Celebrating the Future: The Weyrlings Graduate

Xanadu Weyr - Beach

The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.

The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.

A large bonfire circle dominates the beach, the tall fire burning warm even in the summer heat, while smaller cooking pits are settled out of the way here and there, each pit fire doing its job, as delicious scents waft forth. Games are set up along the beach, informal footrace tracks laid out, and the whole atmosphere is quite informal.

Late afternoon sunlight washes over the beach, all set up for the celebration at hand. D'son stands with a drink in hand already down by the bonfire, talking with a couple of riders and apparently listening intently though every now and then he looks up to see who's coming down to the wide expanse of sand.

A sky-painted dragon emerges from *between* high above the beach, bugling as he descends to land some distance down the beach. His rider, B'ky, swings down from the blue's crimson straps, the man in matching indigo and scarlet riding leathers. Taking a moment to look around, he makes his way toward the bonfire, sketching a salute to the weyrleader as he comes within sight.

There's a whoosh, a heavy thump, and then a small blonde brownrider slipping down from her lifemate. Who was actually flying, if you can call him appearing almost right above the beach flying. It's from one bonfire to another, though F'yr's eyes actually aren't quite /focusing/ on that just yet or even focusing at all. She's looking quite haggard, groaning as her only good hand holds her head as if it were about to fall off. "Oh, go take a swim," she grumbles out, moving towards the food. "I didn't manage to catch sight of any /klah/." The teen's quick in filling a mug at least.

Hyrlon wanders down to the beach. He'd been told his brother was graduating today, whatever that meant. He feels a little naked just now, without Hysk at his. It's the first time he's been without the young blue wher since his hatching day. He feels more than a little out of place among all these weyrfolk. He still isn't full acclamated to his new life in the Weyr.

R'zel and Mikalath arrive from the meadows, with the dragon looking very enthusiastic and pleased and the rider looking more than a little nervous. R'zel has a slightly uneasy smile on his face as he takes a look at those already there, waving to the familiar faces as he approaches along the sands. He's got his pencil tucked behind his ear, just in case inspiration should strike.

M'nol and Faraeth aren't far behind R'zel and Mikalath, winging a landing away from the crowd. M'nol dismounts, but doesn't approach just yet, perhaps afraid of plunging into the crowd.

A nod and a final word and D'son steps away from his erstwhile companions, drink still held in hand as he spots some arriving weyrlings and moves that way. "M'nol, R'zel, even if it's a little early, congratulations," the Weyrleader wishes the pair sincerely. "There's drinks over there, if you need something to you know, hold onto," he jokes a little.

Vivian wanders down onto the beach as the time nears, overhead Kelioth can be seen circling round to find some draconic friends to enjoy the festivities with. Kicking sand lightly away with her bare feet she heads over to find a glass of wine or something while she works out what to do with herself while she waits.

Niva makes her way down to the beach, not late, though not exactly early. With Cavin and C'ian at her side, the Weyrwoman pauses now and then to offer congratulations to visiting family members, and to talk with visitors of note. After a moment, however, its a hug to Cavin and a kiss to C'ian before she's seperating from them, making her way towards D'son, nodding in greeting to the Weyrleader, and those around him.

F'yr looks like she's thinking about taking the whole pitcher of klah there, but eventually is satisfied with just the mug. Cradling it close to her, she takes a few big long gulps and then proceeds to fill the mug back up to the brim. Satisfied she finally glances up, blue eyes trying to focus on the faces around her instead. "Dels," she calls out, scrubbing her face as she approaches the few people she knows, giving the other brownies there a crooked smile. "'Bout time, ain't it?"

R'zel tosses a wave to M'nol, Vivian, and their lifemates as they approach the beach, calling out to them with a bright smile. "Vivian! M'nol! Hey guys!" The little nervous edge is obvious in his tone despite his excitement. "You guys ready for this?" Mikalath seems a lot more laid back about the whole event, watching everyone with calm eyes.

M'nol nods to D'son, "Thank you, Weyrleader." He does make his way to grab a drink before returning to the group. He smiles in a near-genuine manner at F'yr, "Hey, F'yr, yeah… they'll be cutting us loose, soon." He nods around, "Hey Ruz, Viv… Not ready in the slightest." He takes a drink of whatever he grabbed, then coughs loudly. Perhaps that was a mistake.

Somewhere a brown lands and deposits one Western Brownrider, Zip and her beau, Riley. The pair arrive just in time it seems and she is rising to tip toes to peer around, looking for someone, "Come on.." she says to the boy attached to the hand in her death-grip, "I see Ru," and she waves. "Prolly not enough time to say hello.. we'll say hi after.." she says, sorta to herself.

It's a very cheerful-looking Cenlia that makes her way to the beach from the direction of the meadow. She has several paper-wrapped packages under one arm, and seems in no hurry as she walks toward the bonfire. The girl is dressed for the beach, in a red halter top and matching sarong tied around her waist, kicking sand up with bare feet she she goes. On her shoulder is a tiny gold firelizard, the hatchling peering about curiously, while four other firelizards trail behind the girl, but head off to play in the water as the gardener girl enters the crowd. Spotting the weyrlings, Cenlia waves a pleasant, "Hey!" and heads over towards them.

"You're welcome, M'nol," D'son answers with another bob of his head and he looks over as F'yr hails him, smiles briefly. "F'yr, doing all right?" Then the Weyrwoman is nearing and the Weyrleader stands up just a little straighter. "Good afternoon, Niva, just giving some early congratulations. Need a drink?" he offers politely.

Riley is tugged along with Zippy without a bit of protest, taking the time as she pauses to look left and right, taking in the scene and the people, before she's on the move again, and he's hurrying a little to catch up with her, despite her shorter stride. "Ru?" He says, before there's a bit of a nervous sound, and he's squeezing her hand even tighter, ensuring he's right at her side.

Vivian, cradling her new found glass in one hand spots mom, dad and the newest brat arriving and heads over towards them, missing mom as she heads off. C'ian is given a big hug and a kiss from his darling daughter before daddies little girl heads off to catch up with her clutch siblings, a wave towards D'son on the way, an unreadable look on her face for him before she turns her attention to the other weyrlings. "Hi, everyone ready to show up that other lot?" She asks with a bright smile.

Aoriya is late to the part but never shabby. Omasuth lets her off at the edge of the party and she wanders around the edge for a little bit, taking in the crowd before going in Search of alcohol and food.

"I'll be okay for now.." Niv nods with an inclination of her head, waggling her fingers at Vivian as her eldest passes by, before an absently tap to D'son's shoulder encourages him to excuse himself while she takes to the small stage that has been set up, waiting for the young Weyrleader to join her, and leaving the opening words to him.

Jessamin ambles on down to the beach, with a large, quilt-wrapped bundle in hand. Her faire soars along behind her as always, and she looks around in the milling crowd, searching for someone…

F'yr can't help the wince at the sound of the growing crowd and names being called out. "Alive, I think. Last I checked," she answers D'son as she gives her head another scrub down. She tilts her head to study him a moment before sighing and glancing back to focus on the brownriders. "Exciting, I bet," she mumbles to him, trying to strain a grin out as she gulps down a lot of the warm drink and spies the movement over its rim.

R'zel laughs a little at M'nol's remarks, nodding and grabbing a drink from wherever they are available. "I know /exactly/ what you mean. Seems like it really crept up on us, didn't it? But I can't say I'm not looking forward to it, too. It's just a big change…" Out of the corner of his eye he spots the arrival of Zip and Riley, and greets them with a smile and wave. Then he spots Jessamin, and calls out to her. "Hey, Jess!"

M'nol spots Jessa and waves to her, not even trying to shout above the crowd. She'd see him soon enough either way, right? He nods at F'yr, "A little scary, too."

"Hey Vivi," is offered over with a friendly smile for the weyrling as she heads by then he gives Fy's shoulder a brief squeeze, nods to M'nol and R'zel. "Please excuse me, duty calls!" the Weyrleader says cheerily enough and tosses back the last of his drink, passes the empty glass off to a passing server and moves over to the stage to join Niva. Deep breath, Dels. The Weyrleader clears his throat a couple of times then starts in with: "May I have your attention please!" trying to make his voice carry out over the crowd.

Jessamin grins wide, scampering down the beach to M'nol and R'zel, unable to hug either one because of her burden, but not skimping on the smiles, either. "R'zel! M'nol! Shards… good to see you both!" Her cheeks bloom with a rosy hue as she looks to R'zel. "How have you been?"

A package in one hand and Riley's hand in the other, Zip wanders a bit to find a good spot with a good view. She smiles broadly at R'zel and lifts the package, waggling her brows at him a little then turns her head to Riley, "R'zel..now.. Ruzel.. there he is see? He's waving.." and she smiles to the soon-to-be-graduate as she finds a seat.

Cenlia adjusts the packages under her arm, flopping down on the sand as things seem to have started up, and from somewhat has apparently acquired a bottle of ale, which she sips.

Riley continues to be tugged, and then as Zippy finds a place that she's happy with, and Riley is moving to loop his arm loosely around the brownrider's shoulders, following her line of sight, before after a moment, he's lifting his hand in a hesitant wave, and then settling back down with a smile, attention drifting to the stage.

"Just going to continue your craft after graduating?" F'yr asks M'nol. With her shoulder squeezed she actually tries to focus a little more on the departing bronzerider and Weyrwoman, but winces at all the shouting instead. "Shells… Can't they just do this a little more /quietly/?" she whines under her breath, sticking her nose back into her mug as she tries to drink away her hangover, even though she keeps her blue eyes focused on the stage and the Weyrleader.

M'nol smiles, "Hey, Jess." He shrugs, "Sort of, I'm hoping to do Search and Rescue, should be able to do both that way."

Niva lifts her voice, "Your attention, please!" She adds as well, putting her own voice to use, letting it carry over the crowd. A soft sigh, and she shakes her head, before she's stepping back, leaving it to D'son, even if its a matter of talking over the crowd, but there's a quiet exchange to the Weyrleader before she does so. "You call them, I'll present them with their knots.." No choice for D'son in the matter.

R'zel grins ear to ear when Jessamin approaches, losing sight of Zip and Riley in the crowd for the moment. "Jess! I'm really glad to see you… Cenlia said you were looking for me? It's been much too long. And I've been doing great… you? How's candidacy? And…" He trails off when the Weyrleader calls for attention, looking up at him and falling silent.

Jessamin looks about ready to answer R'zel, but instead falls silent at the Weyrleader's call. She finds a seat right nearby and plops down into it, cradling the bundle in her lap. She leans over to whisper to R'zel briefly.

B'ky mingles with the crowd, finding a cool drink and looking slightly overdressed for the beach. He's watching the stage smiling to himself, while Avideth settles in the sand some distance from the crowd.

Vivian takes a sip of her drink, her eyes turning to the dias when her mother calls out for attention. Focusing on her and D'son she waits to hear what they're going to be saying for this one. "Mind and not trip over anything." She mentions, probably for M'nol's benefit.

Waiting until there's a little bit of a lull in the crowd noise, D'son starts talking again and it's not just the weyrlings who're nervous, because his hands clasped behind his back are clasped /really tightly/. He tries not to show it though, voice mostly even. "Today the Weyrlings from Avaeth and Dhonzayth's clutch graduate and join the ranks of full riders," the Weyrleader states clearly. "They've all worked hard so, everyone please give them a round of applause and your congratulations after they've gotten their new knots." Pause. "Weyrlings, please come forward and as I call your names, come up in the order you're called to get your new knots." He waits another moment to let the weyrlings make their way over, then starts in on the list. "To Galazy wing, Keziah, M'nol and Ontali!"

A'di makes his way through the crowd and settles into a chair, looking appologetic at being late. He falls silent, his eyes flickering up to the stage as he leans back in his seat.

Zip smiles up at Riley and then sits back to listen, eyes on D'son. She starts to clap then waits, eyes flicking side to side in a sheepish manner.. /after/ they get their knots…ahem. She leans over to whisper to Riley while the graduates are called out and move to get their knots.

F'yr's eyes, though hazy from a heavy night of drinking, light up a little at M'nol's words. "Really? Both? Mom did that for awhile. It'll be fun," she says, dropping her voice down as the crowd starts to quiet. "I wonder if Kez's gonna be in the wing, too." And then silence, which works for her as she suddenly winces, a pain probably shooting through her head at something. She raises her mug to M'nol as he passes by, grinning to him and then Keziah as her question is answered.

Aoriya sits down to watch, taking a seat next to A'di. She claps vigorously when Keziah's name is called, cheering eagerly with calls of "Ke-zi-ah, ke-zi-ah!"

M'nol gulps loudly as the crowd silences for the Weyrleaders. To have his wing called first is even more surprising and it takes a mental nudge from Faraeth to get his feet moving towards the stage. He mounts slowly, then smartly salutes D'son.

R'zel whispers something in return to Jessamin, a happy smile on his face. He then falls silent when the first names are anoounced, listening closely. He breaks out into cheering with the rest of the crowd, applauding and grinning widely. "Woo! Congratulations, Kez! M'nol! Tali! Way to go!"

Jessamin lets out a cheer, as M'nol is called to the stage. "Whoot! Go, M'nol, go!"

"'S too bad they ain't up there with booze," Cenlia muses, applauding with the rest of the crowd when her friends' names are called.

Up on stage as Galaxy's new riders arrive, D'son returns M'nol's salute with a grin, then shakes hands with each one, passes over a wing badge, then sends them on to Niva for their knots with a sincere smile and "Congratulations, /rider/!"

As the new riders are passed on by D'son, Niva offers a smile and a firm handshake to each of them, before handing over a full rider's knot to accompany the a Galaxy wingbadge that the Weyrleader had given to each of them to each of them. With a soft 'good luck' to each of them, she smiles, and then steps backwards to await the next group.

The expression on B'ky's face is faintly nostalgic as he watches the newest riders join the wings of Xanadu. Clapping for each, the man's gaze is on the stage, but his eyes are distant, and faraway.

M'nol just stares at the knot for a minute, then salutes Niva and scurries from the stage and back to his friends, changing his knot once he's on the ground again.

Once the trio for Galaxy wing have stepped down off the stage beknotted and enbadged, D'son takes a breath, clears his throat again. "To Comet Wing, R'owan and R'zel! Please come up to receive your new knots."

Riley tilts his head to listen to Zippy's hushed words before he's nodding slowly, resting his arm over her shoulders again, clapping his hand against his leg, applauding each of the new riders as they join their new wings.

A'di claps quietly for the weyrlings, most of whom he doesn't know. He smiles a little, his eyes distant in thought. His lips purse slightly and pauses, listening for the next people.

Jessamin lets out an enthusiastic whoop, setting her bundle down on the ground long enough to applaud for R'zel and R'owan. "Congrats, both of you! Whoot!"

Vivian continues to watch D'son, listening and applauding politely as her clutch siblings are called forward by him to collect their knots from her mother.

R'zel takes a deep breath when his name is called, feeling a sense of accomplishment and anxiety all at once. He gives those near him a smile before he makes his way up to the stage, beaming for the crowd as he salutes and accepts his new knot.

M'nol claps loudly for R'zel and R'owan, if avoiding the exuberance of the others at the moment.

"Congrats!" Cenlia calls to each of her friends, scurrying a bit closer to the stage to catch them when they return to the beach. She passes by Jessamin and grins a, "Hey! Glad you made it," to the girl.

"Congrats, mattress-boy," calls out F'yr to R'zel as he passes by, not quite as loudly as the rest of them. Since winces to those whooping louder than she is, thunking her mug against her forehead for a moment before she drops it back to her lips for a swig.

Zip starts applauding and then puts two fingers to her lips in a very unlady-like whistle as R'zel heads to the stage. She smiles ear to ear, "Go Ru!" ripples out in the din of noise, perhaps loud enough, who knows, she's just happy for the graduates.

Niva offers the bronzerider and the brownrider each a firm shake and a salute in return, a smile crossing her face for a moment at the various call-outs, before they are each handed a new knot, given the same good luck wish as their predecessors, before she's stepping back once more.

D'son shakes R'zel's hand then R'owan's as they pass, pressing the wingbadges into their free hands. "Congratulations, both of you. Keep up the good work," the Weyrleader says encouragingly, then he's straightening as they pass along, waiting until they're back down off the stage before calling a couple of other assignments up to the stage, then finally: "To Quasar Wing, Vivian." Once the greenrider's made it up to the stage there's a quieter: "Welcome to the wing, Viv, look sharp, meeting tomorrow first thing," as he gives Kelioth's her wingbadge.

When she hears her name being called out, Vivian takes a breath and walks elegantly up to the dais. Saluting the weyrleader when she arrives then adding a big kiss before she steps away with a grin to collect her knot and patch from her mother. "Thank you Weyrleader, Weyrwoman." She curtsies, the very picture of grace and virtue, to those who don't know her well enough before she steps off the dais again and moves off to the side to watch.

R'zel attaches his knot securely as he steps down from the stage, grinning widely as he returns to the group he was waiting with before the announcement. "Wow… and that's it, finally. We're graduates." Mikalath croons happily, careful not to be too loud as to drown out the cheers given to Vivian. R'zel joins in as well, applauding.

Riley ducks his head a little bit as Zippy begins to whistle, but he's offering his own applause, taking a moment before he whistles in turn, relaxing and celebrating, even as he turns to glance here and there at those around them.

Jessamin grins wide, pulling R'zel into a great bug hug. "Congratulations, you finally did it!" M'nol is pulled into the hug next, and given a noogie. "Both of you!"

Niva's response to Vivian doesn't very much from those that the other weyrlings received, however the broadest smile lingers on her face as Vivian steps away, and she's stepping to the front of the stage. "Congratulations, to all our Weyrlings, and welcome to all of our guests! Today, we celebrate the future - please enjoy yourselves - eat well, drink well, and play well!" She turns to D'son, inviting the Weyrleader to add any words of his own.

B'ky applauds the other graduates, calling out a, "Congratulations!" to each of the new Comet wingriders. Avideth, too, rumbles his congratulations, the their dragons in turn.

F'yr's mug stops at her lips as she watches the last weyrling called up. "Figures," she says softly under her breath. "Crazy secretary to the end." A pain flashes in her eyes, though it could very well be from the hangover as she looks away from the stage back towards her lifemate. With a sigh she makes her way back over to the drinks table.

D'son startles just a little as Vivian plants one on him and his ears turn pink, coughing following after. "Ahem. Uh — so that's everyone, all the weyrlings and uh, I ah— yes, congratulations to all of you! Big round of applause for all of Xanadu's new riders!" the Weyrleader says with maybe just a little too much enthusiasm and starts clapping himself.

Zip beams as the other names are called and she rises to her feet, applauding still then gets her package and tugs at Riley, "Come on.. I'm sure he'll be busy I need to give him this present.." she says, making a path for R'zel.

Aoriya cheers vigorously. "Congrats! Go go! Hurrah!" She calls out, Omasuth further down the beach mimicking her cheer with a triumphant bark of applause.

Jessamin nudges the quilted bundle towards R'zel, blushing softly. "I found this wild on the beach at Western… looks like it could be anytime now." She squeezes his hand gently, smiling.

A'di claps loudly for the new riders, grinning at them as he listens to the weyrwoman, nodding his head in a quiet manner.

Cenlia applaudsas well as she can with packages under one arm, and then before any of the new riders can get a chance to run off somewhere, she accosts each of them and hands out a paper-wrapped package - grinning at each and saying, "Now you guys can booze!"

R'zel returns the hug from Jessamin, laughing happily. "Yeah! It's hard to believe it's really been so long. Shards… I couldn't be happier!" When he withdraws he notices Zip and Riley approaching, greeting them both with a smile. "Zip! You made it! Shards, I thought I saw you out there, but… how long has it been?" He turns his smile to her companion. "And you must be Riley. I've heard a lot about you. Jess, this is Zip. Have you two met?" He blinks at Jessamin as he takes the quilt-covered bundle from her, looking at it curiously. "What's this…?"

Jessamin shakes her head, turning to smile warily at the other woman. "The name's familiar. I believe your father's spoken of you. Well-met at last, Zip."

Vivian can't help it as she looks on at the reactions to the newest of Xanadu's riders, there's a big self satisfied smile on her face as she joins in the applause.

Riley continues to clap, even as Zippy is tugging him to his feet, the miner simply going along with, shaking his head a little as he gives in to her demands. As R'zel greets them, Riley smiles a bit hesitantly at first, before offering his hand to R'zel. "Congratulations, man.." He offers with an honest smile, even as his attention drifts to Zippy and Jessamin.

With the formalities over, D'son offers Niva his arm to descend off the stage once more and head into the crowd to mingle and offer more personal congratulations to the Weyrlings. Ears: still pink.

Zip beams at R'zel and steps up to hug him, "Yes I made it, I promised didn't I?" she says in rhetoric. She nods her head, "Yes this is Riley.. Riley this is R'zel.." then she looks to Jessamin, tilting her head, "I don't think so?" she says then wrinkles her nose. "Either way, hi!" she chirps at the girl and then peers to the bundle for a moment. "Oh! That reminds me.." and she holds out the package to R'zel, "You can open it later," she says to him.

Amidst the chaos, Niva is still clapping, before nodding to D'son at his offer, taking his arm to climb down from the stage. After a moment, she pats his arm, seperating to go find one recently graduated former Weyrling in particular - a certain greenrider, pausing beind Vivian, a hand resting lightly on the young woman's shoulder. "Congratulations, Vivi.."

M'nol smiles at the rider who Ruz seemed to know, extending his hand, "Hello."

R'zel unwraps the bundle, blinking as he sees the firelizard egg inside. He can't help but laugh a bit. "Shards, Jessamin. You really can't go a day without finding one of these, can you? I'll be sure to keep it safe until it hatches…" He carefully wraps it back up before accepting the package from Zip, blinking a bit. "Oh, you didn't need to bring me anything…" He leans back to whisper something to Jessamin before opening it up.

Jessamin offers her hand to Zip, and smiles. "Glad to meet you." She chuckles a bit, winking at R'zel. "I don't go looking but seem to find them anyways. I love finding them new homes, and I know you'll take good care of it."

F'yr glances briefly at the Weyrleader's descent from the stage, but she'll keep to the side for now. More klah is poured out into her mug, keeping it filled up as much as possible, but this time she continues down the table to find some comfort in a warm bubbly, eyes scanning around every now and then.

Aoriya approaches Cenlia. "hey, got any of that booze to spare for me?" she means the farmcrafter's handing out of alcohol to the newly graduated riders. "I could sure use a drink."

Now that the ceremony is over, B'ky makes his way out of the crowd, stopping by the food table to find another glass of something cold, and perhaps a slice of something to eat.

Vivian turns when her mother arrives and wraps her arms around her in a big hug, "Hey mom, you'd better be proud of me." She informs Niva with a big happy grin. "Though I guess back to work tomorrow, at least it's not yet more drills, they're over for now."

Riley seems at least slightly interested in the package that's passed from brownrider to brownrider, arching an eyebrow curiously, even as his hand moves to find Zippy's once more. M'nol receives a smile as well, and a bit more confident of a nod to the younger boy, with a grin. "Hey there.."

With the ceremony over, A'di pushes himself to his feet and dusts himself off. His eyes flicker over the area, dark circles under his eyes where they weren't before. He issues a quiet sigh and makes his way back to his dragon, slipping out soundlessly.

"Congratulations, rider.." Niva replies with a wide smile, giving Vivian a long hug in a rarely seen moment of affection. "You'll get an off day soon enough.." She says softly, before glancing over her shoulder in the direction that C'ian and Cavin are enjoying some pastries, a small box pulled out, and pressed into the greenrider's hand, with a smile. "We're very very proud of you, don't ever doubt it."

Zip smiles at Jessamin then shakes her head at R'zel, "I know I didn't have to, I wanted to.. been waiting a long time to give it to you," she answers with a nod to the gift. She waits, biting her lip, then grins to Riley and those around, gaze lifting to scan the area briefly, a hand following to secure a few whisps of hair that flutter at bit at her temple, there, behind the ear is good.

R'zel carefully unwraps the package from Zip, revealing a journal with his name embossed on it, along with a collection of brushes and paints. He smiles as he looks over it, then looks up at the other brownrider. "Zip… thank you. You really didn't have to. I'm going to get a lot of use out of these." He grins at Jessamin. "And I'm going to give the little one inside this egg a good home."

Jessamin looks a bit taken aback as her offer of friendship is rejected by Zip so completely, lowering her hand and looking down at the ground. She just nods quietly to R'zel, a little reluctant to look up. "I know you will."

M'nol chuckles and indicates the little brown on his own shoulder, "Looks like I'm not the only one who rates a flitter egg from Jessamin. Hope yours is cute, Ruz." He still hasn't gotten used to calling the other brownrider R'zel.

Zip looks as excited, or maybe even moreso, about the present than R'zel does, bouncing on her feet as he opens it. She claps her hands lightly and then nods, "I know.. I was so happy to find those colors.. and the brushes are the good ones.. I had them put your name on them.." Zip is completely unaware of Jessamin's distress since she did offer a hello first and has no idea she's rejected anything, least of all /friendship/.

Riley's gaze lingers on the journal and the paints, before he's grinning, apparently having decided to stop worrying. "Congratulations again, R'zel.." The wherhandler offers with a nod, before his attention drifts to Jessamin. "Where do you find them?" He asks absently, glancing from the little brown indicated by the other new rider, to the egg.

Cenlia fairly beams at Aoriya, handing over a booze bottle and laughing, "Was hopin' to get all of them drunk, but…" and she peers around, "Shards, now where'd they all get to?" She spots R'zel and M'nol, but since they look busy the gardener girl shrugs and heads off to the tavern, saying, "Last time, I ended up with a screamin' flit up my pants, ain't takin' any chances." And with a wave, she jogs off toward the meadow, likely hoping to spot one of the other new riders on the way.

Vivian oohs at her mother, a present, what better way to keep the girl happy, all thoughts of work and rest days forgotten. "Oh it's lovely." She croons, very much the little girl again for now as she opens the box, handing it back so she can put the necklace inside on, before giving Niva another big hug. "Thank you mom."

Jessamin looks up, glancing between M'nol and R'zel before Riley's question catches her attention. "Well… I've taken to wandering the beaches at Western whenever there's a free moment, and greens aren't always the smartest when it comes to laying their eggs. So I look after them and find them homes." She listens then to Zip as she goes on about the gift given to R'zel, sighing a little and smiling. "Wish I'd thought to find something as nice…."

"Likewise." R'zel says to M'nol, a happy smile on his face. "But I don't think we need to worry. Jessamin has a knack when it comes to firelizards. She's up to… what? Six? Seven?" He asks with a laugh before smiling at Zip again. "I really appreciate it… I'm glad I'll finally have more time for art now that I've graduated." He gives Jessamin another smile. "It's not a contest. I really appreciate both your gifts."

M'nol smiles at Jessamin, "No need to feel one upped, Jess. A flit's a great gift, especially from you. It's so appropriate."

Jessamin giggles a little bit, a smile appearing on her face. "Six now, R'zel. Indigo was the latest. His egg was even forgotten by the dam, and I almost missed it myself on the beach, if it hadn't started wriggling around."

"I'm glad you like it Vivian.." Niva smile, seeing the necklace settled before she's returning the other big hug. "Enjoy yourself, Vivi.." She murmurs, winking at her daughter, before stepping away, though she does look over her shoulder. "But please, leave my Weyrleader in one piece." She adds, before she's retreating to C'ian's side.

F'yr takes a large bite of the bubbly, licking at the filling that falls down onto her chin. Somehow the pastry seems to have done much better than the klah had been able to. Good hangover medicine. She's quick to finish it up in two more bites.

Aoriya chuckles at Jessamin. "Six huh. I'm happy with my three. Kujaku, my bronze is such a handfull. Spends a full hour every day sitting in front of the mirror in my room gazing at himself and crooning. Then pushes himself into the ladies business, trying to convince the female firelizards how beautiful he is." She chuckles.

Zip exhales a bit, relieved that he really does like it then she looks up at Jessamin, "Any gift from a friend is thoughtful.. I think a flit is a great gift.." and she smiles as everyone else chimes in to encourage her as well. She nods to R'zel and then looks around, "I'm sure you have a lot going on tonight, I just wanted to catch you before you got too drunk…though.. you can't forget your stuff so.." and she winks, teasing him. That's what graduates do right? Finally slurp down a few drinks?

M'nol smiles, "For a while there I had to catch up to Jess, now she's trailing behind my seven again. Fossil's probably the worst, always diggign into everything."

"I don't know how you do it." R'zel says with a little laugh to Jessamin. He gives Zip a smile as well, pausing for a moment before he speaks. "I suppose I do. And I'm sure you must have plans as well… thank you very much for the gift. It's very thoughtful of you. And I'm glad to see you're doing well… and it was nice meeting you, Riley." He steps back to Jessamin, whispering something to her quickly before smiling at the brownrider again.

"Maybe once Rilsk settles more, we'll have to do a little bit of wandering.. If I can tug Zippy away from her work." Riley says with a little bit of a grin, squeezing the brownrider's hand, even as he allows the two brownriders to talk without interrupting. Its only as Riley's name is mentioned that the miner's attention shifts once more, and he's ducking his head a little bit, nodding. "T'was nice meeting you too, R'zel."

Vivian beams at her mother, "Don't worry mom, I'll enjoy myself and I won't break him in the process, it would be a touch hypocritical of me after all my lectures to him about remain useful to Xanadu." She winks at her before turning away to find a glass of wine to start enjoying the festivities with.

Nodding as Niva heads off after Vivian, D'son takes a few moments to compose himself, then dives into a couple of rounds of hand-shaking with happy parents of the recently tapped. Finally the Weyrleader winds up by the drinks again and gets a glass of something that by its size (small) must be fairly strong. Slug. Fy maybe recovering from a hangover, the Weyrleader might almost seem intent on giving himself one.

Zip hugs R'zel one more time then steps back and gives his hand a squeeze, "YOu're gonna be great.. I can't wait to see more of your art..maybe we can collaborate on something sometime.." she says with a smile. "Really my only plan was to get here on time.. check! Give gift.. check! And.. well.. maybe check out the festival.." and her shoulders lift a little. She looks to Riley and then back to R'zel, "It's good to see you, hopefully it won't be so long again til next time." She hears her name too and her head turns, a smile on her face, "Drag me where? What?" she asks, grinning.

M'nol gives Jessamin a soft hug once the crowd starts to break up, "Thanks for coming, Jess. Hyrlon's here somewhere, but the rest of my family couldn't make it."

Jessamin hugs M'nol as she rises from her seat, smiling. "Least I could do. Shards, you're like a little brother to me!" A rather embarrassing rumble resounds in her general area, and she blushes. "Forgot to eat breakfast again… if you could just point me in the direction of the food…?"

"Good job, Weyrleader," F'yr murmurs to D'son when he approaches the table, not quite looking at him. Instead she's reaching over for one of the unopened bottles of wine, giving her surroundings a glance around before she tucks it close to herself. Yes, the /entire/ bottle of it. And then she starts working on unwrapping a napkin to place some extra bubblies.

R'zel returns the hug from Zip, smiling and waving goodbye to her. "Likewise, Zip. Enjoy the festival. Looks like it's shaping up to be a really good one." He then turns to see where Jessamin went off to, and follows her over to M'nol. "Hey. Congratulations, M'nol… crazy to think we're actually wingriders, huh?" He laughs a bit. "Food definitely sounds good… oh, and Jess? Where'd A'di get off to?"

M'nol smiles, "I haven't eaten all day…" he shrugs, "Nerves, I think…" He glances around, then spots food and booze on a far table and points at it, "Care if I…" he glances at Ruz, "We? join you?" He chuckles, "never thought I'd fall in love, either… that one's gone so well for me." he manages a lopsided grin.

"Nothing, Zippy, I was just teasing you, since you were all distracted.." Riley says lightly to Zippy, nodding once more as the Xanadu riders excuse themselves, and the miner is left with Zippy, and his arm is moving to drape over the brownrider's shoulders, glancing around. "What now, Zippy?" He asks with a grin, looking here and there.

Vivian goes for a bit of a wander once she's finished her glass of wine and handed it off to one of the wandering servers. Time to go catch up with the other important part of the celebrations as she walks off down the beach away from the bonfire to find her lifemate to which all of this would not have been possible. Plenty enough time to catch up with her new Wingleader at a later time.

R'zel arches an eyebrow at M'nol, looking just a little amused. "Love? Clearly, I have missed something. You'll have to tell me all about it… who's the lucky girl, huh? And of course, let's all get something together. C'mon." He heads off towards the serving tables, smiling at Jessamin and leaning in to whisper to her again.

D'son takes another slug from his glass and eyes F'yr as she tucks that bottle in under her jacket. "Fy … what're you doing? Aren't we, you know, a little bit too old to be lifting drinks from parties?" he murmurs lowly to the brownrider.

Zip waves to R'zel and Jessamin and M'nol, whoever was close enough and looking, then she smiles up at Riley, "Wanna have a look around? I heard they have some merchants here.. or something.. I don't see anyone I really know that well..so.. it's just us I think.." and she nods. "Hungry?" she asks, glancing to the buffet table.

At Zippy's question, Riley smiles and nods, looking around. "It wouldn't be a party without food and things to buy.." He teases her a little, squeezing her hand. "I can eat, or I can wait.. Its all up to you, Zippy.." He murmurs, leaning to steal a quick kiss, before he's bowing a little with a flourish of his hand, letting her lead.

M'nol chuckles, still wandering off, "I'll tell you later, Ru - R'zel. Promise."

Jessamin ambles on over to the buffet table, gathering a plate full of goodies. With a smile back at R'zel and M'nol, she makes her way a little further down the sand, her faire, as always, close behind her.

R'zel grins at M'nol. "I'm going to hold you to that." He gathers a plate of food for himself, then watches as Jessamin departs. He gives M'nol another grin. "I'll be back in a bit." He says before following along, a curious look in his eye. At least the firelizards make her easy to track.

F'yr blinks up in surprise at D'son. Caught by the Weyrleader? "We're never too old, Dels," she says with a faint smirk, pained a little around the edge as she winces from someone passing by with a shrill voice. "Though I thought most this stuff is free." The napkin is folded over the small bubblies, tucked away as well then into her jacket.

Zip blushes a little at Riley's kiss but has to smile as he bows to her. She sticks her nose up and holds out her hand all proper-like, "Certainly, sir, we'll shop first, I'll fare better if you're in a starved, weakened state and are inclined to agree to anything I ask.." and she giggles once, then ahems and resume her proper, uptight demeanor. Off she goes, Riley in tow.

After mingling with the crowd and catching up with a few other riders, B'ky makes his way to Avideth, and the two head back to the meadow, the bluerider chuckling softly and nodding to his dragon.

"It's not about it being free or not," D'son says quietly, "it's you know, brought out for the party. To use at the party. If you lift a whole bottle, means someone has to go get more," the Weyrleader points out wit a shrug. "Just kind of you know … rude." There's a touch of something awkward in his voice there. "We're — we're not kids anymore." Breath out. "Anyway, you okay? You look a little peaked."

M'nol wanders a bit more, then decides to follow Cen's invitation elsewhere, with Jessa and R'zel off doing whatever they're doing he doesn't have a huge reason to stay.

"Zippy, you know I'd get you anything you wanted.." Riley says with a smile, before he's tugged off, skipping just a little to catch back up with her. "I'm coming, I'm coming.." He says with a chuckle, and with those few people he'd met having excused themselves, there's no reason to linger, and so he's on his way, at Zippy's side.

F'yr's eyes drop down, looking thoroughly scolded. She slips her hand back in her jacket to retrieve the bottle, placing it back down on the table. "Right… don't wanna do that. I'll just go grab another somewhere else 'fore I go," she says. Though it doesn't stop her from reaching for another already opened bottle, pouring a lot of its contents into her mug. Klah and wine? Yum. "Speaking of rude… That secretary of yours went off that a-ways. Something 'bout breaking you, or something, I heard." And she points lazily in the direction the greenrider went, lifting her shoulder back as she returns hand to mug. "Just got a headache is all."

"Yeah, better idea," D'son says with a little nod as the bottle is put back and then he eyes the splash of stuff into klah, looking faintly put off by the mixture. "That so? Well, good thing I'm not very breakable," Dels replies with a little shrug, though his ears pink up a little again. "Drinking more wine isn't going to help your head. Water, tea? That kind of thing," the Weyrleader suggests. "Maybe you should be back in the infirmary?" he asks with concern.

F'yr doesn't make a comment about the Weyrleader's answer, though a gulp from her mixture probably is the reason for her distraction. She pulls a face, puts the mug back down on the table, and then steps away… without the bottle she was focused on taking or her drink. "Why would I go back to the infirmary?" she says, frowning. "I'm just going to go pick up a few things instead." And it's meandering in the direction of the clearing it is, the celebration on the beach just a little too much for the hungover brownrider.

Hyrlon sighs, wandering the crowd. He'd seen Morl duck out… and didn't really blame him, but he didn't really know *anyone* else here, but he felt obliged to stay.

"If there's something wrong with your head —" D'son starts, breaks off and nods. "Have to go mingle some more," he answers F'yr, watches her head off, then turns back to the crowd to join into the festivities again.

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