Toucha, Toucha, Toucha, Touch Egggssss

Xanadu Weyr - Hatching Sands
A domed ceiling stretches high above the sands, enough open air for a queen and her mate to be comfortable with their clutch. Thin slits of windows around the edges let in a little light, though more of the illumination comes from electric lamps diffused off the dome. The sands are ringed by the dark blue seats of the observation level, the first third exposed to the sweltering heat of the sands but those in the back glassed off for the comfort of those watching.
The circle itself is filled with a mix of red and white sands, deep enough to cover the largest of dragon eggs with ease. To one side, a small door is visible, hidden away behind a platform meant to provide a place for the clutch parent's lifemates to stand during the on goings.

LOOK, THE SCREEN MIGHT SAY RISALI, BUT WORK WITH US HERE. The Senior Weyrwoman definitely doesn't have any reason to be on the sands right now, and the fact that she can probably be found in the galleries, beaming down at Inasyth and Garouth and their MANY, MANY, AMAZING BABIES doesn't count. So all of the sweet, bumbling (or not so sweet and bumbling) candidates are stuck with Ila'den. WORK WITH ME HERE. The Assistant Weyrlingmaster has, for once, shed the overbearing heat of his leather jacket for a long-sleeved tunic, one he's rolled up to his shoulders as he prowls behind candidates and leads them onto the sands. Inasyth and Garouth? DOING INASYTH AND GAROUTH THINGS; DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT. Still, the moment booted feet hit the sands, Ila'den sinks into a bow for both, one he holds only long enough to be deemed polite before his attention turns back on his charges. "Don't forget to bow," comes on a low rasp. "When I tell you it's time to go," a beat, and that lone grey eye (he has an eye patch, let the pirate jokes commence!) settles on Zachariah, "we go." But he doesn't ask if that's understood because it wasn't a question. To the side he moves, sweeping one hand out in a gesture clearly meant to tell the candidates to go forth, and wreak only enough havoc to not put dragon-parents on guard.

OH NO NOT ILA'DEN. There have been so many STORIES….but that's a concern for another time. Surely Zach is safe for the moment. Zachariah's eyes widen somewhat at the sight of the eye patch but for once in his young life he does not ask about the eye patch. Though he clearly wants too! Overall though the nerves of finally getting onto the Sands is overwhelming anything else as he stumbles before offering a bow towards dame and sire with his face bright red. Swallowing back his nerves he pauses to sweep his gaze over those eggs of awesomness before finally settling on one.

< Zachariah touches egg 10 - Egg on the Beach >

Garouth is already on guard, Ila. But… it's the relaxed, observant kind of guard, not the one where he's actually upset or annoyed by anything candidates are doing. He's just keeping an eye on things. Technically, two of them, because keeping an eye is something Ila'den is most qualified to do. Still. He's here, he's watching, it's fine. (Let's keep it that way.)

He. Was. Prepared. Kinda. Sorta. Mostly. Zach's first reaction as he lets one hand rest lightly on the shell is a gasp of air being sucked in quietly. "Oh…" he murmurs, letting his fingers trace the various colors on the hardening shell. No other sounds escape him as he continues to linger at this same egg.

The heat of the sands is long forgotten as Zachariah lingers with this egg for an undetermined about of time. For a couple moments he does draw back his hand to perhaps simply process everything. Soon enough though he places both hands lightly upon the shell once more.

Zachariah does indeed linger, the lad's expression hard to read though he does seem quite at peace when he finally steps away from the sands. The heat is once more there to assault his senses that are no longer elsewhere in his memories or rather within the images that the young eggs inhabitant has cast. Running one hand absently through his slightly curly hair he moves on after a moment towards another one that had caught his eye from up in the stands.

< Zachariah touches egg 2 - Taste The Frozen Rainbow Egg >

Zachariah's brows furrow as a hint of a frown crosses his expression though it's gone in a flash to his normal expression. Which isn't smiling or frowning. It's just there! This is his face. His fingers trace the small shards of yellow down then the blue and red stripes before finally lingering along the colors all pooled together into their sticky color mess. His gaze doesn't leave the shell as he clearly is trying to also figure out the puzzle this one presents him.

Zachariah shifts his weight from foot to foot. His attention, which wavered to peer around at the other eggs oh so briefly, returns to this egg and this puzzle. "So many feelings." mutters the trader-turned-candidate teen. "Where /do/ I fit in?" clearly a question he's posed to himself more than once. Still though he lingers with no intention just yet of leaving this particular egg.

Zachariah steps back with no answers but merely questions lingering in his poor mind. Shaking his head once or twice he spares one look back towards Egg on the beach before stepping away fully from his current Frozen Rainbow Egg. Then just to name one more egg for ya'll to read he approaches his next one.

< Zachariah touches egg 4 - Mollusk Magnetism Egg >

Velorn is… well, he's a little late. NOTHING TO SEE HERE, FOLKS! Just a computer crafter that needed to input one more line of code before he could tear himself away from whatever he's working on. And he's only trailing by, like, a minute. The clutch parents are given an overly elaborate bow that has him balancing on one foot for a couple of seconds before hurrying for the nearest egg. Nothing to see here! He did not show up late. He's been here the entire time. Yep! Long fingers reach out to lightly brush against Fethered Frenzy Egg, an apologetic grin for his tardiness offered to anyone that notices his late arrival.

< Velorn touches egg 1 - Feathered Frenzy Egg >

Velorn cocks his head slightly to one side, maybe so he can hear better? He squats down a little so that he can get closer to the egg, settling his other hand against the warm shell, "Come on, darlin'. You've gotta have better than that…" His voice is a quiet murmer, daring the young mind within to do more.

Zachariah doesn't note Velorn's late arrival just yet. Most likely he will soon enough but for the moment he's completely engrossed in the Mollusk Magnetism egg. "Whoa…" he breaths out heavily, one hand reaching to rub the heel of said hand into the middle of his forhead. Is he getting a headache? Perhaps, this is the third egg he's touched. And so far from his confused expression each time it is not what he was expecting. For the worse or better remains to be seen but for now he lingers, letting his finger tips trace circular patterns on the same egg to see what else there is.

Maybe Velorn spoke a little too soon… The soft rumble of a laugh bubbles up from the blond man's chest, highly amused at the apparent response to his earlier words, "Okay, okay. I'm sorry. Slow down." Challenge accepted, he supposes? He shakes his head and leans in, "You've gotta be patient, little one." HA! That's rich, coming from him. Even he sees the humor in his words, "Let people answer the first question before asking the next." Oh the irony… Vel actually lecturing on patience. Wouldn't the journeymen that had the unfortunate duty of trying to teach him be shocked to hear him now!

Zachariah isnt sure at all what…"Oh! Wait..what?" he's confused. He's uncertain. "How?" back to confusion. It's been several long minutes before he had any kind of reaction at all to this egg but then suddenly he's rocking back on his heels perhaps in denial. No no no….no secrets must sliiiip. Shoot. No one was supposed to know about /that/ one. How cute that faint hue of red is upon his cheeks. Still though he draws in a slow and deep breath and peers intently at the egg. Bring in. Whatcha got this time!

"Woahwoahwoah!" Velorn ducks, uselessly, and flinches back, "Faranth. Calm down, alright?" He lands on his linen clad backside, blinking quickly and scrubbing his hands over his arms and scowling at the unassuming, feathery egg. At least he's not laughing anymore? He huffs out a breath, pushing himself back to his feet and dusting his hands against the legs of his pants. Eyeing the Feathered Frenzy Egg one last time, he shakes his head and moves away. That egg is for the avians! This one, though? Maybe Taste The Frozen Rainbow Egg will be better.

< Velorn touches egg 2 - Taste The Frozen Rainbow Egg >

Is that low, rumbling laughter? YES. And is it coming from Ila'den? It absolutely is as that grey eye watches Velorn and his little tumble into the sands. That hint of canines and lift of brows definitely says, 'Karma,' even as he rasps, "Careful, Velorn." HE SAW YOU COME IN LATE. THIS IS YOUR PENANCE.

Zachariah is still looking quite overwhelmed with this particular egg. It's super hard to judge from his expression but there are minor signs such as his breathing and eye dilation. Several long, calming breaths later he is backing away from this egg to rest his mind. NOW HE SEES VELORN and he gives the other candidate a 'your late' look.

Wait… Velorn is being laughed at?! There's another quiet huff and his scowl moves from the egg that knocked him over to the one-eyed old man— what? He's barely more than a kid— with a faint flush that's totally caused by the heat of the sands coloring his cheeks and all the way up to his ears. Nope. He's not blushing. Vel is shameless! Or he is if you ask anyone back at Fort, anyway… or Igen, or Landing… "Yeah." He's careful! Sometimes. Maybe… Then his attention is back on the egg before him. For a moment, his brows draw together in confusion as one hand splays over the warm, colorful shell. Only to pull back a moment later and scrub his palm on his pants again. That totally not a blush flush that stained his cheeks fades a bit and he takes a shuddering breath, scowling at the unfortunate egg before him with eyes that are shining just a little too much. Zachariah's look goes completely unnoticed as he goes from scrubbing at his pants to scrubbing the heels of his hands across his eyes and finally reaches back for the egg. What's a little emotional turmoil between friends? Or… whatever.

There's another shuddery sort of breath as Velorn shakes his head and takes a stap back. His usual grin has faded, the corners of his mouth turned down slightly and his shoulders slumped. There's a quick, darting look and a hasty wipe of his eyes before he's back, fingertips just barely brushing over the shell, "I don't." His voice is quiet and flat, barely over a whisper and hopefully not able to be heard by anyone else.

< Zachariah touches egg 8 - IT'S GONNA BE A PARTY EGG >

Zachariah did have the presence of mind to move over to the side a bit so he's not hovering over the eggs other people are touching. After several minutes of catching his breath and deep breathing to clear his mind he almost blindly approaches an egg. Palm flat onto the egg he waits. As the young mind within bursts into his he is prepared and ready for it. Almost. Whatever emotions or memories that invoked it causes his head to shake ever so slightly, his expression pensive. Shifting his feet there is a conflict if he should stay or go. In the end he lingers. Waiting.

Velorn shakes his head, a line pulled between furrowed brows. He huffs out a sigh and gives the shell an encouraging sort of pat, "You're beautiful." But not for him. Hopefully. … Maybe. There's another shake of his head, hands falling to his side as he stares for just another moment before daring a quick glance up at the clutch parents, then at Ila'den. No more laughing, please. He's… well, he's really not up for being mocked right now. With that thought, he wanders among the eggs, moving to one far, far away from the pirate assistant weyrlingmaster. There. The Egg on the Beach will do.

< Velorn touches egg 10 - Egg on the Beach >

Don't worry, Velorn. ILA'DEN MIGHT BE A RUDE, but he can read the damn room, okay. Sometimes. That's why, the moment Velorn's eyes alight upon his own, Ila'den's brows rise in a question that's unspoken, captured in the slight shift of his posture as if he means to step forward. 'Are you okay?' But when Velorn looks away, when he moves on to the next egg and puts a berth of space between himself and the AWLM, Ila'den has his answer. So instead of pursuit, he watches Velorn go and turns his attention back onto the other candidates loitering the sands. IT'S GONNA BE FIIIIINE.

"Oh." Velorn's breath catches and a small smile starts to tug at one corner of his mouth. At least he's not frowning anymore? He flattens both hands against the egg, "Aren't you gorgeous…" Slowly, he lowers himself to rest back on his heels and leans in so that his nose is almost touching the shell. He's basking, okay? The last egg wasn't bad, but… well, it hit him hard. This? This is much nicer.

Zachariah says, "Whoa…whoa…" Zachariah puts up his hands in a futile effort to ward off the heat the seems to wrap around him regardless of his actions. Questions bombard him and if they are answered it's quietly so that no one else around him hears. A rare smile crosses his expression, lighting up those large, light brown eyes of his."

Velorn lets his hands slide down the sides of the shell, sitting back for a moment and giving it a sad sort of look that fades quickly. There's a quiet chuckle and small shake of his head, "I miss 'em." His family back home. His friends. People he hasn't seen in months. He chuckles softly and shakes his head again, "Not that everything was always good, but…" He trails off and leans back in again, happy to just… be. At least for the moment.

Zachariah steps back, looking quite flushed now. It's the heat. Probably the heat. He does look quite pale though.

DON'T WORRY, ZACHARIAH. Ila'den is here for you too, tracking movement until he's taking measured steps forward that do nothing to make it less a prowl. "Alright, Zachariah?" comes on that low, rasping growl — gentle despite every element of his voice working to contradict that single descriptor.

Velorn leans closer, practically wrapping himself around the egg. This is… well, he's obviously enjoying whatever the consciousness within is sharing with him. There's a quiet, happy laugh and just… basks. From all appearances, he looks like he has no intention of moving on anytime soon.

Zachariah's voice comes out high pitched for the first word before settling down into his normalish voice. "Yes, i'm fine!" at least he's no longer startled by the growly, raspy voice of the Ila'den. "I just…think I need to get some fresh air." a glance is spared towards the clutch parents. "Should I bow or something before leaving?" a pause. "And may I leave before the others are ready?" he means you Velorn who was late!

Give Ila a beat, as if he is taking in Zachariah long enough to ensure he actually believes that answer. One. Two. Four. Then, finally, "It never hurts to be polite," comes with a hint of amusement, lips pulling at one side without ever actually managing to become even the hint of a smile. "But yes, you may go." And then that grey eye is shifting, dragging across sands to take in Velorn who gets a moment before, "And you, Velorn? Alright?" comes.

Zaira is present as well, her willowy form present from the beginning but now she moves into the full light, listeng to all instructions and then drawing back again to ruminate over which egg to touch. There were still so many left! But she waits quietly until granted permission to go out amongst the eggs, mentally marking off the ones she had already touched and settling on a new one…that one right there…just as soon as she's given permission.

Zachariah doesn't believe his answer at all but it's the one he's sticking with. So with that he shuffles over, offers stiff bows to the awesomest gold and bronze he knows, don't worry he thinks Leirith is pretty awesome too for one who likes tiny hats. WHAT DOES SHE DO WITH THE HATS?!? The world may never know. Once that bow is done he heads off as more candidates head in. Rotating doorway it seems.

SHE GIVES THEM TO INASYTH AS OFFERINGS, BECAUSE SHE IS PROBABLY NOT WORTHY. But Ila'den watches Zachariah go, and on that watching, catches sight of Zaira lingering just there. "Go," comes that low rasp, a gesture made towards the eggs to indicate which direction he means.

The sound of his name has Velorn blinking a few times and, with great reluctence, finally unwinding himself from around Egg on the Beach and stands, "Uh… Yeah. I'm good." Really good! He gives the shell a gentle pat before letting his fingertips trail off of and looking around at the rest of the clutch. Zachariah's request to leave gets a momentary look of surprise, but he's quickly distracted by the eggs, again. Not that it's unexpected. They're here to fondle them after all, right? Waverider Egg is conveninetly close, so to it he goes!

< Velorn touches egg 11 - Waverider Egg >

Will Inasyth put the tiny hats on the eggs? Almost certainly. It's just a matter of WHEN! For now she seems content enough just to let the candidates get touchy-feely with her babies while she just beams over in the corner with a goofy grin like a ridiculously proud dragon.

Zairasteps out confidently, moreso than there was there the first time. A respectful bow to the proud parents and she is back to wandering amongst eggs. Soon she reaches her goal, to settle in by her chosen egg. The left hand flattens against the egg's smooth side and she relaxes, opening her mind and waiting for…whatever the egg has to tell her.

< Zaira touches egg 6 - Something Green and Growing Egg >

Who let someone's DAD on the SANDS? Arden is just gonna stand there confused, post bow and all the thanks to dam and sire. Ila'den is given a raised brow, brown eyes looking from heel to head before he simply shrugs and turns joins his fellow candidates. Maybe Inasyth can set him up with some Dad shorts and a fanny pack! It's been a while since he's set foot on these sands, and thankfully, the adornment on each shell makes his trek memorable enough for the most part to know where to begin. Arden slowly moves around the eggs until he sets sights on the first one of this visit - the Feathered Frenzy Egg.

< Arden touches egg 1 - Feathered Frenzy Egg >

TAKE IT UP WITH R'HYN. SOMEBODY HIRED HIM TO BE AN AWLM, AND IT WASN'T HIS ACTUAL CHILD (it kind of was, tbh, but shhhhh.) ILA AIN'T AFRAID OF YOU, ARDEN. In fact, that once over with raised brows is met with a once over and raised brow in turn. There's even a hint of canines, something too sharp and wolfish in the pull of his lips to be entirely friendly as Arden dismisses him and GETS HIS TOUCH ON. Listen, have you met Ila'den? He would sport those shorts and fanny pack and there wouldn't be an ounce of shame in this man's body. Except, you know, that he's always dressed from head to toe. Like he is now. BUT SHAMELESS.

Velorn staggers. Woah. Both hands come to rest on the egg, eyes wide and blinking rapidly, "Wha-" Oh. Oh wow. He sways on his feet, very nearly falling over, but, somehow, managing to stay upright. In spite of how unsteady he looks. At least there's a nice solid egg to lean on?

Arden tilts his head from side to side, up and down, trying to track down a sound only he can hear but there's no luck. The egg is everywhere and no where in his mind, but he still can't help to smile. Hands slide across the shell of the egg, and once his hands are content where they rest amongst the texture beneath his fingertips, he lowers his head once more to see what Feathered Frenzy Egg has to offer.

Zaira slowly takes in the unraveling of memory, trying to stay relaxed and calm. Most of it was all right but some sensitive spots were touched on and that draws a faint flincb. She shakes her head slightly and half rises, adjusting her hand more towards the top of the egg rather than along the flank, eyes narrowing in concentration.

There's the faintest hint of shaking in Velorn's limbs, blue eyes squeezed shut. Is he even breathing? Apparently not, based on the sudden gasp for breath he takes as he staggers back a couple of steps, tripping over his own feet to, once again, land on his backside, "That's… that's a lot of water." With a quick shudder, he pushes back to his feet and cautiously approaches once again. For a moment, his hand hesitates, hovering over the shell, before he pulls back again with a shake of his head. Nope. Not going to do it. Instead, he turns to move on to The Tide You Fear Egg. Sure, he's still hesitant, but at least his hand makes contact this time.

< Velorn touches egg 9 - The Tide You Fear Egg >

Zairaallows herself a solemn half-smile. This egg was interesting, playing with her memories. It was actually kind of amusing actually, so she doesn't mind. She stands to her full height, the young Candidate moves her hand totally on top of the egg now, brow wrinkled in concentration, eyes glowing softly in contemplateion.

"What the-" Again?! Velorn shudders, shivers, shakes. A quiet whimper almost seems pulled from him, "No… nonononononono." To reiterate, NO! It seems like an eternity before he manages to jerk his hand back, eyes wide as he stares at the egg. He swallows hard, chewing on his lower lip for a moment, "Don't come back? Don't worry. I won't." Or… well… He really doesn't plan on it anyway! One hand comes up to unconsciously rub at the center of his chest. He's not ready to leave, not like Zack, but he needs a moment.

Zaira stands by the egg, absorbed in this sharing of worlds and, from those softly glowing eyes, she's enjoying it. But all good things come to an end and there is a soft sigh tearing through beautiful white teeth as contact is broken. That was the third contact and the last, she has learned. It's time to try another egg. Soon long legs are carrying her towards a third egg. This time she opts for the two-handed approach, one delicate hand splaying against the bigger end of the egg, the other low down on the right flank. A blink and again her eyes fall half shut as she waits for the response from the baby dragon within.

< Zaira touches egg 7 - Perfectly Calm and Peaceful Egg >

This is totally unexpected and fair skin grows even paler. A sharp inhalation of breath can be heard, rushing through flared nostrils. The left hand falls away from the egg's flank and her eyes unfocus for a moment. A sharp shake of the head and a blinking of the eyes and Zaira's determination, that carried her through two Turns with her aunt and uncle, reasserts itself. She squats on the balls of her feet, head erect and alert, lips in a straight stern line. She has a formidable will of her own and, cautiously, makes contact again.

Alone. Velorn just… he can't. He can't do that to anyone else. Still looking a little gray and pale, wiping his eyes and movements a little jerky, he slowly walks back to the egg he just abandoned. It's obvious that he really doesn't want to, but… he's going to do it. Slowly, he reaches back out for the green and black and white and glowing and void of the Tide You Fear Egg.

< Velorn touches egg 9 - The Tide You Fear Egg >

Zaira bites her lip, drawing a tiny drop of blood. This egg was certainly tough and not afraid to play hardball, that was for sure. She reminds herself sharply that the baby dragon wasn't trying to hurt her. that she was in no physical danger no matter what. Surely her father had seen such things when he told her that and her father had never been wrong before. She braces herself again, waiting to make contact one last time. And hoping everything won't go dark a third time.

Arden steps back from the egg, shaking his head a little bit to clear the fading fog and he does so with a smile. Licking his lips for a moment, the young man glances around towards the others and he settles on a second egg to see what it's willing to share. He moves over, raising his hands and resting both upon the shell of Taste The Frozen Rainbow Egg.

< Arden touches egg 2 - Taste The Frozen Rainbow Egg >

Zaira smiles in relief. No darknes this time. It was actually a very introspective egg in the end, asking questions that will require much musing for the answers. She pats the egg's flank gently, no harm was done…and her face has resumed its normal color. Another very gentle pat and the Candidate is moving on to yet another egg, this time simply squatting on her hams and flattening her right hand against the egg's smooth side, running her fingers along the surface carefully and gently.

< Zaira touches egg 8 - IT'S GONNA BE A PARTY EGG >

"Y-yeah. I came back." Velorn might regret it, but he did. He shudders, breathing shallow with his nose wrinkled in disgust, "No one deserves to be alone…" Everyone deserves someone. Someone to be there for them, even when they push everyone away. He might regret coming back, but he did come back. He leans down, keeping at least a little distance from this egg, unlike the others he's communed with, and murmers quietly, telling the occupant everything that comes to mind. Violence? That's nothing. He actually likes violent guys. Creepy, though? Gross? Terrifying? That's a whole other story. One that he chooses to ignore, for the moment.

This is a very busy egg! Arden opens his eyes, hands still in place where he left them and he gently slides them further apart across the shell, content where they lay, he lowers his head with eyes closed to continue visiting with Taste The Frozen Rainbow Egg.

Zaira relaxes again, her gentle running of fingers becomes circular, slowly moving, massaging strokes for just a minute, then back to a simple pressing of the palm. high up on the egg's left flank, no stroking now. Her mind is fully open, unguarded…she wants to see more of what this egg has to show her.

Arden isn't done with this egg, nor is he done trying to return the questions with answers in rapid fire but this was a feat he couldn't achieve. Still, the man is grinning and he slides his hands to the very top of the egg to check in with Taste The Frozen Rainbow Egg one last time before moving onto the next.

Zaira 's eyes close for a few moments, head bowed in silent meditation. Then a little shake of the head that makes her wet-seal brown tresses ripple like a chocolate syrup river. She likes this egg, REALLY likes this egg. So she closes her eyes again as her palm presses in ever-so-gently and for only a nonce before she settles into receptive mode again.

Quickly moving under closed eyelids, Arden's eyes dart from left to right, reading a story only he can see and the longer this goes on, the more eager the look on his face is to consume what he can until he's left with a literal organic cliff hanger. "What a tease!" he says as those brown eyes open, taking a long breath and quick exhale before stepping back. It's never a dull moment touching eggs! He glances over, and makes his way to Feeble Fortess Egg, wasting no time to position his feet and both hands slide across the surface of the shell.

< Arden touches egg 3 - Feeble Fortress Egg >

Velorn can live with a monster. He's used to people just tolerating his presence. He's used to not being wanted… His eyes widen, breath catching and letting a whisper of a sigh past lips parted in wonder, "I-" There are no words. He flinches, just a little, and his expression turns pained, almost ashamed, for a moment. The blond candidate leans closer, voice too quiet to be heard even one egg over, talking to the egg, spilling secrets that he hasn't even told his little sister. Seriously, he tells her everything. And then… then he finds himself blinking, confused and sad and hopeful and proud and… And sad. He lets his hands drop, pushing himself back up again, and offering a jerky sort of bow to Inasyth and Garouth. Not another word is spoken as he simply… walks away. He really just needs to get out of there, at least for a little while.

Zairaeyes open and brillent white teeth gleam in a wide smile. A pity to have to leave the fine mind in this egg, but it's probably given her all it can for the time being…but it's also left an impression on her. Mayhap, mayhap…did her dragon, whatever the color, dwell in this egg? An almost fond pat on egg's flankshe rises slowly, lights still dancing in her eyes. Her next egg is chosen at random, but not one of the ones she has touched before…somehow she's keeping track.

You know that sudden jerk of limbs one experiences when they're dreaming of meaningful movements? Arden relives it, only wide awake and he chuckles a little before hands slide into a different position upon the shell. The beach does have it's wonders but the world itself is a very big place with much adventure to offer. Let's see how much deeper he can go with Feeble Fortress Egg.

< Zaira touches egg 9 - The Tide You Fear Egg >

Zaira 's whole body jerks, pulling backwards but not quite losing her footing or breaking contact…one fingertip remains with in contact with the egg. Alone! Her mind screams silently, a wailing silent lamentation. With noticable effort the Candidate catches her breath and readys herself to try again. It couldn't get worse could it? But she keeps contact only by a fingertip, not quite trusting this strange and eerie egg.

It's an odd sense of peace Arden is feeling but he's down for it, so, so down. He doesn't register the heat of the sands, nor does he notice the glistening beads of sweat traveling down across his skin in tiny rivulets, only to vanish into the collar of his shirt. He isn't here right now, please leave a message at the sound of the *BEEP.* He grins, shifting his feet carefully on the sands and lowers his head, waiting to see where Feeble Fortress Egg is going to guide him to next.

Zaira pulls back a little more, leaving the barest hint of flesh to stay in contact with the egg. It's still touching but just barely and the young Candidate has gone absolutely white, her hands shaking. She did NOT LIKE crypts, but this time the egg was less violent at least. She moves forward to put a bit more finger than just the tip on top of the egg and stays safely crouched down. Mayhap this egg held a gentler side within it?

Comfortable memories are always nice to have, always nice to relive and keep them deep for when you need them the most. Content, Arden opens his eyes and straightens up, rolling his shoulders as hands fall away from the shell. "Thank you, Egg," he murmurs as he glances over his shoulder. Certain there is room behind him, he turns and takes a step. For a moment, he places his hands on his hips, taking in one deep and steady breath after another. The sands are hot, but he is fine! Hydration is key and a post touching bath is definitely going to happen. For now, brown eyes look over the ring of eggs and then they settle on the next - Ready or Not Egg.

< Arden touches egg 5 - Ready or Not Egg >

Zaira is glad to be back on the Sands, eventhough the sweat is running down her back, cold and clammy from her pores. She stands up shakily, breaking contact with relief. A few moments to catch her breath and get her mind back in some sort of order and off she goes to another egg…far away from that one! When she finds a likely candidate (no pun intended) she stands by the new egg, right hand gently resting upon the top of the egg.

< Zaira touches egg 10 - Egg on the Beach >

THIS egg was MUCH BETTER than the last one. The change is refreshing. The light of day, the warmth of sun on her skin. Her decision is to remain, to leave a flower…if she had one…one this pristine beach. Just stay for awhile and catch her breath. It is all too soon that she must return to the Sands but it seems to have done her good. Her color is back and she is not quite so shakey now. She crouches low, sliding her hand down the egg's billiard-ball smoothness to a comfortable position and then concentrates again, wanting to see more from this egg.

Arden pauses in breath but then picks it back up again, this time, it's slow and rhythmic. Something within the egg is taking the lead and he's doing his best to follow. The look on his face grows serious, but the rest of his body is relaxed. Who is here with him? What is here with him now in this moment. He doesn't do anything to betray the peace within. He holds still, opening his mouth to object to some unseen plight, but he simply exhales and smirks, shaking his head with eyes closed. As soon as the egg departs silence on them both, the Candidate opens his eyes, grinning, as he slides his hands free from the shell. Content, he turns back to Inasyth, taking a few steps forward before a showing of thanks and a bow, then he turns and steps back out to the arena and parts unknown.

Zaira is finding this egg most relaxing. She rises to her full height, something she rarely does since she was as tall as some grown men…and still not yet done growing judging by the length issues on her black capris. She still wasn't satisfied with this egg…had it not just invited her to return? But she did like its relaxing ambience and soothing atmosphere. With a smile she catches the image of her first child-sized guitar that she had quickly outgrown. Her hand remains resting on top of the egg, her mind open, almost intruding in her curiosity.

Zaira takes this touch with smile that turns sad when she has to break the connection. But she had to go. Whislt that egg been much easier to deal with, even pleasant to deal with, that one before it had left her badly shaken. She needed some time alone. Go to the barracks, get something to drink and just rest for awhile. Several others had already left than Sands so at least it didn't look like she was wimption out. With a low bow again to the proud parents and a casual salute to the Weyrlingstaff she turns and slowly leaves the Sands, clearly headed to the barracks that was her home.

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