Meet and Greet and Lick

Xanadu Weyr - Training Grounds
A wide, grassy expanse, nestled into the gentle bowl shape where something's taken a bite out of the mountain. It's high above the level of the beach, and there's a good eastern view of the lake and a long path leading down to that sandy shore. Granite cliffs surround it on the other sides.
While much of the grounds are left in their natural state, one area has been trampled and trodden by enough feet that the grass struggles to grow. A running track circles a set of equipment - straw dummies with wooden frames, obstacles of various sizes and shapes, and targets for flaming, archery, and whatever else.
There's a dragon-sized opening to the south that leads to the cavernous weyrling barracks, and a smaller tunnel to the northeast - large enough for dragons newly emerged from the sands, but quickly outgrown by hatchlings who are then forced to take the long way around - at least, until they learn to spread their wings and fly. Between them in both position and size, a jagged crack in the stone leads to a dim cave with the sound of water.

New dragons, new Weyrlings, new… well many things! Idrissa is making her way out towards the training grounds, Tahryth is following after her. Well that is up until getting near the barracks then the green is troting off and ever so close to it looking rather excited. As for Idrissa her right arm is bandaged up, and she is a bit bruised and battered looking, she was one of the lucky ones that managed to get caught under some of that fallen roof it seems during the hatching, an yet here she is! « Wakey wakey! herdbeasts and bakey! » This is what Tahryth offers all the baby dragons, even if their not asleep, which seeing how it is /afternoon/ hopefully they are all awake. « Come out to the yard! » Theg reen basicly croons out s she is bouncing upon her paws a few times. Someone is excited it seems.

New dragons, yay! New injuries… not so yay. And the way some of those eggs never got the chance to reveal their new dragons… definitely not yay. Still, there are reasons to be glad, and at least one dragon responds with enthusiasm to Tahryth's summons. There's a pattering of paws as Leikoirath stampedes her way out of the barracks in a flurry of undignified motion. « What what what? » her mind projects, with skitters and yips bouncing about just like her body. Jaya's not far behind - a bit bruised, yes, but none of her injuries were quite bad enough to need proper bandages at this point. Scratches and bruises and… "Leikoirath!" she calls as she runs after that very dragon. "Wait up!"

Out into the yard lumbers bronze Kiv with Is'ac trailing behind. "I didn't hear anyone!" the weyrling is saying as he comes out. He stops short though as he spies Idrissa and the green. "Oh." he mutters before offering a salute. "Afternoon ma'am!"

Tahryth croons out while she bounces backwards a few feet, her wngs flutter a few times as she looks on amusedly at the pair of weyrling's that have came outside. « Greetings! Arn't you all so CUTE! » She trills out while shifting closer to Kivshiralth and is busy sniffing at the bronze it seems. Idrissa chuckles softly, her dragon's amusement hard to control. "Afternoon." Is offered once the pair of Weyrling's also appear. "I'm Idrissa, one of the AWLM's and this is Tahryth." They have met before, well sorta, Rissa isn't the most outgoing of riders when it comes to acually talking to people, no that is left to Tahryth. "How has the last day or so been treating you lot?"

Chaaaarge! Leikoirath… oh wait, her human wants her! Change of plans! What she tries to do is skid to a stop and run back the other way. What she actually does is skid sideways and lose control of her limbs, so she tumbles into Tahryth with a yelp. Wait what? "Sooorryyyy!" Jaya calls as she gives chase, coming to her own stop before the … AWLM? Whoops. This is someone who has authority over her life now! "She didn't mean to!" she says in defense of her little green, who wiggles and swishes her tail penitently, licking up at Tahryth. « Hi! » …that's sort of like an apology, right?

"Good, ma'am." Zak replies automatically. One hand rests lightly on Kiv's muzzle as the pair watch both Tahryth and Idrissa. As the green sniffs him though, Kivshiralth gives a giant sneeze. «Cute? No no, Qhynn is cute. I! Which is handsome! Will you be teaching us to climb better? » this is important to the bronze. Is'ac casts a worries look to the bandages upon Idrissa. « Careful Tahryth! » he calls out in belated warning.

Tahryth does not seem worried as Leikoirath slides into her with a thump, a happy croon escaping her and her head lowers to give the younger green and good slobbery slurp aross the head. « Hello! » It would seem that Tahryth is ok, no harm no foul. As for Kivshiralth? Tah does not forget him and the bronze is now given a mighty slobbering lick. « You are cute…and handsome at the same time! » Do no question her, she knows all! Or something. Idrissa chuckles softly nce more and shakes her head a bit. "It is alright, it happens." This said to Jaya. "I'm glad to hear so far so good. Now, any questions?" As for her bandages she doesn't give them a look, she's had way worse then that.

Leikoirath wiggles happily, her mindvoice a flurry of yips and whines that echoes her actual out-loud voice as she licks Tahryth back with her own, much smaller, tongue… though she doesn't stay there for long. « My human wants me! » she says as if that explains everything, and scrambles up to scamper back to Jaya, tumbling into place by her and whapping her legs with a wiggly tail. Jaya grins to Idrissa, and nods. "Thank you," for not biting her head off. And, oh yeah, Is'ac reminds her that she should add a, "Ma'am." Another grin, as she reaches out to scritch behind Leikoirath's headridges. Questions? Well, she's got one, and she frowns a bit as she asks, "Is… how are people doing? Out there?" A vague wave of her free to the rest of the Weyr, surely just as affected by that tragedy. After all… the weyrlings and their dragons all survived.

Kiv is…licked. Cool! The bronze is cool with that it seems. Questions…well Is'ac has like a million of them once he's laying in bed almost asleep. Now though…not a single once comes to mind. « Why is Is'ac loosing his skin? » Kiv gives a mental image of Zak's sunburned arm peeling. If Is'ac won't ask anything…well the dragon will! As Jaya asks her own question he bites his lower lip as he awaits the answer.

Idrissa shifts and is off moving to sit upon a bench while Tahryth deals with the little dragons she can deal with the Weyrlings. "Everyone is dealing with the issues rather well." Sorry Jaya, she won't give much more then that though! "What about questions about your dragons?" After all they need to focus on their new lifemates after all. Tahryth warbles out while she is hoping from one foot to another before she is shifting off a bit and is settling down to peer at the green and bronze curiously. The question from Kiv makes her giggle a bit, at least it seems like that. « That is a sunburn, when one is outside in the sun to long they can get burned. Basicly just growing new skin to deal with the burned skin. Very itchy though! Oil helps them like it helps us with issues like that. »

Jaya nods to Idrissa's answer, biting her lower lip for a moment before she nods again. Leikoirath tilts her head up to look at Jaya with a low whine, and Jaya tilts her head back and offers her dragon a quick flash of reassuring smile… and some more scritches to go with it. So that's all they get about outside? Oh well. She's got Leikoirath to occupy her. "Do they… uhm. Leikoirath has an awful lot of energy." Thumpthumpthump goes the draggy's tail. "Is that normal?"

« Oil? Like what he oils me with? I like that very much. » Kiv states. Peering briefly towards Kiv first, Is'ac then focuses on Idrissa. "Well…um, how long before I can really tell the difference between my thoughts and his?" one thumb jerks over to the bronze.

Idrissa holds back a slight laugh as she hears Jaya's question, she i soon pointing to Tahryth. "Well… Depends on the dragon. Tahryth is always running a mile a minute it seems. I've just goten use to it I suppose. There was a time though that I thought she would never grow up, somedays it feels and sems like she never has." Speaking of which Tah croons out a touch. « Indeed! Have you tasted the oil yet? Very interesting taste, only do it once though. » Trust her on that one. "When it comes to telling the difference between each other thoughts it can take a bit of work, and time for that matter. Right now you must keep that link open, let your thoughts flow back and forth and with time you will be taught and learn how to close it to some degree which will help in telling your thoughts from their's."

Jaya nods to Idrissa, tilting her head to look at her dragon with a fond sort of bemusement. "I guess I'll find out." Leikoirath perks up her head at Tahryth's talk of the oil. « Is it good? The meat is good! I like the meat. » Oh boy oh boy oh boy… and yeah, Jaya is definitely interested to the answer to Is'ac's question. Not that having an enthusiastic mind-buddy is a bad thing, exactly, but… "I bet that depends too," she says, glancing to her fellow weyrling, then back to Idrissa. "I mean, they're all so different already…"

"Will he stop being hungry all the time soon?" is Is'ac's next question.

"Time will tell many things about them, and about you for that matter." Idrissa offers while she looks to Tahryth, smiling a bit before she looks away. "Of course, and they will only grow more different with time and lessons. Which is like us after all. No person is a like, no dragon is a like either." The question from Is'ac makes her laugh. "For you… Sadly not for some time. He is a bronze after all." Tah wiggles about, actually inching closer to Leikoirath a bit. « No, not really… But! I suggest everyone trie everything at least once. Which can be done with a slight chew or a lick. » She already licks everything as it is.

About her? Jaya stands up a little bit straighter at that, trying to look all… respectable or something. It might be more convincing if it weren't for Leikoirath picking that moment to snuffle down and slobber on her shoes. Oh well. A slurp, a nudge from Jaya, and then Leikoirath lifts her head again with a thump of her tail to counterbalance. « Okay, I will! » she agrees to Tahryth. « Maybe twice! » And there's the second thump of her tail, accompanied by an eager wiggle. Jaya looks over to Kivshiralth, and grins to Is'ac. "He's not that much bigger than Leikoirath… yet."

Is'ac merely shrugs. "That's kinda what I thought. Think he'll be a big bronze?" is asked with a flicker of a glance towards Kiv then back to Idrissa. "I suppose all weyrling classes are pretty much the same?" Kivshiralth simply listens to the licking and tasting oil stuff.

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