Taste Good Enough for a Dragon?

Xanadu Weyr – Clearing

A wide clearing stretches from east to west, the ground packed hard although grass grows across most of it. Trees are strictly forbidden in this space, their danger to the constant draconic traffic reason enough to banish them to the forest that creates a border to the north. Where the ground is less trampled, tiny flowers poke their delicate heads out from their shaded hiding places with upturned petals to wave to whoever may be looking.

The cliff looms imposingly on three sides, stretching upwards all the way up the side of the rock edifice where, high above on Xanadu's Star Stones, the ever-present watchdragon sits on the lonely peak. Directly south is the hatching arena, the large round complex taking up a large portion of the perimeter, a line of trees visible beyond it. Southeast are wide steps leading up to the caverns and eastwards is the large entrance to the Infirmary. Somewhat north of the infirmary is a human-sized archway that has a frequent quantity of traffic — it leads to the Wandering Wherry Tavern. Tucked neatly under the arch, to one side is a tiny wood-frame shop bearing the name 'Petals and Pots Garden Shop'. Southwest lies cliffs where windows for the administrative offices have been cut. Underneath them are the entrances to the crafters complex and the resident's cavern while north and west along the cliff's base, a broad path leads to the feeding grounds. Due north is the spacious trail that leads to the rest of the Weyr - the meadow, the forest beyond.

Keziah is leaning against Alosynth, the pair seeming to enjoy the chilly rainfall that falls from the sky. At least the blowing wind isn't quite so bad here. Her face is reddened, except for white circles around her eyes, a perfect match for a set of goggles. Her hair's a bit of a mess, dripping with rain, not to mention windblown as well. Still, the woman is grinning and thumping Alosynth on the side. The green dragon herself is chomping on what seems to be left of a leg bone. "That was a fun ride. Though I don't recommend drowing your poor victims before snagging them up again."

Idrissa is making her way on out from the cavern, a large steel-gray canine is following at her side, whom has what looks to be a leather harness around his chest. The canine is bouncing at her side, toy in his mouth while he turns about a few times. Rissa grins and moves to take hold of the toy. "Alright alright, Asher wait until we get further out alright? I don't want you running into anyone." A sleepy young looking green firelizard is also settled on her shoulder. Asher has other plans it seems, hey look green dragon! The canine turns to trot over towards Keziah and Alosynth though stops as he sees it's not his dragony friend Aisuohkoth. At least he didn't tackle the rider yet.

There's an audible snap and part of the leg bone falls to the ground as Alosynth regards the canine. There's a light wuffing noise that is slightly gurgle as the green chuffs with the other part of the bone in her mouth. Keziah smirks a little and then laughs as she eyes Alosynth. "Ya nut." she remarks fondly at the green. Her attention goes to the girl and she gives a pleasant smile. "Nice lookin' canine ya be havin' there." She notes as she eyes the canine "Looks ta be plenty big enough to be offerin' some protection against them rene's." she notes and then she's eyeing Alosynth as the green seems to almost snort.

Idrissa peers curiously at Alosynth, a soft ah escapes her and she smiles to the pair while resting a hand on Asher's harness to make sure he doesn't do anything silly. "Hello, an yes'em I think he could do just fine if needs be." She ruffles the large canine's head fondly with a smile before she looks back to Keziah. "I'm Idrissa, beastcraft apprentice. Sorry if Asher got to close, he plays all the time with Aisuohkoth." Asher drops down to his haunches, head tilting, look his being all polite!

Keziah shakes her head and smiles "Ain't no worry there. Alosynth is more than used to critters and such." she notes "Apprentice huh? Shards, I ain't been payin much attention to the new ones we've been gettin' in. Course, been busy with the weyrlings an all." she notes "Names Keziah, assistant weyrling master and beastcrafter meself, journeyman status." she notes. She then rolls her eyes as she looks at Alosynth and then shakes her head "Alo here thinks that he might not be good enough as a protector. But don't mind her." She looks at the canine "He seems polite enough. Been teachin' him commands?"

Idrissa smiels and nods to Keziah, a soft ah escapes her once she finds out whom this is before her. "Very nice to meet you Keziah. I take care of your runners a good amount of the time over at the stables." This said with a smile. A glance is offered to Asher and she ponders that. "Well, I think he'd be helpful if something would ever happen." She nods to the question. "Yes, also been training him to pull a cart. Big enough figure it would be good for him to be somewhat helpful with stuff like that."

There is quite a snort from Alosynth and Keziah just about chokes as she wags a finger at the green. "Behave yourself." she states. "What has gotten into you anyways?" She rolls her eyes "Aye, I've not has much time to spend with them as I'd like. Especially not at this time. Getting the weyrlings ready for Betweening." she notes and then eyes her green who rumbles again and then looks back at Asher "Well, canines can be quite useful for cartin'." Another snort and then the green is dropping her head lower to eye the canine a little closer.

Idrissa peers up Alosynth a moment and then glances to Keziah curious like, she scratches at her neck a moment and Willow, her little green lizard chirrups out. "Sorry." Is murmured softly to the green, she sometimes forgets she is there actually. She's still getting use to the whole firelizard bit, but Willow looks rather happy at least. She smiles and nods to the other. "Oh I imagen, an I don't mind taking care of them in the least. I love working with the runners." Just ask her friends, they have had to drag her out of the stables before, though not lately at least. She looks back to Asher and smiles. "Well I think it is rather useful. His rather smart with it took. I fixed up this old harness so it would fit him and he took right too it." Asher looks back at Alosynth, his tail thumping against the ground and he even drops into a playbow while he wiggles about on his paws. "Ah, I don't think she wants to play with you Asher…" Please don't do anything stupid dear doggie!

Keziah eyes Alosynth "Just don't eat him." she remarks as she green gives a wide gaping yawn. Dropping the rest of the bone. "Yummy." Kezi remarks as she eyes the dragon drool covered bone. "WEll, I can understand about the runners, course my passion has always been caprines, though I branched out a bit due to neccasity." she notes and then she blinks as she eyes Alosynth and then a thoughful look crosses her face. "Alosynth wants to know if you'ld like working with dragons."

Soriana lacks her entourage today, though she is carrying a tray under her arm as she makes her way out across the clearing. Oh, wait, there's a bit of her entourage, a brown firelizard swooping down. He doesn't land, just dips in front of her before rising again, chirping and sending a mental flutter to Willow as he flies past above the others. Soriana heads that way herself, grinning at the sight of green dragon, dog, and the expected pair of humans there with them. She waves cheerfully as soon as she's around Alosynth's bulk enough to be visible. "Heyo!"

Idrissa smiles to Alosynth while she glances back to Asher and murmurs good boy to him once he settles down there at her side. "Caprines? My uncle had a few back at the colthold, but we mostly dealt with runners." This said while she smiles at the thought. At the question she blinks while looking from rider to dragon an then back to rider. "Ah, well… I'd love to work with 'em more. I've helped Jessi with Aisu some, well mostly playing and wearing her out… If that is possible. I have helped with oiling 'em an stuff before too." Willow tilts her head and peers up at the chirping and images, the little green offers a chirruping back and hops back and forth on Rissa's shoulder a few times. "Willow, wait don't.." Fall, at least the litle green is caught before kissing ground and Rissa smirks at the lizard while holding onto her gentle like. "Hey Soriana."

Alosynth chuffs softly and reaches out to wuff lightly at Idrissa's hair. Careful none of it ends up in her mouth. There's a cough from Keziah and the rider shakes her head again. "Well, umm. Just so you know. Alosynth says you smell good enough and will likely taste good enough for a dragon." she remarks quietly. "She just hopes you're not too under-ripe." she shakes her head a little and then she's smiling at Soriana "Hello there me girl."

Toral sends encouragement! Also an image of what flying feels like that… probably doesn't encourage the younger firelizard to be patient. Ah, well. The brown makes a swoop around, and this time he does come in for a perch at Soriana's shoulder and a chirp. She, meanwhile, grins to Keziah. "Heya! How're the kids?" Which proooobably refers to the human ones, but might also mean the weyrling dragons. Kezi _is_ an AWLM, after all. Idrissa gets a similar grin, with a giggle for Willow's antics, who she reaches out to give a little headridge-scritch to.

Idrissa peers up at the green once more, a faint ah esacping her before she glancing back to Keziah. Does she even want to know what that is suppose to mean? A slight unsure glance is sent over to Soriana and she ums a moment. "Ah…" Is about all she can say and she is rather sure dragon's arn't suppose to eat people! Willow chirrups out again and soon clambers back up onto Rissa's shoulder to watch Toral. The little lizard sending back imagens of her wanting to fly around, which she can sorta flutter, yes flutter!

Keziah hmms a little "Well, the Trio is quite active. Running around and all." she shakes her head a little "Hard to imagine that they are almost two." she notes quitely. "And the weyrlings are doing good. Near to going Between." she notes proudy "Don't think I'll have any trouble with these ones." Course there's a bit of hope in that sentiment. She glances back at Idrissa and smiles at the unsure look. "Well, she does say you smell good, and she's got a good nose for candidates." she notes quietly and lets that hang there.

Dragons don't eat people, no. That doesn't mean they don't lick! Or… do mental equivalents of licking. Soriana nods to Kezi's answers - both of them. "They've gotten a lot better with formations, too." Because her idea of a fun afternoon is, in fact, watching the weyrlings train… and she's got a better idea of what Keziah may mean than poor hold-bred Rissa. She grins, and thumps the other teen on the shoulder. With congratulations, apparently? What she says is, "Aww yeah!"

Idrissa peers at the green a few moment, still looking confused it seems, her gaze turns to Keziah and a faint ah escapes her. At the sudden thumping to her shoulder she sends a unsure glance to Soriana and she clears her throat. "Um.. Candidate?" Is questioned with a soft tone. Oh yes Rissa is confused! "You mean something to do with the dragons, and the search…?" Or something along those lines.

There's a huff from the green and then a snort. "Yes dear. When there's eggs. We need candidates to stand for them." She notes softly "Course, you don't have to if you don't want too, but well. Alosynth thinks you'ld be acceptable." she notes quietly and then smiles at Soriana. "They have gotten a lot better. But, they've been working hard."
Idrissa has partially disconnected.

Soriana laughs at Idrissa's confusion, and nods along to Kezi's explanation. "I told you, the dragons choose," she adds. Okay, yes, she did say that in the context of them hatching, but that doesn't mean it's not true here as well. Clearly. Because, well, it is. Sori nods to Keziah, and grins. "Yeah, you've been keepin' them busy."

Idrissa ahs softly and looks up to Alosynth curiously a few moments and then to Keziah and Soriana as they go through explaining it more. She smiles, blushing slightly. "Sorry, bit confused on it all still I suppose." Yes that is clueless Rissa! Nothing new there. This is rather interesting turn of things and she never thought a dragon is choose her. Seems she'll have to think about it for a few moments before coming up with a answer.

Keziah tilts her head a little as she watches Rissa, but she doesn't rush the girl, instead she smiles at Sori "A busy weyrling is a behaving weyrling. It's when they get bored that trouble starts." She pauses "Especially a bored dragon." Alosynth on the other hand has kept her attention on the girl that /she/ has chosen. There's a soft croon and she nudges just a little.

Soriana grins to Idrissa, but lets her be… for now. Rissa needing time to think about things is nothing new! Instead, Sori nods to Kezi with a laugh. "Dragons aren't very good with patient." As Alosynth demonstrates, with her nudge. Of course, neither are most weyrlings. Or… well, patience may be a virtue, but it's not a common one. Sori peers back at Rissa. Well?

Idrissa wants to do it, she wants to say yes, but then what if she does something stupid? She isn't sure if she could show her face around the Weyr after /that/. Willow gives her ear a good nip and she ouches out a moment before smirking at the litte green lizard. Though at the crooning and nudge from Alosynth she makes up her mind. "Alright…" Is soon heard and she offers a smile to both Keziah and Alosynth. "I'll um, go and stand, be a candidate." What is the wrost that could happen really? Second thought, don't tell her what the worst that could happen as that is all she'll be thinking about if told. "Seems firelizard's arn't good at the piatient part either." She murmurs while rubbing at her ear, Willow looking rather happy with herself at the moment too.

Alosynth sits back and lets out a trumpet off approval and Keziah thumps her lightly "Hush you." she notes "There's not much trouble to it. A few extra chores and all. But you get to meet new people. Touch the eggs and all. That's always an experience." she notes quietly. "Course, we tell all you youngsters to keep your nose clean and all. No causing mayhem and all." she notes "And I do believe you still have the choice to stay in your current lodgings or sleep in the barracks with the others."

Toral chirps cheerfully as Willow badgers Rissa into agreeing, and Soriana grins as well. "You'll do fine," she assures the other girl with her vast wealth of… oh actually zero experience with this directly, but she's at least been somewhat around when it happened to others, so surely that counts for something? Maybe? Okay, maybe not, but she can still be reassuring.

"Well I don't have no problem with the chores bit." Idrissa says softly at the thought. She spends plenty of time doing chores. A soft oh esacpes her and she nods. "Of course. I wouldn't dream of getting in any trouble." Soriana can agree to that, Rissa tends to the one avoiding trouble! "Well, I guess for the moment I'll stick to where I am. I don't mind going to the barracks though either." A glance is offered to Soriana and she hehs softly. "Thanks Soriana."

Keziah nods "Well, you'll be getting lessons and all, most will take place in the barracks, but other places as well. You can read and write. I hope. Else I'll have to be having a word with the craft and all." she notes and then smiles at Sori in agreement "You will do fine though."

Soriana grins, and nods to Idrissa. "Y'might just have to spend time away from the runners, though. Y'think you can handle that?" Her tone is light and teasing. "It might even involve.. talking to people."

Idrissa nods at this. "Well, I don't mind staying at the barracks. It's fine really. An yes I can read and write." Rather well she thinks. Hearing Soriana she smirks. "Gee, talk to people? I dono how I'll get through the day. I think I can handle the time away from the runners." Somewhere something is freezing over seeing how no one would have thought Rissa would say anything like that, well at least anyone that /knows/ her well enough.

Keziah grins "Well, there are times when candi's are asked to clean out the stables and all, so it's not always terrible." she notes "Just please don't bring any critters into the barracks. It can be quite a mess and disaster and well. Trust me."

Soriana grins. "Asher was one of /those/ puppies," she mentions, and reaches to ruffle between the canine's ears. "But yeah, you'll be fine. Especially 'cause you're already used to seeing dragons. It's kinda funny when the candidates /fresh/ from the holds come. They've got eyes the size of the moons."

Idrissa smiles and nods, she points to Asher. "Well, that is sorta how I got Asher. He was the last pup left of a little they found off in the forest. So I won't be going an doing anything like that." A soft oh escapes her. "Do firelizard's count a critters?" Seeing how Willow is all hatchling like for firelizards she isn't sure if that would count towards her being all critter like. "Good point. I got over that a long time ago." She chuckles softly.
Keziah ahs a little "Well that explains why he looks familiar then." she notes with a grin. "Well, firelizards are okay provided they don't become a nuisance." She notes. "Though they're not allowed on the sands." she remarks.

Soriana gives the canine another ruffle, and grins… though after a moment, she becomes serious again, and nods about the sands. "Yumeth's awfully restless about this clutch."

Maehwazeyeth rouses from his slumber, and proceeds to check out what's going on.

Idrissa tilts her head to peer at Willow whom is busy preening out some dirt and the like from a hindpaw. "Hear that, don't become a nuisance." Willow chirrups and crooons out while tilting her head. "Of couse, I won't let her coming on the sands." Hearing Soriana she looks over to her, a soft ah escapes her at the bit about Yumeth is being restless.

Keziah glances over at Sori "Is she? What's Sorrin say about it?" she asks after a moment. "Everything is all right? Isn't it?" she asks after a moment.

Soriana shrugs to Keziah. "She just says Yumeth's fussing," she answers. "Nothing's wrong, not really, but… well, it /is/ Yumeth." A smile. "She can be awfully picky sometimes, and the sands /were/ a little cool when she started. The dragonhealers say they're fine now, though, and so are the eggs."

Idrissa chews on her lip while peering at Soriana at the talk of Yumeth, something she had been wondering about. "Well, I'm the sands are all fine now. I felt sorry for Jethaniel, I know he was trying so hard to get stuff finshed for everything. Hopfully everything stays fine." AN you know, goes off without being crazy.

Keziah is silent for a moment "Well, at the very least, the sands aren't flooded." she notes quietly "And I do believe they've updated the generators. Least I think that's what some of those techies were doing." she notes "Least it's not spring with some of those storms that we've gotten, though it is autumn and well." she hmms a little. "Still it is good that the eggs are doing well."

Soriana nods. "Yeah. They're doing well, and the sands're plenty warm now. You can sort of see the heat rising off them." A pause. "Uhm, not that you should go in without getting permission. I was just bringin' some food to my mom, so I saw."

Idrissa nods slightly and makes a face at the talk of things getting flooded. It was so not her fault that stuff got flooded in the firest place! "I wouldn't dream of going anywhere without permission." Well, mostly. Alright so she wouldn't go to the sands wihtout permission!

Keziah tilts her head a little as she regards Rissa a moment. "Well, you may get lucky and get to run errands for Sorrin." she notes after a moment "It can be quite umm educational." she notes "But they'll let you know if you are. Wear thick soles is my suggestion." she adds with a grin. She looks over at Sori "Your mum doin' okay?"

There's going places without permission, and there's going Places without Permission. Not that Rissa won't get a chance to see those sands up close and personal, for egg-touches at the very least, but! Definitely a thing to get the okay for. Sori laughs a little, and nods at the comment about running errands, then looks back to Keziah. "Yeah, she's okay. I mean, she's done it all before, right?" A flash of a grin. "I think Yumeth might be starting to settle, too." Then again, what does she know? It's not /her/ dragon.

Idrissa glances to Keziah, thick soled shoes.. "Well that I could handle… Being told an all." She murmurs out softly before looking to Asher whom is still sitting quietly, though he is /staring/ at Rissa. With a blink she ohs. "Um, I think Asher needs to stretch his legs an stuff…" She looks back to Keziah and Alosynth offering both a smile and a wave. "Thank you, both… I'll make sure not to do not let you guys down an what not." Sure that makes /total/ sense. Asher is bouncing to his paws and starts to trot off with Rissa following. "Alrighty boy, let's go." Willow chirrups out to Toral in her version of 'see you later'.

Keziah watches as beastcrafter and canine head off. "Well, she seems a good sort." she notes thoughtfully and then looks up ALosynth who has settled back and picked up the larger part of the leg bone she had dropped and crunches into it. "I really wish you didn't insist on doing that." she notes.

Soriana grins, and waves to Idrissa as she heads off. "Seeya!" she tells the other teen, as Toral chirps a reply to the green firelizard. That done, Sori turns back to Keziah, and nods. "Yeah, she is. I've known her forever, since before I even came here."

Keziah hmms thoughfully "So tell me, whats she like?" she asks after a moment. "I fear I don't get out and about as much as I used to, or should I suppose. But then, when I left Galaxy I did sort of slip out of that sort of thing." she notes looking thoughtful.

Aisuohkoth moves in from the meadow, followed closely by her Jessi, the green has her nose to the ground, she knows her canine friend was here, she can smell him. But alas, Asher and his person have moved on, darnit. "Okay, Aisu, I'm sure you can play with Asher later." The petite greenling gives her dragon a gentle pat. Then she offers a wave to Keziah and Soriana. "Hey." She greets.

"Well," goes Soriana, because where do you even start with something like that? "She's kinda quiet. Like… especially when she first got here, she sorta hid in the stables a lot. She's getting better, but she's still pretty shy. I guess that's kinda why I tease her so much, 'cause… sometimes when you poke her, she forgets to hide and just talks back, and that's fun." She grins, at that, then goes on. "She's good with the runners, but she lets 'em get away with stuff sometimes. Like, she's always got carrots and apples in her pockets, and they all know it." A shrug, and then a questioning look to Kezi, like, 'what else?'

Keziah listens quietly for a moment and then she nods "Well, she sounds like a good kid." she notes thoughfully. "I don't think she'd be too much trouble." And speaking of trouble? She smiles at Jessi. "How are you two doing?" she asks with a smile for the pair. Alosynth warbles out a greeting. "Are you two enjoying the day?"

Jessi glances between Sori and Kezi. "What's up?" She grins at the greenrider's query. "Yep, just had a nice flight, hoping to get to between soon. How're you and Alosynth? And the boys?"

Keziah chuckles at Jessi "It'll be soon." she notes with a smile "And I'll murder any weyrling that gets themselves killed doing it." she notes. "As for whats up, Alosynth decided that Idrissa smelled good enough to be a candidate for Yumeth's clutch."

Jessi grins. "Hi Sori, I heard Yumeth clutched, it's good they got the sands at least mostly fixed huh?" And then she ohs. "Rissa as a candidate, wow, that's great. Alosynth has good tastes."

Soriana nods firmly to Jessi! "Yeah. The dragonhealers say the eggs are doing well, so nothing to worry about there!" She grins with relief, then nods firmly. "Rissa'll do good with it." So Sori declares, which means for Rissa to do otherwise… well, she'd have to deal with a disappointed look, and that'd just be terrible.

Jessi grins, "I'll bet she does well, it'll be good for her, maybe get her out of the stables more often." She leans against Aisuohkoth lightly. "What about you, Sori? Do you think you'd ever stand if someone asked you to?"

Alosynth rumbles something and turns away quickly, leaving Kezi blinking and then mumbling something about a certain weyrling pair and heads off towards the beach. Still muttering under breath.

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