Names for a Miner's Offspring

Xanadu Weyr – Forest


In sharp contrast to the treeless, carefully manicured look of the main clearing, the forest is full of trees, and maintains most of its natural look. Wild flowers grow in their seasons, bordering the road leading from the main clearing as weaves its way between the stands of trees - wide enough for traffic of all types, even draconic. Leading off are several smaller, less worn trails, which branch outwards, making their way to private residences and other attractions - the theater for example. The road, though, continues on eastward, to the feeding grounds and the mine, and beyond that, to the coastal road out of Xanadu's territory.

Amongst the normal weyrs scattered amongst the trees, there is one that is undergoing construction. A large, four-sided structure is protruding, supported by thick wood beams, bearing a ledge, and four large clock faces. It towers over the trees, creating quite a sight for arriving riders.

Late afternoon in Xanadu, the sultry summer has blanketed the Weyr in a haze of humidity that borders on oppressive. It is a sweat-damp junior who makes her way to her weyr from the Annex with a small bag of clothes in tow and a grumble about bathing caverns being too sharding hot. Muttermutter. Apparently Thea needs to cool down.

Satoris isn't working in the mine so much as around it these days. Request from a weyrmate and not one that's really sitting well with the Journeyman. But! He loves his Zevida and is honoring her request. He's walking and talking with a few of the apprentices. Seems to be the tail end of a lesson of sorts. "As I said at the beginning, though, your gear is the most important thing. You need to check all of your gear at the beginning of every expedition. Every single time. Because that one time you're lazy will be the time something breaks."

Hyrlon is observing Satoris' lesson, still trying to get a feel for the man. He nods at the admonishment about equipment. Very important. Then yawns… loudly. He is still adjusting to his new schedule as a wherhandler… and it seemed awfully bright out now… and hot.

That familiar voice has Thea turning her head, spotting the miner and a smirky-smile curving her lips. A twinkle of devilment lights her eyes as she changes course to wander closer to lean casually against a tree. She waits until the miner is finished speaking to the apprentice, "Afternoon Satoris," the junior has an 'I-know-something-about-you' tone to her voice. And yes, it's obvious something unspoken amuses her greatly. Cool green eyes flick towards Hyrlon, there's an surreptitious wink before she's returning her attention to Satoris and a cheery, "How's Zevida these days?" As if she didn't know! But he doesn't know that, does he?

Satoris is heading back to Zevida's weyr at current time, in point of fact. Well, his and Zevida's. It's often strange to be mated to a rider when you are not one, but he makes do. And his new home is that much closer to the mine, so it could be considered beneficial for his work, too. He slows up as Thea speaks to him and flashes her a brief smirk. "Did Zevida ever find you to discuss names?" Ha! He does know. Or at least knew that his goldrider was going to seek out Thea to talk of certain things.

Hyrlon glances up at the exchange between the two. He'd heard of Zevida… but what was this 'names' business. Then it hit him like a dragon from /between/. *That* was why Satoris was smiling juts a tidge more lately. Boy did he feel like a dimglow now, "Names? Do you have a little one on the way, sir?"

Thea's smirk widens. "She found me, yep." Amusement not one whit abated. She slides Hyrlon a look, "He does." Back to Satoris, a laugh ripples in her voice as she says, "I can recommend that you definitely do not go with Z-anything. No one on Pern will believe you're the father." She pauses, a thought comes to mind, "And Niva will have a fit." Because… because… no one will be able to convince her that L'ton was not involved, somehow sneaking into Xanadu to do the deed? Stranger things have happened.

Satoris raises an eyebrow at that, then recalls. He knows of L'ton, but the whole Z-deal had slipped his memory. He wrinkles his nose. "I see. You do have a point. I'd rather people not think that it was he." Especially considering he won Avaeth's last flight. Hooking thumbs into belt, Satoris lifts a shoulder in a shrug. "I'm likely going to leave it to Zevida. I am terrible with names." The proof's in the… firelizards.

Hyrlon chuckles, "Wow, Congratulations." His eyebrows scrunch up momentarily, "Z-names? What's wrong with Z names? Isn't it normal to use the mother's name and the father's name still?"

"Can't blame you there," Thea answers Satoris with a light laugh, smirking as she adds, "Probably don't want to go with Torid either." For obvious reasons. "Hmm. You could be original and just call it Boy?" Her eyes dance, "So… congratulations anyway. Are you ready to be a papa?" Hyrlon's question has the junior snickering and answering breezily, "Oh Z-names abound on this planet." Just -why- they abound? She doesn't say.

Satoris glances at Hyrlon briefly and considers. At last, there's a slight shake of the head. "Ask someone who isn't Niva someday why Istans aren't welcome here." Even if, way he hears it, L'ton isn't an Istan any longer. He looks back to Thea and doesn't quite glower, but comes close. "Oh, come on. I'm not that terrible." Yes, he is. "Ready? I… don't know. I have time, though."

Hyrlon looks even more confused, "Istans aren't welcome here?" Apparently, M'nol hadn't filled him in on the details of Thea's incarceration… possibly a good thing, "I thought the Weyrs mostly got along. Still doesn't explain what's wrong with Zs, though… Though I guess if they're as common as you say… have you considered Vs? Something like Vitor, maybe?"

Thea nearly purrs her next words, ignoring that near-glower Satris gives her as she sweetly concedes, "I'm sure you'll do fine. From what I heard, kids have a way of breaking you in." Whether you want them to or not? "Besides… you're quite ready to teach it two vital skills - how to dig in the dirt and throw rocks." Something every parent secretly longs to do, right? She's shaking her head at Hyrlon's question, "No no. Istans are welcome at Xanadu. Niva just doesn't want L'ton here." Though that doesn't seem to have stopped him from coming. "All but one child sired by L'ton is named with a name beginning with a Z. It's become some sort of an odd joke." If that explains it any. By the tone Thea uses, the Z-obsession is beyond her.

The L'ton obsession goes over Satoris' head. So many women swooning over him. Might explain his added saltiness when the bronzerider ended up winning that flight. He shakes his head slightly at the two and takes a long breath. "We'll see. There's nannies, also. I doubt Zevida will have the time to tend to the kid herself."

Hyrlon chuckles and shrugs, "So… this L'ton's had a lot of kids… with Z names?" The poor man is more confused then ever now, "What's wrong with that?"

Well, many women may be swooning, but this one isn't. Thea stops her needling of the poor miner, "Nannies. Faranth bless 'em. I'm not having kids - ever." Shudder. She shrugs at Hyrlon's question, "Z-names? They're overdone?" So she doesn't go for fads, "I only met him once. He seemed all right to me." The heat of the day finally sinks in and she's turning back towards her wyer, "Hey see you guys later. Need to pick up a few things and head back to the Annex." With a wave she is off to annoy and heckle someone else less fortunate.

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