Xanadu Weyr - Candidate Barracks
A long, low ceilinged room opens off the entrance hall to the arena. One wall is slightly curved, set against the outer wall of the arena itself. Cots are set in two rows along the length of the room, each with its own small press at the foot for personal belongings. Wide windows are spaced along the outside wall, letting sunlight in, while other lights are available for the night time hours. It's always warm here when there are eggs on the sands, and candidates seldom need more than a light blanket.

It's just before noon and Ruckbat's course in the clear blue Xanadian's sky is slowly reaching its apex. Everything seems to be where it should. No riddles on the surface of the lake of the technological Weyr. Except maybe those footsteps? Growing closer and louder, it breaks into the barracks in the shape of an angry bronzerider. "Alright people, gather 'round." How unusual for E'tan. For someone knowing him the slightest, it's the first time ever he actually does raise his voice that much. And ordering as well. "Move it!" Okay. The recent nocturnal events did reach his ears. It's obvious.

While most candidates are likely to be awake at this hour of just before noon Zak isn't. Largely due to his interrupted sleep and the fact he couldn't get back to sleep for some time he is attempting to partake in a late morning nap. Or rather he was. Lightly slumbering he is quick to awaken as the angry bronze rider stalks in and barks loud enough for the whole barracks to hear. Stifling a groan he goes to gather 'round with the others. Unfortunately his taller height means he can't quite hide behind anyone though he does slouch ever so slightly.

Something angry this way comes! Janaya is sitting on her cot with a billow of white fabric across her lap and a needle in one hand dipping through it with not-very-good stitches that are at least getting better. She looks up at the sound of entry. Angry - wait, that's Tani! - wait, and he's angry! Her eyes widen slightly, and she tucks her needle into the fabric, draping the whole thing over the end of her cot as she pads through the barracks to join the group, giving E'tan a little nod and something that's not quite a smile, because this doesn't seem like the time for smiles.

How exactly Maorin had managed to sleep..mostly through all the night time ruckus is anyone's guess. He certainly wasn't participating in any rolling around, pillow stabbing, or other such bloodworks. Although he did spend plenty of time helping with the cleanup effort. There was..a lot of blood to be had. And flung about. And smeared. And dripped. /Someone/ had to clean that up. He's only just finishing with finally tending to his own sleeping space and belongings when the thumpity thump of bronzerider boots and the boom of one angry E'tan are filling the barracks. "Yiiiikes.." Drawn out, but definitely quiet little mutter. His head shakes though, before the teenager hops to his feet, whirling an about-face to head for the entrance. And doom. "Mornin' sir! ..Or afternoon. What time is it already? I think..well nevermind. Ahem. Yes sir?"

E'tan not so patiently waits for them to form the demanded group, one foot stomping restlessly. By the look on his face they could easily guess his night hasn't been the perfect idea of a recovering one either. With two fingers, Tani starts to massage each side of his nose, probably in hope to calm a headache. "Look…" and his voice raises again, drowning out the noise. Maorin's greeting is noticed as well as Janaya's kind of smile, but it's Zak's height that finally attracts his gaze. "Due to recent events you may be not /all/ be aware of.." And, honestly, he's still wondering how it can possibly be. "…I, with some other, spent a great part of my night chasing someone. But for this to be done properly, I need someone to tell me what exactly happened. All I heard was : Arrow, sock, kittens and blood."

One hand goes up to rub self-consciously at the side of his face. His expression is kept deadpan as E'tan speaks of arrows, socks, kitten and of course blood. There certainly was enough of all that in the middle of the night though Zak's eyes do widen slightly in some confusion as chasing someone is mentioned. Far as he knew no one told the Weyrleader though certainly E'tan's name was mentioned oft enough during the whole ruckus. "Well balls it was loud enough to wake the whole barracks." mutters the beastcrafter-turned-candidate. Zak's gaze slides over towards Quill's cot then back to E'tan. "Were you chasing that 'brat who charged in here wielding a crossbow….sir?" he tacks on the sir last minute.

Janaya puts her hands behind her, fidgeting a little, then thinks better of it and puts them in front of her instead. See? She's got nothing to hide… well, not that anyone suspects the physical sort of thing, but it's still true enough that she's innocent of this particular mess. Now, the question of how she slept through it - or maybe, where she was instead of the barracks when it happened? - that's another matter entirely. But… her brow furrows a bit, and she turns her head to look at … Zak. Tani used the 'kitten' word! It's only natural! …though she does glance on to others of the candidates after, just in case… oh, nope, back to Zak! Brat wielding a… "What? Really?"

Maorin glances over at the other candidates, brows lifting ever so slightly at the mention of a chase. "Way I heard it, some kid was chasing tunnel snakes? I'll be the first to say, I'd rather get woken up by a bunch of yelling than getting my face bitten. Or other important bits getting bitten, for that matter." All manner of things could get bitten in the dead of night! Fingers ruffle up through his hair a moment though, before his hand comes back down on his neck. Shoulders lift however, even as he returns his attention to E'tan again. "I don't know much more than that. Just that Quill got himself cut and there was a whole lot of blood to be cleaned up around here."

E'tan knows and sees everything. If it wasn't a known fact, it is by now. Well, he knows and sees what his best spy can relay at least. Despite being quite smart for a flit, his blue one still is and with him comes all of his blurriness and overexcitement. Great, someone does know the how and the why. "Benraam. It was Benraam." The Weyrleader finally replies, his gaze falling from Zak to Maorin as they spoke. Janaya gets a small embarrassed nod as he starts to clarify the whole thing. "So, Ben erupted in the barracks in the middle of the night armed, right? Then what? Did he threaten any of you?"

Zak has not an inkling of who Benraam is so when E'tan offers up who it was that information only draws a blank look incomprehension from Zak. "Well…yeah." he hedges now, perhaps not really wanting to get the kid into too much trouble for real. "Um, but he, hunting tunnel snakes. The whole kitten thing was more or less a misunderstanding." his brows furrow briefly at the last question posed. "Threaten? Not…really?" his voice goes up at the end to indicate the answer is part question in itself.

Janaya's nose wrinkles at the idea of being bitten by a tunnelsnake, and then that mention of Quill makes her eyes dart to his (empty) cot. She frowns, bringing her attention back to this little gathering around E'tan. Benraam, huh? Her lips move, silently echoing that brat's name, then return to a frown. "…are there tunnelsnakes here?" She glances at some nearby cots, then leans a little toward Maorin and asks quietly, "Would they be attracted to dead fish?"

"Not me." Maorin is quick to offer up that bit of information, both hands slightly rising. "Granted it all happened so fast I barely had any time to wake up before it was all over and he was gone. Never even got a good look myself." The identity of the barracks intruder alas meets a wall of blankness from the teenager. He knows him not! The rest of the information however, it seems that the candidate defers to Zak, waving at the other male. "I'm pretty sure the only one under threat was the tunnelsnake he skewered." There's a quick look at Janaya though, brows arching upward. "Well..maybe? Though with all the firelizards we've got fluttering about, you'd think they'd get eaten quick."

E'tan listens to all of that, arms crossed over his chest. Zak's speech makes him narrow his eyes as it starts to dismiss the fog around that mini riot. But whith Maorin's addition the jigsaw thickens again. "Okay, okay. Let me summarize. He was really after a tunnelsnake? That part seems to meet a consensus here. But…what about the kittens? I don't get it. And who started the fight? Zak. You spoke about misunderstanding?" Now would be a good time to clarify. Janaya's angst is noticed and eased with a weak faster-than-a-blink smile before he turns his attention on Maorin and…Zak!

Zak fidgets on his feet with another sidelong glance towards Quill's empty cot. That one must still be in the infirmary. A deep breath is drawn before he starts at the start of the intrusion. "Well…the misunderstanding was Quill thought the 'brat…I mean Ben killed one of my kittens. They were missing you see. But evidently they had actually gotten away from my cot and were playing with the sock that Ben shot." one hand gestures to the foot of his bed where all three kittens are in fact curled up fast asleep atop of said sock. The sock bears a hole where the crossbow arrow ( or is it called a bolt?) went into it. It appears they adopted this sock. "Anyway he shot the sock first and then he killed the tunnel snake with a knife. I woke up somewhere in between those two events cause he was not too quiet. Quill woke up too." here he pauses a moment to ensure everyone is still following along with the story. It's not a quick one to tell!

"Yeah. Good point," Janaya says to Maorin with a nod. Her flying belly certainly wouldn't turn up his blue nose at tunnelsnake! And likely enough, neither would all the rest of them. Any sensible tunnelsnake should know that! …not that tunnelsnakes are known for sense, but even so. She looks back to Tani, returning his flicker-of-a-distant-star smile with a matching one of her own, then looking to Zak with a hope for more answers. Her eyes follow his to the - still empty - cot, and she shifts a little, impatient but holding her questions in order to let the story come out.

Maorin was so totally not involved in any of this! He shakes his head just a bit when E'tan looks at him again. No, no. Nothing to see here! He knows /nothing/. At least nothing useful about what went down. There's a grin thrown at Janaya though. Maybe he too is trying to be somewhat reassuring. But it's Zak's story time, and so the teenager listens! To a point. There's a slight tilt of his head and sigh as Zak begins getting to the good parts. "Oh wait, let me guess. Quillan took it the wrong way? Man has a talent for that.."

E'tan raises a hand, allowing a deep sigh to escape his lips. "Alright. Say no more, Zak, right? I went to see Quillan at the infirmary before coming here. I had to check the veracity of the story. Not that I was doubting Quillan's explanation but it's safer to double check." The tall lad gets a nod and another sigh. "Now the accident is more than certain oh and…" he turns to look at Maorin and Janaya again, this time truly smiling. "Quinlan will survive. Not sure about Ben now though…" A frown reappears. If the brat's name doesn't ring any bell for the candidates, it's more than obvious that Tani has already been dealing with him. A lot. "He had no right to come here, startle everyone and provoke what could have been worse than a three stiches deep cut. Even if not intended. I bet he must have cursed too…" *siiiiigh*

Zak had more but as he opens his mouth to continue he's being told no more. "Weren't nothing Q's fault sir! And I'm sure Ben didn't mean to cut Q with the knife." it just..happened? He hesitates then asks. "Q really will be alright? I mean, nothing harmful will happen cause there was tunnel snake blood on that knife, right?" he asks worriedly. "I've um, not Ben before this." he adds. "Well I think we all cursed." but if Ben did he can't remember specifically

Janaya frowns a little for Maorin's observation about Quillan, but it's with a duck of her head that might, maybe, be something not unlike admitting he's right, even if she wouldn't actually go and say that. Still. "Crossbows and knives seem like a reason… that time," she adds on the heels of Zak's protest. Her eyes go up to Tani at his mention of Quillan, a question that… she grins when he answers. Survival! Obviously Quill isn't 100% great, or he'd be back from the infirmary and not have had to get stiches, but still. He'll live, and for that Janaya is obviously glad… though Zak's questions give her new concerns to look for Tani to answer.

"Just three?" The stitch count seems to interest Maorin at least, and he nods ever so slightly. Concern? There is little of that. There's a slight smile flicked at Zak though, reaching over to clap the other candidate on the back. "Human body's a resiliant thing. You'd be surprised what you can live through." The teenager does seem to consider a moment though, arms folding in front of himself. "Best keep a lid on our own mouths if that's a worry.. Though most I tend to hear is people talking about bits of Faranth." Wether they be fatty or fishy bits!

"The snake's blood on the blade wasn't in an enough amount to be poisonous." Tani explains and reassures Janaya and Zak at the same time. "Like I said, I will keep the accident thesis to explain the mess but there will be sanctions for sure." Maorin's comment earns a stifled chuckle as he finally gets to slightly relax knowing that most of the blood if not whole of it was from the snake itself. "Alright. Thank you all for your honesty. Now the Tall and uptight…err…I mean, I will resume my own private hunting." Oh he does know Ben so well, but behind that silly joke, he's obviously trying to hide his embarrass. It's one thing to gather fine lads and lasses to stand but it's another one to get them injured by one of Xanadu's brats. "Be sure it won't happen again though. You have my words." And with that he goes, feet stomping again.

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