Silence is Golden?

Western Weyr - Waterfall Path

This jungle path is luxuriant in thick dark green vegetation and brilliant tropical flowers. There is a rich scent of them clinging to the air, mingling with the salty scent from the ocean. The path itself is a mix of the white beach sand and black volcanic pebbles worn smooth. Here and there, narrow tracks have been cut, branching off into the jungle and giving access to the fruit that weights the branches for much of the year, while older tracks are almost lost under the encroaching vegetation. The path ends at a waterfall of about 15 meters high, freshwater cascading into a crystal clear pool that is deep and wide enough for several people to wade in. The pool is bordered by large, flat black stones that jut from the rocks at the sides and base of the pool. There are sweetly scented tiny white blossoms growing from underneath and around the cracks in the black stones.

So they've seen T'eo. Thea now knows how much she's going to cough up for that skiff she wrecked. It's been pleasant to see Western Weyr, but the time comes to head home. They've been told there is a must-see place before they leave. And so it is they are directed to the path that leads to this place. Thea is very quiet as they walk the path. Might be the after effects of that wild flight to get to Western. Might be. Might not.

D'had isn't one to guess, nor is he one to pry and so the walk takes place in silence. Awkward silence likely as he trails a step behind the junior weyrwoman and just to the left. "You…" but he leaves the words, like a question, unsaid.

Thea turns her head at the word. Wide-eyed wonder is in hers for a moment, it's almost as if she has forgotten she isn't alone. Might be the place, for it is beautiful and she's never been here before. A look that might normally return to wary assessment remains slightly dazed, "You what?" She tilts her head, guessing, "Am I alright?" There's a faint grin at that. "What do you think?" So he's been asking questions. It's her turn.

D'had nods since she's looking. "Sure you're fine," he adds, "Just checking though." He's still trailing a step or two behind as they continue down the path towards this 'must see' location.

Thea stops and turns to face D'had, "You've been asking me that an awful lot lately." She ignores the tropical growth, the flowers all in favor of turning a quizzical look on him. "Why? And don't tell me because you want to know. I get that. Why do you want to know?" For the directness of the question, the words are gently said. Almost as if she really doesn't care to know the answer really. But that's not Thea. Likely he knows her well enough to be aware of that.

D'had lifts a shoulder in a partial shrug. "You just seemed out of sorts after the flight over. Wanted ta make sure ya weren't gonna fall out on me or anything," he replies filling out the answer more than he otherwise might given the formation of her question.

"You've been asking that of me before today." Thea points out quietly before, "Not that I mind, but I'm…" She leaves that unsaid. Instead she nods to his statement admitting, "I'm out of sorts, yes." She doesn't add more to it than that. Instead she resumes walking.

D'had doesn't ask for the details, though he does leave her with a questioning gaze. Of course, that could very likely end up being to her back. "Ya don't want me to I won't," he replies, "Just makin' sure." Which he's already said in not so many words. Silence. Back at Xanadu however is a different story. « Your's is alright? » the too loud words of Siebith are projected to Seyrth against a backdrop of choppy ocean waves. « I didn't scare her too much? »

Siebith senses that Seryth finds the answer as if searching in a rain-damp fog. The answer is some time on coming, « She is… like so: » and the picture comes of silver mist illuminated by the sun, bright, but the way cannot be seen. There is a pause while the answer to his last question is considered. « She was scared and shaken and… » a gentle current to stir drenched cedar sends the pungent scent with the words «…she liked it. »

Seryth senses that Siebith seems pleased with the fact that the woman enjoyed her ride, likely puffing up his chest wherever he's found himself a place while the humans take their walk. Rolling waves crash against the rocks under a sunny sky, a deep rumble of amusement. « Its good then. » He agrees if only with himself. A fog rolls in, blanketing his imagined beach in its hazy mist as he considers the previous. The picture the queen gave him is returned, the silver veil having been lifted. « Like this. »

Thea has glanced to the side and caught that questioning gaze. She falls back a half-step to walk beside him. "I don't mind at all." The comment is easy, spoken without hesitation. She's looking serene instead of wary, so maybe he's worried she's been scared mindless? She's silent for several steps, appears to be just noting the beauty of the place, "It's just different…for you." There! At last some puzzlement in her tone.

Siebith senses that Seryth returns the picture, the same as before, still bright-hazed and unclear « No, she can't see the way. » There's the distinct impression that there is no uneasiness with it, « She is walking in it. » This seems to be the sum of how the queen can describe what she's touching upon in the mind of her Rider.

D'had moves a half step to the side as he continues down the path, making more room on it beside him when she decides to so. This however is only once he realizes her intention. It takes a moment to do so in which his steps pause. "Different?" he inquires, clearly confused by the remark. What's different? How's it different? All valid variations of the single word he gives voice to.

Seryth senses that Siebith snorts. Loudly. Storms gather, churning the ocean held within his mind, settling quickly enough. « This is good? » The fog filtered back in on the return of her picture as if it might be unclear what he was speaking of.

Siebith senses that Seryth sends the winds of storm currents, the heavy weight of gloom, thick darkness and achingly black emptiness, « It was like this before in her mind. » The silvered haze returns, a gentle touch, lighter. Somehow less empty. « Better, though she still cannot see the way. » There is a firm assurance that it is so.

Thea tilts a side-ways look at D'had briefly before she answers, "Hmm." How to word it? She's relaxed, wants to say, but can't seem to form the answer just yet. "New? Unusual?" Might that be clearer? She could and would if she were her normal sharp-tongued self say, "So what's your game?" Seems cynical isn't her way today, though. All she says is, "Never knew you to be so concerned." It's a statement, but with an uptilt on the end.

"For me?" D'had repeats Thea's earlier remark as a question of his own following her attempt to clarify. He's not quite catching the drift it would seem. The weyrsecond sends a glance her way, but for the most part his gaze stays fixed on the path. "Girl almost drowns is my fault and I'm not supposed ta be concerned?"

Thea shakes her head, a gentle, barely-there movement "Before that you were asking me." Not arguing, just explaining. "Be concerned, I don't mind." The words hang on the air, feather-light, she speaks them just so. "I'm used to… another you, though." Another brief glimpse of ice green eyes as she glances his way, confusion there for him to see.

Seryth senses that Siebith's waves bob in affirmation of the image a certain tinge of grey, like rain on the horizon, seeping along the edges. The image he's given is not pleasing, no, but he does agree in a tone far louder than necessary. « Better. » The sense of his presence deadens, color drained and lost. The point of view sinking beneath the waves as if retreating from her presence. Down and down until murky depths reach the sandy bottom below, the view to all sides obscured by the sand that waves above churn up. Drown. Lost like the color of the world above, but there in the direction of that other realm a speck of light pulses with the movement of the waters. Calling.

Siebith senses that Seryth understands the picture and there is a sense of agreement, « Calling, yes. » A series of forms sweep out from the queen, a fog dissipating to clarion sharpness, the backside of a rain curtain moving away, the flush of the sky as Rukbat nears, « Things pass. »

Seryth senses that Siebith's waters curl around his presence, sweeping it away, a sense of agreement lingers.

D'had turns a glance Thea's way. Another him? That earns a subtle raise of brow as a hint of question, but then it's back to the foliage ahead as his stride lengthens to take him a half step ahead of the weyrwoman. "This place can't be much further," he comments in a perhaps not so very tactful change of topic.

Thea is looking his way when that brow is lifted, but doesn't elaborate. She continues her steady, unhurried pace. Ahead the sound of rushing waters can be heard, a current carries the scent of wet stone and rain, although the day is clear.

D'had's own pace is far from hurrying. Just enough faster, the step enough longer, to keep the two from walking quite side by side. And no, he's not looking back, no checking on her.

Thea remains that half-step behind, her face is untroubled, her thoughts apparently elsewhere. If she's noticed the change in him, she makes no sign of it. There's no frown, her brow is clear. She just is. Not that he would see this, no. But just as women can wordlessly radiate ire, so too can they emit peace. The path curves and there is the water tumbling over stone, mist dances towards them. She takes it all in silently.

D'had's hands are shoved into his pockets. Likely with more force than was intended as he pulls them back slightly once as the action is completed. "Worth the walk?" he inquires in idle conversation, the words a shade rougher than what might be normal conversational tone. There's no looking back, just straight ahead.

Thea moves past D'had, still unhurried, a silent look slides across him, taking in his visible tension, the tone of his voice as she does so. There's no answer for him for the time being as she stops by the pool and lowers herself to sit on one of the flat stones there. To his edgy, she is tranquil, the currents carried by the rush of waters stir her hair, but that is unheeded. "Come sit?"

D'had remains where he is even when she passes. Silence. At the request he hesitates, starts to step, the shuffle of boot on path indicating his moment of indecision. In the end he obliges, stepping forward to close the space and settling onto one of the stones nearby. Not too close though still within reach.

Thea doesn't seem to mind the silence today. She doesn't pepper him with busy questions or make cutting remarks. She flicks a glance at where he settles with nothing more than noting that he is there before turning her face towards the falls, shuts her eyes and allows the mist to drift across it. "Yes." That's all she says.

D'had nods, the movement enough to be seen, but not much more than that. He for one doesn't mind the lack of those questions or remarks, but even though he's usually not the talkative one it seems that the point of neither of them saying anything has him on edge as he shifts, tucking hands beneath knees.

Thea misses the nod, opening her eyes right after, there's a fine beading of eyelashes and hair - she doesn't seem to mind that either. Such is the tension in the man over there that she is aware of it, of course. But she is having no problem letting him just be as he is. There's no smug looks or amused smiles today. She's not unhappy or being superior, nothing like that. There's a questioning glance. She's not ignoring him, willing to listen.

She might not be, but D'had certainly is trying. Not to ignore her persay, but avoid conversation definitely. He shifts again, pulling hands free to move them back slightly behind him, propping himself up so that he can lean back. An attempt to relax? Perhaps. The man lifts his chin, letting his head fall back allowing the spray from the falls to hit his face as well. Thoughts yes, but none seem right to say.

Thea's eyes remain on D'had for a few moment longer, until he's tipped his head back then she turns to trail her fingers in that pool. The surface is a living thing, endlessly moving in its dance with the waters falling from above. She speaks to the pool, "Did I upset you?" The quiet question is barely there, then she breathes, "I'm sorry."

Deep breath in, slowly let out. D'had is oblivious to Thea's movement, well.. not quite oblivious, but he's working at it. Its the question that starts him, quiet as it may be, and he drops his chin to turn his head to face her. "Why would you think that?"
he questions, the edges of the words rough, sharper than they're meant to be as they spill from between his lips.

Normally Thea would spar and toss out the fact that she asked him first. Today she answers easily, "You're acting angry." Simple answer, short and sweet and to the point. Said without the holding of breath and the frowning and all that goes with the pique and hurt that most women would use at such a question. She, on the other hand, is merely curious and… concerned for him. Cool green meets dark brown as she tries to read his eyes. "I didn't mean to."

D'had shakes his head, still rather confused by her asking the question in the first place. "Ya didn't do nothin," he attempts to assure, but with his avoidance of everything thus far it’s hard to say if its truly reassuring or not. He opens his mouth to say more, but there's nothing. "… Didn't mean ta upset ya."

Siebith senses that Seryth reaches out, as thunderclouds will roll into a valley in the height of a sultry summer day, prompted by hers to ask « What has mine done wrong to yours? » There is a distant rumble of thunder « She is distressed. »

Seryth senses that Siebith's deep currents sweep the space between the minds, flooding it with his waters in return. « She does nothing. » he replies as if that were to make everything clear and understood. « Yours is there. » Murky waters of ocean depths reach higher blocking out all but small pulse of light that shifts and stretches as the current swirls.

"You didn't upset me-" Thea asserts but the calm she has had until now shatters, making a liar out of her and she turns her face away, not wanting him to see the sudden tears that form. "All right." She turns the rest of her body on the stone to face away from him. "I have never seen you this way before-" her throat closes over the words and she cannot finish.

Someone passes around the want to snap when she turns away. d'had's dark eyes still rest on Thea's form as starts, there's the telltale sound, in the otherwise relative quiet of the area, of someone meaning to say something but loosing the words before they come.

Seryth senses that Siebith's loud rumbling could easily be considered a shout if he weren't always so loud, but even so the request makes its presence with swirling waters coming off as more of a demand. « Name » There's a beat where he waits for the reply before he clarifies in a rush. « Whatisthenameofyours. Idonotknowthis. »

Siebith senses that Seryth asks with the patter of rain on a tranquil pond that is stirred by uncertainty « Is yours like this too? » the picture he sent her is once again there in his mind, from the murky depths nearly blocking out the light save for one point far away and seemingly out of reach. There is the sense that she isn't sure if that is what he meant. But also his question is important « Thea » is supplied with the intensity of thunder very close. Perhaps the support to help the blue remember for the future if need be.

Thea doesn't hear much of anything for her shaking has started again and her focus is on not showing her distress. The pool has blurred, the silvery colors swim with green, but she makes no move to brush at her face, just lets the tears trace down her face to join the restless waters.

Barely a second passes between Seryth's answer to Siebith and D'had's moving. He shifts a stone, bringing himself to set beside Thea in one smooth movement, hesitating still to wrap an arm around her and finally settles on simply resting a hand on her shoulder. "Thea," the name sounds wrong somehow falling from his lips. Beat. "Are you..?" She's crying? Way to go D'had! Damned idiot. "I'll go," he offers, patting her shoulder as he shifts to find his feet.

Siebith projects to Seryth rushing currents change over to warm breezes over a tropical lagoon when the name is given, calming his voice as well. « Yes. »

Siebith senses that Seryth reaches with a gentle breeze, sweet-scented with cool rains « He as well? I will help mine understand » There is the sense that silver haze lifts just a bit as her presence fades.

Thea reaches for the hand patting on her shoulder to stop him even as she is swiveling around at those two words, "Don't!" She's not asking if he wants to stay or not as she meets his eyes. "Don't!" The word comes out with all the intensity she has lacked on the trail thus far today. Gone is the tranquility and in its place is only distress as she finishes the plea, "Don't leave me!"

D'had's hand is grabbed and he's sinking back to the stone with that singular demand. His free hand lifts to rest against her cheek, thumb wiping a tear from where it falls. With the other he gives her hand what he hopes is a reassuring squeeze. "Not goin' anyway," he replies, a quirk of a smile tugging awkwardly at the corner of his lips for a brief second.

Thea remembers to breathe. He's…staying? She allows the confusion to show in her eyes as his thumb brushes what is left of the moisture on her cheek, the questions she wants to ask a tumult therein, she voices but one. "Why did you say you were going then?"

Of course he's staying. He hasn't gone yet at least. D'had shakes his head, just a subtle movement as he moves the hand from her cheek, lightly brushing the other with the back of his fingers to sweep away any tears that might trail down that side. "Thought that's what ya'd want?" he replies more uncertain of it now than he was moments before. Well, clearly he'd been wrong.

Thea's eyes close briefly as those fingers brush her other cheek. "No." They open, the questions are still there. "Didn't I tell you the other night that I-?" She doesn't finish for her throat closes once more. "Why would you think that I'd want you to go?"

Seryth senses that Siebith rumbles, waves lifting to crash down and ruin any image that might have been shared like a pebble dropped in a pool blurs the reflection. « I said nothing. »

Siebith senses that Seryth pauses for one lightning beat before returning with the image the same pool, waters limpid, unstirred, unmoving, « Said nothing about what? »

Seryth senses that Siebith's lagoon returns along with her pool, its glassy waters marred only by the breeze. « Exactly. »

"Figured you was mad at me," Or something, but that's his answer. Didn't she tell him? Didn't she tell him what? That little comment has D'had even more confused, the thought reflecting in his expression. The question there unasked. "But if ya want me ta stay, I'll stay."

Thea still has that hand, perhaps forgotten she'd grabbed it. Her eyes are wide, confused. She doesn't try to hide it. She shakes her head, a barely-there movement of incomprehension. "What did I do that gave you that idea?" Her gaze flickers over his face, reading the uncertainty there, but not sure what's causing it, she doesn't explain her statement. She draws a shaky breath, "I do." That serene look doesn't return, however. No, she's looking more like she did when she'd finished that ride on Siebith.

D'had shakes his head, "Just.. well didn't seem like ya wanted me here." How or why or what or whatever he doesn't know. That's just what he thought. The hand on her cheek settles to her shoulder, pulling her closer unless she should resist.

"What? I'm sorry, no, I-" His hand finds no stiffness whatsoever in Thea, she's preoccupied in trying to make sense of this as she is drawn closer, she almost seems unaware of it. By the expression on her face, she's so lost she's not sure what she did to give that impression. Rather than grill him, on what she might have done, she asks, "Did it matter to you if I didn't?" If he can see her eyes, he'd be wise not to evade this one.

"'Course it matters," D'had replies lowly, resting his chin over Thea's shoulder as he draws her into a loose hug. "Look I'll understand if ya want someone else ta give ya a lift back."

The line of Thea's shoulder under his chin remains relaxed, there's none of that former stiffening, no questions. She dares to rest her forehead on his shoulder, finally admitting a muffled, "I am so confused." She draws a long breath, moving her back under the arms he has loosely around her. "Please explain why you think I'd want someone else to take me home?" It's a plaintive question from someone floundering for some sense of reality.

D'had gives a gentle shake of his head, barely a movement but its still likely easily felt. "I'll try ta make sure Siebith behaves," he replies, not exactly answering the question, but at least it sounds like he's not going to run off and leave her for someone else to ferry.

Thea raises her head at the words, leaning back to peer into D'had's eyes, "Huh? Oh you-" She breaks off with a short laugh of disbelief. "You think I'm afraid to ride back on him or something?" There's a rebellious spark in her eye and that tilt to her chin. "So not!"

Siebith senses that Seryth speaks with the patter of the last light drops falling from a spent rainstorm, « Mine was shaken by your flying even while knowing at the same time she was safe.» Laughter dances in the next words as lighting will amongst far off clouds, « But yours has shaken her too. » There is the idea of an startled avian poised to fly when the hazy picture of her rider is there in his mind.

Seryth senses that Siebith's light is scattered, filtered in all directions by the lingering waterdrops the gold leaves behind. « My flying is the greatest in all Pern. » he replies with that confidence that seems ever present in his rumbling words. « Mine? » This seems of interest.

Siebith senses that Seryth with the assurance of one who knows as the rains return with the seasons, unending in their cycle, that he speaks truth, « I cannot fly like that, although I was with her. It was amazing. » There is that sense of haze, silvered by light once more, « She is… something. »

D'had chuckles, staying as he is for a second longer before he pulls back as well. "He'll be glad ta hear it I'm sure," he replies, a smirk of a smile finding its way onto his lips. While he doesn't want to bring it up given the recent return of spirits in the end one judgment wins out over the other and, "You were crying…." yet the question that is meant to accompany is left unsaid. Why?

How does she get herself into these things? Thea's not about to back out though. "Good!" If that returning smile is pulled off badly perhaps he will attribute it to other reasons. She stops mid-nod at that question, the confusion returns, replacing the stubborn glint to her eyes. "I was. Yeah." She drops her head, adding, "I thought you were upset with me." As if just realizing something she gives a little huh of surprise.

Seryth senses that Siebith's amusement is clear in his reply. « When yours have hatched you will fly with me. » Its not a question, winds shifting causing waves to rise higher, crash harder.

Siebith senses that Seryth answers in the updraft of warm winds that rise to the heights where the cold transforms it to towering clouds, swirling in tumultuous change, « I will.»

D'had hooks a finger beneath her chin lifting just a touch so that he can easier catch her eyes. "So.. you were cryin' cause ya thought I was upset?" he questions to clarify the already clear statement. "That don't make a lick of sense babe." At least it doesn't to him.

Thea meets his eyes without trying to evade, "Yes." She admits to it firmly, that confusion in hers has lessened at least in part. "I know it doesn't," She's in agreement with him on that one, but winces all the same when he says it. "And you were gonna leave because you though I was mad at you." So who doesn't make sense now?

"If I'm not here to be mad at," D'had replies, "Can't make it worse and there's less ta be mad at in the morning." A valid point, no? At least he knows his faults. "I'd hate ta have ya stay that way," he adds, chucking her chin lightly as he pulls the hand back to his own space, lips quirking with a hint of a grin.

Thea flickers a baffled look at the man as her chin is chucked and can't keep the annoyed look from her face as he does it. "You would, huh?" She could ask, but the doesn't. Instead she pulls something from their earlier conversation, "What did you mean by it was your fault I almost drowned?"

"Huh?" is the first reaction D'had as to the question. "Oh.." his expression falters, the hint of grin that bent his lips falls into line though it doesn't quite reach the state of frown. "Shouldn'ta let ya try ta turn things around out there. Storm and thunder," the expletive said louder than truly required, a reprimand to himself likely, "Shouldn'ta let ya out there at all with that weather comin' in."

"That wasn't your fault!" Thea's stung to his defense. "It was clear when we went out and I didn't ask before turning it, I just did it." Her eyes fall to his mouth, back to his eyes, noting the changes and she is indignant on his behalf. "It's my fault. Trying to prove I could-" She growls at her own folly. "I don't blame you."

D'had sighs, a quiet exasperated sound. No point arguing with her it seems to say. "Wasn't your fault neither," he replies, "Ya can blame me or not, but I'd stilla blamed myself if anything'd happened to ya." A beat of silence follows as he considers something else, "And clear don't mean nothing. There were signs, there's always signs, I was just too preoccupied ta see 'em."

Thea subsides at that sigh conceding, "You know more about it than I do, but I still don't blame you." She is silent for a beat, considering something he has said. She turns her head to watch the water's rush onto the pool, asking carefully, the tone saying that she's not meaning to pry, "What were you preoccupied with?"

"Glad ya can forgive me," D'had replies, shifting so that there's a few more inches between were they each sit on the rocks surrounding the pool. His dark gaze is drawn towards the top of the falls and he shrugs a shoulder. "Things," he returns such a way that it doesn’t seem that it matters much to him either way if she was meaning to pry or not.

"Nothing to forgive." Thea mutters. He's shifting away, her sidelong look trying to read him and failing. "Things. If you want to talk about it I'll listen," she says quietly while steeling herself for his flat rejection of her offer.

D'had shakes his head, still watching the water as it cascades over the edge to fall towards the pool below. His gaze remains fixed there, muted as if he might be in conversation with the blue waiting their return. "This girl I know." Not a complete answer, but its an answer none the less.

Thea turns her head slightly, watching him as he's studying the falls, "A girl." As if she said huh. "A problem, then?" Not pushing, lightly spoken as she reaches to touch the water in that pool again with light fingers. She flicks an uncertain glance his way before adding, "Anything I can do?"

"Yeah…" D'had agrees as Thea repeats his answer. "Not exactly," he says as if not quite fully aware of the words as he speaks them. "Probably not," is the reply that follows, the weyrsecond's eyes still fixed to that same spot at the top of the falls.

Thea has her eyes on the wobbly reflection of the weyrsecond rather than on the man himself, but she's picking up on the nuances of his vocal timbre, the way he is sitting, trying to understand, perhaps failing. "Not exactly a problem but you sound… glum?" She isn't sure. "Try me?"

D'had shakes his head, letting his eyes drift closed for the moment. "Rather not," he replies, letting out a slow breath of air. "Doubt you really wanna hear about it anyway. Got enough problems of your own.

Thea flicks her fingers at the reflection, breaking the image, her answer to him is exaggerated disappointment, "I was hoping to break in my new crossbow." She says nothing more, merely picks up a small handful of pebbles and begins tossing them in the pool one by one.

D'had finally turns a glance towards Thea at that remark. A confused blink bringing dark eyes to her face as they open. "And how exactly were you planning on testing that…?"

Thea looks up from the pool where her last pebble went, smirks at him, raising one brow slightly. "Use it to scare away that gal that's chasing you." Her awkward joke falls flat in her own ears and she doesn't wait to see his response. She tosses another pebble, watches where it lands.

D'had chuckles, its awkward however. Half-hearted. "Ain't chasin'," he comments though one corner of his lips quirk upwards ever so slightly. "But… well thanks for the offer. "Ya haven't seemed so up and up lately yourself though…"

Thea glances up through her lashes at the chuckle, then returns her gaze to the pool. "Not chasing." It's said with a hint of disquiet. She frowns slightly, tosses another stone watching the ripples. To his last comment, she tilts her head towards him questioningly, "Have I? How do you mean?"

D'had shakes his head, looking back to the falls as if it might be able to distract him from something. "Forget I said anything," he replies, uncertain of just how to word what he might otherwise say.

Thea's eyes remain on D'had for a time, puzzled. She draws a breath to say something then stops, turning back to the pool, draws her legs up, wraps her arms loosely about them and turns her head to watch the water's restless surface. "I've been working though some stuff." An answer to his question. "Learning to let it go." She's assuming he'll know what she means, the words are said easily, he is free to ask if he wants to.

D'had sighs, letting his own breath drop instead of saying anything more. He's simply silent as she talks and he nods in return. "I'm here if you need an ear," he offers same as she's recently done for him. Dark eyes turn a sidelong glance towards the weyrwoman and a hand lifts to gently tuck a strand of hair behind her ear. "Its nice out here…"

Thea's eyes remain on the water. "Hmm." A contented sound made to his comment that he is here. "I'm all right." Her voice has that tranquility back it. "People make their choices. I need to be able to accept the ones they make." Her eyes slide sideways to him as he touches her hair, "Set them free here." She lifts one hand to touch a finger to his forehead. Nice here. Her eyes drift over the flowers, the mist rising, the lush growth dripping into the pool. "Peaceful." Agreement.

D'had's fingers brush further through her hair than the simple tuck ending at her shoulder with hesitation when she reaches for him. He almost flinches back, uncertain of what that hand coming towards him might do. The look that follows her remark is one of question. What's her meaning there? Him? or simply her letting go. "…Her name was Tailea…"

Thea's eyes return to the weyrsecond as he speaks. Faint surprise, quickly masked as he uses a woman's name. "Was it?" She saw the uncertainty so clarifies, holding her hand palm up, "I let him go." She was speaking of herself. "Your love?" A quiet invitation to share if he wants mingled with compassion.

"That," D'had starts, his gaze drifting away to focus on nothing particular in the background even as he gives a slight nod for her clarification. "Was a long time ago," he finishes the thought that can only be considered as affirmation to her question.

Thea sighs, a breath let out simply to express her wish that it was no so. "And nothing like it since for you then, D'had?" A breath, "Asher?" Not understanding, not wanting to offend. But he had said once. In love once.

"Not exactly, no." D'had replies with a slight shake of his head, eyes following the flow of the water to the center of the pool. "Asher?" he inquires, taking a second to put the name with a face, "Liked her," he admits, "More than a little, but no. Don't know I'd say that."

Thea mulls this over, her eyes also on the water. There is something almost mesmerizing about the endless movement of bubbles rippling out from the base of the falls to where they are, dispersing to nothing before reaching the side of the pool. She hesitates before asking softly, "What happened with Tailea?"

The silence that lingers after that question lasts longer than what usual conversation might call for. "I…" D'had starts after a moment, pausing as if searching for the right words to explain. "I'd rather not think about it," is the answer he finally settles upon.

Thea doesn't seem to notice the length of time it takes or perhaps she is just giving him time. When he does speak, she turns to him, her eyes still hazy the way they sometimes are when she is relaxed and at peace. They darken just a bit, sad for him, sorry for asking. She doesn't say a word, just lifts her hand palm up. An appeal for him, if it might help, to let it go. If he hasn't.

Its a long while that follows, even longer than the last bout of silence. Pushing a minute, but even that small time seems like an eternity when waiting for something, anything to happen. D'had sighs, either ignoring, or not noticing the hand she offers. "Truth is.. I don't rightly remember." There's a sadness to his voice, a sound that likely hasn't been heard before, but even so he turns a subtle hint of a smile towards her. Whether that line is truly truth… "We should probably get goin' hm? She'll be lookin for ya soon…" Yes?

Thea blinks at this admission. He's not that old? But she says nothing except, "I don't like it that you're sad." But then when does she like it that anyone is? To his question, she merely nods, reluctantly. "She's been talking with Siebith. She knows where I am."

"Don't like it when you're sad neither," D'had replies, leaving hardly time to think about the words before they're said. Perhaps that's not so bad a thing though? If he had, they might not have been said. "Then you say when," he adds, "Don't have to go on my account."

Thea doesn't look surprised at all by this admission. Surprised he said it, though? Might be, but she doesn't show it. "I know." She smiles, allowing it to reach her eyes. She stands, reaches one finger to trace his cheek lightly, "Come on then. Time to see if you can get my heart to stop, hmm?" Siebith, of course.

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