Satoris aka: Little Man

Xanadu Weyr - DragonHealer's Annex

An entrance way which would allow admittance to even the greatest of Queen Dragons leads into a chamber which would house half-a-dozen of the same size. To one side is a shallow pool which constantly clears itself of grime and is used is washing wounds. Nearby is a shelf with a generous supply of clean bandages and clean sheets upon stone shelves. The other side of the chamber is taken up by an alcove with multiple banks of computers to house medical records and help to diagnose illness and injury in the Dragons who come for aid. Within this alcove is a small medical laboratory where medicines and herbs can be prepared and experiments can take place. The far wall houses two dozen Dragon couches, each separated above by a rail which supports a thick curtain allowing the patients an option of privacy as they rest and recover.

Zevida is moving into the annex, quietly and looking overly cheerful over something or another. Which is highly unusual for the woman for anyone who has seen her recently. Arms are folded across her chest as she looks for Thea.

Thea is sitting on Seryth's folded forelegs, leaning up against the young queen's chest. They are both over near the Incubator so the gold can watch those eggs and twitch and growl over every Dragonhealer that touches them while she herself is not allowed access. Thea for her part is working on a ledger, keeping up with her paperwork. Every now and then she will reach down and rub the dragon's hide, gently soothing her.

Zevida looks to the eggs in the incubator with a lifted brow, but, she says nothing as she approaches the pair. Seryth is given a bow, for respect before she's looking to Thea. "How are you two doing?" Lips tug into a cheerful smile, before eyes drift back towards the eggs. "How are the eggs? I imagine it's hard on her.. Avaeth would hate not to be near her eggs."

With all the hustle and bustle of the place, it is only as Zevida is near that Thea hears her speak. "Oh, hi!" Thea's giving Zevida a rather breezy greeting for such a grave and quiet person she'd become after the Avaeth's hatching. "We're alright-" she amends this to, "Well, I'm all right, she's fretting a bit. She doesn't like it at all." There's a curious glance at the other weyrwoman's face, "You seem happy."

Zevida smiles, "hey." Then she gives Thea a careful look over, frowning. "You've been a bit quiet lately, Thea. I'm sorry I haven't been around to help." Then, she moves over a bit closer. "It must be hard.. Being away from them. Her eggs. Her children." The faintest of blushes comes to her cheeks and she nods. "I am happy.. We're having a baby."

Thea's eyes are somber at the mention of her being quiet. "Kav's leaving took it out of me, Zevi." She admits this quietly before she shakes the thought off that draws her into a place she doesn't want to be. She flickers a glance up towards Seryth's head, "Hmm, yeah. She hates not being able to curl around them. I dampen her agitation as much as I can." Then there's a headtilt at her announcement, "Oh, really?!" She's got a small smirk on her lips. "You and Satoris then?" Well, given that Flights can interfere…

Zevida nods, "I can imagine.. You two were really close, Thea. I can't imagine why he left. But, you'll be okay.. It'll take some time." There's another thought, mouth opening but promptly closing. "We'll find something fun to do. Even if it's something like burning paperwork." Which, might not be so wise. "It's a maternal thing for them, to want to protect their eggs.. And taking them away.." Her head shakes before she's grinning at Thea's reaction, nodding firmly. "Really. It's Satoris'. I always between after flights. Avaeth hasn't risen for awhile and I haven't left the Weyr, so I know it's his.." A bashful little smile, "Satoris and I were wondering.. If you'd help with names. We're both very.. Bad with them. Our firelizards.. Don't have the most creative names, either."

Thea nods in agreement, her lips form a flat, unhappy line as she says simply, "We were." There's a small half-smile, "I've been feeling better lately." She doesn't go into the whys of that. Instead she's laughing, a ready, light sound. Something she hadn't been able to do until recently. "Burn paperwork? How about some -real- fun?" Plots and plans must wait for another time, though. "Satoris, huh? The crusty miner's gonna be a papa." The half-smile widens to a grin. "Is he all a-flutter?" There's a bit of snickering over names. "Nothing that starts with a Z unless you want L'ton to be asked forever if it's his." Hmm, the wheels are turning already. "What do you guys want, boy or girl?"

Zevida frowns, but presses nothing more about Kav. "That's good that you're feeling better." The laugh draws her own and she grins, "yes. I suppose it could be.. Enlightening seeing as I can't drink or between for awhile." Then, she's nodding with a laugh. "He's not crusty at all. He's.. Shocked. I don't think he's too happy, but.. He's not mad or upset." Brows furrow, "I suppose if it started with my first letter, it'd be hiding who the father is, wouldn't it?" Then, she shrugs. "I wouldn't care if it were a boy or a girl. Just as long as it was healthy.. I did think of a few. Savi and Visa."

It is early evening in Xanadu. Zevida is standing near Seryth, Thea is seated on the crossed forelegs of the young queen, leaning against the gold's chest. The two weyroman are talking. Thea laughs lightly at something Zevida has said, "I'm sure Satoris is shocked." And by that she means she'd love to see said shocked face and heckle him about it. "Not mad?" She snorts, "Lemme go knock him upside the head. He's gonna be a daddy!" She snickers, "He should be out there bragging about how studly he is." She ponders the names. "Sarida, Torida, Torev, Risi…." She shrugs, "I can think up some more maybe."

Quiet footsteps approach and a moment later, D'son comes around the corner, looking mostly relaxed. This could be because Kilaueth finally went up and the accompanying tension in the air has receded. The Weyrleader draws up to the incubator and takes a peek at the eggs, catches the drift of the two goldriders' conversation and looks that way. "A daddy? Who?" he asks curiously. "And how're you both doing? Hanging in there, Thea?" Asked with friendly concern.

Zevida nods, "yeah.. He said he never really thought about it." There's a laugh, "he stopped talking.. I didn't really tell him in a normal way, either. But, what shocked me was that Avaeth called him. She still has a dislike for him, but she's getting over it." Another laugh, as she shakes her head. "No, it's fine. I'm sure he'll be excited eventually." As D'son looks their way, she nods a greeting. "Satoris is going to be a daddy. We're having a baby.. So, I'm doing well enough." Then, back to Thea, she ponders the name. "Sarida is cute.. And Torev. Risi could be a girl or a boy."

Thea has heard, of course, about Kilaueth as the whole weyr has heard by now. The footsteps that bring the Weyrleader have her turning her head his way and an impish smile forms on her lips. As he arrives, she calls, "Oh hey, there D'son. Heard Inimeth's keeping you tied to Xanadu for awhile longer." She snaps her fingers in mock-disappointment, "I guess your curiosity will have to remain unsated for awhile longer." There's a snicker before she's nodding to answer, "Yeah, hanging in. The eggs are fine, the 'healers say." Her eyes return to Zevida, "Aveath told Satoris you're having a baby?" Slight confused wrinkling of brow at that.

Whistling lowly, D'son's eyebrows lift at Zevida's announcement. "Didn't even know you guys were involved," he says with a sheepish smile. "Congratulations," the Weyrleader offers sincerely then boyishly sticks his tongue out at Thea. "I wouldn't call it /tied/ it's not exactly like I want to leave," Dels says with a little lift of his shoulders.

Zevida looks between the pair with lifted brows, but says nothing just nodding in D'son's direction again. "Congratulations, Weyrleader." Seeing as they're in order, before she shakes her head at Thea. "No, I don't know what she told him.. But he came running to the weyr. Maybe something that scared him?" There's a chuckle at that before she nods to D'son. "We.. Don't like to make our relationship public gossip." Or someone'll get punched in the face, again. "I, for one, am glad that you are staying. You are a competent Weyrleader."

Thea just laughs at the Weyrleader's comment. "I know. Good times, huh?" She says it with breezy unconcern about him wanting to stay. So many tongues wagging about the caverns - who likes what, who's with who, who wants to shake the dust of Xanadu from their feet, who wants to stay… she gets to hear it all eventually, whether she wants to or not. She blinks at Zevida, "You mean Avaeth called him but won't tell you what she said to him?" At the other weyrwoman's comment she can only agree, "Yeah D’son, what she said. Besides. Breaking them in is a pain. Vivian's got you nearly trained."

"Thanks," D'son says with a nod to Zevida for her return congratulations and the compliment. "Yeah, at first it was a real switch being here, but I feel pretty comfortable now," the Weyrleader tells her with a smile then rolls his eyes a little. "Got my own system, thanks. Vivi's going to have to learn that as much as she knows, everyone's got things to learn."

Zevida rolls her shoulders, "I figure she was mean. Avaeth's.. Protective. So, she has her own way of doing things. She'll keep me safe." She muses before chuckling. "She's given Satoris a new name, at least. Instead of that man." There's a nod of agreement with Thea. "I couldn't picture trying to break in /another/ Weyrleader." Or, perhaps just in jest, the women are teasing the poor man. "Vivian's good for that, don't you think?" She grins at D'son and nods. "Well, we're glad that you're here."

Thea just smiles and leaves off with heckling the Weyrleader. "Ah the computers." Sage nod towards Zevida. "Must be why he wants to stay." She mulls over what the other junior says, "Avaeth gave him a new name. Really? What's she call him now?" After a few beats she adds, "Not dinner, I hope?" Seryth gives a rumbling groan and Thea's hand automatically pats her, "They're all fine, relax."

"Computers and just you know, a way of doing things." D'son just shrugs at Zevi's remark about Vivian. "Vivian's a good secretary and if she learns to stop looking down her nose quite so much, she'll do a good job with the diplomacy stuff." He takes a breath and looks over at Seryth as she rumbles. "Tell me if I'm making her nervous," he notes about the gold with a smile for Thea.

Zevida nods, "she's calling him.. Little man." There's a laugh before she shakes her head. "No, not that." A glance to Seryth and she gives a look of concern. "They'll be okay." But, she's turning to head out, nodding at the pair. "She'll learn, D'son. But, I should get back to Satoris. Thank you, Thea. We'll talk more." A nod to D'son, before she's on her way out.

Thea shakes her head quickly at D'son. "She just hates being kept away from the eggs is all. It's not you at all." She smirks at Zevida, "Chew Toy might be just as ba-" And then Zevida's remark has her gaping, "Shells, bet he -loves- that." She calls after the other weyrwoman, "Later." There's a snort of laughter after she has gone. "Little man. Gonna have to make a shirt with that name on it for him." She slides down off of her makeshift seat on Seryth's forearms, ledger in hand. "Need to get this back to the office." There's a pause, "I think Vivian's grown up a lot." At least if not keeping it real, keeping it positive?

"Heh. Little man. Don't think I'd be too keen on that one either," D'son admits to Thea with a laugh and nods at the reassurance about Seryth. "Good, good. And she has, but you know, lots to learn still." The Weyrleader rubs at the back of his neck for a moment, oddly sheepish. "Here I'll walk you back to the office." And he moves to fall into step with the goldrider for that walk back.

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