A Game of Firelizards

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns
A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.

Mikal scuffs his feet a bit as he shuffles around the table. He sets down a full plate of food and is nearly in his chair before he realizes he didn't get anything to drink! With an annoyed look he stands and scuff-walks over to the drinks.

Tarrin slips his way into the cavern looking about seeming a bit lost, he has the knot of a wingsecond of eastern weyr on this shoulder but instead of a dragons colors it is intertwined with the colors of the baker's craft.

Fair weather, a good sign, not as hot as it has been in the caverns without the cooling systems working, not that the firelizard whose clutch is roosting in the caverns has much to complain about. A bed of warm sand and hardly any people loitering in the caverns, so she didn't have to chase too many people away. The fair day does at least bring some relief to the caverns, through open doors and windows. A nattering and a thrilling by his firelizard brings him out of his hiding hole, which, to no surprise, is the administration hallway. Shaggy hair and scruffy face, lacking a ranked knot, would cause some to be suspicios. He's not even wearing a rider's leathers, instead, his former sailor attire - a baggy blouse like shirt and some suitable trousers. Sturdy and Steady, his two brown firelizards have summoned him, since Sexy, that gold of his, is staying resolute around her eggs. Lan takes in those present, striding to the bucket to give comforting scritches to the goldie. She tries to snap at him but he taps her on the bunt of her nose, "Aye, now I know whar all the fuss be bout.. They be movin uh?" A look across the caverns, catching an eye of a couple kitchen lads, his hardy sea farring voice lifts across to catch attentions, "Yo, some meat this way." He mounts the bucket on the table, throwing a leg up on the bench of a chair, slumping an arm over his upraised thigh, watching those milling around with a studious stare.

A Facade Of Sapphires Egg.
A jewel of ocean rests here in the form of a shell, washed with sparkling promises of sapphires, glinting with polished blues and softer purples. A rough island of stone is cut out in the middle of the swelling waves, with white-caps slapping at the coastlines.

The warm spot in front of the fire may be good for warming firelizard eggs, but the mantel above it is good for warming adults. Not that anyone but dragonkind needs more heat, this summer - even if today is better than most. Toral has been draped there for a while, just far enough away so the broody gold doesn't chase him as he soaks in the heat. His own human, Soriana, has been around a while as well, sitting with a capture-stone game, a cool drink, and some friends.

Tsenik makes his into the caverns looking more than a little tired. There's various grass stains cover his pants and he's carrying a basket of flowers in one arm. He makes his way towards the serving tables, grabbing up a sandwich to plop on his plate. He pauses when he notes all the people gathered aroud. "What's all the fuss about today, you'd think everyone'd be at the beach with all the festivities." Tsenik muses thoughtfully as he plops himself at a table, watching the people in a curious manner as he puts the basket of flowers on the table.

Idrissa is sitting over near the fire with a book, an a certain large canine knows as Asher stretched out next to her on the the floor, his actually using her feet as a pillow it seems. Her gaze lifts up as she hears voices and she titls her head while closing her book as she stands up and is slowly moving over to see what Ers'lan has brought it seems. An it's been a while since seeing this rider. A slight smile and wave is offered to him. "Hey." Is offered in that soft voice of hers before she is peering at the bucket that is on the table. She is rather curious it seems.

Tarrin glances about between the folks here seeming to be looking for someone in particular, he nods to a few folks and moves towards the comotion and blinks as he sees the eggs and smiles just a bit, "Mind if I join you all?"

D'rayn is standing by the serving tables, not quite sure what it is he wants other than it needs to be warm and filling, not exactly a huge request one would think but there he is standing like a lump not sure what to choose. "Shards there has to be something I want, just one thing is all I need." His attention is attracted by the bucket being placed on a table wondering why anyone would place a bucket onto a table, then moving closer to the bucket he notes there's eggs inside, a firelizard hatching, he turns back to the serving table and calls over to one of the drudges to bring him some meat.

Having noted the eggs in the past, Mikal also was aware of the protective queen so he was sure to keep his distance. Juice in hand he's close enough to see as the sailor/rider comes on in and now once more attention is given to the eggs. Hastily setting his juice down he slides up along side Idrissa. "Heya Idrissa. Where's that shadow of yours, Sori?" he asks with a quick grin.

ka-el is caught up in the capture stone game with Soriana, loitering about the caverns though his attention flits from the game, to Toral the firelizard, to the /other/ firelizard with eggs, then back to the game. "Hey … did you cheat?" he says, eyeing the pieces that he's /sure/ have moved a little since he last looked. Sori is given a suspicious look that's nowhere near serious, though his eyes soon glance over the emerging Ers'lan, brows lifting at his attire. "He looks different."

Wakua comes in from a long day at the forge another day of working the bellows. She looks around to find her friends and she smiles as she sees Tsenik and Idrissa right away. She whistles softly, "Wow a lot of people around here today, yah you'd think so wouldn't you Tsenik." She moves over towards the commotion as she wants to see what's going on. She hears a call for meat and she peeks at the table to see what's going on. She spots the bucket and the eggs inside, "Firelizard hatching?" She asks and blinks at the Queen. She smiles, "Hello there." She waves to Kale and Soriana as well, "Hey guys."

Ers'lan tilts his head toward the buckets, "Whar did ya narh hear me, make it quick laddy! These buggers are narh waiting fer no one." Lan peers around him as he notes some familar faces, but with all the festivities it makes it really hard to keep track of faces. At least he smiles to Idrissa, "Lass. Come quick," he motions for her, nodding to the others that are starting to gather. Big crowd this time and no pints of ale! "Some bring me a floggin of ale will ya?!" He chuckles, "All right all right. No pushin. Jus find me some ale, I won't even be chargin out fer these eggs this time. I be too shardin busy. Let 'em hatch… There be the first one-" he notes as he points to a certain egg that looks on the verge of cracking.

"What?" asks Soriana. "No, I didn't, I moved from there, duh." She points, grinning, then leans back from her game to glance at Ers'lan and the commotion around the hearth, and hehs. Her brown chirps, and she smiles before turning back to the game board and Kale. "Yeah, he does kinda." Also… firelizards? She grins to Kale. "C'mon, you should totally see this. Since you missed the dragons and all… so you know what you're missing!" That said, she all but drags him over, abandoning the board.

A Facade Of Sapphires Egg sparkles like baubles of the ocean, melting away with each and every moment the occupant inside takes. Suddenly, the facade has ended and the real jewel comes spilling out.

A Maiden Of The Blade Green Hatchling
This green, she's not a looker. She doesn't have the grace or build of any of her clutch mates. She's gangly in the limbs and broad of chest. Her muzzle is pug-nosed, short and blunted, while her head knobs are not symmetrical - one skews out to the right and the other crooks upward. Her legs are too long and too thick for her body, making them look fat and stubby, while her tail is too short and her wings are too long. She looks all out of proportion, as if she was made from left over bits. Even her color isn't necessarily appealing to the eye. Olive green blankets her snout and stretches back over dull neck ridges, until it reaches her collar bone where it clashes against the apple green. Further down, with no reason at all, it smudges back in with olive to make quite a mess against her unsightly frame. A dark viridian green gloves each of her feet, while talons are tipped with sapphire blue. Fine slivers of mint cream spider-webs over her entire frame, creating a grayish tarnish to settle over her. Thicker lines of mint cream converge over her wing-sails and her spars show a mix of blending greens, mashed together like camouflage. A silver pearl four pointed star extends from the back of shoulders to the tip of tail and is perhaps the only beautiful feature she has, to those who look for perfection.

Idrissa a glance is offered to Ers'lan but she is there peering at the bucket curiously and soon enough her gaze flicks over the eggs and yes there is one that does grab her attention. Is that a canine on that one there? No of course no, she is totally seeing things of course. Her gaze lingers on the one egg that is sort lumpy, and looks as if someone dropped snow all over it, though yes it does look like the smudge is like a canine in mid stretch when running. Asher is at least still sleeping back near the couch and isn't tromping over to takle anyone, or knock something over. YET at least.

Fort's Weyrwoman has been stopping by at Xanadu a lot recently, for business mostly and today does not seem to be much different. "Just a snack before we leave." Dtirae murmurs, likely speaking to the gold that waits outside for her. The woman notes the heavy presence of people within the Weyr and inclines her head in a greeting towards each as she makes her way to the serving tables. Quick, snack like foods are piled onto a plate and she eats while standing, quickly assessing the situation. And the firelizards, well namely it is Ers'lan who draws attention to the event. There's no inclination from the woman to venture over any closer than she is, especially considering all the younger people in the crowd.

Tsenik blinks slightly as everyone heads over towards the gold firelizard, he cranes his neck as he tries to figure out just waht's going on. "Firelizard eggs?" He echos as he hears Wakua, "Yeah, I was maybe thinking of going down the beach later today after the shop closed." However, as everyone crowds around, he frowns slightly and sinks back into his seat.

Why is Inyri here, when she's from Fort and has absolutely no real reason whatsoever to be at Xanadu? Good question; it likely has to do with the fact there's a Turnover celebration, though, as she looks a little more dressy than usual and has been chatting with perfect strangers with relative ease. The fact there's a group gathering in one place all of a sudden catches her attention, though — never one to be left out, she abandons whoever she might've been talking to before in order to join in the crowds. "Oh. Hey, okay, I guess this is how I'm spending my next hour," she muses to no one in particular, giving in to temptation and stealing up some meat for herself to gather the attention of firelizards at will. She does notice Dtirae, though, as she settles in; raising her hand, she waggles two fingers in her Weyrwoman's direction.

The drudge returns with a packet of meat that she's managed to cut up into hatchling firelizard size, as D'rayn looks through the package he smiles at the quality of the meat and the effort the drudge put forth. "Here you go, a quarter mark for your troubles; you did a fine job with the meat and I thank you." With that he moves closer to where the bucket is careful not to get so close that the mama becomes upset with him. D'rayn sits himself down close enough to entice any new hatchling but not so close that the Gold would take exception to his presence.

A jaunty spring in her step, and her flight helmet swinging rather dangerously between her fingers, Akyla saunters into the caverns all on her lonesome. "Fort duties to Xandau and her queens, thought I'd nip in for something to eat and drink before heading home." Mooching, it pays sometimes. The bustle of activity in the caverns themselves catches her eyes, brows quirking a bit in keen interest at the unfamiliar surroundings, and she steps forward a bit to stake her claim on an empty chair. "Hope nobody's sitting here, because it's mine, all mine." Her flight helmet strap twirl — goodness, the woman's like to brain someone if she keeps that up — before it thumps down onto the table, followed by her gloves and other paraphernalia, slithering out of her riding jacket and bundling it onto the chair beside her. She's claiming /that/ chair too. Making good on her promise, Aky moves to the buffet table to heap a plate of vittles for herself and a mug of ale. "Weyrwoman," the mug is hefted towards Dtirae. "You're looking well." Cheeky, said-like. And Inyri gets a bit of a wave too. "Wondered where'd you'd gone off to while Ystwyth and I were running our errands."

Mikal has been looking over the eggs and nudges Idrissa in the side a bit harder. Clearly she didn't notice him before! "Lookit in the bucket still. I seen an egg with all sorta colors on it." he gestures to the Lost in the Map egg. He does fall silent though to watch the first egg crack shell and he admires the green a moment.

Kale finds himself being dragged over to the hearth! A good thing, as he'd probably miss out on seeing anything, him being fourteen and not the tallest person here. There are a lot of folk! Faces from other places. And so he moves along with Soriana, squeezing through and around people with muffled "'scuse me"s to see the first green hatchling appear! "Woah.." Yup. His first time seeing /anything/ hatch, lizard or dragon. "Too bad they've to come out've the eggs. They're so nice lookin'," he says, eying a firery oen in particular.

Soriana grins to Idrissa as she gets close enough to see the other girl. Toral sits up on the mantel, peering curiously down at the hatching eggs and humming softly as they reveal their contents. Mikal gets another grin from Sori, and she nods. "It really is," she agrees with the younger boy, then grins to Kale and nods. "Aren't they just?" she says, and points to that very one he's looking at. Fire and Ash, indeed! "That one looks like it came right from the forges."

Idrissa at the first egg hatching she glances towards the green and smiles while watching it, wondering a moment. Though her gaze is back on the wintery egg, it's that darn canine ish smudge upon it that has her attention. She half listens to the ones around but yes her attention is clearly on that egg. Someone has picked up enough from reading a bit it seems. "Hey Mikal, sorry." She gives his hair a faint fuzzling and half pull a chair out a bit from the table with a foot to try and get the shorter kid a bit more room so he can see it seems.

Wakua smiles, "Me too, but I was gonna get cleaned up before I went down to the beach, but if there are firelizards hatching. I want to try for one." She starts to pat her pockets, but she doesn't have any meat or food on her. She smiles brightly as she sees the drudges come over with the meat for the hatching. She grabs a bowl, "She is amazing looking." She remembers the advice she was told from way back, "Remember good thoughts and food." She goes to pick out a piece of meat that looks like a juicy one and she starts to wiggle it towards the green.

The raising hand draws her attention and Inyri is spotted and the action is returned, with a grin spreading on her lips. Akyla is spotted next, the verbal greeting drawing her attention. "Thank you, you're looking well yourself." The compliment is taken with a smile before Dtirae is moving to take a seat, at least to get a better view of what is going on. The bits of fruit she's gathered are lifted to her lips and nibbled on idly. "Hopefully they aren't goin' to have much issue findin' some food. Especially with all these people about."

D'rayn watches as the first hatchling makes her appearance, a green and such a lovely lady she is. He sorts through his package of meat and finds one just the right size for it and holds it where it can be easily seen, every so often he gives the meat a twitch as if it were trying to move along trying to escape being eaten.

"Chatting up people I'll never see again," Inyri explains cheerfully enough, grinning at Akyla. She, in comparison, has no chair — she's on the floor. It seems she either thinks that's what you always do with firelizards when they're hatching, or that it just makes more sense to get on their level; though she's not giving too much attention to the one who's hatched, just yet. "She's definitely — interesting," is what she has to say on the green. "Though I don't know I'd so much want one that lays. Maybe a boy?"

A Maiden Of The Blade Green Hatchling shakes off the dirt and the grit, squawking loudly in protest to Ers'lan, who tries to grab her out of the bucket and settle her on the table. He doesn't get that close, not fast enough brownrider! She gets him though, with a lash of her claws to his probbing fingers. Mahuaha! Bounding down the bucket, she makes a sloppy mess of it but ends up on the table nevertheless. Ers'lan takes the hint and snorts, "Jus like me gold ta make 'em with piss 'n vinegar… Watch yer fingers folks. Feed 'er iffin ya want ta coax her to ya. Dun let her fall off the table thar-" he points to the person sitting next to the tables, knowing that the firelizard is more likely to just go wild than fall and hurt herself. He licks his finger where she scratched him all the same, still peering over heads of those around him, nodding to those he recognizes, more he doesn't. Thankfully, D'rayn brings meat over and someone else passes him an ale. Bottoms up!

Castles In The Rock Egg
Grey stone. It looks as if that is all the egg is, in its squat roundness. Completely concealed in this stony wash, there seems to be nothing to distinguish it from a real boulder, except but a few marks. Those marks are akin to emblems, scratched into the surface, some appear to be great beasts on two legs with long tails and large paws, like some great feline, others appear to be castles growing out of the shale and stone cresting over the egg.

Tsenik watches the hatchling for a moment, and then his eyse flicker over to all the people crowding around the eggs, "I think I'll pass," Tsenik says quietly as he glances down at his food, "lotsa people seeming to want 'em, and I'm not sure I want something that's going to be more of a nuisance than company." A hand rubs at the back of his head as he simply contents himself to watching.

Mikal acks, ducking his head in a failed attempt to dodge Idrissa's fuzzling. "Heya Kale. Soriana." he greets the other boy first. Neener. He stands on the bottom rungs of the chair Idrissa shifts over to watch the green a moment longer though he glances to the egg that first drew his attention still in the bucket.

D'rayn moves closer to the table, the meat leaving a trail of blood on the table as he twitches it back and forth, alternating the speed of the twitches careful not to spook the green but making it interesting enough that she might come to help herself to his offering.

Kale nods in agreement to Sorian while lightly fingering items in his pocket. "You think they'll like jerky?" He hopes so. It's all he has! He watches with prime interest as Ers'lan grabs the first hatchling (though not without a war wound to show for his efforts!) and tries to see just what those interested in it are feeding. But he doesn't take his eyes off the eggs long and soon looks back to the bucket, glancing to his friends. "Oh, hey Mikal," he greets, grinning. "Good luck, eh? Hopefully we're not eyein' the same one!"

A Maiden Of The Blade Green Hatchling considers all the people crowding around the table, at least it was a LONG table. She starts to slink by the nosy ones, those who judge and probe her with their stare. There is a quick look to the one with the bowl and the kind words however, pondering such as it is. Is that one safe to approach? Slink a leeeettle bit forward, claws ready just incase someone has something mean to say. Head pops up at the twitching meat down further… Choices choices.

Idrissa rolls her shoulders slightly and shifts while watching the eggs and chewing on her lip a moment. Think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts. It takes her a few moments to hear Soriana and Kale, whom get a wave! But she isn't taking her eyes on ther smudged eggy. "Hey guys. An't this cool?" This is the first time she has seen anything hatch, dragon or firelizard.

Akyla's chin bobs in understanding as the greenrider eels onto her chair, seated for a moment before she gives up, and clambers onto the table itself, perched atop it in a very unladylike manner — the better to get a decent view of the hatching furor, even if it means blocking out those who might have been sitting behind her. Too bad for them, nyah! "Well, at least you weren't bored," the woman comments to the other Fortian. "Would hate to have left someone cooling their heels and all." Picking up her plate, she takes a few quick bites. "I don't think Ystwyth could stand a green," she muses, eyeing the newly hatched firelizard with cool detachment. "She hardly tolerates Chilly as it is, but it must be because he's so /lazy/." there's emphasis on the last word. "No drive to him, can't be bothered to help bathe her. A boy might suit you," there's a quick glance at the barmaid. "I'd just as soon avoid another one altogether, unless of course, it was one that could coax a fair into actually assisting with Ystwyth's bath." She shrugs, nibbling at food, and washing it down with a sip of ale. "It's always interesting to watch though."

Wakua oohs as the green starts to stalk the table and she grins as she'll brave it. She puts the juice piece of meat towards the green and she starts to gives it a wiggle and jiggle to try to entice the green firelizard to come to her. She watches where the green is going as she thinks good thoughts about the green, how pretty she is, how she has a great attitude. She nods in agreement with Idrissa without looking away, "Yah it's amazing."

Soriana giggles as she watches the little green fight. Sori's not reaching for meat - not when she has one of her own - but it's still a wonderful thing to watch. Little firelizard babies, even if some of them are more with the gawky than the elegant! Still awesome. Still sufficiently good for her mood that she doesn't even mind falling second to the boy in Mikal's greeting order. Not that she generally does, but hey! To Kale, she says, "Well, they'll eat any kind of meat, but… y'don't want them to choke. Here…" And now she is reaching for the nicely chopped meat, but it's just to hand some to Kale. And over to Idrissa. Just in case they need it. Never mind her hands are now messy with bits of clingy meat.

"I've heard they do," Inyri interrupts Kale and Soriana's conversation, as if she was invited to, or at least as if she doesn't expect anyone to care. " If Akyla's going to abandon one of her chairs, though, Inyri — who was bound to get off the floor eventually, considering hatchings generally do not only produce greens — is happy to take it. "You sit there," she says, with a delighted little smile, obviously approving of the table-sitting, "and I'll take your seat, then, yeah? I'd like to see if I can charm one, just because I think they'd be interesting to train. And my family expects the occasional letter; it'd be easier with my own. Is that too outrageously practical for fun?"

D'rayn watches with interest the greens examination of the different offerings and those making the offering, he hopes that she chooses him. To that end he slows down the wiggle of his piece of meat, jerking it left and right before letting it rest a moment before starting it to jerking again. He watches the others as well, curious to see what their approaches are.

Tarrin smiels asreaches for the bowl of meat looking down to the little green on the table, "Oh wow she is a beauty isn't she."

A Maiden Of The Blade Green Hatchling scurries toward the closest choice, the easiest. A few more stalking slithers across the table and she's hooking her teeth into some of the meat offered by a suitable meat-holder and wiggler.

A Maiden Of The Blade Green Hatchling looks into Wakua's eyes. Impression!

Tsenik lifts up a finger, "She is rather nice looking, isn't she?" He asks Wakua with a slight grin, "Didn't think I'd get a show with my lunch." He laughs quietly, but he's not really one of the ones crowding around the table.

Ers'lan is busy drinking his ale, no marks for him or pretty lasses on his knee this time. At least an ale will do. Noticing the green take the bait belonging to someone he nods, "Jus keep feedin her, 'n she'll keep ya." Or something, his eyes wandering back to the bucket, taking another egg out, as he notes cracks in the shell. Taking it -out- first before it hatches and it almost does, in his hand. "Shards.. 'ere…" he tips the bucket over as gently as he can, spilling the rest of the eggs and contents out. Kitchen staff won't like him.

Mikal doesn't reach for meat yet. "I think we're looking at two different ones." he assures Kale. "I've not seen a firelizard hatching in forever!" he haughtily informs Idrissa. Even though this is his first one for realz. "It's always much neater than a Dragon one because your closer." as if he was the expert. He tries to be. "Who do you think she's gonna pick?" he asks. "Oooh…I think she choose." he murmurs in his next breath. He's really chatty today. "Oh congratulations there!" is offered in a half shout over to Wakua. "How exciting." and his attention quickly shifts once more.

Castles In The Rock Egg tumbles down as if each brick were coming out of place. Each fragment litters the ground as something stabs right through the hard shell! Razor talons jab out to stab himself free of his cage, shouldering the rest of the way out with a savage roar!

The White Lion Knight Bronze Hatchling
Polished in gold and burnt umber, this proud brute does not lack for being handsome, in fact, he appears rather perfect in his pristine cloak of hot-white bronze. Every inch of him is wrought with magnificence that comes with a noble bearing. Muscles wrap in all the right places, his gold chest flares with broad brilliance, and his wings soar out behind him like shimmering white sails. Even his wedged shape head has the cut of being flawlessly projected so that his face is sweet to look upon. Neck ridges dash down his spine with graceful curves, extending down to his whip-dash of a tail. Burnt umber and gold washes over the tops of his shoulders and down to his rib cage, changing mid way to that white-hot bronze which licks his under belly and tail. His talons are made of silver blades, each one cast with the potential to rip his prey apart.

Wakua watches as the green firelizard comes closer to her and she wiggles the meat one last time before the green slithers over. She gets a look of awe on her face as the green chomps into the meat and impression is made. She continues to feed the hungry greenfirelizard and she scoops up both to go off to sit off to the side, close enough to watch and pay attention. She looks over towards Tsenik, "Go try Tsenik, everyone should try." She continues to happy feed the ravanous green firelizard, "Thanks."

Kale blinks upon listening to Soriana. Leave it to a boy to not even think about little baby lizard teeth! Or…lack there of. He has no clue if they hatch with or without teeth to chew something as tough as jerky. "Oh…I don't mean to for it to choke!" Poor baby firelizard who may or may not come to him! Kale really means you no harm. He's just a useless boy who thankfully has useful female friends. Soriana's much softer meat is taken gratefully. "Thank you," he says, mindless of the slimyness. Inryi, upon being heard, is glanced at. "Er..thanks, though I don' think I'll chance bein' the first to choke a firelizard." Which would be his luck!

Tsenik shakes his head as he leans forward to prop his head on his hand as he nibbles on his lunch, "Everone else wants 'em, not fair for me to go off impressing one when I'm not sure I want one." Tsenik says as if it's the most logical thing in the world. "besides, I don't mind watching, and there's always next time."

D'rayn smiles as the green makes her choice and offers his congratulations to the lucky one, then is nearly startled by the appearance of the bronze on the table. Taking a new piece of meat he places it on the palm of his hand, lower it to just the right height so that it can be easily reached by the bronze if he so chooses.

Idrissa oos softly at the bronze that appears and her gaze flicks from it then back to the bucket, looks like for the moment she is set on that wintery one for what ever reason. She does go about picking up a bit of meat though to have hold of it for just incase! Asher has finally woke up and is peering at everyone over /thar/, at least the canine is keeping put with all the chittering lizards he would rather play stay away it seems. "Nice going Wakua!" Is heard as Rissa catches sight of the girl with the green.

"I like the way you think," Akyla gives Inyri a wry smirk, the greenrider's full lips curving into a bemused smile. "It's a nice place to sit," the table is of course not /hers/ nor is it ever likely to belong to her or have anything to do with her other than providing a place to park her derriere for the time being. "And you get the chair. Works out both ways." Win-win for Inyri and Akyla, that way. "Wouldn't necessarily mean I wouldn't toss a sliver of meat or two," she remarks, "if I think there's even the slightest chance that I'd end up with a 'lizard with some smarts, but I wouldn't try really really hard." In other words, the greenrider's lazy. She nods, a rather bobbing motion that makes some food slop off the edge of the plate before she steadies. "Wish ya luck," she informs the Fortian barmaid. "If you get a smart one that can be trained, instead of rolling over and snoozing." she grins, jerking her chin towards yon bronze. "He's got an interesting look in his eye, eh? Might be a sharp one."

Soriana nods to Inyri's shameless conversation joining. "Really, they're just hungry. You would be too if you were stuck in a shell for sevendays!" She grins over to Wakua as the green decides her meat is worthwhile, and says, "Congratulations!" It's probably lost in all the noise, though. She grins to Mikal, and nods. "Than being in the stands, at least!" is her comment about the closeness, and then- ooh! Another hatchling, this one a handsome shiny bronze.

Like /that/. All of a sudden, the hatchlings have Inyri's total attention; good thing she's managed to swipe some of the fresh meat, just in case jerky /wasn't/ the best idea. "Ooh, yep, like him," she chirps at Akyla, and then starts to mimic everyone else — she's new to the game. Meat in hand, offered out so that her fingertip's /just/ touching it; it is clear that Inyri is the one holding it, but the bronze will not actually have to come in contact with her directly to eat it. In case he's just hungry and doesn't want the human contact, or maybe e's a little jittery. "And are you really supposed to, like, think at them? Really? Okay." She'll try it. Good thoughts. Loving thoughts! Pretty bronze, pretty sharp-edged handsome death machine talon bronze …

Tarrin blinks a few times and says, "Wow." lowering just a bit to offer up his little bit of meat to the little bronze knight before them with a little smiles, "here you go little one, you must be hungry.' he says in a soft voice. As allways the baker is trying to feed things.

Mikal stretches his arm to grab at the closest bowl to his in slide it closer. Once that's done he grabs a glob of meat and watches the bronze free himself from the egg. He utters a short whistle, no doubt of approval at the shade of color and the proudness within the young hatching. He utters another small little tune, dangling the meat between his fingers in his attempt to draw the attention of the bronze. "Never been on the Sands." he remarks to Idrissa. "Just the Stands. Either way though it's neat to watch the hatchings." of lizard or dragon no doubt.

Ooh. Though the stone-like egg was not the first one to catch his eye, the appearance of the regal lizard that emerges from within truly is! Just like bronzed metals from the forges, that one. Prettier than any jewel! Ok so he's a little taken, sue him, but so are many others. He notices this, though the fact of that does not deter him from trying. "Wish me luck!" is said with a crooked grin before he moves to join the other wanna be lizard mates, clutching his portion of meat in a fist which soon opens up to a palm with the meat laying upon it. Soo..maybe his hand will get bitten off in the process, but Kale is a forgiving soul!

Idrissa smiles as she hears Mikal. "Well I haven't either. No one in my family has a firelizard." Her mother is, well not thrilled of them or Weyr's for that much. A faint shrug is seen while she looks back to the bucket and that pretty wintery egg with the canineish smudge. "I think its great, an there so cute." Yes she totally called the little razor totting lizards cute! But this is Rissa, did anyone really expect her /not/ to say that?

The White Lion Knight Bronze Hatchling fans his magnificent hot-white bronze laced wings into the air, like a banner of his glory, flapping off the gooey stick egg remains clinging to him. A snap of one wing flings a piece flying at an unsuspecting watcher. His eyes consider the remaining eggs, some pulsing from their occupants inside and the humming brought on by the parents, others simply still. One already cracked! He starts to step out of the sand dune created by the tipped over bucket, but just can't seem to ignore the sand sticking between his toes. To fix that, he waddles a ways forward, stops, lifts his leg up to nibble on the bottom of his toes. A few more waddles and he gives a piteous snarl. One day he will roar, today, well, he manages. His waddles turn into more of a stride the further he gets away from the bucket, suddenly aware of all those looming over him. Yes, isn't he pretty? The most glorious?

Tarrin smiels in appriciation at the bronze and says, "Quiet the looker aren't you, like a knight in shining armor, gonna win all the damsals aren't you.' he smiels to the bronze as he slowly contiues to wave the treat for its consumption.

Tsenik leans forward to peer curiously at his friends, "You guys gonna try and impress?" He asks curiously as he puts his own food down to try and attempt to watch the bronze firelizard. "That's an interesting shade of color," Tsenik observes curiously, "i don't think I've seen anything like that before."

D'rayn keeps an eye on the little bronze smiling as he considers what Era's response would be if he managed to impress this little lordling, he's sure that the two would have a discussion on who was the boss as well on who had first dibs on his attention. A little shudder goes through his body as he imagines that little confrontation, "Yes Era he's the same color as you are, now who said anything about him being handsomer than you? I surely didn't, and I've not impressed him so you're making a fuss about nothing." With a smile he returns his attention to the little bronze and nods his head at the 'roar' "Well now aren't we a ferocious fellow!"

"It was a really neat looking egg, too," Inyri points out, since she'd been looking at it before, at least momentarily. "I mean. It looked like a rock? But that's really kind of neat and — aww. You can totally be a tough guy, little dude!" So much for thinking at him: she's doing a great job of just /talking/ at him, even as she ups the bounty with two, count 'em two pieces of meat. "It might not have actually been scary, but I'll give you credit. And so, apparently, will everyone else, Mr. Popular." If she weren't having so much fun talking to a firelizard and laughing at herself for doing it, she might feel guilty, not being particularly competitive; but she's clearly not thinking about it.

Wakua smiles brightly as she continues to feed the green and she rubs her belly gently to help the green digest all the meat she's eating. She spots the bronze, "Ooh he's very handsome." She comments before she turns her smile back to the green, "But you are absolutely beautiful."

Soriana nods to Mikal. "I haven't been on the sands either, but I've heard…" she says. She's not really taking her eyes off the little firelizard, grinning as she watches him be oh so fierce! Well. As fierce as a baby can be! She laughs to Inyri. "Rock, ore, turned to metal! It all works."

Akyla chuckles softly, slight movement making more food slop off her plate, so the greenrider gives it up entirely and plunks the meal down onto the table bewside her, legs dangling over the edge of the table, and feet kicking and twitching in antsy anticipation. "Shells," she remarks to Inyri. "I don't know. I don't even think I was trying to /think/ at Chilly. He just sort of hatched, and I had food, and he grabbed it, and …" she shrugs. "Maybe I /should/ have thought at him, maybe he'd have been smarter that way." Plate of food forsaken for the moment, the Fortian rider cradles her mug between her palms. "But it wouldn't hurt to think at him." she remarks. "He looks regal and imposing," her hand unclasps, fingers curling away from the mug to stray down towards her plate, poking through her meal for possible tidbits to be offered to potential lizard friends.

Lost In The Map Egg
The world is full of many different sights and sounds, so it would seem that this egg tries to express all. Narrow rivers and streams cut across the tiny egg, fissures of rock and cliff perch in amongst the fields of golden and green grass and in the pools of ocean blues. Mountains of grey and a wall of ice mingle in amongst the night sky and the puffs of cloud that drift over toward a clear blue sky. Hints of orange and yellows populate as what could be flowers or flames around which hints of roads and bridges scurry through wisps of smoke.

Kale squats a little to get a little more level with the baby lizard, and hopefully not get bowled over by eager cavern goers in the process! He keeps his arm jutted out, hand open with his meaty offering to the newest hatchling set on his palm. "Hey an' hello there, little bronze. M'Kale, and.." Er. What does one say in these sort of situations? Are you even supposed to /say/ anything? "If y'come with me, you'll be the greatest forgin' lizard on Xanadu. Promise!"

Mikal would squeal if he were a girl. As it is he's quite excited as he points towards the egg he was looking at. "That one. I think it moved." in his excitement h'es dropped the meat he had dangling between his fingers. Eek! Quickly he repicks it up and hastily shifts his gaze down to the table to see where the little bronze is headed. "Maybe he'll pick you, Kale." he says encouragingly to his friend. Rocking excitedly on the heels of his feet.

Inyri looks, actually, mildly defeated now that others are essentially doing the same thing she is — is that the guilt of competing, setting in? Why, yes it is: but not enough to stop her from continuing to focus her efforts on the bronze. He looks like just exactly what'd suit her, after all, and she's not averse to thinking that /loudly/. Hey, it worked for that girl and the green! "You can probably try thinking at him now," she tells Akyla, without looking away from the hatchling (and pointedly not looking at the others after him). "It might still make him smarter, who knows. And yeah, he does — imposing in a good way, though. Tough guy. With death claws."

Idrissa grins as she hears Kale and peers over at the two. "I bet you can do it Kale. Remember all happy thoughts." She does admit that bronze is a rather handsome little lizard, and she really hopes Kale can get him!

Thea's firelizards are here to hum along with half Xanadu's population of firelizards. Well, two of them are humming, one is sneaky-sneaking around with a baleful growl-mutter at so much uninhibited joy. Ruin, the rotten thing, is stalking around trying to provide some balance here and spread a little gloom. Oops! His lashing tail just knocked over someone's glass, spilling the drink on the table. He keeps going, with a surreptitious glance over his shoulder to see if there's a yelp or other dismay. Should there be, he'll shimmy with glee and purr smugly as he keeps going.

Bronze on the table! More eggs rocking! Soriana hmms. "Did it?" she asks Mikal in a dubious tone, not that she means anything by it. It's just how things are, since he's Mikal and she's Sori. Her attention is soon dragged away, watching with a hopeful grin as Kale tries to make friends! C'mon, Kale! Be awesome! 'Cause… you are, at least according to her. Sothere!

D'rayn struggles to stiffle a laugh as his lifemate lets it be known that he will not play second fiddle to no flying bug, "Oh be still Era, he's not picked me yet and even if he does you are a touch bigger than he is!" His hand is lowered a little more as to make it easier for the bronze if he happens to decide he likes his offering more than the others. He looks around the table at the others attempting to attract the bronze..

The White Lion Knight Bronze Hatchling looks back over his shoulder at the eggs that aren't yet hatching, crooning and humming, singing a deliciously beautiful song. He sniffs at the table top during his thrumming, following the path that his clutchsibling went on, yet, he takes his own path. Wings fold neatly behind him, looking toward one of the wiggling pieces of meat, snorting at something, shaking his head and marching down the line in a lope, snapping at some of the pieces held too low, taking what he can get but not really sticking around to find out what damange he's done. He's riding them down, those hanging targets, bunting at them with his nose. Rawr. He lets any go that try to tug him his way or jerk back their offers. Hold them out and keep them out!

Lost In The Map Egg reveals the adventurer within, as a sharp needle of a talon blazes a whole into the shell that quickly causes the rest to fragment and dissolve to crumbles around it.

Quick As A Cat She-Wolf Green Hatchling
Like the finest of thread, the smallest of needles and the greenest of greens, this little one presents like a stalking creature in the night. Where one would be smooth and rounded, she is all angles and edges, taut hide shimmering across petite frame. Wedged head swirls callow mints and emeralds, two tiny headknobs protruding delicately over opalescent eyes. As head turns towards lithe neck, vermillion shades mingle, swathes of bronze cutting through each inch like a dexterous sword-fight punctuating otherwise serene shades. Compact form maintains, leading to adroitly pointed wings with curved spars and translucent sails. Corners as haunches and joints remain acute, sharpness in her features. From wings on, she slips away in to void darkness, murky browns mottle black 'neath tints of verdant opacity. Small, yet fiery, right down to curls of jet black talons.

Mountains of Black Ice Egg
Nothing seems as vast as this mountainous egg lost in the darkness, forgotten in the sprawl of glistening dark blues that sweep around it in expanding widths, walling itself in with the coldness of a winter night. Leaking beads of icy silver drip down the egg and pool in the base of its shell. There is something eerie about the way it conceals itself, conceals fine lines and ripples in the surface.

Tarrin smiles keeping his eyes on on the bronze continuint to offer the food, freely, always being one to feed anything that comes along, "you must be hungry little one, here you go."

Dtirae looks to Inyri as she continue to nibble her fruit. She can't really see much of what is going on, but the reaction of others is enough to give it away. She's more than happy to observe and cheer on those going for the firelizards. There's a thoughtful hum at the sound of another egg hatching, "wonder what that one is."

"It did!" Mikal assures Soriana, by no means surprised she's doubting anything he says. As stated, it's a Mikal/Sori thing. With another glance to the egg he watches it hatch. "See…told you it moved…Ooh, pretty." he murmurs. Reaching for another glob of meat he doesn't stop his attempts to attract the bronze. While he's not vocally offering his moral support to him he's offers a little whistle here and there and the offer of food in his hands!

Kale is totally awesome, yes. Now, just to prove it to this arrogant little dragon prince! At the encouragement from his friends, he has to grin though keeps his eyes on the stalking bronze. And his hand? Still out there, meat not held between fingers but offered on the palm. Bite him if you must, little prince, he's not going anywhere!

"Mmm, I'd try," the greenrider mumbles somewhat, her head ducking down towards her plate of food as she eases slivers of roast wherry out from beneath mashed tubers and gravy. setting down her mug at once to use both hands, deft fingers shredding the wherry into more firelizard-sized pieces, "but I'm not really going to hold my breath. Doesn't seem to have changed Chilly for the better or the worst." Not that she's likely to want to be anyway. The green is eyed carefully, before Akyla shakes her head. "Lovely and tiny, she's more than just an emerald ornament on someone's shoulder, but…" she shrugs, licking at her roast-wherry-stained fingers. "Ystwyth says a very firm no."

Tsenik looks over at the eggs as they hatch, Two greens and a bronze," He wrinkles his nsoe slightly as he watches, a hand sweeping through his hair. He lifts up his basket of flowers and depsoits it upon the floor. "Can't believe it's so crazy just for a firelizard hatching." Tsenik muses quietly to himself.

Quick As A Cat She-Wolf Green Hatchling peeks her head up from underneath folded wings, trying to disappear behind a concealment made of her own form. Oops. They see her! She notices the attention down the way toward her clutchsibling, snarling at the sight of him, slipping back the other way, toward the otherside of the table, hiding in the shadows of the bucket. Her tail flops and flips, irritated.

The green hatching /actually/ causes Inyri to jump, just slightly; she'd been a little too focused on the bronze, perhaps? And on giggling as he decided that /all/ the food was for him, regardless of if he wanted to settle with any of the people. "I can't offer a good position in Xanadu like he can," she admits, still talking to the firelizard, though referencing Kale, "but I can offer one at Fort, considering that's where I actually live. Not that you care — because you're a firelizard and probably aren't worrying about your future employment. Just killing things, which I'm sure can be arranged a plenty." Neither does she seem to care if he steals meat from her and runs off, considering the creature's obviously got her heart just that much. She's got meat in both hands, now.

D'rayn holds his hand perfectly still, blood dripping from his palm onto the table top as fresh meat replaces the piece that was there before, maybe this will suit the little warrior better. Nothing better than some bloody meat to build up ones strength for the coming battles. A moment is spared to send a thought winging Era wards as he watches the green make her entrance onto the table.

Gold Malabar and Brown Shep behave, sitting demurely up out of the way on the light fixtures singing their little hearts out. They'll just pretend they don't know their bronze… uhh, can't really call him a brother or even a friend since he's so aloof and downright nasty. Ruin ignores them too, slithering under arms and around wavering meat gobbets offered to the hatchlings. He's not above stealing a few bites either. Oh wait. You might think he'd be after the meat? Nope! It's fingers he snaps at.

Turns out, this time? It did. Soriana goes huh, and nods… then giggles as the new green interacts with her brother. "Not just pretty, she's got spirit!" she says, continuing to watch eagerly. Green, bronze, and is that another egg starting to tremble? It really is like a dragon hatching, she doesn't know where to look!

Idrissa the new egg gets her attention, and for some reason for a moment she forgets the wintery egg in bucket still unhatched. She ponders and then hums while she tilts her head pondering as she watches the green skitter back along side of the bucket. Her head lowers as she watches it and holds out the piece of meat. "Hey, it's alright." This said with a soft tone, thinking happy thoughts here and offering the lizard the meat and pondering if she is going to get chomped on for a mere moment before that is quick to leave her mind. Good thoughts, happy thoughts! Anyone have pixie dust around? With all the happy thoughts people could be flying if there was some.

The White Lion Knight Bronze Hatchling skids and considers the numerous offers, retreating back the way he came. Two for one? His eyes look over the rest, making more noises like chiding laughter if one were to put dragonic cousin's noises into languages. The bronze has made his decision, he enjoys the fact that someone has thought to bring him twice as much as last time.

The White Lion Knight Bronze Hatchling looks into Inyri's eyes. Impression!

Mountains of Black Ice Egg trembles.

Akyla chuckles softly at Inyri's words. "That's the ticket," she tells her fellow Fortian. "The kind of offers you'd want to be giving 'im. It's not much, but he's probably smart enough to —" Heartbeat pause, the greenrider's gaze flickering from her carefully shredded stockpile of firelizard bribery bits to the bronze hatchling and then: "Oh /splendid!/" she exlaims, nodding cheerfully at Inyri. "Seems like that was /exactly/ what you needed to do. Felicitations. I suppose we'll have an extra passenger on the ride home, hmm?"

A smile spreads across his face as the bronze chooses another, and a snide comment is shot his way as he informs Era that he'd not have to worry about any competition from the little bronze. With that D'rayn takes the meat in his hand and leaves it hang part ways down, a tempting little morsel for the beautiful green on the table.

Tarrin chuckles and says softly, "Congratulation there." he smiles and sits back abit, moving to offer the green slowly over to the green." he smiles though just content to off it.

Quick As A Cat She-Wolf Green Hatchling lingers there in the shadows of her bucket home, a broken thing behind her as its tipped over and spilled out. Her siblings are gone… well, except for the ones still trapped. She quietly looks one way and then the other, waiting and watching.

Mountains of Black Ice Egg shudders before half of its shell breaks away like ice having melted from some grand glacier. There in its place is the hatchling blinking back at the world.

The Unwanted Black Lord Brown Hatchling
Densely made, thick and robust, he stands a fighter wrapped in curls of deep brown that simply appears to be black. A short neck, a long wide muzzle, jagged eye ridges that shadow his whirling eyes, pointed demonic head knobs, and rocky neck ridges all work together to make it physically harder for anything to get a hold of his vitals, as if defensively put together. His chest is set between broad shoulders, with a solid abdominal tuck reaching back to steel made haunches. Great muscular wings reach out behind him in the same black-brown that coats the rest of him, except for the wing-spars that are dipped lightly in crimson brown. A mighty tail settles behind him, touched with stripes of crimson that wrap every other inch from base of his tail down to the tips. Wide feet capable of carrying his densely made form are also brushed with a dusting of crimson-brown, with pearl coated talons.

Thea enters the caverns, likely drawn not by the need for a meal but catching the emotions of her trio. Three firelizards are plenty for her, so she'll just remain at the fringes of the fray and watch from a safe distance. Unlike Ruin, she's enjoying the scene. Baby firelizards. Cute!

Mikal doesn't seem to know where to look! Whistling again in approval as the bronze makes his choice he now alternates his gaze between the green and the trembling egg. Watching the others that try for the green he keeps his offering out there dangling between his fingers. "She's a quiet one." he remarks. "Ah..he's handsome." as the brown tumbles out his attention remains divided. "Shards! Which one." he wiggles his meat a bit to see whose attention it grabs!

Idrissa has two more pieces of meat in her other hand while the one that is still stretched out to the green. "It's alright, see? His gone, not there anymore to strut around." She murmurs out softly, still thinking good thoughts. As she watches the wolfie green look one way then another she lifts her hand with the two pieces of meat and dangles them near the lizard's head so when she looks back the meat will be there. She murmurs softly still, speaking with the green and only paying attention to her.

Out Of Fire and Ash Egg
Ashes smolder on the base of this rotund egg, with fingers of vivid orange and yellow dancing higher upon the pointed pinnacle. Consumed in this fiery blaze, wisps of ghostly smoke dart in and amongst the licking flames. The shell surface itself is completely smooth, not a bump or a lump across the shape, as if a polished jewel and unharmed by the blaze that holds it.

Winter's Coming Egg
This egg is neither large nor small, a lumpy oval that is marred with several fine lines running through it. Spires of stone lift up from the base to circle the base of the egg in what would appear to be towers and buildings, almost as if a village were rising up from the dense grey. Speckles of snow rain down from the apex, drifting over top roofs and tower spires, dusting against the entire length of the shell in whirls and blows. There's an interesting smudge cast across the top of one spire, as if on a flag billowing in the wind. It appears very close to resembling a canine stretched out in a run. Otherwise, the egg is nothing more but grey against white or white against grey.

Kale now lowers his hand down as the young bronze seems to make his choice, his own meat unnibbled. Ah well! He glances back to the other eggs, still seeing the flaming one unhatched, along with a few others. Some of which are hatching! A pretty grin and a thick looking brown!

Aww. Soriana leans closer to Kale and pats his shoulder in silent sympathy as the little bronze chooses another. "Hey, look over there," she tells him, because distracting him seems a fine thing - and the little green seems a fine distraction! "She kinda reminds me of Aisuohkoth." Sori grins, and her hopeful gaze is now passed on to Idrissa. C'mon now! Oh, and there's another brown! A big little guy, he is!

Tsenik smiles, "Hey congratulations on the bronze!" Tsenik calls over towards the person he doesnt know, he pushes himself off of his seat and wanders closer towards the eggs, wanting to investigate them better. "wonder how many there'll be." His eyes glance over towards the crowd, as if trying to decide how many people are actually trying for the firelizards. "Oh, and a brown now."

Tarrin smiles and shakes his head and say soflty, "all beauties from this clutch.' he smiles and continues to off ther meat to the timid little green.

Despite all her talk, the top of the list of things Inyri was /not/ expecting was actually ending up with a double handful of firelizard. "Oh! Hi there," she says, forcing herself not to look even a little bit guilty — even if the instinct is there, since other people wanted him, too. It's not like the hungry little bronze is going to /let/ her feel guilty; there is far too much paw-around-wrist demanding of more food once he's eaten what she had. Out of both hands. "Looks like it," she admits, after detatching tough talon from her shirtsleeve. "I will now never have enough to eat again, because this guy is /really/ a bottomless pit." But a pretty one, right? A cute one? A /tough/ one? She is at least saying this with a hesitant nose-rub. Don't bite her. "Thanks!" she calls over her shoulder, at the others who congratulated her.

There's a look to the Fire and Ash egg. "That was my second choice." Mikal comments towards Kale. A congratulations is tossed out towards the one the Bronze went too. Excitment makes the boy rock back on his heels. "If I Impress one maybe I can train it to do healing stuff!" he says excitedly. Wiggle wiggle goes the meat in his hands, his gaze finally locking in on the green for the moment.

The Unwanted Black Lord Brown Hatchling stubbornly throws off his last egg shell, marching away from a home he knew all his little life. There is something more out there for him. There is. He can feel it in the depths of his belly. But he catches sight of his little clutchsibling in the darkness of the bucket. He pivots and scurries her way, nudging and bunting at her, twisting and turning in abrupt dance as if showing her the way. But he too starts to rush off somewhere else.

Kale offers a grin to Soriana, disappointed yes, but not giving up! "/That/ one looks like it can handle jerky," he says, nodding to the newest brown in the clutch. And so, his unmeaty hand is plunged into his pocket to pull out his piece of dried meat. He glances to Mikal. "Good luck to ya," he offers, eyeing Idrissa too. Is she going for the pretty green one? Hopefully she'll have more luck! He too steps up to try again, holding out meat towards the brown, although he's in the bucket and such now. "Here you go!"

Quick As A Cat She-Wolf Green Hatchling seems to chirrup at her brown brethren, getting up from her haunches and playing with him. Until he leaves. That makes her sad. Her tail droops down and her wings fall to the table, slouching her neck down. Ok. Someone just show me the way! It would seem there is one offer rather close that she accepts, easier that way.

Quick As A Cat She-Wolf Green Hatchling looks into Idrissa's eyes. Impression!

"Oh indeed," Akyla nods in understanding to Inyri's words. "He's going to be a great way to get rid of extra food. Is your ma piling extra food onto your plate if you ever go home for a visit, sneak your firelizard up and let him go to work." she gives the barmaid a teasing grin. "I'm sure he'll be simply /demanding/ for days and days on end, if he ever grows out of it." She pauses, reaching over to scrape her scraps of roasted wherry into the palm of her hand. "And a brown now," the two unhatched eggs are glanced at, before her attention tracks between the brown and the green. "I'd wonder if Ystwyth would like a little brown." she pauses, eyes slightly unfocused at the inner conversation, before she tips her shoulders up. "Hard to say, she's a bit drowsy right now. Might have to let her go jump in the lake before we leave." there's a chuckle from the woman as she hunches forwards on the table, reaching for a bit of meat, but remaining where she is for a moment.

A brown and a green, either one would make for a fine new friend. The meat is hung further over the edge of his hand with tiny drops of blood hitting the surface of the table leaving a small pool at its base. D'rayn quickly reaches over and cleans the blood hoping to prevent any slips from any of the hatchlings as his attention is equally divided between the two until the green chooses another leaving the brown alone on the table top for the moment.

Soriana awws as the brown goes back for his clutchsib, and glances to Kale. "He's a sweety," she says, then grins. "And he looks like he can handle anything," she agrees, watching the poor sad green. Don't be sad, little greenling! You can have a better friend. You just have to… oh! You did! Sori grins wide as the little wolfcat green finds herself someone else who sometimes needs a bit of help finding the way. "Congrats!" Not that Rissa's probably noticing anything but greenling, right now. That's okay.

"Hey! Good job!" Mikal quickly congratulates as Idrissa beside him wins the green. "From such a pretty egg too." he pauses. "Pretty in a manly way. Kinda." he backpeddles. For now he waits to see where the brown goes and he watches the Fire egg that also caught his attention to see what comes free from that.

Idrissa watches the green still and slowly pulls her hand forward to show where she can go. Her head lowers slightly as she lets her gaze linger on the little greens as she droops there on the table. Though she offers her a warm smile as she slowly picks the green up offering her the bit of meat in one hand. "Its alright, I got you." Is said softly while she takes a few steps back while working the green. This is a new feeling, she never /thought/ she would actually get a firelizard out of this, but here she is with one! "Thanks guys." Seems she hear someone.

"Congrats, Rissa!" Tsenik's says as he moves to sit next to his friends, "You going for the brown, Kale?" He asks curiously and laughs, "Don't think they'd like flowers too much." He leans forward and props his elbows on his knees, trying to stay out of the way.

Laughing, Inyri confirms, "She definitely does that." Her gorged bronze seems to be dosing off himself, now that he's eaten basically everything within reach — and a little more, since Inyri really is easy to manipulate with a sweet expression. At least if you're a firelizard. "So, yeah, I guess he'll be spoiled. And — mostly asleep, go figure." Idrissa's impression catches her attention, then, and she calls out a congratulations as she passes any remaining food she might have to Akyla, just in case. The bronze is shamelessly taking up a large part of the table with his sleeping — or else, large for his size.

Tarrin chuckles softly and says, "congratulation there." he he leans back again, glancing across the table. The meat still dangling limply from his hand. as he scans across the table to the othere little one.

The Unwanted Black Lord Brown Hatchling approaches cautiously now as he regards the pieces of meat there all about him, those voices, each trying to sway him. He has to find his own way, he's one and one of a kind. Each step is for his own to make. Each step is his own. His decisions are his own. Aren't they? He hatched when he wanted to? But his clutch sibling. Seeing her off in on some other adventure, he can't worry about her. He has to worry about himself.

Winter's Coming Egg cracks with frothing revenge to split the cage that has held it, inner teeth of the firelizard chomping away at his confines, ripping shell splinters to ensure he will have a victory. In a leap, freedom is found as the egg shells fly in all directions. But what must he face now?

The King of Wolves Bronze Hatchling
Bursting through tones of burnished bronze and earthy browns, this stout little warrior is rippling with muscle, promising an almost kingly reign from looks alone. His muzzle is long and tapered, near enough to be considered close to a canine's snout, drizzled with crimson against the jaw line. Tarnished gold laps up between his eye ridges, circling in a crown that falls like blades in all directions down the sides of his face. Neck ridges rise from his back like fangs meaning to ensnare a victim, coated in deep browns and flares of bright orange-bronzes. Layers of color mottle down his sides as if he were truly a furred creature, as the way it plays on him makes it seem as if he has tuffs rippling down his brazen form - darker coats layered on lighter ones. Brushed over his back are long wings, reaching far with gleaming promise of fiery bronze wrapped into each wing-spar, sails dusted with ash. Robust legs are wrapped in a dense green-bronze, finalized with black talons on each digit.

Wakua smiles as she finishes feeding her green and she rubs it's belly, "So how do we take care of these guys, are we gonna have lessons?"

Ers'lan regards Wakua from above all the commotion, "Ya can ask any of us who be havin firelizards, I reckon thar be books… or jus be askin a dragon rider, much of the same, just smaller."

D'rayn examines the brown carefully making note of his build, of how he moves on the table as his offering is kept steady, "You're quite the fellow, quite confident of yourself you are…" He makes sure that the area beneath where he's holding the meat is clear and no wetness will cause any accident.

Mikal rips up the meat into smaller bits now, laying them in a small circle on the table before him. "Hey, Idrissa. Your egg hatched a bronze." he calls out, watching ss the bronze rips free from the egg. He spares another glance to the fire egg, still curious as to the inhabitant of that one. He waits for several moments to watch the brown and the others offering food to him. He continues to rip up the meat chunks into smaller ripy bits.

This time, Kale holds the meat out instead of having it on his palm. It's jerky, anyway, and it won't flop around! He's unaware (for now!) that his pal Idrissa has a green dragon in her possession, as he's focused on the brown.

Akyla's lips quirk upwards at the ends, a cheery little smirk before she tilts her head, studying the bronze cradled within Inyri's grasp. "She's a water child, she is," the greenrider remarks with sudden fierce pride, "Ystwyth's always been fond of swimming. Helps wake her up. Although," there's a soft chuckle and a wry look, "we might have to let her dry off a bit if you don't want to be soaked through your pants." Orwhatever it is the barmaid might be wearing. The hatching bronze garners a second look from the greenrider. "He's /fierce!/ she exclaims. "Savage almost." But there's the brown, and she watches him too momentarily. "They'd be loyal friends, I'm sure."

The Unwanted Black Lord Brown Hatchling pauses in his great adventure, looking back at his clutch sibling who will for sure upsurp his moment. Those bronzes always do, kings and princes those. What is he? His attention turns back to the milling faces and looming stares. There is one solid voice in the crowd that will make good on a steady offer. Indeed. It seems to be alright. He pauses right before D'rayn, as if to say, he's here, reporting for duty.

The Unwanted Black Lord Brown Hatchling looks into D'rayn's eyes. Impression!

Ruin is tired of collecting yelps. The results of his nips are /so/ predictable! So he begins stealing meat, but not to eat. He's snatching bits of gooey gobbits from whoever he can and hoarding them. Just because it's annoying and he's rotten like that.

Tsenik looks over towards Wakua, tilting his head slightly to the side, "I imagine oil 'em and feed 'em and such." Tsenik says with a shrug of his shoulders, blinking as his attention is distracted by the newest arrival. His fingers quirk slightly but he just warps his arms about his waist. "That's an interesting color, isn't it?" He sweeps a hand through his hair thoughtfully.

Idrissa hears Mikal and ohs from her spot, still busy feeding the little green she has managed to get. "That's great Mikal! It's a right nice egg." Though she is very happy with the green she has thanks! She is still talking to the little green. "What should we call you hum?" Is questioned with a curious tone the green which chirrups as she eats, at least she is nice and relaxed now with her!
D'rayn smiles as the brown chooses him as his new compatriot, he starts to give him more of the prepared meat before calling him over to his shoulders..

Out of Fire and Ash Egg snaps and crackles as flakes crumble from the shell, splitting with a crack that spills out the storm come from within.

The Stormborn Queen Hatchling
A brilliance reigns supreme on this little queen, so pale and fair that some would think she was spun of ivory. Her compact body is completely cloaked in this white-gold, like a veil of pearl, from slender muzzle to spindly tail drifting behind her. Curls of orchid purple and sky blue wash underneath her eyes and around them, only to show again running in a tangle of color down her lithe neck and over her narrow chest. Small neck ridges line down her neck and tail like some crown mounted upon her, etched with honey gold in amongst the white-gold. Limbs are wrapped with reedy muscles, powerful in her own way, but she'll never grow to have anything but lithe definition. Though her beauty is lethal, all the same. She sports razor sharp hooked talons that are two tone, melting from grayish blue to that same orchid purple on the rest of her body which tips each one. Pointed wings spread out to a suitable length with glints of fire sparkling in her sails.

Strike two! Kale can't help the slight falling of his face as the brown bypasses him for another. Discouraged? Nope. Try determined! There are two eggs left. Well .. one egg and one hatched! He straightens now, that determined feeling written on his face as he turns his attention to the bronze hatchling. He does not switch meats, sticking with the tougher jerky as opposed to the morsel that he has in his other hand. His hand is jut out, jerky clutched in a fist. "Will ya take this? The others are too afraid, but I don't think you'll choke. I think you're tough enough. I think you're brave enough."

Tarrin eyes widen as he spots the little queen and says softly, "Oh my…." he blnks a few times and begins to renew his attempts to coax the little ons to him, getting a larger and fresher looking piec of meat to begin to dangle in her dirrection.

"Congrats!" Mikal calls over to D'rayn. That decided, Mikal changes his circle of offerings to a line extending away from him. With another reach he grabs a large bit of meat to dangle between his fingertips, looking towards the bronze now left. "One more egg." he murmurs, caught between waiting to see what that one reveals or trying to entice the handsome creature already hatched. Tapping his foot restlessly he makes a choice and wiggles his offering entingly with is attention focused upon the young queen of the clutch. Once more he adds a soft whistle of a little tune in effort to attract the attention of a hatchling.

Inyri's pants are made out of a nice enough material that the bartender doesn't seem entirely pleased with the idea of getting wet — "Drying off. Yeah. Good plan; I won't begrudge her a good swim, though. She also looks good doing it, not something you can say about that many people!" Maybe it's just because people are always wearing ugly swimsuits; Inyri's not elaborating. She's noserubbing Mr. Sleepy, who is living up to 'fierce' as a descriptor by trying to nip her while unconscious. "Okay, /ow/. Can you train them not to be rude when asleep?"

D'rayn smiles as tail is wrapped around his neck as the brown settles himself on his shoulder then a nip to his ear is given to remind D'rayn that there is a hungry fellow that shouldn't be ignored, wouldn't do to starve him you know! He looks up in time to see the hatching of the gold then smiles at Mikal's congratulations, "Thank you, he's quite the fellow, not too shy to let me forget I need to feed him." A Dragon's snort can be heard emanating from the bowl causing D'rayn to laugh at his lifemate's 'comment'.

Soriana grins happily to Idrissa, then looks at Kale as the brown chooses another. Aww. Well… he's still awesome, he really is! Maybe this bronze'll realize it. She gives his shoulder a meat-slimed pat, and looks back to the bronze on the table and… the new queen. Ooh. She stares for a long moment, lost in contemplation of it, then Mikal's whistle brings her out of it. She laughs a little, sounding abashed. "Had to wait for your retinue, huh?" she asks the queen, and glances to Mikal again. Hmm. Well, he's Mikal, and she's Sori, but… yeah, okay. She tries to cheat a little. Not on her behalf, 'cause she already has one! For him, because she knows how much she wants it. She tries to nudge the Stormborn gold his way… pointing there, with her fingers all covered in little chunks of meat from earlier. Not that she remembers that little fact.

Tarrin whistles softly to the the little gold tring to get her attention and says softly, "This way little one, come to me and I will get you all the best treats. Fit for a queen."

The brown … chosen. The bronze, still considered. And then, Akyla's gaze flicks, dark brown eyes noting the hatching of the gold. "Well I might as well be hung for a baby caprine," she says, the aside meant for Inyri. "A little queen would be so smart at arranging a fair of firelizards to assist in Ystwyth's bath. The more the merrier, eh?" There's a long pause, the greenrider clattering off the table and thumping onto the floor. "We'vew the time," she nods at Inyri, "to allow my lovely lady green her chance to dry herself in the sun after a swim. And doesn't she look good at it." a grin, meat scraps clenched tight between her fingers. "Think good thoughts," she mutters to herself, voice low, "think good thoughts," a sliver of meat is eased forwards, offering laid in homage to the tempest-tossed hatchling, the woman's thoughts straying from merely sweet and sappy and welcoming into visions of flame, of heat and the storm clash itself — all things this fire-quick youngling sparks to mind.

The King of Wolves Bronze Hatchling is sitting in the remains of his shell when the Stormborn Queen Gold hatchling frees herself. He promptly removes himself after a nip to the tail and to the rump, watching her go about -TRASHING- his egg shell. Yes, the little Queen is making sure he knows who reigns. In short order, his house is gone. There's only one way to go and he shows some determination, making an disgruntled noise at the Queen before he's finding some where else to sit and plot.

"I can't train mine not to be rude when he's awake," Thea pipes up after Inyri asks with a wry eyeroll Ruin's way. "Good luck if it's as stubborn as my bronze is." Though she hestitates to call Ruin 'hers'.

And while Sori's trying to help him out, Mikal's nudging a little of the juicier meat into a little pile before Kale in an attempt to help him get the attention of the bronze. It's done quickly though so that his full attention returns to the queen to try to entice her his way. "C'mon little one." he murmurs softly towards the Queen. He tries another soft whistle to perhaps catch her ear!

Idrissa continues to feed the little green until she seems full, which she isn't full sure how she knows but she does. She lets her fingers softly rub across the little lizard's head while murmuring to her. The green chirrups out and for the moment is happy and even dozes off, for a moment at least! She is able to peer up and this moment to see how her friends are doing and ohs as she catches sight of the gold and ohs softly. "An't she pretty." She lifts her head slightly while watches Kale. "Come on Kale, you can do it!" Her green citters up awake at her voice. "Sorry sorry.." Is murmured out.

Wakua smiles as she pets over her green that's now sleeping and she gets up to move over to sit near Idrissa, "Isn'tt hink exciting. I hope they both get a firelizard."

See, Queen? Mikal's a good fellow. Y'know, after you account for all the stuff he can't help on account of being just a kid, unlike Soriana. Besides, maybe the responsibility will do him good. (Okay, so maybe if Sori really wanted to improve his chances, she wouldn't be thinking happy, friendly thoughts and trying to get the attention of the Stormborn Gold with meat-covered hands. Maybe she's also a little overexcited to be thinking straight.)

Kale's eyes is kept on the bronze, though he has taken notice of the elegant gold. But no, his sights are set on the metallic male and are kept there, brows gently furrowed. And .. suddenly, he has more meat! Or at least, he notices more meat that has been slyly nudged his way. He deposits the gooey morsel he has within that offering pile, though his prominent prize still is his smoked jerky. "I know you're brave an' I know you can do this, little bronze. C'mon. Come over here an' show 'em what you're made of." He grins encouragingly, wiggling the meat just once.

The Stormborn Queen Hatchling seems to enjoy tromping over the bronze's eggshell. He should've known, it was always Hers. Delighted that some are figuring out her power over the rest. She's young, but she knows where she must go, eventually. She has to make sure she's got everything ready first and that means nibbling off some of the egg goo stuck to her wing sails.

"Good luck," Inyri encourages Akyla, voice slightly quieter as if she's maybe going to wake up the bronze. Which is just as clearly /not/ going to happen, since he barely stirs when she laughs aloud at Thea's comment. "Thanks anyway," she says, amused. At least half her attention's on the show, though some of it's still on her mangled fingers and mangled sleeve.

All that whistling. Akyla frowns a bit, but doesn't follow suit, scooping another few strips of wherry meat into her hand, her palm cupped towards the queenling as she thinks of all that's best and bright about the world; of the phoenix-fire flame of the warm hearth, the crackle of campfire, and warm food tasted over the flames — the pure bright glare of dragonsflame, of Ystwyth's roaring call as fire jets forth to sear the air. That's all she can offer, food and the warmth and fire of understanding towards the gold, and a feeling of home, of a place where she alone could rule, a cavernous yawn within the walls of Fort's bowl, land of her own. If such thoughts can prove enough, the greenrider offers it up, a gift of the mind and memory to the one she hopes to woo.

Tarrin smiles as he watches the queen move so regally about and says soflty, "I am sure you are going to make someone here the best of freind little one.." he smiles continuing to offer her the tender bit of meat.

The King of Wolves Bronze Hatchling looks rejected. Honestly! He could've sat there on his shell for a while and given a close look at what was ahead of him. Instead, he's rushing off into the unknown, to face down his obstacles. His head swings back and forth, noting then the plopping of the meat in a savage little ball some steps away. Alright, everyone see's the glory that is gold and so he decides to hedge a little closer to that ball of meat. Just what is -that- …

Now with a fresh piece of meat in Mikal's hand he nervously rips it apart into smaller bites one more and the single line of meat now becomes a double line before him, lined up away from him as if in a landing strip of meat to follow. "Huh. Neat another larger piece." he notes and reaches for yet another piece. "Much better. A queen sized bit of food." he decides. "C'mon little one. I've fresh goodness for you." he says encouragingly, knowing that surely she'll overcome her hunger and decide a path to take!

Isn't that a queen, through and through? Pushing others into motion, ready or not? The source of chaos - the flame, like her egg showed. Action and motion and the chaos of the storm! A queen among queens, this one, and Soriana grins to her as she watches her young majesty groom herself and make ready, prepared to go for… well, the right answer! Surely whatever this smaller cousin of dragons chooses will be the right answer. The dragons always know. So, too, must firelizards!

D'rayn laughs as he's gets the not so subtle reminder that Freyr is in need of more food, "Oh all right, no need to be nipping I've got more for you just have some patience.

"Thanks," Akyla's voice is a murmur for Inyri, a brief glance towards the Fortian barmaid and a lopsided smile given before her attention swings back towards the hatchling. It's true that all that glitters is indeed gold for the greenrider, her gaze drawn towards the lodestone of glimmering shine. "Home" she whispers, sending images of the pines of Fort, of the coolness of the lake and the tumbled spill of broken earth over the edge of the rim towards the ground. "Home, a place of your own." It's all she can offer, no music in her soul to whistle the winds into cooperation or catch the ear of a young gold, the memory of fire and flame's heat is all she has, clung tightly like rubies in her hand. All her food is offered, slivered wherry meat held up and forwards, tipped just so that the tempting tidbits might be seen for what they are. "Mother of lizards," she calls, soft and low. "For you."

"Yes, that's it," prompts Kale, eyes all but glistening as he watches the bronze. "See? It isn't so bad out here.." The meat pile is slightly nudged forward a few centimeters before he plucks up a piece of the softer meat to slowly offer with the jerky, that's held in the opposite hand. "I don' know why they call ya bronze. Even the mos' polished isn't as brilliant as you. I can show you, an' you'll see for yourself that you're much grander." .. pause. "Er, more grand."

The Stormborn Queen Hatchling senses something. Her muzzle comes up from underneath her preening, her attention peaked at something - or SEVERAL things. There is simply too many here offering platters of baubles for her to feast upon. But what is it that she truly needs? She moves toward it, there's something out there, with a hint of blood behind it. With a regal presence she steps ever so delicately off her mound of sand, yes, her mound of sand. It was built for her, just like the world was and is.

Tarrin smiels and say softly, 'It is your choice little one. Don't ever let anyone force your hand." he continues to offer the food, "Here you go this is you, a gift."

Idrissa watches quietly while holding on to her green lizard whom is awake once more and curiously watching her hatchmates, which makes her chirrup out softly a few times. The green watch the gold and is rather glad she isn't anywhere near that bucket anymore! A soft oh escapes her as she watches the bronze that is interested in the pile of food that Kale seems to have. "Come on Kale, you can do it!" She offers with a soft eager tone.

Mikal chuckles a little as his attention doesn't waver from the Queen. "So much for her to choose from." he remarks. "C'mon little one…follow the path to meaty goodness." though his voice may be lost among those also offering food to the queen. He does a jauntry little whistle, trying to to whistle too loudly out of respect for the ears of those around him, but just loud enough to perhaps catch her attention. He continues to dangle the meat between his thumb and forfinger for her to see the offering.

Eyes not so much darting as casually wandering between Akyla and Kale, Inyri's smiling again as the young boy tries to sway the second bronze. "You've got gall, I like you," she tells him — at least this time she's not telling him to choke firelizards with jerky, right? "And he should, too. As for you, miss gold, my friend here's got a nice dragon for you to sleep on."

Toral croons softly on the mantel, the brown firelizard watching with slow-whirling eyes as the last of the firelizards make their choices; King and Queen, though her rule is unquestioned. Who would dare to question it? Soriana smiles, her meat-slick hand still out, watching the little queen as she descends from her sand-mount throne to claim her kingdom, an arrow pointing the way to Mikal… though the firelizard's choice will be, as it always is, her own.

The King of Wolves Bronze Hatchling watches with rapt attention as the pile of meat is inched closer. Everyone else has forgotten about him except this one. They don't rush to give him gifts and that meat seems soft enough and pleasing enough. The King makes his decision and staggers over toward the pile, promptly gnawing on what's available. As hungry as a wolf, it seems to disappear and as his eyes peer up at the youth before him, he wonders if the lad can secure him some more.

The King of Wolves Bronze Hatchling looks into Kale's eyes. Impression!

D'rayn watches as the bronze chooses Kale, "Congratulations, he's quite the fellow. Owww..Yes I know you're better looking by a long shot now stop nibbling on me!"

Akyla has offered it all up, the food, the fiery memories, the thoughts of Fort — a new land just waiting for her arrival. Meat is dangled between her hands, given forth as close as she dares. "There's that," Akyla smiles slightly at Inyri's words. "She's soft and green, and very good to be around." But the choice, well it's all up to the young queen — Akyla can only give what's in her heart, and hope that is is enough.

Gasp! Kale's grin is wide as the bronze chooses … him! As his eyes lock in on those of the bronze, it's instant love. Well, human and lizard love anyway, and that's a deep, soulful thing. "Hi.." He glances to the meat..er, rather, to the place where the meat used to be. Now, all that food is in the firelizard's baby belly, and it looks like he's still hungry for more! "Don't worry, I'll get ya more," he assures, beaming as his eyes turn to D'rayn, then Inyri, thanking them both.

The Stormborn Queen Hatchling regards the arrow in her path and that, while amusing, surely isn't what she felt tugging her. There was something out there, something to quench her needs of hunger. She was fire and she would conquer the world of ice. But to do that, she needs to find this world of ice and become the Mother of Lizards. There are many gifts offered to her and she passes by many with a regretful chirrup, looking to one who is dangling meat but is dangling much more than that. She's dangling a way for her to cross the great ocean! You. Sweet croon for her choice before reaching for the meat.

The Stormborn Queen Hatchling looks into Akyla's eyes. Impression!

Mikal's expression falls a moment as the Queen goes the other way. "Congrats." he offers though it's half-hearted at best. "Hey..good job Kale!" he sets about picking up his meat he's got piled everywhere to go back into the bowl.

Tarrin smiles as the little gold chooses and says, "Congratulations ma'am." not actually knowing anyone name here as he begsin to stand slowly and back from the table.

Idrissa continues to watch and grins as Kale gets the bronze. "I knew you could do it Kale!" She offers happly while moving on over towards her friend, her green chittering out seeming happy about where the bronze ended up as well. Rissa pauses though and looks to Ers'lan offering him a warm smile. "Thanks for letting us all try for a firelizard Ers'lan. I really appricate it." Well sure he had to do something with them, but he didn't have to come here right? An looky she is /talking/ to him so she isn't afraid of him anymore it seems to. She wanted to show how thankful she was too, which she is!

Okay, so the gold didn't listen to her, but that's okay. Soriana offers a grin to Akyla nevertheless, then turns to see… hey! Kale got a firelizard while she wasn't looking! The thump on his shoulder now is congratulatory. "C'mon, I bet he's starving, right?" she says to Kale, and glances across the table at Idrissa to grin again to her as she picks up some more meat to hand to Kale and help him get the wolf-king fed. Mikal gets a glance, and a bit of a rueful smile. Another time, maybe…

Ers'lan has been watching, somewhat, but he does seem impressed, "Two greens, a brown, two bronzes, and a gold… Second gold fer ya… hah, little gold mine that ya are-" he scritches his gold Sexy as she settles on his shoulder now that all her little hatchlings have gone off to be fed and cared for. As for the mess on the table, well, he starts to sweep some of the sand back into the bucket, "Good luck with 'em…" he notes to those unlucky enough to get Sexy's hatchlings. Pity them.

Tarrin stands and looks about slowly looking a bit out of place here now that the excitment is breaking up.

"Oh!" Akyla's breath catches, the greenrider aware of the little gold reaching for the offered meat. "Come little one. We'll cross the world together." She reaches out to lift her, never claim her, raising her up with the meat in hand. "So much to see." There's a grin and a nod for those offered thanks. "Thank you." Back to the table she goes. "Ystwyth's just gone for a swim," she informs Inyri. "We can stay here and make sure they're all right before we head home."

Ers'lan glances to Idrissa, nodding, "Aye. Did narh have time ta be making deals fer the eggs like I be doing normally… Jus too much work ta be done with all these…" he exaggerates a hand, "projects bout." Including the extra duties at the strong holds and whatnot.

Mikal scuffs his feet along the ground, trying to shrug off any disappointment he may be feeling. "I aint got time for one anyway. Too much studying to do." declares the Healer apprentice. With that said he stalks off moodily.

Ruin flaps to lift off from the table, heading to a place where there is suffering and misery. He has infirmary rounds to do! Malabar and Shep follow the exodus of mass-lizard migration outside now that all of the babies have impressed. Thea? She's no longer distracted by her firelizards. Maybe she can get some work done at long last? She heads for the offices.

And then, all the firelizards are sated and with their partners and Dei's looking quite pleased with the results. The Weyrwoman is finishing off her snacks. "Don't know much 'bout 'lizards, I'm afraid." Therefore, no advice comes from the Weyrwoman. Instead, the rest of her snacks are shoved into her mouth and a quick murmur of farewell is given. Apparently, her lifemate is getting impatient to return to the Weyr. And out the woman goes.

"Dead asleep," is the first thing Inyri says after proper congratulations; the young bronze is really not proving her wrong, at least not on 'asleep.' He's breathing, which would qualify him as not dead. "But I don't mind waiting around either way. Swimming almost sounds good, if it weren't chilly and wet outside. I will enjoy the general mental /idea/ of swimming and thank Ystwyth for it."

"Then y'knew more than I did," says Kale with a grin to Idrissa, eyeing her beautiful green. "Hey, nice match the two've you are!" he says just as his own new lizard makes himself comfortable on his shoulders, nipping at his ears. Uh. Food. Now. Kale lightly winces, but his grin remains dominant because really, he just got a new best friend! A demanding, hungry one, but a best friend regardless. The thump to his shoulder has him turning to Soriana, and he nods. "I gather that from the way he's wantin' to eat my ear.." The meat offered is taken, but his eyes are soon drawn to the cleaning up process. "Oh wait!" he hurries over, shuffling through broken egg shell pieces til he finds the marbled white and grey of his own. Tiny shatters, thanks to the queen, but he pockets a few of the larger shards.

Idrissa ohs while looking to the green and then back up to Ers'lan. "Well, I'm glad you didn't do that." Cause she most likely wouldn't have gotten one then. She smiles to him and nods once. "Thanks again." Is offered while she moves over to Kale, snagging a few shell pieces from her own lizard's egg in the process. She grins to Kale and nods. "Thanks, and his cute. Look at him. I knew that egg was gona hold something good. Though mine? Totally cuter." This said with a nod as her lizard finally clambers up to settle on her shoulder.

Soriana gathers some meat, then coalesces with Kale and Idrissa to help them feed their new bestest friends. Toral leaves the mantel and flies to her shoulder, and she gives the brown a snack - not that he needs it, big and grown as he is! Still, she gives him one.

Wakua smiles as she looks at the ones that the others got, "He's a handsome one that you got there Kale." Her's is asleep in her lap and she smiles, "Well now we all have firelizards, just like we were talking about the day on the beach."

"Cute? No, he's /regal/" corrects Kale, his statement puctuated by a regal nip to his ear. Foood! He gingerly lifts the young lizard from his shoulder and sets him on the tabletop to begin feeding him the meat bits and pieces one at a time. Yeesh. Bottomless pit here! A smirk is sent to Wakua, looking to her green lizard who seems to be slumbering. "Thanks. Yours is…hey, how'd you get her to sleep?" His doesn't seem to be interested in doing that! At least, not at the moment. "Soriana. Y'know, this means you'll be our new firelizard journeyman, right?"

"Then I'd better feed her ladyship here," Akyla claims a seat, shoving her jacket onto the floor with little ceremony and settling onto it to claim more — alas, now cold — wherry meat to offer to the little gold. "I'll give you a warmer meal when we get home." she comments to the glimmering stormborn queen, "but Ystwyth will be glad to get the dip and then we'll head right back once we can." She starts to stand, "I'll go wait over there for her," a jerk of her chin towards the chairs and tables closest to the entrance, as one handed, she gathers her gear, cradling her new 'lizard in her hand.

Idrissa grins as she hears Kale and chuckles while rolling her eyes. "Right, sure." Is said with an amused tone before she looks back to her lizard whom is eager for food once more, even more so seeing the bronze over there getting fed! Rissa goes about picking up more bits of meat and offers them to the green. "I bet Wakua got her to get lots and thus she is now asleep. See, there's Toral. I bet he'll teach you all manner of things to get you in trouble."

Soriana laughs to Kale. "Course it does. First lesson: feed 'em. Feed 'em until y'can see the meat through their bellies. Don't worry, they won't actually explode!" Just look like it, sometimes. Hungry little beasties! Sori lets her friends do the actual feeding, just keeping them supplied with suitable chunks and watching. Though she does lean in to Rissa. "Totally cute," she agrees, in sufficient undertone for Kale to pretend he didn't hear it.

Ers'lan gets distracted by something or another, leaving it in the hands of more skilled workers to clean up the mess he left behind. There seems to be something more pressing and he's setting off a quick pace to go see to it.

Wakua nods as she listens to the others, "Risa is right I got mine first so I got to feed her the most and now she's sated." She pets the green who's sleeping in her lap. "Rissa's your firelizard is very cute too."

Gathering up her firelizard into the crook of her arm — a blessing as long as he's that tiny! — Inyri slips off to follow Akyla, first to feed the queen and then heading back to Fort.

Feed firelizard til near bursting. Check! Kale nods, watching as the little bronze king gorges on the meat that's fed to him, looking as if he could go on for hours without a problem. He seems quite content. It's been a day! Hatching takes a lot of energy, and he totally deserves every morsel that's being brought to him. Chomp. Chomp. Soriana is given a look, hearing that 'cute' word being thrown around again. "Ah, we'll show them, won't we?" is spoken to the firelizard. "You an' me, we'll be the fiercest things they've ever seen." Someday! He smirks smugly at the girls. "How long can they go without names before they start gettin' irked?"

Idrissa grins as she hears Soriana and nods. "Totally." She offers with a soft murmur back to Sori on Kale's firelizard. Her green is busy munching and swallowing down the strips of meat until she seems full once more and grabs hold of a piece of meat and tosses it towrads the bronze. HA take /that/. Rissa smiles to Wakua and nods. "Thanks Wakua. I like yours too." Asher is slowly making her way over to where Kale, Soriana and his owner is, a soft whine escaping him. Rissa awws and she snags a few pieces of meat and offers them to her canine. "It's alright boy." Hopfully her canine and firelizard will get along!

Soriana laughs to Kale. "Oh, the name's not for him. He knows who he is perfectly well, huh?" She reaches out and pets the little bronze's back lightly. "And I bet you know just who he is, too. It's for the rest of us, really. Kale's Bronze Firelizard is just kinda too much of a mouthful." She grins, and glances over to Idrissa, seeing the green getting on toward full and reaching out to pet her, as well. "See, I bet she's feeling happy at you now, isn't she?"

Wakua smiles, "Yah now I have to to think of a name for her. This will require some thought." She hmms, "Well once our firelizards are settled shall we go to the beach and enjoy Turnover?"

Little bronze churrs beneath the attention of the petting, his swallowing beginning to slow, perhaps reaching the peak of fullness. The tossed meat is allowed to plop and sit where it lands while a slow look is given to his clutchmate. You want for me to eat your leftovers? No. Thank you. "Kale's Bronze Firelizard is the perfect name," Kale kids, nodding in appreciation for the mouthful. "It says exactly who he is, an' isn't that the purpose of a name?" He grins as he collects the firelizard in his arms, eyeing his markings. "Turnover? Geeze, I almost forgot with all this. I hadn't known so many people would show up for the hatching. If it's like /this/ for firelizards, it must be a real show for dragons!"

Idrissa chuckles and nods to Soriana with a smile. "Ya I am getting that from her. She is very happy and content at the moment actually." The queen peers back towards the brown clutchmate and she chirrups out at him looking all proud of herself! Her wings stretch out and flap a few times before they tuck close to her side, her eyes swirl happy while she leans into the petting from Sori. "Oh come on, don't name him that Kale. Pick a good strong name, your a smithy after all." She points out with a smile.

Soriana smirks, and gives Kale's shoulder a playful shove. "Awwright, then. Kayber it is!" She offers the bronze firelizard another scritch, and dumps the rest of the meat back into a bowl to be… fed to the spit canines, probably. Or thrown into the stew? Eep, she hopes not, but just to be sure, she's not gonna go eating the stew for a while! Identifiable meats only. Fortunately, with turnover festivities, there are so very many better options than stew, so she doesn't have to worry. Sori's hands get wiped clean on her pants, and she grins, nodding to Idrissa approvingly then laughing to Kale. "Oh, sure. Dragon hatching is a huge crowd. You'll get to see for youself, with Yumeth's!" Well, once those eggs are laid and harden and all that, but still. The future looms!

"Kayber an' Kale…" Kale wrinkles his nose. "Uh, no way. Sounds like he's one've my brothers or somethin'." He lifts the firelizard up to eyelevel and is met with a half awake stare. Sleeeepy lizard. Full tummy. Sleepytime, mate. He can't help but grin and lowers the mini dragonish creature back to chest level, cradling him. "Don' worry, I won't name'm something stupid. Nothin' like Princess or…Flower or…anything girlish or weak. He'll get a good smithy name. I'll make a list." He's good at making lists! "He'll have one by ..maybe tomorrow." He eyes Idrissa and Wakua. "Do you two have names thought of already?" he asks curiously, grinning after at the mentioning of Yumeth. "Ooh, that reminds me. There's a new tech crafter here. A senior apprentice. I told her she should look for Jethaniel. With all the help he's gettin' now, Yumeth won't have to go anywhere to lay her eggs."

Wakua smiles, "That's great to hear. I hope they get the sands working soon. I know Datsun was working on trusses to help for that. I wish I could help but I suppose keeping the forge going by pumping the bellows is help but I'd like a bit more direct help."

Idrissa chuckles softly and grins while peering at Kale. "Kayber it totally fits!" She glances to her green whom is rather content and cooing out at the moment and she smiles. "Willow…" This said with a soft tone and the green tilts her head and chitters out at this. "She likes it, I'll name her Willow." Willow chirrups out happly and her eyes swirl happy like while she peers down at Asher. What is /that/! She chitters out down at the canine and wiggles about while clinging to Rissa's shirt. "Oh geezs, Flower there is an idea!" A half laugh is heard once Kale says that. A faint ohs soon escapes Rissa. "New tech huh? Well that's good. I'm glad that Jeth is helping."

See, this is what we call incentive for Kale to pick a name for the bronzeling. If he doesn't… Sori will do it for him! She grins, and nods… for now. Just you wait and see, though. She can make a name stick! Like… glue. Or something else sticky. Yes. See? She's already got Rissa onboard, and she's not even trying yet! "Willow, huh?" she repeats after Idrissa, and nods, petting the little green. "Isn't there a song about that? ~Green willow sigh, river run by~…" Hurm. She can't quite remember, she's no harper. A shrug, and she's back to Kale and his talk of a new tech. Sori huhs and nods. "Yeah? That's good." A moment of quiet as she thinks on it, then a smile. "Besides, I couldn't go even if she did. I gotta help you with your new firelizards!" Because there is absolutely nobody else in this entire weyr who's qualified to provide guidance. Nope.

"Willow…" Kale eyes the little green baby. Girls are better at naming things. Well … sometimes. Kayber is /not/ going to last as a name. No way, no how! "That's a good'un. Isn't willow a type've tree or somethin'? And.. trees are green. Most times. An' she's green. So yes, Willow is fittin'." So yes, she has Kale's approval, and we all know that she needs his approval and such things. Things are looking up! New firelizard babies. New techies to help with the sands thing. It's about time goodness happened! "Speakin' of helping…" he says, eyeing Soriana now. "What do these things need for sleep? Like a nest or somethin'?"

Idrissa chuckles and nods to Soriana. "Yes Willow, it fits perfectly, doesn't it girl?" Willow is still eyeing Asher, her little head tilts one way then another while she chitters out again at him, her tail flicking around and she wiggles as if about to try and jumps down onto the canine. Asher lifts up his head to go nose-to-nose with the new firelizard, and gives her a slurp! Willow chirrups out and goes about chittering madly while she hops back and settles more against Rissa's shoulder. An amused snicker escapes Rissa at the sight. "Well at least they aren't trying to eat one another." Always a good sign. A soft ah escapes her and she peers over to Kale and then Soriana. "Well totally you have to help, but if something happens and Yumeth has to go I bet we can figure it out. We can always bother Ers'lan." Wouldn't that be fitting? He caught the two on the beach and now they would be going to him with questions about firelizards!

Wakua smiles, 'Both sounds like great name. I wonder what I should name her." She looks over the firelizard in her lap and she caresses the green's back slowly. "I was never good at thinking up names."

"Just someplace warm," says Soriana to Kale, then giggles as she watches Willow and Asher before continuing. "They don't really mind if it's soft or not… he'll give you an idea what he likes. Their hide is pretty tough… at least, so long as it doesn't crack. That's the other big thing you need to do for them. Oiling! Especially when they're babies like this." Toral chirps his own commentary, and sends a picture to the newly-hatched lizards of the smelly-finger-petting that takes away the itchy-spots! Oooooh, dat's good. Soriana grins. "You can get some of the same oil they use for the dragons. Just rub 'em with it all over, at least twice a day… and whenever they complain of itching. Or whenever you feel an itch, 'cause it might be them projecting it to you." Extra oiling won't hurt anyflit!

Hmm. Kale should be taking notes! Too bad he doesn't have his notebook with him. So he'll just have to rely on his mental prowess to remember everything. Feed all the time. Find a warm place for sleeping. Oil when itchy. Or even when he's not itchy. Just oil all the time! So .. he must get some oil from somewhere. Mustn't be hard to find on a weyr, considering all the dragonriders about! "You'll think've somethin', Wakua, jus' like I will." If he already has a name in mind, he's not forthcoming with it, likely wanting to mull it over a little longer. Willow and Asher's antics gets him grinning, while his own little bronze snoozes away, ignoring all others like the little king he is. "Heh, /you/ can bother Ers'lan if y'want," he quips to Idrissa. "Me? I'll look it up in a book."

Wakua smiles over at Kale, "Well we'll have no problem keeping them warm, the forge is the warmest place in the Weyr, especially when the forges are going." She nods to Kale, "I think it bears some though if I've gotta be calling her it the whole time." She pets the firelizard, "Where do we get the oil from?" She asks curiously as she's never thought about it before until now and her firelizard moves a little in Wakua's lap at Toral's projection, but doesn't wake up.

Idrissa hums and nods to Soriana while looking to her green whom has finally settled down upon her shoulder, and is even curled up slightly looking rather tired now. Taw, how CUTE! "Alright, I'll remember to get the oil then for her." This said with a nod and she chuckles as she hears Kale. "Hey, his not that bad." She thinks anyway. At least Rissa is actually think of talking to people which is way different then when she came here after all. Willow gets the picture from Toral and lets out a soft chirrrup at the thought.

Food, warmth, oil. Those are the essentials, when it comes to firelizards! Anything else is just bonus. "Well, I just borrow some of Yumeth's," she tells Wakua with a shrug. Given the quantities a gold dragon requires, the amount for a brown firelizard is entirely trivial and unlikely to even be noticed. "Can probably just ask for some from stores… or the dragonhealers'd have some, too." She shrugs, and glances back to Kale and Idrissa. "You'll do fine," she tells them. See? The firelizards are already looking content!

"We can go lookin' together, Wakua," Kale assures his fellow smither. "Maybe can go half on the cost when we find it. Couldn't be too hard though. All the riders need it for their dragons." His finger is lightly ran down the spine of his sleepy bronze baby. "An' you're right about the warmth. In winter, these two'll be the mos' spoiled lizards on Xanadu." He snickers, head shaking. "An' yeah Idrissa. Ers'lan's not bad, but .. I don't think too many people jus' go up an' /talk/ to him, y'know? I mean, not about normal stuff. He'll probably jus' look at us like we're crazy."

Wakua smiles, "Sounds good to me. Yes they will be very spoiled." She continues to pet her new firelizard and she grins brightly, "Oh she's so amazing they all are. It's it so cool. New life it's so amazing." She is just overwhelmed with feelings.

"Ya well…" Idrissa slips quiet now that Kale said that, a slight shrug seen while she ruffles Asher's headfur a few times so the canine gets some attention as well. "I guess so." It was just a thought. "I'll just go find that book I was reading a while back, an't no problem." A glance is sent towards Kale and she smirks. "Right, as if I wouldn't spoil mine or anything." HA, look at Asher, that canine can get away with just about anything.

Soriana grins. "If you can't find some oil, come get it from me, I don't mind." Firelizards need their oilings! More to the point, Yumeth and Sorrin probably won't mind. Sori gives Toral a scritch, and another scrap of the leftover meat, and grins around at the three new firelizards and their humans. Also at Asher, the canine gets a ruffle for his head, just because.

"Oh, don' let /me/ discourage ya from speakin' with him, Idrissa," says Kale with a shake of his head. "I think he likes ya anyway. In a few turns, he'll probably ask ya to be his fifteenth weyrmate." He grins teasingly, glancing to the cavern's exit a moment. "If they fly off, they'll come back, right? I mean, Toral always comes, but he's old." Pause. "Not /old/ but older'n these guys. I wanna go out. Get somethin' from the beach maybe. The festival's still there. Buuut, if he's just gonna fly away an' get lost cuz he's a baby.."

Idrissa is about to say something to Soriana and just pauses, blinking and then peers over at Kale eyeing him a few moment. "Oh I hate you so much right now." Is mutterd out to him. A faint huff escapes her and her arms cross in front of her while she slips quiet. Willow lets out a few citters and is eyeing the bronze on Kale's shoulder madly for some reason.

Soriana just… laughs to Kale. "They don't even make weyrs that big! He'll have to go and start a hold or something." Because that makes so much more sense. Idrissa may be Not Amused… but Sori is! And really, that's what matters here. At the question, she peers at the little firelizards, and grins. "Aww, they're not gonna go anywhere. Probably just gonna nap, lookit 'em."
Wakua hmms as she's still deep in thought about what to name her firelizard. She wants it to be something unique and amazing." She looks at the others and she blinks as she hears Idrissa tell Kale that she hates him. She hmms, "What's wrong with Ers'lan?" She asks as she's never met the person they are talking about. "Maybe we could make mini baby slings for them."

"Ooh, no y'don't," remarks Kale with a smug sort of look oh his face, fixing Idrissa with a half lidded stare. Baby bronze churrs lightly in his slumber, eyes blinking open to peer lazily out. First nap of his life: Success. Second nap of his life…likely will commence here shortly! For now he's content being held as he is despite the glares he's receiving from Willow. Kale remains amused, even moreso as Soriana chimes in. "Nothing's wrong with Ers'lan at all," he retorts to Wakua. "He's a brave wingleader to the Galaxy wing an' all. Idrissa's just…embarassed I think. /Likely/ when she marries, she'll be revered by 'm, an' she's just not used to the attention. Plus, his thirteen other weyrmates might be jealous. Idrissa's jus' worried about the conflict." Isn't it good to have friends like Kale and Sori? What would she do without them?

A thick arm stretches in between the people lingering around the table where the hatching took place, the said arm belonging to a man stuffed under a sailor's hat, hair billowing out in soft brown curls, the fellow's features a little more or less tucked behind an up turned collar on a leather vest. He lingers there with a hand clamped onto the bucket, face turned down at the conversation. Ahh, his ears must've been burning or something. The man slowly lifts his face up, which at that point, it becomes evident who he is. Ers'lan himself. He can't very well get away without someone noticing him, since he just watched over his firelizard's eggs hatching. However, the fact that he's crept so far back into the crowd and through the caverns without giving himself away makes him that creeper in which Kale and Idrissa first met with. "Aye, pray tell whar be wrong with me?" his seafarring tone is not entirely unfriendly, it's just the way he creeped up on them makes any approach ominous! His fingers clamp around the bucket, hoisting it above their heads. At least the sand was all swept back into it or into a dust pan. Either way, he has come back to collect it or… something. Blue eyes dart from one face to the next, then stay on Kale, for a long time. "Thirteen?" there's a light grimace, "Jus thirteen?"

Idrissa eyes Soriana. "You don't need to help him. He teases me enough on his own." Once Soriana jumps in on the wagon a sigh escapes her and she is eyeing the ground. How does she get this lucky? As Kale goes on her bright gaze snaps back towards him and she just watches him as if he grew a second head. An the poor girl is attemping to think of something to say but nothing comes and she is left frowning a moment and is thinking about turning and slinking off somewhere, but NO there is Ers'lan back and he heard the conversation. Herh and lifts to cover her face, which is bright red as she is blushing at the moment. Oh no she isn't even ABOUT to comment now. Maybe she'll just disappear? Sure because that has /always/ worked before when she has been embarrassed to near death.

"Now, wait," goes Soriana in a practical tone. "Is she gonna be weyrmated, or is she going to be married? I mean, either way it's the swarm of babies, but you gotta get your details right." Or else, uh… well… Kale's teasing would be factually inaccurate about its hypotheticals, and that would just be terrible. Quality over quantity, people! Oh, and look, speaking of Ers'lan. He has a pertinent question, too. "Well, at that moment," she clarifies. "Not, like, total ever."

Wakua nods a little bit as she listens and she pets her green firelizard in her lap. She tries not to snicker and she tries to keep a straight face about it. "I don't even know you so I can't say what's wrong with you. Is something wrong with you?" She wonders and smiles brightly at Ers'lan, "You better marry her Kale otherwise she might be having a swarm of someone else's babies."

Kale lightly snaps his fingers, realizing his verbal blunder and mixmatching of terms. "You're right Sori. I meant /weyrmated/. M'still gettin' the weyr terms con-.." Pause. Heh. You know that feeling you get when you've been caught doing something you probably had no business doing in the first place? That sort of sudden cold feeling that rockets up your spine, accentuated with the tingling sensation of a thousand needles being pricked upon your skin? It's that same feeling that causes the muscles to freeze and breath to momentarily catch in the throat. Yes. Kale is experiencing that right about now, which causes baby bronze to jolt and lift his regal head. Just when did Ers'lan get here? So engrossed in his teasing that he hadn't noticed that the sailor clad fellow was indeed Ers'lan himself! "Uh.." Slooowly does he turn his eyes to the burly wingleader. "..'Round about that…yes.." Swallow. "Perhaps maybe fifteen? It's what I said first but…seemed a bit much…for the span of time between now an' a few turns." Thirteen is a far more reasonable number! *cough* Wakua is given a look. A .. /look/.

The reactions of Kale's table mates are one thing, but the brownrider had wanted to see the most anticipated reaction amongst them, that of Kale's. His gaze waits for it and he isn't disappointed. He leans in to impose on the boy's space for just that moment, oh no, he's not abusing his uhm, authority?! At least he hasn't smacked the kid. The expected moment that everyone might assume the man's going to do something, he stands back with a smile, a hand descending on Kale's shoulder, "I reckon thar be a rumor tha sailors have one at every port, ya reckon ya can count that high lad?" He pats Kale, ruffling his hair, because really a rumor about -that- wasn't something that really bothered Ers'lan or did it? Hard to say from the playful smirk on his face, eyes on Wakua, "Nay. Narh that I be knowin or sayin iffin thar were." Smart man. Soriana earns his amusement all the same, regarding then and finally the red faced Idrissa. Now that he's made sure he's given them all something to think about he asks, "The beasties seem content." Oh good subject change, back to the firelizards.

Idrissa isn't saying a word, in fact her cheeks have turned from flushing red to pale white. Her friends are going to be the death of her yet. An there goes Wakua jumping on the band wagon. Rissa sends a faint glance towards Wakua and then that bright gaze of her turns towards Soriana and Kale while her arms cross back in front of her and she is biting her lip hard for a few moments. She watches Kale and Ers'lan a few moments, seeming a bit worried at what could possible happen. Her bright gaze peers back at the rider watching him a moment before she lets her gaze drift to Willow whom is still asleep. She nods a moment and looks down at her hands picking at a nail. Well this time she isn't mad at Ers'lan, instead she is upset at her friends for making this teasing season go on so long.

Wakua smiles brightly at Kale and his look. She looks back to Ers'lan and she smiles, "Well that's good, but Kale can read and write and count, just because he's an apprentice smith doesn't mean he's some big stupid lug, we smiths are very educate." She bristles a little as she doesn't want anyone to think of the smiths as dumb muscle bound hammer heads. She gently pets her green to try to calm herself down.

Ah, well, yes. Soriana nods to Kale as he admits his small confusion, with a gracious sort of wave. These things do happen. No worries! It's just best to be clear about things. Like, say, the exact number of weyrmates! Or who the babies are with, that's another good point. She nods to Wakua. After all, if they were dragons, the mating would determine if there could be golds! So, in humans… it's also relevant, if for somewhat different reasons. She watches Lan and Kale, tilting her head to watch, then grinning. One in every port, and one in every Weyr, and one… er. Lots! A mathematician's dream. Maybe Jethaniel could make a calculating device to figure just exactly how many, once he's done with the sands. Anyway! Subject change. She grins, and nods, but lets them answer for themselves.

Nervous? .. Ok a little. Maybe. Perhaps just more than a little because Ers'lan is a pretty big guy and pretty big guys can do some pretty big damage if they really wanted to! And so as he leans in so close, Kale finds himself leaning back, if not only a smidge, and braces for the impact that is to come! Because really, he may be deserving of the smack upside the head that's expected from that descending hand. But he only finds himself clapped on the shoulder, and his brows faintly lift as he looks up at him only to squint as his hair is ruffled. "Figure I could, sir," he answers. "Count so high, but it'd be a day's worth of counting." He risks a vague grin and exhales a breath as, lo and behold, there's a new subject! And he's not left with a concussion! He'll call this a success, even though his firelizard looks a bit irate now and has gone to tail lashing and gnawing on Kale's shirt. Nomnom! "Oh..yes," he answers, trying to pluck the bronze from his clothing. "So far so good with'm. Learned a lot already. Like how I'll need a herd of herdbeast to keep'm full an' happy."

Ers'lan considers Wakua, her smile losing its affect when she starts to bristle, "Reckon I did narh call him a big stupid lug, ye did." Just because he's a Wingleader doesn't mean he's above tossing back as good as he gets. If anyone missed the hair ruffle, that was sign of approval from the man. If they did, he doesn't go to repeat it, but the smirk he shows Kale as he goes for a vacant seat says all. He'll leave it at that. Once seated, he looks up with an arm extended, calling down his firelizard rafters. His gold circles down before she plops into a spot on his shoulder instead, nipping at his ear, which causes him to shoo her down to his forearm after giving a little 'ack' for her nipping, where she sits and swivels her head around to watch the others, -her- babies. "Reckon it placates her a bit, me girl Sexy be wantin ta watch 'n see that her brood be taken care of. She be gettin over it, once she gets nuff…" And that's the excuse he uses to sit with teenagers today folks, yes, yes that'll work. His eyes track back across to the other faces, "Ye all ought to be outside. Fireworks supposed ta happen tonight."

Wakua nods a little bit, "Well good. I've never had a firelizard before, but I'm going to do my best to take care of her and see that she is very happy I promise." She gently caresses over the green's back as she sleeps, "And I didn't mean any disrespect, I just don't want people thinking smiths are dumb lugs since I am a smith too." She says proudly. "So do you really have lots of weyrmates? I've heard about riders that do that."

Idrissa did catch the hair ruffle between the two and she soon peers over at Wakua and tilts her head. "No one say anything 'bout that." She has a voice again. The little green on her shoulder lets out a yawn, her head lifts an her form stretches in a cat like movement almost and Willow nearly tumbles off Rissa's shoulder at the movement. The green is caught before that happens and Rissa softly rubs across the little lizard's back a few times smiling a moment. She peers over to the gold lizard that is now down with the group. "Fireworks are always good." A smirk is seen once Wakua goes on. "Wakua…" Really does that doesn't need to be brought up again does it?

"Smiths're bright. Just add metal polish," asides Soriana to… mm, Idrissa. Not that everyone else can't overhear it. Then she's back to the rest, grinning at Kale's comment. "Not to mention the bucket of oil, after you stuff him full…" she adds. Sexy gets a smile, and Toral chirps a friendly greeting to the gold. Sori leans back, and hmms. "Yeah, those'll probably be neat. Aren't fireworks a smithcraft thing?" That part is asked to Kale, 'cause he knows smithcraft. So does Wakua, but she's busy asking impertinent questions!

Leave it to the bronze baby to show off, aka act up, in the presence of his mother. Perhaps having picked up on Kale's former feeling of nervousness, he's having a difficult time sitting still, choosing to hook his claws into the fabric of his new lifemate's tunic every time Kale tries to pull him away. Raar! Whiine! Chuurr! Gnaaaaaw! Kale is dong his best to play it cool as everyone /else's/ new baby is behaving smashingly! "I was at the beach yesterday," said as he pries a few claws from his shirt, only to have them replaced by hindclaws. "Er…the games look fun. Wasn' sure if the fireworks were gonna scare the firelizards, but if they aren't, I'm game!" Cue a certain lizard's tail wrapping around his neck. Not a choke hold of danger, but a nifty lizard choker! He pries that off too while answering Soriana. "Yeah. Explosive's specialty. Haven't worked much with'm yet, but I will. Promise I won't blow things up too bad." Hopefully.

Ers'lan raises an eyebrow at the peculiar interest in his personal life, straightening as he lets Sexy's tail curl around his one finger, the tip squeezing as the gold sways back and forth, bobbing her head in some display. Ers'lan does give an honest and sincere answer, all the same, "Aye. I 'ave three weyrmates - Laera, Keziah, 'n Lorelai, love 'em all." There's a smoldering smirk behind him as he looks away, talking then, "Women are so vast and different, so many, tall, short, wide, tiny, curvy… n' plenty more personalities than ya ever be knowing thar was. I dun narh reckon how I can be jus sticking ta one lass fer all me life. I was narh born ta do so." He hoists his arm with Sexy up to scritch her muzzle, "'N iffin they love ya back, how can ya possibly deny tha? How can ya deny one love for another, when ya can have both. Surprisingly hard ta do. Women are the jealous lot, tis hard ta find those with open minds bout the matter." Okay, who uncorked this giant? The right question apparently. The chiding tone from Idrissa has Lan lift his hand, "Tis ok. Narh many a man can do whar I do. Some jus run behind their weyrmate's back 'n have another, or two, 'n then keep thar weyrmate in the dark about it. Better ta be open and honest I say." Long winded or a way to clear the air from those rumors in an oh so subtle way? To the firework comments, "Aye, the fireworks may be scarin the little beasties, I would be seein them ta a bed iffin I were you. Settle 'em in and let 'em sleep off their first meal. Hatching be hard on 'em."

Wakua looks over at Soriana and she laughs a little bit, "That's a good one." She smiles, "I'm looking forward to that too getting to learn how to do that, not sure what I'll specialize in yet. I gotta figure out the name of this firelizard baby first." She listens to Ers'lan and she hmms, "Well if that's what works for you, three isn't too bad so long as everyone loves each other right and no one gets hurt." She shrugs a little bit, "Sorry I was just curious. I've never heard of three weyrmates before.." She strokes the back of the firelizard, "Really you think so? I guess bed would be okay. I'll have to see if I can find a pillow for mine. I'd really like to go see those fireworks."

Idrissa grins as she hears Soriana, a soft chuckle escaping her. "Well ya there is that." If there is one thing about Rissa she doesn't tend to linger on things, she is already over all the teasing comments from her two close friends and past the upset stage, well mostly. She grins while watching as Kale and his firelizard are having some issues, another soft chuckle escapes her. "Great, he'll wind up blowing off his hand or somethin'." This said to Soriana at Kale's talk on working with explosives. Her gaze drifts back to Ers'lan as he goes on talking about his, um personaly life, that's it! She doesn't comment any more and listens it seems, a soft ah escapes her, pondering a answer and she looks to Willow whom has curled back up and is once again sleeping. "Being truthfuly is always the best way to be. Even if the outcome may not be what you want it to be."

Soriana is an equal-opportunity teaser! She chuckles at Rissa's comment about Kale. "Better not, or he'll have a hard time holding a hammer!" she says, then goes quiet to listen to Ers'lan's long answer, though there's one point when she frowns. "It's not just women," she mutters, though she only glances to Kale for a small fraction of a moment as she says it. Sigh. Anyway, she's not getting into that now. Even if she maybe should have that talk. Another brief glance to Kale, and then… oh, hey, fireworks, and firelizards, and all that. "Yeah, they all seem tired. Besides, you'll know if anything's goin' wrong with them."

Despite his rambunctious bronze, Kale is listening. While he's never really thought about Ers'lan's personal life … ever, it is known that he has more than one weyrmate. Something he's thought was curious, but not much more than that. But now! Well, the facts are being laid out on the table, and he can't help but listen with a certain amount of interest. Put like this, it makes sense. His eyes turn to Idrissa momentarily, then turn to Soriana after, lingering there for a while before a newly punctured hole to his shirt tears his attention away. With a bit of work, he finally pries his lizard off of him and holds him up a little. "It's alright now," he assures the little lizard before depositing him on his shoulder. "I heard that, Idrissa," he quips, mock glaring at her. "Ok, let's put these blokes to bed then and, er, regroup for fireworks." It's a plan!

Ers'lan shrugs at Wakua, "Reckon most dun narh understand it." And he wasn't going to sit there preaching more about it than he already did, to make people understand that their hearts could give to more than one person, rather than giving it all to just one. There's a broad grin on his face as he sets his arms back behind his head, once Sexy has dislodged herself to hop toward Kale and that freshly hatched bronze. "Iffin people dun love ya fer who ya are, then they narh be right fer ya." Ooh there's the lecture again kids, take it in mind, "Iffin people dun love how ye love, then they won't love ya fer it." So simple but so complex. Idrissa's addendum on the subject has him bobbing his head, "Aye. Truth matters, even when ya think lies best be told in its place." A glance to Soriana, a quiet laugh, "Aye aye. Narh jus women. But tis the downfall fer most relationships, my word on it." He winks, letting the teens go on about fussing over their firelizards and fireworks, watching the interaction between Kale and the girls… huh, an understanding crosses his features. "Jus be safe 'n have a good night," he adds for them.

Idrissa only grins as she hears Kale, oh she does tease her friends but they always manage to beat her in some way. Not that it is that hard of a thing for them to do. A faint hum escapes her and she glances to Sori before her attention turns over to Kale once more. She ponders well there was that conversation Kale an her had a while back. Though she is soon looking back to Ers'lan as he goes on, well that does all make sense. She never really thought of stuff like that before. Amazing what one thinks about when the idea is brought up. Willow was all sleeping there for a moment though the little green is now peering up over the table edge and peering at the hopping gold which sends the newly hatched lizard clambering back up onto Rissa's shoulder with a little helpful push. "Alright, let's go find 'em a place then and go on to the beach." There plan laid out more so and she is even standing up. "Thanks Ers'lan, you have a good night too." Thanks for a lot of things, like not smacking Kale upside his head, an then sitting here given life lessons, and the firelizards!

Wakua nods to Ers'lan and she ignores the looks from the others as she is curious and sometimes she just needs to know the answers. She stands up, "Sounds like a good idea to me." She smiles at Ers'lan, "It was nice to meet you Ers'lan, I hope you have a good night."

Soriana reaches over to give Kale's bronze a little scritch as he's once more set on shoulder. In the hopes it'll settle him down, not as a reward for troublemaking and climbing all over… honest! She hehs a little as Ers'lan agrees with her, and nods, looking at the brownrider. "I'll keep it in mind," she says, then glances back to Idrissa and nods. A plan is made! "Yeah, we'll get 'em settled, then go see the fireworks. Toral…" A brief unfocus. "…will probably go laze on the roof, I think." She shrugs, because her flit's old enough to make his own decisions. Back to Ers'lan again, and she laughs. "Can't very well see fireworks from the infirmary," she answers, and lifts a hand to wave. "G'night. Y'can tell her her babies are in good hands," she adds with a tilt of her head toward Sexy and a grin.

Kale flashes a light grin to Sexy, seeing her nearing him. "S'alright. I promise I've got it under control an' he's doin' fine!" he assures. No taking back your son! Or biting him for not handling him well enough. Or just giving him the evil firelizard eye. The baby bronze does seem a bit more settled now, still tuckered out from the day. The scritching sensation…ooo, he likes that! His little body shudders in delight before he flops down in a resting position. A smirk is offered to Soriana before Kale stands, careful to keep a hand on the bronze to keep him from falling. Aw, who knew he could be so attentive and caring? "Thanks Ers'lan," he says, likely refering to the lizards, but who knows. "See you all at the beach!" said as he turns to depart.

Ers'lan lifts his fingers above the back of his head where they're clasped and wiggles them to wave at their depatures, making a little noise like a whistle but not nearly as shrill to call Sexy back to him. She does retreat to him but nips him again, this time when she's flapping to his chest, nipping his jaw before he leans forward to shoo her away. She skirts upwards instead, away from the hand, and up to the high perches in the caverns. Some females, apparently, no matter how hard he tries, still pester him to no ends. "Aye, tis nice ta meet you…" said in afterthought even though he doesn't know their names for the record, except for Idrissa and Kale. Soriana gets a grin too, for her wit, appreciating it with a wink, "Aye. She be knowin." He rocks forward in the chair and starts to stand then, noting to Kale, "Reckon I won't be thar. Enjoy 'em fer me." Then he's fetching the bucket he put aside, not appearing to follow the teens, fixing his hat back straight on his brow - collars up. Right then as he's carrying the bucket off and slinging it back over his shoulder, he looks like he was born to be a sailor, with swagger and everything, whistling then a merry tune that is clearly from his sea farring ways.

Idrissa shakes her head slightly while she peers a Kale and Soriana a moment before pointing that'a way. "I'm gona go find a place for Willow to get some sleep. Willow stays curled up on her shoulder for the moment and with Asher at her side Rissa goes to find said place it seems.

Soriana grins, and nods, watching Rissa's departure. "We'll meet up after, and find a good spot to watch from. I'll grab a blanket for us to sit on." It is a plan! Yay for plans. Yay for fireworks! With that, she's headed out - though not without some glances to make sure her friends are all doing okay with their new friends.

Wakua gets up and she smiles, "Sounds good to me I'll meet up with you guys after I get this girl settled down for the night hopefully."

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