A Win Away From Home

Ista Weyr, Ground Weyrs
Just inside of the corner of the bowl where most of the - admittedly few - ground weyrs are located is this massive anteroom, beautifully fitted with soft glowlighting and rich, softly polished wood flooring. The walls have been painted, apparently reasonably recently, in a pale pearl colour, with tasteful designs added in motifs between the various entrances and exits. Most of the chamber is filled by different staircases, which lead up to the weyrs set aside for Ista's leadership. There are nine, in total, though most remain empty, leftover from days past, when Ista might house up to five queens. The largest, and most ornate staircase, carved with beautiful trellises, leads up to a small landing at which point two ornate entrances are positioned - one for the Weyrwoman, one for the Weyrleader. The remaining seven staircases are by no means plain, though they are nowhere near as ornate as the first - and most serve as guest weyrs for visiting dignitaries, or for mating flights. A smaller passage leads through this place towards the Records Room and Council Chamber, whilst another leads back out into the sheltered end of the bowl, mostly protected from the wind and weather.

It is a bright and shining morning at Ista weyr, the weather is perfect for the spring day that has just begun. As the sun’s first rays slowly begin to creep though the window and into the ground weyr, the young green weyrling N'talya begins to yawn groggily and slowly looks about somewhat confused. He lifemate Alamith lays in the couch nearby couch, her body curled up with the handsome brown fellow she met just last night, a soft contented hum coming from her.

Isyriath is more than happy to curl comfortably around Alamith, the brown far less sleepy than his mate of the moment or even his rider, for Marel still lies fast asleep in the bed that belongs to neither herself, nor N'talya. It might be that she's pinning down the greenriding weyrling's legs with one of her own, an arm flung across the younger girl's stomach, her hand thankfully curled nowhere that can be particularly inappropriate. As N'talya stirs, it's likely that Isyriath is the one to wake his girl and nudge her back to the land of the conscious, no matter how content he may be. Morning is morning and Ista is not home. It's time to go. "I know," Marel murmurs into her pillow. Only she doesn't know. Not until she opens her eyes and finds N'talya there. "Oh… shells, I'm…" she murmurs. "I'm sorry. W-We didn't know…"

N'talya blinks a few more time still looking confused, her eyes falling onto the other girl tangled up with her in bed and her eyes widen in shock. The color immediately begins to run up her turning her a brilliant shade of pink as she mummers, "I am the one that should be sorry…I didn't know…" she looks to the dragons, "I have never…" though she looks embarrassed she doesn't pull away, but instead slowly raises her eyes, looking closely to Marel's face for the first time.

Never makes Marel draw back all the quicker, sleepily forcing her body to co-operate whether it likes it or not. Her arm is the first to retreat, then her leg withdraws to 'her' side of the bed, ceasing to pin N'talya's down. "Never or just… not with another girl?" she asks slowly, dragging one of the sheets with her as she sits up and tries to convince her hair that it doesn't want to stay quite so tangled and disorderly as it's become. She can't quite look at the greenrider again yet, so she casts her gaze about to try and locate her clothes, wherever they might be. The worst of it? Her trousers are all the way over there.

N'talya looks down as Marel pulls away from her like that, reacting if she has done something wrong somehow she blushes and says, "That was Alamith’s first flight…" she blushes and says, "I hadn't ever been with a girl before now…" she looks completely unsure of herself and somewhat vulnerable.

"Well, he's never caught before and I've never been with a girl before," Marel says all in a rush, now trying to cling to the more practical elements of the whole affair, "so I don't… really know if I… did anything right, but I hope it wasn't… awful for you." She swings her legs over the side of the bed, keeping the sheet as secured about her person as she possibly can. "What I mean is, you must've been with someone before she flew, right?" Trousers located, she pushes to her feet to go and retrieve them, picking up several other items of her clothing en-route.

N'talya looks down pulling one of the other blankets up over herself band looks to Marel and says softly, "I have fooled around a little back when I was at Xanadu but…" she bites her lip, "What I can remember from last night..it’s a little fuzzy…was wonderful…"

Marel directs a wide-eyed stare over at the far wall as the news that she may well have been N'talya's first processes, her grip loosening on her clothes. "…Good," she eventually answers, turning back to face the bed and its occupant. "I didn't want it to have been… bad. I know I really wanted you and…" And if she remembers anything else, she's not about to go into detail. "I'm sorry I'm bad at this. I don't find it easy to talk about this kind of thing or… personal things, I guess," the brownrider confesses, glancing down at her feet. "I don't… don't even know if I like girls yet."

N'talya blushes and says softly, "I am not sure either…but from what I remember of last night…I think I might want to try someday….I mean.." she looks down and pulls the blanket more fully over herself "You know… Without dragons involved….I love Ala but….that just confuses things…"

Glancing back up at N'talya, Marel lets her gaze rest on her for a few moments, a conflicted look pinching at the edges of her usually unreadable expression. Not quite sure if her recent bedmate is hinting at anything, she blurts out, "I have a boyfriend." Foot in mouth. "I mean, I shouldn't… It wouldn't be right to…" Not accustomed to being completely lost for the right words, she sighs and pads forward to sit on the edge of the bed, twisting to look back at the greenrider. "I enjoyed last night and I'm glad he caught, but I can't… we can't… have another go." How inelegant.

N'talya shakes her head vigorously and says softly, "No…That wouldn't be right.." She blushes, "I hope your boyfriend is a rider and will understand what we did?" she looks concerned at this, biting her lip lightly.

Finally, Marel begins to dress herself, stepping into underwear and trousers whilst still keeping the sheet wrapped around her as best she can. "He's a bluerider," she replies, now peering about for her shirt. "M'kal. Used to be Mikal. You might remember him?" There's her shirt, fallen just beneath the bed, and so the sheet must drop for her to continue dressing. "He'll understand," she assures, whether she's sure he will or not. "You've done nothing wrong; he won't be angry with you at all." Rather than button up her shirt the whole way, she ties it in a knot just beneath her chest, then sets about folding her 'borrowed' sheet (for whose benefit, who knows?).

N'talya nods her head and says softly, "I remember him." as she scoots up onto the bed further clutching the blanket before her and says softly, "I wanted to talk to him last time I visited Xanadu… Soriana said he went into the search and rescue wing, and it looks like that may be where I am headed…." She adverts her eyes so as to not peak at anything she shouldn't see, shyly.

Sensing that his rider might be about to make a retreat, Isyriath delivers a final nuzzle against the crook of Alamith's neck, then slowly uncurls himself from around her and stretches, his blue-eyed gaze seeking out Marel. Still minus her boots and socks (which lie conveniently at the foot of the bed), the brownrider sits back down again, nodding silent confirmation of what N'talya's been told. "He and Ka'el went into search and rescue… I went into policy and diplomacy." That draws a faint snort of laughter from her. How undiplomatic has she been so far today? "He seems to enjoy his work; I imagine you would too." It's entirely without warning that she turns and plants her hands down on the bed, leaning across the space between them and meaning to deliver a proper (no little chaste thing) kiss to N'talya's lips. "…I have to go."

N'talya nods and says softly, "I am sure you do well in your wing.. I mean this…isn't normal…" and smiles "I hope so, I may visit sometime soon and maybe come talk to them…if you could…" she is completely unprepared for the kiss her eyes going wide as Marel presses her lips to her but simply melts into it. Perhaps it is linger after affects of the flight, perhaps now. Trembling a bit as Marel pulls back again, she says softly, 'Have a safe flight…Come back to visit sometime…maybe less um… awkward…" she bits her lip and looks shyly to the brown rider.

Marel lingers with the fingers of one hand curling about a strand of N'talya's hair, then she gives a single nod and turns to slip from the bed and to its foot to reclaim her boots, socks and jacket, then Isyriath's straps from the corner in which they're sitting in a coiled heap. "I will," she says, after a moment's hesitation, then she turns to follow Isyriath out of the weyr, to find somewhere to step into boots and sort out her lifemate's straps before they make the trip home. "…Bye." And then they're gone.

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