How Not to Relax

Xanadu Weyr – Beach


The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.

The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.

Early evening and most of the Weyr is off eating dinner, leaving the beach a peaceful place for once. It is one of those rare, still evenings leaving the lake glassy rather than wind-tossed, a perfect mirror to the pinks and peach of the lowering sun. At the water's edge Thea sits, dressed for swimming, but it looks like she has yet to go in. Bare feet are barely wet by the gentle lapping water, her knees drawn up, her arms resting atop them and her head pillowed there, her hair thrown forward off the back of her neck to provide a sort of tent. Not so unusual maybe, for someone to sit that way, she's also deliberately taking long, measured, practiced breaths. Someone trying to calm down.

D'had strolls down the stairs that lead from top of the cliffs to the beach. He's lost in his own thoughts it would seem, steps leading in the general direction of the water. It's as he nears the line where waves lap against the sand that he happens to notice the junior weyrwoman. Notice, yes, but he doesn't say anything quite yet, rather he simply stops where he stands.

Thea remains where she is, that regular in and out smoothly continues, as she ignores the smug bronze firelizard padding in circles around her on the sand gloating over whatever the need for calming is; he's basking in her distress. Every now and then he croons his pleasure over the situation, stopping to poke sharply at her with his muzzle.

D'had watches a moment longer before steeling himself to continue on his path that leads him nearer to her. "Hey…" he greets quietly when he's still a few paces off not wanting to startle her. The bronze gets look of semi-interest in the seconds between greeting and her response.

The rise and fall of Thea's breathing stills and she visibly stiffens at the sound of a voice. Ruin wriggles in pleasure at this, his trill of glee sounding at the same time she growls at whoever the intruder is, "Trying to-" Her head lifts, an arm sweeps the hair back off her face to properly send whoever it is packing. She blinks, her face clearing, "Oh. It's you." The bronze growls his disappointment at some change in 'his' person, giving one last poke, slinks off, takes to the air and vanishes.

"Was just… walk." D'had replies awkwardly, pointing with one hand down the beach to indicate what he says. He was just taking a walk. "Can keep goin," if you'd rather not talk, rather not me be here. There are many endings that could be placed with the start of that sentence, none of which are said.

Thea shakes her head, slight puzzlement in her eyes when he says that, "Not unless you want to go on." Although she's somber, there is a welcome in her eyes and it is with relief she notes the firelizard has gone, visibly relaxing with a blown-out breath.

D'had nods. "Was the plan, but since you're here.." he comments, moving forward to stop at her side and settle on the sand beside her. He digs his feet into the sand a bit as he wraps his arms around his knees, resting a cheek there so that his head is turned to face the woman. "Everythin' alright?"

Thea watches as D'had settles, "Welcome then." In response to that question she asks one of her own, "Where were you today?" Meaning the office, obviously. "You missed the fun." The word fun comes out with a slightly acidic tone. Answering his question at last, "No." The tension returns to her shoulders at that admission.

D'had wasn't expecting that to be one of her questions. He should have been, but he wasn't. "Was .. out," he replies with a nod towards the water. A brow raises at the tone she uses, picking up on that tension. "Somethin' happen?" Obviously. But that way he can open it to discussion without having to ask specifically.

Thea's eyes follow his nod lake-wards. "Hmm, I'm sent out to go." Said with a soft snort of indignation. She doesn't say who did the sending. "Yeah. Cenlia. In trouble. Again." Quietly said, but full of exasperation and… something else. She reaches for a broken shell, flings it as far out as she can where it drops with a soft plip into the lake.

D'had mmms, giving a nod of acknowledgement. "Not somethin' ya wanna talk about I'm guessin," he replies rather than pry further into things with questions. "Ya need ta relax though babe, can't be good for her, you being so worked up and all." Her of course being the brooding gold that is Thea's lifemate.

"Nothing to talk about, really. She wouldn't answer me one word. I sent her to Niva." At the mention of Seryth, Thea sighs, "True enough." She looks back to him with a wry smile, "It's not something I'm good at, I'm afraid." She eyes the water like it's deliberately put itself there to annoy her. "She said swim it off. Like that will help." Snort.

"Might," D'had offers of the swimming it off. "Sure she'll take care of it," of Niva and Cenlia. "But don't see why her getting in trouble has got you so tight though," he continues, lifting his head and pushing back to be more behind than beside.

"I've no doubt she will." Thea says it dryly. There's a hesitation before she elaborates, "Cenlia was my friend. I've done something she doesn't trust me for. She won't say what." There's a futile shrug, then she's turning to see where he's going.

"I see," D'had replies rather than just nodding given that he's moving around behind her and she might not see the response otherwise. "The two of you will work it out though." He seems certain at least as he lays hands lightly on Thea's shoulders, gently starting to rub the base of her neck with his thumbs if she doesn't pull away.

Thea stiffens slightly as his hands touch her shoulders, but she doesn't pull away. "Maybe." She slowly relaxes, but the muscles at the back of her neck beneath his hands are tight and she winces just a bit. "Sorry, sore." Couldn't possibly be whiplash from that ride the other day? "How're you?" A cautious query.

Oh no, not at all! "Don't be sorry," D'had replies. "No reason to," he adds lessening the pressure he puts behind his fingers, working slowly and gently on that knot in the muscle. "Doin' alright. Might be finally gettin the hang of this 'second thing."

Thea allows herself to relax further, "Hmm, that's it right there." Another wince before she rolls her neck just a bit. "You think?" Why is there a sudden almost-giggle to her tone? "Been to any meetings yet?" Good thing he can't see her face.

D'had shrugs, "Maybe." He doesn't really seem so certain about that idea, but he's been at it a while now, he's supposed to be getting better at it. Right? "No…" comes the answer to that second question. "Sure I'll get there eventually though." Beat. "Better?" he inquires of her neck as he moves hands slightly to work further out across her shoulders.

Thea shivers slightly as his hands move across her shoulders, she answers quickly, "Hm, yes." Her voice retains the laugh, odd-sounding as she picks up on what he has said, "There's the test right there. See if you can stay awake. And not snicker." She doesn't say at what, but by the sound of it someone has found both a challenge. "Think you can do that?" Sly, or not so, needling.

"We'll have ta wait and see," D'had replies with an awkward chuckle of his own. Meetings… That's the one thing he nearly forgot about. "How bout we see if I can get to one on time first though? Hmm." he adds picking on himself.

Thea laughs outright at that. "Might be helpful yeah." She shifts to stretch her legs out, crossing them at the ankles, leaning back just a bit on her hands. "So hope the perks will be worth it for you." She tosses him a smirk over her shoulder.

D'had grins. Hey, he got her to laugh if nothing else. "Perks? And what might those be?" he questions curious as to her answer. He leans forward as she leans back and turns that look to him, brushing a slightly scruffy cheek to hers.

Well, she started the needling, she can't quit in the middle of it now can she? There's a blink as she finds his cheek against hers, "You know… D'son said…" She trails off an uncertain flicker towards those dark eyes, not really wanting to antagonize.

Its only a momentary touch, his hands still resting on her shoulders though the massage stops for the time being before he leans back again. "D'son said..?" D'had echoes, prompting her to continue the thought.

Thea seems reluctant to say now, it no longer seems funny. Her lashes lower, her head drops. From inside the sanctuary of her hair, she mutters reluctantly, "More chicks." Then she just waits for him to become irritable or stalk off.

D'had chuckles, giving her shoulders a light squeeze. "Suppose that's a nice perk," he says with a grin she can't see, "Maybe I should go see if I can find a few of them 'stead of sitting down here with you?" Teasing evident in his tone around the touch of seriousness of the words.

Thea winces at the words even with the teasing tone. "Now that would be more like the D'had I know instead of the one you've been lately." She lifts her head to look him straight in the eye with a challenge flashing in hers, "So why haven't you?" Not mocking, not teasing. And not breathing.

"Who says I ain't taken advantage of those perks," D'had replies with a wink that amused smirk of his creeping across his face. "Been a long day," he points out. For a second he'll let her think on that, or react as the case may be. "Then again ain't had a goldrider in awhile." Okay, maybe he shouldn't have said that.

Thea doesn't always think. This is one of those times, "Oh, I just assumed. You've been so grouchy lately, you know. Don't let me keep you!" Flippant, perhaps stung. But then he said what? What now? Her mouth hangs open for a beat. Then she is launching herself at him, shoulder aimed at his chest to knock him over for that one. "I cannot believe you just said that!" Yes, she's laughing in disbelief, but still… She's had her weyrling training, stayed fit. Sure he's stronger, but perhaps not expecting it?

"Oh come on now," D'had starts as she brushes him off with that flippant remark. He was being sarcastic and this is what he gets?? And then… then she's shooting to shoulder him smack in the middle of the chest. Catch him off guard she does, knocking him backwards. What she might not be counting on is his attempt to take her to the sand with him, reaching to wrap an arm around her.

Thea's movement carries her with that shoulder-thrust, a movement easy enough to stop if she'd not had to contend with that arm around her. And yes, unexpected so she lands with a bit of a jar beside him still laughing at his audacity.

D'had grins as he props himself up slightly on an elbow to hover over Thea with a grin. "So now sweetheart what were ya saying?" he inquires with much amusement clinging to his words.

Thea's laughter fades as she lies there with that hovering grin of his over her. One to enjoy conversation she is, and usually willing to answer questions put to her, she says not a word as her mind casts back over the last few statements she had made. She chooses. "You've been grouchy lately?" Smirk.

D'had chuckles, "Well," he replies, leaning closer, "At least me being grouchy makes you smile," he replies still grinning. "And cupcake, I think you've managed to settle down and relax for more than a minute, which means my job here might well be done."

"But it doesn't-" Thea protests over that, but then he is leaning closer, the rest of the words she was going to say flies out the window. His use of the word cupcake causes her to grin right back, "Oh really? Your job here, Weyrsecond? The one you're 'gettin' the hang of'?" Quoting his earlier.

"Doesn't what?" D'had inquires, amusement still playing across his features, but interest in the answer is there now as well. "Well, the more interesting part of it anyway… Those meetings, they're still up in the air yet."

"Doesn't make me smile." Thea finishes with a look that says 'are you daft?' before she lets out a short laugh over the rest of his words. "Interesting is it? That's nice to know you aren't bored. Guess you could consider it a perk, huh?"

"Doesn't it now?" D'had laughs, "Sure seems so ta me," he adds, that amused look still playing across his features as he looks down at the weyrwoman. "Never bored with you around," he notes. "And nah, wouldn't call that one. But this… this would be a perk Tailea," he replies, the words softly spoken, a quiet whisper, as he leans down to press lips firmly, yet gently to hers for but a moment.

Thea's enjoying the banter, actually flirting. Something she's never done in her life, isn't really thinking about why she's doing it, or that she even is. "You're not?" Pleased by this, not trying to hide that fact, her gaze flickers from his eyes to his mouth and back, a small smile curves hers. So not really paying close attention to the rest of his words, her lips part as his touch hers, eyes flutter closed, only to fly open as what he has called her sinks in. Still she says nothing for the moment.

D'had doesn't seem to notice her sudden realization of the name. His eyes open as he pulls back. As his gaze settles on her face likely the reaction is seen though perhaps not quite realized in full just why the reaction is what it is. "I'm sorry…" he apologizes in a rare turn of events, "Didn't mean.." What ever it was that he might have said wrong.

And as the Weyrsecond lifts his mouth from hers, there is no bellow from the Dragonhealer’s Annex, no enraged queen landing to eat him. The only look on Thea’s face is one of faint surprise mingled with a searching look as she meets his eyes, “You kissed me.” Simple the words, but the way they are said makes them sound less like an accusation and more like a question. For now she makes no mention of any name having been said, no mention of the words sorry, she just watches him, waiting for a reply.

Thank Faranth for that! D'had just blinks, rolling over to sit on the sand, arms stretched out slightly behind him to prop him up. Not the reaction he was expecting, definitely not a bad reaction either. Though the bad one was more what he was waiting for once he realized he'd done it. "Didn't mean to." Liar! No one kisses like that and doesn't mean to.

Thea pushes herself upon one elbow, a slight frown on her face over that 'didn't mean to' of his. A brief flicker of pain on her face that he can't see, but she lets it go for now. "You kissed -me- and called me Tailea, so perhaps you're speaking the truth." Thea says it quietly, no irritation in her tone. No, the concern showing on her face is for him, not herself.

D'had takes in the slowly setting sun for a second longer before his eyes drift closed as she reveals that she did notice that name. Then again he might not have until just now. "Didn't mean ta do that either," he notes of her comment. "I'll understand if yer mad at me."

"Really D'had?" Thea says it even more quietly, "Not quite sure what you mean by that." Her voice is carefully neutral, not trying to reassure him just yet about being mad or not. Not ready to get in his face, she allows him his retreat. "I'll be honest and say I didn't mind." Except for that name, though she doesn't say that. Sort of goes without saying.

And then it dawns on him, just before she's saying she didn't actually mind. "Wait," dark eyes open as he turns his gaze back on the woman beside him, "You kissed back.." Hah! Take that Enkavir. Color him confused by that sudden thought though.

Thea half-smiles as D'had says that. "I did. Was wondering what took you so long." Well, his ego might need a little tweaking, hmm? "Was an accident, huh?" There's a sparkle in her eyes he might do well to be wary of.

D'had raises a brow at that line of inquiry. "Dunno… could say.. try it again and find out?" So that doesn't exactly all add up in the end, but it made sense in HIS head. "What'cha say babe?" he inquires, tossing a wink her way, that smirk of his creeping to the forefront.

"You're not being serious now." Thea snorts, refusing to play his game. She idly traces one finger in the sand in front of her focusing on that instead of him. Maybe to keep from sitting up and smacking him over again.

"And you're too serious sometimes, so I guess that means we're even," D'had retorts with a hint of annoyance in his tone as he leans forward to pull off his boots and set one beside the other on the side of him opposite Thea.

Thea shifts to push up on one hand, leans to look him in the eye. He's annoyed? "I'm not playing." It's a low growl of ire, before her voice changes towards… something else, hurt maybe. "You know me better than that." She turns away, "I know I'm-" Nevermind, where was she? Oh, yeah, breathing exercises…

"Do I? Really?" its said with less question in his voice and more sarcasm. A moment later, as he's midway through pulling shirt over head, that touch of hurt in her voice hits him and he pauses. A second later the shirt is added to the pile of boots and he finishes that sentence for her. "You're beautiful, and smart, and far too good to ever spend as much time with me as you do."

Those words catch her and she's turning back to him even while she's wincing at the sarcasm, "Not too good." She steps closer, trying to meet his eyes, "You really don't understand, do you?" She shakes her head slightly, as if she thought it was obvious to him, "There isn't anyone else I'd rather spend my time with."

"What's there ta understand?" D'had asks sharply. Not the tone he meant to use given the slight wince as the words fall from his mouth. Obviously though, no, he doesn't understand. He shakes his head as she continues however, "See cupcake, that's somethin' I don't understand."

Thea's intake of breath is sharp, sudden at the tone of his words. She's not laughing at his use of the word cupcake, either. No, she's looking more like he'd just slapped her. "Why is that?" She's hurt by his sudden mood change, it shows on her face. Confused, but she's willing to listen. "I'm sorry?" For whatever she did.

"Ain't nothin ta be sorry about sugar," D'had replies. Words turning softer he closes his eyes, shaking his head. "Love that ya wanna spend time with me babe, really do. But ya know what I'm like." Yes. He does know his flaws and the fact that he flirts with anything with breasts and a pretty face isn't exactly attractive to some.

"I do." She says it quietly. And she does know. "Did that ever stop me from being your friend, though, D'had?" Speaking of the past, not the present. "Not asking you to change." She lowers her head, "I…" Her thought trails off, uncertain whether to finish.

"You…" D'had prompts, reaching for her hand in what he hopes will be an encouraging gesture, though he's rather unsure of whether or not he wants to hear what she has to say or not.

Thea's hand is taken and she wills herself to look up, "I wanted you to know I wasn't just being… that way when… " She gestures to the sand where they just were. Her eyes glimmer, "So call me stupid, I let my feelings get involved. I'm sure you can have a good laugh over that with the guys in the tavern!" She pulls at her hand, turning away.

Damn him for not knowing what to say! D'had just stands there like an idiot and lets her go. Only for a moment however "Ain't stupid," he calls gently, standing where he is for a second longer before it sinks in the moron that he's being, then he's stepping quickly to reach for her hand again.

Thea is walking blindly in the direction of- anywhere away from the Weyrsecond wiping at her eyes, not stopping at his words, either. Her hand re-taken does stop her but she does not, cannot turn around. "Just don't," she whispers. Tell her she'll forget, find someone else, regret it or any of the other things she thinks he's going to say.

"I'm sorry…" D'had starts, lifting his free hand as if to turn her, but rather it just hangs in the air for a second before falling back to place at his side. "Look I know I'm an idiot and there ain't nothing I can say ta make ya forgive me for that, but damnit I can't even remember your name and I wouldn't rather argue with anyone else."

Thea turns her head to give him perhaps one of the strangest looks he's ever gotten, "'Don't you think I know that?" She turns to face him, "I figured that out a long time ago, D'had, that names do not come easy to you. It doesn't bother me at all." Well, so she is able to give him a smile, wobbly though it is. "There's nothing to forgive. You're not responsible for my feelings. I'll- I'll deal." Or something.

"I am," D'had replies after a moment for the stun of that look he gives her, paired with the commentary on him and names, to wear off. "I didn't like how you were after what's his face disappeared," Poor Enkavir will never have a name it seems. "And I don't wanna see ya like that ever, specially not 'causea me."

Thea winces. She knows who he's talking about. She shakes her head in sorrow, "His leaving taught me not to expect anything of anyone ever again." If that helps him know she doesn't expect him to change for her? Her eyes have an unreadable look in them as she admits, "Seryth wouldn't take me *Between* so… you helped."

D'had kicks himself for having said it at her reaction. He's drowning here. "I'm glad she wouldn't.. glad I did. Just … wish I could do more," he admits sullenly.

What can Thea say to that? "I can't tell you what to do. I don't know myself anymore. I can't-" Her throat works as she swallows, "I can't see the way." She rubs her free hand over her face, "Sorry I made a mess and now you'll be keeping away I guess." Her voice is nothing but tired.

"Only if you want me too," D'had replies softly, still holding onto her hand, but not so tightly that she couldn't pull away if she'd want to. "Its not your mess. It's mine."

Thea shakes her head, "I already told you, didn't I, that I didn't want that?" Thea's eyes drop to their joined hands, she is silent for some time. Then at last, she looks up, "You don't want this."

"I want .you. to be happy," D'had replies, a subtle stress on that one word. Dark eyes search out those ice green ones of hers and he pulls a sullen smile to his lips for her. "I … " he pauses far longer than he should, searching a mind that's not his own (and Siebith may very well have requested what he searches for from Seryth once again). "Thea, I .. I care about you."

"I'm not asking for anything," Thea insists, with wince for that smile. She's seen, well, maybe she hasn't seen it, only that characteristic smirk of his. But she steps closer to him, meeting his eyes carefully before smiling gently, "I know."

"If you need anything, anything at all, you come to me first," D'had remarks. No, it's not an order persay, but it is a firm request. "That's my girl," he comments for that smile, leaning in to press a short, light kiss to her forehead as he gives her hand a light squeeze.

Thea merely nods, closes her eyes as he kisses her forehead, then returns that squeeze, before she lifts their hands, turns hers palm up and opens her hand. Releasing him. She steps back, "I will be fine." Her lips press together keeping them still, she doesn't say anything more, merely bows her head slightly, turns and steps away down the beach.

D'had watches her go without a word, waiting perhaps for her to look back. He stands there's for a moment longer then before turning and walking out to wade into the water.

Seryth senses that Siebith reaches out, shades of grey attesting to storm clouds on the horizon. « Yours was there. »

Siebith senses that Seryth responds with a grey fog that swirls with uncertainty, «Is this good? » Eddys of cold air, heavy with winter's chill echo through the next words « Mine is walking in this: » The silver mists, no longer light have darkened to near blackness.

Seryth senses that Siebith replies with the darkened waters he shared before. This time however they're deeper, darker, more haunting in their crushing presence. That light at what must certainly be the surface of a great sea is still there, but it's further away, harder to see, lost even in the shifting movements of the surrounding waters. « It is cold so deep. »

Siebith senses that Seryth answers with ice and the drought of winter « It is » There is the sense of futility that blows in drifted snow, darkened and dimmed with ashes « I cannot help mine. »

Seryth senses that Siebith's waters shift with the threat of storm. « Mine won't talk with me. He thinks of them. » The image shared is that of two women, one overlaid over the top of the other. One dark headed, one light. Each has their own features though its hard to distinguish one from the other. The pale green of the eyes of both are stark against the fuzziness of the rest of the picture. In that one feature the same.

Siebith senses that Seryth is a long time in replying, the disquiet in the queen's mindvoice evident in the dry void left of her departed rains, but that she understands the picture is important « I can share this with her, but she will not pursue him. It is not her way. » The blackness returns, empty and heavy, « She will not hear me right now. »

Seryth senses that Siebith's reply takes nearly no time at all as if he's not even consulting the other half. « He is the same. » Simple words against the crash of blackened waves. « It is not her. » he agrees the idea of hers pursuing his « He would not have it. »

Siebith senses that Seryth answers with the emptiness of a desert in winter's night, but there is a hint of firm approval in her presence regarding his not having that. And a mental snort of exasperation at both of theirs.

Seryth senses that Siebith sinks lower, becoming louder in a fashion quite opposite what might be expected. « When she will listen I will show you. »

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