Xanadu Weyr - Wanderin' Wherry Tavern
It is often whispered in the crowds that converge here, that a certain Weyrleader was asked what he wanted in the remodeling of the pub that was not so long ago given a refreshing. He muttered back over the rim of his ever-present mug, "I don't care what you do with the place, just so long as there is plenty of ale." With that in mind, cask after cask of ale lines the walls of the tavern, the remodeler's idea of a jest. As they age, the casks bring a real rustic atmosphere to the pub, along with the deeply wooden flavor that seems to be the theme throughout.

The lighting is dim, as it should be in all good pubs, and the tables and chairs are plentiful. A long mahogany bar, intricately carved with runner beasts, stands vigilant duty at the head of the bar, lined with stools for those patrons that seek the bartender's company.

Evening after dinner in Xanadu and the tavern is filling with people seeking to relax for the evening. Over by the window Thea is just finishing a meal, by the looks of it and avoiding the large dinner crowds in the Cavern. She's working on some sort of paperwork, but the quiet ends and she's looking like she's going to make her escape.

Jeffin comes into the Tavern with a large platter of rum-cakes with brandy frosting and wine soaked cherries on top. A triple threat for anyone. He looks around for those that might be willing to taste test his newest culinary creations. Coming flying along happy as only a naughty firelizard who hasn't gotten in trouble yet can be warbles behind Jeffin.

Cenlia enters the tavern, four firelizards in tow - two blues, a bronze, and a tiny hatchling gold hiding partway under the girl's hair. The gardener looks to be in good spirits. Literally. There's a bottle of peach brandy under one arm, halfway empty, and the girl's cheeks are flushed and rosy. Upon spotting the weyrwoman, Cen hesitates by the door, but seems to decide something as she moves into the tavern. Cenlia makes straight for a big table near the window, plopping down near Thea and grinning a, "Hey," while her flits lans on the table and chitter. Bronze Charmer, of course, croooons at the weyrwoman. Scritches? Scritches? As she has spots Jeffin, Cenlia waves an arm at him, eyes on that… treat he has there.

Enter the trickster, boldly dressed in blue and wisps of silver, head held high, eyes shining ready for the next new conquest… oh, and there's Sigam too. Calelir perches silently on his shoulder, taking vigil and eyeing the room, speculative. His owner is much less attentive, bee-lining for the bar, his worn old guitar strapped to his back. A drink is set down before he can even order. "You remembered," Sig gushes with dramatic enthusiasm, one hand over his heart, "I'm flattered." Sharing a laugh, the Dragonhealer slides away, finally glancing around. He nearly chokes on his drink before he manages a, "Hi, Thea." Nevermind that his voice is pitched a few octaves higher than usual. "And Cen." The man tips an invisible hat to the gardener, still a bit wary of her wrath even if he had seen her pink and frillies. Hrk. "So. I heard you had a /fantastic/ night the other night." He plops himself down into a seat uninvinted, guitar sliding to the floor even as he aims a nod towards Jeffin.

F'yr is here for a late dinner, even if it was the Tavern. But sitting down? Ordering a meal? What can be better. Taverns also mean that Chu sticks close to the brownrider, perched on her shoulder and cheeping with hunger as her whirling eyes try to spy some food here and there left on tables, unguarded. But she wouldn't dare steal. "Now /that/ is something I've never seen 'fore," Fy says aloud, entranced by Jeffin's platter and suddenly following the baker like a love-struck puppy, big grin and all as she stares at the sweets, forgetting everything else.

As Cenlia plops down, Thea raises her head from her paperwork, taking in Cenlia's appearance. The girl gets an easy smile, "Hey yourself. You're looking… relaxed." Jeffin and his cakes pass by and she gives him a nod as she reaches out a hand to scritch Charmer. The remnants of her dinner are fair game for the firelizards. She indicates she's done with it by pushing the plate down the table towards them. Sigam's arrival (yes she saw it) has her sinking lower in her seat. Maybe he won't see… shoot! "Hi Sigam." It's a wary greeting as he sits at her table. Anything you want to get off your chest, dragonhealer?

Jeffin turns as he sees the wave, "Hey Cenlia." He moves over to give her a kiss, "I was just looking for you, do you want to taste the latest treat that I came up with. I thought about it the other day. Go ahead and try one." He sees Thea as well and he smiles at her, "Good day Weyrwoman, would you like a treat?" He asks as he holds the plate. He nods polite to Sigam, "Hello Sigam, going to be doing some playing tonight?" Jeffin spots F'yr following, "Hi there. Would you like one?" He offers to F'yr, "I'm Jeffin, apprentice baker."

Cenlia eyes Sigam. "Hey," she wrinkles her nose as theman takes a seat, but then seems to think better of it and holds up the big brandy bottle, "Wanna try some?" Yes, she's offering him booze. Seems the gardener girl has been making a lot of peace offerings lately. F'yr gets a grin and a, "Hey," as well, while Charmer crooons happily at the Thea-scritches. She's his favorite goldie in all of Xanadu! Yep. Cen accepts Jeffin's kiss, arching a brow and cheerfully reaches for a rumcake, "What's in 'em this time?"

Sigam doesn't seem to have anything to offer to Thea just yet, except for a grin that borders on shit-eating. She's not off the hook. "Jeffin," he greets in return, catching the man's name from his introduction to F'yr, "Good to see you again." The guitar is eyed before he shrugs up at the baker. "Who knows. I might be bribed." With what, though? Hmm. Towards the tag-along brownrider the Dragonhealer angles a smirk, eyes dancing. "Watch out, there, Fy. There've been some bad rumors about cupcakes going around." He pats the seat next to him by way of offering, carefully not looking at Thea before eyeing Cenlia. "I already have a drink, but… thanks. Later? Though I think I owe you a round, too." He raises his glass in a toast before taking a drink.

"Really? I can?" F'yr doesn't wait for an answer, grinning widely as she snags one of the yummy offerings. She pulls it close to herself, as if she were afraid it might be tugged out of her hands. "Thanks! Baker huh? I'm F'yr, Zaruath's. Can't miss him on your way out." He's the dragon that sticks close by outside looking like everyone walking by was a personal insult. It's only then that she notices the others there, giving the weyrwoman a polite bow of her head and Cenlia a grin. "Hey." Her blue eyes shift to Sigam, still not taking a bite of her cake as she moves over that way. "What kinda bad rumors?" she asks suspiciously, frowning at her cake. "Poisoned or something?" Chu gives a shy chitter to the other firelizards as the brownie takes a seat.

Thea's so busy waiting for the gardener's response that she almost misses Jeffin's question. And there is no punching or bottle-throwing involved. Jeffin and Cenlia on kissing terms? Can only mean one thing: there's booze in that cake. She demurs cheerily, "Uh… think I've had a few too many sweets of late, Jeffin, looks good though." She turns a bright look on Cenlia. "So… your new sweetie?" She eyes Sigam for a beat after that cupcake comment, smiling sweetly. "Oh, I don't think they are rumors at all," she says easily. "Watcha think, Cen?" As F'yr walks up, she grins at her, "Yes, poisoned." Well, you know what they say about one man's poison…

Jeffin smiles, "You tell me. I'll tell you after everyone has had at least one. They might not be as strong as the ones that you made Cenlia and that I helped with, but I think you'll find them pleasantly delicious. Might get you drunk without you even noticing." He nods, "That's be cool to hear you play." He chuckles, "You know I had a friend tell me once he knew a guy that carried around a guitar even though he couldn't play. The guy thought that women liked the musician types so he'd just hang out with his guitar and never play, but would always talk about playing. Any time anyone asked him to play he always had some excuse why he couldn't. His fingers were sore from a 5 hour jam session, or his guitar needed to be re-strung, stuff like that." He looks to F'yr, "No…shards that the worse insult you can say to a baker's face. Poisoned food. I'm hurt" He nods to Thea, "All right. But there are plenty left over in the cold storage."

"There ain't nothin' wrong with them cupcakes," Cenlia says to F'yr, the gardener girl glancing sidelong at Thea before making a face at Sigam. She does raise a brow at the dragonhealer, "Owe me a round? Fer what?" but then who is Cenlia to question free booze, "Sure, 's long as yer payin'." Cenlia unstoppers the brandy bottle and takes a swig, holding it out and offering to the rest if the table in general, "Anybody else wanna try? 'S really good." Cen tilts her head, glancing back at Thea and shrugging, "Sweetie? Eh, guess so." Her eyes go to those rumcakes rather than Jeffin, though, Cen taking a big biteout of the one she snatched. "I think ye can't hold yer cupcake," Cen says to Thea, sticking her tongue out at the weyrwoman.

"Not poisoned," Sigam says, head shaking, "they're just… special. Ask Thea. She'll tell you /all/ about it." The Dragonhealer nods sagely before flicking a glance over at Jeffin. One finger reaches up to slap itself across his lips, accompanied by a long hiss. "Shhhh. Don't tell that story. I'm not making excuses, besides, just been busy composing a new song and now I'm tired." He shifts his eyes guiltily, a smile tugging at the corner of his lips before he breaks composure and chuckles. "I kid. I'll play for you lot later if I can steak a cake." For now, he has booze to drink, however, and he does so before waving a hand a Cenlia. "Ah, just for a toast to good old times. It's on me, of course." He takes another sip before something F'yr's said catches up to him. "Zaru's outside? Good. Saoirse picked a flower today and she insisted it was for him." He rolls his eyes at the idea, but shrugs. "She tries, Faranth bless her."

F'yr looks quite a bit more hesitant not that the goldrider said that it was poisoned. If the weyrwoman said so… But her blue eyes watch Cenlia as she takes a bit and, reassured by that, she chomps down on her own, looking quite pleased with the outcome. "Sorry, Jeffin. /Very/ good," she says as soon as she gets the first bite down, giggling a little nervously at insulting the young man. She gives Sigam's guitar a look as she listens to the conversation around her, quirking a brow upwards just a bit before focusing on munching as much cake as she can. Chu crawls down a bit from her shoulder, giving the pastry a sniff and then snorting, unsatisfied. No food for the older queen. "Well, he's definitely outside now that you said that, 'bout playing. Not sure if giving him a flower's all that smart of an idea though… I dare you to hand it over to him though." And with a wicked grin, Fy probably knows that might end badly.

Only the first time, Jeffin, only the first time. Thea waves away his offer with a laugh, "Got anything without booze there, Jeffin?" There's another blink at Cenlia. Sweetie. Huh. Who would have thought? Cenlia's offer of booze is, of course, declined with a small headshake before the gardener's cupcake comment has the weyrwoman laughing easily, "True. I can't deny it." But she can afford to be easy about it. Cenlia witnessed no blabbling or… embarrassing behaviors other than being carried by the Weyrsecond. Sigam's getting dagger looks, he is far too cheerful about all this. She addresses both the brownrider and Sigam, asserting with a wink, "Poisoned." Nod. "Gave me a wicked headache."

Jeffin smiles, "I'm glad you like it." He sets the tray down to take a swig from the brandy bottle. He mmms as he sets the bottle down, "You know this gives me an idea for another treat. How close is your home brew to being done Cenlia?" He asks as he picks up one of his own cupcakes and takes a bite of it. He laughs a little bit at Sigam, "Why do you think I started to make the treats? Well…okay I love to cook, but there is another reason. Go ahead I made them for everyone to enjoy I'm happy to have feed back on how they are." He smiles at F'yr, "It's okay Thea got Cenlia's brandycakes and they were a little too much. Cenlia knows her booze, but I think she put a little too much in the brandycakes." Jeffin shakes his head, "Sorry when I try to bake treats without any alcohol it is a disaster."

Cenlia starts snickering as Sigam mentions Thea, the gardener adding in, "Yea, though I bet weyrsecond D'had could tell ya /more/." Snicker snicker. She /did/ see the weyrwoman being carried off. Having gotten his scritches from Thea, Charmer turns to croon sweetly at Chu while Rogue scurries over to the weyrwoman's discarded plate to snag any scraps. Cen's little gold, Bliss, also chirples a greeting from the gardener's shoulder. Cenlia seems happy enough to accept Sigam's offer of free booze later, the gardener girl practically beaming at him before taking another bite of cake. She does look just slightly apologetic, however, when Thea mentions the headache, the gardener girl saying a little sheepishly, "Guess I mighta put too much booze in 'em." But she's quick to tack on, "But Weyrwoman Niva /told/ me to bring cupcakes. Figured I'd better make 'em good ones." And there's a grin for both Jeffin and the goldrider. "Got a while yet," Cen nods to Jeffin, and at his last comment, she reaches out to poke him in the chest with a cheerul, "'S why I like ya."

"In Sigam-land," the Dragonhealer returns Thea's dagger look, smirking, "we call that a 'hangover.' Though chances are, you don't remember the last Sigam-land lesson. Because you were /drunk/." Sig's mind is still reeling from this, even as he cheerily states it. "By the way, I have a bone to pick with you." He eyes her significantly on the word 'bone', then turns to grin up at his brownriding friend. "Always happy to entertain His Royal Angstiness, Fy. And don't worry, /I'm/ not risking my life to give him a flower. /She/ is. Poor mini-Chu." He nods in an amused fashion before grinning over at Jeffin. "Aww, that's actually thoughtful of you. And here I thought you just wanted to booze us all under the table. Thanks, though." He takes one and sets it aside for later, though he does poke the icing to give it a taste. Mmm. "I need to send the Weyrwoman a thank you note. You really should have one, Thee. The icing's great." Snicker.

F'yr snorts between some of the final bites of her cake at Sigam's comments. "Hangover… I might call that poison, too, actually." The short girl was suffering pretty badly during her last hangover. Fy does set a world record in cake-eating, though. Amazing how long it really took before she's suddenly licking the bit of icing that got stuck on her fingers, eyes flickering from one to the other even as Chu does the same for the firelizards. Stealing food… she might have to resort to that seeing that Fy wasn't ordering anything. "Poor Saoirse. I'll make sure that he's nice to her. If not, he gets no music, right?" Somewhere outside there's a grumbly brown glaring in the direction of the tavern.

More like a lot too much? Thea just smiles at Jeffin, "No worries, Jeffin. I'll just find it easier to stay slim then, hmm?" And that easy smile she's had for Cenlia evaporates at the mention of D'had, a slow flush taking it's place. She shrugs, "Well, maybe, ya did Cen. I'm certainly not mad at you, though." The Weyrsecond? Likely not either. She eyes Sigam. "I don't think I'd like Sigam-land." Sweetly said, of course, before he just gets a blank look. "Huh? Bone?" She just shakes her head at him, "I'll pass on the cake, thanks." Thee? Her eyes squint suspiciously at the dragonhealer, "You been hanging around my brother?" This cannot be a good thing. Rates right up there with him seeing her drunk. Yes. She'll just let the comment about sending thank you notes slide for now. She looks over at F'yr with a small grin, "Yeah I don't drink but wine once in a great while, so poison to me, y'know?"

Jeffin chuckles at the poke, "Well just you wait Cenlia. If you are free tomorrow I have a whole picnic planned just for you. I promise that every piece of food in it will be made with some kind of alcohol involved in it." He smiles at Sigam, "Well eat enough of them and you'll get boozed up, speaking of which, how many did you eat Thea? I mean Cenlia and I split my first batch the other night and got feeling pretty good off them. Did you eat the whole batch by yourself?" He looks to F'yr, "So how was it? Feel free to have another one, I made a whole batch and brought them out." He smiles at Thea, "All right, but these you can't even taste the alcohol in them."

"Sigam-land?" Cenlia glances between Thea and the dragonhealer, eyebrows rising, "An' there ain't nothin' wrong with bein' drunk neither." Charmer continues to croon swetly at Chu, even doing a little tail-waggle. Cen doesn't notice Thea's evaporating smile; the gardener is too busy licking frosting off her own fingers. "Just wine? Shards, should try brandy at least now and again," the girl comments to Thea. But what's this? Picnic? Booze? "Sure," Cenlia laughs, "So long as I don't gotta cook nothin'." She stops to think a moment, "Think ya ate at least half of 'em," grinning at Thea.
Cenlia smirks a little at Jeffin, "Yeah, we was feeling so good, we missed the flits stealin' our underpants." Snicker.

"You don't know what you're missing, then," Sigam sniffs delicately as if offended, "Sigam-land is a fantastic realm of morals, life-lessons, and… stuff. And yes, bones. I was given a box of them when I got back with a note that said they were from you." How could she forget that? He writes it off quickly at least. "Nope, never met your brother. But look on the positive side: at least you woke up fully clothed. I won't even try to convince you that you'd kissed the weyrwoman either." Grinning wide, he averts his attention to Jeffin. "Yeah, I suppose that's true, but you'd have to eat a lot, yeah?" The baker's question for Thea earns an eyebrow raise, but alas, no comment as he drapes his arms over the back of his chair and turns to smirk at Fy. "This is very true. I'm no good at the guitar if I'm dead… Hey, where'd your cupcake go?" Finally finishing off his drink, Sig breaks off a piece of his treat and offers it to her, eyes darting Cenlia's way. "Ah, so /that's/ what happened. Suddenly it makes so much more sense." Well. As much sense as flying underpants /can/ make.

"What kinda bones?" asks F'yr in surprise at where that conversation suddenly went, staring first at Sigam and then at the goldrider that apparently put dead things in boxes. She does snort again at the explanation of Sigam-land, though, shaking her head quickly. "All that if you can remember it. Oh, I know very well whatcha mean," she says in regards to the goldrider and her not drinking. Chu seems to find some confidence in the other firelizard's continued crooning, finally hopping away from Fy's shoulder, probably because there was no food to be had from the brownrider and she had to take things into her own hands. Satisfied with her clean fingers, Fy beams up to Sigam. "You blinked, and it vanished. Talented, ain't I? And it was /real/ good, Jeffin. Gotta make me some more!" Yes, her. She's all about to pounce on another when there's a piece even closer, sitting up straight and reaching out for Sigam's offer without any signs of guilt for taking his own snack.

"I… lost count." Thea admits sheepishly to Jeffin sinking down in her seat just a little. "She gave me a plateful. D'had ate two." She hastens to add, "It was right before dinner and my stomach was empty." The baker gets a curious look, "Were they supposed to be… dripping?" In other words, alcohol sponges? She merely shudders at the idea of trying brandy before blinking at Cenlia and muttering, "Ha- half? Shards. No wonder. And flying underpants. Seems I missed a good time last night." Sigam's world. A place of morals. She just barks a laugh of disbelief at that. "I'll bet it is a place of life-lessons. But… I didn't bring you any bones. Left you a body. And how do you know what state of dress I woke up in?" Snort. F'yr gets a quick grin. At least someone here will admit to the downside of heavy drinking. Her paperwork is scooped up. "Well, folks, as much as I'd love to stay and chat, I need to get up early. See yas." And she's sliding out of her chair, striding for that door. If her elbow makes contact with the back of Sigam's head on her way by? Totally coincidental.

Jeffin nods a little bit, "Great, of course not I'll make it all for us and have it ready by tomorrow." His own cheeks flush as Cenlia brings it up, "Have you gotten your's back because I still can't find mine and Cinnamon is as chipper as ever so he's not going to tell me. Shards they were in the breadbox the other night I hate to think where the firelizards hid them this time." He leans in to listen to the bones story as he hadn't heard it before he hears Thea, "No they aren't supposed to be dripping, but it's all right, next time Cenlia decides to bake she'll have some practice under her belt."

"Ain't no fun if ya don't wake up with yer clothes off at least once," Cenlia comments, grinning lopsidedly at Sigam, "And what'd ya /think/ happened? That we'd left our laundry out?" The girl rolls her eyes. Cenlia's apparently gotten over any embarrassment about the underpants; after all, it's not even the first time it's happened. Also, thatbrandy might be helping. F'yr's question about bones has the gardener girl raising an eyebrow and glancing again between Sigam and Thea. Charmer is all nuzzles and croons, if the other flit will let him, though it's Rogue who 'gwerrs' from over by Thea's discarded plate, taking little bites out of the scraps. Cenlia waves cheerfully as Thea gets up to go, the girl giggling at that elbowing. Turning to Jeffin, the gardener girl shakes her head, "Ain't found 'em. Betcha Hisolda will see 'em on top of the greenhouse again." She pauses a moment, then asks, "You seen my brown flit around at all?" Wrinkling her nose a little, Cen continues, "He didn't come back from the garden this mornin', and I can't find 'im. Sent Charmer to go chase him, but he just came back without 'im." Charmer, upon hearing his name, turns to Cenlia mrrs unhappily.

"You'd better believe it," Sig nods, though his frown's a bit confused. "She left me runner bones, but I had to figure that out the hard way. Someone must have had a snack." Ah, the casualties of working in the Dragonhealing Annex. "Still, they were interesting. Thanks, I think. As for your 'state of dress' - or lack of such," he concedes to Cenlia with a wicked grin, "Too much information, I'm not listening, lalala." He pins his ears shut briefly by demonstration. "Ow!" Sigam laughs despite the elbow-knocking, flicking his tongue out at the retreating weyrwoman. "Naw, I figured they'd stolen them somehow. I live with the trickster personified, it's nothing new." Calelir sniffs and pretends he's innocent, dropping from Sig's shoulder to trot over to the food, entirely dismissive. "That's the best talent I've seen in a long time," Sig admits to F'yr, lips quirking up in a sideways grin. He allows her to take the piece of cake, but he attempt to poke a spot of icing onto her nose. Isn't he sweet? "They are good, though I guess you wouldn't be a baker if you were bad at making stuff," the Dragonhealer agrees as he takes a bite out of his own cupcake. Yumm.

"That doesn't sound like a sign of friendship or love or anything… What's bones suppose to mean?" muses F'yr with few blinks at the dragonhealer and then glancing towards the retreating goldrider. She can't help the little snicker that escapes at the bumping, but her amusement drops completely as she eyes Cenlia. "Winding up without clothes ain't always as fun as you think," she murmurs in response to that. Her eyes flicker back and forther, lips twitching upwards as she listens, and still happy to get her treat from Sigam, popping it into her mouth at the same time as her eyes cross at the spot of icing on her nose. She sticks her tongue out comically at him. "Yeah, talent. One of my few! Hand me another one and you'll see just how much of a talent it is." She giggles as she tries to lick the icing off her nose. And failing miserably.

Jeffin snickers, "Well in a way we did leave our laundry out. They were hanging on the bushes." He takes another swig of the brandy and he leans back in his chair to eat another cupcake. "Well if you do find them let me know. I'll keep an eye out for them too." He glares at his brown firelizard, "If you know what's good for you you better bring them back." The brown just chirrups happily as Jeffin offers Charmer a piece of his cupcake, "Here you go Charmer, I want to see what you think of them." He snickers as Sig gets elbowed and he smiles, "Glad you like them, trust me before I started baking with alcohol all I could make was burn stuff that I had to eat because you can't let food to go waste." He smirks, "Well with Cenlia it was plenty fun."

Cenlia grins at Sigam, smirking a little and saying, "Betcha deserved it," about the runner bones, and then she laughs, "Can't be as bad as Trouble." She does give Calelir a suspicious look, however. There's a nod to F'yr and a shrug, "Guess it depends where ya end up," though the girl is soon snickering at the brownrider's nose-licking attempts. Cenlia reaches over and snags another rumcake, but rills her eyes at Jeffin, "Why would ya /want/ 'em back. Shards," and she shakes her head, "Hope Trouble ain't off makin' trouble, though. Shardin' nuisance." There's a smirk when Jeffin mentions fun, the gardener commenting, "'S 'cause I ain't gone and got stuffy like some people." Charmer sniffs at the brandycake, but unlike his brown sibling, the flit isn't as fond of booze as he is of the ladies. Instead, the little bronze turns back to crooning at the golds.

Sigam's head tilts at a confused angle for that, eyebrows knitted. "I dunno, that I like to dissect stuff? It /was/ fun, but love's got nothing to do with it, I don't think. She was all over D'had the other night." The tone of his voice is a mix of amusement and uncaring, shoulders raising in a shrug before he sends a smirk Jeffin's way. "Now that I can sympathize with. My baking skills are limited to sugary doughballs, and that only because my little sister taught me," the Dragonhealer admits with a thoroughly aggreived eyeroll. He likely hasn't heard the end of that yet. "Cal's maybe not as bad as Trouble, but I'm tired of having the living daylights scared out of me when he's feeling mischievous. That flit can find more hidey-holes than there are places to hide in my room." The man takes another bite of his cake, watching F'yr with dancing eyes and returning the tongue-out gesture. Another of Jeffin's cupcakes are stolen and plopped in front of the brownrider. "Go." He's not about to tell her it's anatomically impossible to lick that part of her nose - it's far too amusing.

F'yr hmmms lightly, which is all the reply she's going to give about the bones discussion except for some facial expressions. Brows go up, brows go down, and then she makes a very curious look with her lips pursed. Nope, not a word spoken. "Nothing can go right when you name a firelizard Trouble. Shells… I'm so glad that Chu doesn't do anything silly like that. Get in 'nough problems as it is." Of course, Fy was mischief enough for both of them! To Jeffin she grins and then asks, "So you only bake when there's alcohol involved? Ain't much of a fan, but I can eat these all night!" Her gold firelizard finally tries to sneak some food away, crooning back shyly to Charmer. Maybe if she's extra nice to Charmer, he'll help keep scary Rogue in check. Eventually realizing she really /can't/ win at this, Fy cleans off her nose with a finger and licks the icing off that way. She leans forward towards the snack, giving Sigam her best grateful grin. "Counting? Just watch, one minute you see it!" Nomnomnom! Fy's going to get a tummy ache at the rate she's stuffing the cake in her mouth. At least she's not chewing it all nasty-like.

Jeffin hmms, "Well cause they are mine and well they were my favorite. They had little cupcakes on them." His cheeks flush, "Besides I don't like the idea of my underwear flying around. Don't you want your's back? That heart on the butt is pretty cute." He smiles, "Indeed you are very fun and I enjoy having fun with you." He hmms, "You liked my food the other day Charmer." He shrugs as he pops the piece into his mouth and finishes off his cupcake. "Yah I can cook just about anything, but when it came to baking, even no-bake treats I'd manage to mangle somehow, but it seems I was just missing the key ingredient…booze." He nods to F'yr, "It seems so, but I'm glad to see that you like them so much."

"You like to dissect stuff?" Cenlia wrinkles her nose at Sigam, but then is distracted by a bout of snickering, the girl saying, "Didja know Thea was leaving cupcakes on D'had's desk every mornin'? He didn't know who was doin' it, neither." Snicker, snicker. "Think it's 'cause he called Weyrwoman Niva… cupcake. 'S how he got his knot. 'Least he didn't get her drunk like X'hil did," but Cenlia's snickering cuts off, the girl frowning lightly at something or other. But the topic of Trouble has her grinning again, "Yea, well I named him 'cause he's full of it. Bliss here ain't so bad," and she reaches up to scritch her gold flit, "Mizzle neither." Charmer likes food. Indeed he does. But not just now. He's got a lady to protect! Crooning sweetly back at Chu, the bronze parks himself near the scraps plate, effectively shoving Rogue out of the way. Rogue gives an irritated 'gwerr' but moves off. He's been sat on by Charmer one too many times to try fighting over scraps. Instead, the dark blue firelizard scurries up Cen's arm and hides behind her runnertail, causing Bliss to chirp at him curiously. Cenlia just wrinkles her nose at Jeffin, muttering a flat, "No," at he question.

Sig's puzzlement only continues as Fy goes through the series of expressions, but what does one say in response to nothing? "What?" That would have to do. He snorts at the notion that the brownrider got into enough trouble all by herself. "That's an understatement, I think. You get into /more/ than enough problems, methinks." Jeffin earns a bright grin. "Well, you couldn't pick a finer ingredient, in that case. Glad to hear you found something that works - it's frustrating to try and never quite make something work." Sigam wrinkles his nose right back at Cen and nods, chuckling low. "Yeah, I do. Isn't that weird? Always have - avians back home, tunnelsnakes, the works." He pauses, lip twitching to one side. "Thea did that? D'aww, I don't know whether to laugh or coo!" It seems he's settled on laughter for now at least, head shaking. "That woman's far too literal." He carefully ignores the mention of X'hil - the last time he prodded that ember here, he'd gotten his face beaten by a bottle. Shifting his gaze, the Dragonhealer polishes off his last bite off cupcake and focuses his attention on F'yr, following the icing rescue with his eyes and a snicker. "Yep, I'm counting. One, two, three…" He trails off but keeps tabs in his head, arching up one eyebrow. Impressed? Mildly disgusted at her mad skillz? Amused? It's hard to tell.

F'yr shakes her head at Sigam now, which at least is easier to understand than all the expressions before. "Nothing, nothing. Really." Just in case he tried to prod. This time when her eyes widen, it's obviously to put on her best innocent look. "Me? That many? Naaah, I think you must be mistaking me for someone else. Some problems, but could always manage to get myself into more. My schedule's pretty open." The talk of dissection actually has her grinning again and she snickers lightly. "Cutting things up… weird in a good way 'course. Especially if you get to eat the stuff afterwards." Or burn it over the fire, in her case. She puts on a good show munching that cake, and seeing that she's being observed she looks more like she's inhaling it, baring tasting it. In no time, there's nothing but icing on her fingers, a bit on her upper lip, and a few crumbs on the table. That smirk at Sigam. "When you had to stuff a whole cake down in less than a night 'fore you got caught, you learn to eat fast."

Jeffin nods to Cenlia as he's a bit unsure about how to respond to the flat no. He just shrugs a little bit, "All right. If I find yours I'll just toss them out." He nods, "Indeed I wish that I had thought of it earlier." Jeffin wrinkles his nose, "A bit morbid, but I suppose it would help you as a healer, gotta learn about how the body works and you can't do that unless you have hands on experience. I mean that's how you learn with cooking most of the time, you try a recipe and then try to improve it, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't."

When the dragonhealer starts going on about avians and tunnelsnakes and things, Cenlia's nose wrinkles again, the girl agreeing, "Yeah, you're wierd." Cenlia snorts, "Thea's shardin' crazy sometimes. Prolly needs to get drunk more." Cenlia nibbles on her own piece of rumcake fairly slowly, not having as good speed-eating skills as boozing. She does give F'yr an admiring grin, "Shards, a whole cake?" Jeffin gets a distracted nod, though the topic of cutting things open has Cenlia making a face, "Ugh, had to gut chickens back when I lived in South Boll. Shardin' awful." There is a thoughtful pause, and then, "But eatin' 'em afterwards was pretty good."

"Yeah, okay," Sigam says in his skeptic's voice, but he doesn't prod, merely smirks and allows her to move on. "Yes, I'm mistaking you for that other Fy again. We still have plans to make," he reminds her before pausing to consider. "Well, depending on how old the corpse is," Sig qualifies, nodding towards Fy, then Jeffin. "That's about right, though. Books and hides and computers can only do so much. Sometimes you just have to get dirty - in the kitchen or the Annex." The weird comments are taken in stride, eyes twinkling. "Yes. If there's one thing Thee needs, it's more booze. I'll leave that to you, though, O Great Masterful One." Yep, he's actually a little reverent because Cenlia's plan worked so swimmingly. Then again, he's also impressed by the way F'yr is suctioning that cupcake in, so maybe he's just easily amused. Bringing his eyebrows back down from somewhere in the vicinity of his hairline, Sigam shakes his head in wonderment. "You're truly something else, Fy. Here." He lifts the pad of his thumb up to wipe away the dash of frosting on her lip if she'll let him. "I guess so. I don't know how you keep yourself from getting sick, though."

F'yr allows the subject to pass, mischief shining in her eyes again as she nods enthusiastically at the dragonhealer. "Gotta keep us straight, or you'll be blaming me for things Fy did." Does she make sense? Of course not. "You think I've forgotten 'bout our plans? Never," she adds with a little cackle. It's very likely their 'plans' are reflected on her face, all amusing and trouble-making. "I try my best to be," Fy answers Sigam, her eyes scanning the table for either more or perhaps to check how much of a mess she really made, not really realizing where Sigam's finger is heading until it's there. And just in time for her tongue to stick out. Mm, dragonhealer finger… hopefully tastes like cake. She startles, sticks her tongue out, and wrinkles her nose up at him for that surprise. "Who said I didn't get sick?" she asks him, and then puts a hand to her stomach. "I think boozecakes… and fast don't mix well." With a little groan she gets up from her seat, scooping Chu who had been happily eating thanks to Charmer, and then gives those around her an apologetic smirk and a bob of her head.

Jeffin hmms, "Well no matter how hard I try I just can't imagine Thea drunk. Shards I would have liked to been there to see it, stupid duty. The two seconds she was out in the cavern wasn't much to judge it on, what with the weyrsecond helping hermost of the way." He takes a swig of the brandy and offers it to Cenlia, "Here Cenlia would you like another drink?" He blinks as F'yr gets up quickly, "I hope you feel better."

Cenlia snickers, "Dunno, D'had's pretty good at boozin', mebbe he'll help." The gardener girl leans back, looking extremely thoughtful. F'yr's mention of possibly being sick has Cenlia grimacing, saying, "Better run fer a bucket," and eyeing the remaining rumcakes speculatively. Charmer croons sadly to see Chu go, and then scurries over to bother Cenlia. Mizzle and Rogua follow him, and and Cen gets waves off Jeffin's offer of the brandy bottle, the girl is mobbed by flits. "Oy, gerrof, ya shardin' nuisances," the girl grumbles, wobbling a bit on her chair.

"And wouldn't that be drastic," Sigam rumbles, finding perfect sense in the brownrider's logic, brown eyes doing a little dance of their own. "Good, better not forget those, I can't do it myself." Because she had the gunpowder access, dun dun dun. "You think he will, D'had? I dunno, I haven't been around him enough. Seemed sorta put off last night, but if he had a cupcake too…" The Dragonhealer shrugs and pushes speculations aside, angling his head back to smirk over at Fy. "And your efforts show, don't you worry about that." He's likely about to say more, eyes already shifting for a roll towards the ceiling when F'yr licks his thumb, and oh, wasn't that interesting. He likely does taste like cake, thank goodness, which is a step above the lingering traces of redwort that otherwise might have been there. Yech. "Uh," he manages intelligently, pulling his hand back quickly and frowning a bit. "I can imagine they don't mix well at all," he notes as she goes to leave, a concerned expression crossing his face. "Here, I'll walk you back to the dorms." Sig stands and gathers his guitar, giving Jeffin a crooked smile. "Guess I won't get to play for you tonight. Convenient, hm?" Claiming his blue flit, the Dragonhealer turns to escort F'yr whether she likes it or not.

Jeffin sets the bottle down and he nods, "Careful you don't call back." He looks over towards Sigam, "Imagine that." He laughs a little bit, "Tell F'yr that I hope she feels better." He smirks, "Seems like she had one too many of the cakes, shouldn't have eaten them too face."

"I won't let you do it yourself," says F'yr all serious-like. And make her miss all the fun? Yeah right! She probably still had the cake taste lingering strongly on her own mouth to thankfully help avoid the nasty medical taste of dragonhealer fingers. She rocks a bit on her feet first, nodding to Jeffin. "I will, really. Thanks, and the cakes /were/ really good. Honestly." She was just dumb like that. She can't help give Cenlia a sympathetic look before snickering at her predicament, and then makes her way out, probably grumbling to Sigam 'bout his help not being necessary.

The flits want something, and it's an irritated Cenlia that gets up finally as Bliss starts to chitter. The gardener girl does get in an approving, "D'had knows how ta booze /an'/ eat cupcakes," nodding and adding, "'Cept he ain't half a fun as I am." But she's already out the door, heading for who knows where. Probably going to find Trouble.

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