In One Ear, Out the Other

Xanadu Weyr - Observation Level
Dark blue seats form a semi-circle around the sands below, the lowest row separating from the sands themselves by merely a railing. The seats climb upwards, each row a bit higher then the previous, and they are broken up into sections by 3 sets of staircases. Lights are evenly spaced along the outer wall, lighting the seats and the sands easily, though they tend to be dimmed unless a major event is taking place. A large balcony looms overhead, darkening some of the seats, providing a place for observers of the draconic kind to watch without obstructing the view for others.
When one looks over the railing, the oddly hued sand below can be seen easily, the circle-shaped area of the sands spread out to the far walls, the sand itself a unique mixture of red and white grains.

Ka'el has been out with Kanekith… Not flying. But no one said he couldn't ride his dragon on the ground. That's what he's been doing, retraining himself to balance and such. That's what he'd tell anyone who'd ask anyway. It'd take a serious head injury for him to forget how to ride his own dragon. The two have just finished their 'drills' this evening and Kanekith and Ka'el return to the annex. The bronze is empty handed. If Luraoth wants a kill, he'll go back and get one for her, and if she asked for hone earlier, he forgot. Ka'el is likewise empty handed, but he's moving up those steps with less wincing than before, and when he walks there's none at all unless he turns a certain way. Both rider and dragon seem pleased with themselves with the way they strut inside, looking like quite the matching pair.

The healers may yet add new restrictions… but then again, they're probably used to riders cheating. Maybe Ka'el and Kanekith's impromptu exercises actually are okay… though it's probably still better not to ask. What the healers don't know… uh… hopefully won't hurt Ka'el? Luraoth rests on the sands, and her head lifts with a soft croon for Kanekith, even though he brings her nothing. He's still bringing himself, right? Soriana's up at the top of the steps, lying back on her cot and staring up at a document. Maybe it'll make sense if she just stares at it from the right angle? Or maybe the heat here has finally finished cooking her brains. Right now, she's not sure, but at the sound from Luraoth she lowers the page to peek at… yep. A Ka'el. She wiggles the paper. It's sorta like a wave, if you count 'tried to wave but forgot she was holding something'.

Same time, same place tomorrow, Kanekith. Maybe with some wing stretches. Who knows, maybe those wing stretches might accidentally catch a breeze and they'll by chance lift up in the air for a few….hundreds of yards? Stranger things probably have happened…somewhere. As Kanekith checks eggs because he does that from time to time, Ka'el checks… huh. What's she doing? He quirks a brow as he spies Soriana studying a paper on her back. He makes his way towards her, and a keen eye would perhaps notice him favoring one side juuust slightly. He pauses near her cot to assess the situation. "New way to study?" he supposes. "Layin' on your back makes information sink in faster?" Sounds legit to him. There have probably been studies on this, which is why she's doing it.

Sometimes, Soriana has keen eyes. Today, she has staring at paperwork eyes. Ka'el's suggestion makes her grin. "Is that how it works?" Because right now, she'll take anything that makes even a modicum of sense. She gives her head a shake, and lowers the paper. She even resists the temptation to use it to wipe the sweat off her forehead! Isn't she good? "I so need a break. Soon as these eggs are hatched…" She glances to the sands, where Luraoth's sharing Precious Baby Moments with Kanekith. It's so sweet, and Soriana is so tired of it. She shifts, sitting up on the edge of the cot. "…problem is, I think it might have drained out the other side." Because of how she was lying down.

"Breakfast in bed, I know," Ka'el supplies as an end to her sentence, smirking after. "With ice cream. I remember. The request has already been sent to the kitchens." All she has to do is wait and hope that these eggs hatch sooner rather than later. He glances down to the sands too, quietly echoing Soriana's thoughts. He's ready for this to be done even if Kanekith treats the eggs as if its always his first time seeing them. "Ear plugs," he offers as a solution for the problem of lost knowledge. "Used to happen to me all the time when studyin' in bed. All of what you learned goes oozin' out your other ear an' you end up feelin' emptier than y'did at the start! Ear plugs keep everything inside an' where you want it to be. Can find you a pair," he offers sagely, hands clasping behind his back. "Can't promise they won't have ear wax…"

…heh, if Soriana even sticks around. She might just decide to escape before her breakfast in bed. What if it comes with paperwork? She may not willing to take that risk. But if she is… She nods. "Good. If it's not an official part, it should be." Will be. A special note saying 'after Soriana is on sands, ice cream!' She hmmms, all serious like (not really) at the idea of ear plugs. "Is that so? I could give 'em a try. Though…" Ewww ear wax. "Is it sage and wise ear wax? Like… does it have facts stuck to it?" Because facts are… uh… liquid-y. Apparently. She grins, and then takes a moment as she does to give Ka'el the once-over of checking how he's doing. She - unlike Kanekith with those eggs - can remember and compare how he seems now to how he was before and see if he's getting better.

Sage and wise ear wax with facts stuck to it? Ka'el's brows furrow in obvious deep thought. "Mmmmm. Think we're fresh out've that kind," he says. "M'rather sure all that's left is the regular ear wax that has hairs stuck to it. Sorry. If only you had asked a day earlir…" He snaps his fingers and shakes his head, remaining stnading as opposed to claiming a seat beside her. He sees that glance over, and he doesn'teven protest. Why? Because he's doing better, that's why, and he wants her to see that he's doing better so that the door of 'Things Ka'el Can Now Be Allowed To Do' can be cracked open a little further. "Not here long. Just wanted to walk back with Kanekith and see…how you were doin'." That last part would be more true if the words 'how', 'were' and 'doin' were omitted, but then it'd sound stupid because he's seen her nearly every day since his admission into the infirmary! But it's said with a convincing-looking grin and already he looks to be leaving. "Back on light duty," he says with a hint of pride. He'll leave out the fact that light duty really just means filing papers away and alphabetizing files that should've been alphabetized turns ago. Total unthrilling work fit for someone on medical leave who still needs to be kept busy. "I'll be back after, alright? Bring you something, if you want."

"I'll get in sooner next time," Soriana says of the Earwax of Wisdom with a grin, and then…. yeah, she's giving him the inspection. Not even bothering to hide it, too. She nods, and reaches out to brush her fingers against his hand for a moment. Not trying to claim it, because, he's going to be going soon, but… it's part of seeing, right? Or something. "I'm doing okay. I mean…" A glance out to the sands. A shrug. A look back to Ka'el, and then a grin. Light duty! "Nice!" It still means they think he can bend over and pick things up. It's progress. It's… more exciting than her duties, lately. "I don't really need anything. Maybe a drink?" She can always use a drink. "But… oh!" Okay so it's not exactly for her, but… she leans back and reaches for something, then hands it to Ka'el. A… measuring tape? "That goes back to Jethaniel. Just leave it in his office or whatever." It's not important, but she doesn't need it.

A drink, got it. Ka'el nods at the usual request. Ice cold water never goes out of style! And now he's being given a … what's this? He eyes the measuring tape with a quirked brow, glacning from it to her as she speaks of its owner. "Sure," he supplies, stuffing the thing into his pocket. The plan? Leave it by Jethaniel's door. No need to do something foolish like go into his office and risk being trapped by the Steward and given some task or be reminded of something he hasn't done that needs to be done in a TIMELY MANNER. Shudder! He steps forward instead of away and proves his bending prowess by bending down with only a tiny fraction of a wince to press a kiss to her lips. "See you. I'll look into that earwax for you while I'm at it." A smirk is seen before he turns to head out.

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