Shifting Sands (Touch2)

Xanadu Weyr - Hatching Sands
A domed ceiling stretches high above the sands, enough open air for a queen and her mate to be comfortable with their clutch. Thin slits of windows around the edges let in a little light, though more of the illumination comes from electric lamps diffused off the dome. The sands are ringed by the dark blue seats of the observation level, the first third exposed to the sweltering heat of the sands but those in the back glassed off for the comfort of those watching.
The circle itself is filled with a mix of red and white sands, deep enough to cover the largest of dragon eggs with ease. To one side, a small door is visible, hidden away behind a platform meant to provide a place for the clutch parent's lifemates to stand during the on goings.

Sudden but Inevitable Betrayal Egg
A Handful of Berries Egg
Treasured Trash Heap Egg
The Eyes of the Oracle Egg
Is it Cold in Here, Or is It Just Me? Egg
Tears In Rain Egg
Deception in Pretty Packaging Egg
Big Bada-Boom Egg
David 14's irremediable Crash Egg
Raise Your Hands to the Sky Gods Egg
Hope is a Mistake Egg
Borrowed Time, Borrowed World Egg
Thank You for Your Childhood Egg
Ignorance is Strength Egg

Nothing like spending a nice, clear day indoors — but for a good reason! It's time for another meet 'n greet with the hardening eggs and the Weyrlingmaster team have gathered up as many Candidates as they could wrangle for this round. They're given the usual spiel about being respectful and careful while on the Sands and to do nothing that will upset the dam or sire. Kairoikyriath is ever present, after all and always watching! As well as those riders sent to chaperone them in. Once they're ushered in, they're gestured to spread out and begin. Some of the previous eggs that were buried are now exposed but three still remain closely guarded and inaccessible. It would not be wise to tempt fate by approaching those three, but there are plenty more to go around!

Janaya bounces a little as the weyrlingmaster goes through that lecture, shifting from one foot to the other with impatient energy. Once she and her fellow candidates are finally allowed to move, she's a little more settled about it - maybe just because she can see Kairoikyriath and doesn't want to do anything that might make the queen bite her head off or sit on her or whatever. She'd really rather not even find out what that whatever is! So she bows, nice and deep, then makes for the eggs… the exposed ones, that is. She looks around at them, then settles on one that… kinda seems to be looking back, reaching out slowly… hesitating for a moment… then putting her hands lightly on The Eyes of the Oracle Egg.

Zak runs a hand through his freshly washed curly red hair. Another chance to be on the sands has him feeling apprehensive yet excited all the same. Coming along the sands with the others he heads straight for one particular egg after bowing and…finds Janaya there already. Thwarted though there is a promise he'll get his chance later he veers slightly to another one completely

"Whoa!" Janaya exclaims, putting both hands to the bright blue of that shell more firmly and leaning in against it, like there's a strong wind and she's got to keep steady against it, cling fast as she's swept away…

Zak is immediately drawn into wherever it is that the young dragon in this eggs wants him to see. His eyes peer unseeing towards the mid-sized egg. "Oh!" he murmurs in some surprise at something.

Janaya keeps her hands firmly on that shell, seeming like it's just about the only steady thing she's got as she wobbles back and forth a little on the sands. It's as if that nervous energy while she was waiting to instructions has come back again in force. "Oh…kaay…eep!"

Zak's head turns suddenly to look behind and then before him but there's nothing on the sands that he can see. His gaze lingers though as he watches something unseen. Another murmured exclamation escapes him but otherwise the candidate is quiet.

Janaya leans toward the sapphire egg, as if she's about to reach something… something… it's a wonder she doesn't push it over, but she's almost there - and then she squeaks, stepping back abruptly almost as if she's been stung. She pants a little, breathing quick, and gives the egg a look. "Well. That's… definitely… something." She grins, shaking her head, and turns from it, looking at the other eggs. "Are they all like that?" she asks nobody in particular, and then tries to find out for herself by paying some attention to David 14's Irremediable Crash Egg.

Zak simply bobs his head a bit as he steps away, already his attention shifting impatiently towards where Janaya is just stepping away from. As soon as she's gone he is stepping impatiently there.

Janaya breathes deeply as her hands settle in against the egg's shell, nibbling a little at her lower lip before she nods, shifting her hands to put them a bit more solidly on that orangey shell.

This one draws a look of excitement from Zak. Squatting down he ignores all but this egg now.

Janaya's look of determination turns into a grin, beaming wide as she tosses her head. She pats the egg with one hand, affectionate even as her other hand continues to rest on its surface.

Janaya jumps a little as her hand settles down again, resting on the surface as if to touch it securely, to get every bit of sense she can out of it… but there's only so much to get, isn't there? This is just an egg, not yet opened, and she can only learn so much about the dragon inside until it does. "…see you later," she says as she takes her hands from the shell. Where next? Well… how about something nice and shiny? So, after a bit of wandering, she ends up at the Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal Egg.

Zak draws in a small breath which he lets escape in a low groan. Clenching his stomach briefly he stays with this egg for the whole ride!

Janaya tilts her head to looks sideways at the egg. Really? "…does that even cou- hey, wait up!" Not that the egg's going anywhere, of course, but neither is she! This is where she'll make her stand! …or maybe over there, if - when - they take the higher ground.

Zak finally leaves that egg looking a tad green around the edges. "…whew…" is the only sound he can make. There is a hesitancy though with only one faint look of longing towards the still un-accessible eggs before he steps towards another one.

Quillan makes a beeline towards the Borrowed Time, Borrowed World Egg, pressing his hand to its ashy shell. He closes his eyes, exhales, and his expression settles into one of curiosity as he waits to feel more from the dragon within.

Janaya hmphs. "Of course." She glares at the egg, because she's not scared of it. (Never mind that it's just an unhatched egg.) So of course she keeps her hands where they are, even as it… "Hey, that's… oh fine, there." She tosses her head. "See?"

Quillan's brow creases into a frown… which makes him wince as his newly-stitched cheek hurts. He keeps his hand pressed to the shell, stroking softly, as if that might make a difference.

Zak peers closely at the egg he's chosen to hover near. Circling it once he pauses with his hand lightly upon the pale shell. Patiently he stands there and waits for more.

Janaya goes quiet, her eyes darting about… though not really to take in anything actually on the sands. There is, however, a great deal to take in, and she's left blinking before she shakes her head, giving that egg a long look before she hmphs. "Of course you'd think so," she tells it, with a glare and then a grin as she heads for her next egg. Maybe something less… complicated. She hopes. But, well, given that the place she sets her hands is Hope is a Mistake Egg…

Quillan steps away from the egg, pausing for a moment to rub his hands off on his trousers. He looks around at his fellow candidates, then works his way between them and the clutch to settle a touch on the Raise Your Hands to the Sky Gods Egg.

Janaya exhales a pant as if the heat of the sands is just now reaching her. She takes a hand from the egg's shell to wipe her forehead - so hot, isn't it - then swallows, putting her sweaty fingers back against that egg.

Quillan's initial reaction to the egg is to stick out his tongue, as if thirsty. He doesn't look entirely comfortable, and yet he also doesn't step away just yet.

Quillan's stance stiffens stubbornly, back straightening and his other hand coming around to touch the egg before him. He's not going anywhere, not just now, and he looks down to give the shell a steady gaze.

Zak closes his eyes and lets his mind float along with the images this egg presents to him. Again he stays and waits.

Quillan finally moves away, though he does give the egg a look over his shoulder as he leaves it. His next target is the Tears in Rain Egg, settling both hands on its dark shell.

Janaya frowns, leaning in to the egg. "But… if you…" Her scowl deepens. "Fine!" She tucks back a stray bit of hair behind her ears, takes a deep breath, and plunges back in by returning both hands to that egg. It's not getting rid of her that easy!

Zak mms softly. "Gotta hurry." is muttered towards the egg as his eyes reopen and he looks curiously at it. For a moment or two longer he lingers to brush his hand against the shell with his gaze intent upon it if he could see inside! Finally he steps away and moves to touch a nearby egg.

Quillan did have his eyes closed after a second or so of touching the egg's shell, but they soon pop open again so he can peer curiously down at it. One hand raises to ruffle his hair, rubbing at his head as if trying to clear it, or something.

Quillan's look is entirely curious now, no questioning, no confusion, no hesitation. He gently strokes the flat of his hand across the shell, head canted to one side as he does so, as if he's listening in.

Janaya tilts her head, looking at… or, well, past… that shell. Hmm. She's quiet, thoughtful with occasional flashes of frown, and then finally - after what seems like a long, long time - she sighs. Janaya takes a step back, looking up, then back down at the shell, and gives it a small nod before she turns and slips away through the eggs, making her way to a somber shell and reaching out to touch Thank You for Your Childhood Egg.

Zak bobs his head in agreement at something. "Right right…orderly." he comments to the egg he is examining. The more eggs he touches the longer he stays with each one, letting his hands really get a good sense of the feel of the egg as well as simply trying to connect with the creature inside!

Quillan looks completely calm, relaxed, even, when he steps away from the Tears in Rain Egg. Relaxed enough for him to take a minute or so to mull things over, to watch what his peers are doing, to even gaze over at the out of bounds eggs and their dam. Then he makes his way to David 14's irremediable Crash Egg, drawn in by its attractive shell.

Janaya's brow furrows, a little puzzled. She glances to one side, the other - wait, did she just see something? ….maybe not. Her attention returns to the egg itself, drawing her head back slightly, then leaning closer… as if maybe one of those will, somehow, draw things back into focus.

Zak lets his head nod a couple time, his gaze still focusing intently upon the hardening shell. He's quiet as he watches.

Quillan blinks. He stiffens up, as if standing to attention but without the actual saluting part. Then he leans down, whispers something to the shell, and grins as he straightens up again.

[[player:Zhianna]]] finally gets over her shyness about touching the eggs and moves about the clutch until she's standing near Ignorance is Strength Egg. One hand us tentatively laid upon the shell.

Janaya starts to nod, then frowns. "No, no, that's not… I mean, yes, but no. Look." She stares at the egg for a long, hard moment, then grins as she nods again. "Yeah!" She gives it a pat, waiting just a moment longer to see if there's anything more.

Quillan might look like he's a little wobbly for a moment - or is that just the heat shimmer from the Sands? He certainly doesn't look like he's about to wobble himself over, because he's grinning. Whatever he's feeling in the egg, he's clearly enjoying it.

Zhianna shifts her feet, expression startled but her hand stays on the shell. "oh…."

Zak winces suddenly with both hands going to his ears as if to block a sudden sound. "Fardles!" he exclaims in surprise.

Zak turns his head this way and that but his eyes are still unseeing of the actual sands. His hands slowly lower to touch the egg once more with a small inhale of breath. "Where…who?" he whispers.

Janaya pats the egg again, a reassuring sort of gesture, and then she frowns. "Well… because it's…" She sighs, and gives her head a little shake. "Maybe later." Maybe. She's got a pensive expression as she leaves it behind, looking for something a little… brighter. Maybe the Deception in Pretty Packaging Egg? She tries it, hands to the shell.

Zhianna shakes her head, free hand rubbing at one ear then the other. "Silence that hurts?" a frown, then she back away from the egg and turns towards Big bada-bang egg.

Quillan is undeniably smiling as he leaves the side of the egg, fingers trailing against its shell until they can touch no more. It's the pale opalescence of The Eyes of the Oracle Egg that draws him in next, and he settles his hand against its blue shell.

Zak blinks as suddenly everything is gone. Well not literal gone but more figuratively. He lingers with this one again but partially because now there is only one egg uncovered that he has not touched. Finally he makes his way that way.

Janaya startles as her fingers touch that bright shell, then sets her jaw. "…well let's go." She doesn't look back, or to either side, just straight ahead as if she's going to stare right through that shell and meet the eyes of the unhatched dragon inside.

Zhianna steps in closer to the egg, a smile ghosting over her lips. Finger tips drift this way and that as she waits.

Quillan frowns at the blue shell beneath his touch. "Huh," he says quietly, softly, almost shyly, as if not wanting the others to hear him. He shifts the position of his hand a little, spreading his fingers wider.

Zak draws his hand back abruptly from this last egg and he stares at it. Several minutes pass before he lets his fingertips skim lightly across the curve of the shell.

Zhianna giggles softly, shaking her head. "Hey now…" is whispered as she whips her head back, "How deep ya gonna dig around in there?"

"Ah!" Janaya goes, though it's more surprise than anything. "That's not fair," she protests, lowering her head and closing her eyes. Still, she's still got this egg, doesn't she? She does, and she's going to keep her hands right there, so there!

Quillan pulls his hand sharply away from the egg, holding it up and wiggling his fingers up in the air as he stands still, otherwise unmoving. He lifts his hand to his mouth, holding it there for a good while before tentatively settling it back onto the shell.

Zak rocks back on his heels suddenly as contact is once more broken briefly. Again his hands go back to it though now there's a hungered, waiting expression.

Zhianna wobbles a little, her hand coming off the shell. "Ill come back again later." she promises as she moves on to another egg…Looks like The eyes of the Oracle it is.

Quillan pulls his hands back quickly, and shakes his head as he steps away. Nopenopenopenopenope. He passes by Zhianna as they swap eggs, and gives the girl a warning shake of his head. Then he's touching the Sudden but Inevitable Betrayal Egg, looking tense as he awaits the reaction from within.

Zak is a bit breathless with the very last egg he has to touch this time. No longer are little glances sent to the three lumps still buried. Now his attention stays on this egg until finally he moves away to let anyone else step up if they want.

Janaya squirms, shifting about.. but she's stubborn enough to keep her hands on the shell, not letting it go. Come on. Coooome ooooooon… she's… eww… nope. Gonna do this, gonna do this… Her breath comes quicker, her eyes squinch up, and then finally she lets out a sigh of relief. There. It's done, and so is she, stepping back briskly and… sticking out her tongue at the egg before heading off… but, hmm. She pauses, looking at Tears In Rain Egg for a long moment, then smiles a little as she reaches out to touch it.

Quillan breathes a sigh of relief. Utter, utter relief. "Thank Faranth," he exhales, grinning down at the egg. Yes, you're alright. So alright, in fact, that he presses his other hand to its shell.

Zhianna smiles at Quill as he passes her, then her attention is back on the egg before her. Her head tips this way and that and she blinks rapidly and frowns slightly.

Janaya's eyes widen, and she grins… only to have her brow furrow. "Again?" she asks nobody in particular, and she's starting to draw her hands away - just one fingertip on it - when she says, "Oh!" and puts her hands on the shell more fully once more.

Quillan wouldn't have moved away from the egg he's at if there hadn't been another candidate waiting for her turn. Darn her for being pretty enough to make him move on! But away he steps, winding his way across the Sands to touch the silvery shell of Deception in Pretty Packaging Egg.

Janaya's mouth opens into a near-silent 'whoa', leaning in a little to the shell and turning her gaze up, looking at the ceiling… and then back down, looking at the egg again. "It's… don't you just know?" She frowns, biting at her lower lip.

Zak lingers for a bit longer, his gaze going briefly to Quill's stitched up cheek. Soon though he's ready to leave which he does with another bow towards the queen before he goes.

Zhianna gulps and gives a soft whimper, again shaking her head but she sticks with the egg.

Quillan withdraws his hand, looking down at it briefly before he peers over to whimpering Zhianna with a sympathetic look. Yep, he gets that reaction. With a look towards those in charge, he quietly requests permission to withdraw from the Sands - anyone watching might see him use his awful injury as an excuse to do so.

Janaya bites her lip again. "Okay, okay, I'll… wait, no. What? No, you-" She blinks, then frowns, leaning back and slowly drawing her hands away from that shell. "…sorry," she murmurs quietly, and steps away from it. She gives it a long look, then sighs, heading over to reach out her hands and touch Raise Your Hands to the Sky Gods Egg.

Zhianna steps back from Eyes of the Oracle Egg and moves to Treasured Trash Heap Egg. This one is greeted quietly with inly her fingertips making contact with the shell.

Janaya licks her lips, once more reminded of just how dry it is in here. No wonder some of her fellow candidates are leaving - they probably want a drink! Still, she's not done yet, so she keeps her hands on that shell.

Zhianna watches some of the others leave but sticks it out. Within moments of that first contact with the shell the girl lets her while hand rest upon it, fingers splayed out.

Janaya tilts her head, as if listening, then slips her fingers away from the shell of that egg. She hesitates a moment, looking at it, before she grins and reaches out again. Sheee's toooouching yoooou~

Zhianna smiles and gives the egg a tender caress before stepping back and moving to Is It Cold in Here, Or is it just me? Egg. This one is looked at for many a moment before she places a hand on the shell.

Janaya's grin fades, to a thoughtful sort of frown. Her fingers linger on the shell for a long moment, then slowly draw away. She walks around through the eggs for a bit, looking at what's left - and who's left of the candidates - before she stops by Borrowed Time, Borrowed World Egg and borrows a moment of its attention by touching that shell.

Zhianna giggles as she moves her hand over the egg, humming softly to herself now and again.

Janaya's frown deepens a little, and she shivers, drawing in her shoulders a little and leaning closer to that egg, nearer to the shell as she splays her hands against it to feel what's inside.

Zhianna bobs her head, eyes closing to mere slits as she stands there seeming lost in thought.

Janaya awws, and closes her eyes again. "It's okay…" she says to the egg. "I mean… isn't it?" She tilts her head to the side, thoughtful, then sighs. Her hands slip away from the shell for a moment, rubbed together as if to warm them before she touches it once again.

Janaya tilts her head in a posture of listening, a thoughtful look on her face as she murmurs something, too quiet to catch, then stops to listen again. She nods, and pats the egg's shell gently before she leaves it to be warmed by the sands, making her way over to Treasured Trash Heap Egg and touching that.

Zhianna nods and shifts then moves away from this egg and its on to another…Tears in the Rain Egg is the next one on her path.

Janaya blinks, surprise followed by a giggle as she pats the shell of that egg. "Well… what have you tried?" she asks, tilting her head to the side as if to peer up at something-or-other.

Janaya startles, her fingers leaving the shell for a moment - then swiftly going back to it. "…okay, maybe not that. But…" Her head tilts the way, questioning again. "Hey, wait, you only just got to the good part…" She taps the shell lightly with her fingers. C'mon!

Zhianna jumps not expecting what she felt at all. Her hand stays on the shell but her face says she not so sure about keeping it there.

Zhianna drops her hand from the shell, head swinging from side to side. "I…" she starts and when she cant say more she moves on to another egg. David 14's irremediable Egg is next.

"C'mon!" Janaya says out loud, tapping the shell again… She looks worried… then finally grins, leaning in to give the egg a hug. Yay! Or maybe she's clinging on for dear life, it's hard to say. Either way, her mouth opens in an 'O' of wonder, beaming to the egg before she laughs, settling back from that hug. "See you later!" she tells it, with a wiggle of her fingers before she heads off again. Maybe she's done for the day? It's so hot… but, oh, okay, one more egg. Is it Cold in Here, Or is It Just Me? Egg, in fact. Maybe it'll help her cool down.

Zhianna pulls her hand back a rubs her forearm over her forehead. The girl slowly moves towards the opening that leads off the sands.

Janaya frowns a little, her brow furrowed. Something seems wrong here, though she can't quite seem to pin down what. There's just something… maybe what's wrong that nothing's wrong? She's unsure, but she keeps her hands on that shell, thinking.

Janaya ohs! There it is… is it? She looks like she understands, but then her brow furrows again, fingers drawing partway away from the egg but lingering just a little longer. "Maybe, but… are you sure?"

Janaya bites her lower lip, then shakes her head. "I'm… not so sure that's a good idea," she says, hesitant. She shakes her head again, then draws her fingers away. "Maybe someone else." A shrug, and then she turns away, stepping to the edge of the clutch before bowing to Kairoikyriath again and heading out.

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