Monaco Bay Visits

Xanadu Weyr - Clearing

A wide clearing stretches from east to west, the ground packed hard although grass grows across most of it. Trees are strictly forbidden in this space, their danger to the constant draconic traffic reason enough to banish them to the forest that creates a border to the north. Where the ground is less trampled, tiny flowers poke their delicate heads out from their shaded hiding places with upturned petals to wave to whoever may be looking.
The cliff looms imposingly on two sides. Toward the southwest, a spire stretches up to high above where the everpresent watchdragon sits on a lonely peak with Xanadu's Starstones. A massive rocky spur extends to the north, curved slightly to hold the clearing and pocked with doors and windows.
The hatching arena and Dragonhealers' Annex sit to the southeast, built together into a single complex that takes up a large portion of the perimeter beneath its domed roof. To the southwest, wide steps lead up to the caverns, and almost directly south is the entrance to the Infirmary. Nestled between the infirmary and the main caverns there's a human-sized archway with frequent traffic - it leads to the Wanderin' Wherry Tavern.
Tucked near the arch, just off to one side is a tiny wood-frame shop bearing the name 'Wildflower Boutique'. Windows have been cut along the cliff in various places along the cliff. Those of the administrative offices are placed to have the best view of Xanadu's airspace - to the southwest, over the entrance to the caverns and the infirmary. Others mark the dormitories and those of lucky residents, while toward the northern edge of that spur cluster the windows and entrances to the crafters' complex.
The rest of the Weyr lies to the north and east - a broad road that leads through the meadow and the trees of the forest beyond. At the far northern edge of the clearing, just inside the perimeter kept clear of trees, a clocktower sits and proudly displays the hour.

Autumn on Xanadu is certainly something to see! Colors paint the tips of tree leaves and the overall temperature hovers at that not hot, yet not chilly mark as well. A perfect day for a stroll! Or in Ka'el's case, a stroll from one meeting to another, though the Weyrleader looks unhurried enough that wherever he's going must not be an urgent thing. Hands behind his back, he moves through the clearing, heading towards one of the complexes that have been built, but he pauses as eyes turn skyward. Watchdragon to Kanekith. Kanekith to Ka'el. There are visitors approaching! Squinting, he shields his eyes to peer up at the unfamiliar dragon that makes his way down.

Sindrieth announces himself to the Watchdragon, of course, then makes his way to the clearing so that his rider can help the others off of him. He gives Feyran a /look/, one that obviously is meant to try and get her to behave, though he doesn't seem sure that she will, and Vanessa is given a hand down as well. He gives Ka'el a salute if he sees him, and will leave Vanessa to deal with the formalities - don't need a chorus after all, right? He seems eager to slip off to the infirmary as soon as possible, just quickly telling Vanessa that's where he'll be when they're ready to leave.

It's a green dragon bearing Vantayne and another candidate or two, the holder starting to pick up this dragon mount and dismount thing a little better, after having done it a half-handful of times. When he's down, a small bow is offered to said green and her rider, the holder then joining Vanessa and Sindrieth's other passengers.

Feyran smiles cheerfully at R'en and gives Sindrieth a thank you because…well, Sindrieth is awesome like that. She likes him more than his rider, though the stick in the mud isn't bad! Once she's down on the ground, the trader girl begins stretching this way and that as if they'd been flying for hours and not mere moments. Now…where are Drunky, Angry, and Fluffy? There's one!

Sigel decided on riding with Vantayne this time around, as if to make up for pairing up with Feyran earlier - not that it's something he needs to apologize for, but still. It's good to be social. He's not exactly a creature of grace, however, so he more slip and slides off the dragon than steps off. He makes it to the ground in one piece, though, and that's what matters.

Sydney makes his way down from the green dragon that had been so kind to provide transport to the wonderful, beautiful, exotic locale that is Xanadu Weyr. He takes a look around and takes in the air once more, "It is good to be back." he says to Vantayne who just so happens to be nearby. He also offers thanks to the good green and her rider before walking away and seeing just where they have landed themselves.

It's not just Ka'el who's been informed of the new arrivals. Kairoikyriath is Ever Vigilant! As well as Very Bored. Which means that Innes has been receiving a running commentary about everything that could possibly be of the most remote interest for much of the day. The goldrider has entirely given up on the prospect of work in favor of getting out of dodge and going just about anywhere that isn't Xanadu. In fact, she's making her way toward the clearing with the intent of finding a certain dragon when the news of the new arrivals is relayed to her. Guests? Well, since she's already in the area, she might as well just pop in and say hello.

Vanessa gives R'en a cheerful smile before the bronze rider sneaks away. Absently twisting the silver bracelet around one wrist she watches the candidates disembark once by one. "Alright then guys! Best behavior and we'll see if we can fine someone…" with that she spins in place to look around the clearing to see if there is a someone around to find!

Darsce IS in a hurry. Why? That's got to be obvious. She hurries past Ka'el at a stumble-run (damn high heels!) with a six month old child in her arms, the sound of his wailing completely overrides the comment - or is that a greeting - she makes as she goes by. The babe looks fine, if unhappy. His mother on the other hand, though impeccably dressed and groomed, looks utterly flustered. She's aimed for the cavern entrance, though, not the infirmary, so things can't be all too bad, can they? Her progress comes to a stop as the watchdragon bugles a greeting and she too, looks skyward. Visitors might require her to see Cook for a platter of refreshments, after all! The child she's carrying? Hiccups and quiets, but that's only because he's found the headwoman's shoulder knot and is busily chewing on it.

Since Sigel is with them on the green, he might be able to barely overhear Vantayne murmur urgently, low to Sydney, "Please… - not- in from of our weyrwoman," as all three approach Vanessa. Oh crap… ohhhhh crap. And now there's a Innes joining them, as well. Doomed. Doom-doom-DOOM.

Kanekith, being the amazing hunk of bronze that he is, is not missing an opportunity to have new eyes feast upon the magnificence that is him! And thus, another bronze makes his way in the distance, calling a greeting to those dragons who reside below as he makes his way down. Ka'el's eyes follow that of his dragon just briefly before his arm is lowered and the arriving party is regarded as they dismount from their dragon carriers. He heads towards them, catching the tail-end of the salute given by R'en just before he's gone, nodding even though it's too late for the man to see it! Other faces take his attention, at least one (no, two!) of which are familiar. "Xanadu's duties," he greets, zeroing in on the Weyrwoman Junior of the group, "To Monaco Bay and her Queens. .. Welcome!" he offers, sidestepping a rushing Headwoman as she .. well, rushes past.

For once Feyran is just kind of quiet. She'll let Vanessa take care of the formalities and hang back with the boys while everyone gets the greetings out of the way. There's a glance at Innes and Darsce and a grin for them both, but…well, the trader probably /isn't/ the best choice to start off all the greetings. Definitely not!

Vanessa looks over her group of candidates she's in charge of and nods at what she sees. They are presentable at least. "Aha…there's someone." she mutters to them before saying louder towards Ka'el. "Greetings!" says the bubbly and fluffy cheerful gold rider. "Vanessa and Gold Ceresth." who clearly isn't here right now. "This is Feyran, Sigel, Sydneyt and Vantayne. And that was R'en." of the departing bronze rider. And a couple of npc riders. Nameless. "We offer our greetings to Xanadu and hope our visit isn't too badly timed?" her words lilt upwards slightly in a questioning manner at the end.

Sigel isn't exactly throwing himself forward to try and greet himself, but he will salute promptly when he hears his name, figuring that's the least he can do. He watches R'en disappear into the mist, then takes a moment to look around in a thoughtful, absent-minded kind of way, scratching his fingers through his impressively cantankerous shock of hair.

Sydney smiles when he hears Vantaynes whisper and just whispers right on back to him, "Relax. I got this. You worry too much. They like me here." He too stands there amidst the other candidates until the greetings have been properly completed.

Innes' lips curl in a gr in as she gets a bit closer and begins to recognize the faces that are gathered in the clearing. Oh, hello. With Ka'el doing the formal greeting, it leaves her free to simply saunter up and sort of wave. "Hey." Candidates, don't use her as an example. She glances at familiar and unfamiliar faces, finally focusing in on Vantayne with an easy grin. "Nice to see you again, candidate."

If one can read lips, Darsce's comment to Ka'el was, 'Look out!' because smacking into the Weyrleader is bad juju and possibly injuring him - worse. Neither of them need that. As for their visitors, she neither salutes (one, not a rider, two, her arms are full of child) nor echoes the formal greetings. But now that she's not being deafened by her offspring, the panicked expression morphs to curiosity, then somewhat enlightened. Ah, these are candidates, the poor sots. So her greeting is informal, but also semi-helpful, "Does anyone need herbal tea for queasy stomach?" Also teasing! Not…mocking. Not her! She positively beams (probably because she's horrible) back at Feyran before iceblue eyes drift over the rest of the group. She'll linger, sidling nearer to Innes and murmuring, "Will they be requiring a cookie platter and drinks then?"

What's this? Feyran's -not- yapping, for once? Vantayne peers at the trader for a long moment, then shakes his head just a little before turning his gaze to the arriving Headwoman and the native bronzerider. Indeed, let perky Vanessa introduce them all! The holder gives a respectful dip of his head when mass-introduced to the Xanaduans, though his eyes can't help but slide a quick, sideways glance at where Innes stands, especially after how Sydney responds to him. When the Xanadu goldrider chooses to greet him, she -almost- gets a bow, but he stifles it when remembering her preferences, 'Tayne instead murmuring a polite, "And you as well, weyrwoman." See?! No 'ma'am', either! Hopefully people will forgive him when the candidate's stomach - still yearning for more food - gives a particularly obnoxious yowl on the heels of Darsce's word about food and drink. At least 'Tayne's decent enough to look a little embarrassed.

Ka'el lifts his browss a little, now that he has a closer look to all of the arrived faces and, most notably, the white knots on their shoulders. A grin soon follows. "Candidates? A visit from Monaco Bay is never ill-timed, Weyrwoman Vanessa," he assures, his smile kind and welcoming. "Good to meet you all," he says, nodding approvingly to those that salute, grinning mildly to those who hastily correct themselves. "I'm Ka'el, Weyrleader of Xanadu. Kanekith," a nod to the landing bronze who gives his head a lavish (and rather unnecessary) toss, "my lifemate. And Junior Weyrwoman Innes," he offers in introduction to the Xanadu goldrider, although she already seems familiar with some of those faces! As is he! "Sydney…the same from some months back?" he says to the man with a grin. "Congratulations."

The Junior isn't being formal? The Head Woman isn't being super formal? That's all that Feyran needs. You spoke too soon Vantayne. "Hello!" The trader calls out cheerfully, though she will at least offer them all a salute. As if on cue to Darsce's question to Innes that the trader can't hear…there's a loud rumble from her stomach, one that Feyran looks completely unashamed about. Whoops! She /did/ eat a full breakfast though, but the trader is apparently a monster that just keeps eating!

Sydney offers a proper salute to the weyrleader as he offers his greeting, "Monaco's duties to Xanadu and her queens." he says first before adding on, "One and the same, and thank you most kindly good sir. It is always a pleasure to be back in the lovely Weyr of Xanadu with such fine and upstanding people." He turns his attention next to Innes and offers her a salute as well, "Monaco's duties to Xanadu and her queens." he says formally before he grins even wider, "It's most agreeable to see you again." He casts a glance to Vantayne as if to say, see I've got this. The headwoman also gets a polite greeting and so the adventure has begun.

"I'm not sure they deserve it," Innes quietly confides in the nearby Darsce, though she's careful to put a little bit of extra distance between them. Small children are dangerous things, after all, and she wants nothing to do with them. After a moment, she seems to think better of her first suggestion, and amends, "Well, maybe some of them do." And she'll just leave Darsce to guess at which ones aren't so lucky. She arches a brow at Vantayne's greeting, which isn't quite as informal as she'd like, but it's still better than it was. That's… something? And then Sydney speaks, and his formal greeting is met with narrowed eyes. To Darsce, she notes, "That one." A finger is pointed in Sydney's direction. "No cookies for him."

Darsce doesn't bother to introduce herself, looks bored with all the formality but the stomach grumbles amuse her. Jiggling the child in her arms somewhat absently, she considers the lot before murmuring facetiously back to Innes, "We could make them pay? Or… earn their treats doing something… interesting." She coughs but of course makes no suggestions as to how. Sydney's little speech garners an eyerolled snicker and she can only murmur, "I see your point," to Innes. Really, she's a terrible example of manners despite the care she takes in her appearance. Still she casts a peek at the Weyrleader; she's not the one in charge of this visit. Perhaps he's taking them on a tour or someplace important. So she simply asides, "I'll have Cook make a platter; just notify me where and when you'd like it." And then she nods to the group, "Enjoy your visit." She has a child to deliver to the nannies and a soggy knot to dry. Oh yes. And cookies, thankfully not baked by her, to arrange for!

That salute is a little foreign to him, but when the bronzerider introduces himself as they Weyrleader, Vantayne goes with the flow, and gives the best approximation of the gesture he can belatedly form. His light baritone offers, "Well met, sir," to Ka'el, then a small bow to Darsce, along with his mellow, "Ma'am," head turning after a few moments to see what Vanessa wants to do, hazel eyes then shifting back over to Innes. Oh, wait… Feyran's -not- keeping quiet. The trader-cum-candidate's blurted, super-informal greeting makes him wince just a little internally, but…well, it isn't -his- call. And then Sydney goes way overboard in his own greeting, making 'Tayne roll his eyes faintly at the Harper-Candidate's excess. Yeah, suuuure you got this. Blink. No cookies for Syd? Pardon 'Tayne if he hides dark humor behind a quickly raised hand to mouth and his small cough. More stomach gurgling again greets Darsce's talking about food, and -this- time 'Tayne hunches up just a little, trying to quiet his rebellious gut. Hopefully the Headwoman's honestly joking about them earning food.

Vanessa's stomach isn't growling, luckily, but perhaps the klah is enough for her for now. Her gaze sweeps the various people here, from Ka'el to Darcse to Innes. Brilliant, teeth baring smiles are cast for all. Especially the baby. Babies draw out smiles from everyone, right? "Well met Weyrleader Ka'el and Kanekith!" she can't forget him. "And Innes." another glance towards the candidates but so far everyone seems to be behaving. "We're going over skills for etiquette and diplomacy." she explains to the Xanaduian weyrleader. "A field trip is always a good way to get them interested..yes?" she smiles pleasantly.

Speaking of etiquette and diplomacy…where are the latrines? Seriously! Fey's gotta go and so instead of asking the Weyrleader and Weyrwoman the trader girl sort of slips away from the group to ask the nearest resident. Look, that's polite…or something? Either way, she's off and will likely return eventually!

"Everyone deserves cookies," remarks Ka'el, the resident cookie monster. He gives a sidelong look to Innes, a corner of his mouth quirking up before he looks to Sydney again. "It's good to see you're doing well, Sydney. I've a feeling Monaco Bay has great things in store for you. All of you," he extends to the other Candidates. "Candidacy's an unforgettable time, I'd have to admit. Whether or not it's your first go at it, take advantage of all the opportunities that'll open up to you." Like … Weyr visits, for example! "Has your Weyrwoman set you free to roam?" he asks with faintly raised brows, glancing to Darsce at her commentary. His mouth pulls slightly, a faint twitch at the edges. He answers, "The Caverns will do," he answers with a light nod to the Headwoman as she leaves, returning his attention to the others. "Of course," is answered to Vanessa. "Multiple trips to get it right, in fact, if I remember my own lessons correctly."

Sydney grins widely at Ka'el's response, "I believe that it does as well. Lovely place." When Innes denies him cookies though he tries not to chuckle openly. He'd expected soemthing like that from her. He regards weyrwoman Innes with a look for a moment before he turns back to Vantayne, "See. I do have this." he says softly before looking over to weyrwoman Vanessa to see if they are indeed unleashed, so to speak.

Earning treats? Judging by the wicked grin on Innes' face, she thinks that's a fantastic idea. Or perhaps that sentiment applies to certain candidates only. Either way, the headwoman's instructions regarding cookies are met with a nod, and a promise to inform the woman of what's happening. See? She's professional. Well met," she answers Vanessa, seemingly having realized that diplomacy involves acknowledging other leaders. "We'll make sure there are some refreshments available." At Ka'el's words, she scowls and adds, "For everyone."

Apparently Sydney certainly -does- get around, and Vantayne's small lofting of one brow Harper-wards might silently say such, as the Weyrleader speaks to his fellow candidate. Whether the hooligans with the white knots are unleashed or not, 'Tayne is indeed pleased at being able to travel so much for the first time in his relatively young life, a deep breath of Xanadu's autumnal air taken as he casts his hazel gaze all around. Who knows; this might be his last time here…and the sudden thought of that intruding into his consciousness is reason for the holder to frown to himself…though Syd's eyeing of him makes him wipe that expression from his face. That Innes winds up caving to her Weyrleader might bring a faint hint of humor to hazel eyes for a moment, but nothing more. Perhaps for mere propriety's sake, his winds up inquiring of Innes, "How're you and your lifemate?"

"They may, of course, roam." Vanessa's mouth quirks slightly in amusement. "Provided I don't hear any bad reports on their behavior! What good is visiting a weyr if it is not explored." she offers simply.

Leave it to a 'sick-in-the-mud' like Vantayne to inquire aside of the generous Vanessa, "Do you want us back here by a certain time, weyrwoman?" Sans rumbly stomachs, hopefully.

Everyone gets cookies! Except Kanekith, who isn't interested in them anyway. He is, actually, interested in the visitors, and the resident bronze lumbers his way closer to the Candidates and their Jr. Weyrwoman escort. Closer. Closer. Close. Helllloooo. Ka'el glances, then chuckles at the nosey bronze, laughing a little as Innes relents on just who gets cookies. "You'd withhold treats from Sydney? What wrong has he done to you deserve such punishment?" he says lightly. "The Caverns will have them shortly, as well as any other food any of you may be hungry for. If you've the time to wander, there's an excellent view of the lake nearby. And the tavern has a host of games and entertainment." Not trouble, see. Games!

"Be back in a couple of candle marks." Vanessa says. "I, however, think I'll go find R'en and see how he is faring."

Since the blessing has been given to wander Sydney breaks away from the group of candidates at least a little bit. He can't help but smile at Ka'els words. He says nothing but certainly could offer a few guesses. He passes a sidelong gaze Innes's way before he turns his full attention to Kanekith as he comes closer and closer to the group, "Hello there my good bronze sir. How does the evening find you? Hopefully all is well." He'd seen him in passing when he visited before but never really had the chance to speak to him.

Innes isn't thrilled to be forced to capitulate, but unfortunately she respects Ka'el and does tend to listen to him. Sometimes. Besides, she's not so invested in torturing Sydney that she can't allow him to have a couple of cookies. "He knows what he did," she tells Ka'el archly, deliberately not looking at the candidate in question. The sober expression on her face turns to a smirk as she tags on, "Also, it's just fun to tell him no."

"Yes, ma'am…" 'Tayne bobs his head to Vanessa, a small smile offered to the Junior and her quest, the candidate then turning his head to find a bronze dragon moving closer, closer towards them. While he's not really afraid, there's plenty of respect about the holder for the potential damage such a huge being could do, if it wanted to. Tayne offers the bronze a deep bow, then stands mostly still, allowing Kanekith's inspection if the dragon so wishes, even as Sydney just strides up to him and talks. To Ka'el, "Thank you, for the information, sir…" is honestly offered to the man, even as his ears perk towards Innes and her 'explanation' about the 'Sydney versus the cookies' thing. To the Xanadu junior is inquired, "Can you point me to the living cavern?" Since his gut won't shut the hell up.

Kanekith swings his head in Sydney's direction, pleased at the attention. He lowers his head enough so that he can get a better look at the man, nostrils flaring as a breath is exhaled. There are no words to be heard in return, but Kanekith certainly does seem to be paying him attention. Maybe he's listening! Maybe he just likes words directed in his direction, whether or not they're being spoken to him. Who knows! Other than Ka'el, that is. There are others to look over. Like this fellow who is standing so nicely still. Vantayne is not disregarded, and the bronze giant soon shifts his attention to him. He earns a long gaze from gently swirling eyes, eventually punctuated with a faint snort of a breath as he raises his head up again. Ka'el glances between Sydney and Innes with a faintly arched brow and a chuckle for the exchange. "Well, I hope for your sake, Sydney, you get back in her good graces. I won't always be around to spare you cookie starvation," is said in jest.

Sydney couldn't even begin to guess what is going on in the bronze's mind, but given that he is the weyrleaders dragon and Sydney has seen the weyrleader in action he'd assume nothing but positive things, "At any rate I do hope that your evening is lovely good sir…" he says as he moves back toward Ka'el, "My good weyrleader I will certainly do my best bring myself back into her good graces, but you know how difficult she can be." he says with a wide grin, clearly there is no bite in his words at all. He smiles over to Innes, "I'm hurt my good lady that you would treat me in such a callous manner. To be deprived of cookies is a grave situation to find oneself in. I will do my best to make due as best as I can. If you will both please excuse me." he says as he wanders off to find some food as well.

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