A Founder's Day Dedication

Xanadu Weyr - Meadow

A large, slightly rolling meadow is set high enough above the riverbank on both sides to avoid suffering from flooding, healthy ground cover and grass spreading out from either side of the dividing river. Scattered amongst the meadow are a variety of buildings, each with a narrow path leading up to it from a main, winding road. Some are set under a few trees, while others sit by themselves.

Stables and a smithy are settled on their own plots, while trees border the western edge of the meadow, and a faint outline of a fence can be seen to the north.
On the clear, level part of the meadow, a large wooden, roofed hexagon-shaped dais has been set up. The light-toned wood has been polished to a satiny sheen and decorated with garlands of wild roses and forest lilies twined with green vines and woodland ferns looped around the base of the roof and railings that sweetly scent the air. A golden glowlit globe hangs from the apex of each loop, bathing all in a warm ambient light.

Before the dais, is a portable dance floor of the same light-toned wood. Slender metal poles with hooks atop to hold glowlit globes have been thrust into the ground around the dance floor; these too have the garlands looped from pole to pole and twined about each pole to the ground.
Forming a square around the dais are gather booths of varying sorts and sizes - some with awnings, others with seating areas, and some quite plain overall, all decorated with the same flower and vine garlands.

M'nol stands tucked in amongst the crowd, looking down at the wares of a particularly expensive jeweler who seems to clearly think the lad can't afford his wares, "G'wan, you're blocking my stall!" M'nol lowers a glare at him, then smiles, "I'm shopping," he glances over his shoulder, "I don't see a line." The man grumbles but doesn't push… yet. M'nol seems particularly occupied with necklaces and pendants. Presumably they're not for him.

Raucous laughter precedes a pack of children who dart nimbly through the crowd, responding to a baker's cries, "Bubbly pies, fresh hot bubbly pies!"

Cackling and quite proud of themselves the twin boys round a corner, chattering to each other over their pockets of candy, sticky fingers and frog shenanigans. Waiting on the other side of the corner is the nanny, with backup. A tall, broad, scowling man puts a beefy hand on the suspenders of each twin and lifts, can we say monster-wedgie? The nanny looks proud as the group stalks out of the festival grounds, though under the cover of downturned faces, two ornery grins remain.

Vivian, sans mask for now is out browsing through the gather stalls as well, little trinkets and clothing seem to be her main attractions as she wanders slowly along, typical woman out shopping for shinies, no clear mission well that is until she spots M'nol. "I think that one there would suit you best." It's one with a nice big heart shaped pendant on it that she points to with a delicately manicured finger.

M'nol blushes, keeping his attention firmly on the jewelry, his newest brown and green unraveling themselves from his neck to stare at the irritating newcomer, "'Snot fer me." He glances up at the shop keep, "You have anything a healer might like?" He casts a glance at Vivian, then back to the necklaces, really hoping she wouldn't prod that particular wound… knowing that she probably would. Most of the Weyr knew by now, as it was.

The runners are carefully tied up, yet still easy to look over, as one young man is doing now. After pausing by a tall bay, loud bargaining ensues, before there's a slap of palms, and marks are traded for leadrope.

The harpers play a soft tune in the background, the weaving sounds of the harp and gitars merely providing atmosphere as the soft notes float on the summer breeze.

The sweet smell of fresh baked bubblies begins to creep across the gather, as a cry goes out from eager children, the majority of whom dart towards the baker's booth, eager to exchange their small mark pieces for the tasty treat.

Vivian doesn't seem to notice if he's annoyed by her wondrous presence or not, or more likely if she is she's pointedly ignoring it in favour of her own enjoyment. "Dare I ask who you are foisting your affections on this time or is it still that little healer who ran away to the hall to escape?" She asks him, her tones all sultry sugar and spice, promises of everything that he'll never have, from her anyway.

The harper's tune that fills the air is a upbeat, quick paced one, the harpers on stage clearly enjoying themselves as well the group waiting for their turn to play are dancing amongst themselves while happy voices are obscured by the loud tune.

M'nol's blush spreads across his face, deepening. He grits his teeth, doing his best to be civil at least until graduation, "She didn't run away. She got taken." The vendor brings out a tray of necklaces and M'nol spots a very pretty purple caduceus. Morl points at it, "How much?" They haggle briefly, then marks exchange hands before M'nol turns back to Vivian, glaring hard, "She's coming back to me."

An argument breaks out between a pair of young women, both of whom are dressed in their gather finery. A push from one, a shove in return, and before long there's a *smack*, and one girl turns, running off, crying, leaving the other to return to the gather.

Vivian's finger dances upwards away from the stall, to touch or wave gently near those blushing cheeks. "You really need to learn to control that colouring of yours you know." She comments idly, "She must find it terribly endearing I imagine if she's the kind that would actually come back o you." She murmurs. "Of is that just hopeful dreaming on your part I wonder?" Her tone keeps it's lovely tones as she speaks to M'nol where the pair are standing next to a jewellery stall.

M'nol's blush deepens further and he mutters something that sounds like, "We match…" then turns, carefully wrapping the necklace in paper, and tries to stalk away.

As the day slips into evening at Xanadu Weyr, people have been enjoying the gather, taking the time to do some bargaining, as marks and products change hands here and there. The music fades off into silence, then, as the harpers remove themselves from the dais, leaving the stage clear for the evening's ceremonies, as a large object is obscured off to one side of the meadow, a pair of old aunties softly talking to each other as they sit nearby.

Far above the meadow, a sky-painted dragon emerges from *between* and wings his way down to the edge of the meadow. Recently oiled and with bright crimson straps, Avideth certainly is looking his best for the gathering. One would think he's here for the party, from his friendly rumbling, though it's his rider, B'ky, who eventually swings down from the dragon's back and makes his way toward the crowd. The man is dressed in his gather best, riding leathers in scarlet and indigo accompanied by a bright orange and blue band around his wrist. The bluerider waves a greeting to a few familiar faces, smiling gently ashe pauses to survey the crowd, glancing at the stage expectantly as the music fades.

Thea enters the meadow, walking from the direction of the Annex with a purposeful stride. She's not dressed in a costume, in fact she's not dressed up at all. The lightweight tunic and trous tucked into her hide boots indicate she either wasn't planning on coming or something happened to send any plans she may have have awry. There's a faintly strained look to her face as she make her way to a spot near the cloth-covered object is.

A large, almost-black bronze appears from Between over Xanadu's meadow. He bugles in greeting to any other dragons there, and then makes a wide circle to find a landing spot away from people. Once he lands, at the edge of the meadow, a blond-haired Fortian — judging by the knot he's wearing — swings down from the bronze's back. He doesn't know the place, but he's here, anyway…and there's a party going on, hey! Three firelizards, a blue and a green, take off from their perch Jaharith's neckridges and start to explore around. One more, a gold, perches upon Ai'an's shoulder as if the large bronze was her personal perch. His riding leathers are quite plain…but at least he looks nice, anyway….

A pale green backwings near the outer edge of the meadow, the rider taking a bit of maenuevering to get to the ground, her jacket left with the green. However, once she's on the ground, her mask is adjusted, and she's working her way towards the dance floor, attention on the empty stage.

Vivian emits a delighted giggle as M'nol stalks off to get away from her. She watches him go before she murmurs, "The boy will grow up and learn eventually I suppose." She turns back to the vendor though, indicating one of the necklaces she'd been eyeing, "Just to try?" she informs him as she lifts it up and tries it on, looking for the mirror that the vendor holds up for her to inspect it in, being recognised is an advantage sometimes.

M'nol spots Thea and moves towards her. Anywhere away from Vivian is good, really, but with a friend is better, right? right? He slides the wrapped necklace into his pocket before sidling up to Thea and trying to smile, but the mirth still lacks behind his eyes, "Hey Thea, You okay?"

After a few moments of silence, from the side of the meadow, the Weyrleaders appear together, the Weyrleader in a fiery outfit while Niva in a golden dress. Her mask removed for now, she proceeds alone to the center of the dais, pausing to lift her voice. "Good evening, and welcome all to Xanadu. Today, we continue to celebrate a hundred and fifty turns of history, and to give us all a reminder of those turns, even as we look forward, to the next hundred and fifty, and the hundred and fifty after that."

Avideth returns Jaharith's bugle with a friendly rumble, the blue quieting and curling up near the edge of the meadow to watch the stage. Perhaps it's the Fortian knot that catches B'ky's attention, or perhaps Ai'an has a familiar face - either way, the bluerider is raising an arm in greeting to the bronzer, smiling warmly in welcome.

K'avu missed the memo that said he had to dress up for Gathers. He's wearing his own scruffy leathers, glancing every so often in the direction of the clearing where his glowing green is being extra friendly with some blue dragon. "We ain't gonna be 'ere that long!" he shouts out over in that direction. Somewhere he got myself a big mug of ale, and a plate so full that what it might be is hard to be determined. Everything just merged together with everything else. He finds a spot where he can set his mug down on the ground while stuffing his face, all the while watching the show.

"Hi yourself," Thea greets the boy, ice green eyes flicker over M'nol's flat eyes and drooping posture. "Tired." She gives the short answer, deflecting attention from herself adds, "The question is, are -you- ok?" He gets a sympathetic look as the junior turns towards the dais, giving the Weyroman her full attention. One hand smoothes creases absently from her trous as she listens.

Vivian inspects herself in the mirror with the necklace, though it's returned with a shake of her head, notoriously hard to please, unfortunately for the vendor. Walking away again she spots things starting up and picks up a glass of wine from a passing vendor on her way to stand and watch the ceremony. Her eyes settling somewhere a little behind her mother.

"As some of you may have heard, we have two very special guests here with us, this evening, to unveil our monument - the longtime Weyrwoman Auraelia, of gold Xaladranth, and our founder Breda's own granddaughter Stefie have agreed to help us dedicate tonight." The two woman, both near one hundred turns, are helped to their feet, before with a wave of Niva's hand she steps back from the front of the dais, leaving the attention on the guests of honor, who with a careful tug, a little assistance, free the statue from its cover, a bronze statue rising upwards from its pedastal.

A large bronze statue - a dragon with oustretched wings - balances upon a rectangular base, the dragon more polished as it is posed as if it is ready to take off at any moment. Bronze plaques have been added to its pedastal, one bearing a careful metal copy of the original document outlining Xanadu Weyr and its beholden lands, each signature on it as crisp in metal was it was originally in ink. On the opposite side, a list of all the Weyrwomen over the turns resides, each name painstakingly engraved, with space for each to be added as they occur - Breda and Amaranth, Auraelia and Xaladrath, Xandra and Felinth, Siana and Promith, Tristjen and Everenth, Qyh and Frydath, Jezzara and Zaislinth, Niva and Kilaueth. A third side bears a list of the Weyr's Weyrleaders, D'son and Inimeth, R'sul and Hesketh, C'ian and Alhenaeth, L'sta and Aedhyth, J'ham and Branth, R'tan and Lyrath, K'gan and Pentath, B'co and Loenrath, N'iko and Terenaeth, T'nol and Adith and S'dol and Maliuth. Upon the last side is a list of all those who have perished in service to the Weyr - in threadfall and otherwise - their names forever engraved into the monument and memories for all turns to come.

M'nol manages half a smile, "I've been better… but the pain's more of a dull throb now… Vivian was just poking at it is all." He runs his fingers through his nearly non-existent hair, "How're Seryth and the eggs? Still doing fine?" His eyes move up as the statue is unveiled, but he doesn't comment just yet.

B'ky's eyes are on the stage, the man respectfully silent as the weyrwoman speaks and the statue is unveiled.

Eyes linger on the Weyrwoman, as Jei is listening patiently to her speech, before she, along with those around her, turn towards the center of attention, a soft oooh escaping the visiting greenrider as the statue is revealed, hands beginning a slow clap, and a rather shocked 'huzzah'.

Ai'an is staying pretty quiet, overall, and just kind of lurking about. He doesn't really know anyone here, since it's been Turns since he's been to Xanadu, and it was only briefly. He passes by the vendor's stands as he wanders about. But as he hears the announcement, he looks to the stage. The statue is revealed, and Ai'an smiles, applauding both the statue and its makers and the women for their endurance.

Sianne watches and listens from theback of the crowd, surrounded by part of her passel of offspring while the rest move in and out of the crowd and booths. With the statue now unveiled, Sia moves slowly towards it, greeting a few people on the way while offering smiles and cordial nods to others.

"Throughout the course of the night, I invite everyone to take a closer look at the monument, and to take a few moments to tell our guests how much we appreciate their role tonight. Again, I would like to thank everyone for spending this beautiful summer evening with us, and we hope that you'll enjoy the evening." A shallow bow, and Niva is moving off the stage, her mask settled over her nose, and leaving the harpers to retake center stage, a slow dancing tune starting up for the first song of the evening.

Ontali is here, again — today she's wandering around, spending an obscene amount of marks on things she probably doesn't need. But it's likely the first time that she's actually /spent/ any marks in a long time, and she does have a few saved up. She spend she does, on who knows what — all while…wearing a skirt? Well. That's new. It's a rather pretty skirt, Xanadu-blue (which also happens to be rather close to Cidheoth-blue, shhh), with a muted yellow blouse. She's even wearing a necklace! One with a ring on it, at that. "No thank you." Murmured to a vendor who points out another, though, with a grin for the nearby Vivian before she's pausing to peer towards the statue, expression curious. "Oooh."

Thea's eyes are on the unveiling. "Nice job the crafters did." This said aside to the boy as the fabric settles to the ground. "Hmm? Oh the eggs are fine, Seryth not so." She turns to give M'nol her full attention, "Well, you know, she only does that becasue she knows she gets to ya." The junior resists chucking him under the chin, but only just - her hand is on its way up as she still it and then shoves it into her pocket instead. "Cheer up, after tomorrow you should be free to visit Healer Hall and see her." Her eyes wander the crowd idly.

Vivian doesn't show any sign of boredom at the proceedings, her attention flickering around lazily, scanning the crowd every now and again. Always her gaze going back to focus on that particular section of the stage during the proceedings, a smile lighting up her face.

Jei bounces a little bit as the music begins, a little clap of her hands as she giggles happily, turning to look around her, shifting her mask a little. Faces unfamiliar as they are, even without the masks that obscure of them, she's slowly picking her way through the crowd, talking here or there, testing the waters.

B'ky moves slowly in the direction of the statue, the man smiling softly, but otherwise quiet. He does give his greetings to Auraelia and Stefie, polite as ever, and then takes a moment to read the names on the monument, his face growing solemn as he bows his head upon reaching the last side.

Niva lingers on the side of the stage, talking softly with D'son, the current Weyrleaders sharing a few moments of conversation before Niva is seperating, freeing the young man from his formal escort duties, and then she's beginning to work her way through the crowd as well, pausing here and there to offer her greetings to the visitors, before she makes her way to the monument, bowing gracefully to Auraelia and Stefie, and offering the briefest of pats to B'ky's shoulder in silence comfort.

M'nol nods, gaping at the statue for a moment before turning back to Thea as well, "She just always finds just the right thing to say." He scratches his head gently, "I… I actually tried to go visit her two days ago… she sent a letter saying she'd be free… but I couldn't find her. They wouldn't even let me in the hall or get her for me." His eyes cast down, then he sighs, "What… What's bothering Seryth? Still the eggs beign in the incubators, or…?"

"Vivian," Tali lifts a hand in greeting to her fellow weyrling, flashing a bright smile. Tali can visit the stage later — for now, she has to…brag? Interesting. "I bought a dress earlier." The girl's expression could be described as fiendish, but for what cause? Oh well. "They said it'd be in fall colors." She grins, looking immensely proud of herself as she eyes a nearby booth speculatively. "What've you gotten so far?" Nosy brat!

Vivian glances round when she hears her voice, a slight smile on her face. "Dressing to impress R'owan?" She asks, all innocent like. "I hope he does like it, remember what we all talked about for tonight's dancing." She asks, although that was a good while ago.

Thea nods in answer to M'nol's question. "She's tense and still miffed I made her leave them last night for the aerials." There's a pause as she mulls over his visit to Healer Hall. "Well training is intense there and sometimes those 'teaching moments' occur unexpectedly." She spots someone across the way, "Scuse me, M'nol." She wends her way past the crush of bodies around the memorial to the outskirts, passing K'avu on the way, "Feeling better I see." There's a decided sparkle of oh-so-slightly malicious laughter in her eyes as she says it, for all her tone is friendly.

M'nol nods, watching Thea walk off, then sighs, "Alone again…" One of his ears twitches and he glances over to see, oh, it was just Vivian…

The pat on his shoulder has B'ky raising his head again, eyes still solemn, but he nods respectfully to Niva with a slight smile and a soft, "Weyrwoman," by way of greeting. The bluerider steps back from the monument, giving others a chance to read the names, as his gaze moves to scan the crowd, perhaps looking for that Fortian knot he spotted earlier. However, a gentle rumble from Avideth has B'ky pausing, and with a murmured, "Ah," he removes something clipped to his waist. It's a brilliant azure mask, timmed in orange, with crimson streamers down one side. Carefully, the man puts on the mask, which covers the top half of his face. Gently gray eyes peer out across the gather, and the smile returns. Tonight is a night for celebration, after all.

Niva smiles solemnly and nods to B'ky at his soft greeting, before she steps away from the monument after a moment, having run her finger over the engraved lettering, inclining her head in silence, before she's turning to the dance floor. Today, it seems, is a pleasant day, and the weyrwoman's temper is in check, for she's bowing, offering a motion of her hand, a silent invitation to the bluerider, a smirk on her lips.

Ontali snerks quietly, expression amused, cheerful. "Maaaaybe." There's a brief pause, and a flicking of fingers at nothing in particular. "Though I dunno, he might not really like dresses. Reckon it's something all boys like? Like, uh…" But here she trails, and flaps a hand absently. You know. All those guy-things. Which she totally knows about and just doesn't care to repeat. "Dancing? Well…" Here she squints, slowly shaking her head. "I…don't think so."

K'avu has been busy scooping up unknown things from his plate, shoving the mess into his mouth and munching noisily and messily. He gave the statue a good look over, but it's the food that's really got his attention. Almost like he's been starved this entire time. "I ain't gonna dance so ya can shut up 'bout it," he mutters under his breath, a glare out towards the clearing. He'll keep to himself right now, thank you very much, and being very strangely quiet compared to his more usual self. His wiry body jumps a bit as the goldrider moves close, and he shuffles back a few steps all the while swallowing hard whatever he had in his mouth. "Uh… ma'am. Yeah. All well. All better." Insert nervous wary laugh here, his amber eyes watching her carefully with plate in front of him like a shield.

The soft tune from the harpers shifts into a bit of a faster one, though still a sedate pace as those who have decided to brave the dance floor are still getting warmed up. Gitars mingles with harp, drifting over the gather.

Vivian shakes her head at Tali. "Yeah huh." Is the only reply she's getting for the moment as she raises her glass to take a sip. "If I can persuade Kez into a dress so we all look good, then you have to as well, no protests, are we clear on that one?" She asks her with an ever so sweet smile.

M'nol sighs again, taking a closer look at the statue and its plaques before moving subconsciously toward Tali's voice, slippin gon his white mask as he does so. He doesn't realize until it's too late the trap he's just walked into. "Hi, Tali. You look nice."

The bluerider's brows rise slightly in amusement, though it might be difficult to tell behind his mask. B'ky, too, turns to the dance floor, accepting Niva's invitation with a graceful bow. The man is an old hat at dancing, and he extends a hand to the weyrwoman, offering to lead, saying quietly, "I would be honored to have the first dance."

A'di had always considered Xanadu his 'home', so it's not really surprising to see the bluerider suddenly strolling curiously into the area. His eyes flicker around the crowd, hovering around the edge. "Why'd I come here in the first place?" There's a soft sigh, looking over his shoulder with a slight glare as if the blue is exactly why A'di is suddenly in Xanadu again with no other explination.

Ontali's face splits into a mischievous grin as she eyes the older girl, rolling her eyes playfully. "Yes, Viv." She laughs. "I've got my dress picked out for that. M' borrowing one from Sari, we're about the same size. Don't worry, it's very pretty. You'll see!" And hopefully that's not Tali-speak for hideous? But then she's smiling for M'nol, apparently noticing him despite the mask. "Hey there!" She has the grace to look moderately pleased, plucking at the skirt. "Think so? It feels kinda fun. Swishy." There's a laugh. "Having fun yet?"

Jei continues to work her way through the crowd, lifting her hand in an excited wave at Ai'an as she spots the familiar bronzerider, a wide smile showing under her mask, before a touch from her lifemate has her attention turning elsewhere, towards the bluerider who's skirting around the edge. An excited squeal, entirely unbecoming of a woman her age, and Jei is turning to run after A'di. "A'di!" She says excitingly, arms open both for a hug and to draw him into the crowd.

Niva is in a good mood indeed, the spirit of the celebration even getting to the somewhat tempermental weyrwoman on this occasion, for as the bluerider bows in return, she smiles, shifting to take his arm, inclining her head. "Of course, good sir.." She offers with a chuckle, following after the bluerider to take a turn on the dance floor.

Thea moves right on by, rendering that shield a useless or perhaps unneeded defense. "Glad to hear it." There's a small grin on her lips and an amused side-glance at the teen as she passes, "Water's good here." Idle chit-chat, really! She's not dressed for dancing, so she doesn't make for the dance floor. Instead she heads in the general direction of Ontali and Vivian, pausing to greet them. "You both look nice tonight." She's hovering on fleeing the crowd, but before she does, she murmurs to Ontali, "Nice ring. I approve." Her necklace. The junior give the girl a thumbs up.

Ai'an waves to Jei in return as he sees the girl, and grins. He's not going to go over there, though, since she appears to be engaged in a conversation with someone else she knows. So for the time being, he's just milling about the vendors' booths, looking at things. He didn't come here to buy anything, but if he sees something that catches his fancy, he will. He's also looking at the people, since he doesn't really know a lot of people here. He sees a few familiar faces that have showed up, but not many.

"Good good." Replies Vivian to 'Tali. "I'm glad we're all in agreement with that, we need to make sure we're not outshown by that other group of weyrlings." She murmurs the last part as M'nol arrives. "Why hello there, I thought you'd had enough of me earlier?" She mocks him ever so prettily. Thea at least gets a more genuine smile, either that or she's just acting better for the junior's behalf. "Good evening to you as well."

Half considering on talking some sense into his dragon and turning back, A'di suddenly hears his name and his head jerks towards Jei. He hesitates, and that hesitation is what costs him. The hug nearly knocks him over, "Shards, you don't need to knock into me that hard…" He drifts off as he's suddenly dragged into the crowd. "Hey! I may be short but it doesn't mean you can drag me everywhere just because you can."

"Sure it does!" Jei counters with a grin to her little brother, giving him another hug. "I can't believe you came.. You have to come dance with me.." She says all in a rush, before she's looking over her shoulder, catching sight of the taller Ai'an off to one side. "Come on.." She tugs A'di off through the crowd, glancing at the Harpers as if to reassure her self that they aren't going anywhere, making her way through the crowd to her fellow Fortian.

A soothing melody is played. Based on an old familiar tune, several people can sing to it, depending on which version of the lyrics they remember.

M'nol nods, "Evening again Thea" He turns the sweetest smile he can muster on Vivian, perhaps a hint of malice behind it, "Why, Vivian, I could never have enough of you." His tone is sweet, nearly cuastic for Vivian, lighter and more fun for Tali, "It suits you. I'm sure Ro'll love it."

B'ky dances like a gentleman, mindful of his dance partner, and especially and of her feet. No trodden toes, most certainly not when he's dancing with the senior weyrwoman. Moving with the music, the bluerider smiles and offers a genuine, "Your costume is quite stunning." From where he's sitting at the edge of the meadow, Avideth croons in agreement, though /his/ gaze isn't on the crowd, no, but on a certain green dragon.

Ontali flashes a bright smile for Thea as she approaches, wiggling her fingers in greeting. "Hey! Thanks!" At the murmur, the girl brightens further, practically glowing with delight. "Isn't it?" Murmured back brightly, then she inclines her head slowly. "Thank you." This is said sincerely, with a happy grin for the goldrider. "Not possible." Offered with a wink for Vivian. "We're the best." Supremely confident in this, she grins at Thea. "Right?" But it doesn't seem like she expects an answer, chuckling quietly for a moment before nodding to M'nol. "I hope so. I think he will." Why yes, it is more convenient to ignore the grumpiness between Viv and M'nol! But then, she ignores Cidheoth's insane ideas most of the time, so maybe she's used to it?

Ai'an looks up a moment, and notices Jei dragging someone along with her. He gives a little bit of a snicker. It actually takes him a moment to realize that Jei is actually heading his way, dragging that someone over towards him. When he does register this, he turns fully to the approaching pair, giving a broad, welcoming smile to them both, and waits for them to get near enough to speak.

There's a certain thankfulness that there are no smashed toes, and Niva is light enough on her feet, keeping up the dance with the bluerider. An inclination of her head, and the Senior actually smiles. "Thank you.." She offers, before glancing over the bluerider. "If you're not careful, you'll be asked to accompany Auraelia on the floor." She offers with a bit of humor in her tone.

"You're as bad as Candia, you know." A'di grumbles loudly as he's pulled into another hug, squirming a little. "Don't squish me either. And you know I don't dance, I don't even dance for Dal, and you don't know how much he gets me to try." He tugs a little on his hand as he's dragged through the crowd.

"Nah, I'm cuter than Candia, and you know I'm your favorite sister.." Jei says, unphased by her bluerider brother's complaints, beaming at him. As Ai'an turns to them, she's relinquishing her hold on A'di long enough to give Ai'an a presumptuous hug, before she's settling back flat on her feet, waving from bronzerider to bluerier. "A'di, this is Ai'an, he rides at Fort too." A smirk lingers under Jei's mask, before the introductions continue. "Ai'an, this is my little brother, A'di.. blue Dalasith's."

Tempo and key changes as the harpers play a short interlude, allowing dancers to both leave and enter the dance floor. A waltz in three-beat measure begins as new couples form and sway, turning elegant and sweeping circles with the music.

Vivian's mouth forms an Ooooh as she turns her attention to M'nol for a few moments, "Oh how sweet." She croons to the other women. "It's learning to fight back, maybe I have managed some good after all." Her eyes roll at the very thought of it. "But anyway, I think I may have to find someone to dance with before I die from cute overload in the white mask."

Thea has nothing but a pleased smile upon her face and something else - perhaps it is relief at the reemergence of the Vivian that was. (she's been away from the Barracks a -long- time!). She turns a curious glance on M'nol, "Boy you learn fast!" There's a bit of a snicker at that. "So nice to see you kids all love each other so." She merely nods at Ontali, "Welcome. Be good to my little bro." Lightly said, but the expression in her eyes is more telling as she agrees with the young Rider. "Absolutely the best. All of you!" She's proud of them, she cant hide the fact.

M'nol's smile is still dark and humorless, his less than pleasant side coming out for at least this moment of the evening. He manages a polite nod to Thea, then Tali, before moving back to Vivian and holding out a hand, "Care to dance?" It's a simple question, but still it feels loaded. From the outskirts of the meadow Faraeth croons, but at Kelioth. Another glowing green has his attention tonight and perhaps the dragon is influencing the rider… just a tidge… maybe…

Ai'an smiles as Jei approaches with A'di. He chuckles at the hug, but does indeed return it. "'Ello there, Jei," he offers. He offers one of his large hands for A'di to shake as Jei introduces the other man as her brother. "'Ello. As Jei said, I'm Ai'an, Jaharith's. Pleased ta meet'cha," he offers. He has quite a strong grip, by the way….

B'ky laughs softly, his smile a touch brighter as he replies easily to Niva, "That would indeed be an honor." And as the harpers play the interlude, B'ky slows to a stop near the side of the dance floor, his eyes actually straying briefly in Auraelia's direction for a moment. The man might just be too nice for his own good. But while a slow dance is quite respectable, a waltz is probably not a dance he's going to ask ofa hundred-plus-year-old woman.

A'di sticks out his tongue up at his sister, glowering at her in annoyance. "yeah, sure, sure. How are you doing? Last I heard you had three kids and a new weyrmate?" He asks, tilting his head to his side, wrapping his arms about his waist tightly as his arm is relinquished. " Nice to meet you, Ai'an. Please say you'll dance with my sister so I can get out of it." He offers his hand to shake Ai'ans, however, wincing as his hand is squished. "Careful not to squeeze my hand off…"

Niva inclines her head as the music changes, giving what is a polite bow in thanks to her dance partner, chuckling softly. "I will leave that to your discretion, rider.." Niva comments, quite amused, before she's excusing herself and slipping through the crowd once more, again beginning to mingle.

"Oh, you know.. babies and weyrmates, can't keep up with them.." Jei says with a giggle to her brother, shaking her head at A'di, and reaching to ruffle his hair. "Besides you're the one with big news.. Wingsecond and all.." She smirks at A'di, rolling her eyes a little bit at the two of them. "Aw, come on A'di, its not *that* bad…" Her gaze darts to Ai'an as she stands there, winking at him from behind her mask, before one hand goes to her hip.

Vivian eyes M'nol with a laugh as she shakes her head at him. "I'm sorry, but not just yet, I have some others on my card before I start picking up the waifs and strays I'm afraid." She explains in her ever so sultry tones for him. "My leave, clear skies." She tells the others before she turns away, sashaying away on barefeet, her sarong glittering with each sway of her hips as she winds her way through the crowd.

Ontali manages a little grin for Viv, rolling her eyes again, still playfully. "You guys are like my little brother and sister. Except a lot meaner to each other." The girl says placidly, laughing. "He's pretty good at fighting back when he wants to." M'nol gets a little smile, and Thea more of a smirk. "We all love each other so. I think we just show it different." She's…teasing? But it's playful, and she makes sure she's out of arms reach of both of them, wearing a bright, mischievous grin. Somebody's in a good mood. It becomes a touch more solemn for Thea, who gets another slow nod. "No worries, Thea. I promise." A hand drifts absently to touch the necklace with the promise, before her face is splitting into a grin, again. "'course we are!"

B'ky bows low to the senior weyrwoman, saying formally but with a smile to Niva, "Thankyou for the dance," as he also moves off the dance floor. But he doesn't immediately find another partner, instead moving through the crowd in the direction of Avideth. The blue rumbles serenely, apparently enjoying people-watching. B'ky quickly and carefully removes the blue's crimson straps, settling them in a neat pile by the edge of the meadow. He then leaves his dragon to croon at the glowing green, the bluerider moving back into the crowd, and perhaps towards the food tables as he watches the dance.

Ai'an chuckles to A'di's cautionary remark, and releases the bluerider's hand. "Oops…sorry 'bout that," he notes. "Are ya all right?" he inquires, concerned. He doesn't interrupt the conversation about weyrmates and children, since he has none of his own. However, as A'di asks him to dance with Jei, he smirks. "If'n she wants ta dance, sure," he offers, chuckling slightly.

A'di ushers Ai'an at Jei, "Of course she wants to dance, with you, so go dance. Drag her off onto the floor and stay there all night. She likes dancing." There's a quick nod, sticking out his tongue at his sister. "It /is/ that bad, and besides, it doesn't look like your friend here has anyone to dance with." He wiggles hsi brows at his sister, "And who cares about whether I'm wingsecond or not, it lost everything I wanted." He gives a shrug of his shoulder, "I'd stay wingrider if I could."

"Awww, sweetie.." Jei says with a soft tone, leaning to give her brother a loud kiss in the middle of his forehad, though to what degree she intends on embarassing him, who knows. As she's ushered at Ai'an, Jei actually blushes a little bit, turning her attention back on A'di, waggling a finger. "Don't think you're getting out of this so easy.." She says with a grin, perhaps betraying her playfulness.

Thea chuckles at the trio, although for Vivian, it is her back she's chuckling to. "I can see you all do." Despite the laugh in her voice, there's an undercurrent of truth therein. She gives M'nol a sympathetic look, "At least she… talks to you?" She nods solemnly at Ontali, before her mouth curves in a smile. "I know you will. And… be happy." She turns to leave, "Must get back to Seryth. Enjoy the night." With a little wave, she glides off, weaving between people.

M'nol chuckles, sliding into a chair as he watches Vivian sashay away. It's still humorless, but at least he's not angry, right, "I think I annerve her more by being nice than by being mean."

Ai'an grins. "Well, I'm sure she wouldn'a mind dancin' wi' us both," he replies to A'di. Then to Jei, "Would ye?" Then to A'di again, "Or if ye need help in learnin', I might be able ta teach ya."

A'di messes up his face as he's kissed, "Aw, c'mon! Don't kiss me in front of all the people. I swear, you and Candia still treat me like I'm seven." He grumps quietly, a hand quickly moving to fix his hair. Though he wiggles his brows at his sister, "Just you watch, good luck trying to find me to dance with me." And as Ai'an speaks, he wrinkles his nose, quickly shaking his head. "Oh…no…I don't dance. I told you…just drag her off and dissapear. Then I don't have to dance."

A lone minstrel wanders the crowds, his nimble fingers dance over the strings of a mandolin as he sings a humorous ode about a miner with a broken old runner and a rickety cart full of rocks who seeks a wife amongst the wealthy hold families of Pern. The laughing vibrato of his tenor voice, concludes the story with a kitchen maid accepting his hand, only to find the stones are uncut gems.

"We only do it because we love you, A'di.." Jei says with a giggle, ruffling his hair once more before he is fixing it, and she's smirking at him. "You aren't that short, sweets.." And then she's grinning as Ai'an backs her up, one hand reaching for Ai'an's, even as the other reaches for her brother. "Come on.." She murmurs, even as she turns, half listening to the tune.

Ai'an chuckles to A'di's reaction to his sister's kiss, and to the request to drag Jei off and disappear. "Aww…" he murmurs quietly, but makes no comment about it. It's not his place to try and force A'di to do something he doesn't want to do. However, as Jei turns with the music. Ai'an laughs, and does so as well. It's a little awkward, allowing for two other people in a dance, but Ai'an's not as clumsy as his large size would indicate.

"You're as bad as Dalasith." A'di mumbles half to himself, "I'm short enough!" He wraps his arms tightly against his chest, only to wave them to the dancing floor. "Go dance! I don't like to flail around and make myself look stupid."

The harpers leave the platform; others take their place. There is a mix of brass, woodwind, strings and percussion as a gentle sonata is performed, providing a sweet background rather than demanding attention, allowing quiet conversation to continue.

Jei pouts a little bit, but then as his hands are pulled tight, she's blowing A'di a kiss, shaking her head. "Go get something to eat, A'di, we'll be back soon.." She offers, with a smile, before she's turning to move along with Ai'an, grinning at the bronzerider as she goes, bowing with a smirk. "You heard the man…"

M'nol glances around, finding himself alone once again. He could have stayed that way if not for the insistence of his dragon that he stay social in Phy's absence. He wanders the crowd absently, not really looking where he's going until suddenly he's next to K'avu. He resists the urge to yelp and run, instead nodding to the older greenrider, "K'avu… Luscinth is positively glowing tonight."

Ai'an notes to A'di as the bluerider shooes them away, "I'll take good care o' her, don' worry." And then he grins to Jei's comment. "Aye, I did," he replies. "Shall we?" he inquires. Meaning, of course, the dance.

There's a quiet glee as A'di quickly moves to dissapear into the crowd, not giving Jei and Ai'an a second option. He soon winds up next to the serving table, grabbing up a plate to grab up some food. Obviously, he's not quite concerned about his sister so long as he doesn't end up having to dance.

B'ky manages to find himself a glass something cold, sipping it slowly as he meanders back toward the dance floor. The lone minstrel catches his attention, the bluerider listening to the conclusion of the song with an amused smile. B'ky chuckles softly, shaking his head, and finding a clear spot to just watch for the time being. His gaze drifts back toward the monument now and again, but as he spots Ai'an and company, the man starts chuckling softly again. Seeing A'di heading for the serving tables, B'ky calls over a friendly, "You should dance, the evening's lovely enough." He may not know the other bluerider, but gathers are for meeting new people, right?

Ontali lifts a hand to Vivian as she moves off, laughing quietly. "She's a good person." Is noted quietly towards Morl. "Even if she doesn't really seem very nice to you. I'm not very nice to my little brothers sometimes…" The girl giggles quietly, then smiles at Thea. "No worries." A hand is lifted again, and a grin offered. "I'll try and come visit you later!" Called after the goldrider, before the girl blinks at something, glancing sideways. "Oh, no, you don't." This is a growl — a /growl/ — for Cidheoth, who's apparently snuck in from wherever he was. "Be back soon." This is for M'nol, if he's still there, before the girl is stomping off to take care of her wayward dragon.

Jei glances over her shoulder once more at A'di, checking on him, biting her lip for a moment before she's distracted, lifting her gaze to Ai'an, smiling and nodding to the bronzerider. "Lead away sweets.." She says, lifting a hand to rest it on his arm, the other resting in his, following him.

A'di pauses by the table, blinking as someone calls out to him. He looks over his shoudler, tilting his head slightly to the side. "I'm not really good at dancing…" he tells the other rider, rubbing at the back of his head. "Dalasith enjoys it though, me, not so much. I don't really enjoy making a fool of myself." Shoulders lift in a quick shrug.

K'avu's quiet has definitely kept him out of most of the gather fun, but he still stays close to enjoy the sights. He takes a long swig from his drink, eyes glancing right at M'nol when he approaches, looking all wary. "Maybe she is so don't ya be gettin' any ideas," he growls lowly, eyes moving up and down over the young brownrider as he shifts uncomfortably and then downs the rest of his drink and staring down at the empty mug with a disappointed look, as if it were a trader for being finished. No real fight in his voice or his mannerisms tonight, though.

M'nol chuckles softly, "Unfortunately," and he does manage to make it sound truly unfortunate, "I can't stop Faraeth from getting ideas." He manages to secure a mug of klah and take a sip, "Wouldn't be my first choice, either. Last green he caught the rider nearly knifed me the next morning." he shudders softly, "Didn't find out it was F'yr's mom until later. Boy was that awkward."

"Aye-aye, miss," Ai'an agrees with a smile. He sweeps Jei into the music then, and he actually dances pretty well. And he's a pretty decent leader, too, even if he is a little unsure. However, he does indeed manage NOT to step on Jei's feet, or trip, or stumble.

Thankfully, Ai'an's big enough that hopefully he doesn't notice the little taps on his toes that happen now and then, but all in all Jei's not a bad dancer either. She's happy to follow Ai'an's lead, though now and then she breaks into a bit of flourish of her own, grinning all the while. Now and then, as they move, she glances around for A'di, giving up after a few tries.

Niva is mingling through the crowd, mask pulled over her face, having left D'son to his own devices short after the unveiling of the monument. For the moment, she's paused near one side of the dance floor, talking to a few visiting riders wearing Eastern knots, mask pushed up to clear her field of vision.

B'ky smiles at A'di, saying with a soft chuckle, "Everyone feels like a fool at some point. I'm B'ky, blue Avideth's," and he indicates the sky-tinted dragon at the edge of the meadow. "May improve if you try, though?" the man suggests, turning back to glance at the dance floor. But B'ky does not move from his spot, instead taking a sip from his glass with a faintly amused smile.

K'avu turns his head at the chuckling, narrowing his eyes supiciously at M'nol. Last he saw the lad, they were throwing insults and threats back and forth. "Shame she didn't manage to do that," he grunts, and then raises his mug high and, finally, with his old loud voice he shouts out to the drudges, "Oi! 'Nother drink 'ere!" Maybe someone will be kind enough to bring him something strong at the end. "Lus! Ya shardin' stop that!" he yells over back towards the clearing. Luscinth seems to have finally moved on from her current victim, finding another dragon to flirt with.

A'di eyes the dance floor with a scrutinizing gaze, shuddering a little as he wraps his arms over his waist, "No one really to dance with and I'd dance like a idiot anyway." He lifts his shoulders a little, "And anwyay, I don't like looking silly." His eyes follow his sister and Ai'an with a thoughtful gaze, a small smile pulling at his lips. "I'm A'di, blue Dalasith's, nice to meet you, B'ky."

Ai'an's also looking for A'di, since he can more or less figure that's who Jei's looking for. Though he can't seem to find him, either. Then again, he doesn't know the man too well, so he may not be able to recognize him. No, he doesn't seem to notice the taps on his toes, but he does comment, "Yer a pretty good dancer, ya know that?"

The slower music fades and changes as a brisk duple metre announces a dance quadrille. The dance floor fills as couples take their places and move with agile grace in time to the music.

Jei glances once more before she sighs a little bit, but then her attention is on Ai'an as they continue to move, smiling a little more at him. "You think so?" She says cheerfully, squeezing his arm with a giggle, tilting her head up. "You aren't bad yourself.." She smirks before the music is turning, and she's tilting her head. "Does this means you'll agree to another dance?"

Ai'an nods to the question. "O' course," he replies. "Thank ya. I'm glad ya think so. If'n I step on yer foot, though, I'm sorry." He gives a snicker, and guides Jei with the rest of the couples on the floor. Another danger — he's trying not to smack into anybody else!

Since parting from the Weyrwoman, D'son has dutifully been making the rounds, pausing to talk to people, shake hands, remark on the weather and all the latest news. The flame-dressed Weyrleader is taking a little break at the moment, taking advantage of the drinks table to fill up a mug of ale and wet his whistle while he watches the progression of dancers on the floor.

"Well met," B'ky says softly to A'di. The shout for another drink has B'ky peering over in K'avu's direction briefly, brow wrinkled slightly. Avideth, meanwhile, is still watching that glowing green. But the changing music draws B'ky's attention back to the dance floor and, perhaps on a whim, B'ky says thoughtfully, "Well, if you change your mind, I wouldn't mind a dance." His tone is light, though, possibly expecting the other bluerider to flee in terror, as B'ky adds in amused tone, "I'm not sure Auraelia would appreciate it if I asked her to dance for this song." Though his gaze lingers on the crowd,he does not immediately spot the old woman.

Jei giggles as they go passing a couple, Jei smirking at the young woman who's partnered with a particularly clumsy young man, the poor girl left to try and save her feet with each step. As they continue to dance, she shakes her head, grinning. "You'll just have to carry me back, if you do that.." The greenrider teases him as she moves into a twirl.

There's a warm smile as A'di turns to peer to watch his sister with the Ai'an, nodding to himself in a pleased manner. "I was always good at this sort of thing, I never understood why," He chuckles to himself, shaking his head. "A…dance…?" his nose wrinkles up ever so slightly. "I'd end up stepping on your feet. I don't think you'd enjoy it very much. At least Dalasith would be pleased, he's been trying to get at me for ages now." He purses his lips. "Auraelia? Is that your girlfriend?"

Niva weaves her way through the crowd, making her own way towards the refreshments table, a glass of wine taken with a grateful nod, and she lifts it in a toast to the server, making her way to pause near D'son, nodding her head to him as her own eyes glance over those dancing, lingering on the ancient weyrwoman and her friend for a moment. "It seems as if its going well.."

Ai'an raises his hand up to facilitate the twirl, then gently pulls Jei back in step, like the dance is supposed to go. "I'll try not ta," he promises. "Though I wouldn'ae mind carryin' ya back if'n I had ta." He gives a grin as he leads her in the dance.

B'ky laughs gently, shaking his head and then turning to grin ever so slightly at A'di, "Auraelia, gold Xaladrath's. She was weyrwoman here for a long time. One of the women who helped unveil the statue." One of the very old women. B'ky's voice softens as he continues, "I'm glad I decided to be here tonight. It's a beautiful memorial for those who've passed."

A'di wrinkles his brow ever so slightly, moving over towards the other bluerider so they don't have to talk over a distance. He stuffs his hands into his pockets, tilting his head to the side. "Those who passed? What do you mean? I haven't lived in Xanadu in…well, since I moved to Western. I haven't really caught the news. Auraelia? That's why the name sounded familiar, I think I remember her. It's been a long time since I've lived here…"

Taking a breath and a drink, D'son nods as Niva approaches, "Everyone seems to be having a good time," he agrees and shoots the Weyrwoman a smile. "The memorial seemed pretty well-recieved too. It's amazing to think that the place has been around as long as it has," he murmurs quietly and drinks again. "When we're done with these, would you honor me with a dance?"

Behind the red and gold mask, Jei flushes a little bit at Ai'an's words, though its a grin that's still visible, and Jei is more than happen to be pulled back into step, following along, glancing down now and then to watch his feet, and hers, figuring out what's going to come next, until she falls into an easy rhythm.

The music continues, lively, and sparkling with joyous melodies with dance-like rhythms. The musicians all smile as they play, happy to be part of the celebration.

Ai'an is also watching feet, though he does look up often enough to make it seem like he at least sorta knows what he's doing. And then, during one particularly lively part of the song, pulls Jei a little closer, to try to dip her slightly. Thankfully, he's strong enough not to drop her if she's startled in the attempt.

"Its more impressive that one hundred and fifty turns is next to nothing, compared to Fort, or Benden." Niva murmurs softly, gaze flicking over to the monument once more, smiling a little. "How does it feel, to see your name engraved for history?" She asks with a relaxed tone, sipping at her wine, before she nods. "Of course, Weyrleader.."

B'ky nods, his gaze drifting from the dancers to the bronze statue, saying quietly, "All those who've passed in service to the weyr." The man's voice is hushed, perhaps unconsciously in repsect, as he speaks, "Those who've come and gone, from the founding of the weyr." There is a pause, the bluerider silent for a while before his soft smile returns, telling A'di, "I'm glad I was here for this."

A'di wrinkles his nose ever so slightly, running his hand through his hair which is still messy from Jei messing it up. Though, A'di doesn't really seeem to notice. "Oh." He murmurs quietly, "Well, I'm sorry to hear that then…I'm glad I was here, even if I don't live here anymore." He sighs quietly, shaking his head.

Jei glances up at one point, catching Ai'an watching his feet, which only sends her into giggles. But then, as he dips her, her giggles stop, fingers grab a bit more tightly to his arm, but she doesn't struggle too much, and avoids too much of a disaster as a result. HOwever, she's glad to be back upright, and she begins to giggle again. "Well then!"

"Still, for a place that wasn't founded when it wasn't right in the middle of all those Passes and stuff," D'son elaborates with a little grin. That other question sees his cheeks puffing out and the grin going lopsided. "Honestly, a little weird. Proud though too. Can't not be." Her acceptance brightens Dels' smile again and he nods. "You look very nice tonight. Think everyone is liking the chance to get all dolled up?"

Ai'an smiles. "Sorry…didn'a mean ta startle ya," he offers. "But I had 'old o' ya, so don' worry. I wouldn'a let ya fall," he assures her. "Prob'ly need ta give ya a warnin' 'fore I do that again, eh?" he inquires sheepishly.

In an entirely abnormal move, Niva is actually giggling softly shaking her head as she finishes off her wine, passing the empty glass back to the server. "Could you imagine if Fort or Benden had *their* second weyrwoman at their gathering? I don't know what state they'd be in.." Niva comments, before she's nodding her hed towards the dance floor, tugging her mask back down over her face. "It certainly seems like it."

Faraeth follows slowly after Luscinth, seemingly stalking the flirtatious green with a gentle croon. M'nol waits until a server refills K'avu's glass before continuing, "You're not the only one who thinks that, I'm sure." He was trying to be polite, after all K'avu wasn't threatening his friends… yet. "How far off d'you think she is? So I can be on the other side of Pern when it happens."

Down the hatch goes the last of D'son's beer and he gets rid of the empty glass too with a smile for the server. "Shells no," he says with a chuckle, head ducking for a moment. "Shock and awe?" he jokes and holds out a hand to the Weyrwoman to lead her onto the floor for that dance. "No bad news for today either and the cleanup is looking good around here. So we can celebrate with completely guilt-free consciences."

Jei giggles at Ai'an at his sheepishness, shaking her head. "Its okay, I'll be expecting it from now on." She says with a smirk, shifting the mask a little before her hand returns to the bronzerider's arm. "Was sort of fun, even.."

With reed pipes and recorders the music sighs. The sound is light and calming, soothing as the later hours approach yet still bright with the happiness of this memorable celebration.

B'ky sips the last of his drink, glancing around for a place to set his glass down. Finding a nearby table, he says with a soft chuckle, "I'm surprised to see so many from outside the weyr. Avideth and I have been making transport flights to other weyrs, and the reception isn't always…" but trailing off, he just shakes his head, forcing the faltering smile back with a, "It's good to see so many new faces." He tilts his head toward Ai'an and Jei, asking A'di, "Who're the two Fort riders you were with?"

A'di nods his head, "This used to be my home, I used to live here for a long time, until I moved out of the weyr, and then I impressed and then all sorts of things happened. I'm not even sure I belong here anymore." There's a soft sigh, letting his shoulders slump as he slides into a chair, "Oh, them? Well, I guess the bronzerider is someone Jei knows, she said he's Ai'an, but the greenrider is my half-sister Jei."

Ai'an grins at the reply, then pauses for just an instant, the expression freezing on his face. Seems his bronze, Jaharith, sees a glowing green and is curious. He pulls his mind back to the task at hand, avoiding stepping on Jei's toes, as the music shifts into a lighter melody. "I'll be more careful," he promises. He also issues a very simple mental request to Jaharith — no.

"And I'm certain that more than enough wine and ale was paid for in the last sevenday to ensure that even though who have sorrows to drown can drown them." Niva replies a bit more somberly, before she's taking the Weyrleader's hand, following him onto the floor for a traditional dance of the Weyrleaders, her good mood this evening quite possibly just a sign of things to come.

Maybe she's teasing, but Luscinth isn't turning to Faraeth. No, it's Avideth that has her attention now, even as she throws a few saucy looks back to the young brown. All the while driving K'avu completely mad. All he does is nod to the one refilling his glass with whatever wine or beer they're serving. He doesn't really know when he's gulping it down. "Oh, ya don' have to worry 'bout that. I ain't gonna be /anywhere/ near 'ere. Ierne, or whereever else we end up. Don' care where, but ain't gonna be 'ere." And he sounds determined about that as he shakes his head.

M'nol nods, glowering at his own dragon for the affection he's showering on the green, "Good. You're an interesting type, but I have no desire to wake up next to you."

Cenlia has snuck into the celebration, having been on the fringes of the crowd during the monument's unveiling and then promptly disappeared afterwards. But she's back, five firelizards in tow. Yep, five. Two blues, a brown, a bronze, and a tiny, day-old gold that's currently curled on her shoulder. The gardener girl is making a trundlebug line for the table with booze.

Jei glances over her shoulder as Ai'an pauses, arching an eyebrow, though her quizzical look is hidden by the mask, and after he begins to dance again, she steps a little bit closer. "Don't.." She says with a smile, fingers squeezing his arm. "It makes things more fun…"

"If you consider it home, you belong," B'ky says simply, smiling gently at A'di and finding a nearby seat. "I left Fort some time ago, but it will always be home for me. Or one home, among many…" The bluerider chuckles, and then tilts his head to regard the dancers, murmuring, "Ai'an? Hmm." He looks thoughtful, saying more to himself, "He looks familiar." And then B'ky shrugs, "Though I suppose most Fort riders seem familiar to me." Avideth is still sitting at the edge of the meadow, and the sky-painted blue croons and dips his head politely to Luscinth, every bit the gentleman his rider is. Of course, there's very real interest in the glowing green, though B'ky is frowning momentarily and glancing across the meadow at his dragon.

"Then let sorrows get drowned," D'son says with determined cheer as he swings Niva around into the steps ably enough. He's not a flashy dancer, but he's not embarrassing himself or the Weyrwoman either one hopes. "D'had seems to be settling in pretty well for all I hit him with that knot in the middle of the storm cleanup."

The music is nice and quiet as the music turns into the soothing reed pipes and recorders. A set is played, and then the Harpers on call scatter into the crowd as a lone woman takes to the stage. She's wearing a white and black dress, with a small jacket over her shoulders. Long blonde hair streams down her back, and her mask is black, covering her hazel eyes and pert nose. There's a sudden rumble of drums, and then the sweet melody of the harp fills the air…

Ai'an chuckles a little and releases his hold on her waist, but not his hold on her arm. He extends her out away from him for a moment, and then gently guides her back just as the music stops. Seems like he's taken her at her word. "Aye, indeed it does," he agrees with a smirk in return. Not an evil one, but a mischievous one. Jaharith, for his part, is keeping an eye on Luscinth, offering a trill of greeting in his throaty voice.

A'di peers over towards the glowing green, his nose wrinkling ever so slightly, "Well, I tried to live here again, it didn't work out…and it doesn't seem to be working out at Western, either. You'd think I'd be happy that Taira dragged me into being her wingsecond but…I never see my friends anymore." He frowns over at Ai'an, "I've never met him before. I don't really know anyone here except my sister and maybe the weyrwoman."

K'avu gives M'nol a very /very/ awkward look, and then he sort of side-steps away a little bit. "Ya an' me both, kid," he growls into his mug as he takes another long drink. "An' if ya call me interesting like that 'gain I'll have ta break yer nose fer ya." Because he couldn't go without threatening the brownrider once. Luscinth ruffles her wings gently, crooning right back to Avideth and adding more saucy wiggling of her backside to Faraeth, who she knows very well is watching.

Turns of practice, and Niva is at least a passable dancer no matter who the partner, and there's no sign that the Weyrwoman is disappointed with D'son's own dancing, as they make their way across the dance floor. As the music changes, Niva's step slows, and she turns towards the stage, distracted even as she nods to D'son's words, a soft 'uh-huh' giving blanket agreement.

The change of music also sees the Weyrleader slowing, turning to lend his attention to the soloist. "Do you know the harper?" he asks of Niva, nodding towards the stage. "Pretty striking get-up," he says about the white-and-black costume the harper has going on.

Jei giggles as they dance, even as she settles herself easily against Ai'an as the music stops, glancing over her shoulder at the woman on the stage, a curious look crossing her face as she tugs her mask free, her hair pulling itself free in the process, the mask looped over a wrist, all to better watch.

M'nol chuckles, "I'd like to… naw, nevermind… leave m' girls alone and I've got nothing against you as a person." He takes a swig of his klah, watching Faraeth croon at Luscinth again, ruffling his wings and craning his neck to appear more attractive to her. M'nol shudders, "I just mean that you're unique… not like everyone else. Dunno if that's good or bad, but it's interesting."

Ai'an hadn't been masked or dressed up anything special, just in his riding leathers. However, he too turns to the stage as the performance starts, standing at Jei's side still. He smiles, listening to the harper perform. She's quite good. Meanwhile, Jaharith has given up trying to get Luscinth's attention and has wandered off elsewhere. He doesn't seem to down by the dismissal. Odda fish in da sea, right mon?

The harp slows down and then the reed pipes come back in, and her voice rings across the crowd, quiet, but firm. Someone's been out of practice, but it's still … pretty extraordinary.

"The day has come, the time has gone
a joy which we have brung …
It's time to stand up and show our pride -
for the dragons far and wide -
founder's strong in hope and truth -
Rejoice! Rejoice on Founder's Day!"

A chorus starts humming the melody line.

B'ky falls silent a moment to listen to the woman playing the harp, and then turns to nod at A'di, saying softly, "I'm sorry to hear that." There's a short pause, before he continues, "Wingsecond? I suppose… congratulations?" There's a gentler smile as he adds, "I can understand that," about never seeing his friends anymore. B'ky sighs, but the smile returns, as he adds, "Well, you know one more person." And extends his hand to A'di, a belated handshake perhaps. Avideth over on the other side of the meadow, for his part, is enjoying the attention of the glowing green, although he does not miss that backside-wiggle at Faraeth. Still, the blue is unfazed, shifting over and making space in his spot by the side of the meadow, in an invitation to the green to join him in watching the stage.

"Someone got in the spirit.." Niva comments softly, as if unwilling to interrupt the performance, nodding her head a little to one side, beginning to meader that way, inviting D'son to follow, though this time there is no more accepting of wine glasses.

A'di shrugs his shoulders and continues to peer at the green dragon, "I hope she's not going up soon or else I'm going back to my weyr and locking myself in my room." There's a quiet snort, his attention drifting back to his current companion. "Eh, I wish I was still a wingrider, least then I wouldn't feel bad about moving to Ista." He pauses, listening to the woman singing. "I should let you get back to whoever you were talking to though, sorry to waste your time."

"Pretty.." Jei murmurs softly, taking half a step back, shoulder brushing against Ai'an's arm, glancing up at him, before her attention is back to the stage, and the music that lingers, even as conversations fade.

"Yes," D'son agrees, brows lifting at the lyrics and tone of the song. He half-bows at the incline of the Weyrwoman's head, waits for her to start walking then follows, all gentlemanly correct tonight. Once they've reached their destination, he settles into an attentive posture, listening.

"Ya'd like ta what?" K'avu says, realizing he should have bitten his tongue at the question since he's looking at M'nol up and down. Veeery wary of him. The brownrider was scary when he wasn't screaming threats at him. "Ya tell yer gals ta leave me alone an' maybe we got a deal. They're shardin' /scary/ 'ere in Xanadu. An' I thought my sisters were bad." And he drowns down his drink again, swinging it around for a refill. "An' yer jus' like everyone other rider. Ya know, kid, it's /really/ weird yer sayin' all that right now. I ain't into guys," he adds quickly, whether it's a lie or not who knows, but M'nol still gets weird looks. Luscinth's having the time of her life: proddy with lots of nice boy dragons.

Once he's got the hang of the tune, Ai'an hums along with it a little. Though it's quiet, mainly because he couldn't carry a tune if it had a handle. He just is not Harper material. He looks down as Jei brushes against him, and smiles once more, then as Jei turns her attention back to the stage, so too does Ai'an.

Niva leads the way off the edge of the dancefloor, settling into a chair with a thankful sigh, relaxing a little more as D'son joins her, gaze lingering on the dancers. "Though, I wonder if anyone would notice if slipped away.. This hour is for the young." Niva murmurs with a bit of a grin, waving her hand at those who are still dancing.

M'nol blushes, suddenly entering evasion mode, "I'm not into guys, no way. My Phy's all the partner I need." Faraeth croons at Luscinth again and it's all Morl can do not to curse at his dragon across the dance floor. Instead he focuses back on K'avu, possibly a mistake, we

"It's founders day! Dance your cares away! As we rejoice in this land."
"Land of our promise, land of the truth, my faith has been restored in you!"
The beat picks up, the drums rolling as the beat becomes faster.
"Golden glows in blue skys, bronze melts across my eyes;
the clay of brown protects my feet; the blues keep the quickening beat.
The greens so fast and far they go,
protecting my world as I go!"

Once Niva's seated, D'son pulls a chair out for himself and sits in it, one leg crossing over the other as his gaze roams the floor. "Probably not by now, though you know, you're a far cry from /old/, Niva," says the whippersnapper more than twenty turns her junior. "I can bring you some water though, if you're still thirsty and want something a little less heady than wine."

M'nol blushes, suddenly entering evasion mode, "I'm not into guys, no way. My Phy's all the partner I need." Faraeth croons at Luscinth again and it's all Morl can do not to curse at his dragon across the dance floor. Instead he focuses back on K'avu, possibly a mistake, we'll see, "The only one still here is Kez… and she's the one that went off on ya. Phy's training back at the healer hall and Jessa's at Western waiting for their clutch to hatch, so you're mostly safe."

"Hmm," is B'ky's only response to A'di's mention of the green, the man shugging; after fifteen turns, he isn't particularly concerned anymore. Flights happen. B'ky does grimace, just slightly, when Ista is mentioned, the man silent for a moment. Or perhaps he's just listening to the song. Either way, he does turn back to regard A'di, saying quietly, "You're not wasting my time." Though he isn't about to stop the other bluerider from leaving, either.

A hand absently reaches for Ai'an, as Jei sways a little to the music as it continues, a silly grin on her face all the while. A pause, and she glances up at Ai'an with a smile, "Drink?" She murmurs softly, if she managed to catch the hand, giving it a squeeze.

It has taken a bit, but return Ontali does, slipping easily back into the crowd around the food and drink tables. The girl orders a glass of fruit juice with a little grin, and sips on it, moving down to grab a bubbly and attack it with a vengeance. Cidheoth is nowhere in sight, now — likely sleeping back at their weyr, for once listening. Smart dragon.

A'di wrinkles his nose ever so slightly and moves to push himself to his feet, flashing B'ky a quick smile, "Hey, You still want to dance? Maybe we could after this song or something. It'd make Dal happy and it'd get Jei off of my back." He smiles a little, pausing as he turns his head, listening to the words and takes his seat, "Well…if you don't mind, I think my sis is having fun with the bronzerider anyway."

"Remember that my daughter is your age, Weyrleader.." Niva says lightly, before she's smiling and slowly rising to her feet. An inclination of her head, and the mask is settled at her risk. "Enjoy yourself.." She offers before she's moving to slip out, hopefully undetected, offering a few words of g'night to people as she passes, some of whom are also moving to excuse themselves.

Ai'an does indeed allow his hand to be caught by Jei's, and looks to her as she suggests a drink. "Sounds like a good idea," he agrees. "What do they 'ave 'ere? I wasn'a payin' much attention — I was distracted by dancing with ya." He grins. "Couldn'a think o' much else." Yes, the man can flirt!

"Uh huh. Suure ya ain't," says K'avu, smirking a little as he actually turns his amber eyes on M'nol to focus more fully on the younger man. Stupid proddy dragons. But then a scowl quickly replaces his features and he glares over at the dragons. Luscinth's all but rolling herself on the ground between the two dragons, smug and crooning. At least she wasn't taking flight. "Kez? So that's her name? Shells, I ain't gonna be anywhere within a dragonlength of /that/ one." And he darts his eyes back and forth now as if searching for her. "Still other crazy wimmin 'bout these parts, 'm sure."

"Doesn't mean —" D'son starts, stops, just grins up at Niva instead. "I'll try not to party too hearty," he offers up the quip as a little joke as the Weyrwoman excuses herself, "and cover for you if anyone asks. Good night, Niva," is wished sincerely as he leans back in his chair again, returns his gaze to the stage.

"The golden glows fades, the day has passed;
memory's refreshed, smiles passed;
Go home and enjoy the stories told,
Founder's day has passed."

The singer ends it on a semi-sad node, then places the harp to the side as she departs the stage, passing by D'don.

"I don't know, I was distracted too.." Jei says with a giggle, turning towards the bronzerider, shifting onto her tiptoes to try and get closer to whispering in his ear. "But, I know what I have at home.. If you want to get home.." And then, as she drops back to her heels, she quickly adds. "Just for a drink, I promise.." A tilt of her head, and she waits to see what his answer is, even as she offers her own applause for the young woman as her song is completed and she leaves the stage.

M'nol eyes K'avu, speaking with even stronger conviction, "I don't! I like girls!" His brown eyes seem… scared? That may have been unexpected. Faraeth reaches out gently to nose at Luscinth and M'nol visibly blanches, "Yeah… Keziah. She's kinda scary when she's mad, but she takes care of her friends… also, Alosynth was proddy when she went off on ya. Most of the women here are pretty nice, even if like all they're a little weird."

B'ky chuckles softly, still regarding A'di and saying simply, "I'd like a dance." There's a smile when the other bluerider sits back down, B'ky turning to listen to the end of the song, before he's rising from his seat and tilting his head toward the dance floor, glancing back at A'di and saying softly, "It would be a shame to not dance at least once, wouldn't it?"

Ai'an applauds the end of the song as he listens to Jei's inquiry. "Well…per'aps not t'night…" he replies, a regretful tone in his voice. "We barely know each other, eh?" He winks, and then gives a chuckle. "I'd be happy ta buy ya a drink later, though," he offers.

A'di tilts his head slightly watching his sister and the bronzerider, looking quite proud of himself of something or other. A little grin pulls at his lips, nodding to himself before turning his attention to B'ky, "Sure, a dance, I'm in a good enough mood. And it'd shut Dalasith up about getting me to dance." He laughs loudly and as B'ky gets up, A'di drags himself up and moves to walk onto the dance floor, a fush filling his cheeks, "Course, it's one thing to say…and it's another thing to do. I'll still look silly."

Jei pokes a finger at his chest, grinning. "I'll remember that.." She murmurs with a smile, and a wink, before she glances sidelong at Yxelth, the green settled on the edge of the meadow. "I should get going, that green is making Yxelth ansty.. I'll see you soon, though?" And Jei stands on her tiptoes to offer Ai'an a quick kiss, before she's winking again and excusing herself, passing by A'di on the way with a quiet promise to visit soon.

D'son lingers in that chair through the end of the song, then spots a particular person he's been keeping an eye out for most of the evening and slips through the crowd to catch up to her. A short conversation follows, then the two slip away off to the side to continue speaking in relative quiet.

Ai'an nods, giving a grin. "Aye, ye can be sure I'll remember," he replies with a laugh. And then he nods. "Aye, though she seems ta 'ave completely dismissed Jaharith, thankfully." He chuckles. "See ya soon, Jei. 'Ave a safe trip!" He offers a wave to the departing woman.

Finally removing the mask once she gets deep enough into the crowd, Kanta whuffs, shaking her head. "haven't sang in awhile." She mumbles, heading for the punch bowl.

Ontali listens quietly to the singer, blinking when the song ends, smiling. The Weyrling claps quietly, and takes a sip of her juice, making an amusing face at something or other. She looks for a moment like she might join D'son, but as he moves off, the girl shrugs, peering around keenly. She seems content to sit off to the side, for now, watching others around her with a bright, cheerful expression. So maybe she doesn't /need/ the booze to be overly cheerful. Just the knowledge of having spent entirely too much money and a bubbly pie? Seems good.

"Yer being awfully defensive 'bout it if ya don't," K'avu mentions with a cackle under his breath, watching M'nol carefully at his reaction. Luscinth finally turns her full attention on Faraeth, getting up from the ground and walking around the brown, accepting the noses with a few of her own in return. "Shoulda shardin' known she was proddy, but bet she'd've been jus' as scary either way."

B'ky extends an arm to lead as he chuckles softly, saying to A'di, "No more silly than I look," and the bluerider smiles, indicating his clashing scarlet, indigo and bright orange outfit. He may have questionable fashion sense, but at least he's honest enough to admit it. Stepping onto the dance floor, B'ky chooses a slow, simple dance. He may know how to dance fairly well, but he's mindful of the other's abilities. Besides, even with decent boots on, the bluerider probably doesn't want too many stomped-on toes either. Avideth is meanwhile still crooning gently at the glowing green, though when Luscinth turns to Faraeth, Avideth lets out what might pass as a draconic sigh. He's too polite to go stalking after her, alas.

"You don't look silly." A'di tells the bluerider, looking perhaps just a tad awkward as he takes the arm. A blush lights on the bluerider's cheeks, trying his best to ignore the onlookers. The bluerider certainly isn't very good on his feet, nor is he the most fluent of dancers. Though, he easily enough falls into the steps after a while. "This isn't so bad…I guess." He mumbles to himself, focusing on the ground under him to make sure he doesn't step on the other bluerider's toes too much.

M'nol blushes, "Everyone seems ta think that brown and blue riders are… but I'm not… I'm not!" Faraeth croons again, nosing Luscinth a second time, moving closer if she'll let him. M'nol mutters, "'Snot my fault Farry's a slut…" He's silent for a beat, then, "Kez can be pretty scary…"

Kanta ends somewhere between Ontali and Cenlia, shaking her head wryly. "I shouldn'tve volunteered." She mutters, rich soprano voice bubbling with laughter.

Cenlia is off in a corner of the meadow, getting boozed with a bunch of lower cavernfolk. Yep. She does way a slightly tipsy, "Hey!" when she spots Kanta and Ontali, the girl waving a beer mug and then saying quite clearly to Kanta, "Wassa good song! Shards, but you can sing." The tiny gold flit on her shoulder and a much larger bronze Charmer trill their agreement, Charmer flitting over near Kanta to do his usual waggle-dance for scritches.

Ai'an goes back to idly wandering about, after Jei and her green leave, looking around at things, and waving to people. He offers a thumbs-up to A'di as he notes the man out there dancing with B'ky. He doesn't disturb them, though. Eventually he finds a lady who wants to dance, and goes back out there himself, now leading this lady in a dance.

Ontali lifts an eyebrow towards Kanta, canting her head faintly to the side. "Why /not/?" The girl asks with a startled laugh. "You're really good. M'am." She gets a crooked grin, and Cen a wiggle of her fingers. "Aw, Cen, you tease!" There is a bright laugh for the girl, and a stuck-out tongue, playful. "Lucky." She laughs, then peers curiously at Kanta. "I'm Ontali."

"Maybe ya jus' don' know yet," K'avu tells M'nol with a very amused smirk on his face at all that blushing. "Some people never figure /that/ out for awhile, ya know. Dragons know best, anyway." Of course, he's going to eat those words now as Luscinth nuzzles up next to Faraeth all happily, her croon sounding more like a draconic purr. "Shardin'… Get off him ya idiot!" he calls out to the clearing, .

Kanta offers a crooked grin as she replies with her name and posting. "Kanta, Wherhandler to Gold Kask, MineCraft Journeyman, assigned to Xanadu. Former apprentice of Harper Hall." She does provide Charmer with his scritches.

Faraeth places a wing protectively around her, for the moment his whole world revolved only around her outside of his rider, and croons happily. M'nol might've said something about K'avu's implication, but the shout at the green brings his attention back to the compromising position of their two dragons and his shout joins K'avu's, "Get off of her ya great sharding beast! Now's not the time… never."

B'ky chuckles softy, murmuring a, "Thanks," though the very faint blush on his pale cheeks might easily be missed. Avideth pauses in watching the glowing green for a moment to regard the dance floor, staring after his rider before the blue finally turns his attention to Luscinth, only to find the green even closer to the brown. Woe! Avideth sends her another croon, perhaps trying to coax her back. Meanwhile, on the dance floor, B'ky purposefully takes measured steps, dancing slowly and ignoring any possibly stepped-on toes. There's another gentle chuckle as the man says, "Not so bad at all," and there's only slight amusement in the man's tone. He doesn't glance down too much, sure of his own steps, though he keeps the pace slow enough while still keeping to the music.

A'di keeps track of his own feet, at least until he's comfortable enough to make sure that he's not going to step on the bluerider's. "I think I might even have it down!" he laughs loudly, clearly enjoying himself. He smiles widely up at the other bluerider, his own attenton drifting to the green for a moment. "I really don't want to be here when she goes up, I hate participating in flights, it's so frustrating afterwards."

Charmer practically purrs at Kanta, while Cenlia grins at Ontali, and then introduces herself to the wherhandler, just in case, "I'm Cenlia." A pause. "Here, have some booze!" The gardener girl indicates a nearby keg, grinning mischievously and waving at the other two to come over. Unfortunately for Kanta, once Cen's other flits see Charmer getting scritches, they all want attention - all four of them. It's a mini-mob that lands around Kanta, trilling for attention. Cenlia manages to look a little sheepish, as she waves an arm futily in an attempt to get her flits to stop pestering, grumbling an, "Oy!" that has absolutely no effect. At least Cen's little gold isn't joining in; that one is content to just hide under Cenlia's braid.

"/Never/ is quite right," growls K'avu as he gives M'nol a glare, as if it was all his fault afterall. He looks to down his drink again, but then realizes it was already empty, so he goes stalking off a little ways to fill it up. "Better get ta the other side of Pern already, an' ya tell yer crazy dragon to stay where he belongs," comes Kav's voice over to M'nol as he starts heading towards his lifemate. Probably to drag her away from her brown beau and fly away in a drunk stupor. Not the smartest idea, but he was K'avu.

Ai'an and his 'date' eventually find their way to the food and drink tables, each getting something to eat and drink. He finds somewhere in the grass, away from the main crowd, to sit with the lady and talk while they enjoy their meal. It looks like that's all that's happening, is talking.

M'nol nods at K'avu, stalking across the dancefloor along a completely different path to reach Faraeth. Unfortunately for him he gets distracted… by running straight into Tali. He blushes, "Uh… hi Tali… Cen, Kanta." He tries and nearly succeeds at a smile, but is still glancing up at his brown across the way. Why couldn't he ever go after greens that wouldn't end in his emasculation?

Kanta gah! Firelizards! Kanta flaps her hands as she dances about in a crazy flashing, nearly crashing into M'nol. Gah! Brownrider! She lands hard on her rear end, and bursts out giggling. "Oh dear lord." She says, groaning.

B'ky's smile widens, the man seeming pleased that A'di is enjoying the dance, laughing softly as well and saying, "You're not really bad at dancing." Although, admittedly, the dance is a slow and simple one. The mention of the green has B'ky glancing that way as well, the bluerider saying simply, "It can be, though finding someone afterward can help," but he breaks off there, probably not meaning to imply anything, but looking somewhat embarrassed for it anyway.

A'di smiles slightly, seeming to forget the people, at least for the moment. Perhaps Dalasith is having a influence on his rider, after all. The blush on his cheeks only seems to get worse, "I'm not really good at dancing." He ducks his head slightly, his eyes flickering to the other people. "It…I just tend to get drunk, that's the only way I deal with it. Other people can only help if you have someone to help…"

Ontali offers Kanta a sheepish grin. "Ontali, Weyrling of Cidheoth…" She expands on her own. "Well met, Kanta. M'am." Because you never know when V'dim is lurking, ready to pounce on you for not m'am'ing when you're supposed to. She really ought to know who she should, by now! "Cen!" It's almost a wail, but amused, face scrunching up in what she seems to hope is a terrifying fashion. "You're horrible." But here's a grin, and she's about to expand on that, except — thunk! "M'nol." Squeaked, and then Kanta is falling and Tali /really/ looks like she could use a drink, bless her heart, edging away warily. Is the insanity contagious? Maybe…

Cenlia rushes over to Kanta, sloshing beer as she goes and calling a, "Y'alright?" And then a louder, "Oy! Behave!" at her firelizards. The raised voice has her little gold flit chittering in a scolding tone, and perhaps somewhat remarkably, all four of Cen's other firelizards back off, Charmer even crooning what might be an apology. Cenlia herself looks surprised, eyeing her firelizards suspiciously. But she does grin, telling Ontali, "Dunno what it is, some people they just go after," the girl shrugging and shooing her flits off back toward the garden. "Sorry 'bout that," Cenlia says to Kanta, and then waves her tankard when she spots M'nol, calling a tipsy, "Hey," and then promptly gulping down the rest of the mug.

Gah! Cenlia! GaH! Ma'aming! GAH! There goes Ontali! Gah! Kanta's lost it. Gah! … wait, where'd the firelizards go? Kanta's embarrased at this point, so she scurries across the field, not paying attention, and she may end up tripping over somone.

Ai'an and his lady friend are simply finishing their meal. Ai'an seems a bit distracted, however…and so he doesn't notice that there's a Kanta running towards them…until he ends up with a lapful of Wherhandler! "Ack!" he yelps. Things go flying, and his date 'eeek!'s.

M'nol moves after Kanta, smiling at Cen's drunken state. At least she wasn't throwing bottles at anyone this time. "Are you okay, Kanta?" Only then does he notice the rider she's run into, "Sorry sir, uhh… M'nol, brown Faraeth's rider." He glances back at Kanta, "Do you need a hand up?"

Ontali shakes her head wonderingly. "They're insane!" She laughs towards Cen, grinning broadly. "Mine aren't any better. But they cling to Cid like little bugs on a canine." She giggles, and then sketches an impish salute for her semi-drunken friend. "I'll see you tomorrow, Cen." And M'nol and Kanta get a wave too, but then she's hightailing it out of there, as fast as she can go without looking too much like she's running. Because she'd never run /away/ from insanity, right? Not Tali!

B'ky notes the blushing, nearly mirroring it with his own pink-tinged cheeks, but smiling at A'di nonetheless. That smile falters slightly, however, B'ky murmuring, "Drinking helps as well…" There's a pause, the bluerider clearly about to say more when there's an 'eeek!' from somewhere. B'ky blinks and is glancing in Ai'an's direction in time to spot the wherhandler taking a stumble. B'ky almost pauses in the dance - almost - the man's instinct to go help wherever help is needed not strong enough to make him abandon in his dance partner. Instead, the bluerider mumbles a distracted, "Hope she's alright," while Avideth stretches his neck in the direction of the slight commotion, rumbling to echo his rider's concern.

The blushing doesn't go unnoticed and A'di offers a faint smile, laughing in a rather nervous manner. But as the other bluerider's head snaps to the sound, his own head turns just in time to catch Kanta barreling into Ai'an. "I think she is all right…doesn't look like she hurt herself too bad…" He trails off, pursing his lips tightly in thought.

Kanta says, from where she's eating Ai'an's tunic; "I'm not sure I want to face getting up." This is because she's barreled into someone elses date. If Ai'an didn't have a girl, circumstances might be different.

Ai'an actually is more concerned with whether Kanta's all right or not, and attempts to assist the woman in righting herself and standing. "Ya all right?" he inquires. His date, meanwhile, is snickering. It appears there's no hard feelings from the woman, who stands when Ai'an does. Ai'an will only stand when Kanta does, however.

M'nol reaches a hand down to Kanta, "Here, let me help you to a chair that doesn't currently hold a bronzerider."

Cenlia just watches Kanta flee, the gardener girl scratching her head and looking a bit baffled, or perhaps just sozzled. Her empty beer mug is eyed rather forlornly, but she does grin back at Tali, saying, "Flits're a nuisance," and waves as the other girl heads off. Cenlia glances around, grabs more booze, and then wanders over toward the Ai'an/Kanta pile, attempting to look concerned while saying, "You guys alright? Shards, I swear th' flits didn't mean no harm…" The gardener does look slightly guilty, rubbing the back of her neck, though she's having a hard time stifling a giggle at the predicament, especially after Morl's comment.

Kanta groans. Into Ai'ans shirt again. "Why is it I always run into the bronzers?" She asks, finally standing, flushing. She sweeps her hair out of her face, chuckling at M'nol.

Ai'an actually snickers at M'nol's comment as well. "Aye, 'fraid 'm a li'l too lumpy ta make a dec'nt chair," he teases gently. Once he's sure there hasn't been any injury, his next concern turns to her attire. It's such a pretty outfit, and it'd be a shame if it got ruined. "I hope none o' the food 'r drinks got on yer costume." He stands with Kanta, and checks briefly. Nothing indecent meant by the perusal of course. He grins at Kanta's question. "Mebbe ya jus' like 'em?" He snickers. Clearly he's not upset about what happened, either.

Avideth settles back down once he sees nobody's gotten maimed or killed, and B'ky visibly relaxes, though the faint blush remains on his cheeks. "She's alright," he murmurs with surety, and then turns his attention quite purposefully back to A'di, saying simply, but gently, "Get to know someone."

M'nol pulls out a chair, and motions for Kanta to sit in it, "Are you really afraid of flits or did they just catch you by surprise? They're generally safe so long as you're not hurting their impressee."

A'di shakes his head and sighs quietly, turning his attention back to B'ky, "It's hard these days, and it's not like I get out of my weyr much. Dalasith's usually out talking to everyone besides me, and I have my hands full with my wing duties. So I don't really have time to meet people. At least I have Dal, that's enough for now…I suppose."

Cenlia nods in agreement with M'nol, telling Kanta, "M' flits've never hurt nobody. Ever." She sloshes her beer mug for emphasis, glancing again at Kanta and saying more sincerely, "Sorry 'bout all of them. They get kinda friendly." She grins apologetically at the bronzer as well, and from the trees Charmer and company chitter at everyone.

Straightening her pretty dress, Kanta finally tilts her head to look at Ai'an. "I wouldn't mind you! as a chair." She says, a quirky grin on her face, then shakes her head. "If I was scared of flits, I'dve never imprinted to a gold wher." She says, placidly. "My two, Nobility and Medic, are at home with Kask." She explains.

Ai'an grins a little to Kanta's remark. "Ah, well…it'd get lumpy after a while," he cautions. He does not elaborate, however, leaving her to interpret that comment any way she wished. He was difficult to injure, so that wasn't even a concern. "I 'ave three," he replies, meaning firelizards, of course. "Dunno where they 'eaded off to in the scuffle, though."

M'nol smiles at Kanta, nearly genuinely which is a great feat for him just now, "Just making sure. I'm up to," he thinks for a moment, actually counting on his fingers, "seven? And all by the youngest are well trained." He pauses, blushing at Kanta's forewardness with the bronzer, "Do you need… water or anything?"

Cenlia's flits aren't the only ones in attendance at the gathering this fine evening. Jessamin walks along the path to the Meadow, in a crimson red, ankle length dress, with an empire waistline and low scoop neckline. Tiny silver bells jingle along the hem with every step she takes, and the fitted sleeves cover her arms down to the wrists. An almost plain demi mask in the same hue as her dress is tied to her face with gold ribbons, and her long, honey-gold hair hangs behind her in loose, silky waterfalls. On her right shoulder is a triple-corded knot with no tail… aqua and purple with a thread of white worked throughout. Six flits soar through the air behind her, chittering and creeling as they play amongst themselves. She remains near the edge of the meadow for the time being, a smile curling her lips upwards as she surveys those gathered.

B'ky smiles gently, nodding in understanding at what A'di says, but then tilting his head to the side a little and asking quietly, "Well, you're here, aren't you?" The soft smile remains, the man's expression faintly amused, as he speaks, "There's always time, even if it's brief."

A'di smiles a little and nods his head, "Well, yeah, even if it took both Jei /and/ Dalasith to get me here!" He laughs loudly and grins at B'ky, "I try to find time, perhaps sometime I'll just go with Dal when he's talking to people. But I'm not really that interesting, at least, I don't think so. I always end up with my nose in a book."

"I got…" Cenlia has to think for a moment, counting on her fingers before she comes up with, "…five." The gardener girl peers about, as if to make sure her flits are still around, and spots Jessamin. Cen waves at the other girl, grinning a, "Hey!" and raising her beer mug. Cen glances briefly back at M'nol, Kanta, and Ai'an, saying, "You guys wanna drink? M' gonna get some more," and she downs the rest of her tankard.

Kanta smiles again, this time a genuine one. "I'd be willing to try, Bronze rider. Kanta, Journywoman, MineCrafter, bonded to Gold Kask." She says, formally. "Sure, Cenlia." She adds on, taking the proffered seat. "Thanks, M."

Jessamin waves over at Cenlia, making her way over to the other girl. Her flits aren't far behind her, soaring upwards and performing an intricate aerial ballet while they play. "Hello there. Afraid I missed you last night in the crowd. How are you?" A smile and courteous nod is offered to Kanta and Ai'an, and a wave for M'nol. "Hello there."

M'nol waves to Jessa and Cen as they approach, "Hey… I really shouldn't… he glances down at his feet, "Maybe just a sip?"

Ai'an's date comes over to nestle against his side as the danger seems averted and there's no threat of wherhandlers falling from the sky again. "Well…" the bronzer replies, "ours did get upset on th' ground." There's no accusatory note to his voice, so it's clear that he isn't upset about it. "I c'n come with ya to get th' drinks if'n ye like," he offers Cenlia. He does have to get his date another drink, too. Before he does, however, he offers an introduction in response to Kanta's. "Ai'an. Jaharith's, from Fort. Jaharith's over there." He points to the lounging bronze, who's just about fallen asleep by now.

B'ky chuckles, saying lightly, "I'm glad you made it here, then." He continues to dance slowly, though now and again the bluerider does glance downward to ensure he's not going too fast. The man hmms, regarding A'di for a moment and saying, "I don't know, you were interesting enough that I thought to ask for a dance," and B'ky's smile is genuine.

Jessamin hugs M'nol and Cenlia in turn, smiling at them both. "Shards, it's good to see you two again. Been keeping out of trouble?" She wrinkles her nose at the smell of beer, shaking her head and taking a step back.

Kanta sighs at Ai'an's date. Cute ones = Always taken. However she dutifully peers. "I wonder if Gold whers have the same effects on bronze dragons." She wonders, giggling.

A'di's smile only grows, seeming to forget the fact that they're dancing. "I'm glad too, or else I wouldn't have seen my sister, or met you, or…had fun. I don't remember the last time I actually enjoyed myself," There's quiet laughter as he dances with the other bluerider, "Well, that's your opinion, and I'm glad you did dance with me. Even if I make us look silly."

Cenlia fairly beams with delight, nodding at Kanta and raising her beer mug, "Will get ya one." Yay booze! She grins at Jess, accepting the hug while the itty bitty gold flit on her shoulder squeaks in surprise at Jessamin, "M' good, how've ya been?" as Cenlia is moving back toward the ale. She grins gleefully at Ai'an, "We could bring some bottles over." Completely forgetting to introduce herself. M'nol gets a quick glance, but Cen shrugs, still sober enough to remember the rule about weyrlings and booze, saying flatly, "An' some juice fer him. Gotta make sure you graduate tomorrow."

M'nol blushes and nods to Cen, "Maybe I c'n drink t'morrow, too." He accepts the hug from Jessa and smiles, "As much as I can with two more greedy maws to feed, anyway," he chuckles, "You?" The tiny brown, the unwitting gift from Jessa, gives a quiet sleepy chirp in her direction before slipping back to sleep.

Ai'an blinks, tilting his head to Kanta's remark. "I wouldn'a think so," he replies. "Not th' same species, right? I'd think they'd be far 'nough away from each oth'r not ta be affected. 'Sides…whers don' 'ave clutches oft'n, do they?" he inquires. Then he smiles. "Some c'n be quite cute, though, I grant." Cenlia's suggestion brings a chuckle from Ai'an. "Now that sounds like a REAL good idea!" he replies with laughter. Yes, bring back bottles and have everybody get drunk, then have to fly back home like that! Does Pern have penalties for FWI — Flying While Intoxicated? He will, however, excuse himself from his date and accompany Cenlia over to where the drinks are, though. If she really likes her idea of bringing bottles, he's all for it!

Kanta giggles again, and trails after Ai'an and Cenlia.

Jessamin says "Not too bad, thanks." She peers around the gathering, as if looking for someone. But when she doesn't see the one she seeks, her shoulders slump ever so slightly. Still, a smile remains on her face, and her voice, soft and even. "What about you and your newest little maw?" One hand is proffered to the itty bitty gold flit, with a light, warbling whistle. "Aren't you just the pretty one?" M'nol gets a sympathetic smile from her, and she shakes her head. "You do have my sympathy. Bahrain and Indigo were awfully close together, so I know what you're going through. I'm doing alright. At least I haven't drawn tunnelsnake duty for a few days."

B'ky smiles back at A'di, though at that last part the Xanadu bluerider's eyebrows go up and he asks with amusement, "Silly?" There's a pause as he tilts his head to listen to the music and leads toward a clear spot on the dance floor, relatively far from the other dancers, his grey eyes sparkling gently as he says softly, "Well, if we look silly, we might as well not worry," and with that, he moves to a twirl, moving around A'di, slowly, but with enough flourish to look as if it's all just part of the dance.

A'di frowns ever so slightly at the other bluerider's expression, his own gaze turning towards the music. He allows himself to be lead towards the clear spot, his cheeks a rather interesting shade of red by now. And as his attention turns back to the other rider, he all but sputters trying to find the footing quickly as they start twirling around. But soon the bluerider is laughing, "Oh shard it, fine. I'll look silly. Dalasith, at least, approves." A quick look over his shoulder at the crooning blue in question.

Oh, Cenlia is getting bottles alright. Armloads of them, if she can, holding many out to Ai'an with a huge grin. She also grabs more mugs and one lonely bottle of juice for M'nol. Her little gold flit cheeps at Jessamin, and Cen makes a face, "This one's bettern' the others were. Shards, had four of 'em as babies all at once. Never again," and she looks properly horrified. Thankfully, all the rest of Cen's flock are grown up by now. Plopping down in a secion of the meadow, Cenlia pours the first mug for Kanta, saying sheepishly, "Sorry again about m' flits earlier if they surprised ya."

Kanta takes the mug, and salutes Cenlia with it. "They didn't scare me! Just surprised me. I'm not used to getting swarmed either." She says gravely, plucking a bottle for her own use from the ones Cenlia is offering Ai'an.

Ai'an nods. "Ended up findin' all mine," he replies, accepting the bottles that Cenlia hands to him. "Dunno how that 'appened. S'pecially with a gold. I didn'a know there was any wild gold firelizards." Pause. "Though I guess there'd 'afta be…." He moves to where Cenlia and Kanta are, looking for his date. Alas, she seems to have found somebody else to latch onto in the interim. "Ah well. Easy come, easy go." He shrugs, though he doesn't look too upset with being abandoned.

Jessamin returns to the group of Cenlia, M'nol, Kanta, and Ai'an, with a couple new purchases cradled gently in her arms. She is fortunate enough to find a seating area very close by, and settles down on a bench to listen to and watch the goings-on.

M'nol accepts the bottle of juice from Cen and takes a deep draught from it, then smiles at Jessamin, "Agate and Bloodstone were pretty close together, but not the same day like these two beasties." he chuckles softly, "Agate was a gift… The rest were hatchings."

B'ky is grinning by the time he twirls back around enough to see A'di's face, and his own gentle laughter is accompanied by another set of dance steps, though he's careful to measure them out so A'di can hopefully follow. B'ky nods in Dalasith's direction, smiling warmly and saying, "I'm glad." Avideth, on the other hand, just peers over at the dance floor with mild interest. B'ky returns his gaze to his dance partner, adding a soft but amused, "I rather suspect we're making a few people jelous," with a head tilt toward the crowd that's still milling about.

Kanta sits down with a flop by Ai'an, sipping from her mug. "I should buy those black wherhide straps, but …" She sighs. "Gold and black is such an odd combination…"

A'di turns slightly to watch B'ky as he twirls, laughing loudly and attempts to try and mimic the steps, though he's clearly having a little bit of difficulty. "So…you're from Fort too? Is that why you asked about Ai'an?" A'di asks, his own gaze shifting to the surrounding people. "Jealous? Why would they be jealous? It's not like I can dance, and if they wanted to dance with you, it wouldn't hurt my feelings any."

Ai'an waves to Jessamin, probably having missed her at first. How? Good question; Ai'an usually keeps an eye on the ladies. Creepy? You betcha. Not really. He's a pretty normal guy. At least personality-wise. "'Ey…I found one in a dish o' flour in Fort's kitchens," he replies. "Fumin I found in a lady's clothes in the bathin' caverns. Th' egg looked like it 'ad eyes, an' it scared 'er." Pause. "Matter of fact…" He looks up at B'ky. "Huh…thought he looked familiar. I think 'e was in there when I found 'er. It was his lady-friend whose clothes I found th' egg in…."

Jessamin smiles softly, waving to Ai'an. "Hello there." She listens with some amusement to his tales of how he found each of his faire, azure eyes twinkling behind her crimson demi-mask. But otherwise, she is quiet, reluctant to interject on what is a wonderfully amusing account.

Cenlia lets the remaining, unclaimed bottles sit in a pile nearby, the gardener girl popping the top off one and taking a swig. She peers over at Jessamin, "Ooh, what'd ya get?" But she's distracted by Ai'an's story, the girl blinking and peering over at B'ky, "What, really? Shards, don't tell B'miel!" And she grins and takes another swig of.. ale? Whatever it is, it gives her a gigglefit.

Whiskey … ale … whatever alcoholic beverage it is … it doesn't mix well with Kanta, because after her mug, she's hysterically giggling, then in a supremely interesting movement, falls asleep, leaning against Ai'an. ZZZZ.

B'ky laughs softly, nodding as he repeats the dance steps, saying with just the faintest touch of pride, "Born and impressed at Fort Weyr." But the grin falters for just a moment as he speaks, though the man doesn't miss a dance step. However, at the question, B'ky's smile returns, doing a sudden about-face so that he ends up facing A'di, streamers on his mask whapping across his nose as he states quite firmly, "No… because /we/ are the ones having fun."

Ai'an offers a charming smile to Jessamin's greeting, and a return of, "'Ello." He blinks as Cenlia cautions him against telling this story to someone. "B'miel? Who's that?" he inquires. Then he blinks again as he ends up with a Kanta shoulder ornament. Sleepy wherhandler, whee! He's enjoying his booze right now, though…so he shifts the sleeping woman to lay her head on his leg. Not in an awkward way, just so she won't end up completely on the ground.

And B'ky is probably quite glad he hasn't caught the conversation going on over there. Yet.

A'di laughs along with B'ky, at least someone is enjoying himself, if even tentitively. "So you were born and impressed at Fort? I was in the area at one point, but only for a little while." But the sudden abrupt turn has A'di confused, blinking as he considers the man. "Well, you're right, that's reason enough for people to be jealous. And you know what? I don't care, I haven't had this much fun since…well, not in a long, long time." He shakes his head, grinning suddenly. "So might as well enjoy it while it lasts."

M'nol chuckles, but continues to drink the juice in large gulps, not really focusing on the conversation before him.

"B'miel," Cenlia says while jerking at thumb at the two dancing blueriders, "Is B'ky's /weyrmate/." Dun dun duun. But after a few seconds, Cenlia has to admit, somewhat lamely, "Kinda." She does look around blearily, as if for said B'miel, but the greenrider seems not to be here. With a shrug, Cen peers at the snoozing Kanta, then grins, "Shards, was just a mug of ale. I think." The girl makes a face, wobbling a little and she grins for no apparent reason at Jessamin and M'nol.

Bahrain creels as he wings his way down to settle on his human's shoulder, plucking at the gold ribbons holding her mask on.

Jessamin blushes a little bit and smiles at Ai'an. "Well met, sir. Jessamin, Candidate at Western and apprentice Weaver." A tug on the ribbons of her mask gets the culprit a mock-stern look, with a light thump on the snout. "And this little mischief-maker is Bahrain." Again, she lets her voice trail off, content to listen to the tales being told around her for the moment.

Ai'an blinks a little, and then nods to Cenlia's statement. "Oh! I see," he replies. "Won't say a thing, promise." He smiles and makes an 'X' across his heart. He snickers at Cenlia's observation of Kanta. "Maybe it was somethin' else," he suggests. "I mean…none o' us are really /lookin'/ at what we're drinkin', right?" He has to chuckle. Jessamin's introduction prompts him to offer, "Ai'an, Jaharith's." That he's Fortian is easy to tell from the knot he's wearing.

B'ky's smile reaches even his pale grey eyes behind the gaudy mask, the man nodding to A'di and holding out an arm to continue the dance, saying softly, "I left Fort for a while, though I miss it…" But even the touch of sadness in his voice can't mar the smile on his face, the man laughing again, and nodding in agreement. "Shall we?" and he moves onto another twirl. "And there's always the next gather," B'ky murmurs, leaving the invitation open as he begins a new set of steps, still measured to the music, and mindful of A'di's feet.

Cenlia giggles, finally getting around to introducing herself to Ai'an with a cheerful, if slightly slurred, "I'm Cenlia." And then, instead of rank or craft, "I have booze." And indeed, what more explanation is there? She raises a bottle and takes another swig. The little gold on her shoulder chirps a greeting to Bahrain, and looks more than a little curiously at Jessamin's mask.

Probably a good thing A'di isn't really paying too much attention to the conversation around him, or it might just put a damper on his fun. But, as it is, he's grinning widely at B'ky, "I know how you feel, I had to move around a lot as a kid. Between my mom, my dad, my stepdad, the sitters…didn't really stay in one place to long." He grins as he tries to follow B'ky's movements, if even his timing is off. "But I'll always consider /this/ home. It's as close to home as I ever got, I'm always moving these days." He pauses, tilting his head, "Next gather? You mean dance together again? I'd like that, but who knows when the next one will be."

Bahrain peers curiously at the tiny gold on the other female human's shoulder, trilling a greeting.

B'ky slows his dance steps just slightly, adjusting his pace a little, and smiling warmly at A'di, "Next gather, or the next time you have a free evening," and there's a soft chuckle to accompany it, "We do have dragons, after all. Have Dalasith let Avi know?" There's a fond tilt of the head toward Avideth, who looks content to sit and watch the people in their fancy clothes.

Jessamin smiles to Ai'an, inclining her head. "Well met." At Cenlia's bottle-inspired introduction, she rolls her eyes and laughs. "You and booze… you're going to have a splitting headache in the morning, and I won't feel sorry for you one bit." She keeps one hand on her new gitar, with something else jingling dully in her lap. She looks between Ai'an, Cenlia, and M'nol as the conversation goes on, her eyes straying occasionally to the dance floor with a wistful little sigh.

A'di seems to consider this, his eyes going distant for a moment, just long enough to miss a couple of the steps. "Well, doesn't look I have much of a choice." He laughs loudly, shaking his head in amusement, "Dalasith's already decided that it'd be better for me if I had more social interaction instead of burying my nose in my books all the time." He grins a little, "But yeah…no point in waiting till next gather, and I could use a break every now and then. Visiting would give me a excuse to get out of my weyr."

M'nol chuckles, stroking Phyrite and Aventurine in turn, the rest of his fair already asleep in his weyr, "At least she's not throwing bottles at Sigam this time. I consider that a plus."

Ai'an laughs to Cenlia's greeting. "Ah, yeah…we all do," he notes, grinning. "Pleased ta meet ya though. You an' yer booze both." He raises his own mug in salute. He also gives a slight wink to Jessamin. Yay, flirt! He also laughs to M'nol's comment. "Aye indeed…not throwing bottles is always good."

Cenlia groans, but is still grinning as she tells Jessamin, "Headache's /worth/ it." Cen is boozed, but not boozed enough to miss the sigh, the girl attempting to give both M'nol and Ai'an elbow nudges. Cenlia blinks, though, glancing at Morl, "Oy, he deserved it! Sharding nosey-nosed dragonhealer!" She shakes the boose bottle she's holding for emphasis. The bottle-shaking turns into a salute for Ai'an, the girl saying rather loudly, "M' booze is please to meetcha!" Yep. That's Cenlia for ya.

M'nol winces a little at Cen's announcement, "Have… have ya talked to him since ya got back? He's… mellowed a bit… K'avu rearranged his face, gave him some new persepective."

Jessamin 's cheeks suddenly seem to have grown twin roses upon them, the hue drawn forth by that ever so slight wink in her direction. She ducks her head a bit, tucking a stray lock of hair behind one ear and smiling. "Cen, I wouldn't know about that… can't imagine it -would- be worth it, never been drunk in my life." Her friend's bottle salute gets a wry grin, and shake of her head. In an aside to M'nol, she whispers, "Do I even want to know how long she's been in the booze?"

M'nol's statement sounds like the beginning of a serious discussion, one that Ai'an doesn't really know the situation behind. So he quiets then, listening to the conversation instead. Though he seems satisfied when Jessamin blushes and ducks her head, and he chuckles. Though he pursues the matter no further. Cenlia's statement about her booze being pleased to meet him makes him grin. "Just yer booze? Aww…I was hopin' you'd be glad ta meet me, too." He waggles his eyebrows at Cenlia.

B'ky continues to smile at A'di, the man chuckling and saying softly, "There's nothing wrong with books. In fact, there is a bookshop in Ierne that I've been meaning to visit again at some point. I still have to return an old journal to L'ren, but work seems neverending." And there's an almost self-conscious chuckle for that. And another pause, before he adds almost hesitantly, "And I've heard they've uncovered an old library at Fort…"

A'di's eyes widen ever so slightly, his head tilting to the side. Now B'ky has A'di's complete and full attention. "I've been meaning to visit the library in Ierne…" He drifts off, pursing his lips, "Never got around to it, and I avoid that place like the plague. There's so many greenriders down there, you're bound to get caught up in at least /one/ flight. It's dangerous for a rider." He sighs quietly, "A library at Fort? Now I'll have to stop by Fort and see if that's true, think of all the things that could be there. All sorts of history we never knew about!" He grins a little, "You'll have to show me."

"K'avu? Who's that?" Cenlia raises an eyebrow at M'nol, "Hunh, bet he deserved it. I ain't seen Sigam since that time in the garden - nearly got shot by Thea." Cenlia seems to have slightly more respect for the man, however, as she adds, "Was steppin' between a crossbow an' X'hil. Shards, thought he was gonna get himself shot, 'cept the crossbow weren't loaded." Cenlia snickers. And to Jessamin, "Ain't about gettin' drunk. 'S about the taste of the booze." And Cen takes another swig. Ai'an's eyebrow waggling gets a giggle from the gardener girl, Cenlia saying, "Me, m' booze, same thing." There's a mischievous grin, then, likely encouraged by the alcohol, as Cenlia laughs, "Y'know, the /last/ bronzer I went boozin' with ended up in bed with me." And she smirks, "You ain't nearly drunk enough yet, though." And she pushes some bottles his way.

Bahrain peers curiously at the unknown male human, chirruping a greeting.

M'nol chuckles at Jessa, thankfully enjoying the company, "D'you mean tonight, or overall? Couple hours and…" he thinks for a minute, "a lifetime, respectively." He nods, "A bit of both, I think… and he was here tonight, ya just missed him. He was locked up with Sigam and them at Ista." He blanches a little, "I must've missed hearing about that encounter…"

Ai'an listens to the conversation about people getting shot with crossbows and blinks. "…Shootin' people with a crossbow…is that a welcomin' ritual here?" he teases. Really, it's not to make light of anyone's problems; he's trying to lighten the mood somewhat. He seems pleased by Cenlia's statement about the booze, however, and nods. "'Ere, 'ere!" he adds, lifting a bottle in salute. He hears the chirrup and looks to its source, Bahrain. He greets the little bronze with a smile and a soft, "Well, 'ello there." And with a scritchie if the little firelizard will allow it.

Jessamin glances up at Ai'an and smiles softly, eyes twinkling at his joviality. "Never come between Thea and her target, if she's got that crossbow in hand. I've never seen it, but heard she's a deadeye shot." To M'nol, she grins, chuckling. "Oh, was that the row that was pretty close to when Chachucha's last clutch hatched out there on the beach? Never could quite figure out what prompted it in the first place."

Bahrain hops off of his human's shoulder down to the ground, waddling over to Ai'an. Yay, scritchies! He butts the bronzer's hand with his tiny little head, crooning softly.

B'ky chuckles at the mention of the number of greenriders in Ierne, but otherwise doesn't comment, instead saying, "Let me know when you have an afternoon free. I believe the libary at Fort is open to the public now." The expression on his face softens, "I always wished I could have been there, seen the history the old journals recorded, when the wings flew at full strength with a purpose." There's real regret there, B'ky looking momentarily wistful. Poor man was probably born in the wrong century, considering his expression. Avideth, from his spot across the meadow, rumbles softly, and the gentle smile returns to B'ky's face, the man nodding and saying to A'di, "I'd love to show you, though I have only seen a little of it myself."

Ai'an smirks to Jessamin's warning. "I'll 'afta remember that," he replies with a chuckle. And as the firelizard headbutts his hand, he chuckles and scritches the little bronze. However, this seems to make his own firelizards, who have been milling about here and there — probably getting into trouble — upset. A lime green firelizard zips on, alighting on Ai'an's thigh and beginning to gripe at the bronze. Her human! And a gold alights on his shoulder, griping at the green. "Oi! Both o ya, quiet," he says firmly, waving a finger at them both. The gold calm, but the green doesn't she just latches onto the finger waving at her. Apparently it didn't hurt, since Ai'an just picks his hand up, looking at the firelizard dangling from it. "A'right now…." Gently, he disengages the green from his finger. There is also a blue sleeping on Jaharith's neckridges if anyone looks over at the bronze.

"An afternoon free…?" A'di trails off, his eyes flickering to the ground in a uneasy manner, "That might be asking a lot, but I'll see what I can do. I'm pretty sure Taira will let me off at least /one/ day." A'di then offers a sympathetic smile, "I know what you mean, I often wonder why we're still around as we are. There's no real need for dragonriders anymore except as a convenience." He sighs softly, though, A'di's perhaps a bit too quick to perk up. "So…show me. I bet we could learn a lot together, and I could show you some of the things that I've picked up."

Cenlia smirks at M'nol, "And ya ain't ever gonna hear 'bout it again. None of ya business." There's a short pause, and then Cenlia adds, "Er, don't mention any o' that to X'hil if ya see him? He's prolly already mad at me…" and with that she groans and promptly gulps down the entire rest of the bottle.

Jessamin bursts out laughing at the little green dangling from Ai'an's finger, eyes a-twinkle with mirth. But once one flit starts griping and raising a stink, it does not take long for the rest of her faire to wing their way down from their aerial game of 'tag', to settle around -their- human in a protective circle of green, blue, and brown. They chitter vociferously at the tiny green who started it all with her griping, and each winds up with a little thump on their snouts "Shards, the lot of you… what's gotten into you? You're usually far better behaved than this!" An apologetic smile is offered to Ai'an. "I'm sorry about this, didn't expect my lot to get so worked up." Bahrain, in the meantime, doesn't really seem to care. He just trills a happy little greeting to one and all, even to Ai'an's green and gold.

M'nol smiles at those around him, glad for the pick-me-up they'd provided. Maybe Faraeth *was* right about this whole people thing. Then he yawns. Loudly. Then he stands, unsettling his two newest children with an unhappy chitter. He nods, "I… should get to bed… big day tomorrow and all." He yawns again, "Don' worry, Cen… can't blab what I don't know." He gives Jessa one last hug, "See people tomorrow, hopefully." Then he's off across the dwindling dancefloor, aboard Faraeth, and away.

Cenlia then promptly has a fit of giggles at the firelizards, her own winging closer but not mobbing anyone again. Seems her little gold has already trained Cen's four troublemakers some.

Ai'an chuckles to Jessamin. "Not a problem. Fumin's got far more energy than I know what ta do with," he explains. "An' it us'ully ends up startin' somethin' or other." He grins. The gold is a little curious about the bronze, and as Bahrain trills his greeting, Fiasco descends from her bronzer-shoulder perch to investigate him. Ai'an waves to the departing brownrider who he doesn't really know the name of. He grins to Cenlia's fit of giggling, and places Fumin on his shoulder, the perch that Fiasco had vacated. "Now behave." Then he goes back to drinking. He's starting to show signs of a light buzz, at least. Finally.

Bahrain bobs his head up and down at Fiasco's greeting, spreading his wings open wide.

Madder creels at the brightly hued green on the bronzerider's shoulder.

Jessamin rolls her eyes a bit and chuckles, smiling right back at Ai'an. "Sounds like Sekhmet at times." Cenlia gets a light jab to the ribs, and she shakes her head. "Come on, lay off the booze a bit? You don't want to wind up passed out and unable to remember what you did in the morning, do you?"

B'ky catches sight of A'di's groundward eyeflickering, the man saying gently, "Or an evening." The need for dragonriders has B'ky faltering, both in his dancing and his expression, the downward tilt of his mouth momentary, but abrupt. "Pern still has need of dragonriders," he speaks with a quiet firmness, though the assurance does not quite make it to his eyes. But he changes the subject just a quickly, "If your books are half as interesting as they sound, I'd certainly like to borrow one or two at some point."

"Sorry," A'di's quick to mumble, a sheepish grin pulling at his lips, a finger reaching out to poke at B'ky's shoulders. "No need to go get all sulky, I can do an afternoon. Just need to talk to Taira about it, and even if I /did/ sneak out, it's not like it'd take forever to get back. I'm sure she'd understand." He smiles a little, studying the other bluerider carefully. "Well, I'm happy what I do, if even if it's silly at times." Shoulders lift indifferently but then he beams, "I have all sorts! I've got quite a collection, if you like books you'll have to see sometime. I'm pretty sure you'd be impressed." A'di and his books.

Said brightly-hued green upon Ai'an's shoulder squawks at Madder. Her human! Ai'an taps Fumin on the side gently, though, and her head swings back to look at him. "Stop that," he cautions, and she quiets down. He returns his attention to the conversation as he hears Jessamin's comment. "Wakin' up an' not rememb'rin' anythin'? Sounds no different than a flight," he replies, with a smile.

Cenlia acks at the jab to the ribs, giving Jessamin a sheepish grin and saying, "Passing out ain't so bad. 'S winding up naked in a tree with somebody else's hat on that can get me into trouble." She flashes a grin at Ai'an, "Yeah? Shards, no wonder half the weyr ends up in the tavern after some greenie goes up."

Jessamin turns as red as her dress, giggling softly at the remark about flights. "Not that I'd know. Maybe one day… who knows?" She glances over at Cenlia, shaking her head. "Do I even want to know?"

Madder takes a step back at Fumin's squawking, answering with a light warbling of his own. Yes, your human, pretty one!

Bahrain croons softly at Fiasco, his eyes whirling in calm shades of jade green.

It's now B'ky's turn to look a little sheepish, the man shaking his head at the finger poke and the soft smile returning to his face, if not his eyes. "It's not that," he says simply, but leaves it at that in any case, instead focusing on the talk of books. History buff meet book collector… there's certainly renewed interest as B'ky chuckles and says, "How many do you have?" and "I'd love to see them sometime."

Ai'an nods to Cenlia's observation. "Where d'ya think I end up?" he inquires. "Ev'n when Jaharith ain't chasin'? It's rough, s'pecially when several greens go up at once." He shakes his head. To Jessamin, "Well…if'n yer lookin' fer yer lifemate, I wish ye all the luck! There's def'nitely downs as well as ups." Fumin, for her part, seems a little intrigued by the retreating brown, and skitters down Ai'an's arm to investigate. Fiasco curls quietly next to Ai'an and croons happily in return to Bahrain.

A'di considers the other bluerider for a moment, his eyes flickering towards the dwindling crowd. "If you say so…" He trails off, pursing his lips as his attention quickly returns, the talk of books renewing his interest once again. "Let's just say that I have so many books in my weyr that I don't really have much of a weyr anymore." He laughs quietly, "You could stop by sometime, I'd be happy to let you borrow some."

Cenlia's grin is thoroughly mischievous as she giggles, saying to Jessamin, "Wasn't half as bad as the time me an' my cousin Evi raided the brewery. Shards, ain't /never/ goin' beer-diving again." And then she smirks at Ai'an, "'S too bad ya ain't a Xanadu rider. Seems like everybody 'round here's got no time or ain't allowed to booze." Her lament isn't really serious, though, as she's still snickering into the nearest ale bottle.

Jessamin says "Thanks, Cen, I'd rather not booze… even if I didn't have the white knot!" Chuckling, she hugs her friend, mussing up her hair a bit with… a noogie! "Still, wouldn't change you for the world." Ai'an's well wishes draw a soft smile from her, and she inclines her head towards him. "Thank you. It's just a matter of time."

Madder ducks his head and spreads his wings as if bowing to Fumin, trilling at her.

B'ky smiles, saying softly, "I may do that." He resumes the dance, though he's leading away from the center of the dance floor as the crowd dwindles. "And you claimed you weren't interesting," B'ky laughs gently, the cheer returning, perhaps at the mention of borrowing books.

Bahrain seems pleased with Fiasco's crooning, and he dares to take a tiny step closer to admire her.

A'di allows himself to be led away from the center of the floor, perhaps looking relieved now that they're not really in the center of attention. "Well, I didn't know you enjoyed history as much as I did." He laughs loudly, looking up at the bluerider. "What else do you like? I don't get a whole lot of free time these days, so aside from my archive work, I really only have time for Dalasith."

Ai'an grins. "'Beer-divin''?" he inquires. "Sounds hazardous. An' very inebriatin'." He laughs heartily to Cenlia's lament. "Nah, I doubt Jaharith'd get used ta a new weyr. 'E's comf'ter'ble at Fort." Tripping over his words more than usual, it seems. The booze getting to him? Maybe a little. Ai'an nods to Jessamin's statement. "Aye. The Search dragons saw somethin' in ya. Jus' a li'l longer an' a newly-hatched one'll see the same thing, the very thing it's lookin' for." He grins broadly. Fumin is tilting her head at Madder curiously, and Fiasco circles around Bahrain slowly, examining him as well.

Cenlia practically squeals at the sudden noogie, flailing a bit and trying to wave Jessamin off rather lamely. Hugs she doesn't mind, but this…! Her expression, though, goes from making a scrunched face to laugher, giving Ai'an another grin, "Should try it sometime. More fun than bein' treed by a mad farmer." Cenlia might not be making sense anymore, though the girl does wrinkle her nose and dig into more booze as the mention of search comes up.

Bahrain cheeps and trills at Fiasco, spreading his wings and preening as the little gold circles him. What a showoff!

Madder hops a little closer to Fumin, warbling melodiously to her
Jessamin is not blind to Cenlia's look, pulling back a little as she sees her reaction to the mention of Search. She shakes her head a little, but then just looks back to Ai'an, smiling shyly. "I do hope so." Her eyes twinkle with amusement as she watches the flits, particularly Madder. "What a little flirt!"

Ai'an grins at the flailing, chuckling slightly, but he doesn't move to rescue Cenlia. However, he's not drunk enough not to miss the expression. Nor is he drunk enough to just overtly announce it. But he will offer her to talk if she likes. "Somethin' wrong?" he inquires of the quite sloshed woman. Ai'an offers a smile to Jessamin, not quite knowing what to say, but wanting to encourage her all the same. Fumin just kind of blinks, though she flutters a little bit. Madder's not the only one who's pretty!

Fiasco, once she's done with her circle, sits placidly, curling her tail around her feet as she sits.

Jessamin leans over to whisper to Ai'an, shaking her head a little.

B'ky chuckles, "Many things… travelling across Pern, seeing the weyrs and holds grow and change, though I admit, if it weren't for Avideth, I might still be doing odd jobs in the lower caverns." Then, his cheeks going ever so slightly pink as he gestures at his outfit rather self-consciously, B'ky murmurs, "As you can probably guess, I have a weakness for bright clothing. I blame Avi, entirely," and there's a silent moment as he glances in the direction of his dragon, Avideth letting out a snort in the direction of the two blueriders. There's a gentle headshake as B'ky continues, "I used to love listening to the old harper tales; it's why I became interested in history." The man's soft smile is nostalgic, "My father would always claim that most of our family, dating back to the last threadfall, were all brownriders." Another soft chuckle, "I suppose one of my brothers is going to have to worry about that now." There's absolutely no regret in his voice, however, as he tilts his head to regard A'di once more, "Archive work?"

"Traveling? I used to travel a lot too, back before I impressed Dalasith and things got complicated…" A'di trails off for a moment, "I've been wanting to travel again. Shards, it's supposed to be easier with dragons, but I barely get time any more to do half of the things I've been meaning to do." He shakes his head, "Well, that's what you like, isn't it? That's all that matters. It looks good on you anyway." A soft blush touches the bluerider's cheeks. "Dalasith has yet to corrupt me too much, maybe I'm just too stubborn for him to rub off on me. Or maybe our personalities are just that different." He shrugs a little, "A lot of my relitives are dragonriders…so it wouldn't surprise me if I was related to someone back then, I've got a big family." he grins, "Yeah, archive work, working with archives from weyrs and things. There's a lot of stuff you learn from it, like how supplies are used, how how much crops are taken in on a specific year."

Madder flutters his wings in kind, crooning again to Fumin and hopping another step closer.

Cenlia waves off any questions of her well-being with an offhand, "M' fine," and promptly chugs the bottle she's holding, finishing it off with a rather resounding belch. In a pretty green skirt and blouse she may be, but there goes her girlyness right out the door. Oh well. Cenlia instead eyes the flits, snickering and glancing around, saying with some surprise, "Wonder why Charmer ain't tryin' to charm ya pants off yet?" and glancing at Jessamin suspiciously, though that may just be the booze talking. From his spot curled up near Cen's itty bitty gold, Charmer crooons. Well no wonder, he's behaving for /her/. For now, anyways.

Bahrain circles Fiasco now as she sits, letting out a merry little trill.

Sekhmet hops over towards Cenlia, crooning softly at her.

Ai'an leans over to listen to Jessamin's whisper, nodding once. "Ah…I see." He doesn't look around, though, just keeps his eyes on Jessamin as he replies, "I c'n und'rstand. Though…canna claim ta be in th' same boat." He doesn't let on what the whisper might have been in regards to. Ai'an nods to Cenlia's assurance that she's fine, not pursuing the matter any farther. Ai'an snickers though, at the mention of Charmer's usual antics. "Oh, 'e likes human girls?" he inquires teasingly. "I got /more/ competition?" He grins. Fumin just yawns, and starts to preen. And Fiasco allows herself to be circled, though she keeps an eye on Bahrain.

Bahrain seems satisfied with his perusal of Fiasco, letting out a musical little trill at her before hopping back to his human

"You should make time," B'ky says with a soft smile, glancing not at A'di, but at Avideth. The blue dragon is giving his rider a rather severe eyeing, and does B'ky look slightly… guilty? Make time indeed, says the man who hasn't managed to take a vacation in 15 turns. But B'ky is looking away again, murmuring a, "Thanks," his own blush creeping further up his cheeks as he eyes his outfit again briefly. "Avideth has had turns and turns to convince me to travel and see Pern," B'ky smiles softly, returning his gaze to A'di, "I've always wanted to dig through the records, find out where my anscestors have been, who they were. So much was lost, especially in the older weyrs." There's a soft sigh, "I imagine it could be quite interesting, seeing the changes from year-to-year, even just in what the weyrs have needed, how we've changed since the end of thread."

Madder chirrups curiously at Fumin's seeming disinterest, looking between her and her human.

Cenlia peers boozedly at Sekhmet, though it's Charmer that croons back a friendly greeting. Cen laughs at the question about Charmer, grinning and saying to Ai'an, "Likes girls, boys, dragons, /ovines/, shards he hit his head an' acted like a broody gold once. Half the time I dunno what he's on about." Charmer just crooooons, possibly aware he's being talked about, but not cheeky enough to disobey the tiny little golden firelizard on Cen's shoulder. Of course, said little flit is quickly dozing off.

"So I'll make time, there's never really been a reason to make time before, so I didn't." A'di pauses, pursing his lips a little as he notes the quiet interaction between rider and dragon. "Welcome! Maybe eventually Dalasith will convince me…I have to admit, though, dancing was really fun." There's a slight pause, "Well, maybe I can try and look that up for you, if you have any names I'm pretty sure I could go through the information and find something out. There's all sorts of information in the archives."

Jessamin lets out a sharp whistle, drawing the attention of her faire. They all take to the air, Bahrain and Madder trilling a farewell to their new friends as they soar upwards. Sekhmet just warbles once to Cenlia, as if to offer comfort, before joining her faire mates up in the sky. Jessamin stands up, gathering her new gitar and other mysterious item together with a smile. "As much as I'd love to stay and talk more, it's best I get back to Western. Well met, Ai'an, and Cen… come visit Western sometime, the change of scenery might do you some good. And frankly… you're missed." She whispers once to the other girl, before straightening and offering a wave to everyone, ambling off to seek her escort back to Western.

Ai'an laughs! "I've never 'eard of a flit that'd chase anythin' that moved!" he replies. Though he seems thoroughly amused at the thought, as he laughs heartily. "I jus' might do that sometime," he replies to Jessamin's offer of a visit. Fumin pauses in her preening…gives a sidelong glance to the departing Madder…and then ZOOMS away, toward Jaharith! Fiasco, too, returns the melodious little trill to Bahrain, and then takes off, winging her way towards the bronze, perhaps sensing her human's desire to return home. Jaharith yawns as well, and stands up, stretching, just as Ai'an stands. Carefully, because he's got cargo — a wherhandler. Is he gonna keep her? Probably not. "Well…I should prob'ly be gettin' back ta Fort…an' I gotta find someplace for Miss Kanta 'ere to sleep it off." He chuckles. "Anybody know of a place?"

Cenlia nods to Jessamin, calling a, "Take care over there," and an "I will!" though whether she'll even remember any of this tomorrow is debatable. There's a bleary moment where the gardener girl turns to regard Ai'an, but anything she may have said is quite quickly forgotten as a sharp voice carries over the meadow. "Cenlia!" and the gardener girl looks suddenly horrified. For the voice belongs to her brother Eledri, and the computercrafter looks absolutely furious. "Oh shards," Cenlia groans, scooping up her flits and blurting a hasty, "Was nice to meetcha - could prolly jus' leave her in the resident dorms," at Ai'an before the gardener girl is zooming off across the meadow, Eledri scowling and heading after her without so much as a nod in greeting to anyone.

Ai'an nods to Cenlia's recommendation. "Thanks, tha's prob'ly what I'll do." He smiles. "Good to meet you!" He calls after Cenlia. He can't wave; he has a double armful of Kanta. Ai'an looks over to B'ky and A'di and offers a smile and a nod of farewell, before heading off to the Weyr. He doesn't want to disturb them. And he's not…too disoriented….

There's a soft smile for the other bluerider as B'ky comes to a stop near the edge of the dance floor, even as the music slows for an interlude. B'ky takes the opportunity to nod a brief farewell to Ai'an as the man heads off, and give the fleeing Cenlia a quizzical look. His attention renturns to A'di, however, as B'ky's smile returns to his eyes, the man saying, "We'll have to dance again sometime." There's a nod, "I'll ask my father if he has any old records of names," B'ky chuckling softly, "I imagine he's the sort of person who might have them."

A'di wrinkles his nose ever so slighlty as everyone seems to head off, leaving himself and the other bluerider, at least, for the most part. "Mmm, we'll have to dance again…" He trails off in thought, "I've never really danced before, I'll have to do it again sometime, it wasn't half as bad as I thought." He smiles to himself, "Just send a note for me and I'll see what I can dig up for you."

"It's a promise then," B'ky says quietly, meaning dancing again, "It was fun." Avideth stretches, rising from his spot across the meadow, wings rustling as the crowd continues to dwindle. The blue's eyes whirl in sky-bright hues to match his hide, and he rumbles with satisfaction as B'ky suddenly turns a far darker shade of pink than the faint blushing he's been doing tonight, the man glancing sharply at his dragon, and giving A'di a distracted nod, mumbling, "I'll send a note." Taking a careful step back from the other rider, B'ky says softly, "I'm glad you decided to dance."

A'di nods enthusiastically, "It's a promise…we don't even have to wait till next gather. We could meet up sometime…soon?" Yeah, pin all your hopes on something silly like dancing. A confused look crosses A'di's features as the man suddenly flushes, his lips opening about to ask only to be interrupted. "Oh…okay…well, it was nice meeting you. I really enjoyed dancing with you. Even if we might not do it again."

B'ky manages to look just the slightest bit flustered, the man pausing for a moment, blinking at A'di and perhaps shooting Avideth a look briefly, before turning to regard the other bluerider while saying quietly and firmly, "It's a promise. A dance," and here his expression softens as he says gently but with emphasis, "Soon." Avideth is meanwhile moving off in the direction of the beach, toward his weyr, and B'ky glances after with a sigh, murmuring, "I had better go before he has any more complaints," but B'ky isn't elaborating on what those are. Instead, the man reaches out to clasp A'di's arm if the other man will let him, saying again, "Soon, I hope. Let me know when you have some free time."

A'di flashes up a grin at B'ky, looking perhaps just a little bit relieved, "Okay! If I find anything out, I'll let you know. I'll stop by and look at those books, too. I'll make sure and see if I can visit with you too." He offers a wave, "It was nice meeting you, B'ky, I'll see if I can stop by sometime."

B'ky smiles and nods to A'di, turning to depart with a wave and a soft, "Take care." Avideth is already gone from sight as B'ky jogs beachward to follow, glancing back once before he he too disappears from sight beyond the trees.

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