Datsun Arrives at Western

This is backscened from before Datsun ever arrived at Xanadu. This is when Datsun was visiting Western.

Western Weyr - West Bowl

The western end of the great bowl of the Weyr. You can see the steep walls of the crater to the south and south, with small openings and ledges in the cliffside. These are the individual weyrs of dragons and their riders. To the west you can see the great natural arch, and the lagoon, to the east, the center of the bowl. To the south you see a large natural cave opening that has been made into a tunnel. It is the main entrance to the Weyr from the road to Half Moon Bay Hold.

Emerging into the sunlight from the tunnel is Datsun, a pack on his pack, blinking as the light blinds him momentarily. Lifting an hand to block the sun, the Journeyman peers around the Weyr, his hazel eyes following the tall cliffs and individual Weyrs in the cliffs up to the Weyr Rim, canting his head almost all the way back in order to see it. The traveler slows his walk, turning around slightly in the spot to follow the Weyr Rim's circumference.

Walking along the circumference of the bowl, the very edges where it shifts from floor to wall, is a lanky, strawberry blonde teenager. Ziria whistles some nameless, and also toneless, tune to herself as she skims the steep bowl walls with one hand. Her lazy almost aimless path takes her in the direction of the tunnel leading inside and, by proxy, the person standing outside of it.

Datsun is still peering up at the Weyr cliffs until finally his head comes down, looking back through the tunnel at Half Moon Bay Hold. However, the traveler's clothes aren't too clean and his scent isn't too kind to the nostrils either. There's a strong, pungent scent that usually belongs to sailors on him. Turning abruptly, he almost runs into Ziria, blinking at the unexpected person in his path, caught off-guard to say anything at the moment.

Ziria's head is down, focused on the weyr floor and keeping from running into the occasional rock. The hand against the weyrbowl wall is apparently a guide since she's not paying attention to where she is going at all. Like running over innocent travellers or, in turn, being ran over by them. As he blinks, she blinks in return. But unlike him, she's got a comeback. "A girl might think you don't like her if you try to run her down the first meeting." Never mind the fact that she was an active part of almost running him down as well…

Datsun raises an eyebrow, "And a boy who's been on a ship for far too long might think you're the answer to his dreams. Are you?" His head tilts, locking his eyes onto hers, actually stepping closer to her to examine her skin. He's curious as to what someone who lives on this island might look like, and this is the first opportunity he has to see one up close in detail.

"Depends on the dream. If it involves feeding you some kind of fruit and hardly any clothes, then probably not." Ziria takes a step out of Datsun's personal space but then he's stepping right back into it. The close examination earns him a puzzled look from the already confused female. "I don't know what you're looking for but I'm pretty sure, last I checked, I was me. Red hair, blue eyes and the like all accounted for. Who are you?"

Datsun reaches down with both hands to take one of Ziria's arms, one at her elbow and the other hand gently holding her wrist. Her forearm is examined and the traveler sounds a bit disappointed. "I thought that islanders like you would have brown skin from all the sun out here." However, he doesn't let go of her quite yet, her words bringing a smile to his face, "I am Datsun. Woodcrafthall's Duties to Western Weyr." Only then does he let her arm go, stepping out of her personal space this time, "My dreams don't involve yo feeding me, but it does involve finding a place to wash my clothes and bathe myself. I /need/…" He stresses the importance of this, "to get the salt off my skin. Out of my hair. The fish smell off my hands…" He brings up his own hands, looking at them. "A month and half. I've been at sea. I want to find some hot, steamy water and let it cleanse me. /That/ is my dream. Will you help me?"

Ziria freezes as her arm is taken but only momentarily. She lets him examine it in silence but her face freezes in the smile of 'the crazy person is touching me' like. Maybe if she just holds still this will be over quick enough. "If it helps any, I'm a recent addition to the weyr. And most of my family hails from the high north. All fair skinned, blonde or red heads I've been told." When he smiles, her smile changes to a slightly friendlier one than the panicked one from before. "Ziria, Healercrafthall's duties to Woodcraft. Nice to meet you." And her arm is free! She is free! She can escape! But she doesn't run off just yet. She listens to his plea with her puzzled look fading. "Oh! Well why didn't you say so sooner? I know where the baths are. I don't know about the laundry though. You could just set you clothes out and hope someone burns them. I might be able to get you fresh clothes though."

"Of course the first person I'd meet on an island would be a Northerner like me." A laugh from Datsun, "The red hair should've given me a clue." is said merrily enough, "As for me, I hail from Far Cry Hold. Close to Lemos." Looking around the Weyr, "This is great. I finally get to see what an island looks like. I've always wondered from the stories my family have told me. Almost all of them are travelers, like me, and now it's my turn." is his explanation for him being here, "Great! I'd really appreciate it if you could show me where those places are, as well as fresh clothes. I'd be willing to pay for the clothes."

Ziria puffs up her chest as she taks offense at his statement. "Well, if you have such a strong preference, feel free to stand around here and wait for someone else. I'll just take my red hair and…" But his laugh disarms her as easily as she was angered to begin with. She's caught up in his enjoyment of the weyr, smiling now. "I find most islands look the same. Land surrounded by water. But you're welcome to your enjoyment of the place anyway." She gestures towards a tunnel in the distance. "Through there to begin with. And don't worry about payment. I've got the cot of the last healer apprentice and he left a few changes of clothes. No promises that they fit mind you, but they are clothes."

Datsun smiles at Ziria, "Yes, but it's /so/ different from the forests and mountains I'm used to. I never imagined the ocean would be so /vast/." A shake of his head, seeming unable to believe that he's really here, standing on an island in the middle of nowhere, far from his own home. "I love your red hair. How can I not when I have it too?" He laughs again, "We're a special breed, you know." A wink, nodding at Ziria's words, "Thank you. Oh, no problem if they don't." A shrug, causing the pack on his back to move up and down, "As long as they're clean. Won't you come with me? Be my guide here."

"Ah. First trip away from home?" Ziria's smiles brightens considerably, happily caught up in his affection for the place. One she apparently doesn't share as she studies him instead of their surroundings. "So I noticed. I was wondering if you dyed it that shade or if it was natural." The winks earn him a blush and even a giggle. "Everyone wants to be a red head." Finally, the hand that has been touching the weyr wall withough thought the entire conversation drops to her side. "I'll come along. I've got the rest of the day off anyway. Besides, you'll need me to get those clothes for you."

A nod answers Ziria's first question, "First trip /this/ far from home. I've only gone to Lemos then the Woodcrafthall and a few small Holds around there. Never anything like /this/. I started from the Woodcrafthall on my sixteenth Turnday when I got my Journeyman knot. I've traveled to Telgar, Crom, Nabol, Ruatha, Fort Weyr, and then Southern Boll where I got on my ship. Ended up here." His eyebrow raises at her questioning his red hair, "Oh, come on, now. Do you really think /I/'d be the type to dye my hair?" A shake of his head, "No, I'm all natural. All the sun on the sea's been bringing the color out a lot, I think." He seems glad when she agrees to be his guide, "Great! Yeah, I will." A grin, waving his hand for her to precede him, "Ladies first, as my father always taught me."

Ziria listens, suitable impressed by the time he's done. "I've heard of going on long trips before but it sounds like you lost something and went looking for it. When do you intend to settle down? And where?" She pulls a strand of her own hair around to her face where she can see it. "I honestly wouldn't know if you are the type or not, having just met you but I'll take your word for it one way or the other. At least it looks natural." She releases her own reddish blonde lock and chuckles. "Seems like a lot of trouble just to get your hair a brighter color if you ask me." With his wave, she steps into the bowl proper and hurriedly leads the way to the tunnel. "Your father was a proper gentleman, it sounds like."

Datsun shakes his head, "Naw, it's in the family's blood, just like the Woodcraft is. Although I did lose a few things from theives along the way but fortunately I was able to keep most of what I had." Still looking about the Weyr, Datsun follows Ziria's lead, heading into the bowl proper as well. "I have no idea where and when. I want to see the entire world." He throws out both of his arms, almost hitting Ziria in the process, "All of it. From every Hold to every Craft to every Weyr. It's one of my dreams." A smile is flashed at her, "It's worth the trouble. Ah, my father taught me to be a gentleman. He told me gentlemen will get far in this world, especially one who travels. After all, nobody likes an ill-mannered traveler, do they? Be more likely to deny him room and board."

"Sounds like your family keeps the craft busy keeping track of them." Ziria's path is more straight forward than it was previously. Ignoring landing dragons, walking weyr residents and running weyrbrats equally, she makes a simple straight line for the other side of the bowl. "You are going to be travelling for a while then. Do you plan to get a rider to drop you off at your next destination?" She leans away from the near hit, eyes crossing to focus on the hand so close to her face. "I like my face. Without bruising." She's keen to point that out in the middle of his sentence. Not that it's important to her or anything. "Can't say that I've ever heard of a ill-mannered traveller getting anything but the boot so he was right." And she's leading him right for the opposite end of the bowl.

Datsun nods, grinning at that, "They do, yep. I'm traveling to learn about the different local woods, officially. That's always been our excuse. Though sometimes we'll drop by small Holds to give people a hand with whatever they need repaired or made with wood." A moment's thought as he considers landing dragons and dragons taking off, watching them as they walk. "As much as I like them, no, I don't think so. If I use a dragon, I'll miss out on the journey. Nay, when I leave here, I'll be going south on another ship." Blinking as he realizes he almost hit her, "Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to. I like your face without bruises too." He agrees easily, eyes grazing over her face.

Ziria humms softly in thought to herself. "So that being the case and all, whenever did your parents have time to have children? Seems they were kinda busy traveling and all." A landing pair of dragons takes notice of the walking pair of humans but probably only because Ziria's straight path is directly in their landing path. The dragons peel off in opposite directions, their riders words not said loud enough to be heard over the beating wings. She double times it away from them, gesturing to Datsun behind her in the universal hurry up fashion. Once out of earshot of the two and their riders, she smiles to him. "To each their own I suppose. I would never ride a ship that far. I get seasick." She waves off his apology with one hand. "It's okay. No harm, no foul."

"They had an entire lifetime to travel and see. Plenty of time to have kids." A wink from Datsun, "As I'm walking proof." Blinking at the sudden increase of the pace and the yelling dragons, Datsun dutifully follows Ziria, speeding up. "Oh, I got seasick too. Badly. The worst time was when the skipper threw a bucket of slop at me and told me to work for my food." His nose wrinkles at the memory.

"I'm assuming they did at least some of that travelling together, since you're the proof and all." Ziria finally reaches the opposite side of the bowl. No baths in sight but she's led him right to an area where the air whiffs of sulfur and steam. Her nose wrinkles at his comment. "Ewww. No thanks." She pauses near the weyrbowl wall once again. "I'd take you to the baths proper but I'm pretty sure the headwoman would have my hide for walking you through the lower caverns smelling like you do. No offense but I don't want my hide tanned in the first sevenday of having lived here." She gestures to a gap in the bowl where the steam is the thickest. "But there's a nice hot springs right through there. If you want to head on in, I'll grab the clothes for you."

"They did." agrees Datsun, sniffing the sulfur and steam, "Hot springs! Oh, I can't wait." He looks absolutely thrilled at the prospect, smiling widely. "Oh, trust me, after that particular incident, I had to get over being seasick quickly. That and develop quicker reflexes to catch the buckets and other things he threw at me." A shrug at Ziria, "Completely understandable." is his answer about the Headwoman, "Feel free to burn my clothes, but leave my boots alone, please. They're very special to me. My own design and it took me a long time to save up my marks to have them made." The Woodcrafter steps into where the steam is thickest, leaning down and unbuckles all three buckles on each boot, stepping out of them. As soon as he's obscured by the steam, Datsun's clothes comes flying out, landing in a crumpled heap in the gap of the Bowl. A faint outline of Datsun's body can be seen before a splash is heard and he's in the water, issuing a long and deep moan.

Western Weyr - Hot Springs Cavern

Created by the fires of the volcano a pocket of ancient air has created this huge open cavern in the black stone. Most of the floor is covered by bubbling mineral water that gleams azure in the dim light of glows. Swirls of green, blue, red, yellow, black and white are awash on the walls and floor, earmarks of earlier times when the hot water boiled out of its bed and rose to fill the dark cavern.
A few signs of humanity can be found. A trunk with soft fluffy towels, soap and a boardwalk erected through the middle of the four pools so that people can find their way to the hot water without burning their feet along the way. It is rumoured that an hour in the hot water can melt away even the worse of troubles, leaving a person relaxed and ready to face a new day with vigor.

It's sometime later. His old clothes have probably been given a proper burial atop a burning mound, or at least passed off to weyrbrats to do so. The Healer's light footsteps echo into the hot springs softly. In Ziria's arms are a load of clothes, looking to be at least two sets and maybe more, a set of left behind boots and a cloth wrapped unidentified square object. As promised, she's returned. "Datsun? Where are you?" The quizical question echoes out in front of her as easily as her footsteps and she stops right at the entrance to listen to the echoes.

Out of the swirling steam, Datsun quickly swims to the edge of the springs, pressing himself against it so that only his head and face is visible to Ziria. It's clear that he's spent some time scrubbing himself clean, as his skin has a pinkish glow to it and his hair slicked back. "I'm here. I'm glad you kept your word and came back. Come in if you'd like. I'm enjoying the water right now. I'll keep myself decent."

Ziria gently finds an unused ledge and tucks all of the things into the nook beyond. Except for the cloth covered box. It gets tucked right at the edge of the springs not far from him. "I'm glad to see I'm not going to have to go hunting all over the weyr for a missing naked visitor. It'd be hard to explain." Even without the invitation she's toeing off her boots and peeling off her shirt. She's got the top off of a swimsuit under neath and similarly the bottom half of the swimsuit is revealed as she kicks off her pants. "Just try not to blind me is all I ask." She simply steps off the edge of the spring into the water, dipping beneath the water before rising up and settling with her arms over the edge. "Ahhhh. This feels good."

Datsun blinks at her own participation in the hot springs, raising an eyebrow. "Weyrfolk really are different from Holders." is his comment, though he doesn't move from where he is. That cloth covered box gets eyed. "What's that?" His head tilts towards it to indicate it. "As for a naked visitor, well, the Holder part of me is still too strong for that." Sidling closer to Ziria, keeping his body against the edge, Datsun smiles, "I can't promise anything. Tell me about yourself. How did you end up here? Where are you originally from?" Then a finger is presented to her, "And can you Heal this splinter for me?"

Ziria arches a brow at him. "Oh right. You're a Holder. Sorry, I forget sometimes. Should I blush bashfully now or flutter my eyelashes at you? Or something?" Her teasing stops as he takes notice of her box. "A snack. I swung through the living caverns. It's not much but the hot springs are not a good place to be hungry or dehydrated." Healer is as healer does and this one doesn't pass out in the hot springs. "Good to hear. The weyrbrats tend to be viciously honest about that kind of thing." She flits away from the edge and towards the center of the pool, letting the water soothe her. "Since when did this turn into story time? But if you really want to know, I'm from either Xanadu or Telgar. Been raised in a bit of both. My mother is a greenrider currently at Xanadu." She offers by way of explanation before shrugging. "I'm a Healer. The Healer hall said go and I asked how fast. It helps that they promised me a slot on the local surgery team. Those are hard to come by." She eyes the splinter and offered finger while swimming closer. "I could pull it out. And you could dip it in the hot spring. I'm pretty sure that counts as healing."

Ziria's words gets a stony look from Datsun, "There isn't anything wrong with being a Holder." is his response, looking away from her and out at the gap into the East Bowl. A brief glance is sent to the box, "I see. Good to know that…" A pause, "I'm sure they are." A quick glance over his shoulder at Ziria, "I told you about me, why wouldn't I expect the same from you?" is his simply response to her question, falling silent as he listens to her story. An eyebrow raises at her Healing suggestion, "What, I don't qualify for a cot in the infirmary? Very well." The finger is then thrusted at her.

"Not in the least." Ziria agrees. "I didn't mean anything by it." She floats lazily in the center of the pool for a few moments. "Help yourself if you want any." She dodges under the surface and reappears again, face flushed. As he's glancing at her, she's staring at the sky, blue eyes somewhere far away from the hot springs and paying him only half a mind. But his words bring her around. "I don't know. I'm used to everyone telling me about themselves but not many ask in return. I think it's something to do with being a healer." Swimming that much closer, she scoots up to the edge. "Sorry, I'm warm. If you want to go to the infirmary for a splitter, be my guest." Careful dainty fingers reach for the edge of the splitter in his finger even as she speaks. "This might.." She tugs it forcefully! "Hurt."

The offer of the snack gets him looking at the box, "In a bit." responds Datsun, turning his attention back to Ziria, watching her a bit closer than before. "I've found in my travels that people appreciate having someone to talk to, even if it's for a short time. Being good company means having good conversation." is his explanation. "You must have a talent if you were offered that spot on the surgery team." Eyeing her as she gets closer to him, watching those dainty fingers… "HEY!" is yelped out at the force of her tug, immediately attacking her with both hands going to her shoulders and jumping up enough to push her under the water, effectively dunking her for her insensitivity to his injury.

Ziria nods a little, before adding on "It probably doesn't help me any that I tend to meet people at their worse. They want someone to listen, just in case it's the last time. They aren't always ready to listen in return." She waves off his statement about her talents. "I'm just another healer like any other. If I get on the team, then I'll have a talent to be proud of." And then, tug and SPLASH! Unexpectedly dunked healer is unexpectedly dunked. Both of her hands attempt to grab the hands pushing her down. She bobs back up with a cough. "HEY!" is yelped in return once she's got air back in her lungs to say it. "Drowning is not the approperiate thanks for pulling out your splinter!" Well, that's if she got it out on the first try, what with attempted healer killing and all…

Datsun says, "Yeah, that makes complete sense." about the last time her patients will have anyone to listen, his expression serious as she comes back up from being dunked. "Well, what did you expect? Should I blush bashfully and thank yu or flutter my eyelashes at you while thanking you? Or something?" Yes, those are Ziria's own teasing words thrown back at her before Datsun breaks out laughing, unable to contain it any longer, jumping up again before she has a chance to take his hands off her shoulders, dunking her again. Then again. "Don't forget to breathe!" And a third time! The splinter has been long forgotten by now.

Air and water. Two different things, decidedly not interchangable. For one thing, one is not supposed to go into your lungs in place of the other. But it does for Ziria because she had been taking a deep breath to continue chewing the man out when she's dunked next. She comes up sputtering, only to be dunked again a moment later. This time she gets a breath and also comes up with a new solution. Cling! She goes from trying to claw the hands off her shoulders to grabbing for Datsun's waist. Two can play at this game!

Datsun is laughing maniacally by now as he keeps repeating the dunk, knowing full well the wrath the Healer will dish out to him if he lets go of her. However, at the sudden grab of his waist, Datsun is caught at last. Yelling, Datsun dives underwater, trying to kick away into a swim, but Ziria is just too clingy. In the end, he's unable to get her off, blowing bubbles underwater.

Dunk, dunk, dunk, grab. Well, it's an improvement. At least Ziria is not actively being dunked under the water any longer. And, much to her underwater delight, he can't kick his way away from her either. Her hands might be dainty but she's locked on and not going anywhere if she doesn't want too. She starts pulling downwards, going to drag him deeper into the hot springs with powerful kicks. But she's forced to let go suddenly, heading for the surface both to breathe and to impress upon him the error of his ways once he surfaces.

Datsun is indeed pulled underwater by Ziria, his hair floating around him as he looks up at the surface then down at Ziria pulling him. This time he offers no resistance, simply waiting her out as he runs out of air from blowing the bubbles. As soon as she releases him, Datsun kicks upwards hard, bringing him to the surface first before Ziria, inhaling a deep breath. As soon as she's surface, the Journeyman reaches out and grabs both sides of her face and plants a kiss on her lips, grinning before he quickly releases her and kicks away, swimming out into the center.

Ziria surfaces just moments after him. And just as quickly gets kissed without having a chance to do anything about it since she's still lacking air at this point. And he's gone with her in hot pursuit not second after, swimming right after him, grabbing a breath when she can. "Get back here and take your drowning like a man!" Now good and properly enraged, she reaches for one of the fleeing teenager's ankles, murderous wrath clear in her sky blue eyes.

Datsun gets away a short distance before his ankle is caught by Ziria, causing him to abruptly stop and be pulled back by her. Hearing her words, Datsun simply stops and turns to face her, accepting whatever it is she's going to do to him. Which is, presumpably, drowning him. However, he can't suppress the grin that's threatening to burst out and it does, grinning at her.

Ziria pulls his ankle until he's back to her, laughing not unlike he was doing earlier. As he turns around, she's reaching for his shoulders. Except, she's only 5'6", he's closer to 5'11" and although the water acts as a great equalizer, it can't give her the leverage she needs to dunk him. Not that she doesn't try, pulling at his shoulders in a humph. "Cooperate and drown already!" Really his grin is infectious and she's grinning back while trying to dunk him still.

Sighing as the girl literally hangs from his shoulders, Datsun peers down at Ziria. "I thought you were trying to drown me? I'm being a man and taking it." At her prolonged antics, Datsun begins to laugh, "Okay, okay, I'll cooperate." And he does, kneeling down on both knees, bringing his height to a lower level than hers, inhaling a deep breath as he prepares himself to be drowned.

Ziria rolls her eyes. "Not my fault you are too tall to drown properly. Next time, I'll cut off your knees first." Ziri's mood drops a little but she perks back up when he kneels and finally, she dunks him with a noisely splash. She lets go as soon as he's under and heads for the edge again. "That could have gone better." It's not clear who she's talking to, if anyone at all, but she's chuckling happily none-the-less.

Datsun is dutifully dunked, coming up expecting another. However, when she lets go of him, he blinks, not having expected that. Dunking himself again and tilting his head back so that his hair is slicked back out of his eyes, Datsun begins to move back towards the edge, following in her wake. Once there, he stands up again, folding his arms on the lip of the edge, settling his chin on top of them. Nothing is said as he eyes Ziria out of the corner of his eyes.

Ziria reaches for and snags her cloth wrapped box with one hand once she's reached the edge. It's dragged to her and the cloth quickly untied. "I've got juice and two sandwiches. Do you want one?" The sandwich is a choice, the juice is already in the process of being poured into a small stone cup and pushed across the smooth stone towards him. As he's watching her, she's keeping one eye on him. "Turns out drowning you was not nearly as fun as I wanted it to be. I'll settle for making sure you don't pass out in here."

"Because I was a man and took it, like you said for me to?" queries Datsun. The sandwich is indeed taken and a bite performed in confirmation to her question. The juice cup is picked up as well, a small sip since it's a small cup and he wants to conserve it. "You're quite a responsible girl. But then again, I assume you've had to be, being a Healer." Now his eyes turn fully on her, "Tell me, Ziria. What is there for a young guy like me to do here at Western? You're my guide. I plan on being here for the next several sevendays before I continue on my journey."

"Probably. It's no fun if you don't fight back." Ziria observes her own sandwich with a critical eye. Perhaps it has offended her in some small way? Or maybe she's concerned about it running off? Either way it's a long few moments before she picks it up and takes a tiny bite off the corner. "It changes your perspective when you realize you are responsible for someone's life." Even if that someone previously deserved to be drowned for his efforts to dunk her. She turns over and leans her head up against the edge of the spring. "If it was up to me, you'd probably spend your entire time napping in the sun or taking long hot baths. But I assume you might actually want to get out and do things. Hitch a ride with the riders at least once. Go /between/. Take in the bowl by dawn's first light." She ticks off each thing on the fingers of one hand. "Meet one of those islanders you so badly want to see."

Datsun chuckles softly at her answer, "Of course not. I wasn't about to scream like a girl." A smile is given to Ziria as he continues to eat the sandwich. "Aye, I imagine it does. I know it's not the same as what you do, but I've had a similar feeling when I've helped a small and distant Hold repair something or make something entirely new for them. What I made for them allows them to continue living, especially the elderly. When I meet someone elderly, I don't charge them for anything…" His head tilts so he can get a better viewing angle of her, "You'll have to make a list for me. I assume you intend on doing those things with me, or will I be going it alone?"

Ziria giggles softly. "Now that would have been fun. For me. Not you." She tucks into her own sandwich with a little more gusto. She listens keenly, one eye on him as he talks. "I'm glad you don't charge them." She doesn't expand on the statement but smiles at him before reaching behind her head for her own juice cup. "I'll see what I can do about that list. There's a lot of things on it. I don't know that you'll have time to do them all before you leave. You could do some of them at the next weyr you visit though." Her juice cup stills, half way to her lips. "If you want me to, I'm sure I could come along for a few things. I've got shifts at the infirmary so I won't be able to do everything on the list."

Datsun polishes off his own sandwich easily, brushing the crumbs off his hands before his own little cup of juice is downed in one gulp, smacking his lips. "Delicious." Setting the cup back down, Datsun now turns his entire body to face Ziria to talk more easily with her, "Well, I love business opportunites. There's something about the negotating process that excites me, plus the prospect of marks. But charging the elderly…" A shrug, "Just doesn't feel right. Y'know? I guess it's the Holder in me." His right arm comes up and folds itself on the lip, pressing the side of his body against the edge, "'Course I do. You /are/ my guide, after all. And my only friend here so far. " A nod, "That's fine."

Ziria finishes only half her sandwich before depositing it back into her box. "I aim to please." She rolls over int he water again, sighing happily. She balances on arm on the rim and with the other refills her juice cup and his, without asking. "Holder, weyrbrat, I don't think it matters. It still feels wrong to take the marks of someone who has survived this world for so long." Her fair skin has been flushed from the heat for a while but now it's reddish hue is turning a more earnest pinked shade. "You'll meet plenty of friends here beyond me." She lifts herself out of the water to sit on the rim. "I'm cooked. I don't know how you can stay in there so long."

"I'll keep that in mind. However, since you are my guide, I always trade or pay for services rendered. So if there's anything you'd like, be it a carving or a practical item or something else that I can make for you, let me know." Watching the sandwich, Datsun queries, "Not hungry? Aye, I will, but I'm sure you'd be easier on the eyes than they." Then as she gets out of the hot springs, Datsun's own skin is flush with the heat as well, but he smiles at her words. "I suppose when you've been at sea as long as I have, you'd want to stay in hot water as much as you can. But you are correct. I need a towel." His hands are held out flat on the dry floor.

"I don't want for anything but I'll take your companionship in exchange." Ziria shakes her head at her sandwich. "I can never finish one. No matter how many the cooks spend me off with. I take a few bites and I'm done." Her slender figure attests to her words better than any hand gesture ever could. Her skin catches another flush but this one has nothing to do with the hot springs below. She stands up with a long stretch, working her muscles back to life. "Stay in there too long and you'll turn into fermented redfruit." The towels are located and she grabs one. It's dropped into his hands without further comment.

"You have it. Until you get disgusted and sick of me, that is." is Datsun's answer, eyes returning to the box with the half-finished sandwich. "Have you thought of a Healer looking at you? Maybe there's something wrong." is suggested about her lack of appetite. Once the towel is dropped into his hands, the Holder slash Journeyman slash Traveler slash Crafter slash Teenager uses it to dry off his face and hair, then his arms and chest. Once that's done, Datsun turns around and jumps up, keeping himself covered as the best as he can. Standing up, the Woodcrafter wraps his towel around his waist, tucking it in. "Fermented refruit sounds good right about now."

"I'm a healer. Nothing can make me sick or disgusted." At least that's the theory anyway. Ziria walks over to the nook and pulls out not only his clothing but her own while he's working on getting dressed and out of the pool. "I am a healer. And I've looked over myself and decided I just have a picky stomach." She steps back to the rim when he's covered. "Like I said, no promises on how these fit." She holds out the clothing like an offering. "You should probably go get something to eat after this."

"I wasn't talking about the gory variety of disgusting or sick." As soon as Datsun is out and Ziria's away, he works on drying the remaining areas that are still wet, done by the time she returns. "Well, then, in that case, what do you enjoy eating? Sweets? Fruits? Vegetables?" A moment's pause, "Wood bark?" At the new set of clothes, Datsun peers down at the offerings, choosing which item of clothing he likes better. "And you should probably join me going to get something to eat."

"Gory or boring. I'm equally immune to all forms. It comes with the job." Ziria leans over to fetch the box. "I'll eat a little bit of anything. I don't really have any favorites." The comment about wood bark makes her nose turn up and wrinkle. "You can keep the wood bark to yourself." She slips into her own shirt and then pants, leaving her wet things on underneath. It causes a stick-to-her problem but she doesn't seem to notice. "I need to get back to my cot, pick up some more fresh clothes and do something with my hair. I could join you later though."

"Well, then we'll have to solve that quandary." comments Datsun about the lack of a favorite food. Trying on the clothing, it ends up not quite fitting Datsun as the pants are a bit baggy but ironically enough, the shirt is too small for him. "It's a bit… tight. And loose." Keeping the pants hitched up, the Woodcrafter leans down to pull on his specially designed boots. *RIIIIIP!* The shirt suddenly splits in half. Raising an eyebrow at Ziria, he begins to flex. "I guess I was more muscular than I thought." A nod is all he gives to her plan in agreement.

"Ehh. I've never needed a favorite food. It's enough that I eat enough to get by." Ziria has a sudden coughing fit, mostly to cover her her not so sudden laughing fit once she spies the clothing on Datsun. It only gets worse when the shirt rips off. "Well, at least it's warm outside and you don't really need it?" Yeah, she's helpful. "Try the other shirt." Maybe she's just doing it for her own amusement or maybe she actually hopes it will fit. Either way she's amused and contented for the moment.

Datsun peers at Ziria, "Food is something to be enjoyed. But that's just my humble opinion." Then at her laughing fit, he puffs up his chest, flexing one side of the chest then the other. After a moment, he finally picks up the other shirt, looking at it critically. "Did you do this on purpose? These are clearly from two different people." Suddenly the pants almost slide off again, forcing him to grab ahold of it again, hitching it up once more. Quickly his boots are buckled on. "I do believe I'll have to pay a visit to your Weyr's stores before attempting to eat." The torn shirt is taken off, "I'll just go this way. Lead the way."

Ziria manages to get her laughter in check if only to defend herself from his baseless accusations. "No, those are the clothes left by the last apprentice. I don't know if they were all his or not but they were all in the trunk." She's sent into another fit of giggles as the pants almost fall off. "Awwww, you should go looking like that." But her giggles end finally. "Come on, this way." And she's slipping out of the hot springs and it's mists the same way they came earlier.

Quickly grabbing his pack and slinging it over one shoulder, Datsun grumbles as he's laughed at again, "Shardin' pants." is all he has to say on the matter, but it's said with a grin. He's able to see the humor in the situation, at least. "I intend to. If I'm going to make an impression on the Weyr, it may as well be one they won't forget." And with that, the Woodcrafter walks off with Ziria, leaving the hot springs and mists behind.

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