Or Else....I'll Tell Sori!

Xanadu Weyr - Infirmary
The infirmary here is intended for human care. It is spotless and smells of disinfectant, cots are lined up against one wall, a curtain can be pulled to give some privacy to the occupants of the cots if they so desire. A cabinet stands off against another wall, instruments and medications stored against when they will be needed. A couple of curtained off beds are used for examinations of patients and the treatment of minor injuries which won't require long term care. A desk with chair is just off of the doorway for the healer to sit and catch up on record keeping after a long days work.

Early evening finds Kera strolling into the infirmary. Which wouldn't be odd in itself. But today was her freeday and by her pinkened appearance, she spent most of it at the beach. Stopping briefly to speak with the on duty healer, she continues on towards the treatment bays. Stopping outside the curtain where Ka'el is, she clears her throat gently. "Ka'el, are you awake?" She calls out softly before peeking her head in. She has a stack of booklets and new manuals clutched under one arm.

Ka'el would possibly find it odd to see Kera rolling in on her rest day, if he knew it was her rest day. As it is he doesn't. Actually, he doesn't know about a lot of things that are happening outside of the infirmary walls, but … that's ok for now. He lays in his cot, slightly angled up with his eyes half open. Either just waking, or starting to fall asleep. He has a blanket laid across him, definitely not infimary issued, and a half-eaten cookie on top. earing his name, he blinks his eyes fully open and glances towards.. "Kera…" He smiles upon seeing her. "Heeey, come on in."

Kera sees he's awake and gives a cheeky grin. "I suppose you are at that." Stepping in fully, her ingrained duties kick in and her eyes dart around the area. Her free hand reaches out to straigten items on the nearby trolley as she walks by it. Giving Ka'el a once over, she settles in the nearby chair. "You're certainly looking like you feel better." Looks /can/ be deceiving of coarse. Eyeing the nibbled on cookie, she chuckles "I hope you've been eating more than cookies."

"A bit," answers Ka'el. "Numbweed helps. Whatever the hell it is they're givin' me to take every four candlemarks helps too." Beneath his thin tunic, the bruises are still there, but with the passage of time, they'll only look gradually better. His ribs will take weeks to fully heal themselves, and pain relievers are the only things that the healers can do for him. He looks her over and quirks a brow. "Wait … that isn't your … infirmary wear," he says, giving her a curious look. "Do you even work today?" As for that cookie. Ahem. He makes no comment! >.>

Kera grins with a little knowing nod "That would be probably be fellis laced juice or water. "Probably apple, it masks the fellis taste well enough." A curious frown is given to Ka'el when he starts looking at her oddly and he gestures to her clothes and smirks. "No, I do come out of my uniform /sometimes/. I spent most of today by the beach." she blushes a little grin clears her throat when she remembers the items she brought. "I figured, best case, you would be bored out of your mind, so I stopped by the Smithy annex. They had some new technique manuals, and a couple other recent publications you may not have seen yet." Handing the bundle over booklets and manuals.

"Well whatever it is, it does the trick.." says Ka'el with a mild smirk that gradually fades from his lips. The beach? "Is it startin' to get cold? It is, isn't it?" he asks. "Shell. All the time I was spendin' on the sands, I'd forgotten what cold felt like. Or chilly. Or whatever other word there is for it." The seasons are beginning to change. Goodbye summer. Brows lift as she speaks of having brought something, and he glances at that bundle with a look of obvious interest as she lists off just what it is she brought him. "No joke?" he says, reaching for it, wincing just a little, but it's easily bitten back. "Shards, thanks Kera. Feels like it's been turns since I've been at my forge. Wow.." He glances through the materials, some of which he hasn't seen yet. "You needn't've gone through the trouble, Kera. Especially on your rest day."

Kera grins at the reaction the manuals get and she gives a little shake of her head "I just stopped by the annex and spoke with one of the journeyman. It wasn't any trouble. But he said to bring them back when you were through, so don't lose them. I gotta return'm." Rising from the chair, she adjust Ka'el's pillow to help ease his pain. Giving him a moment to skim the titles she brought, Kera drifts around the curtained off area, adjusting containers, shifting them just so as if they were /not/ placed properly. "Would you like some juice? OR something more than a cookie to eat?"

Diagrams and charts and anecdotal notes about smithing! This will definitely lift Ka'el's spirits and keep his mind occupied on things that… are anything else but the stuff he's been forced to occupy himself with. He flips through a few pages, then closes them all, giving her a thankful look at the adjustment of his pillow. "Thanks," he verbalizes, settling back again. Better! Her questions inspire a quirked smirk though, and vaguely does he elevate a brow. "If I wanted juice or a something to eat or another blanket or anything, /you/ wouldn't be the one I'd ask. It's your rest day. Y'should be off doin'…other things more fun than tendin' to me. I'm an invalid. Invalids are no fun at all."

Kera tilts her head to Ka'el then reaches over to smack his shoulder before sinking back into the chair with a smirk on her face. "If you were an invalid, I would not have smacked you, so there." Resting her hands in her lap, she shrugs "Never the less, you'll be eating real food tomorrow, since I /will/ be on duty." Her expression is stern a moment before she makes a face and raspberries at Ka'el briefly. Breaking into a grin, she leans back in the chair and fiddles with the hem of her shorts in a distracted way. "I read your chart. Some of it. Nothing was mentioned about permanent damage, so you're gonna be good as new soon. As long as you rest properly and don't rush yourself to get better." She doesn't question how he came to have the injuries, since it was made clear tis not her concern.

Ka'el heys! at the swat, and he mock glares at her. It didn't hurt in the slightest. It isn't his shuolder or arems that have damage. He gradually cracks and begins to grin, giving his eyes an exaggerated roll. "Okay, so I'm not an invalid, but I feel like one," he says, wrinkling his nose til she raspberries, which has him snickering. He nods at her as she speaks of his injuries. "Yeah. Not gonna die." … yay? "You can tell people to stop celebratin'. They haven't gotten rid of me yet. And I think I heard'm say I'll be out in a few days.." Hopefully! "I won't rush myself. I know if I do, you'll have my head. And I'd rather keep my head." He grins.

Kera snorts in amusement and rolls her eyes "Fraid I got no control over the drunken bonfire gathers that have been happening daily since you were checked in here." Sending an amused smirk to Ka'el, she shakes her head "Oh, I do believe you are mistaken on that point sir. Most likely, you will be suffering a certain JrWeyrwoman's wrath if you impede your healing progress in the least little bit." With a knowing smirk, she crosses her arms and her brow lifts in challenge, as if daring him to say she's wrong.

"Drunken bonfire gathers…" Ka'el says this in a thoughtful tone, and eventually he nods hish ead a few times, as if he likes the way the words roll from the tongue. "As long as some've those bonfires had fireworks they were aimin' to set off at night, then I guess…that'll do. If they're gonna celebrate my passin', I want them to do it right." His grin grows a little broader, and he sets his new reading material at his side. "Pfff, Soriana wouldn't dar-…" Wait. He pauses to think that over. Yes she would. She would dare and unleash her wrath! "Noted," he says instead, smirking. "Kera, go…" he urges good-naturedly, nodding to the curtain. "Go have fun for the both've us, huh? Then you can come an' tell me the things you did today."

Kera starts giggling when he realizes she's probably dead on when it comes to predicting Soriana's reaction. Raising her hand as if in defense, she still giggles as she rises. "Alright, alright, I'll go. But you drink all the juice when they bring it and rest. Else I'll tell Soriana." Blinking suddenly, she grins down to the bronzerider "Hmm, threatening to tell Soriana, the threat that just keeps giving and giving." The apprentice does a little sliding sidestep out of Ka'el's reach, just in case. "Rest well, see you when duties begin tomorrow." Wiggling her fingers, she chuckles and slips into the corrider. Her voice grows softter as she leaves "Gotta remember that one. Tell him I'll seek Sori on him.."

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