Visitation Revelation

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Healer Hall - Library

This large room, almost square, holds most of the Healer and Harper Halls' records and instructional texts. An effort has been made to arrange them in a logical fashion and the shelves on the walls are arranged according to subject and complexity. Rectangular tables with chairs are placed throughout the room, providing study areas.

In one corner, an area has been partitioned off where several computers sit, four in all. The computers are hardly ever left alone. The main entrance, in the northern part of the eastern wall, leads to the hospital hallway, while a pair of doors in the western side of the library hide behind them a large lecture hall. In the southwest corner, a small spiral staircase leads down to the archives which the harpers still maintain. A small, open archway to the north leads to the back hallway.

It's winter at the Healer Hall and that means its cold, especially within the library where no fireplace resides. Phylicia is sprawled in an over-padded chair, wrapped up in a furry blanket, talking to R'zel, looking like her jaw is about to fall off in astonishment. And then she smiles. "Well, maybe if you just haul me off without me packing anything. … And if I make the appropriate amount of fuss.." Her eyes hold a little mischievious glint. "I can blame it all on /you/. The crazed man trying to reunite two loves." But the two are talking in whispers, out of respect for the other students.

R'zel is looking quite devilishly delighted about the plan he's hatching, rubbing his hands together and grinning. "Yes, you're right. It has to look suitably impromptu… go ahead, blame it all on me indeed. I'd be no sort of friend at all if I wasn't willing to take a little heat to reunite M'nol with his love. Now, let's get you out of here!" He hops to his feet, apparently intending to whisk the healer apprentice away right that moment.

Footsteps echo through the halls, loud, booted steps. Running steps. A gentle panting preceeds the skidding of a youthful form past the door as his foot catches on a rug, sending him sliding down the hall.

Phylicia closes the book in her lap, setting it onto the table next to the chair, and manages to struggle to her feet, still wrapped in the blanket. The sounds of running makes her look to the doorway, but she misses the face of the figure that slides down the hall. And she shrugs a little bit. "Probably another Harper…" She grumbles before looking at R'zel, tilting her head to the side slightly. "Now just how to go about this, huh? Can't have it staged at all."

R'zel looks up at the doorway at the sliding sound, but likewise misses M'nol. And for all he knows, this sort of thing happens at the healer hall all the time. he shrugs it off and grins over at Phylicia. "Simple. I'll go bring Mikalath around in front of the entrance… that's my lifemate, Mikalath… and you come up with some excuse to be running some errand. I grab you, strap you in, we take off back to Xanadu, I drop you off at M'nol's weyr, then go celebrate a job well done with some ales while you and M'nol catch up. Simple as can be."

There's a quiet thump, then an "oooowww…" before the booted feet return at a more sedate pace. It's a few moments before M'nol's face clears the door way, then his eyes light up, "Phy!"

The resounding chourus of 'shhhh!'s make Phylicia turn an even brighter red as she launches herself at the figure in the doorway. "'Nol!" Is squeaked quietly as the blanket is quickly discarded so her arms are free for a tight hug. M'nol isn't the only one who lit up upon seeing the other. A belated, sheepish look is given to R'zel over her shoulder. "Guess we won't need that measure /quite/ yet." Save it for a slightly more desperate time.

R'zel grins brightly when he realizes that M'nol is, in fact, present. "M'nol! This is a surprise…" His grin fades just a little, a thoughtful look coming over his face. "Hmmm. Though this may make it a little harder to pull off our plan. No, wait. You can create some sort of distraction while I cart her back to Xanadu!" R'zel's excitement over this scheme is likely to only earn more shushing.

M'nol hugs Phy back tightly, then there's a yell from down the hall and the sounds of more booted feet. He grimmaces, "I forced my way in… I… they'll probably drag me back out…" His eyebrows quirk up, "What scheme? Back to Xanadu? Won't that get you in trouble?"

Phylicia looks slightly alarmed at the sound of the yelling and other booted feet coming down the hall. "You did what?" She asks, not with heat in her voice, but vague amusement instead. The rest of the crowd has given up shushing them, and instead has taken to trying to ignore them or glare. Very few are actually watching wistfully. "Well… yes. Probably. But then I would've gotten to see /you/." She looks to R'zel as he continues on. "I think that part may be taken care of…"

"All the more reason to get this done quickly." R'zel says with a broad grin, stepping over to place a hand on M'nol's shoulder. "And you just let me worry about getting into trouble, M'nol. It's just like I was telling Phylicia before you arrived. I'm an artist, and it's an artist's job to make sure there's beauty in the world. And there's nothing more beautiful than young love. Besides, we're friends, aren't we?" Not yet realizing that the plan may be entirely unnecessary now, he rubs his hands together again. "Now then. M'nol, you go create a distraction. I'll get her out of here like we planned."

M'nol looks between the two, then kisses Phy gently. He pulls away as the sounds of pursuit get closer, then looks at the both, "I'm going to let them drag me out… either… if Phy wants to come to Xanadu, please… please bring her and tell Faraeth since they'll make me leave… if she doesn't" He gives her a sad look, "If she wants to stay here… let Farry know and I'll come back to see her here."

And then Phylicia gets stubborn, hands clamping onto one of M'nol's arms, and she starts to look cross. "You barge in here, ticking off those other healers, and you only give me a hug and kiss before letting them drag you off?" … Phy does not really look happy at that, peeking her head out into the hallway, the few healers trailing a singular guard in tow to remove the 'threat'. "No." Her tone is flat. "You're staying for a /little/ bit at least. I don't have classes for a few more hours, and I can forsake this drab reading that I already know."

R'zel looks a little worried at the prospect of M'nol being dragged off. He taps his chin, pondering for a moment. "You know, Phylicia, you may be thinking about this the wrong way…" He leans in to both of them to whisper again. "… if we let them drag him off, they'll be too busy lecturing him to notice me getting you to Xanadu. And it will give him an excellent alibi in case they think he's involved… anyways, once you're at Xanadu, you two can spend all the time together you want!"

M'nol stops, listening to phy and glancing over his shoulders at the approaching guards… "You'll get in the least trouble if I go… I'll come back as soon as they stop watching, or Ruz can steal you for me… but I don't want you to get in trouble when we can do this in a way that won't get you in trouble."

Phylicia looks between the two, actually starting to get annoyed now, though a smile still pulls at her lips. "Now look here. I still want to study, but I don't want to be worked to death like I have been. And I still want to be with /you/-" she jabs a finger into M'nol's arm, while still hanging on with her other. "-but as good as being kidnapped sounds, it /is/ a bit drastic." Her lips perse together and for a few moments she stares at M'nol's shoulder, thinking. "Wouldn't they listen, you think?"

R'zel looks a little disappointed that someone is actually applying logic and reason to the situation, rather than joining in his silly and romantic flight of fancy. He shrugs his shoulders and leans back against the nearest bookshelf, careful not to topple anything over. "Well, if you want to try that approach…" He smiles apologetically at M'nol. "Sorry. I did try to help, you know."

M'nol smiles at R'zel and nods, even as pries Phy's fingers from his arm, forestalling any complaints by shifting it around her, "I appreciate it, Ruz… and perhaps in the future it might… I hope it won't be necessary, but any help is appreciated." The two larger guards slow to a stop next to the three as M'nol finishes. One reaches for his shoulder and he swats the hand away gently the first time. Not so gently the second time. The older man's voice is gruff, "You're not allowed here. You have to leave." M'nol squeezes Phy's shoulder gently, the ball more in her court than his, even as he softly mutters, "I only want a few hours. I won't keep her from her classes."

Flights of fancy tend to have bad, unclean endings. Phylicia has done enough of those minor flights to not want to burn her bridge to the Healer hall in such a fashion. "Sorry, R'zel." She chuckles, seeing the disappointment. She almost complains until she realizes M'nol is just shifting his arm, not removing hers, and she returns the favor by wrapping an arm around his waist, turning a Woman's Glare onto the guards. "Shards he's not allowed here." She says curtly. This might be the first time M'nol has actually heard unrestrained anger in her voice. "Since when do Healers restrict access, sir?" If she were older with more authority, the guards might just be quaking at her tone. "These two are with me, and they're not keeping /anyone/ from their duties. Shoo!"

"That's right!" R'zel says, as authoritatively as he can muster, stepping up alongside Phylicia. If his wacky kidnapping scheme isn't working, the least he can do is try to help keep M'nol from getting dragged away. "I'm a wingrider from Xanadu, here on official business. And unless you don't want the Xanadu infirmary to get the vital medical supplies I'm in charge of picking up, I'd go find more important things to take care of than harassing visitors."

The guard works hard, keeping his face calm. He points at R'zel, "You're fine, *he*," he turns his Finger to M'nol, "has been marked not allowed to visit unless seeking care." M'nol bites back a scathing remark, then takes a deep breath, "I'm not leaving. I'd like to visit with Phy for a while. I won't keep her from her studies. I just… I miss her while she's gone and she's free now."

Phylicia puts her lips next to M'nol's ear whispering a very quiet "Shh, for a moment." Before that gaze which could flay if she practiced it a little more. "Why sir, he /is/ seeking care." Her tone isn't as cold as it was a few moments ago. "He is seeking emotional aide, of which only I can provide for him." Nevermind the fact she isn't a trained mindhealer. She's picked up enough tricks from her father who was one. "Would you deny a rider of my services?" Oh god. Gag her before she keeps going someone! "We will, of course, re-locate to somewhere more appropriate than the library hallway." And Phylicia is working /so/ hard to keep a straight face and not bat her eyelashes at the guard. She's trying to be totally serious here. "Furthermore, what has he ever done to the Healer hall, to provoke restriction?"

R'zel gives the guard a smile, stepping over closer to the man. "Come now. What's the boy done to deserve that kind of talk? He's a good kid." He can't help but look a little amused by Phylicia's logic, but he'll run with it for the time being. "The girl has a point. Come on, tell you what. You let the two of them run off for a bit, and I'll treat you to a round of ales. I hear they have good stuff here in Fort. If your supervisor asks, you can say you were helping a rider with an essential assignment. That sounds better than ruining the day for a couple of kids, doesn't it?"

The guard grumbles, "Dunno why… he's just on the list…" The poor man looks horribly confused, "I… I'm supposed to…" He glances over at R'zel, "Ale?… that might be… list just says something about damaging hall goods… I… Yes, a drink." He nods to R'zel and M'nol breathes a soft sight of relief, squeezing Phy's shoulder gently and quirking a smile, "Services?"

Phylicia nods, her arm tightening as she smiles to R'zel in thanks, and actually gives the guards a smile. "I'm sure that was a misunderstanding. Nothing personal against the Hall." And as the guards leave she gives M'nol a tighter hug, kissing his cheek softly. "Yes, services." Her tone manages to be serious, but her eyes are laughing now. 'Services' indeed. One could imagine.

R'zel grins and nods to the guard, walking towards the entrance and trying to encourage him to follow. "Don't you worry about that list. A simple misunderstanding, I'm certain of it. In fact, if you could find a way to, say, strike his name off of it, I could leave you and your guard friends with a nice big keg of chilled Xanadu beer. I just happened to bring one with me, and it seems somehow it wasn't on my delivery list…" He grins back at M'nol and Phylicia, winking before he tries to lead the guard away.

The guard follows, nodding dumbly as he exits. M'nol turns then, wrapping Phy in a full, deep hug, "Oh, Phy… I've missed you."

Phylicia lets out a long breath, letting the smile break her seriousness now as she stands outside the actual library with M'nol, trying to bury herself against him. "I've missed you too, 'Nol." She pulls away for two seconds to look him straight in the face. "/Never/ think that I'm not interested in you anymore again, you hear me?"

Sensing that the two need some alone time (and the opportunity to go drink copious amounts of alcohol), R'zel and his newly befriended guard depart, headed for the nearest bar or tavern.

M'nol's eyes widen, "I didn't say that… said I worried you'd find someone else, but not that you didn't want me." He strokes her hair, brushing a loose piece out of her face, "I'll be here so long as you'll have me."

Phylicia looks at R'zel's retreating form and then back to M'nol. "That.. just about amounts to the same thing." Oh well, she's done scolding now as she basks like a sunning feline in his attention. "Does that mean I can stow you in the dorms when I'm at class?" She jokes lightly.

M'nol smiles a little sadly, "What can I say… I miss you so much that I can't stop my mind from going dark places sometimes." He chuckles softly, "I wish… but I still have wing duties… and I *know* that would get you in trouble." His finger wraps lightly around a loose strand of hair, "I wish I could take you home with me and bring you back for classes."

Phylicia smiles faintly, nodding. "I know, I know." She murmurs before capturing his hand with hers. "Here, lets go somewhere else. Somewhere better to talk." Aka, not the middle of the hallway infront of the silent library. "Well, for the sake of seeing you, there's a certain amount of trouble I'm more than willing to get into!" She chuckles.

M'nol smiles, allowing himself to be dragged wherever she decides to drag him, "Lead on, I'm your willing follower."

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