over there, giving the very bright green only a momentary look before continuing on his way. He might spare a polite nod for the green's rider, though, having more manners than ..some members of his family. Cough.

Xylaihl blinks a little, and glances up at Xvetaoth. "You what?" she murmurs, eyebrow raising. "Uh-huh." she mumbles, nodding slowly. She settles her eyes on Eledri then, frowning slightly. Geek-look, check. Glasses, check. Bag of a size for a laptop, check. She heads for the crafter. "Are you… Eledri?" she asks, eyeing the man up and down. On closer inspection, it does seem that Xylaihl is where X'hil gets his looks from, though her hair is blonde rather than brown. They do have the same colour eyes, same cheekbones, same chin. In short, she may look a little familiar. She takes off at a bit of a jog so as to catch up to the man. "I don't want to distract you, but I'm wondering if you might know where I can get a laptop?" she asks, going /straight/ to the point. "…if you are Eledri, that is." Though her eyes drift to his knot.

Eledri does slow to a stop once he realizes the rider is heading after him, giving Xylaihl a somewhat confused blink and a faint nod. "I'm Eledri," he confirms, adjusting the strap of his bag and once again adjusting those spectacles, just slightly nudging them back up the bridge of his nose. He at least attempts not to frown at her, though there's a bit of a crinkled brow as he turns to regard the woman, expression perhaps a bit puzzled. She totally looks familiar for some reason, though likely he'd have recognized her if he knew her. It might be the different hair color that throws him off, though, the computercrafter asking, "Do I.. know you?" He cants his head to the side a little, looking thoughtful at the mention of a laptop, though also admittedly, a little hesitant. "There are forms you can fill to request one.." giving her and her dragon a curious look, "WHat do you need it for? It.. is pretty valuable equipment." Eledri, has doubts!

Xylaihl bobs her head when Eledri confirms that he is Eledri. "Ah, good. Excellent. Just the person I've been looking for. Well, keeping an eye out for. Well…" she trails off, and shakes her head firmly. She peers at Eledri curiously, giving the man a longer look when he asks if he knows her. "Hmm. You do seem… vaguely familiar. But, ah…" she screws up her face a bit, trying to recall… "…don't /think/ we've met? Maybe you know one of my kids, got a few… Or my sister, I'm told I look a lot like her. Ever been to Rubicon River Hold?" she asks, quite happy to make idle chit-chat, though, when her need of it is questioned, the greenrider waves her trusty clipboard a bit. "I don't need one, it's a gift. For this girl my son is seeing. She's just become a junior weyrwoman, see. He's asked me to get it for him, Faranth only knows why." Perhaps because the only computercrafter he knows is /Eledri/.

Eledri's brows sneak closer together, the computercrafter possibly wary of anyone keeping an eye out for him. Usually, that sort of thing involves angry boozers and flying fists. Ahem. Eledri shakes his head slowly, "I.. don't think we have," abut having met before, though there is a light shrug, the crafter ajusting the bag trap again, "I suppose I might have. I've never been to Rubicon," Eledri not as good at idle chit-chat, though he seems satisfied to assume he's probably run into one of her relatives. There are a lot of people in the weyr, after all! There's a further nod about the crafter snorting softly, "Most riders don't have the skills to use one. She'd need training and-" there's a pause, "It's not for Thea, is it?" Of course, that one's been a junior weyrwoman for awhile. There's further suspicion though, Eledri frowning somewhat, "Landing sends crafters to help with the training, if it's needed."

Xylaihl ahs, and nods. "Well, nice to meet you, Eledri." she says, tucking the clipboard under one arm in order to extend a hand for the computer crafter to shake. "Suppose you might have, at that. I've got six kids running about Xanadu alone." And at least one more elsewhere? Well, that's what she's implying. There's a furrowed brow for training. "Hrm. And who would I need to arrange training with? Are you capable of training people? Or… should arranging that be up to the girl who's going to have to use it?" After all, no point arranging training if Cenlia is busy that day. Or not in need of it. "Right. Landing. Okay." she adds, as her question is answered. She frowns a bit, looking rather more like X'hil when she does that. "Look, er, this would all be a lot simpler, probably, if we went and talked to her, yeah?" she suggests, waving at Xvetaoth. So… not Thea, then? Someone in some other Weyr? Looks that way.

Eledri nods a polite enough, "Well met, ma'am." And he'll shake her hand briefly, too, though the mention of kids and all those questions has him frowning vaguely, "I've trained a few people, although that's up to the masters at Landing. I have.. forms you can fill out, but-" he pauses, brow furrowing a bit more. "Probably," he shrugs again, at mention of talking to the girl, "Who's the laptop for?"

Xylaihl gives Eledri another look-over. She really seems to be looking him over rather a lot. "Mm. I see. Bet you're" she frowns suddenly, and glances back at Xvetaoth for some reason, but the green is no brighter than normal, which is to say, very bright. "…a good teacher." she finishes, still frowning. "Right. Forms. Yes. I'll need… those." she agrees. As for who it's for? Hmm. "I think he said her name was… ooh, it's on the /tip/ of my tongue…" she furrows her brow and thinks silently for a moment, finally bursting out with a triumphant, "Cenlia!"

Eledri might just wrinkle his nose a little at getting looked over again, the young man glancing almost warily at that very bright dragon too. Dragons, he does not trust them! Or at least the bright ones. Or the shiney ones. "I can have them delivered to you or to the headwoman here," he replies, "I've got to get back to Landng for them." There's a bit of a blink at the name, Eledri looking startled, and then vaguely horrified. "I'll notify the techcrafters a laptop is requested," he backpedals, almost, "Anyway, I should get back to work. Just send a not to the craft complex on where to send the forms." And he's promptly making as if to flee. "Guess Thea wasn't joking," is muttered under his breath, the computercrafter making a bit of a face at that.

Xylaihl frowns a little, and shakes her head. "…send the paperwork on to X'hil, he's the one that wants to get his girl a laptop." she calls to Eledri, turning back to Xvetaoth with a shrug. There's a pause, though, and she eyes Eledri, making as if to follow, at least for a little bit. "You know her, I assume?" The greenrider frowns at Eledri. "Not a jilted lover, are you?" Is she getting all maternal there? Aww. "…not going to give my son trouble, I hope?" Though, if the man doesn't answer, likely she'll go back to Xvetaoth, Eledri isn't the only one with work to get back to.

And Eledri promptly chokes, walking away /faster/.

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