(Un)scheduled Improvements

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns
A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.

Breakfast - such a rushed, hectic time with mothers feeding their children, hustling them off to the harpers, wingriders leaving their morning briefings and heading out for drills and sweeps, workers stuffing their faces before heading out to their various assignments - has come and gone. Workers wipe tables and sweep floors while a few folks linger over klah. The Weyrwoman is one of these, simply enjoying the peace and quiet that has descended into the caverns, digesting her breakfast before attempting to attack the challenges of the day, one of which is sure to be patience while dealing with the complaints in her inbox.

It is arguable whether the challenge is the patience or whether the patience is a state of being which is challenged by the contents of Thea's inbox. To answer this would require conducting an assessment of Thea's innate state to establish whether the patience is intrinsic or applied. This task has not, however, been assigned, and - as such - is unlikely to be completed. There are sufficient tasts of higher priority to, if not entirely remove the possibility of out of band work, at least reduce the probability. For instance; Jethaniel is currently emerging from the administration hallway as part of dealing with a complaint that appeared in his own inbox: specifically, a report that scheduled repairs to several of the light fixtures in the cavern did not occur (but were reported to have done so). Fixing them is not his job. Providing oversight that they have been fixed is, and so, once he's arrived, he tilts his head up and stares at the ceiling inquisitively.

Kera makes her way into the cavern, quickly sidestepping out of the way when a couple of young weyrbrats dart around legs and giggling. As they take their little game of tag outside, she reaches up to give her young brown lizard's neck a scratch when he chitters after the young brats. "Oh don't be so grumpy. It's time for breakfast." Grinning as his little scolding turn into happy croons, the lizards stretches his neck towards the tables, pointing the way. Kera chuckles at his behavior and scans the cavern quickly before grabbing a plate. "We're late so hopefully, we can still fill that emtpy pit of yours." The young healer is talking to her firelizard, which she seems to do alot. Soon, she's got her plate filled and a bowl of meat. Wiggling her fingers to a few people, she offers soft greetings of hello before strolling along the tables to pick a seat.

Thea's idly-gazing ends when she sees the Steward. She hadn't seen him when she came in, but then, she broke her usual habit and arrived with the crowd. This is to say, she got to breakfast late. His presence reminds her- and so she calls him, "Jethaniel." She doesn't even have to raise her voice much because of the dynamics a nearly empty stone room provides. And so after that one-word beckoning, she lifts her mug once more and sips leisurely, clinging to the last minutes of serenity this day will likely have. Kera's approach earns a casual nod and the Weyrwoman's toe pushes at the chair leg across from her, sliding the seat out in an invitation to join her. "Morning, Kera," she says by way of greeting. Her tone is friendly, see? Nothing to fear, nothing at all. Right?

Insofar as they are visible from this angle, it appears the illumination is - Jethaniel lowers his gaze from the ceiling at the sound of his name, blinking to clear the glow of the lights from it. Where is he being summoned to? "Ah. A moment," he replies - though perhaps the nod is the the more obvious part - before looking up again. Light is present, but… hmm. Perhaps the issue is not with the electrical components, but merely the state of their surroundings. It may be effective to attempt a cleaning of the fixtures before determining whether they need further technical attention. That concluded, he once more looks down and crosses to the Weyrwoman, inclining his head to her in greeting before taking the seat next to her. "Good morning, Thea." Kera gets a small nod, once the lights clear from his eyes sufficient for Jethaniel to notice her.

Kera smiles with a cheery nod to the Weyrwoman after she nudges out a chair for invitation. "G'morning Weyrwoman." Easing down in the seat, she settling her dishes on the table, she coaxes Minimur from her shoulder and soon the lizard is dining to his hearts content. Offering a headnod to Jethaniel. "G'morning sir." Her gaze drifts between the two ranking Weyrfolk and wonders just how many ways this could earn her another punishment. Determined to go a whole sevenday without getting in trouble, Kera offers smiles before lowering her head and digging into her breakfast. Can't get herself in trouble that way, she hopes.

Thea won't keep Jethaniel long, that is, unless her current request absorbs him to the extent he rearranges his morning schedule. This is, however, likely to take more than just a moment of his time, and thus, she reaches - or starts to reach for the seatback next to her to invite him in like manner - but he's already ahead of her. It's these anticipatory things that mark him so efficient in her mind. She knew she made a great choice of Steward! "Good morning Jethaniel," there's a bright chipper to her mood, but then the day is young. Her eyes flick to the firelizard - eating on the table - but she makes no comment other than to ask conversationally, "Settling into your new routine then, Kera?" Sometimes changes with journeymen leaving, replaced by new are bumpy to say the least. And then, giving the apprentice time to chew and swallow before she answers, the Weyrwoman turns to ask Jethaniel, "How plausible would it be to glass in the upper level, the observation level?"

Producing an itemized list of such possibilities for Kera is very, very low on Jethaniel's priority list. It is, in fact, so low on his priority list, it is extremely unlikely to ever be achieved, even assuming no new tasks appear - an assumption which is entirely and flagrantly incorrect. As such, he simply replies to the apprentice, "Good morning." Admittedly, Jethaniel's unabbreviated phrasing is slightly less efficient than Kera's - but then again, so is sitting down instead of standing. If the meeting were to take long enough that he would be incapable of standing, it would have been scheduled beforehand. However, it is unlikely to be one requiring immediate action, or Thea would not be enjoying her klah. As such, he has adopted a posture more effective for communication without straining either of their necks - specifically, being seated. While this may be considered an anticipation of Thea, her next comment is not anticipated. "Ah. Hmm," he says, and settles back in his chair, gaze drifting upward as he considers. "It… is likely theoretically feasible, but…" He frowns. "It might require significant investment and upkeep." His gaze lowers to Thea again. "What is your underlying motivation?"

Kera enjoys a few bites while keeping an eye on her young lizard, making sure none of the meaty bits are too big. His little paws rest on the edge of his bowl and his tail swishes gently off the edge of the table. Spotting a couple of apprentices go by, she wiggles her fingers their way before peering back to Thea and Jethaniel. Nodding with an easy grin to the Weyrwoman "Yes ma'am. Things are settling into a routine again. Journeyman Cyrus totally destroys the filing system, then I spend my free hours reorganizing it again." She chuckles a bit and manages another bites and washes it down. She starts to continue but Thea's question to the Steward snaps her mouth shut once more. Now, that's a very interesting idea.

Thea snorts. All machines require upkeep, unfortunately. Animals, when they fail, are replaced but when machines fail, they manage to do it spectacularly. To spite her, she's certain. "To shield the heat of the sands from the 'level," she answers promptly, frowning slightly. "It's stupid we haven't done something about it before." Stupid because the Weyrwoman has broiled her brains out while keeping watch on a broody, fretful queen for weeks and not thought of it until lately because… She frowns and redirects her thoughts to the present conversation. "The glasscrafters can make the panes here and save us a little on manufacture and shipping. We have the technology to vent fresh air in too." A little pause, then, "Right?" Because he'd be the one familiar with the electrical schematics of the hatching arena. Her brows knit after Kera speaks and it takes her a few beats wherein she tries to make sense of this, er… training exercise? Unsure, she asks with a light chuckle, "Does he not have enough healer-type work to keep him busy?"

Jethaniel glances to Kera. "It is generally not advisable to create chaos as part of the process of performing intended tasks." There's a slight twitch of one corner of his mouth, but it doesn't last, for he turns his attention back to Thea, his expression considering. "It is possible. However…" He pauses a moment, thinking it through, and her claim of stupidity receives a firm shake of his head. "There are reasons against." Jethaniel lifts a hand, gaze settling on the Weyrwoman. "I am not saying it cannot be done. I believe it is possible, and can conduct a feasibility analysis. However, there exist significant challenges. The glass required can be produced here, yes. For effective heat retention, it may need to be thick enough to distort vision. It will muffle sound significantly; a speaker system could be arranged, but that presents a point of technical failure. The cost will increase proportionate to the size of the glass panels; the smaller they are, the more joints will be required, thus further obscuring the view. It will need to be cleaned regularly. The ventilation system is… in some regards, the least of our concerns; it might even produce some mild efficiencies to the heating process. The larger issue are the properties of the glass itself; it may be a less permeable barrier than is actually desired."

Kera's eyes widen slightly at the new changes Thea wants to do. Gaze darts between one face and the other briefly as she chomps into a crisp strip of bacon. "Oh, those changes would go a long way towards keeping the weyrwomen tending to their brooding dragons hydrated." Not to mention the watchers that go to gawk at all the eggs. Blinking to Jethaniel, she ponders his statement, eyes flicking to the Weyrwoman breifly and giving her head a small shake. "Oh, well, in between infirmary duties, when the infirmary isn't very busy, Journeyman Cyrus is trying to read through all the current patient files. And set up appointments to meet everyone in the Weyr. Which is a great idea, but he's not one for putting the files back where they belong." Tis what his apprentice's are for probably. "I've been delivering his appointment requests, but I think alot of the Weyrfolk are ignoring them." Kera's shoulders lift in a shrug "I warned him that he probably shouldn't have put that he was a Mind Healer on the appointment notes."

"Oh? Reasons against?" Thea listens carefully throughout and at the mention of a speaker system interjects a droll question, "Do we really need to hear the hatching chaos?" She isn't a glasscrafter, but her High Reaches home hold did things to keep out the biting cold. her half-lifted mug pauses for her to ask, "How about double panes instead of the thicker ones? That would be less distorting, right?" And then her eyes drift back to Kera, blink and she chuckles. She'll keep to herself rather the idea of meeting with everyone in the Weyr is a good idea. "Can't say I blame them for skipping out on him," she says, then lifts her mug and sips. Mmm klah, peaceful morning!

"A smaller enclosure would mitigate some of the difficulties," Jethaniel notes after a glance to Kera. "Though it would make others more pronounced." His eyes return to Thea. "If the desiderata is to provide for an individual weyrwoman, then that is, however, a somewhat different class of problem." And, as such, he wishes for Thea to establish which problem she wants him to solve. He smiles at her comment about the sound. "I am not qualified to speculate. You may wish to consider the opinions of the candidate's parents." Jethaniel shrugs slightly, then nods. "Perhaps. I can speak with the glasscrafters about the possibilities." He hmmm, thoughtful, though he gives Kera another glance. "I have not received one," he says absently, then returns his attention to his thoughts.

Kera glances from her plate to Thea a moment, wondering just /how/ she's supposed to take that statement. Herding small bits of scrambled eggs around her plate. "If people don't start going to their appointments, he may request a new posting." Scooping a few eggy bits onto her fork, her attention drifts between the two across the table. "He's not given me a slip for you yet sir." This to Jethaniel of coarse "Or for you yet either ma'am." She smiles a bit "So, then you'll both be going to your appointments when he sets them then?" Nibbling on her bottom lip a moment, "Maybe everyone else will start keeping their appointments if they see those that outrank them going."

With the mug still to her lips, Thea's eyes shift back to Jethaniel. Desi-what now? She lowers the mug fractionally to clarify, "No, no, just the 'level. That would provide her some respite while still allowing her to keep watch. And provide relief for the spectators too." She hmms about the parents. He's got a point. Still doubtful whether in the excitement and babble of racket they can make out anything specific, she grimaces but grudgingly allows, "We can research the sound system as well then." Her mug is lifted for a long sip, her eyes move to Kera at that statement. The nosy mindhealer would leave? Oh noes! Pern's tiniest violin plays. She smirks around the rim, takes another sip. Kera's next comment sends her sputtering. There goes her peaceful morning, thanks Kera. She can't answer for the coughing, sets her mug down with a sharp thump and seeks her napkin, blots her lips. "Me? Shards no!"

Jethaniel nods to Thea. "I will speak with the glasscrafters and conduct a study. Progress may be slow, however; I do not intend to disturb the queen currently on the sands." Does he get an award for stating the obvious? "The irregularity of the hatching schedule may present additional challenges in construction, as there is… limited notice before the times when it must be placed on pause." His lips quirk. "I will attempt to avoid problems in my plan." Which will take some thought, though he nods to Kera as his lack of appointment is confirmed. Now then, a modular design might - be something to investigate later, but at the moment, his attention is drawn to a sputtering Thea. "Hmm?" He blinks, eyes going between her and Kera as he attempts to context-swap. "Ah. I expect it will depend on timing. There are a great many demands on one's time…"

Kera blinks up to Thea when she starts choking on her klah. Concern that the woman needs assistance fades quickly however. Taking a sip of her juice, the young apprentice simply nods to her plate "Now his actions and comments make sense." No telling who exactly she's talking about right now though. Spearing a few more bits of scrambled eggs. "Well, don't be surprised when the Journeyman shows up at your weyr one evening after duties are done. He's started doing that recently." She offers a little smile across the table to both Weyrwoman and Steward. "He simply just wishes to meet peoploe, and put faces to the files he's been reading. His method seems to be the thicker your file, the closer to the top of his 'to meet' list you go." Thus explaining why some people have already had a couple of appointments, and some haven't received their notes yet.

"Disturb the queen? Faranth forbid! Please don't," gasps Thea to Jethaniel when she gets control of her coughing. Her eyes are watery; it's the klah not her gratitude, but oh, it's there. Reward? He's Steward. That's his reward. But oh, yes. "No rush. You can start it after your leave." Yes, leave. Away. For four days. He hasn't had one yet and she's noticed. A smirk, "Check your calendar." It's been tampered with. She rises, flicking an incredulous look at Kera, "Out of six hundred people?" How's he ever going to remember each and every one of those?! She just snorts at the idea of Cyrus showing up in her office. "Time to work," she says without further argument. And off she goes to the administration wing.

"Indeed not," Jethaniel agrees about disturbing the queen. He's not stupid. He's also Steward. There is, perhaps, a relation between these two, one mediated by Thea's perceptions. The mention of his leave receives a lifted brow for Thea. "I… will do so." At this rate, there won't be any room for mindhealer appointments on either his or Thea's calendar. Or else they'll just mysteriously get scheduled on restdays and… skipped. Oops? It has been 0 days since our last calendar adjustment. At Kera's comment about Cyrus showing up at weyrs, Jethaniel… coughs. "I do not think that is advisable." That is, however, all he intends to say on the subject. He has a more interesting one to consider - after all, he can probably get at least an outline of the assessment done before this… leave… of his. "If you'll excuse me?" he says to Kera, and rises to follow Thea down the administration wing to his own office.

Kera nods to Thea "Yes ma'am. It will take him some time, but he'll get to everyone eventually." A little grin is given her as the Weyrwoman heads to her office. Minimur noses around the last bit of meat in his bowl and belches loudly. "Ugg. Mini, that's rude." Pulling the bowl away, she urges him back to her shoulder and grins to Jethaniel "Well, he says if the paitent's won't go to the healer, the healer /must/ go to their patient." The young healer nods as if that's the most improtant advice she's heard in a long time. "Oh, have a good day sir." wiggling her fingers to the departing Steward, she gathers up her dishes and rises to start her own day. "Come on Minimur. I'm sure there are files to be organized that have our names all over them."

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