Barracks, Sweet Barracks

Xanadu Weyr - Candidate Barracks
A long, low ceilinged room opens off the entrance hall to the arena. One wall is slightly curved, set against the outer wall of the arena itself. Cots are set in two rows along the length of the room, each with its own small press at the foot for personal belongings. Wide windows are spaced along the outside wall, letting sunlight in, while other lights are available for the night time hours. It's always warm here when there are eggs on the sands, and candidates seldom need more than a light blanket.

Best thing in the world? Beds. The cots in the barracks might not be the most luxurious things in the world, but they're softer than the ground and have linens and everything. Maorin might not be adverse to the whole..camping situation, but nothing beats a good bed. Which is why he's still sleeping in his, probably a bit after it would be regularly time to get up. And why not? With the storm that's been raging, there's no real reason to pull himself out of bed. Thus, he's been snoozing. And drooling..just a little into the pillow. But at least there's finally a little movement, and a very groggy candidate slowly starts to sit up and take in the barracks in a rather zombified manner. "Ngh."

Maorin and Quillan are amongst the lucky ones who have cots beside the wall they were told to stay next to… y'know, in case the whole barracks collapsed around them. Quill, too, crawled into his bed in the night, and there are sleeping candidates elsewhere, some on their mattresses on the floor between cots, and others actually in their own bunks. The zombie sounds beside him make Quill wake up, and he sits up stiffly, blinking groggily over at Maorin. "You awake or dying, man?" With that sort of noise, it's hard to tell.

"I'll figure it out eventually." With this much sleepiness, it's rather hard to tell. Maorin turns..and very nearly puts his feet down on someone else before remembering the cramped wall-gathering..and instead simply sits cross-legged on his cot. "Mm, well we weren't crushed in our sleep. That's a plus." Yawn.

That is a plus. Rolling over under his blanket, Quill looks down to see who's between his cot and Mao's. "Huh. Woody. Kid snores like he saws wood." He hrumphs at his own joke, rolling onto his back to look up at the ceiling. "D'you think we can leave this shardin' wall yet? Gotta go piss, man. And klah. Oh sweet, sweet klah…"

"If we can't, it's gonna start getting pretty awkward." If everyone has to go to the bathroom..well. Maorin seems content enough to hold it. If he has to go, anyway. Though he still looks more sleepy than alert anyway. "I'm not too worried about the place falling in on us, though."

Quillan stays on his back, looking up at the ceiling, which is still being pounded by rain and wind. "Eh. I didn't think it would, but Jan was worried. They wouldn't have let us sleep in here if they thought we'd end up pancaked." He turns his head to look over to Maorin, squinting at him. "You want some sunburn salve?"

Zak is sound asleep with the occasional snore being emitted from his direction.

Maorin shakes his head somewhat. "I'm fine." He might be a bit red, but he doesn't seem to have gotten too badly burned out in the sun. Maybe he stayed in the shade in intervals. There's a sigh though, before he slowly flops backward again. "Ugh, I've got to get up or I'll just be lazy all day.."

"Just be lazy, it's not like we can go anywhere." Surely there can't be chores if there's still a storm raging outside? Quillan's only movement is to crawl to the end of his bed, to grab salve from his press, and then to sit up to apply it to his shoulders, forehead and nose. "They're not going to have us do PT or rider shadowing out in this weather. Not if they want candidates to turn up when the eggs crack."

There's a faint, muffled laugh from Maorin's cot, and he shakes his head. "I hate being lazy. I'd rather do something than nothing at all." There's more movement then, and muttering, before Maorin rolls over to the other side of his cot. On the floor there is the candidate he'd ushered out of the woods and onto the dragons. "No, no. You can go back to sleep. It's fine." Only Maorin cannot sleep. He rolls back up again to sit upright, then climbs to the end of his cot to get off, rather than risk stepping on people.

Quillan's happy to sit where he is for now, slathering himself with salve. "D'you wanna grab some meat, if there's any left over?" From the food that was brought to them through the storm, last night. "I've not seen my firelizards since we were whisked off to the beach. D'you have any missing? There seems to be fewer in here now than there were before."

Maorin shrugs just a little bit, but looks around. "I have no idea where they put anything. Did they even /grab/ that? I figured the idea was to get us, not our supplies." There's things strewn…all over the place, after all. What messy barracks!

"No, the stuff the kitchens sent over, not that dried stuff. I think that's still on the island." Because really, who would've bothered to pick up dried supplies when trying to escape a waterspout?! No Quill, that's for sure. "We can't have eaten everything last night. There's no sandwiches or anything left over? No sausage rolls?"

"Huh. They brought food?" Maorin went to sleep a bit earlier than he should have, apparently! He didn't know! With the idea of fresh food in mind, the candidate begins hunting around, rooting amongst things for the signs of food. And lo, there are /things/ to be fund. Sure, they've been sitting out, but who really cares? Maorin promptly shoves half a roll into his mouth, and chews as he tosses another back Quill's way. "Ah! Yup."

"Yeah, it was kinda late by the time they got it over, though." Quillan perks up a bit when he sees Mao locate food, and he watches expectantly. "I guess they were waiting for a break in the storm, so it'd be safe to bring it across." He catches the roll, settling back to enjoy it with a smug expression on his face. Wasn't he intending to save some for his firelizards? Apparently not any more, as the whole thing's gone in moments. "You didn't get any last night, then?"

There's a slow yawn from Maorin, and he sits on the end of his cot to finish off his roll. "I dunno about anyone else's firelizard, but mine's been here. Hasn't really liked the commotion though." Then there is chewing. Glorious chewing. "Nah, I dropped and fell asleep almost immediately. Didn't even know this was here."

With Maorin sitting down, the food supply has ended… and Quillan is forced to get to his feet to go find more. "Must sleep like a log," he mutters as he passes Maorin, going right through to the latrines before coming back and piling up a plate with a hefty portion of leftovers, and a mug of klah. Two, if Maorin picks up on his silent wave of an offer. See? He can be nice. Or maybe he's just too tired to bother with anything else. With his hands full, he crawls back into bed. "They say the eggs're gonna crack in a few days. Maelle and Jan are leaving, if they don't Impress."

Maorin isn't about to turn down klah. Maybe this is how the boys can get along. Just be very sleepy and hungry. Instant coolness. He sips at the drink though..after simply inhaling over it a moment. Precious..precious klah. "Yeah, it's pretty soon alright. I just hope nothing floods or busts in the meantime with all this rain. ..Huh. Are they?" The news about Maelle and Jan gets a curious look from the teen, but he nods. "Seems fair. No reason to stick around, after all."

"Mae's going back to the Healer Hall, and Jan's going to the Techcraft," Quillan explains over his mug. Mmm. Klah. So good. "If something bursts after they've just got the Sands' roof repaired, then that'd be seriously bad luck. Eggs can drown, can't they?" That thought's worrying, and causes him to frown… which isn't good for his sunburn! "They won't let it happen. They won't let the eggs get damaged or anything."

Maorin shrugs somewhat, head tilting. "I dunno much about eggs, I'm afraid. But I just mean in general. If the caverns flooded, that'd be a problem too. Food stores could get wet, that sort of thing." He yawns then, curling both hands around his mug with a shake of his head. "I'll probably head for the Healer Hall myself, really. Look into joining up."

"Well yeah, but food stores aren't as valuable as dragon eggs - they can be replaced. Dragonets can't. One is a disaster, but the other is a tragedy." And then Mao's little insight into his possible future surprises Quillan. "So what if you do Impress? Would you go into dragonhealing? Or still stick to people-healing? I figure I can still do what I'm doing now as a rider or not, at least once we've graduated."

Maorin lifts a brow slightly, glancing back at Quillan. "I didn't say it wasn't, just..not what I meant, is all." He gets up then, finding another bit of food to start devouring. They'll eat the rest of it all by themselves at the rate they're going. "Probably people. If that's what I stick with by the time the dragon grows up. Takes a while, after all. Plenty of time for things to change."

"Uh-huh, like, 2 turns or something." Quill's certainly got more than his fair share of the food in bed with him, and he's chomping his way through it like a champion. "I figured I'd Impress a bronze and become Weyrleader, eventually. That's about as far as my plans have gone, other than keeping up with my craft. At least I know I can do the craft thing without having to rely on other things." Like fate.

"Well you certainly aim..high." Maorin has paused in his eating to just..stare at Quillan a moment. The candidate has rather lofty ambitions! "I like not looking so far ahead for my life plans. Set a short goal, attain that, and move on to the next. Makes things a little easier."

Quillan shrugs at Mao. "If you don't aim high, what's the point in aiming anywhere? You only shoot tunnelsnakes if you're pointing at the ground." That reference makes him scratch his cheek, where the scar from Ben's tunnelsnake attack is still pink - very pink, in comparison to the sunburn red. Despite the food still on his plate, he gets up out of bed and mumbles something to Maorin, still touching his cheek as he meanders down to the latrines. And hey, guess what? As he disappears around the corner, a blue and green firelizard appear to start snacking on the food he's left behind.

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