Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire

Continued from A Sailing Mishap

D'had and Siebith's Weyrbarn

Inside… The space over all is well lacking in decor. There's the standard kitchenette, table and chairs, couch and that sharding other table (aka a low coffee table of sorts) and well.. that's about it other than the ladder like stairs that lead to a curtained off loft over the human sized living portion. There is however, a feminine touch found in a vase of flowers on the table.

Thea doesn't protest, she's pretty much exhausted her energy getting off of Siebith. She's guided out of the rain - that's about all she's aware of. Once inside, she leans against the wall. "Seryth is calming down." Said for the Weyrsecond's benefit and yes, she's that much out of it that she's forgetting Siebith can relay that message to D'had and likely already has.

"Good," D'had notes in reply, as he closes out the rain once Siebith has found his place inside as well. Then it's back to Thea and he takes the moment to ask after her, "And you? You're doing okay?" Up until now she's been conscious and that's all he was worried about. Beat. "Should get out of these wet clothes." No, that wasn't even remotely a pass at her either, for once perhaps.

Thea's eyes are on Siebith as he makes himself comfortable and it is with seeming reluctance that she pulls her eyes away from the blue to meet D'had's eyes. "Feeling stupid," she answers with a wry half-laugh, then winces, lifting a hand to her side. "And I think I hit that mast, otherwise I'm alright." She frowns slightly, flickering an assessing look at him, "How about you?" At his next words, she hesitates for a beat, her eyes taking in the one room. "Uh…" She's taking him seriously for once as well, "Where?"

D'had chuckles, if only to relieve the tension between them, which then again he might very well be the only one feeling. "I'm fine," he assures perhaps a touch too curtly. Its that 'where' that causes him to glance over the open space. No it's not exactly friendly to that sort of thing. "Right back," he notes even as he's already headed for that stairway ladder across the weyr. And soon he's returning from behind the curtain there with a warm, and dry (other than the hand print from where he holds it) robe. "This should do," he notes handing it over, though that much doesn't answer Thea's question. "I won't look," he adds, turning to head back towards the ladder. That solves everything. Yes?

Thea doesn't take that robe. Instead she puts her hands behind her back, almost childish gesture, that, as her eyes flick between the robe and the Weyrsecond. "I'm not putting that thing on. And certainly not with you standing in here, back to me or no." If she wasn't tense before, she is now, although it isn't so much. Seems she's trusting him, if only for the time being. "Surely you got something one of your lady-friends left behind?" So the rain is still coming down with force; she can hear it. "And you're already wet; couldn't step outside for a few?" Otherwise she'll just stay in her soaked things says her expression.

D'had was about to turn around that is, but then there's argument on the issue. "It's not mine," he replies coming to the realization of what she was thinking. "It's Hali's," he notes of the robe he's still holding out for her to take. "And if you want me fine," the words come out a bit more roughly that he might have meant them to. "Not going to do anyone any good for you to catch cold for standing around sopping wet."

Thea keeps her hands behind her back. "Does Hali have any clothes here?" Slight stress on the word clothes. She's ignoring that robe and trying to keep from shivering and failing. That rain came down cold and all that happened when that skiff overturned have taken their toll. She's unaware that her face is slowly draining of color. His rough words do get a quiet, "Thanks." It is his place, after all.

D'had got just as wet as she did, but then he was half naked to start with being only in swim trunks. Its still cold, but at least he's not standing in soaked skirts and shirts (then again that might be a rather amusing sight - D'had in a skirt…?). "Would you quit being so stubborn for once," he huffs. "Just take it and if -must- have something else I'll see what I can find." Women!

Thea just hasn't the energy anymore. "Nevermind." She reaches for the robe meekly, eyeing the door. It doesn't take so much energy to lift a brow at him and silently wait for him to step outside. "I'll be quick." It's apologetic, but firm. She's not budging on that point.

"Let me know when you're ready," D'had concedes, stepping back out in the storm to appease the woman. At least there's a bit of a covered porch to stand on that shields from some of the wind and rain. Of course some is not enough, and when he's finally let back in the little bit of drying that came from dripping while still inside is undone.

Thea is true to her word. It is only a few moments that she is knocking on that door to let him know he can return. When the Weyrsecond steps in dripping, her soggy clothes are in a small pile beside the door and Thea is wrapped in the robe, her sodden hair almost black in appearance. She's still trying to stop shivering, backing away as he enters. "Would Siebith mind?" She asks this as she's stepping closer to where the dragon is curled, "He's warm." She does wait for permission, her intent to sit beside the blue and snuggle up.

D'had steps back inside, securing the door firmly behind him. "Not at all," he replies, "There's a blanket on the couch," he adds pointing as he moves towards the ladder across the room. His turn to change to something warmer than wet swim trunks. Behind and beneath the stairs to the loft he digs through a basket for a towel and dry cloths and his changing takes place there. At least he's half hidden from view and has the decency to keep his back to where Thea might be. Then again, she doesn't have to look if she doesn't want to. Once changed he crosses back to where ever it is she's found to sit, towel in hand mussing his hair to try and catch the remaining drips. A dry one in the other hand which he holds over.

Thea has moved straight to Siebith's side and dropped to sit on the floor or whatever the blue reclines upon, curled up and leaning against the blue's side. She's got her eyes closed, resting her head against the dragon's hide - her attempt to take the chill off. Footsteps have her opening them warily to find that offered towel. "Ah, thanks." She takes it and flips her hair forward to work on it. When done, it is tumbled back out of her face and dismissed with a small shrug. With a sigh of bone-tired weariness, she leans her head back where it was, her pale eyes regard D'had somberly. "I am sorry." Because of those curt and rough tones he used back there.

D'had shakes his head as she turns away once she takes the towel, heading towards the kitchen area to find a pair of mugs and fill them from the klah pat which was surprisingly kept warm while he was away. "Here," he comments, holding the mug for her as he comes back to Thea's side only to settle down beside her. "You sure you're alright?"

Thea accepts the mug, cradling both hands around it, her fingers showing white where she grips it. She stares down into the dark liquid as it quivers in the cup. D'had sits beside her and she glances sidelong at him. "I'm fine," she insists almost irritably, making no move to raise the mug to her lips. So how's the weather? Oh, right they both know how the weather is, don't they? She presses into Siebith's side in an attempt to still the slight tremble in her arms.

"Drink," D'had prods, the word coming out halfway between order and request. He sends Thea a sidelong glance as he takes a long sip from his own mug after which he lets out a breath that perhaps he might not have known was being held.

Thea glares at D'had, raises that mug to her lips, keeping up the glare at him over the rim while she drinks a long draught. She can't disguise the shaky way the mug is lifted or held, likely what is annoying her so. She lowers the mug rebelliously. There.

"Good girl," D'had replies, reaching over to leave a light pat on Thea's knee. She might be annoyed with him, but he's only trying to lighten the mood. "Need anything else?" he inquires even as he moves to his feet. "I'll be over there," he finishes, pointing towards the couch that sits in the middle of the human sized section of the barn. Because you know, sitting across from her where they can stare at each other is going to be so much less awkward than sitting side by side.

"How about some fine conversation?" (Well, he did -ask-) Thea says it with a slight smirk from lips gone pale as she sets the mug down beside her with a thunk. Don't kick it over Siebeth. She merely nods as he moves off, leaning her head back against the dragon's and closes her eyes. "Sorry, I'm-" the muttered words fade off.

D'had isn't listening. Okay, so he is, but it might just be easier if he weren't sometimes. He steps across to the couch to fall unceremoniously back down onto it. A movement which causes the liquid in his mug to slosh over. "Damnit!" So maybe that wasn't meant to be quite so loud, at least it's not boiling hot, just a nice drinking temperature. "Conversation, huh…" he comments licking a drip off his hand least he end up making a bigger mess of things.

Thea's eyes open at that swearing, but it looks like no great emergency. She lets them slide closed once more. Perhaps it is Siebeith's warmth, perhaps the klah, but the shock is fading and her shakiness stills. "Sure, why not? You talk, I'll listen for a change." Flippant, she's obviously not really expecting him to say anything.

D'had blinks up at that comment. Clearly she doesn't know him as well as she might think she does. "… about?" he prompts, giving it a moment to sink in, or perhaps he was just trying to come up with a topic and failing miserably.

Thea hrms over there by Siebith. "Well, tell me something interesting that no one knows about you?" She tosses it out there without really much thought at all. like a child's game of twenty questions. She peeks at him briefly, then closes her eyes again, managing to keep a serious face.

"Ain't so much ta tell…" D'had replies, lifting his mug to his lips of only for a momentary distraction at having to speak. Maybe he's trying to think up something to share, but then again perhaps not as after the mug is lowered to the arm of the couch once again he still says nothing.

Thea knew it! Knew it! Hence the small smug smile that plays over her lips now. She doesn't bother to open her eyes. "Don't have to tell much. Must be one small thing not a soul but you knows about you?" Her tone subtly or not so, challenging.

"Born on a boat, grew up on a boat, and you tipped over a boat," D'had relays. She wanted a story, there's a story. Hopefully it will take care of that smug expression on her face in the process.

"Knew that already." Thea sings out across the room. She's still resting her eyes, or giving him space, so to speak and still smug. He'll need to be more creative. "You told me the first two awhile back up at the Starstones." She points out, adding "Was there for the third." Then graciously, "I'll give you another chance."

D'had is pulling straws now. Conversation after all is not his forte. "Have three girls…" Has he told her that one yet? Hopefully that will fly otherwise he just might have to make something up to appease her.

"Hali, Rehsa and Darsce." Thea's grin is downright triumphant. He has nothing? There's a giggle coming from the closed-eyed weyrwoman. "Come, it can't be that hard. For someone who never talks?" Her tone ripples with amused laughter. "I'll help ya make up something. You're secretly madly in love with Niva." Smirk.

D'had narrows his gaze at Thea for a moment. Okay… so apparently she did know that one. "… Right," he replies to the girls names. There's a pause as she continues, "Told ya, ain't got nothing." Beat. "Which one's that again?" One would think he'd recognize the name of the Weyrwoman… maybe he got hit on the head by that overturned skiff of theirs?

Thea sometimes doesn't know when to quit goading. This is one of those times. She misses that narrowed gaze since she's still got her eyes shut. "You know, the crazy Weyrwoman, (using his name for her), the one that gave you not one but two knots you didn't want? I promise I'll keep your secret safe." Snicker.

"That sharding crazy …" mutter mutter mutter. That's D'had's reply to that. "You think that and you're just as crazy as she is!" Snort. He had to ask though, didn't he. "'Side's thought you didn't want to know who I was sleeping with."

"I said in love with, not sleeping with," Thea spars with a laugh, this time her eyes open, sparkling with a bit of devilment as she looks at him. "I think you're protesting too much, Hmm?" Still smug. Not much else to do, but heckle while waiting for the storm to stop. "So there it is, unless you can really tell me something I don't know?"

D'had doesn't say anything for a long moment, but then when he does reply he's looking down at his drink. "Was in love once…" he admits lowly, staring into the mug before he takes another long drink. Now if there were only some sort of strong alcohol along with the klah it'd make it that much better right about now.

Thea's eyes fly open at that. For a long while she is silent as she regards the Weyrsecond and she winces, her smug smile fading completely. She stands and quietly walks over to sit on the floor beside the couch he is on. She's not looking at him, but the floor. Very softly, the question is spoken, in a way that implies he doesn't have to say, "Were you?"

D'had nods, not that Thea can see that from where she's now sitting. "Once," he replies equally as quietly though there's no further explanation for the time being. "Can sit up here?" he offers after a moment, "Ain't so comfortable, but imagine it'd be better than the floor."

Thea pushes up from the floor, gathers the robe and sits beside D'had, curling her legs to tuck her feet underneath her. She doesn't ask nosy questions, only murmurs, "I'd never imagined." There's a wealth of regret in her tone for teasing him, although she doesn't say sorry. He's ignored other apologies, so. "One never knows what lies buried in the ocean's depths." Perhaps she's speaking of nothing other than the ocean. Perhaps.

Perhaps or perhaps not. The comment earns a glance from D'had, but he doesn't remark upon it just yet. Commenting in return would likely only lead to more questions for one, the other, or both. His free hand stretches across the back of the couch behind where Thea now sits. "Ocean's a big place."

"With many an unexpected storm to stir the waters," Thea rejoins, studying her hands rather than looking at the man beside her. She's not asking awkward questions, might simply be noting the ways of a wild place. "I've crossed it once." For such an auspicious trip there is no joy in the statement.

D'had nods, sipping at his drink as she talks. "Take it the ship wasn't for you?" he questions her statement, but there's not deep, prying or awkward questions leaving his lips just now either.

"The ship was fine. The sea, amazing. But it is a trip I've no wish to take again." Might be speaking of the sea. Might not be, but Thea doesn't say. She peeks up at him, "Do you ever miss it?" She leans back against the couch, watching him.

D'had nods slowly, the hand on the back of the couch reaching up to brush lightly through Thea's hair as he watches the completely uninteresting brown liquid that's contained in the mug of the other hand. "All the time."

Thea's lips tremble as she says, "There's no going back, is there?" She presses them into a firm line before he can look up. He can't know, can he, that she's speaking metaphorically? Her hair moves and she is aware of his hand there, but she remains intent on his answer.

Its an idle, repetitive, subconscious like motion that his hand moves in as pulls his fingers through the ends of her hair, hand not actually leaving the back of the couch. "Not really," D'had replies, "Dragon don't exactly fit on a boat, that one though," he nods towards the lounging blue, "He'd say he'd be happy in the water." Idle conversation. Metaphorically? How would he?

Thea nods to that, whatever thought she has is tucked away for another time. "Your Siebith seems to be." She slides the dragon a long look, "With wings for sails, a dragonboat." She quips with a small smile at the blue, flashing D'had a faintly challenging look, "Have you ever tried that?" She's seen them flying their fancy tricks.

D'had chuckles, shaking his head. "Don't think dragons work like that love," he replies. "He does though, like the water. Say he's half fish if I didn't know better. Stuck with him now though."

"Might not. Might be fun to try though." Thea tilts her head, "Fish swim in the oceans too." She lifts a finger from the hands resting in her lap, points towards Siebith, her eyes follow the direction, before back to him, "Why a lake Weyr and not a sea Weyr?"

D'had stares off into the nothingness between them and the blue for a moment. "Ain't so many sea weyrs," he points out, "Istas not for me, had ta leave Irene…" Not so many choices left then. "Here ain't so bad though," he adds turning so that his dark eyed gaze can find her's. "Feeling better?"

Thea hmms at this. "I see." She sounds sad as she says it, but she doesn't comment further upon it. Instead her cool green meets his gaze and she nods in answer to his question, "I am, yes." She inhales, "Thanks." She drops her head, "I was an idiot. You and Siebith. I owe you."

"Ain't owe us nothin sweetheart," D'had assures, dipping his chin to try and catch her gaze again even as that hand behind her snakes around her far shoulder to pull her towards him. Guide more, a movement that she could easily resist. "What'd make you think a thing like that?"

Thea's head lifts in surprise as that arm curls around her shoulder and she finds herself pulled towards him. Her hands lift to rest against his chest, "D'had." She meets his eyes, "You know I could have drowned today. And Seryth would have-" She winces, biting her lip. "Because I had to be stubborn."

D'had shakes his head. "No," he says softly, heart beating hard beneath her hand. "You didn't. She didn't. And it wasn't." Whether she believes it or not he says it and it means it. "Stubborn…" Well that bit he can't argue with, she is stubborn. "Ain't your fault for a storm coming up so fast." The mug that was in his other hand is left to balance on the arm of the couch (and will likely cause mild disaster later) and he catches her chin with the now freed hand and leans down towards her…

Thea's eyes remain on his, she's listening, "But, I should have let you turn the-" His hand cups her chin and her indrawn breath of surprise stops her mid-sentence. She doesn't retreat from him, but there are questions in her eyes that remain unvoiced.

D'had doesn't kiss her as surprising or strange as it may seem. Rather he sighs, shaking his head just a slight motion from side to side as he leans back. Instead he pulls the hand from her chin to press a finger lightly against her lips. "Not your fault."

Thea's eyes become keen, weighing and measuring as he pulls back. He might see approval there, kindness, perhaps regret. She is silent as his finger touches her lips, her eyes slide shut briefly and she nods. "Okay." It's just a whispered agreement; she won't beat herself up over it. She pulls away gently, "I should go. I think the rain has stopped."

"You can…" Stay would be the word that should finish that sentence D'had starts as he turns to watch as she pulls away from him. But he doesn't finish the thought, rather leaves it lie with a slight shake of his head.

It wouldn't take much thought to know how that sentence would end. Thea still sits beside him, one hand reaches to touch one of his. "I've always liked you, D'had." She speaks in a quiet way, tilts her head to one side as she watches him. "Some of the other people here (and she doesn't name them - likely he knows who they are) couldn't and can't understand why." Her clear-eyed regard for him remains steady, "I see strength and goodness in you. I think you hide it sometimes." She lifts a finger as if to stop his denial; these are merely her thoughts - she could be wrong. "As fond as I am of you, it isn't enough for me to… stay. It takes… something more." Her eyes plead for understanding.

I'm not asking you ….. She needs you," D'had replies perhaps more coldly than is truly meant. She of course being Seryth. The reason for his saying could as easily be a silent relay of information from Siebith as it is a reason for himself, for Thea or for them both.

Thea's mouth curves in a sweet smile that crinkles the corners of her eyes, not put off by that cold tone one bit. She doesn't argue, but leans to brush her lips across his cheek, whispering 'thank you' before rising and walking to the door. She stoops to gather her soggy clothing, opens the door just enough to slip through. It is dark, the rain has tapered off to a gentle sprinkle. Perhaps seen crossing the Weyr in Hali's robe, folks will think she's come from the Springs. She looks over to D'had, "I'll get this back to you. Night." And she is gone, the door closed softly behind her.

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