Study, study, then study some more.

Ista Weyr - Living Caverns
Large enough to house the entirety of Ista's population at one time, the cavern set aside for the very heart of the weyr's life is a grandiose, somewhat circular affair, filled with rows of long tables surrounded by benches and chairs. Bustling and busy, it is a rare moment indeed when there is not someone at work or leisure in here. The long trestle table by the kitchens is perpetually filled with plates and trays of food, as well as bottles and flasks of drinks both hot and chilled. A pot or two of something is always bubbling upon the hearth, along with warming enough klah to keep weryfolk and riders going throughout the day and night. Although a high table is set aside for respected dignitaries on formal occasions, most of the seating here is not designated to any particular group - rather, all ranks of the population eat together, intermingled across the broad area.
Great tapestries have been hung upon the walls, orange and black borders proudly displaying the weyr's colors, the age-faded hangings depicting scenes of importance to the area - the eruption of the volcano; the first clutch; the view from the star stones, over forest, dark beach, and glistening waves of blue. Propeller-like fans have been affixed to the ceiling in more modern times, cooling the cavern on the hottest of days, the only real sign of modernization outside the infirmaries and craft caverns. Passageways lead up the stairs to the kitchens, down a second flight of stairs to the lower caverns, and out into the expanse of the bowl.

It is a briliant and sunny at at Ista weyr, only a few puffy clouds mark the sky above.. They weyr residents move this way and that about there business as ussual. In the living cavern N'talya sits at one of the near tables, reading from a book, a slight frown on her face.

As Kera makes her way into the Istan caverns, Minimur flutters ahead, chirping a cheery greeting to the resident lizards before finding a perch to mingle. The apprentice however is shrugging out of her jacket and fans herself a moment before trying to shove her gear under her arm. IT's then she takes a moment to peer around the cavern, spotting N'talya. With a little smirk, she heads weaves her way through the tables.

N'talya doesn't seem to notice the approach of the young lady from Xanadu, lost in the study of the book before her, fliping from page to page and biting her lip lightly.

Surprised that she managed to sneak right up on N'talya, Kera stifles a giggle and tapsthe greenrider on her right shoulde, before sidestepping left and sliding into the seat on N'talya's left side. With a little smirk, she waits for N'talya to notice her "Boo!"

N'talya blinks and looks up from her book and over to the right, where of cource on one is before turning back to the left and jumping at the boo. "Oh Hey Kera." she grins once she has settled from the fright. Unable to help her self she laughs a bit at being startled.

Kera flashes a quick grin. "Gotcha!" Struggling briefly with all the bulky but warm flight gear, she finally huffs and plops it on the vacant seat on her other side before turning her attention back to the Istan. Flicking fingers towards what the rider is reading "Good book? It seemed to have all of your attention there."

N'talya smiles and says, "Studies." she smiles, "I just got taped into the crafters wing here so I am back to my dolphineers training again." she smiles and studies Kera for a moment and says, "I did want to talk to you….um…" she looks alittle embaressed, "About the other day when I came and visited…"

Kera leans on the table, slouching a bit as she props up her chin up and nods "Ah, so Echo has joined the local pods here?" Peeking at a couple of pages, she blinks and as something else clicks "Tapped into Craftwings? Does that mean I missed your graduation?" Fowning a little "I'm sorry bout that. I've had…things distracting me lately." A hint of a shrug given before flashing a confused look to N'talya. "Wha…Oh, well, I understand. There isn't anything to appologize for. You and your dragonamte are well I hope."

N'talya says, 'He is swimming over this way now, he decided he would join me." she smiles a bit at that part. She nods, "there was no big celebration or anything, I was thinking of having a little party from friend sometime soon though.." at the last she blushes and says softly, "Still I should have controlled myself better, I know…you don't like girls like that I just couldn't…." she turns bright red. "I didn't know she was going proddy, I missed the signs, my instructor did to….she rose not long ago…"

Kera thinks about what N'talya says momentarily. "So, it was a learning experiance for ya both, and your instructors then. Now you know what to watch for next time." Pondering a moment more, the visiting Xanadu appr healer is seated to the left of N'talya, the newly tapped greenrider studying up on her craft once more.

N'talya nods and says softly, "It was but I really don't think it is an excuse for how I acted…" she blushes, "you know I am normally not like that."

Kyldar comes in, pulling off her riding jacket and slinging it over her shoulder and helps herself to a mug of juice from the serving table. "Heyas, Nat," she greets her fellow greenrider as she makes her way back through the cavern. "How do?" A nod of greeting is given to Kera, acknowledging presence but not butting further in for now.

Kera gives a knowing nod to her friend "I know that. But nothing happened really. So there isn't anything that ya need to appologize for. So stop stressin over it alright?" She reaches out as if to give the Istan rider's arm a friendly squeeze. Gesturing to N'talya's book "So is…Alamith…?" She stumbles over the name. She always mispronounces names. "Looking forward to meeting Echo?" Anything else she was gonna ask waits when the greetings draw her attention. The visiting apprentice smiles and wiggles her fingers towards the Istan rider. "G'day ma'am."

N'talya looks up when she hears the greeting and smiles as she spots the other green ridre and says, "Heya Kyldar." looking a bit more formal for the monet say says, "Eastern Duties to western." before looking back to Kera, "Yeah she is, Alamith loves everyone, now that her flight is over…."

Kyldar nods. "Western's duties," she returns the greeting and seats herself at an adjacent table. "Erm, flight? I think I came in at an awkward time? Trust me I know how it can get."

Kera gives a gentle shake of her head to the approaching woman "Not at all. That time has come and gone…um, for the time being at least." Canting a quick look to N'tlya, "Right?" Peering back to the other "Well met. M'name's Kera, visiting from Xanadu."

N'talya blusehs a bit and says, "the flight was a few days ago….i visited Kera over at Xanadu and my instructor and I didn't notice Alamith starting to shine…it was her first time…" she bites her lip, "Another rider from Xanadu came over and her mate caught her…" she nods to Kera, "It should be a while yet til she decideds to fly again, thankfully."

Kyldar bows her head toward Kera. "Well met indeed. Kyldar, rider of green Sinasapelth of Western. I'm visiting Ista as often I do. I have lots of memories tied in here." To N'talya: "The first time is always the hardest." She hesitates awkwardly. "Though, it doesn't, erm, quite always get that complicated. And yes, it'll be a while."

Kera smiles and gives her a quick dip to the rider "Nice to meetya." After a second, she scrambles to get her stuff out of the seat next to her, working to roll the riding gear into a loose ball which she settles on her lap. "Join us if you like." A few seconds go by before she tilts a look to N'talya and sighs "I got called to the Hall bout a sevenday ago. Surprise tests." The apprentice rolls her eyes at that, and frowns.

N'talya looks to Kera, "Oh? How did you do? Suprise tests can be horrible." she leans back and smiels, 'Yes join us?" looking happy at the change of subject.

Kyldar nods and moves one table over, accepting the invitation. "Yeah, well, surprise teststhe potential for them at leastcan keep you on the ball. I've dealt with them in both Weyr and Hall. Which Hall? Oh Healer," she answers her own question as she takes note of Kera's insignia knot. "I can understand why they'd want you to stay on the ball then, right, with taking people's lives into your hands and such?"

Kera shrugs with a hint of headshake. "At first I thought I did well and was excited. Giddy enough even to work up the nerve and asked Mur'dah to Fort's Festival. But it's been a sevenday since the test and…still no word. And Journeyman Cyrus is being tightlipped when I asked. Which is not like him at all." Kera nods "Yes'm, Healer Hall. I've been studying even more since the test. Second guessing everything I /think/ I wrote." The girl seems to wilts a little in defeat at that point.

N'talya giggles a bit and pats Kera's shoulder, 'Don't worry about it to much Kera, if you did bad, well then you will just have to study more, but don't second guess yourself, they will tell you when you are ready. And anyways, when you do bad they normally come right out and get on you about it."

Kyldar winces a bit in disapproval. "So, you're not even allowed to know if you were right or wrong? That's just wrong. If you did badly they should just tell you—and if you did well, well, what are they afraid of?"

Kera considers both the riders and nibbles on her bottom lip with a near leery expression before finally shrugging with a heavy sigh "I suppose you are right. Can't change my answers now so why drive myself crazy over it." Peering to the visiting rider, she lifts a brow as a thought occurs to her "Maybe, well, I've gotten into a few bits of trouble at my posting. That may have something to do with it. They are deciding even more, worse, punishements." She cringes as her own imagination takes over.

N'talya says, "I am sure that isn't it Kera." she smiles, 'If you had something really wrong they would be telling you right off the bat, I mean what if there was an emergency and you had to use that thing you had wrong? Why would they wait?"

Kyldar nods in agreement with N'talya. "Like I said, yours is an all-important craft. It's a high-alertness, high-stress job. There's probably something that's gotten their attention on the test, though that shouldn't be any cause of keeping your own results secret from you. If you've gotten into troubleand there are always apprentices getting into troubleit shouldn't have any bearing on the test, right?"

When N'talya's logic breaks through, Kera blinks to her friend and grins slowly. "You're right, they would want to correct my technique before more damage was caused than there originally was." Another nod given as she begins to calm and relax somewhat. Smiling to Kyldar she gives a tiny shake of her head, even though she is agreeing with the woman "It shouldn't really have anything to do with what I actually know, so you're right."

N'talya giggles and says, "See everything is ok, And you went on a date with your hottie huh?" poking her friends side lightly.

Kyldar leans back and takes a long swig of her juice. "I don't see how making you take a test can be a fitting punishment for whatever apprentice mischief you got into. Just keep nagging them for the results." She grins. "Or take it up with a harper. As that's the craft side of my life, I can get you connected. Heck, I might take the case myself." She's probably exaggerating here about this. Possibly. Then: "And, you have more social life than I do at the moment it seems."

Kera chuckles to Kyldar's offer and seems to consider it momentarily but finally shakes her head with a grin "Thanks, but Hopefully it won't come to that." N'talya's prodding and teasing about Mur'dah causes Kera to blush a bit and grins with a quick nod. "I thought for sure he was gonna laugh in my face when I asked, considering we can't get through a conversation without arguing."

N'talya laughs and says softly, "Sometimes those make the best relationship, at least it won't be boring."

Kyldar finishes her juice and stands up. "It probably won't at that. Anyway, I'm going to see about my lodging arrangements. Again it's good to make your acquaintance, Kera. And it was good to catch up with you, N'talya. You two both have a good day." With that she heads out, setting the empty mug down on an empty table. Exit stage rear.

Kera blinks in surprise "Relationship! It was only one date. Probably a one time thing. I did sorta catch him by surprise by the whole thing." She smiles though and plucks a bit of /nothing/ from the hood of her borrowed jacket. "He was really nice though. With all my worry over studying and being tested, I had completely forgot about turnover. Fort went all out.." She rubs her throat a bit "But I need something to drink before I finish telling ya about the Festival." Rising to her feet as the visiting ride says her farewells and slips off. Kera waves her fingers to the woman "Nice to meet you."

N'talya giggles and says "The first of many probably." she grins at her friend and nods giving a wave to Kyldar as well, and awaits Kera's return.

Kera drops her borrowed riding jacket in the chair again and heads off to get herself something to drink. Grabbing a mug for herself and one for N'talya as well, she starts back, but pauses long enough to grab a couple of fishmeatrolls before weaving her way back "Got you one too." Setting down the mugs, "Hungry?" she offers one of the rolls as Minimur wings his way down to settle on Kera's shoulder "Of coarse, don't wanna miss your share huh?" She rubs the lizards neck as he gives an affectionate cheekrub.

N'talya chuckles and smiles, "thanks." reaching over to take the mug, "Do you have long on this visit or just over for a couple of hours?" she smiles looking ot her friend."

Kera settles back into her seat and enjoys a few sips to ease her dry throat before speaking up. She tears off a small bite of the roll and offers it to Minimur "I've a couple of candlemarks before I need report for duties in the infirmary. A few women are expecting to deliver very soon so we each have an extra late shift in the sevenday rotation." A bite from her roll is taken and then she's offering more flakey morsels to the brown perched on her shoulder. He chitters softly as he eats.

N'talya nods and says, "Well then, next time you come over plan to stay alittle extra long, so I can show you areound good and proper." she smiles, "I mean this is my home I should show it off right?"

Kera nods agreeably "Well I don't have any plans for my next rest day, when they post the rotation for next sevendy, I'll let ya know." She grins and gives another bite to the brown. "I'll send Minimur to let ya know." She shrugs slightly "I doubt anyone will be asking me on a date anytime soon or anything."

N'talya giggles and cant help herself and says, "Well then if you think like that I will just have to prove you wrong." she grins, "We will make it a date then." she says jokingly.

Kera chuckles at the joking around. "Well, I don't suggest we go ice skating. I think I nearly wrenched Mur'dah's arm off a couple of times when tryin to keep those skats under me." After a moment she smirks. "I wouldn't be surprised if he has small fingertip shaped bruises all over his arms." Kera smiles and takes a sip from her glass.

N'talya laughs and says, "Oh I wouldn't dare, I do know how to skate though, I prefer warmer activities. Make sure you bring your swim suit next time ok?"

Kera snorts in amusement "You may, but I learned that I do not know how." She finishes her roll and leans against the edge of the table again. "I'll bring myself /AND/ some of the Xanadu cook's little fruit pies. How does that sound?"

N'talya smiles and says, "That sounds wonderful, I have found a number of nice little beaches." she grins and leans over to her friend and says, "Maybe some place your can bring your boy over to later."

Kera grins cheekily at N'talya's idea and perks up a bit with a nod. "Oh, I like the sound of that. If we do anything else that is. Would be a nice outing." Reaching up to scratch Minimur's neck, she sighs and finishes her juice. "I've not seen him around the Weyr yet since we got back from the Festivial." Fiddling with the cup "We've probably just both been real busy." Kera nods as if that idea cheers her up some.

N'talya nods and says, "I am sure he is, I know I am alot now, and that is just with apprentice training again.."

Kera chuckles with an uncertain nod before reaching over to her pile of borrowed gear. "I should be getting back. Get a little study in before my shift starts." Slipping her arms in the jacket, after a quick flurry of brown as her lizard moves accordingly, she leans to offer a friendly hug, reaching over to give the book a quick tap of her fingers "And you've got studying I'm keeping you from anyway. I'll come back and visit again soon."

N'talya smiles and says, "That would be great. when you do I will show you my weyr… it is still under some repairs now or I would do it now."

Kera smiles "I'll look forward to it. Someplace you don't get in trouble for trying to add a bit of color. Must be nice." A hint of an amused eyeroll and she chuckles. Wiggling her fingers before tugging on her gloves. "See you soon." Another quick wave then she and Minimur weave around tables and slip out to find their ride back to Xanadu.

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