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Xanadu Weyr - Meadow
A large, slightly rolling meadow is set high enough above the riverbank on both sides to avoid suffering from flooding, healthy ground cover and grass spreading out from either side of the dividing river. Scattered amongst the meadow are a variety of buildings, each with a narrow path leading up to it from a main, winding road. Some are set under a few trees, while others sit by themselves.
Stables and a smithy are settled on their own plots, while trees border the western edge of the meadow, and a faint outline of a fence can be seen to the north.

A young Journeyman Woodcrafter comes out from the direction of the Coastal Road towards the Clearing. Datsun doesn't appear to be in a hurry, walking at a lesiurely pace with one hand resting on the head of a hammer tucked into his belt, tunelessly humming.

It's true that few see much of Anoryn about the Weyr. When the assistant weyrlingmaster isn't minding the current weyrlings or tasks befitting that rank, she is often off to the Beastcraft Hall to attend to her Craft. If neither have eaten too much of her time, she may take up a quiet drink and meal, but otherwise keeps her own council. Such has been the greenrider's way since she was much younger. Even now, nearing her sixties, she is still active though her movements hold some stiffness to them. Today though, she seems bent on a new task, one she only indulges in infrequently and likely only when the mood is upon Rysith, her green. Striding through the meadow, Anoryn is fresh from her weyr, dressed in sturdy clothing of neutral hues and greens that make her almost invisible against some of the surroundings. Slung across her back is a bow and at her sides a few sheathed knives, their purpose obvious to most. She would have continued straight through the meadow were it not for the humming that gives her pause for the barest of moments and her blue eyes to dart towards Datsun as it's source. "Good day to you," she murmurs in a low and not very feminine voice.

Datsun glances over at Anoryn, noting the bow and sheathed knives, similar to Datsun's own several knives on his own belt besides the hammer hanging from a loop on it. A nod goes to Anoryn in return, "It is a good day." is his easy agreement, though that knot of hers catches his attention, "Beastcraft. I say, might I ask you a few questions?" His own knot is missing, both shoulders devoid. No jacket is worn despite the weather, hinting that he comes from the North.

Anoryn tilts her head in both a curious and studious manner, blue eyes fixing on Datsun with an almost rude scrutiny. The lack of knots are noted and met with a brief, if not puzzled, frown. "Aye, I'm Beastcraft." She replies with a lopsided and faint smirk and soon chuckles. "Depends on your questions. My specialty is with runners, but ask away and I'll see if I can be of help."

Datsun glances down at his shoulder at her puzzled frown, waving a free hand to dimiss that, "Oh, that. A Techcrafter stole my knot to hold it hostage. Long story but I assure you I'm Xanadu." A smile is offered, coming over to stand besides Anoryn, "Ah, I see. Well…" A sigh, the free hand rubbing the back of his neck as he asks his questions, "When I was traveling, I met several people who had Gryphhawks to help hunt their food. I was wondering if you knew anything about them or give me any advice?"

"And… why is it being held hostage?" Anoryn asks with a quirked brow. Long story or not, the greenrider is intrigued. Mainly because she's not quite heard /that/ particular excuse before and as he comes to stand by her, she seems to subtly shift a little away from the man. Old habits die hard and it's not meant as a slight, but it's obvious to some that she's more or less a loner and likely a touch introverted. "Gryphhawks?" Just from her tone, it's obvious Anoryn has heard of them and even before the words leave her lips, it's obvious from her frown and the set of her mouth that Datsun is likely to be somewhat disappointed by her answer, "I have seen a few and known a few handlers. Beyond that I know little and by now that information could be sorely out of date… Are you seeking a Gryphhawk for yourself?"

Of course that question would be asked! Datsun sighs a little, "A Trader was wearing the Techcrafter's jacket because it was cold. She was talking about how Fire juice from the High Reaches kept her warm, but the Techcrafter insisted she wear the jacket. The Trader kept boasting about how warm she was, so I ended up putting her in the water that was close by and ruined the jacket in the process." That small shift away from Anoryn is noted but doesn't draw a comment, instead continuing with his story. "So the Techcrafter took my Journeyman knot to hold hostage until I'd bought her a new jacket. And that's the long story behind why I have no knot at the moment." A nod at Anoryn's question, echoing her, "Gryphhawks." Her answer doesn't surprise him, "I'm not surprised. The Beastcrafter's I've asked here don't know anything about them. It seems I may have to go to the Hall to find out more information, after all…" He muses, blinking, "I am considering one, yes. I enjoyed them when I met their handlers, however brief the ecounters were."

Anoryn listens attentively, brows furrowing again into another frown before it eases back as she breaks out in a near grin. "Losing your knot was a small price, I'd say," she says with a low and gruff chuckle. "Most folk don't take kindly to such foolish actions. Suppose you've learned a lesson then?" There's a nod given when Datsun mentions a visit to the Hall, "Probably your best luck to find current information. If I remember right, few are around because of the availability of viable eggs." But then she shrugs, uncertain and apologetic for it. "So you're a hunter then?" Another look given to his belt with the knives and hammer and then she's thoughtful for a long moment and lapsing into an abrupt silence as she does. "I could…" Anoryn begins slowly, as if shaking herself out of her momentary distraction. "… if you are serious on the matter. I could ferry you to the Beastcraft Hall next time Rysith and I are headed in that direction. You'd have most of the day to yourself to find your information."

Datsun chuckles, giving Anoryn a lopsided half-smirk, "Well, I was simply testing the Trader's theory about being warm." He holds up a finger, "I should add that this particular Trader was also dressed in only a bikini. She was already dressed for the experiment." Although the teenager's hand drops down from the back of his neck to finger the marks pouch on his belt, "But yes. My marks pouch is considerably lighter than it normally is. However, it'll be soon refilled, thanks to the Weyrwoman, that clutching Gold and Journeyman Techcrafter Jethaniel." Nodding at the confirmation about visiting the Hall, "Then I shall pay the Hall a visit." Looking down where she looks at his knives and hammer, "Sometimes. My Craft is the Woodcraft. However, I did hunt while I was traveling and I wouldn't mind continuing it even though I'm now posted at Xanadu. I could've used a Gryphhawk back then." A blink at her offer, tilting his head. "That is gracious of you. I accept your offer and I thank you. I should introduce myself so you can find me. My name is Datsun."

Anoryn can only shake her head, a touch mystified by the much younger teenager's way of thinking. "You can't go treating folks like experiments. Else-wise I expect your marks to dwindle more often then refill." She muses, half in jest and half in warning. But she is not one to pester too much into the affairs of others. "So you're a betting type, are you?" she asks, before turning back to their topic of Gryphawks. "I'll be leaving on the next day, if that works to your favor." The greenrider points out, before giving an appreciative nod of her head. "Woodcraft? Good craft. And ahh, so you're looking to hunt more as recreational or hobby-like? It's not easy to simply pick up. And Gryphawk training may require more finesse as well. Have you any experience?" Seems she opens up under a common interest, but quiets long enough when politeness requires her to exchange her name with his. "Well met, Datsun. I'm Anoryn, rider to green Rysith."

"Well met, Anoryn, rider to green Ryith." A tilt of his head to Anoryn from Datsun, "Point taken." is all he has to say on the subject of experiments, raising an eyebrow, "Betting type? Not really. Though I won't turn down a bet if it looks good. No, I'm the one who made those ugly-looking trusses that supports the waterway to bring fresh water from the river to refill those heating coils under the Hatching Sands. Don't ask me for the details because I have no clue about technology. The Weyr is paying me for my work." He explains about the refilling aspect of his marks pouch, inclining his head again to accept the date, "It does. Aye, Woodcraft." A smile, "Almost my entire family is in the Woodcraft. I come from a small Hold, Far Cry Hold. Lived my life around Lemos Hold and the Woodcrafthall." A nod at her query, "Something like that. I know how to hunt, or else I'd have gone hungry on the road. I also had to help support my Hold. I'm sure the Weyr's Cooks would appreciate another supply of food as well." A shake of his head, "Not much. I spent a sevenday at a Hold that had a handler and went with him several times. I understand enough to know that it's a not a responsibility to be floundered, which is why I'm wanting more information."

"If you don't turn down the bets, then you're a betting type." Anoryn fires back, not to be stubborn but perhaps to tease the younger teenager. She's not past her time in Turns yet not to antagonize others for the sake of a few chuckles. Sometimes one has to wonder if the greenrider really acts her age. "Ahh, I see. The Weyr owes you quite the debt then for the work, even if you aren't certain of the nature. All in good time too. I heard Yumeth clutched not seconds after the sands were just barely warm enough to support those eggs." There's another pause as Anoryn wracks her mind to put the Hold he gives a place in her thoughts, though she's careful to keep her features neutral and nothing more. "I'm afraid I've not ventured to that part of Pern much," she admits before giving a knowing smirk. "But seems you and I had the same start to life. I was from a small cothold outside of Katz Field and not far from the Beastcraft Hall. All my family pretty much are Crafters under that Hall, or Farmer. I am the only rider." Yet there seems to be a like of pride in her voice, but she doesn't linger on the topic and simply shifts her weight to one side as she regards Datsun with continued idle curiosity. "Good. Then you should have no trouble finding the information you seek. Prove serious enough and most of the Crafters won't balk at sharing." Another pause. "So have you hunted often in Xanadu? And lately?"

Datsun laughs at her retort, nodding in agreement, "Yes, then I suppose I am. You don't beat around much, do you?" There's a smile for that, not minding the teasing at all since he does dole out quite a bit himself. That smile grows bigger at her mention of the timing, "Aye, and I couldn't be happier about that. That Gold's mate, the brown, won't sit on me and my marks pouch gets fatter because the Weyrwoman promised me a bonus if I was quick. And I was." His eyes shine, both with the pride in his work as well as fulfilling the opportunity for extra marks. "You should visit that part. Beautiful mountains and even more gorgeous forests. Among the oldest on Pern." is said with a touch of pride as well, "I always go into the forests of any area I visit, just to see what kind of wood is there and to see a different forest." And now it's Datsun's turn to admit his lack of knowledge, "I'm afraid I don't know your Hold or that area yet. Though I plan to, as one of my dreams is to see the entire world. It would seem we have similar beginnings." A nod, "I'm glad to hear that. No, I've only been here a few months and I haven't had the opportunity to hunt here, seeing as the forest is off-limits thanks to that killer running around." His mood and face darkens at that thought.

"When you get to be my age, lad, you don't. No point and takes too much effort." Anoryn drawls, almost sarcastically but with enough good humor still behind her tone to take the edge off. "Ah, the Fortian brown? Huh. Wouldn't have pegged him to be to doting type, unless it was more the rider threatening then the dragon?" She muses thoughtfully. "I'll add it to my list of places to visit before Rysith and I can no longer fly such distances." The greenrider smiles crookedly and perhaps she actually means it, even if not to ruffle the teenager's pride. Datsun's open reply earns him another gruff chuckle from the older woman and she seems a little more at ease around the Woodcrafter then previously. "If you love rolling plains and flatlands, then perhaps Katz Field will tickle your fancy. Otherwise there is little else to see. You'll likely enjoy the Beastcraft Hall more so." There's a sound, almost like a grunt then from the greenrider. "Ah yes, I hadn't forgotten that. Good that you have some sense then and haven't tried going out. Even I am skeptical of hunting alone with lots like those men wandering about. If you do go, go with the groups."

Datsun grins at that, "I would ask your age, but I'm afraid I'd find the point of one of those knives stuck in me." He motions towards her knives, "But if I may be blunt, you don't look half bad." A wink, confirming the Fortian brown, "Aye, but it wasn't the rider. It was definitely the brown. Whenever I was around him, he would stare at me and come closer. Which I'd guess was his way of encouraging me to work faster." A shrug, blinking at her comment, "Surely you've plenty left for such distances! The dragon must match a rider who's as in shape as you are. It will be worth it." the teenage Woodcrafter promises, shaking his head, "I've not much love for places where there's no woods, but every place has /something/ worth seeing, even if it isn't much." As for going alone, the Journeyman sighs, "It's not as enjoyable with bigger groups like that. I prefer to be alone or with a partner, but they don't give you much choice here. If I do go off the paths, it's still in sight of the path. It's a pity because I have a real itch to explore the forests here."

Anoryn snorts and then laughs, brisk and as gruff as her nature. "Shells lad, I'm not /that/ prickly. Maybe when I was younger and had something to hide. I'd likely be nearing my sixtieth Turn… or perhaps I already have. To be honest, I haven't really been keeping much track anymore." At his flattery, that does earn him a sharp look and with slightly narrowed eyes. "Flatterer too," she remarks with a smirk. "Save it for the younger things, boy." And then she's set to laughing again. The greenrider has always been a bit rough around the edges but she's learned to temper herself over the Turns. So really half of what she barks can be taken with a grain of salt. "Perhaps. You can learn much from watching a dragon's body language and I don't mean just their eyes and the state of their hides." Anoryn only shrugs to the remark regarding what is or is not left in her energy wise. "I wasn't saying we were slowing down anytime soon." Yes she was, but now she's back peddling a bit under his promise as it were. "It is a pity, as solo hunting /is/ rewarding and easier. But… trust me in this. If they've put up the restrictions its for good reason." And then the woman is sighing gustily, head turning to face one of the many paths. "Speaking of such… I'm afraid I must be going. If you are still intent on coming to the Beastcraft Hall, meet me here at dawn. Rysith and I will wait only for a half hour, then we will have to be off. With or without you." She stresses, giving him a firm look before easing into a smile. "It was a pleasure meeting you, Datsun. Clear skies!" And then she's ambling off, her step lively despite some lingering stiffness, so subtle that it's almost impossible to detect.

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