Marvellous Unveiling

Xanadu Weyr - The Silvergrove
Nestled in a large clearing is an unusual sight but a marvel of Craftsmanship. A modest weyr, by size alone, but what makes it stand out among so many others is simple: it is raised UP among the largest and sturdiest of the trees. Heavy support beams have been expertly inserted to keep the structure in place. Leading up to the moderately curving staircase is a pathway of smooth flagstone set firmly into the ground. That very staircase ends to the front portion of a wrap-around porch that circles the whole of the structure. Not easily seen from the front, the grounds behind the weyr hold a small but functioning personal forge and further behind that, a large shed.
Inside, the rooms are cozy and rustic in design. There is a front living area, complete with a stone fireplace and carefully arranged furniture. In one corner, a workbench and appropriate shelving rests, neatly kept and organized. On the other side, a kitchenette and beyond that, recessed into the back, is the full functioning bathroom to one side of a hallway. Past that, doors lead to easier access to the back of the porch. In the near centre of the open concept rooms, a curving staircase spirals up to the upper floor and partial loft. It looks to be carved wholly from one large tree, the detailing a marvel alone to look at. Predictably, the bedroom is above, along with a more private sitting area.

It is a beautiful summer day. The skies are clear, the birds are singing, there’s just enough of a breeze to keep things cool… and yet, Shiloh is sweating his face off as he lugs a considerably well-bundled package through the caverns. And the meadow. And the woods. And wherever the heck he needs to lug it to locate Ru’ien’s weyr which he took approximately eight thousand years (or maybe just an hour) to find. Eventually, he gets there. Through much trial and tribulation (because of course he didn’t ask for directions). Well, he had to ask for directions at least once, because how else was he going to find Ru’ien’s weyr when there are so many weyrs in this… Weyr. So once. Maybe twice. Eventually, he does happen upon the proper abode, but as he steps into the space he comes to a halt, head tipped back so he can look up and up and up some more to the house in the trees. Was he expecting this? Was he warned about this?! Who’s to say. But whether he did or didn’t, was or wasn’t, the reality of Ru’ien’s home has him stopped and staring and looking just a little bit like he might chuck the package toward the door and hope for the best.

Had Shiloh actually chucked the painting that far (and high!), Ru’ien would’ve been very impressed by the young man’s strength and audacity. Luckily for him, the greenrider isn’t going to lounge by one of the large front windows and watch him labor and struggle. Sure, it crossed his mind because it would be funny (to him) but fate has it that Ru’ien will not be ‘That Asshole (tm)’ today! Stepping out of the front door, he has dressed comfortably for both the weather and the fact he’s not actively doing anything aside from the obvious. He wears a sleeveless cropped top that looks to be feminine in design, dyed a dark charcoal grey. With it is a pair of form fitting black pants, with sheer fabric layered overtop to give the illusion of a summer dress. No heeled shoes this time, just a pair of flat soled strapped sandals. His accessories are modest, just a woven leather choker, a mixed woven wrap bracelet and his hair partially braided along the temple, the majority of it gathered up and tied messily behind his head. “I was wondering if I’d have to come searching for you!” he greets, cheerfully but that broad slanted grin suggests an impish amusement. Poor Shiloh! “Need some help?” Chirped next, though he’s well aware that assistance would be the polite thing to do! He’ll linger at the top porch for a beat or two, before sauntering down regardless of Shiloh’s response.

Shiloh would never actually throw the package, if just because of what it is. But he probably fantasized about it, if just to be done with this errand. Luckily for everyone, after another moment of consideration he simply hefts it up and carries on carrying it on, up and up and up into the trees. The appearance of the greenrider has him hesitating a moment, dark eyes drifting over the attire before latching onto Ru’s face. Whatever he might think about that attire is left unspoken, but at least there’s no surprise? Granted, he’s totally seen Ru’ien in the painting he’s hauling so… “Woulda been here sooner if Nope woulda cooperated.” Nope, being his firelizard, who is aptly named given he noped right on out of helping with the directions. “They said you lived in a tree,” and by Shiloh’s tone of voice, it may be surmised that he hadn’t believed them. “Thought it was a joke.” But here he is, walking up to a literal tree house. Close enough to be conversational, the well-wrapped painting is set on the ground, a moment taken for Shiloh to push back his hat and mop the sweat from his brow. Unlike the greenrider, he’s not entirely dressed for the season; long sleeves and long pants and requisite cowboy boots (and hat). Far better for the ranch than trekking through the trees. “I got it,” he assures. “Just tell me where you want it.” A beat. Two. Three. “I’m Shiloh.” In case that wasn’t obvious yet.

See, Ru’ien is just fine letting Shiloh carry that heavy burden up and up and up — others might have pressed the issue or gone to help anyways. But him? Well, he offered and it wasn’t taken so he’s just going to lounge against the railing, arms folded and a smug look upon his face. “I’m going to hazard a guess here,” he muses, pitching his voice enough to be heard while the young man labors on. “That Nope was aptly named?” He isn’t quite done yet, pushing away from the railing with a playful sway to his steps, casting a glance over his shoulder to Shiloh (maybe he IS making sure he’s alright!). “Well no wonder you thought it was! Living IN a tree? As you can see,” Ru’ien’s hands sweep out expressively, a gesture of amused sarcasm. “I don’t. I live UP in trees! Very important difference.” Laughter follows, but not to mock! It’s pure amusement and fun for Ru’ien. During all of this, he’s had the decency to at least open the front door and prop it open with a gesture for Shiloh to come inside (with the painting) when he’s ready. “Well met, Shiloh!” he greets cheerfully. “Come on in~” If he’s noticed how the other is dressed, he’s keeping the comments to himself for now.

“Uh huh.” The look that Shiloh sends Ru’ien undoubted says that he sees no distinction between the two. Among the trees? IN a tree? Same thing as far as the beastcrafter is concerned. Lugging the painting up into the trees house, there’s a rueful glance and a dry, “very,” for the name of his firelizard. “Joke’s on me I suspect, since as I chose it.” Clearly, the little brown is just living up to his name. Not his fault his human decided on something ornery! Shuffling inside with the painting, there’s a moment of pause on the threshold with another glance toward his boots before Shiloh seem to decide to just roll with it. They’re not muddy, at least. Just a little dusty. “Well met in return,” he decides. Pausing to lean the painting against the wall, there’s another little poke at his hat to push it back from his forehead as he gives a curious look around. “Not bad for a tree house,” he says. “Not what I was expecting.”

Ru'ien will be helpful as far as keeping the door open for Shiloh as he shuffles in with the large painting. He doesn't seem to mind that he's kept his boots on or probably hasn't even noticed! His focus is on important things, namely closing the door and morphing that into a broad flourished gesture of his hand. "It was an ambitious project but worth it!" he adds with a lopsided grin, just before he steps towards the painting now resting against the wall. There's a giddy excitement about him, even as he gestures again with his hand. "Make yourself comfortable! Can I get you something to drink?" See! He's a good host! And not entirely a jerk. Even if it's obvious that he's dying to uncover the painting and fawn over it.

With the painting down, and hands free, Shiloh is finally able to fish out a kerchief from his pocket so he can properly mop his brow. Because of course he has a kerchief! What self-respecting cowboy wouldn’t? Practically a requirement; like boots and hat. “Can imagine,” he agrees, appreciating the scope of the project even if living in a tree among trees is not for him (this is fine. Let’s be real; he’d totes live in a barn if he could). “Something cold would be nice,” admits Shiloh. But even he can see that Ru’ien is more than ready to appreciate his painting first hand. And because Shiloh is a nice guy (usually), there’s a wave toward the wall and a quick, “After you open the painting and make sure it meets expectations.”

Everyone should have a kerchief, it’s true! Ru’ien would agree with such thoughts, if his mind was even remotely focused on such random things and not immediately on his own excitement. There’s his a painting to reveal! He almost jumps right on in to uncovering the piece, but hesitates on the threshold with his head tilted just-so in thoughtfulness. “What kind of host would I be, not to serve my guest first!” he exclaims, as something dawns on him then and maybe Shiloh will be a little worried? What with how Ru’ien grins fox-like and mischievous. “You lugged it all the way here, after all! It’d be rude of me and besides,” He’s already inching away, his movements and body language steeped in playfulness. “We can toast not only your successful delivery, but undoubtedly another fine piece by Avi’s skillful hands~” Ru’ien will disappear into the kitchenette then with a low chuckle, gone only a few minutes before returning with two glasses of … water. It will be cool and refreshing, but not cold, as Ru’ien’s weyr doesn’t have fancy amenities (and didn’t think to bring in a bucket of ice).

There is definite suspicion in the beastcrafter. Narrowed eyes and slanted gaze and poised hand. Watching Ru’ien like he’s trying to figure out what kind of exotic creature he might be — and if he’s dangerous. “Alright then…” he allows, for the appropriate host-behavior he’s decided is necessary. A couple more dabs and the kerchief goes back into a pocket, just in time for the return of Ru and the glass of water which, despite the squint that Shiloh might be sliding toward the greenrider, is gratefully accepted. “Thanks,” comes with heartfelt gratitude as he takes a few, long swallows. Clearly, lugging a work of art out into the woods is thirsty business. It is only belatedly that he seems to recall that a toast was in order, eyeing the half-full class with a shrug before tipping it in a quick salute. “To… Avi.” Which definitely sounds awkward. “And a… wonderful piece of art.” Definitely not helping. But oh well. If no one asks Shiloh to give the best-man speech at a wedding, he’ll be all the happier for it.

Dangerous? That depends on the prey person and perhaps he should come with some brand of a warning label! Ru’ien is, truthfully, the harmless kind of ‘dangerous’; all that flashy appearance and eclectic statement just gives the impression that there’s any real threat. That Shiloh is suspicious? Rolls right off of him, the greenrider visibly amused. A grin slowly spreads on his lips, impish and lopsided, as he lifts his glass to that toast. Full glass, half-glass, does it really matter? apparently not “To Avi!” Awkward? Ru’ien doesn’t think so and his return is genuine as it is enthusiastic. The rest brings a low laugh from him, as he takes a shallow sip from his glass before setting it aside. Shiloh’s speech is capped off by the sudden clap of the greenrider’s hands together — just the once, the anticipatory gesture preluding his even broader grinned proclamation. “Let’s get to it!” One would think with the energy he put to his words would see a rough and impatient unveiling but quite the contrary! There’s certainly excitement there and some impatience, but Ru’ien is oh-so delicate all the same in carefully drawing back the cloth surrounding the painting. When at last it falls away, Ru’ien’s jaw drops, followed by an incredulous gasped breath. He’s SHOOK! Look at those fingers pressing against his mouth~ The way he barely stands still, though his gaze is never leaving the painting itself! it’s a wonder he’s not screeching right now, Shiloh should be massively relieved

The level of threat that Ru’ien might impose has been weighed and measured and… well. Even if Shiloh is not *accurate* in his assessment (because what basis does he actually have for determining such things, anyway? None. The answer is none. Zero experience. Zero ability to actually assess Ru’s threat-level), he has clearly decided to take his chances. Water sipped and toasts given, he’s happy to step back (two steps back, in fact) to give Ru the room he might need to unveil the masterpiece. And it is a masterpiece, right? Shiloh is very clearly biased in this regard, though will admit he has no basis by which to judge a work of art (he can judge runners. That counts for something, right?) But, to judge by the excitement with which the greenrider receives it, Shiloh is fairly certain his assessment of the piece is accurate. It’s awesome. And yes. He is very, very relieved that Ru’ien’s response is speechlessness rather than screeching (however, he would have endured the latter with as much patience as he receives the former, if just because Avi can be quite excitable at times and screeching has probably happened on occasion.) There’s a subtle little twitch to the side of the beastcrafter’s mouth; a private, perhaps smug amusement for the response with which Avi’s artwork has been received. Because why shouldn’t Shiloh be pleased that his little lover’s art has clearly floored the recipient? Another sip of water and he can’t help but say, “He’s pretty good, right?” knowing full well it’s an understatement.

Ru’ien is still very much at a loss of words as he sets his water aside (well away from the painting) and approaches to crouch down to admire the detailing. His fingers hover inches above the canvas, tracing a few particular details he’s already obsessing over. It’s not until Shiloh speaks up that the greenrider is reminded that he has company with him. Oops? Peering at the Beastcrafter from over his shoulder, he feigns a look of shock. “Pretty good?” THAT’S IT, SHILOH? Really!? “Are you kidding? This is amazing! His talent is incredible! I mean,” LOOK! He turns to face the painting again, but his hand will gesture pointedly for Shiloh to follow. “The way he’s captured this — how he replicated it. It’s incredible! I am definitely going to have to see about pestering him for additional pieces.” Satisfied, Ru’ien will gradually stand, smoothing his hands over his clothes as he flashes a grin to Shiloh before casting a look about the weyr itself. “Hmm~” Fingers come to tap idly on his bottom lip as he considers. “Now. Where to put this marvellous piece of work? You’re in no rush, I hope?” Don’t make him bat his eyelashes at you, Shiloh!

Shiloh’s expression says it all, really. There’s a smug satisfaction that is definitely undeserved in the beastcrafter (all he did was carry the damn thing up the stairs; what’s he got to be so pleased about!?). Perhaps it is simply that his own feelings are echoed in the greenrider, and there’s a certain satisfaction in having been ‘right’ in some capacity. Maybe it’s just because he was teasing, in that dry and rather flat way of is, and is pleased that it engendered a response. Either way, he won’t argue with Ru’ien’s assessment of Averil’s skills. “Yup.” Avi is incredible. And Shiloh is pleased that someone recognizes it. He'll obligingly move forward at the gesture, leaning in to examine the details that he’s definitely already seen and perhaps doesn’t really want to focus on because he’s watched Avi construct this from sketch to final product and… let’s be real here, there are definitely places on that painting that Shiloh is avoiding looking at for reasons (even if the entire thing is very tastefully done). He may be weyrfolk now, but Shiloh’s delicate sensibilities have him averting his gaze from certain spots before he can do anything as embarrassing as blush about it. Stepping back, he polishes off the water in a final gulp and moves to put it… somewhere — anywhere that makes sense, really — before returning to squint at Ru’ien for a moment. But those cowboy manners come through because while he might briefly eye the door (escape!) he sighs and settles for, “I can help you hang it if you’d like.” No lash-batting required, this time at least.

If he picks up on how Shiloh is purposely avoiding studying some parts of the painting, Ru’ien doesn’t call him on it! Such a wasted opportunity to tease, but he has a GOOD REASON! Mainly, being entirely caught up in admiring his new decorative art piece (featuring himself)~ What’re delicate sensibilities, even? Has Ru’ien ever had them? the answer is no He’ll definitely BEAM at Shiloh for offering his help, hands clapping together briefly again in delight. “Wonderful!” he exclaims and very likely genuine in his unspoken thanks for the Beastcrafter’s help! He could’ve done it himself, but it would’ve been awkward and who knows how great the greenrider’s painting hanging skills are? “Now…” Stepping back into the wider, more open living space of his modest treehouse weyr, he’ll spread his arms out in a playfully helpless gesture. “Where to put it?” DID HE NOT THINK THIS THROUGH? “If I put it upstairs — no, no. That won’t work… it’s too big.” It really is, as his ‘bedroom’ is really a loft. “This wall?” He points to the wall space by the stairs leading up, then whirls the opposite direction and gestures vaguely. “Or that one? Between the window and the woodstove?” It would frame well there, however it would be quite the conversation piece. That… doesn’t seem to factor in for Ru’ien at all.

The look that lands on Ru’ien says quite clearly that Shiloh is definitely thinking that thought (‘didn’t you think of this before hand?!’). He’s just way too polite to say it. At least, with words. He follows along as the ‘where to put it’ game begins, dutifully eyeing each option as it’s listed, letting Ru think aloud with little commentary on his part. There are definitely some lofted eyebrows and suspicious side-eyes and definitely a frown or two. But honestly, Shiloh is about as helpful at picking a picture hanging place as he’d be at painting it in the first place. That is to say: no help at all. Whatever style his quarters might have is entirely the fault of Avi and not the beastcrafter. There’s a squint at one wall, then the other, and the hazy confusion of indecision that says Shiloh very clearly has no clue which would be better (look. listen. If left in his hands, the picture would go on the first wall with enough space regardless of whether it ‘worked’ there. It’s probably better if Shy says silent on this one). So, sadly, Ru will find no assistance for where to hang it, though Shiloh will helpfully assist with hanging it, once that’s decided. “You’ve got nails, right? And a hammer?” Asking the important questions. Yup.

One thing that some realize eventually (or quick enough) with Ru’ien is that he’s very rarely, if ever, one to ‘plan ahead’. He doesn’t even so much as think ahead, firmly and happily rooted in the possibilities the current moments he’s living can bring! It works out well when it does and fails spectacularly when it doesn’t; he’s learned, a smidge, to be more cautious in some regards. But for this? Not so much. It could be he wasn’t really trying to enlist Shiloh’s opinions, because he doesn’t chase the Beastcrafter for them — the silence gives him free rein and he runs with it. “You know? I like how it frames the main wall! Worst that’ll happen is we get it up there and change our minds, right?” Worst?? OUR!? Ru’ien’s impish grin hints at a teasing note to that statement. “Do I have nails?” he turns to face Shiloh now, with a look of incredulousness that breaks the moment he starts to laugh. “Dear, I’m a Smithcrafter.” As if that answers everything. He’s still giggling to himself about it, as he excuses himself with a held up index finger. ONE MOMENT! Off he goes, to find said nails and yes, even a hammer, Shiloh! Which he’ll promptly hand over to him, while he busies setting everything else up.

“I find it’s best not to assume.” Being able to find nails and a hammer in a Smithcrafter’s abode may seem obvious. But, well… let’s just say that Shiloh has learned his lesson about making assumptions on things that seem obvious. With items in hand, the beastcrafter is more than willing to work till the job is done — even if that means they move walls a few times.

As much as Ru’ien’s personality invokes a certain kind of mayhem-tinted flavour, they’ll manage well enough to get the painting hung. Despite his constant teasing and humoured approach, the greenrider will take considerate care in moving the art piece Averil spent so much time in completing. Ru’ien can be an ass, but he’d never be so callous as to let his foolishness and unfortunate namesake wreck it. When it’s all said and done, there will be more delighted fawning over the work and then, MERCIFULLY, Shiloh will be granted his window to escape. RUN MAN, RUN! Run while you can, before Ru’ien finds some “excuse” to bind you there a second longer, less you come off as impolite.

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