Touching Feelings

Xanadu Weyr - Observation Level
Dark blue seats form a semi-circle around the sands below, the lowest row separating from the sands themselves by merely a railing. The seats climb upwards, each row a bit higher then the previous, and they are broken up into sections by 3 sets of staircases. Lights are evenly spaced along the outer wall, lighting the seats and the sands easily, though they tend to be dimmed unless a major event is taking place. A large balcony looms overhead, darkening some of the seats, providing a place for observers of the draconic kind to watch without obstructing the view for others.
When one looks over the railing, the oddly hued sand below can be seen easily, the circle-shaped area of the sands spread out to the far walls, the sand itself a unique mixture of red and white grains.

The observation level is empty this afternoon, but not silent. Soriana is down on the sands themselves, getting baked through the soles of her shoes as she stands next to a Luraoth whose eyes are flecked with orange trouble as she regards her eggs. There's nothing wrong with them - so Soriana is assuring her queen with pats to her neck and soft-murmured words - but nevertheless, the gold is making a faint sound, not quite a keen of displeasure but not a croon of pleasure either. There are candidates touching her eggs. A lean, dark-haired young man has his hands to Beneath the Bright Surface, almond eyes shut in contemplation. A gawky adolescent girl steps toward the Yolk in the Face egg, putting one hand on the yellow spot and the other off it. A few others, moving from egg to egg under the wary draconic gaze.

Kera makes her way across the Weyr and up into the observation level carrying a cloth covered slatted crate clutched n her hands. Pausing in her steps and letting her eyes adjust to the dimness. When she can see through the darkness, a scan of the rowed seats doesn't produce Soriana. Setting down the crate on a nearby seat, she steps towards the railing and quickly notices the activity below. Spotting the youngest Weyrwoman, she grins but remains quiet so she doesn't disturb the queen anymore than the roaming candidates already are. The apprentice does send a friendly smile and wave to Soriana if she were to look up.

The candidates are mostly quiet, briefed by the weyrlingmasters on how to not annoy the clutchparents and show the proper respect. Those same weyrlingmasters are watching now, and so when Luraoth's murmur takes on a deeper tone, all it takes from Soriana is a glance up to V'dim and a meaningful nod before he and the others are stepping forward. "That's it for today," Soriana says, offering the candidates a firm smile as Luraoth's wings shift against her back, rising slightly. Kera is not yet spotted, because Soriana's attention is on the sands part of things, keeping Luraoth calm - and Kanekith, because if the gold starts getting too anxious about these eggs… so will the bronze. Hence, the abbreviated touching. There are a few frowns from the candidates - one, his hands to the shell, needs to be actually nudged by a weyrlingmaster to start moving - but none of them protest too much. "We'll try again tomorrow," Soriana assures them, then turns her attention back to Luraoth. "Shhh," she tells the queen in a soft murmur. "It's okay."

Kera leans on the rail with her elbows, propping her chin up as she watches the goings on below. As things seem to break up and the candidates coaxed off the sands, Kera smiles and reaches for the crate she brought. Fumbling with the contents a moment, she pulls out a narrow but tall container and a couple of sandwiches she brought. And then a couple of cups are set out but not filled. When her stomach rumbles it's order for her to hurry up, she does just that and plucks up one of the sandwiches and starts nibbling while she waits.

Luraoth's quiet grumblings continue as the candidates are ushered from the sands, and she shifts forward onto her feet to stalk over the eggs as they leave them, her wings spreading to cover the clutch. Hers. Soriana walks up beside her, her attention focused on the mental argument she's having with the queen. Luraoth snorts, lowering her head to nudge one of the eggs that isn't precisely where she wants it (maybe the candidate moved it) before looking up to the stands and fixing Kera with an orange-flecked stare. That brings Soriana's gaze in that direction, and she blinks at the new arrival before turning her eyes back on Luraoth as she insists that - and - Luraoth snorts, lowering her head again and nudging another of the eggs, getting them adjusted and perfect again.

Kera takes a couple more bites from her sandwich, completely oblivious that she's being glared at by the brooding queen. Filling a couple of the cups with juice, she takes one for herself. Sipping as she peers around the empty gallery briefly before turning her attention back to her sandwich, tugging off a few small bite sized portions, she sets them aside for when her firelizard comes around. For the next few minutes, she eats most of her snack while she waits for Soriana.

Ka'el is getting better at going up steps. Yup. It's not taking him half an hour anymore! It's only taking him … twenty minutes. Ok, that's an exaggeration, but it isn't one to say that Ka'el is keeping things slow when it comes to going up an incline. He's drawn by Kanekith who, although not grumpy, shares a bit of Luraoth's agitation. Agitated by association. He doesn't really mind the candidates. He has to check them out. Make sure they're all suitable. Some seem…scrawny. He doesn't like the little ones. But they're leaving and left now, and he moves with Luraoth, letting her do most of the egg work while he watches and keeps himself present. Ka'el, by now, has reached the top of the observation deck. Phew! He has his satchel slung over one shoulder, though otherwise carries nothing with him. He moves to the edge to peer over, checking in with Kanekith.. « Some seem sickly. I would not have chosen such unremarkable candidates. » .. Yup, Kanekith is good! Luraoth on the other hand.. He eyes the gold, unsure, eyeing those eyes, then down to Soriana to whom he waves an arm and gives a questioning 'thumbs up? thumbs down? thumbs sideways?' gesture in question. "Kera?" He hadn't noticed the apprentice and her spread til now. "..Caverns too crowded?"

Luraoth circles the eggs, continuing to adjust them carefully. The candidates are… « The pale one is too careless. » She's accepted that there must be candidates - that her children will choose them - but… « And the thin one tripped. She almost fell. » On an egg. Anxious mama-dragon nudges another of her unhatched young, but Kanekith's shared thoughts and Soriana's silent urgings are gradually calming the gold. Soriana gives Kera another glance and Ka'el a thumb-sideways drifting up sort of gesture. It's okay, Luraoth. Really… but it takes more effort and more fussing before the queen's truly convinced of that. « The one with curls is good, » she finally acknowledges. Maybe not good enough, not for her babies, but… perhaps she can give these candidates another chance. Tomorrow. For now, she settles down on the sands again, putting her bulk between the observation level and her eggs and settling her gaze on those shells. Soriana takes a moment to scritch around Luraoth's eye-ridges before leaving her to her vigil and heading toward the stands.

Kera glances towards the nearest stands entrance when she thinks she hears a shuffling noise. When, after a few long seconds, nothing appears, she shrugs and turns back to her sandwich while watching the dragons , one tending to the eggs, the other, tending to the young queen's wishes when needed. The shuffling noise gets her attention again and she looks around and spots Ka'el. Sipping her juice as she peers back to the sands breifly. Noticing the odd hand gestures passed between the two riders, she can't help but chuckle at some thought. When questions about the stuff she brought, Kera simply shrugs with a grin. "Hi Ka'el." Resisting the urge to tell him he should be resting, she flicks her fingers towards the cups and the stack of sandwiches in the crate she brought. "I was thinking Soriana might need something to drink or eat. And I'm hungry so…" She grins and takes the last bite from her sandwich. A few seconds goes by before she speaks up again "Have some."

Thumbs sideways, but gradually improving. Ka'el nods at the signal, then flashes a grin at Luraoth. "S'alright Luraoth. I don' think your ma and da were too impressed by us either. An' look how we turned out. We're amazing!" he says encouragingle. Kanekith concurs with a slow spread and stretch of his wings. He won't vouch for the others, but he knows his chosen is pretty fantastic! Utterly awesome in every way. He wasn't scrawny. Kanekith remembers. Maybe his sired dragonlets will ignore the puny ones as he did. The bronze settles down with Luraoth once Soriana departs from the sands and goes about doing what he's been doing best: Pampering Luraoth. Light nuzzles, vague touches, and thoughts of rainshowers and sunlight that breed magnificent rainbows. Ka'el grins a little and leaves the dragons be, focusing his attention on Kera as Soriana makes her way up. "Good idea," he says, keeping himself leaned against the railing. Because he wants to, mind you, not because…it's giving him support that he might need or anything like that. Pft. "Sure, I'll take one. I'll wait til Soriana gets here, though." They're meant for her, anyway. He'll mooch after she gets her share. He carefully lowers his bag to rest on the floor. "Miss me in the infirmary yet? I heard I was the best patient of the turn." ..Snerk.

Luraoth's thoughts linger on dragonlets and candidates both, but she lets Kanekith's company and thoughts draw her to rainbows and autumn-rich fields as harvest-time approaches. All will be well. There will be good ones for her young. Even those scrawny pale ones must have something to make them worthwhile… though she still doesn't want to see them again right now. Tomorrow. For now… nobody gets to see these eggs except her and Kanekith. Not nobody. Not no how. Soriana comes right up to the stands. "Hey," she says. No wave, because she already did the hand-signal part of things. (That weyrling training comes in useful!) She hops the rail, then leans back against it, not bothering looking back to the sands. She knows perfectly well what Luraoth's doing, and she gives Ka'el a crooked sort of smile before turning her gaze on Kera. "So," she says as her eyes take in the drink and sandwiches, lingering a moment as she considers words before just settling on, "Hi."

Kera eyes Ka'el leaning against the railing and can't help but chuckle "Careful you don't move too quickly, you're probably holding up the whole structure as it is." A little smirk offered as. It couldn't /possibly/ be the other way around, could it? Ka'el's inquiry about if he was missed in the infirmary draws a little shrug from the apprentice and a bit of nervous fidgeting. "Most likely," An uncertain grin is offered "My duties have been away from the Weyr for the last couple of days. Testings in the Hall." She brightens suddenly "But they surpsrised us with a nice reward afterward." Aa Soriana arrives, she gestures towards the sandwiches and juice she brought. "G'day Soriana, I thought ya could use a snack." Her gaze flicks between the two riders "Dig in you two."

Ka'el glances over to Soriana and scoot…scoot…scoots over til he's next to her. A grin. "Hi." A quick peck to the cheek, then he scoot…scoot…scoots on back to where he was before! Which isn't far actually. Just a few feet leaning on that same rail. A smirk to Kera. "Most likely? You needn't downplay it, Kera. I know the staff must've cried rivers when I was released. M'sure I heard wailing all the way from here. If you listen closely…" He raises an arm (slowly) to cup his ear, "you can still hear faint cries…" .. *cricketchirp* "What sort of reward?" he asks, curiously, brows lifting at the mention of it. He glances to the food, then to Soriana. "You'll never be starved." People are always bringing her food! "Could you pass me a sandwich, please?" Pretty please?

Soriana eyes Ka'el sidewise as he edges up to her. Yeeeees? What does he want? …oh. A kiss. That makes her smile. "Hi, yourself," she tells him. Oh wait, she already said hi. Like… twice. Blame Luraoth and the candidates for her brain being frazzled. She reaches out to brush her fingers against his as he scoots away again - that hand gesture wasn't in the list for weyrling classes - then looks back to Kera. The sobbing infirmary staff, well. "Good, it'll keep Cyrus busy!" Seeing to his own. She, however… food? "Mmh. I did get a meal delivered today." Like actually officially delivered! "…but lunch's nice too." Because the meal? Was breakfast. She leans down, picking up a pair of sandwiches and passing one to Ka'el. "Thanks," she says to Kera, then takes a bite.

Kera's gaze drift between Soriana and Ka'el and she grins at their interaction. Waiting til sandwiches are in hand, she refills her cup with more juice and nudges she others she brought to draw the riders' eyes to them. The mention of the Journeyman makes mock cringe, "OH no, I can see the poor files now, tossed all about without a care." Breakiong into a little smile, her gaze takes them both in. "I appologize for not seeing either of ya much the last sevenday. Or two in Soriana's case." A quick sip from her mug then she continues. "As I mentioned earlier, the Hall called some apprentice's from their posts for tests. Afterwards, they took us to Fort Weyr, and they were beginning their Winter Festval. There was this really… bright and shiny tunnel, with dancing and carved ice statues all over the place."

Cyrus! Ka'el slightly cringes at the name and glances left and right, as if the mere mentioning of it will be enough to bring forth the man. Like Beetlejuice. Just say his name three times and…. Ahhhh! Cyrus would have a field day with his head. As a sandwich is passed, he takes it with a thanks and takes a bit. Nom! Never will there be a time where Ka'el is not hungry. As he chews, he listens, brows lifting at Kera's apology. "You don't have to be sorry," he says after swallowing. "It isn't as if apprenticeship warrants ya a lot've free time. What sort of tests were you taking?" he asks curiously. Mental tests? Physical exams? Fort's Winter Festival brings a grin, then frown. "Festivals are fun, but I'd rather not be surrounded with ice. Bet it was cold." He shudders. Cold is his kryptonite! "You have fun? Dance with any candidates?"

Cyrus fails to appear. This time. Soriana won't guarantee he doesn't do that in general, but this time - for now - they're safe. She gives her head a bit of a shake, then tilts it at Kera. "Does he really do that? I mean, it's enough of a pain dealing with the paperwork when it's all kept in order. I don't even want to imagine it thrown everywhere." Shudder. But she has some more of her sandwich, then shrugs, nodding agreement to Ka'el. "Duties come first. Have you heard about your results yet?" For whatever those tests were! She grins and nods about the Festival. "That sounds nice." And then Soriana glances to the sands, and Luraoth who's been keeping her stuck here. Little sigh.

Kera grins between the two snickering as she notices Ka'el's reaction to the mere uttering of Cyrus's name. Sotting that as another dagger to use at a later date, the apprentice peers to Soriana. "As I was admiring all the icey creations, I couldn't help but think of you and how you might appeciate the change in climate after being on the sands." With a small shake of her head "No, I watched the Weyrleader Th'ero and his mate dance a bit, til I got distracted with the scupltures." She blushes a bit over that and fidgets with her cup, suddenly uncertain when it comes to how she did on her tests. "If I did well, I might be promoted. If not… then I increase my study times." A nervous little giggle slips out before she shakes off her nerves.

Poor stuck on the sands Soriana. Hopefully her time will be done sooner rather than later! He watches her for a litle bit, looking thoughtful, but whatever is turning the wheels in his brain, he's not broadcasting. Attention drifts back to Kera as she speaks of the ice and her tests. "Was it a one day thing?" he asks with a slight tilt of his head. "I know some festivals go on for days. Are you goin' back, if it is? And good luck with your tests! These are the ones that'll change ya from apprentice to senior apprentice, eh?" He grins a bit. "I'll be an apprentice for the rest've my days. It's good someone's moving up in the ranks. Relax," he says, waving his sandwich hand. "You studied, right? Sure y'did just fine. And if you passed, you'll have true reason to celebrate." He gives her an encouraging smile before taking another bite of his sandwich and glancing down to his satchel. "I've somethin' for you too, Sori. It isn't food though," he warns, grinning. "So already not as great."

"It was always the practicals that were more important, when I was taking the dragonhealer tests," Soriana muses. "I mean, you had to do well on the written stuff, but…" she trails off into a shrug. "Not that I know how the healer stuff works, anyhow. Dragons and humans aren't exactly the same." She glances sideways to Ka'el with a rueful quirk of her lips, watching him a moment before lowering her eyes. The sandwich has another bite taken from it, and then she smiles. "Once Luraoth's done, I'll be sure to get some diplomatic visits in." She grins. "For variety." Her eyes flick to Ka'el again, then back to Kera. "Besides, it's already starting to get cool again." Outside. Not in here. It won't be cool in here until the eggs hatch. Another bite, and then Soriana turns to look at Ka'el again, eyes lingering. Something for her? Her brows arch, but she's busy chewing. Chew, chew… swallow. "But can I still nibble it?"

Kera peers between the two of them as Minimur flutters his way into the gallery. He churls a soft greeting before settling on the healer's shoulder, who already has a few bite sized morsels from her sandwich ready. She gives a slight nod "I think their festivities were going to extend at least a sevenday. I saw a posted notice talking about a few things like some kinda maze. But I could be wrong." Another shrug given "It was nice, but I'm not sure I can get away with going over there too much. With as much trouble as I seem to get into, perhaps it's best the Weyrleader forget my face." She ponders a moment "But I do have a rest day in two days. Maybe I'll ask someone if they wanna go." Hmm, wonder who that will be.

"I was so ready for mine," says Ka'el. "I knew I could pass my tests for senior apprenticeship. I knew the studies front 'n back. And most've the hands on things we had to make I could do with my eyes closed." By now, surely he'd be on his way to Journeyman! But…alas. He looks to Kanekith, who derailed all those plans, but the expression on his face is far from resentful. That's his most favorite buddy down there. How could he resent that? He smiles lightly to himself, then glances over to Soriana. … Scoot. (closer) "If you want to nibble somethin', I'll get you somethin' to do that on," he says, sounding humored. "You won't want to chew on this, though." He carefully and slooowly bends to grab at his bag again and offers it to her. "Trouble?" He glances to Kera at the word. "Don' tell me you found trouble in Fort, did you?" He arches a brow, then glances to the brown that's perched on her shoulder. "Hello Small Mur'dah."

Soriana blinks to Kera. "Wait, which Weyrleader? Fort's, or Xanadu's?" Not that it makes all that much difference, but. "Besides, so long as you're not behind on your duties and get your journeyman's permission, it shouldn't make much difference." She shrugs, though - she's not a healer! Kera's craft responsibilities aren't something she can do more than speculate on. She looks to Ka'el, and smiles. "Yeah? Well, I think I'm done with nibbling for the moment, anyhow." Or she will be, once she finishes this sandwich. Omnom… okay, there. "So I can see what this un-nibbled thing is." She gives him another curious look, then obliges that curiosity by opening the bag to peek inside.

Kera smiles to the brown as she feeds him small bites, head lowering a bit when Ka'el calls him Mur'dah. But whether it's to hide amusement over the bronzerider's scooting towards Soriana, or some other topic, who knows. Giving a quick shake of her head she looks releived "Oh no, thankfully. But considering my growing file at Xanadu, then why press my luck when away from my post right?" A nervous little chuckle slips out before she leans forward absentmindedly, her curiousity peeked by the 'mystery' bag. She nods in partially response to Soriana "Yea, his name was Th'ero. I found out later that Kiena is his sister." Giving thought to the young weyrwoman's words, she nods. "I'll just have to see how my duties go." Kera smiles as her curiousity grows over what she got.

Ka'el eats up his sandwich while Soriana takes a gander inside of his bag. Within it there's … a vase! Yup. A vase. One of those curvy, made for holding things, things. But this vase looks very bland. How bland? Well it doesn't have any color to it really. Just the color of the material it's been shaped from. And no decoration whatsoever. It's not even shiny and has a matte sort of unpolished look to it. Um … hooray? Ka'el grins. "Keep diggin'," he urges, in case she's stopped. There's still a little weight to the bag, hinting that there's something else. And there is! Little jars of paint. There's blue, yellowy gold, purple, orange, even pink, and white. "Ran into this trader when I went ho-… to Black Rock," he says, face stiffening a little, but he presses on. "Can you guess what you're to do?" He looks to Kera. "Kiena told me she had a weyrleader brother. Seen him..probably. Don't remember ever really talking much to him."

Soriana regards Kera for a moment with something between amusement and curiosity. Maybe, once she's done here on the sands, she'll have to go digging and read just what exactly is in Kera's file. It could prove… interesting. "Th'ero is kind of a stickler for rules," she notes absently. "But then, you should always be on your best behavior at another weyr. Don't want to make something an incident." Or have something made an incident because the leadership doesn't want to sweep it under the rug for some reason. "If your journeyman does say it's okay, though, I'm sure there's plenty of riders who'll be visiting. There always are. It should be easy to get yourself a ride." She did, back when she was weyrbrat or dragonhealer Soriana… even when her mom was busy. But! Enough about parties she can't attend. She'd rather look at presents she can have. "It's…" uh quick how does she say something other than 'bland as river mud'? She delays saying anything as she ponders and extracts the vase, finding… oh. Paints! But… Soriana looks up to Ka'el, with a bemused smile that shifts to a frown at the mention of where, her gaze darkening for a moment before she makes the effort to lighten it again. "But," she tries, nudging her smile into place. "I'm not an artist. It'll be like a five turn old's fingerpaints."

Kera flashes a little grin between her friends as she absentminedly scratches under Minimur's chin. Eyeing the present, she doesn't frown, but simply lifts a curious brow, which only goes a bit higher at Ka'el urging of Soriana to 'keep digging'. "I think it will mainly depend on if 'my journeyman' will keep the file messing to a minimum or not. The more folders I have to refile, the less likely I'll be able to have much time to for visiting." She winces and shakes her head "And I certainly wouldn't want to cause any misunderstanding, /expecially/ with a Weyrleader." And there goes that nervous chuckle again. As the differant paints are revealed, a slow smile slips over her features and she nods without realizing it. "Something to distract you from the boredom of watching sand." Starting to sense a bit of tension, she sets to gathering the sandwich clothwraps, leaving the juice container and their cups. "I should go check with the infirmary. Maybe they've heard from the Hall." Kera rises and grabs the crate up. "You both have a nice evening."

"Soriana's right. You can get there, easy. An' stayin' out of trouble is easy too. Just look at the knots. Fancier lookin' they are, the more you keep away. You're bound to stay clear've anything with that plan in mind," suggests Ka'el helpfully. Even with all of his weyrling training on how to behave when visiting another weyr, he'd rather avoid those who could possibly get easily offended and make a Big Deal (tm) of things. He grins at her, then beams as she hits the nail on the nose with the gift to Sori. "Exactly," he confirms. "Even if it ends up lookin' like somethin' a two turn old could do, it'll be better than sittin' here bored out of your mind. I hope. An' plus, I was plannin' on stea- … eh, borrowing brushes from the craft hall. The harpers leave'm layin' around all the time. I'll take them back when you're done. I .. tried to get the colors Luraoth likes. .. I know she likes watchin' the sun rise. So.." Sunrise colors are those he picked. "The trader said when I'm done with it, I can bring it back an' she'll … do whatever it is that makes it look shiny. The colors'll be dull, she said, til it is." His smile is slight, yet warm afterward, though his attention is turned by Kera as she packs up to leave. "Thanks for the sandwiches, Kera. See you, an' have fun if you go back to Fort."

"Yeah, so, anyone with a knot like mine, just avoid them." Soriana's grin to Kera is amused. Mostly. There's also a bit of wryness. She's not that different than when she was a weyrbrat, is she? And yet. And. Yet. "Maybe you should drag your journeyman along?" she suggests. "Tell him he needs a break from that paperwork." Not that a trip like that is likely to be much fun for the apprentice, but hey. Kera can lose him once she gets there? Soriana takes a look over vase and paints again, and smiles. She leans over to Ka'el, leaning against him (very lightly) for a moment. "Well, I'll do what I can. It'll probably be abstract." A pause, and a grin. "Maybe very abstract." Why yes, that is a code word for 'messy', thanks for asking. "And if the harpers try to argue, just tell 'em it's for me." Because, well, if she's going to have the fancy knot that means apprentices looking for a good time avoid her, she can at least get some good out of it! She looks up from her study of the paints to Kera again, and nods. "Hope it's good news!" she says, and smiles. "And thanks for the snack."

Kera nods with a very serious expression to both her friend "Avoid huge knots. Got it." A smirk slips cross her features as she wiggles her fingers before waving off the thanks "The sandwiches were no trouble really." Grinning as the two banter to each other, Kera starts towards the steps down. "Thanks, I'll need it probably." And then her and Minimur slip out of the gallery.

"Abstract art is .. very…uh, abstract," says Ka'el, nodding sagely. "The harpers tell me," because he speaks to the harpers so often, see, "that the best of them can't really pull it off. Ends up lookin' like… unabstract art." He wrinkles his nose and shakes his head very slowly. Unabstract is the worst! "So when you're done, don't be surprised if the stands are filled with harper Journeymen and apprentices lookin' to learn from you." He looks at her with a knowing expression. This could be a real problem for her! But then, a whisper of a grin breaks through his stoic act, and he steals another kiss to her cheek as she leans, slight as her lean may be. "So you'd better brush up on your educating sckills. YOu haven't had a class since …. firelizard training." Turns ago! "You're rusty, I bet."

"I'll see how abstract I can get. Maybe I'll try triangles. Made out of… squares. With… uh… stars. Made out of circles." So abstract. Or was that nonsensical? Soriana isn't sure. She waves to Kera, then returns her gaze to Ka'el, her lean increasing just a bit as he kisses her cheek. "I'll make 'em all carry fans. The price of the teaching! They've each got to fan me for one hour for every half-hour of lessons." She grins, and leans in to brush her lips to - gasp! - his lips. Just for a moment. And then she laughs. "Oh, you're right. So maybe just an hour for an hour, then. Since I'm so rusty and all."

That'd be so abstract the harpers wouldn't know what to do with themselves upon seeing it. "An hour for every half-hour, eh?" murmurs Ka'el in a thoughtful voice. "Sounds … fair." Smirk. In Sori world it's fair, anyway! In which she is ultimate ruler and creator of all rules. He grins, and then he grins a little wider as he's kissed, and to the lips no less! No more of that cheek stuff. He gives his torso a slight, tentative twist. Erk, nope. He can feel the beginnings of an ache. So twisting would hurt. Instead, he turns his entire body to face her. "Better make it two hours," he suggests. You'll need an entire two hours to make up for the first one, which you'll definitely fumble through the whole way because you're so rusty. An' all've your students will be so confused. It'll take thirty minutes to unconfuse them, then thirty more to teach what you should've taught the first hour." Yup. Sounds about right. He crookedly grins, extending a hand to touch and tease at her hair idly. Playfully. "What's the first thing you're gonna do once those eggs hatch an' you're free from this place? I'd've guessed jump in the lake, but .. s'gettin' kinda cold for that."

There's a brief almost frown at Ka'el's motion, but whatever Soriana's eyes find in darting over his face, they reassure her and she laughs again. "Two whole hours?" she says, and gives her head a shake. "You really think-" And then she pauses. Maybe she's actually remembering that firelizard class. And what the harpers thought of her (and their precious craft space) afterward. "…yeah maybe you're right." She leans her head against his hand, smiling… then tilts it slightly, brushing her lips to his wrist as her eyes look out at Luraoth's bulk on the sands. "I don't even know, anymore. I mean…" Her gaze goes back to him. "There'll be a hatching feast, too. I mean, there always is, but I'll be supposed to be there." No rest for the weary. "After that…" She laughs. "Probably go to bed. Real bed. But then…"

Ka'el can't help but smile like an idiot. He knows he's smiling like an idiot, but he doesn't care. Talking to her now as fingers trail through her hair is such a familiar thing, and so simple. Something done so often before that he'd come to take it for granted, until touch becaome a thing of the past. And now? Ka'el would love to forget that flight even happened, and in moments like this, as her lips touch his wrist, he almost can. He shifts himself closer, his front facing hers, with a foot of distance lessening to handfuls of inches. Not even the heat of the sands is bothering him .. much. "I don't remember Briana bein' at our hatching feast," he remarks with a smirk. "Hell. A thawed out ancient from cryosleep could've been there an' I wouldnt've noticed. There were so many shardin' people." He grins. "Bed. Think that'd be my first wish too. With a hundred pillows and air conditioning going at full blast." Not thinking about his brother. Or jail. Or exile. "And I'd stay there for days if I could. You should demand breakfast in bed. Use that knot to your advantage and make people slave over you for a day," said teasingly. "You'd've earned it."

"Wasn't she?" Soriana frowns lightly, thinking about that. She's… really not sure, when it comes down to it, because… yeah. A laugh at the mention of that thawed ancient, and a nod. "There's those giant refrigerators in the stores," she says. "I could drag a cot in there?" And freeze, but shush. Never mind being practical! This is for crazy thoughts. Like breakfast in be- wait. That's not crazy at all. "You know, I think I will," she says, and grins. "All the finest treats, delivered on a hand-carved tray. Iced klah. Fresh-chopped fruit. Ice cream." For breakfast. Aw yeah. She reaches partway out to Ka'el, fingers going for his side before they remember and then detouring for his arm, brushing along the bottom of it lightly. "And then I'll take that leave." Which she hasn't discussed with Thea yet, buuut she's just assuming it anyhow.

"Wait, wait…didn't she have her baby or somethin'?" Poitns for Ka'el for remembering! Or .. at least he thinks he remembers something happening to the former junior weyrwoman that night. Or having heard of something happening. Obviously, Ka'el himself was a bit preoccupied with a hungry, hungry, bronze! "In any case. You're a weyrwoman. You can do whatever the shell y'want within reason an no one's gonna question. No one's gonna question why you're not at the hatching fest after bein' on the sands for months, goin' insane." Breakfast in bed is such a better option! He grins at her wishlist. "Ice cream? Now you're goin' too shardin' far. That's not fair." He never gets ice cream for breakfast! The touch to his arm inspires a small smile, though the reaction inside is larger. He battles to keep himself as he is, content with a few inches of closeness and soft touches. The conversation is easy, light, playful. It's all good. He shouldn't want any more, but he does. Another half inch closer. No, make than an inch. His smile is still in place for a while longer. He has something witty to say about taking leave, but he never gets around to saying it beforeh e finds himself swooping in towards her, aiming to press a kiss to her lips similar to one she gave him before while seated in the stands. Hot, steamy, and urgent. Too much too fast? Maybe, but, well, he lost the battle with himself.

"…oh yeah." Soriana should have remembered that baby! She organized a baby shower and everything. But, well. Distractions! She kind of had one of her own. One that's now brooding over eggs. There are, however, no babies this time around… at least not human ones. Shudder. "Sure they are," she says to people questioning things. "They question everything. You've seen how often people come complain to Thea about random stuff." Or maybe he hasn't, what with being a wingrider and busy. "All sorts of stuff. They're going to care horribly about who impressed and who didn't and who…" she trails off, shaking her head. So much caring. SO MUCH. And… "Nope. Not fair at all." But then, she was going to have ice cream for breakfast - brought her by Thea - until it melted because Ka'el was here and hurt and… everything. All the everything, and now there's Ka'el here, and not just here, but here, and her eyes widen a little as she comes toward him, time for a deep breath and then - she kisses back, because somewhere in that worry and those days by his bedside, she's scribbled over the fear of him with worry for him, and to have him here and pressing to her makes her anxious about his ribs but wanting instead of scared and wanting… and she can kiss back while she's anxious. So she does.

There weren't people up in the observatory before. Ka'el doesn't know if people trickled in after egg touching while they were conversing or not, but frankly he doesn't really care. Months have passed since the last time they've shared a kiss like this. 'Share' is the key word. This sort of passionate thing was given to him before, but it was done through anger. Desperation. And in the end there were tears. It wasn't a kiss at all but instead manifested to be a slap in the face reminder of how broken things really were between them. This? It's not the same as before. There's no running and hiding as passion grows through the locking of lips and the vague press of his body to hers. Just a graze. There's an injury beneath that tunic that's still on the road of healing, and his mind is dimly aware of that. His hand curls around her waist and slides behind her back. So familiar, this motion. Even more so is the parting of lips and the touch of his tongue to hers as his head tilts. Steps to a dance that can't be forgotten. A rhythm that quickens the pace of his heart and has him abandoning that vague graze to press his body more solidly against hers and.. Ow. There's no hiding the sharp stiffening of his body, the wince of closed eyes and interruption of the kiss by an inhalation of a short breath.

The kiss isn't like that one in the stands before - but it's not exactly the same as the ones before the flight, either. There's still a hesitance to Soriana that stops her from leaning in entirely - but that's because of Ka'el's injury, mostly. It's not one that stops her lips from pressing or her mouth from opening or her tongue from teasing out against his. …or even her fingers from sliding up along his arm to the shoulder, curling around it and brushing up through his hair as her other hand lifts to touch his side - wait, no, but, but… her lips press firmer with a flash of frustration, pushing mouths together even if she can't press her chest to his and squeeze him and - for a moment it's there, the lean of Ka'el against her, and then that very closeness is what makes her feel his reaction, the tensing and the obvious pain that has her lips drawing away. Her fingers rest against the back of his neck, tips in his hair, and she takes in a deep breath as she looks at him. "…sorry."

It's just too much pressure, that's all. Too much against his ribs and that bruise that's nearly faded. Just splotches left here and there. With the releasing of that pressure, the pain will subside and dissolve back into nothing. The problem is, Ka'el doesn't want to release that pressure for too long. Not now that it's ok that there is pressure felt from one body pressing against another. Is it all the way ok? He's not sure, but he does know that he wasn't pushed away. The shuddering nervousness wasn't there. One problem is fading, while another has manifested in the form of injury. Things never are simple for long, are they? Her apology brings a faint smile, and he leans in to kiss her lips, lingering, yet more brief than their last. "Don't be. …I'm not," he says. "I'm never going to be sorry about kissin' you." It's nearly the truth, because right now, he's nearly sorry. Sorry that it won't continue. Bodies are still close, yet not as pressed as before, which is fortunate in a way for Ka'el. Some things shouldn't be allowed to rise to the surface. His arm uncurls from her to lift to her face, and the backs of his fingers graze her cheek and roam down the curve of her neck before it's pulled away fully. "C'mon, let's sit down or something. Pick at their brains," a nod to their lifemates, "and see what's going on down there with those eggs."

Soriana returns that kiss, but without the leaning in, this time. She can still remember his reaction. She can still remember the dark splotches and… "I am, though. Because I've got to stop." To not hurt him - and, the secondary truth, because she's still not sure quite how far she wants to go. Or, rather, how far she'll go before something makes her nervous again. Maybe there's a small (tiny. so miniscule) upside to this injury - it gives her time to figure things out again. But… "Yeah." She trails her fingers around his shoulder, and touches her lips to his hand before bringing hers around to catch it. "They might be talking about the candidates again. Luraoth's practically invented life histories for some of them." A snort, amused, and she keeps Ka'el's hand as they head for a place to sit and talk. It's like their mouths have purposes other than makeouts.

"Kanekith has one word for each. … Some've them aren't words that should be repeated." Their mouths do have other purposes, don't they? Talking and joking, smiling and frowning. Ka'el is getting good at those other things. There are plenty of things to talk about. Just as many things to frown at. Those frown-worthy things are all consuming and continually threaten to do just that in moments where his guard is down. Quiet moments where there are no words and the mind is not flooded by endorphins brought by touches and kisses to keep them at bay. Makeouts have not come often. Scratch that. At all. And she's sorry which makes him feel sorry. Not about the kiss. Sorry for making her sorry. And so for a moment he's quiet, feeling sorry about that, which opens the door for him to feel sorrry about unrelated things. And the sensation of apology morphs and turns into a feeling of sadness instead, as one by one those things he's pushed away begin to vie for attention. He sits with her and his mouth gets moving again, talking about any and everything else. The eggs. The candidates. Hatching and impression. Work, or lack thereof. There are many other topics to keep the mouth moving and words flowing and ill-feelings away, banished back to their corner to wait for another opportunity to sneak out. Kissing her would've been fine. More than fine and obviously a desired thing. But talking? That works just fine too.

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