A Search and A Fallout

Xanadu Weyr - Meadow
A large, slightly rolling meadow is set high enough above the riverbank on both sides to avoid suffering from flooding, healthy ground cover and grass spreading out from either side of the dividing river. Scattered amongst the meadow are a variety of buildings, each with a narrow path leading up to it from a main, winding road. Some are set under a few trees, while others sit by themselves.
Stables and a smithy are settled on their own plots, while trees border the western edge of the meadow, and a faint outline of a fence can be seen to the north.

It's going to rain, and pretty badly too from the looks of it. Overhead, the skies are a tumultuous gray, and the already cooler autumn breeze has grown colder. But for now, it's just threatened. The clouds have yet to burst despite the random zigzags of lightning in the distance, and the dried leaves that scatter in the breeze resemble fleeing souls, searching for cover. Unfortunately, not all souls have the luxury of ducking and covering at the promise of rain, curled up with a book or with friends by a fireside while a storm carries on outside. Some souls are apprentices whose duties don't stop because of a 'wee sprinkle!' And so, Kale carries on, arriving from the coastal road pulling a cart once heavy with items now delivered. Alloy, the baby bronze firelizard, is having a jolly time leaping from his shoulder to half flutter, half fall into the empty cart, then scrambling back up to the shoulder to do it all over again. Weefun!

Wakua comes out of the forge as Kale has been spotted and she's been sent out to help him. Her firelizard is sitting her shoulder and she's taken to wearing to protect her skin from the razor sharp claws. The green firelizard happily chirrups to the bronze as Wakua moves over to help Kale, "Here let me help."

Enter stage left: A bluerider in the form of E'gin headed from the general direction of the beach. The rider, despite huddling neatly under a furled wing of the blue prancing beside him, is soaking, sopping wet. Indeed, the rain hasn't started yet, so just why is he wet? A closer look will reveal that rather than being sheltered under that wing, he's being herded with it, the sail angled to 'push' him along and where the blue seems to want to go is right towards where Kale and Wakua are. E'gin's hands are tucked under armpits to warm them while his dark hair drips, sticking to his forehead and cheeks, drips down his face and off his chin, through his blue lips, his chattering commentary to the blue can be overheard, "…have to drop me in!" Sigh. "Okay, okay, I'm going." Mutter. Stopping a few paces off, he greets the smithcrafters. "H-hi." And then he simply watches them and their firelizards.

"When y'break a wing, don't come cryin' to me," remarks Kale, glancing over his shoulder at the latest *thudding* sound of the young lizard hitting wood for the umpteenth time. It's an empty threat really. Alloy is borederline spoiled, already, but considering that he's already twice the size he was a few sevendays ago is a grand indication that he's getting well taken care of, acrobatic stunts or not. He smirks, blue eyes rolling as he looks ahead, eyes alighting upon Wakua. "Oh hey. Aw, it's empty," he says, indicating so with a backward nod of his head. "Not even heavy anymore." Allow hops up and clings to the edge of the cart, tail lashing. Raaar! is his greeting to his clutchmate, head lifting nobly. But uh.. uh oh, big dragon! The arrival of any dragon is never an unusual sight. But the arrival of a dragon herding a sopping wet rider…well, that may merit some investigation. He slows to a stop, eyes upon the unfamiliar face, brows lifting. "..Hello Er, are you alright?"

Wakua nods, "Still you've been carrying it for a while why don't you let me take over for a while." She looks over and wipes some of the rain from her face as the blue dragon comes over with his rider. She offers a salute to E'gin, "Hello rider. Are you doing all right?" She asks as she stops walking and her firelizard offers a chirrup to the blue dragon.

"Not really," is E'gin's rather glum reply to the question. The answer is given in a weary sort of patient resignation that this is his norm. Hooking a thumb over his shoulder at the blue, the rider says, "He was-" his Adam's apple bobs as he swallows hard,"-was feeding and I fainted." He should look embarrassed. Instead he narrows his eyes at the blue. "Mazunth decided to revive me."Glower. Mazunth looks cheerfully unconcerned, sliding to settle on his belly, wingjoints propped on the ground and angled under his chin, which rests upon them much like a human would prop chin to palms. The blue is idly watching the pair, but gives his rider an impatient chuff. E'gin glares at him, then clears his throat. He looks at Wakua. He looks at Kale. "I-I'm E'gin and this is Mazunth.H-he wants to know if you've kissed your firelizards yet today."Shooting the blue a 'you satisfied?' sort of look right afterwards.

"Lovely for ya to come along when the hard part's over," says Kale to Wakua, tone teasing, a grin showing through. But hey, he's an opportunistic guy! If she wants to lug the cart, then by all means.. He relents the handles to her, setting the cart down, rolling his shoulders slightly after. His attention returns to the drippy rider just as a streak of lightning spiderwebs across the darkened sky. Confusion writes itself over his face at the explanation though, and he glances at Wakua, as if to see if /she/ gets it. "Er…fainted?" he echoes, glancing back to him. "But he's yours, eh? I mean…shouldn't you be.." Eh, how to say this without sounding rude? .. Nope! He can't find a way, and so he goes a different route. "Why're you wet?" A chirrup is sounded as Alloy takes a leap from the cart to perch on Kale's shoulder, causing a slight wince from the smither as claws press into him. "Kiss?" Brow arch. "Uh…no. Should we be…kissin' them?" No one shared this little tidbit!

Wakua hmms, "Why did you faint when he was feeding?" She asks curiously as she doesn't get squimish about dragons feeding or bloody stuff as she's seen some bad burns in the forge. It happens a way of life no matter how safe you can be. She moves towards the cart to pick up when they are ready to move again. "Sometimes I give mind a kiss good night on the head." She leans lightly against the cart as she waits to see if the rider wants anything else.

Oh yes. E'gin should be. But he's not. Used to it, that is. And he shies away from elaborating other than to gulp and answer Wakua by asking the pair, "Have you ever seen a- a dragon-" He can't finish. His face is a touch greenish as it is. Eyes dart sideways to the blue - some silent communication going on there. "S-so you h-haven't?" This to Kale. "Do you l-love him?" The Rider is trying earnestly not to stammer but this is E'gin. People snicker behind his back when he walks by and the rumor of the Weyr is he's a strange one. Wakua though, gets a sweet smile from the young man and he tilts his head towards Mazunth. "He wants to know if you are good with avians too."

"I haven't ever really … watched, no," says Kale, head shaking. "But uh.. figured it's somethin' you'd be used to after a bit, right?" Rip! Tear! Blood and guts! After a few months of that, likely it'd be as common as..well, eating breakfast, yes? Maybe. Or maybe not, considering E'gin's reaction. The rider's question to him is confirmed with a shake of his head. "No, I haven't," he says, lifting a somewhat squirmy Alloy from his shoulder, eyeing the bronze. Does he love him? A brow arches, eyes flitting from rider, to dragon, the firelizard, then back to rider. "Uhh…I…guess," he answers. "I've only had'm a few sevendays. He's an alright firelizard. Never had one before." Of course he loves him! But saying it aloud seems too odd, especially to someone he hardly knows personally, only through hearsay. "Do you love your dragon?" Question for a question!

Wakua hmms, "I don't know I've never worked with avians. I'm Wakua by the way, apprentice smithcrafter. So I'm good with a hammer and tongs." She looks over to Kale, "If they'll ever let me at the forge." She gives him a grin and she hmms, "I've started to help to butcher the meat I use to feed Bria. She seems to like it better."

The Rider is rattled, but not so much that he realizes he forgot to answer Kale's question. "He picked me up by the jacket and dropped me in the lake." E'gin answers Kale's question belatedly while blanching at the 'should be used to by now'. "I'd love him more if he'd eat salad instead of-" Hard swallow. Not gonna say it. Not gonna faint! Wakua, he is going somewhere with this, really. Or Mazunth is. With a fluttery hand-wave he elaborates. "Oh, chickens, ducks, turkeys. Not wherries though." His brow crinkles in concentration and he shoots the blue a look for confirmation. "Wherries are mean. He won't count it against you if you don't-" Butcher! She had to say that word, didn't she? Almost desperately he looks at Kale. Don't hit him for what he's about to say! It comes out in a little rush, "Mazunth wants to know if you'd give your firelizard one now? " Then he ducks back a step. He's a male - or close anyway. He knows this must look strange and so he tacks on diffidently, "I'd say no, but he will follow you around until you do. Just a little peck will do."

With the flurry of activity that precedes rain, most people are trying to finish up whatever business they have left before it starts to fall from the sky. One person, however, clearly does not seem to be concerned about the impending rain, and that person is slowly trailing across the meadow with his hands stuffed into his pants. His hair is already just a little bit wet and is clinging slightly to his head and his shirt is also speckled with various drops. However it's the legs of his pants that are really drenched, Tsenik slows however as he spots the people milling about with the blue dragon. Curiosity seems to get the better of him, and he meanders over. "Hey, guys…" he trails off as he looks from the rider, to Kale, and then Wakua.

His dragon picked him up and dropped him in the lake? Well..of course he did. Why wouldn't his dragon do so? Perfectly..normal dragon behavior! "Oh.." is all Kale can say to that, blue eyes eyeing the blue dragon. He can't help but laugh a little as the rider continues on though. "That'd be a /lot/ of salad," he remarks, imagining the weyr's resident dragons suddenly munching on treetops and such. The poor forest! Or perhaps they'd only prefer cabbage and lettuce? "Give my firelizard what now?" he asks, apparently having missed something. Salad? … oh wait, a /kiss?/ Uh, blink. "I…what? Why? I like him, I promise. I mean…I /love/ him, I promise," he says, directing the word to the blue! And to prove his love, he gives his minidragon a headrub and scritch, which Alloy seems to appreciate much. Raar! Wigglewiggle. See? Love. *cough* Ah look, a distraction! "Hello Tsenik!" he says, waving to the soggy looking man. Speaking of soggy, the drizzling rain does seem to be gaining a bit of girth, droplets fattening. "You all want to head inside? Cup of klah, maybe?"

Wakua shrugs a little bit, "I like to eat them, does that count as liking them. I'm hoping to train my firelizard to hunt down tunnelsnakes." She shivers, "I hate tunnelsnakes. They are so creepy looking." She makes a face. "Was the water cold?" She asks as she looks up as it starts to rain. "Cup of klah sounds good I'll meet you boys after I take this cart in." The smith girl picks it up and she starts to walk with it towards the forge.

Rain. Despite the fact that his rider is already wet, Mazunth untucks his wingknobs from under his chin and heaves to his paws, wings unfurled and outspread in offering to shelter them all underneath them - a big blue, breathing umbrella. E'gin scoots underneath without hesitation, stammering an invitation of sorts to all of them, "He'd be pleased to h-help keep you dry." His look includes Tsenik, who is recognized, if the Rider's suddenly bright look and wide grin means anything. "H-hey, you're the plant guy, r-right? I'm E'gin." Mazunth rumbles impatiently. "I'm getting to it!" He tells the blue irritably, then hastily adds, "Do you talk to your plants?" Yep this is what he asks Tsenik even before he knows the Petals and Pots Shopkeeper's real name. E'gin leave the topic of salad in favor of scrutinizing the interaction between bronze firelizard and his person. Mazunth's eyeing is closing in on Kale's personal space as the blue extends his neck to see that mini-headrubbing and scritching up close. From the pleased rumble at Wakua's answer, her sentiment is good with Mazunth - he likes to eat them too! But the tunnelsnake part. This has E'gin eyeing the blue. "Are you SURE about this, Mazunth?"

Tsenik nods his head in greeting to Kale and then just as he's about to speak, the bluerider is asking him questions. Tsenik openly gapes at the bluerider, his mouth hanging open at an odd angle. Finally, his brain kicks in "Plant guy?" He echos with a hint of confusion in his voice, "I suppose I am? I mean, I grow plants, and I sell plants, and I make plants into stuff…" He rubs a hand at the back of his head, "It's nice to meet you, E'gin, I'm Tsenik, I own the garden shop off the clearing." As to the question he wrinkles his nose, "Yeah, I talk to my plants all the time, I mean, usually I don't really have anyone else to chat to." He shrugs and turns back to Kale, laughing quietly at the bronze's antics. "I didn't think firelizards could eat salad, don't they eat meat? It'd be kinda silly to feed 'em salad. I'm for heading inside, I just took care of my plants and I'm not sure I want to get too much more wet when it starts raining." His attention drifts to Wakua as she leaves, looking mildly confused.

Ah! Awesome, a dragon umbrella! Kale doesn't hesitate to take shelter beneath that unfurled wing, using his arm to shield Alloy from the rain. Not that the young bronze minds the droplets, but the attention he likes, and thus he's happy. Raar, chirrup! A smirk and light roll of his eye is given at the noise, but instead of returning the firelizard to his shoulder, where he'll likely jump off and do something unfortunate, like jump off and roll in the mud, he keeps him cradled in his arms. "An' I'll get a snack for you too," is said to the lizard, smirking a bit. "The kitchens like ya. They'll have somethin'../not/ a salad," said as his fingertips are stroked down his spine. "Thank you, Mazunth," he offered up to the large blue, unable to keep the grin from his face as he hears the line of questioning that's asked of Tsenik. "I hear plants like talk! Helps'm grow .. or something.. I.." Er, big dragon head coming his way! He peers at Mazuth, slightly tightening his grip upon his firelizard. Not that he's afraid that the dragon will eat his dragonlet…but Alloy /is/ a baby when it comes to firelizard standards, and babies don't have manners! A pounce to a dragon's face probably wouldn't be an ideal situation. As Wakua heads out, he nods to her. "See ya there then! Thanks for takin' that," said with a grin.

Wakua sees that Tsenik is there, but she pretends that he's not. She doesn't want to embarrass the smith craft any more than Kale says she has, although she doesn't really think she's done anything to embarrass the craft. She carries the cart off towards the forge as she's trying to be good, although she does sneak a look back towards the others as her firelizard gives her a headbutt against the side of her head.

"Yeah, it was cold- Hey, wait! Don't go Wakua!" E'gin calls after the girl sheepishly and gets a huff from the blue dragon. His is determinedly avoiding the topic of who eats what for dinner. "His plants are green and the flowers look pretty," he tells the blue, as if selling him on Tsenik's prowess of plant-tending. He's shifting nervously and here comes the reason for his strange line of questions to all of them: " Mazunth believes that all of you are good with animals and so would also be good with eggs - uhhh and baby dragons. He wants you stand for Yumeth's clutch as Candidates." Cupping his hands around his mouth he yells across the space to the smithforge door, "Wakua! Mazunth wants to know if you'll be a Candidate." He thrusts his hand into his jacket pocket and pulls out three white - sopping wet - Candidate knots that then dance from his shaking fingers. "Y-you can t-think about it or-or s-say no, of course." Mazunth grunts and would roll his eyes if he could.

Tsenik blinks as he looks from Kale, to the rider, and then back again, clearly confused. As the rider pulls out white knots, Tsenik once again loses brain power. "Stand on the sands?'" He echos as he eyes the sopping white knot, "But what about my store? Who's going to run my store? And my plants? And…I don't know." He looks over to Kale as if trying to decide how to answer this sort of thing.

Baby whats? From the way Kale is looking at E'gin, one could imagine that he just asked him to tend to a clutch of baby Fizgibbits. Huh? His confusion is seen through Alloy, whose head tips to one side, then the other, then promptly whips his tail against Kale's back. Churrr! <3 Ow! Well it's enough to whip him back to the present, giving his head a quick shake to clear the cobwebs. "Huh?" His eyes trail to Wakua, who has been called back. And he's sure the question was directed to him too. Right? Must have, because there are three knots there, not just one. He glances to Tsenik, brows lifted, then over to Wakua with that same look of utter surprise. No way! "Me?" Him, a Candidate? A possible dragon rider? Sure, he's thought about it, though never seriously. What youngster hasn't dreamed of soaring on their very own dragon, joining a wing, and being utterly.. awesome? His eyes meet Tsenik's, and after a while, he begins to grin. "I'll do it." He's fourteen (/almost/ fifteen!). What's to think about?

Wakua stops as she hears the rider call out for her and she stops. "Yes Rider?" She asks as she turns towards him. She heads towards the others as she hears her name called out. She hears something about standing and she moves back over. She sees the white knots and she looks at Tsenik and than back to Kale, "I'll have to ask the journeyman smith about it, but I also have a few questions. What are the rules of being a candidate? What are our duties be as candidates? Will we still get to work at our crafts?" She eyes Tsenik and she frowns as she doesn't know if she wants to be a candidate if he is.

Rain! It's cold, and wet, and well rain. Idrissa is making her way into the meadows coming from the stables, Asher isn't with her as she's been leaving him at the kennels more since the talk she had with Keziah about being a candidate. The canine will need to get use to being without her for a while during all this so no time to start like the present. Her little green firelizard is clinging to her shoulder, chittering about the rain or who knows what. It doesn't take long for Rissa to catch sight of the others and she is moving that'a way as there is some cover from the rain it seems in the form of a dragon! "Hey guys." Is offered once closer, a wave and smile seen.

E'gin blinks as if Tsenik's asked him a trick question. He answers slowly as if bracing for a 'gotcha! moment' when he does. "Youuuu wouuuuld?" Squint. "Weyrwoman Thea doesn't make Candidates do menial chores all day. She believes crafters are valuable and should continue in their crafts every day but there are some classes in the mornings you'll have to go to. And if you impress you'd go back to craftriding after you graduate." He thinks then brightly, "There's always a one in five chance you won't impress." Like that's the selling point or something. He just nods encouragingly to Kale, an ingratiating smile on his face that only grows when he says yes. His knot is tossed to him. One down! Mazunth purrs. "Candidates can stay in their own rooms too, if they don't want to live in the barracks. But if you're gonna-" He turns beet red, mutters and manages to finish, "H-have sex, be discreet and don't get pregnant." He gulps, then corrects himself, "W-well you guys won't have to worry about that part. You-" He cannot make himself look in Wakua's eyes, "-can always ask the healers for preventative herbs." He's digging his hole deeper. "The only rules are don't leave the Weyr without a Rider and don't get-" Yeah he already said that part so blurts out the rest ticking them off on his fingers: "No fighting, no getting drunk and be respectful of everyone cos they all outrank you when you're a Candidate. He takes a deep breath and that's when Idrissa shows up. "Hi," he says shyly.

Tsenik blinks as he listens to the rider, looking at Kale, and then Wakua, and then back at the rider. Once E'gin explains he can still run the shop, however, Tsenik is suddenly grinning. "Oh! Okay then, if I can still run the shop then I'm all for it." He's nodding his head in agreement, blinking at the look that Wakua gives him. "What's wrong? You haven't even said hi today?" A hand rubs conscienciously at the back of his head. "Hey Idrissa!" He calls when he sees the other female.

Kale catches that tossed knot with one hand, keeping Alloy lofted with the other. But, the bronze seems tired of being carried and clambers upon Kale's shoulders instead. Churrup, raaar! With both hands free, he's left to examine the white not with obvious interest, his grin only spreading as he hears E'gin. He didn't need so much convincing. He's known candidate smithers, and if the journeymen have a problem with him accepting this, well…they can take it up with upper management! Right? They'll protect him, right? Heh. And what's this? He'll get his own room?!? No more sharing dorms?! If he /had/ had any reservations, that'd be the selling point right there! But, as he has already accepted, it merely comes as a bonus. His eyes flit to Wakua and linger there briefly at a portion of what E'gin says, but he says nothing. That point has already been made. Thus! He turns a grin towards Idrissa, holding up his new clean white knot. "Hey! Look at this!"

Wakua looks over towards Tsenik and she is honest she can't help herself. "I'm still hurt about what Kale said that you said about me. I'm none of those things. I'm deeply hurt that you would say things about me like calling me a harlot and worse. I think I have the right not to say hi to you and to be upset with you." She takes a deep breath trying not to cry she's done that enough, "I am who I am and if you or anyone else doesn't like it you can go between, but neither you nor anyone else has the right to call me any name and if Datsun was here I'd tell him the exact same thing. You have no right to judge anyone else." She takes another deep breath as her firelizard adds in her own cheep and she turns towards the rider, "I'll take the knot for now, but I really have to tell my journeyman what's going on."

Idrissa looks to E'gin and Mazunth curiously a moment but still offering them a warm friendly smile, a wave offered to both rider and dragon alike. She picks up on some of the conversation and casts a glance over to Kale as she shows off the white knot, which makes her blink. "Hey, you got picked too?" Yes she just said that. "Keziah and her green Alosynth asked me the other night to be a candidate actually." Willow her green firelizard is perched upon her shoulder mostly hiding own white knot. Hearing Wakua she blinks and just peers at her looking utterly clueless as to what just was said. "Ah… Did I miss something?…" Cause she thinks she did!

With an abashed laugh, E'gin realizes how he worded that and so clarifies, "Your own dorm rooms or the Candidate dorms." And what teen boy doesn't want to share a coed dorm with other teen girls? Besides the painfully self-conscious E'gin, that is. Who needs sleep, right? "As long as you don't impress. Weyrlinghood is a full-time occupation until you graduate," he tells Tsenik, tossing his knot over. Two down. Mazunth practically crows. Wakua's outpouring to Tsenik - along with the brightness of unshed tears in the girls eyes is nearly enough to derail him. He flutters the knot nervously, then tucks it into her hand in an oddly gentle way. While unsure just who said what to whom, he does manage to soothe the situation for the both of them, probably hoping they don't have a big screaming fight and get kicked out as soon as they got their knots. "People say stuff about me all the time. I learned that I can't make other people think like me and so I'm just me. Miss Wakua, we have people who've never been to a Weyr before and sometimes they do judge. They get used to our way or they leave." He shrugs then and tries not to cringe. He never talks this much.

Tsenik blinks at Wakua, "What did I say?" He asks, looking between Kale and the female, obviously he's just as confused as everyone else. "This is why I don't get involved in relationships." He runs a hand through his hair, "Look, I'm not sure what you're upset about, but I'm sorry, okay? Whatever I said, I was probably an idiot who didn't really understand anything. But I'm pretty sure I didn't call you a harlot. I just basically told Datsun that you asked to have sex with me and I said no. That doesn't make you a harlot, or anything else. It was just a little weird." A hand rubs at the back of his head as he stares at the ground, pursing his lips tightly. "I dunno, I don't really like getting involved in this sort of stuff."

Wait, what? Eh. Kale's grin somewhat diminishes as his eyes traverse to Wakua. Way to rain on the parade! Well, more so than the literal rain, which the blue is keeping everyone nice and dry from. His knot is lowered as his eyes flit from Wakua, to Tsenik, then back to Wakua. "Woah wait. I never said /he/ called you those things," he points out. "If you're gonna use my name, have your facts straight. I'm not tryin' to lose friends over misspoken rumors." And plus, what happened to letting it go? He inches towards Idrissa, eyeing her now. What, did she say 'too?' He cocks a brow. "You?" he grins, getting a glimpse of her own new knot hidden by her green. "Wow .. congratulations then! Have you told Soriana?" he asks, cringing a little as he hears Tsenik. He waves a hand in a dismissive way at Idrissa's question. "It's stupid, trust me."

Idrissa sends an unsure glance to E'gin, a soft ah escapes her and she clears her throat. "Sorry…" Is offered with a soft murmur to the rider, feeling a bit sorry that he has to deal with this it seems. A glance is sent to Tsenik and she ahs before shaking her head slightly. She isn't sure if she wants to find out what /really/ happened it seems. Hearing Kale she smiles to him. "Soriana was there when I was asked, so yup she knows about it." Willow lets out a chirrrup while sitting up, her wings pulled close to her while letting that length tail of hers curl around that white knot upon her owner's shoulder. "Congratulations to you all as well." This said with a warm smile and she nods.

Wakua turns her attention first to Kale after Tsenik explains his side of it, "Yes you did Kale, you told me that Datsun and Tsenik were calling me names like that. You said you heard it that they were talking about me. You made a big deal about it and that I shouldn't tarnish the reputation of the smith craft. Maybe you should get your facts straight before you spread the rumor around. I've been agonizing over this for the past sevenday. You didn't think I was gonna confront Datsun and Tsenik about what was said?" She looks to Tsenik, "I'm sorry Tsenik apparently Kale didn't get his story straight when he came to let me know what was going on. If you didn't say those words about me then I believe you."

Augh! They're talking about personal relationships! In public even!!! The beet red before was nothing - E'gin's face is nearly scarlet now. "Girls are confusing," he says to Kale and Tsenik even while shooting the girls an apologetic look. But then Wakua is ignoring his previous advice not to take offense with Tsenik and she goes into 'confrontation-mode' in front of them all. He just clams up and starts edging away, trying not to stammer in his haste to get the words out, "Congratulations all of you. Have fun! Be nice to each other cos Weyrlingmaster V'dim can get mean if he catches you fighting. And he'll make you clean latrines for the rest of your life!" Gulp. He believed that one, anyway. He's so out of here! He waves nervously and takes off a a jog that grows into a lope. He needs dry clothes. And to cuddle his pets. Which, since he's the quintessential Be-Kind-To-Animals type, probably includes a tunnelsnake or two!

Tsenik lets out a frustrated sigh as he rubs at his face, "Look, just forget it alright? I'm not sure what the whole thing is about, but I'm not really the type to go around calling people names. I don't care what you do, I know Datsun was a little put out because he thought you liked him." He shakes his head slowly and lets out another frustrated sigh, stuffing the knot into his pocket. "This is why I stay out of this sort of stuff. Don't worry about it, Wakua, and I'm sorry too, if I need to be sorry about something."

Many things Kale is. Friendly? Yes. Helpful? He tries to be, which was his motivation for seeking his craftmate that oh so fateful day. Patient? Moreso than many soon to be fifteen year olds, as seen when The Harlin Incident (tm) unfolded so wildly. A liar, he is not. Spiteful? Perhaps in the right situations, but thus far the young crafter has been the sort of Everybody's Boy of Xanadu. But everyone does have that breaking point, and it seems as if Wakua has reached that. Anger is not an emotion he has much reason to show, as life here on Xanadu has been nothing but fruitful for him thus far. Friends made, skills honed, fun had, relationships…budding. Even a firelizard, and now a candidate's knot! But a shadow passes over his face now, expression twisting to something far from friendly. "Shards and flippin' shells, /scorch/ it Wakua. Y'know what? Forget it. I'm done with you. I'm the one stickin' up for you every which way an' this is how y'act towards me? Perhaps you should open up your ears an' /listen/ more than spout off because if you remember me sayin' that Tsenik called you a harlot or if I have any reason to make any of what I told you up, you're daft. You're quick to call me a friend an' then turn on me, aren't you?" He waves a dismissive hand. "Have it your way. Don't bother with me. I don' need friends like that." His eyes turn to Idrissa. "I'm off. Klah for me, wanna come?" He heard E'gin. He's not going to -fight- anyone. It's much easier to ignore their existence.

Idrissa lets her gaze flick over the three here and she peers at Kale watching him a few moments as he goes off it seems. She can't recall when this ever happened before, well save for that bit with Harlin there at the end. Her hand lifts and she moves to rest is against Kale's arm softly a moment. "Hey.." Is murmured out softly, trying to get him to calm down it seems. Ahh, to be young again, so many things on one's plate, like drama and the like as is happening /now/. Her gaze flicks to Tsenik then Wakua, whom gets a slightly longer look, feeling like the other girl pushed this more then it needed to be pushed. She shakes her head slightly while taking in a soft breath. "Ya, warm klah sounds good ‘bout now." Willow cooos out at the thought of something warm. The little green huddled against Rissa's neck, half hiding in her hair.

Wakua looks to Tsenik and she nods a little bit, "Well I'm still going to talk to Datsun about it and what was said. I do like him, but I don't know if he likes me more than a friend. He hasn't been around. I'm sorry that I went off on you, I guess I'm still a bit sensitive about it." She looks over towards Kale as she frowns deeply as she gets de-friend by Kale. "I'm sorry if I can't remember everything that you told me Kale I don't have some photographic memory like you do. I was very hurt by what you told me. I don't want to be called a harlot and worse that you had to defend me against. I don't want to have my friends call me that. I don't want to hurt my friends any more and I don't want people to think less of the smiths because of me, but I am who I am Kale. I'm sorry I can't just let something like this go unless I know the truth."

Tsenik sighs quietly and shakes his head, "It's okay, I'm going to go throw my things into the barracks. I'll see you guys later." he offers a wave and heads out, looking more frustrated than anything else.

With the dragon wing umbrella gone, there's nothing keeping anyone from getting wet, and Kale just glances up at the rain, muttering something beneath his breath. Alloy, apparently enjoying it much, hops up, wings spreading. Look, he can fly! and in the rain, too! But, he's not flying far, alighting upon Kale's shoulders again, reading his mood as not a good one. "C'mon." This is said to Idrissa as his hand slips into hers to hold. Wakua was likely heard, as he isn't deaf, but they aren't responded to at all as if he was. A nod is given to Tsenik as he speaks of heading to the barracks, and with his knot clutched in his free hand and Idrissa's held in the other, he walks off without further word, heading towards the clearing and caverns beyond.

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