Beachfront Brawling

Xanadu Weyr - Beach
The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.
The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.

"I grew up in my Hold too, as well as the Hall. But my family's full of travelers." A shrug from Datsun, "You can always ask someone or hire someone to watch your shop for you while you go off. Besides, you can get seeds from other places. New inventory for you…" A pause, turning an incredulous expression on Tsenik, "/What/? She said that?" A slow laugh comes out of Datsun, shaking his head, "And here I was wondering what I was going to do with Wakua because she told me she really liked me." A lopsided grin, "Apparently not."

Tsenik wrinkles his nose, "I don't like the idea of someone else running my shop, what if I come back and they don't give it up? Or they run it into the ground, or my fowers are all dead when I come back? There's that trader girl that's around here, she offered to sell me some seeds but I think she hates me now." Tsenik frowns slightly, "I think I might have pissed her off." He shudders, "Yes, she said it, right in front of me. She asked if I wanted to have sex with her…for fun! I don't even know her that well, I'm not about to go off and have sex with her!" A hand sweeps through his hair, "I don't evne know if we're friends or not, she kinda gives me the cold shoulder a lot, or maybe that's me overthinking it."

"If you're paying them good marks, then they have an obligation to do what they tell you. The Weyr will stand behind that, I'd think." Datsun answers Tsenik, his upper lip curling back as he mentions the trader girl, "Don't talk to me about that woman." A shake of his head, "She's not worth the trouble." As for Wakua, the Woodcrafter just shakes his head, "I'm glad you told me. Now I know not to waste my time with her, as far as that goes. That's definitely against my Holder values, what little I have left, anyway. I'm assuming this happened after I left your shop?"

Light footsteps sound on the cliff staircase up to the meadow and Weyr beyond, heralding a new arrival at the beach. Thessily is dressed in party attire, with an jacket hanging loose off her shoulders (because… it's kind of cold, actually, for wandering around in flimsy party skirts), but clearly not quite feeling the Turnover spirit. So, you know - somber. Also: sober. Focused on the shoreline, it takes her a moment to notice that there are other people in the area. When she /does/, though, she just… looks. Doesn't say hello, doesn't raise a hand in greeting. On the other hand, she also steps in their direction, so there's at least that.

Tsenik nods his head, "Well, I don't know, I'm possesive about my shop. I don't really want anyone else in it. It's my shop." Yup, someone has controlling issues. "I didn't like her much, she and I kinda got into a bad argument and ended up ignoring each other. Apparently she doesn't think much of the fact that I have no desire for a relationship." Tsenik slowly shakes his head, 'And apparently I ruffled her feathers because I tried to hook the two of you up." He sighs quietly. "She's…wierd…she kinda made me feel uncomfortable. I mean, right out asking me if I wanted to have sex?"

Sensible and sober are rarely words that describe Selra, which might explain why she seems so adept at making people feel uncomfortable. Especially when a party is going on. She is ignoring the chill completely in favor of a light red bikini that allows her to display her numerous tattoos, seeing this as the only possible attire for a beach party. She has opted to fight the cold by downing copious amounts of a doubtlessly powerful beverage contained within a flask in her hand. Her pink cheeks suggest she's feeling the effects already. Upon spotting a familiar pair of males, she waves and bounds over. "Hey! It's that guy. The flower guy. And the other guy, with the wood and all that. How are you guys?"

Datsun shrugs, echoing Tsenik's words, "It's your shop." Listening to Tsenik talk, the teen Crafter nods, "Nor do I. I mean, I was born a Holder, raised a Holder and a Crafter. Holders don't just enter relationships and break it off then enter another one. Most still do betrothals. Mine doesn't, but my neighbors do. Well, my old neighbors did. I don't want a committment but at the same time I don't want a bronzerider reputation or something like that. Y'know?" A blink at Tsenik, bursting out in laughter, one hand grabbing ahold of his belly as he doubles over, tears forming in his eyes. At the moment he seems unable to speak… catching sight of Thessily as she approaches, pointing a finger at her but he's still unable to speak… until Selra bounds over. Almost immediately, Datsun's expression changes and the laughter ceases, staring stonily at her.

Thessily, fast approaching, comes to a halt - and draws herself up to the fullest extent of her pocket-sized frame, clearly A) interpreting Datsun's laughter + finger pointing to be aimed at /her/, and B) taking umbrage to it. Her Nabolese voice drips with offense as she begins in with a "What'll be so funny -" Thessily's at an angle where she can't see Selra's approach, and it's only the cessation of the laugh and the journeyman's stony stare that tips her off to something happening behind her. Over her jacketed shoulder she looks, and… joins in the staring. In fact, the apprentice's eyebrows rise hard enough to stir the thick fringe running across her forehead. The younger girl doesn't seem to quite know how to process a chick showing up on an autumn beach in a bikini, and after another long moment, her head slowly turns back towards Datsun and Tsenik, expression /incredibly/ nonplussed.

Tsenik blinks as Selra is suddenly bounding up to them, he stares, and not because she is wearing very little clothing, but because she is wearing very little clothing and the weather isn't exactly very appropriate for said clothing. "Err…hi, Selra." he coughs into his hand, turning his attention instead to Datsun, whom is certainly not wearing a bikini. "I don't even know if I want a relationship," Tsenik says softly, "it's too much trouble." Though he seems surprised as Datsun suddenly bursts out laughing, "Err, what'd I say? Did I say something funny?" He's rather confused, really.

Selra takes a sip from her flask and plants a hand on her hip, blinking at the decidedly unenthusiastic reactions her presence earns. "What?" She slurs. "Hey, don't be all offended. I remember your names. Flower guy and wood guy are just easier to remember. It's… Tzenzik, right? Tessnik? Eh, I'll just call you Tessy. It's easier to remember. And you…" She points her finger at Datsun. "You're Datsun. I remember you. You're the one Wakua's all gaga about. Heh-heh… and you!" She turns to peer at Thessily, blinking uncertainly. "… You, your name I forgot. Sorry."

Thessily is noted but nothing is said to her for the moment, still staring at Selra. As she comes closer, Datsun takes a step back away from the alcohol-fueled breath, waving an hand to clear the air away from his nose. "Shells! You need to wash out your mouth." An eyebrow raises as Wakua is mentioned, "Not anymore, it would seem. She asked him to have sex with her." Then the teenager turns his head and looks at Tsenik, "You trying to hook me up with this…" A thumb is jerked at the Trader girl, not bothering to call her anything but an object, raising his other eyebrow at Selra, "I'd rather hook up with Miss Apprentice of the Sass Hall." His eyes shift over to indicate Thessily, looking at her.

"We ain't met." Thessily shifts her position enough to not have to look at Selra over her shoulder anymore, but her stare is no less blank and no more friendly. "You'll be cold in that, surely." Just /looking/ at Bikini Babe there makes the apprentice visibly shiver, drawing her jacket-cape tighter to her frame. She's silent for a few moments, letting the conversation wash over her, expression blank - but Datsun's final remark does catch her attention. Again the bangs undulate, as again her eyebrows make a sudden sharp climb upward. Then, her eyes narrow to slits. "I was coming by to ask as to when you wanted me to be showing you the darkroom, journeyman," there's a subtle stress on the title, "but now I be thinking I'm not so sure."

Tsenik blinks and shrugs his shoulders, "you gave me a basic description, I tried my best." Tsenik mumbles quietly as he looks sheepishly at the ground, "I'm not good at pairing people up, Datsun, I'm just good at providing things to move relationships along." He shrugs his shoulders simply, "Alright…I'll keep that in mind next time I ask around for you." His nose wrinkles up slightly, "It's Tsenik. Sen-nik." He pronounces it slowly and stressing the syllables so she can at least attempt to get his name right. "You've been drinking quite a bit, haven't you?" Master of the obvious, here. The unfamiliar female gets his attention, however and he frowns at her, as if trying to figure her out. "Err, hello, I'm Tsenik, nice to meet you."

Selra glares daggers at Datsun, her mood shifting wildly. "As if I'd be interested in a tool like you anyways! Huh. I told Wakua she was too good for you. You need to learn not to mouth off about ladies!" She plants her hand on her hip again, attempting to look stern. It isn't terribly convincing. Switching moods with lightning speed, she shoots Thessily a drunken grin. "Awww, the cold's not so bad once you get a little of this in you!" She lifts her flask and shakes it, making the liquid within slosh. "Liquid Fire. It's a recipe I learned in High Reaches. One swig and you're warmed up from the inside out." Tsenik's attempts to correct her mispronounciations earn a dismissive wave. "Whatever you say, Tessy."

"At least her bits are covered. Count yourself lucky because that doesn't seem to be often." Datsun answers Thessily about Selra's bikini attire, tilting his head at her, "I apologize. That was undeserved of you, even though you did sass me earlier." The Journeyman doesn't leave out facts. Tsenik gets a look, nodding and shrugging at the same time, "That's true. I cannot fault you for that." A laugh as Selra talks, looking at her, "Ladies? Ladies don't bare themselves for no reason. Wakua's too good for me? She wanted to have sex with Tsenik for /no reason/, just fun. She probably learned that from you." A glance over Selra's bikini seems to confirm his conclusion.

"Thessily," provides same, to Tsenik. Though her expression remains blank, she has enough vestigial politeness to grace him with a respectful nod before her attention is drawn, magnetic, to the underdressed Selra. The Techcrafter stares solemnly at the older girl for a long, silent moment, obviously weighing several possible responses. Flatly: "Alcohol very well ain't going to keep you from catching your death of cold." Her own jacket is drawn a little closer as she glances at Datsun, weighing his apology for another moment before graciously nodding her acceptance.

There's a frustrated sigh from the florist and he shakes his head, "Tsenik," He provides to Selra with increasing annoyoance. "Not Tessy, that sounds like a girl's name, and it sounds kind of stupid." He falls silent as he listens to the argument between Selra and Datsun, "He's right, I don't really think a respectful woman would go around dressed like…that…when it's this cold." A finger points at Selra's wardrobe, pursing his lips tightly. "You ought to at least wear something so you don't freeze."

Selra's glaring at Datsun only gets worse. She marches over and jabs her finger at his chest. "You have a lot of nerve. Who do you think you are, telling me how I can or can't dress? Or assuming anything about my personal life? You're one of these jackasses who thinks a fancy knot makes him better than the rest of us. Well, it doesn't. It just makes you even more of a jerk." She displays her middle finger to the woodcrafter. Tsenik becomes the next target of her rage. "Excuse me? You're telling me I'm not /respectable/ because I wore a swimsuit to a party at a /beach/? What horribly repressed hold produced you two?" She shakes her head, looking back over at Thessily. "You there. Thessy. Wanna ditch these two porcines and actually /enjoy/ the party?" Her flask is raised. "Good for what ails you!"

Datsun smiles at Thessily's statement about Selra as well as Tsenik's agreement with him, "It sounds stupid because it /is/ stupid. If you're going to be called something shorter, Tsen would be more appropriate for you." is said about the flower man's name. His eyes looks down at the finger poking his chest then the obscene gesture displayed at him. In response, the Woodcrafter only smiles wide, teeth showing, "It ain't my fancy knot that makes me better. I told you I was born a Holder. Holders and Crafters don't parade themselves around nude because they have have dignity. You, on the other hand, act like a fool. When I came back to apologize to you and Soriana, I found you topless and walking around like it was nothing. And now, here you are, in a scant bikini on an autumn night drinking alcohol, stumbling around and slurring your words. Were you a Lord Holder's royal fool at one point?" The teenager genuinely wants to know.

"Thess-i-ly," the apprentice corrects, irritation creeping into her tone. "Not Thessy. And no." She gives Selra another stare, mingled disapproval and fascination in her face. Maybe just a little jealousy, too - the Trader is a lot more /toned/ than she is. There's a measured pause before she adds, "A beach we might be on, but it's well cold, idin't? And any child knows booze only makes you /feel/ warm. You'll be getting sick, for sure." Another measured pause, while she listens to Tsenik and Datsun, still looking at Selra. And then, with an irritated hiss, she's shrugging the jacket off her shoulders and thrusting it firmly at the Trader. "Here."

Tsenik shakes his head and looks over his shoulder, "I just think it's silly to be out at the beach in a bikini when you can't even go swimming in the water 'cause it's too cold. It's just weird. But wear whatever you want to wear, I don't care." He shrugs his shoulder, "At least call me Tsen if you're going to shorten my name. It's not /that/ hard to pronounce." He looks over at Datsun, "If you don't like our company, you don't have to talk to us," Tsenik informs Selra.

Selra is only getting angrier at Datsun now. "I was /modeling/ my body art. Soriana was an interested possible customer. Only someone very deeply repressed and uncomfortable with themselves would turn that into some sort of propriety issue." And there goes the middle finger again. When Thessily offers the jacket, she considers it for a moment. "Well… alright, it is a little chillier than I thought it might be. Thanks. Glad to see /someone/ knows how to be polite." She slips the jacket on, pulling it tightly around herself. Tsenik is given a sideways look. "Haven't you ever heard of a little thing called style?" Because she looks so stylish in her borrowed jacket.

Datsun nods at Tsenik and Thessily, agreeing with his words, "That would be fine during warm weather. It's called common sense." Selra only gets a shrug and a glance as the teenager turns away from the Trader, not caring about the middle finger. "Polite? No, they're just uncomfortable with you wearing that on a cold night and possibly getting sick." At her question to Tsenik, Datsun only laughs and begins to walk away, along the beach.

Amongst the various Turnover debris on the beach, there's a group of four, talking. Or arguing. Same difference. Shorn of her jacket, Thessily huddles a little in her thin party dress; nevertheless, she looks grimly pleased to see Selra cover up. "Stylish ain't the same as being stupid," the apprentice points out. "I'll be wanting that back when you'll be leaving, by the by. I'm not very well made of coats." There's a moment of silence as the apprentice mulls the situation over, before she decides to simply cast a dour glare at the entire lot of them. Yes, even Datsun, who apologized for his earlier rude remarks, and Tsenik, who has done absolutely nothing objectionable. And very definitely at Selra.

K'drozen makes his way down along the beach skirting the edge of the festivities, not really in the mood to join in, he does glance in thre dirrections though.

Tsenik blinks, "You can say it's style all you want, like I said, I don't care what you wear." And then he's moving to catch up with Datsun, seeming tired of the argument with the trader. "Someone's not very happy, are they?" He asks the woodcarver as he looks over his shoulder at Selra meaningly. "Can't believe she wants to wear a bikini in this, it's making me cold just looking at her."

Selra isn't done sniping at Datsun. "You're making yourself uncomfortable. I just know how to have a good time. You need to grow up a little." Says the heavily intoxicated, swaying trader. Despite her anger, she manages a little grin for Thessily. "Don't worry, I'm no thief. You'll get your jacket back. At this rate, not sure I'll be sticking around long anyways…" Tsenik gets the middle finger treatment again.

K'drozen glances about at the angry tones and begins to head slowly in the dirrection, his dark mood drawing him like a magnet towards any confrintation.

Datsun just gives a grunt at Tsenik's question, "Like I said before, not worth the trouble…" However, at Selra's snipe, the Woodcrafter freezes, "/What/? Making myself uncomfortable? We'll see just how uncomfortable you are in that getup." And the teenager heads directly to her with a purpose, moving fast despite his heavy boots fighting the sand's friction, calling out to Thessily ahead of time, "Thessily, I apologize for what I'm about to do to your jacket. I'll buy you a brand-new one…" With that, Datsun moves past the Senior Apprentice with speed and grabs Selra around the waist, using his strength to haul her up over his shoulder. K'drozen is completely ignored as the Crafter turns and heads to the water, splashing into the cold, depositing her there.

"MY JACKET." Datsun's apology does not soothe the savage Thessily, who squeaks in horror the moment she realizes what he's planning to do, and proceeds to storm after him (…them), temporarily forgetting that it's too cold to be throwing fits. Her short little legs aren't nearly long enough to let her overtake him before he reaches the water, though she's only a few steps behind. For a second, it looks like she's going to stay on the shore, a scowling two by four of FURY. And then Selra gets dropped. "!!!" An echoing series of splashes as Thessily storms into the cold, cold water, behind Datsun - whom she promptly smacks upside the back of the head. Quite hard! "She might be well a hussy but you're /intolerable/, that's my JACKET, I don't sharding want a NEW ONE, she'll be catching cold and DYING -" And more of the same, only with rude words that shouldn't be repeated! A scrawny pair of arms dart down towards Selra, offering help up, at least if the Trader isn't deterred by the Extreme Fury on the Techcrafter's face.

Selra flails and screams when she is hoisted into the air. "Waaaaaaugh!" This is not a high point for the trader's dignity, no matter how one slices it. When she is freed from the grasp, she accepts Thessily's hand up, her own face burning with much the same rage. "You jackass! You utter, complete jackass!" She seems to feel she and Thessily are in this together now. "Let's GET HIM!"

K'drozen moves rapidly to attemtp to intercept Dutsum before he can throw Selra into the water and calls out, "Put the lady on the shore of you will be sorry." he large mans voice hold a hint of danger and alot of steel in it. He grimaces as he tosses her in regardless and makes a grab for the man

Tsenik looks over his shoulder as Datsun freezes, "No, you're right not worth it." He frowns as Selra gives him the finger. "Well, that's mature." He observes quietly, "Don't think she's a good match for you" And then Datsun's striding over and pushing her into the water. He winces as Thessily calls out, "Err, sorry, Thessily, will a flower cheer you up?" He's quick to pull out a flower out of his basket and offer it to the female. Poor Datsun.

Towering over Selra, Thessily's presence isn't made aware to Datsun… until that unexpected hard smack to the back of his head sends him flying face-down into the water before K'drozen can grab him, the rider's hand grabbing only air. Which is an amazing feat performed by Thessily, considering that Datsun stands a full seven inches taller. Quickly pushing himself up and out of the water, the teenage Journeyman is completely soaked through his clothes, standing back up quickly. Turning and looking from Selra to Thessily to K'drozen and Tsenik with his flower, Datsun does the unexpected: He throws his head back and lets out a long laugh, both hands coming up to his belly in mirth. "What a story this will make!" is said out loud. This does, however, leave himself open and vulnerable to any revenge Thessily and Selra might be looking for.

Wet, cold, and angry, Thessily nevertheless is briefly shocked that she managed to knock Datsun down (it wasn't /entirely/ what she had in mind). But she collects herself quickly, eyes again narrowing to slits when the journeyman has the audacity to laugh. Though there's a brief pause at Tsenik's offer, so unexpected that she can only goggle at him for a moment. "… No, but… thankee?" And there's K'drozen present, too! "She's well a hussy," the rider is informed, "but that barmy idjit be asking for a /tarring/." Once this is said, she remembers her new purpose, and nods fiercely at Selra. Team XX Chromosome is GO.

Selra is sufficiently enraged and swept up in the newfound unity with the Techcrafter that she's even willing to ignore that remark about being a hussy. Or perhaps it just didn't sink in. Either way, the fierce nod is equally fiercely returned, and she stomps over to begin kicking sand in Datsun's face. It is the height of maturity.

K'drozen looks to thessily and says, "Selra is a nice young lady." he looks to the laughing crafter and says, "you never put your hands on a lady like that again, if I see you doing it I will end you."

When the offer of a flower seems to go bust, Tsenik pouts slightly, "Oh well, it was worth a shot." The basket of flowers gets eyed thoughtfully, "I think I'm going to go back to the store, make sure no one's come by for deliveries…"Yeah, he's not good for violence, and when threats start flying, the young florist will make his leave, flee!

Datsun's head is thrown back and as a result, the sand Selra kicks at his face doesn't reach it. Instead, his body gets showered with sand, the Crafter laughing and laughing and laughing all the while, ignoring the absolute insanity going on around him to focus on the one in his own head. K'drozen's words gets another burst of laughter from the Crafter, managing to splutter out, "L…l… lady?!?" This causes him to double over, falling backwards into the water from the laughter racking his body, the threat ignored.

Jessi wanders out onto the beach, dressed in a soft purple sleeveless dress and pushed along by her near-black green Aisuohkoth. "Aisu, I'm sure we're not missing anything exciting." But, well, the Weyrling could be wrong as she glances around at the groups scattered about the beach, looking rather uncomfortable once the crowd is noticed. She'll just hang back by her young green and watch, for the moment, or at least as long as Aisuohkoth allows her to hide back from the group.

Picture it, for the newcomers: a small crowd of people on the shoreline, a teenage boy laughing in the surf as he gets sand kicked on him by a very angry (and soaked) Trader, a rider making threats. And also Thessily, little slip of a Techcrafter, who has joined forces with Selra in exacting GREAT VENGEANCE. Indeed, she even tells K'drozen as much: "Well and thankee, sir, but we'll be handling this, I be thinking…" Though her fury is righteous, she watches Selra's attempts for a moment without joining in. Her eyes narrow in thought. And then she moves to squat by the laughing Datsun (kicking a bit of sand at him, first, out of principle) hand stretching out for… his knot. Which, if he's not fast enough, she is totally gonna yank off and steal. "I'll be wanting a /hostage/," the girl says, darkly, "for to be making well /sure/ you'll be getting me a new coat, you - you /lummox/."

Cesran comes out onto the beach as he heard that this is wear the party was going on. He looks around to see what's going on for turnover and he spots K'drozen. He starts to move over towards him, "Hey K'drozen." He watches Selra and chuckles as he gives her a wave.

Selra is far too occupied with her revenge to notice those greeting her. She just makes more efforts to kick the sand in the direction of the woodcrafter's face. Those efforts may or may not be successful, given her considerable degree of intoxication. "You made me soak Thessy's jacket! You made me spill my liquid fire! And you called me a hussy! You are a horrible person!" She screeches, evidently having forgotten exactly who said what.

K'drozen nods to the techcrafter and says, "If you need me I will be over here." he watches his expression dark and distant." those that know him might notice he isn't sporting a knot or wing badge or any kind any longer.

Datsun manages to keep his face above the water despite his laughter, his eyes not really giving him any sense as a shape gets closer and closer to him… then his Journeyman knot is stolen. This seems to finally break the teenage Crafter's unstoppable mirth, "Oh, Shells and Faranth! My ribs…" One hand comes up to hold his ribs gingerly as the other one somehow manages to push himself up, staggering as he does so. Waving the free hand at Selra but fails to get anywhere close to her, "You're not… the… only fool…" is said between breaths, "I am… too… Two… of a kind…" Nobody's words seems to sink into his head, too far gone as he begins to walk unsteadily out of the water onto the beach to make for the stairway.

Cesran hmms as he moves over towards K'drozen, "What happened?" He asks his friend and he looks over at the others and then back to K'drozen as he waits for an explanation.

K'drozen shakes his head and says, "That ass dumps the young lady into the water in this cold." he looks to Cesran and says, "You best not be seen with me for the next bit Cesran, if you are wanting things to go easy for you back home."

Cesran shrugs a little bit, "I'm here til the sands are fixed, why don't you tell me what's up."

Jessi remains near her green, watching the little spectacle of sand kicking and uncontrollable lauging with a slightly arched brow. Interesting. "I think they've all gone nuts, don't you think, Aisu?" The green just croons and pushes her weyrling towards the group. Though Jessi just continues to watch quietly. "Guess we missed the fireworks, huh?" She asks, well, whoever might be nearby.

"This. Is. ALL. So. STUPID." That's Thessily's opinion, and she's not afraid to share it. She reaches down to stuff the purloined knot in her pocket, then realizes that the only pockets she had are attached to the thoroughly soaked jacket - her pretty (wet) party dress doesn't have them. So the apprentice just huffs in irritation and forms a fist around it, which she proceeds to jab in Selra's general direction. "YOU. Return my coat soon's it's dry. I want it BACK, you hear me…" Their alliance seems to have been disbanded, because the Trader gets the Evil Eye before Thessily starts splashing back to shore. Without a word to anyone else, she storms up the beach with sand-spraying stomps, soon to disappear up the staircase.

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