Lesson and a Visit in One

Xanadu Weyr - Craft Complex
The large area has been separated into a variety of smaller sitting areas, couches and chairs organized into rings and squares, tables set where they can be used easily. A few desks for studying are pushed against one wall, while another has a variety of doors spaced along side it, opening into private quarters for the ranking crafters posted at the weyr. A set of double doors opens to the general apprentice dorms, and a long hallway stretches outwards, providing access to the various workshops.

For once Kera isn't hidden behind a pile of books, and her head isn't buried among scattered papers. The apprentice is sitting on the floor at one of the low tables. Oily fingers rub over a brown firelizard, said lizard crooning happily as his chin slowly tilts up.

N'talya makes her way slowly into the craft complex of Xanadu weyr and smiles as she looks about at the familure room. Giving a small wave to the few crafters she knows, the young green rider weaves though the room until she is behind Kera and smiles, saying, "That is a handsom fellow you have there."

Kera peers around and grins when she sees N'talya. "Hi N'talya. Welcome back to Xanadu." Chuckling a bit, she nods agreeably "I think so. His name's Minimur." The young lizard chitters happily to the new face. "I was lucky and got him a few months ago."

N'talya smiles and says, "Congratulations, they can be very affectionate and if you train them right useful in pinch." she smiles and leans over to give her friend a hug.

Kera returns the hug, being careful to keep her oily hands off her friend's clothes. "Yep, he likes to snuggle." She continues working the oil into Minimur's hide gently. "How're you and your dragonmate? Must be doing well in your lessons to be able to visit."

N'talya giggles and says, "Visiting is actually part of one of my lessons right now. We are practicing betweening." she nods and says, "And I am supose to be practicing my my diplomacy skills by interacting with members of another weyr."

Kera smiles and gives a clumsy salute from her seated on the floor position "Ah, well met Rider N'talya. Welcome to Xanadu." With a litle smirk she gestures towards one of the cusioned seats "That should take care of the diplomatic portion of your mission, yes?"

N'talya laughs at that and nods, "Ista's duties to Xanadu." she smiles brightly and takes a seat, "I think it should." looks about, "Anyways, how have you been? Whats been going on over here at Xanadu?"

Kera chuckles with an agreeable nod. Getting more oil on her fingers, she continues working along Minimur's back. "I've been alright. Still getting in trouble and earning punishments. So nothing's changed there." She rolls her eyes in amusement then shrugs "Soriana's queen clutched her eggs. So everyone's been watching them and gossipping about what's gonna come from each."

N'talya smiles and says, "I will have to go see here and them before I go.." she smiles "What are you getting in trouble for these days?"

Kera winces and peeks up almost guiltily before sighing. "Seems I nearly squished the new Headwoman while looking for something in the weyrstores." She starts to giggle "So I had to makes more crates, I spoofed them up a bit and painted them healer purple." Kera shrugs. "Headwoman Darsce just said to make them. Didn't say I couldn't brighten them up some."

N'talya laughs at that and says, "That could have happened to anyone, it isn't like you tried to squish the headwoman." she smiels, "And paiting things to cheer them up is a good thing right? Or are they punishing you for that too?"

Kera pauses in her oiling of Minimur and blinks at N'talya "I hope not, I've not heard anything one way or the other about them once I turned them into the stores." A little shrug lifts her shoulders and she resumes oiling. "Sit up Mini, let me at your paws." The brown does just that and settles on his haunches, forepaws lifting to be oiled.

N'talya looks impressesed as she watches you work with your little lizards, "you have him very well trained, I know mine like to be oiled but he won't sit still that long or sit up for me like that."

Kera smiles. "He's smart one. I'm trying to teach him the colors for the differant bays in the infirmary. He's having trouble with that. But he's only a little over three months old, so he may still pick that up." Tilting her head back to N'talya "Things have been rather quiet round here. How about you? What excitement is happening at Ista?"

N'talya says, "Well we have had our between lesson, and well that other lesson…." she pinks a bit, "And well, we are waiting to get tapped into wings at any time now…"

Kera nods then tilts a confused face to N'talya. Nodding again she rolls her fingers for N'talya to continue. "Between lesson and then…" She waits expectantly for a few seconds then "..I'm not one of the weyrfolk N'talya. I don't know what all they teach the riders and dragons. So what are ya talking about?"

N'talya blushes brightly and says softly, "That talk about flights…." she reddens furiously and looks down, "Alamith could go all proddy on me any time now…." she bites her lip lightly.

Kera cants her head curiously "Oh, but I thought your dragon could already fly?" The young healer seems to be slow on the uptake, but her logic gets there eventually and her eyes widen "Oh. OHHH. So your dragonmate could rise right now?"

N'talya blushes bright at that one, "I should get some kind of warning, I mean, she should get all flirty maybe..and then want to blood before she does up, but she is about the right age…."

Kera nods after a few seconds and finishes with Minimur's oiling. "So, have you been seeing anyone at Ista? Or did you and your friend work things out?" The small lizard cranes his neck, giving himself a once over before curling up on /his/ pillow. Kera did bring it out here for him afteall.

N'talya shakes her head, "Durring training there really isn't time to get involved with anyone, you dragon wouldn't understand your feeling at the first, after that well you are too busy."

Kera ahs softly and wipes her hands free of excess oil on an old rag as she gives thought to what her friend says. With a gentle nod she glances to her friend and tires as gently as she can to question her friend a little. "Is that something that's worrying you?"

N'talya says softly, "I know she will go up eventually." she says, 'I am worried about who I might end up with after…."

Kera gives her friend an understanding nod. "Well, I got no advice to give offer the subject." She blushes a little bit herself and finds the oil jar very interesting. "Have you talked with another dragonrider about it? They are bound to have some words of wisdom that will help things work out."

N'talya nods and says softly, "I have they aren't really all that comforting." she blushes ands says, "They suggesting I try to have some expeiences before hand…"

Kera nods as she hears the advice her friend was given. "Ah." She grins to her friend "Where ya hopin to see someone specific at Xanadu?" Someone has to have a life outisde of work, might as well be N'talya. Kera leans her elbows on the table, and props her chin in her hands. "Spill! Who's the cutey ya came to see?"

N'talya blushes brightly, "I came to see you..not not…" she is all flusterd and seems to have lost some of her power of speach the blush spreading all the way up her neck and across ther cheeks.

Kera giggles at her speechless friend and nods "I know that silly. But there is nothing saying that ya weren't also hoping to see a cutey while ya were visiting now is there?" The little healer arches a questioning brow before winking in a conspiratory way. "So, who's the cutey? Ya already know who I think is too cute for his own good."

N'talya says softly, "Oh Mur'dah is diffently a cutie. So is Ka'el." she blushes brightly and looks up to you and says, "Then again so are you. I am sure you will snag someone special soon."

Kera smirks a bit "Well, maybe Ka'el's cuter when he isn't cheating at kickball. Besides, he's head over heels for Soriana. And very few guys want to spend too much time around those in healercraft. Even other healers it seems." She pauses as if something tugged at her brain before shrugging it off to ponder later.

N'talya nods and says softly, "Well then I guess there aren't any cute guys here that I know that are free." she blushes and shifts over closer to you and says, "why wouldn't someone want to be with someone in the healer craft?"

Kera rubs her cheek as she ponders. "Well, let's see, M'kal is very much into rider Marel. There are a few apprentices that are cute. But unless ya like old guys…" She gives a little shrug and peers back to N'talya and blinks. Wasn't she sitting over there? "I think most of the guys think I'm creepy or something. Afterall, it's not the most pleasant of jobs is it?"

N'talya leans in closer to you ands ays softly, "You are not creepy Kera, I mean you have an important job." she licks her lips as she leans in closer.

Kera glances to N'talya and blinks in surprise. Seems the little healer misunderstood the conversation. "I, um, hmm." She leans back a little, a confused little smile to her friend "Maybe your dragon is affecting you a bit now N'talya?" She reaches over to try and give her friend's hand a friendly squeeze.

N'talya freezes as Kera says this almost like having a bucket of cold water thrown over her head and blushes brightly and mummbles, "Sorry…."

Kera offers a little smile and shakes her head "It's alright N'talya. We're still friends, just not each other's type." With a cheery nod, she "I heard some riders talking once, they said things will work out however they work out when your dragon rises." She frowns a bit then nods "Yea, that's what I heard word for word. No idea if there is any truth to it though."

N'talya nods ands ays softly, "I should go….I will see you later Kera."

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