Cannibalistic Zombies with Vampire Tendencies Attack!

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns
A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
// A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.//

Exits lead off in all directions, a big archway the largest and that leading outside. Shallow stairs to the west lead to the offices and administration area while tunnels to the east lead to the infirmary, kitchen and resident's quarters. Southwards, a sloping tunnel leads down to the hot springs.

(This scene takes place directly after "A Search and A Fallout")

Kale walks quickly due to the rain that's now turning into somewhat of a storm! By the time they reach the caverns, it's a heavy downpour and he's glad to get out of it. With his hair slightly drippy and his hand still holding Idrissa's, he guides her wordlessly past a few tables; some empty, most not as many people have taken refuge here too. But he has a destination in mind, and it seems to be the fireplace. Alloy remembers this place! It's where he was born, chirrup! Aw…his egg was smashed by that stinky gold sister of his. He alights from Kale's shoulder to flutter towards the mantle above the fireplace, landing there while Kale plops down on the couch in front of the fire, pulling his companion down with him.

Idrissa glances over the cavern to see whom all is around, or not around for that matter. Willow gives her wings a good stretch and is then following after Alloy to the fireplace mantle and lands there as well. Seems she has picked up on some lessons herself! She chirrups out while letting her wings stay lowered to dry out. Rissa erps softly as she is tugged down upon the couch and peers over at Kale, watching him a few moments. "Hey…" This said softly. "Why don't I go get us something to drink ya?"

Hey hey! Alloy rars! as his clutchmate joins him, getting over Kale's bad feelings, at least now that he has a distraction. He nudges her, tossing her fleeting images of him being tossed up by Kale in a fun sort of tossing game! Fun times! And sky water! And mudsplash! Life is good. And it is. Kale is just being uncharacteristically pissed at the moment, though it's a storm that'll pass, just like the one that rages outside. "I don' want a drink," he replies. "Flippin' shards, what is wrong with that girl? From trouncin' through the forges an’ beach naked one day, an' callin' me a liar the next after claimin' she's /so/ glad we're friends. She's friggin' mental."

Willow coooos out while looking at Alloy, her eyes swirling happily a few times as she gets all the images. The little green offers pictures back of what she was doing with Rissa over at the stables, working with the runners, and then getting carrot treats that /don't/ taste good! Idrissa peers at Kale and leans close to him while giving his hand a squeeze. "I dono… Different maybe is a good word." Well, she is sure they could use other words but she really rather not at the moment. Time to change the subject. "So are you going to stay at the barracks?"

"Different?" Kale laughs, a mirthless sound. "Right. You're too nice, an' I'm pretty sure I've been too." He scoffs, eyes rolling. "Lesson learned, eh?" says as he leans back against the cushions of the couch, eyeing the flames of the fire. His clothes will dry eventually, especially if he stays where he is…which seems like his plan. "There're all types've people. S'what my mother told me the day I left. Her grand words've wisdom, I guess. People worth keepin', an' people you're better without. Sometimes it'll take time to figure out who's who, but'll click." A smirk, and his eyes shift to her. "It clicked. She's a chameleon." Or whatever the Pernese equivalent may be! He snorts. "Whatever. I dunno where I'll stay." He fingers his knot now, soggy like the rest of him. “It'll be fun though, right? This whole thing."

Wakua comes in to the cavern for two reasons. She's hungry and so is her firelizard. She goes into the kitchen to get some meat and she's only gone for a moment before she comes back with a bowl of meat for her green. She finds a spot away from Kale and Idrissa and she starts to feed her firelizard who cherrups happily as she is fed.

Idrissa smirks slightly and chuckles softly. "Ya, and your mom was right. At least that's how I like to think of it." She peers back at him and soon rolls her eyes. "Perhaps, just give it some time how's that?" This questioned softly while she leans back upon the couch and peers at the fireplace with the crackling fire within it. Willow chiurrps out and gives her wings a good shake before she goes about sprawling out upon the fireplace mantle, happy firelizard! Rissa chuckles and nods. "I'm sure it'll be fun. Why not? I mean… We have a chance to get a picked by a dragon an if that happens our lives will be changed big time." So perhaps she was looking forward to it just a bit!

Soriana comes into the caverns with a tray of dirty dishes. So exciting. She takes them over to the kitchens, then snags a meatroll as she turns around and surveys what's going on. Oh, hey! There's Rissa and Kale. That seems like a good place to go. So she heads that way. Toral gets there first, what with not having to walk around people. The brown firelizard chitters to the younger pair, and perches himself on the back of the couch. …aww, how nice. He's saving her a seat. Sori arrives, and yoinks it by sitting down with a flumph. Cue scolding chitter and a hand reaching back to scritch the brown until he chirrs instead. "Heya," she says, looking over at them.

This should be an exciting day for him. Why let one thing sour his mood? Kale nods a little, allowing a smirk to finally reclaim his expression. "My mother will have a fit.." he muses, sounding amused at the prospect. "Think we'll be lucky twice in a row?" he asks, brows lifting. "Firelizards…then /dragons?/" He eyes their mantle lounging lizards, brows lifting as another joins the area. A familiar brown! Rarchitterchurr! greets Alloy. "Hey Toral.." said as he raises his gaze, searching for… Sori. His grin widens a little as she joins them, and wordlessly, he lifts his white candidate's knot. Lookit I gooooot…

Wakua spots Soriana as she comes in and she gives a nod to Soriana as she goes back to feeding her green firelizard. She stays where she is at away from the others although she is still wearing her apprentice knot.

Idrissa ponders what Kale says while she looks towards the two firelizards at the mantle and chuckles. "Anything is possible." She shrugs slightly at the talk of his mother. "Why would she have a fit? Doesn't your older brother have a dragon?" She sees Soriana and waves to him. "Hey Sori!" Willow chitters out towards the brown that is over /thar/. The little green lets her wings open and she ponders while wiggling about and then hops up in the air and glides over towards the three to plop onto Rissa's lap, with a laugh the green is picked up. "Good job Willow."

From firelizards to dragons, in just a few easy steps. Only, several of the steps are listed as 'redacted' or a series of question marks. Details! Sori waves to Wakua in passing, but her goal is unwavering. Couch! She grins at the greetings. "So ho-" Wait, what's this? She looks as Kale demonstrates his shiny new white cord. "Nice!" That does answer how he's doing pretty well. "So now you're both gonna be standing! Who searched you?" Because she's curious, see. Her own knot is still the boring blue-and-orange of a simple weyr resident. Nothin' special. Toral leans down over her shoulder to chirp to Willow again. Flying! Aww yeah.

"Kei? Yeah, he does, an' it wasn't … good," remarks Kale to Idrissa, giving her a sidelong glance. "He was searched an' all, an' our mother didn't want him to accept. But he did, an' things with them kinda fell apart. But, Kei's always done stuff to piss her off on purpose, I think." He shakes his head a little, grinning after. "But she /likes/ me, so maybe it won't be so bad. She just doesn't care for dragons an' weyr life…at all." Hence her adamant attitude that Kale bring his arse back home! But luckily, they haven't met his mother. His knot, still held in his hand, is waggled a bit before it's dropped to his lap, eyes turning to Soriana and lingering. "E'gin's dragon…er, Mazunth," he answers. "Was kinda…weird. He wanted me to kiss Alloy. Prove I loved'm or something."

Wakua gives a wave back to Sori, but she stays where she is as she feeds her firelizard. The greedy green eats as much as she can as fast as Wakua will give it to her. The green is fed until her belly is sated and Wakua gently puts her down on the table. She wipes off her hands and than gets up to get something to eat from one of the serving tables. She gets a plate with a meatroll on it and a mug of klah before she goes back to sit at her table and eat.

Idrissa ohs as she hears Kale, she looks to Toral and offers him a soft smile and lets Willow hop up next to the brown. Willow chirrups out to Toral and she sits up nice and straight, so proud of herself it seems! "He seemed alright, and Mazunth is a really handsome blue." Rissa forever complementing animals and dragon's alike! A yawn escapes her while she leans back into the couch, half leaning close to Kale while she peers at the fireplace. "And what's wrong with kissing Alloy? He’s a handsome little firelizard after all." Willow chitters out at that and peckpecks at Rissa and a faint meep escapes her while a slight wave of her hand is offered to the little green. "Anyway, if I fall asleep someone make sure to wake me up before you both leave, ya?" Is questioned after a moment. And as for falling asleep? She totally does after a few moments, Willow curls up on the couch settled next to Toral as the green listens in on the conversation.

Soriana hmms at the talk of Kale's mother. "I suppose… you can just ask her which's worse - you being a smith, or you being a dragonrider? Tell'r it's one or the other, and if she doesn't want you around a weyr, she'd better pay up to send you to Telgar." Not that she's actually serious. Telgar and the Smithcraft Hall means Not Here. She reaches over to brush her fingers against Kale's non-knotted shoulder as he explains how he got the white knot… and blinks, then laughs. "Okay, that is kinda weird. I don't really know him… maybe he just wanted to make sure you wouldn't faint at the scent of hide." Or something. It makes as much sense as anything else! Sorta. Idrissa gets a nod and a bit of a headruffle… then Sori hmms as the other girl falls asleep. "You'd better keep an eye on her," she says to Kale. "She'll so work herself too hard, trying to do everything with the runners and as a candidate."

"Pft. I kiss girls, not firelizards," remarks Kale who glances at Alloy who is busy lounging on the mantle, replaying the events of the day in his head because it was such an eventful day. Oh hey Toral, check THIS out. MUDSPLASH HAPPY TIME! Heheh…good times, good times. "He'd probably bite my nose if I tried. Don' blame him, either," he continues, snickering at the thought. He glances over at Idrissa as she mentions falling asleep, and he smirks. "Oh, you'll fall asleep. I'd bet on it." He can already see her drifting! He rolls his eyes a little then hands his knot over to Soriana. "Knot me?" said with a grin. "An' have you /met/ E'gin? The fellow said he faints when he feeds his dragon. Doesn't like blood, I guess. Y'd think maybe he'd consider that before choosin' to be a Candidate." He glances to Idrissa again. Is she really asleep? Soriana's warning is given a nod. "I will. Promise. But hey, maybe you'll be searched too an' we can both keep her from workin' herself to death."

Mudsplash? Ooh! Toral sends back images of the ocean waves and cavorting around and fish - oh! And SUPER BIG SPLASH when a dragon flops into the water. It's awesome. Soriana smirks at Kale's mention of kissing girls. Good times, good times! "I think I've met him. Is he the one with the blonde hair?" She most certainly doesn't know him well, but she has met a lot of people. "Well, his dragon musta seen something in him, scared of blood or not. He's just lucky he wasn't born during Threadfall." As for her being searched, she shrugs and smiles. "Yeah, maybe I will! Or maybe they'll figure they've enough. It's not a very big clutch, after all."

Wakua eats slowly as she looks down at her plate. She knows that she's screwed up somehow, but she doesn't know how to even start to fix it. She mulls this problem over as she eats and she watches her firelizard eat. She gently caresses the green's back as the firelizard sleep and she takes a long drink of her klah.

"Jus' hang out at the feedin' grounds an' I'm sure you'll pick'm out. He'll be the one face first in the mud, swooned." The image that conjures in his mind is a comical one, and he snickers, then laughs. "He seems alright though. Not very..uh, riderish, I guess. I figured they were all sort've like Ers'lan. Y'know, the same way I'll be, if I'm impressed. Fearless an' amazing?" He grins then tosses his knot at her, right at her face! "C'mon, you gonna put this on me or not? This is privilege. Feel honored." He holds out his arm and sits up a little straighter, like a prince waiting to be crowned king! Wakua's arrival has not been noted, she having taken care to sit far from where he is, and his attention now solely on Soriana. "How many eggs does she have? Five?"

Tsenik makes his way into the living caverns carrying a couple of things under his arms. He lets out a quiet huff as he stops, looking around the living caverns as if looking for someone. Spotting the others at the table, he makes his way over and plops into a seat. "Well, that was certainly interesting, wasn't it?" Yup, no comment from him about the argument that was had, he wants no part in it, really. He sets what he'd been carrying on the ground and leans forward, "You guys going to hang out in your rooms or are you going into the barracks too?"

Definitely fearless and amazing! Soriana laughs. "Yeah, no, there's kinda all sorts. I mean, one'f the weyrlings now was a harper. Maps and stuff, not dashing heroism at all. The dragons know what they're looking for, but…" shardit if the humans do! She leans back as a knot is flung at her, and laughs as it paffs against her shoulder. She catches it before it tumbles down. "Oh, all right. If you insist!" She toys with it a moment. "Five of them, yeah. Doin' well." Then, she grins, and rises from the couch, putting on a totally serious face. Ahem. Now, how did that speech she heard back at Ierne go? Oh yeah. "To be a Candidate is an honor and a responsibility both," she says in serious voice, then leans in to pin the white knot into place. "Do your best." Okay, that's enough serious. She grins, and… attempts to steal a quick kiss, before lifting her head at the sound of Tsenik's approach. She waves to him.

Wakua sees Tsenik come in and she gives a wave to him as well, but she's sitting at a different table nursing a mug of klah and petting a green firelizard. She stays where she is and sighs softly.

Kale sits up straight (he, a sleeping Idrissa, and Sori are over by the sofa near the fireplace, by the way!) for his knighting…er, knotting ceremony! A very pompous occasion, this! He does make sure that poor sleeping Idrissa doesn't slouch and fall over though, because that would be bad. Funny. But bad, and he's sure she wouldn't be amused. He inclines his chin a little, eyes on Sori, mouth fighting a grin in favor of Serious Face. The speech is done, he is pinned, and kissed at that which inspires a grin, and it's now official! Candidate Kale is on the loose. "That was the shortest speech ever. Isn't there a tome you can read from? A script in your mother's office? That was very bland.." he teases. Insert brow arch…here. As her attention turns, his does too, eyes flitting to Tsenik, who earns a wave before he points to his newly fitted knot.

Tsenik tilts his head from his spot at the table, leaning forward to look at the group on the couch, he shakes his head at the 'knotting ceremony.' "I just put the silly thing on," A finger taps at his own white knot on his shoulder, "It's just a knot. I'm very much planning on going back to the shop after this is all said and done." After all, he's well past that stage of teenage-dom, being much older than the others. Tsen looks down at the table, a finger absently tracing at something or other. "Wakua, how come you're all the way over there? Just say you're sorry, it's not really that big of a deal. Friendship is more important, isn't it?"

Soriana smirks to Kale. "Oh, well, if you wanted a longer speech, I could try. There was this whole historical bit, about the roles of the Weys in turns past and looking to the future. I'm pretty sure it included not only names, but actual dates!" She grins. "I'll just take that back and try again…" Cue the grabby-fingers at the knot, not that she's actually trying to take it, just… threatening, playful-like.

Wakua looks up at she hears Tsenik. She shrugs a little bit, "I told Kale that I was sorry that I couldn't remember the exact conversation and that I was really upset and probably didn't hear him as well as I should have, but can you blame me for being upset about the situation. I am sorry about the whole situation. I just want things to go back to normal, but that's probably not going to happen and I'm not gonna stay in the barracks with the others I'll just stay in the smith dorm." She takes a drink of her klah.

Yes! That's exactly what he's looking for! A long, drawn out…boring…historical speech.. Wait. No. "Erm..actually, now that I think've it.." Kale begins, but there she goes with those grabbing hands! He twists his body from her, covering his new knot with a hand. "No you don't! Hands off. No there's /un/knotting the knotted, y'know. I'll just have to tell everyone that you're /awful/ at speeches like this an' no one should ever seek you out for anything of the sort ever again!" Shame! Such a shame! She's shamed the family name! Because, you know, Soriana's family is known for elegant speeches…and such.

Tsenik sighs softly as he looks between the two groups, shaking his head, "Teenagers." That's all he says on the subject, pushing himself to his feet to ignore Kale and Soriana, since they are doing the same to him and sits in front of Wakua, "Then just move on." Tsen says with a shrug of his shoulders, "They'll get over it, or they won't. It's no big deal."

Nooooo! Not failure to give dull speeches! How will Soriana ever survive with such a blot on her name? She shakes her head, trying for a proper penitent look, but she can't stop grinning for long enough to really manage it. She, at least, is blithely ignorant of whatever awkwardness might be going on. She's been told nothing, and the caverns are a bit large for her to have overheard Wakua's talk from the smith apprentice's self-imposed exile. Or whatever it is. Sori: clueless. Also, bad at being boring. "Oh, well," she says. "I guess I'll just have to manage. Somehow. It'll be difficult, you know… I mean, that's such an important skill.

Wakua nods, "And if they don't than I lose three friends because I doubt Idrissa or Soriana will want to be friends with me. It is a big deal to me to lose friends, especially Kale because I have to work with him."

Kale nod sagely, fixing Soriana with a woebegone look. "But will you, Soriana? /Will/ you manage? It's such a tarnish. A…blight on your name. Can ya really bear it?" He furrows his brows a little, then snaps his fingers with sudden inspiration. "I know. Being the sort've fellow that I am, I can't allow you to jus'… go about in life with such a mar. So. I'll craft you a headpiece to hide your face. It'll cover your whole head," he says, standing now to use his hand to take imaginary measurements of her head. "Let's see…a palm and half wide…perhaps a few finger lengths more for comfort.." And yes, he's putting his hands on her head to take these measurements, palms pressing on the back of her head, then moving around to press right on her face. "Geeze. Y'know your head is rather large? Sort've disproportionate…"

Tsenik leans forward and frowns at Wakua, shrugging his shoulders, "So then make new friends." Tsen says flatly, "There's lots of people here in the weyr, y'know? If you disagree with some people hang with other people. I don't really have a lot of friends, either, y'know?" Shoulders shrug, "I'm not even the same age as all of you." A hand waves in the direction of Kale and Soriana, "They'll get over it, or they don't. If you're worried about losing friends, make more. There's always more friends in the world."

Will she? Will she really? Soriana grins at Kale's teasing, attempting to hide it in order to shake her head sadly. "Strength through adversity, that's the idea. Like… running with a heavy pack. I'll just have to give more terrible speeches. To… the trees, I wouldn't want to inflict it on actual people 'cause that'd be cruel, until I can be a competent bore." At first she holds still for him to measure her head. "Better leave extra for the earplugs. So I can't hear the lack-of-snores…" But, wait? Is he callin' her funny-shaped in the head? "Heyyyy!" she goes, muffled by a hand that's smushing in at her face, and then.. she bites! Not hard, mind you. A tiny little nip. Disproportionate, indeed!

Wakua nods, 'I guess that's just what I'll have to do is to make some new friends." She glances over at Kale and Soriana, "Probably for the best. I don't want them to be unhappy and if me being around them makes them unhappy than I should just stay away."

Oh yes, the earplugs. A definite must. … Ow! Ok, no, the bite didn't hurt. Not even a little, but does that mean that Kale is going to spare her theatrics? … Come now, this is Kale! "Ah!" he pulls his hand from her face, holding it up to inspect the damage (which there is none of). But! The look on his face suggests gushing blood and ripped flesh and protruding bones. "Cannibal!" he exclaims, loud enough to warrant a few glances. Ah. Teenagers. "This hand will have to go. Maybe even the whole arm.. Infection of your cannibalism. My smithing days are over, an' you'll pay.." he growls, a glare forming on his face. Evil glare!

Tsenik shrugs, "Well, I'm not sure if it's forever. They're young, as are you. You're too young to say that this will determine whether or not you guys never speak to each other again." Tsen looks over his shoulder at Kale and Soriana, arching a brow at their antics before pursing his lips tightly. "What matters is what makes you happy."

Soriana is so horrible. So very horrible, she giggles as Kale suffers this hideous torment. Why, the flesh is practically dripping off, already! The laughter is probably a sign of the cannibalistic madness that's already overtaken her - and may do the same to Kale, if he doesn't take immediate (drastic!) action. "Better lock yourself up, to be safe! The infection might have already spread farther than you think." Sage nod… er, wait. No sage! Grrarrrgh, deranged cannibal Sori on the loose.

Wakua hmms, "What makes me happy is that they are happy, with or without me. Although I would prefer with me, but if not that I'll just have to learn to accept it." She looks towards the pair, "And right now they are happy I don't wanna go over there and ruin it."

Kale clutches his wrist with his unaffected hand as it begins to shake. She's right. It's already….beginning! "It's t-…too late," he says laboriously, as if each breath is taking such energy to accomplish. A stumbled step is taken forward, lurched and staggered with knees that bend, apparently too weak now to hold up his own weight. "I…I can't…" The transformation is complete! Kale the smither is no more. Kale the …cannibal or zombie is born! With his jaw agape and slack and his bitten hand outreached, he lumbers towards her, undead eyes slightly turned up. "Your flesh…is mine…" Because you know, in all scary stories, the undead cannibal always goes after the other undead cannibal that infected him.

Tsenik pushes himself to his feet, "Well, so long as you are happy, then that is all that matters." Tsen looks over at the teenagers again and sighs, "Don't let it bother you, alright?" He offers a faint smile and grabs his stuff, "See you guys inside!" He offers a wave and heads inside.

Cannombie? Zombibal? Whatever it is, Kale is definitely it now. "Eek!" goes Soriana, because… that's what zombie cannibals do after infecting others? Okay, so maybe accuracy is not the most important feature here. She scrambles up and backs away from the couch and the KaleMonster, making little flaily hands… and that's how you know she's just playing, because a Sori under actual threat would be a lot more effective than this limp-wristed mock-terror. Also, she'd be loud enough for the cavern to hear instead of just those nearby, and her firelizard would be doing more than watching with bemused blue eyes. Er, that is… ohnoes! "Not my flesh!"

Wakua nods, "I'll try not to." She waves to Tsenik and she looks back over to the giggling couple. She hears the not my flesh and she stands up to see what they are doing exactly. She takes a deep breath and she gets up. She moves over to them and she coughs loudly, "Kale I'm sorry that I didn't hear what you said when you were talking to me. I heard what I wanted to hear because I was upset and angry. I know you've been trying to protect me and I just wanted to say thank you. I'd really like for us to be friends but if you don't want to be just say so and I won't bother you any more."

Raaaawr.. Uuuuungh… drooool.. Ok so, Kale doesn't actually /drool/ but with his mouth hanging open like that, one can almost imagine a long slimy droplet oozing from his lips and onto the ground. But with Soriana flailing like that, he /almost/ breaks character and laughs because..ha, really. When would she ever? But! He keeps his straight zombie face even as he lurches, stumbles towards her, arms reaching to wrap around her middle. "Eeeat.. fleeesh…" he drawls in that same monotone voice, leaning forward with teeth bared with intention of vampire style neck biting. But! At this point is when Wakua approaches, and now the act does drop, although his arms do not. No zombie face. No imagined zombie drool or vampire mouth. Instead, it's the same impassioned expression that hardened his face before. Too recent to be reconciled. "Don't. Bother me." Clipped words, spoken softly, yet tensely.

Wakua nods to Kale, "As you wish." She goes to put away her dishes and pick up her firelizard before she heads out.

Nooooo! Her precious, precious fleshmeats! Soriana flutters her hands against Kale's shoulders as he catches her, batting as he comes in for the oh-so-fierce counterattack. Any moment now, he'll- what? Sori turns her head to look at Wakua, her hands resting on Kale's shoulders through the girl's plea, and… his answer. Uhm. She blinks once - no, twice, this is a double-blink situation at the very least - then turns her attention back to Kale. Her expression's serious now - actual serious, though she doesn't move her hands nor body away from the boy. Just asks him, her tone soft but ever-so-curious, "What happened?"

Kale's now stormy eyes follow Wakua as she departs, a frown replacing his former playful look. Soriana's question brings his attention back, and he shakes his head in a dismissive sort of way, nose wrinkling briefly. "Not worth gettin' into," he replies. "She's a shardin' idiot m'not botherin' wastin' my time or breath over anymore." Annoyance resurfaces despite his best efforts, and his arms slip more fully around her as he tips forward, wanting to press his lips to hers just briefly. "I should be gettin' back anyway. I'll find you tomorrow? Maybe…" he trails off, brows furrowing. "Eh. I've coal breakin' for the week after duties an' class. Might take a while, so…tomorrow evenin', maybe?"

Hurm. Something has definitely happened here, and now Soriana's curious as to what. She frowns slightly at Kale's answer, such as it is, but it's more in the considering way than the actually displeased way, and she doesn't press him further. Her fingers slide against his shoulderblades as he leans in, her head tilting to meet lips in that kiss. "All right," she says afterward, now with a soft smile that's replaced the frown. Funny, how that happens. "Yeah, okay. I'm supposed to have dish-washing after dinner, but… I bet I can trade with someone. Kiana owes me, for one thing." A nod, mostly to herself, as she figures out how to make things work, and a smile.

It's a nice distraction, that kiss. And her smile, as it's difficult for him to remain too grumpy when she's smiling at him like that. Sigh. Girls will be the death of him someday. So irritating, and yet so nice. And this, whatever "this" is, is .. nice. Easy and comfortable and nice. "You have dish washing duty?" He smirks. "Ha-ha, I bet you have old elder wrinkly hands after," is his tease as his grip around her begins to loosen. "Don' forget to wake up Idrissa or she'll send Asher to attack both for leavin' her here. Willow too, probably." He pulls back from her, then stops with an oh. "Ah, before I forget…" Pause…then, BITE! Vampire bite to her neck! Mwuahaha.

As doomful dooms of… doom… go, girls are a pretty fun one, only to be matched in their doom and fun by, well, boys. Soriana laughs. "Only if I don't trade it away. You'll know if I've succeeded by how ancient I am. If it gets too bad, I might start talking like that too… sonny me boy!" Complete with quaver, there. Smirk. Oh, and yeah, Rissa. "Aww, Asher I can handle, but Willow…" she shakes her head. Baby green firelizards are tooootally fierce! Sori trails her fingers along his shoulder as he goes to depart, then- gasp! She's bit. Her body tenses for a moment with surprise, soon to be followed with a grin as she ruffles up his hair. "My revenge will come! …with nightfall." Well it can't very well come during the day, not if vampires are involved - as they so clearly are.

Ancient Soriana voice. Be afraid! She does that impression rather well actually, and Kale laughs. "Alright old woman, I'll be sure to bring mash for ya if that's the case. No more hard foods for your old, rotten teeth." The side of her neck that he ravaged with his oh so deadly fangs is soon caressed with a brush of his lips before he finally does pull away, hair ruffled and all. Her revenge, eh? "Lookin 'forward to it," he replies with a smug, nay, devious smirk before he turns to head off, hands moving behind his back. Alloy perks. Don't leave me! Toral is chittered a goodbye before he hops off the mantle, flutters to the ground, and races after Kale. He leaps up, landing on the hands that are held behind his back like a platform, then springboards to his shoulder. Woot! He earns a headscritch. And they're off.

Soriana can't always dodge laundry room duties with the old biddies, after all. Hear it for long enough, and eventually… well, give it fifty turns, and her impression will be awesome. She grins to him (doubtless fallen under the sway of his vampiric presence), and nods. "Good," she says, and watches Alloy's acrobatics with a laugh as Toral chirps farewell. Once Kale's been seen off… Sori goes to rouse sleepyhead Idrissa for at least long enough to get to an actual bed. Pokepokepoke. Zzzzz.

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