Hatching Aftermath

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Barracks
A long and roughly oblong cavern. About a third of the space is open, used for classes or chores as required. The rest of the space is filled with couches of varying sizes, all with plenty of space between them. Some couches are obviously intended for the very young weyrlings while the largest ones at the back are for the older weyrlings.
There are supplies for the care of dragons tucked back against the walls. A barrel of oil sits with scrub brushes and soft clothes, and a thick hardwood table is used to prepare meat in bite-sized pieces for the young dragons. There's also a few supplies for the weyrling humans, like bedding for cots or extra pillows for those sleeping on their lifemate's couch.

There is time to relax. Time to calm. Time to..absorb. Even still, things are a tad more chaotic in the barracks than might be usual. Masikoth is eating, with M'ori nudging at his face now and again to keep things slow. "Seriously, don't be a pig." « It all fits, there ain't no reason why I can't eat how I please. » "And when it twists up your guts and gets stuck on the way out?" « ..It's fittin' to savor the flavor anyway. » At least the young bronze has slowed down with that exchange. But healers also bustle about. One's still finishing up with bandaging the teenager's arm. Wet cloths and water have been passed around as well for the newly minted weyrlings to at least try and clean themselves up. It's been a very…very rough afternoon.

How do you feed a dragon while getting patched up by a Healer and keep your dignity at the same time, with your ripped robe hitched up and your pants pulled down? It's no easy feat, to be sure, but Quillan - Q'll, now! - is somehow managing it, as his numbed-up, er, nether-regions are stitched at and he hands chunks of meat over to Qhynnveslacth. "Slowly," he says in a voice that's practically a moan, despite Healer wizardry having numbed any pain he might feel. M'ori gets a pained sort of look. "Wish they'd listen."

Leikoirath sits cuddled up in Jaya's lap as she eats. She doesn't really fit, of course; even a new-hatched green is too big for that… but she's certainly trying, with her chest over her human's legs and her hindquarters wriggling as she nibbles bits of meat from Jaya's fingers and licks them clean. Tasty! She chirps, then twists her head around to lick at Jaya's face with tail-wiggling affection. "…bleh, you have meat-breath!" Jaya protests as she tries to squirm away from that dragon tongue. Leikoirath listens to her… just about as well as the other dragons do to their riders.

"Nobody ever said they would, did they?" M'ori smiles faintly at that, tipping his head to peer over at Q'll. "They've got minds of their own, they're allowed to use 'em." He doesn't seem terribly impatient about needing to tell Masikoth /again/ not to horf down his food. But thankfully, it's come to an end for the meat anyway. The bronze himself finally gets up, gives a little sniff at the bandaging on M'ori's arm and must decide that it's passable, since he leaves it alone.

Qhynnveslacth sits absolutely properly, paws aligned, tail curled neatly around them, taking each bite in a gentlemanly fashion - a hungry gentleman, that is. Q'll winces when the Healer pulls out scissors and those blades end up a little toooo close to his precious bits, then breathes a sigh of relief when they're only there to cut the thread used to stitch him up. "They've all got meat-breath," he smirks at Jaya, visibly relaxing now that the Healer's done with him. "And… yes. They do," he answers M'ori, then bends down - carefully - to pull his pants up so that he's at least not flashing anyone any more. "Qhynn's mind is… mindblowing."

Jaya opens her mouth to retort to Q'll, gets a tongue of meat-breath, and sputters. She manages to get Leikoirath to settle down by wrapping her arms around the green and hugging her into submission - that's right, she's gonna cuddle you good - which results in wiggles and adoring squirms and finally a moment of calm before the green tilts her head up. « More meat? » "…yeah, okay." Jaya tugs a bowl closer and provides another piece to her dragon, who nibbles it gladly as Jaya looks between M'ori and Q'll, listening curiously.

Now that he's eaten, Masikoth is certainly not the prim and properness of his brother. No, he sprawls quite carelessly where he's able, quite comfortably resting himself and his belly. M'ori gets up, making his way around to the couch already claimed as their own to peel off the robe he's been wearing. Tattered and slightly bloodstained that it is, it's simply chucked in the floor. Probably..not going to use /that/ one again at another hatching. He works at changing his clothes though. "I imagine they all are. I haven't stopped hearing this weird..humming since Mas got in there. It's..strange. But not bad or anything."

"Everything's… reflective? Like mirrors. I have mirrors - we have… he has? There's mirrors up there." In his mind, Q'll means, having trouble distinguishing the point where he ends and Qhynn begins. "Okay what, Jan?" He looks over at the new greenrider when she speaks, canting his head to one side and continuing to offer his lifemate meat, even as he's looking away. « My boy, » and everyone can hear Qhynn reprimand him, « you should be paying attention to me, thank you. »

"Huh?" Jaya says, because of course she heard Leikoirath ask. Oh wait. Her dragon has an inside voice. Right. "She wanted more." Dragon-treats! Leikoirath's tail wiggles, and she lifts her head to peek at the others as she licks her muzzle. Jaya giggles at Qhynn's pronouncement, then reaches up to scritch Leikoirath just behind her headridge. "She's… I guess she's like that too, I just kinda hear her… or maybe feel her… or… well, she's definitely there, anyway." Whatever the right sensation for that is! "I guess it's weird, but it's good."

Freshly dressed, M'ori finally sits down again. "It's all different, I guess. Makes sense and all." « What'd make sense would be to quit all the yappin' and let me get a little shuteye.» Masikoth rolls himself right over again onto his feet, then hops up onto that elevated lip that is the couch. He gives his lifemate a light bat with the ridge of his wing, ushering him further back as well before curling up again. …It's really more of a lazy sprawl once more, carelessly flopped for maximum comfort. M'ori isn't real keen on arguing with that. A bit of a nap after..everything..is probably a good idea.

"Hear it, feel it, sorta smell it too, and taste…" All the senses, basically. Q'll's pretty much enamoured with his new partner, and sits up a little more rigidly when he's called out for not giving him enough attention. "Alright, you and me. C'mon." With some difficulty, he hops into the couch they've claimed, for a bit of privacy and shut-eye.

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