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Xanadu Weyr - Caverns
A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.

Entering from the Clearing, Datsun walks in with a pack on his back. Humming softly to himself, the Woodcrafter chooses to head towards the food and drinks table. Once there, he begins to pick out food of every kind, from pastries to sweets to meatrolls to fruit and vegetables. Citron juice is selected, pouring himself a drink as he opens his mouth in a larger-than-normal yawn.

Techcrafters do not live on interesting projects alone, some anecdotal reports to the contrary. From time to time, they do require other forms of sustenance, no matter how fascinating the project (or how urgently the deadline for it looms). At least the new urgency of the project has brought other assistants for Jethaniel, and the clanking and thumping from the hatching sands continues in his absence. As does the grumping, for those techies had other projects they're being forced to abandon; yet, somehow, none of them seem desirous of raising their objections directly to a gold dragon. To Jethaniel, yes. Which is why the journeyman techie has combined two tasks today. He's eating food in the form of bread with sliced wherry, and drinking a very large mug of klah. Those two are designated as a single meta-task, for in addition to them, he's going over a parts list and comparing it to a schematic. Also frowning, but that's a free action. As is sitting at a table while he does all this.

Someone lurking in the hall outside the Weyrleader's office door just waiting for the opportunity to pounce has managed to slow but not stop the Weyrwoman's progress into the caverns. The door opens from the administration hall, one hand on the knob as the person inside keeps jabbering away. "Yes, yes I think it needs looking into. I'll get right on that. Yep, thanks for bringing it to my attention." Thea's stepping out into the vast room, followed by the person, who keeps talking. The Weyrwoman isn't stopping. She's looking for- ahHA! "Jethaniel." It's an under her breath comment-plea and sigh of relief all in one. Surely his techno-babble will scare off the clinging leech at her heels. But she really does need to see him. Heading straight for the techcrafter, she begins fanning herself with her clipboard. Is it hotter in here than it normally is?

"Shells!" Datsun yells a bit as his over-yawn causes him to overpour the juice, quickly setting the pitcher down and grabbing the nearest towel to dab up the spilled juice before it can spread. Muttering to himself, Datsun gets most of it up, peering at his cleanup critically before shrugging, "It'll have to do." is said to himself. Picking up his plate and glass, Datsun turns away from the table, looking for an empty table. However, it seems most of the tables are full close to him save for Jethaniel's. Heading over to Jethaniel and Thea, Datsun stops behind one of the empty chairs, "Is this seat available?" is queried.

Technobabble? What? It's all perfectly simple and comprehensible. And if you'll believe that, he's got a two-stroke compression engine to explain to you. His name fails to elicit a response, unless a scribbled note without looking up counts, but as he takes a swallow of his klah afterward, his eyes do leave the page for just long enough to note Thea. Ah! The frown fades partially, to be replaced by hope. Why, she just might be able to help him apply sufficient exterior force to a supposedly closed system to influence the results outside the expected! Well, to a further extent than has already happened with the unseasonal extra heat in the caverns, but that didn't require permission, at least to his judgement. Details! "Ah-" he begins, then Datsun speaks. Jethaniel blinks, and regards the chair for a moment. "It appears unoccupied."

Technobabble certainly makes sense does if you're into machines or innuendoes but to brain-tired Weyrwomen raised back in the sticks where they still use hearths to cook meals, not so much. Today, however, Thea appreciates this particular eye-crossing talent of Jethaniel and so he's in her line of sights. All the way across the room the person following her keeps talking, she keeps nodding with a polite smile forced on her lips. She and Datsun make it to the table just at about the same time. The unknown woodcrafter get a vague little hello nod - she's a touch preoccupied - while she holds up one finger in a 'wait a moment' gesture to her problem-person while giving Jethaniel a bit of a brighter, though still somewhat harried smile. "How goes the hatching sands heating repair, Jethaniel?"

"Ah, that's the key word. /Appears/." is Datsun's answer to Jethaniel, "However, appearances aren't what it seems. You could be waiting for someone else and reserving this seat." But Jethaniel's answer is acceptable enough for the Woodcrafter, setting down his plate and drink, seating himself. The Weyrwoman isn't noticed yet, giving her a glance and returning the little hello-nod. Picking up a meatroll, Datsun begins to eat, starting to eavesdrop in on the conversation.

Datsun's pedantry gets a nod from Jethaniel, complete with traces of approval. Looking beyond the obvious; a fine skill. The techie just wasn't paying attention, thus his default to the facts presently available instead of a deeper longitudinal temporal knowledge. Ah, but here's Thea's question! "Well," he begins with blithe disregard for eavesdroppers, "As you already know, the new design calls for an additive heat system with three heating coils instead of the single point of the previous system. Two of the coils are nearly ready to come online - the third is waiting for some parts from Landing, but we should be able to gain sufficient output with just the two for now, albeit with a loss of efficiency." A frownworthy lack, that. Nevertheless, it will suffice - for now. He continues. "The major issue between us and online is refilling the pipes."

Thea sidles a bit closer - and hence further from her hanger-on, who is also eaves-dropping, leaning to peek around the Weyrwoman to get a better vantage point. The din in the busily-humming caverns are making it hard for the person to hear, but what he hears… puzzles him. It puzzles Thea also, though she nods at the first part. She's gotten the reports on her desk regularly and so does indeed know. Three where there was one before isn't hard to wrap her mind around. "Filling the pipes…" she echoes as dark brows lift slightly. "Hopefully not too much of an issue. Will you need any help? More manpower? Materials? Tools?" She continues fanning herself with her clipboard, but lifts her other hand and waggles that pen of hers. She'll be happy to sign for them! Datsun gets another glance, a faint questioning look, perhaps curiosity since she's never seen him before she realizes something. "Why isn't this cavern cooler? Is the air offline, Jethaniel?"

Jethaniel's explanation seems to go completely over Datsun's head. Something about heat. And coils. That much he understands. Oh, and the Sands. Thea's words gets a blink from him. Manpower? Materials? Tools? His brows furrows, pondering how this woman could possibly have that much to assist the other man, his gaze searching the Weyrwoman. Oh. That knot identifies the reason why. Weyrwoman. His brows go up, slipping into formal mode, "Woodcrafthall's Duties to Xanadu Weyr." is said to the Weyrwoman, "Pardon me, cooler? I don't mean to interrupt, but it seems fine in here." He shrugs, looking about the Caverns.

"A combination, actually. And, well…" Does Jethaniel actually look faintly embarrassed? It's an unfamiliar expression on features more prone to dive directly in, as is the slight hesitation. A hesitation that lasts long enough that he finds himself answering the second question first! "Yes." A simple one word answer; he really is off his stride! Oh, wait, here comes the rest of it. "There were several additional parts required, that cannot be produced locally. The alternatives were to wait for them to be available from Landing, or to cannibalize local systems. The production from Landing was estimated at two months from now. They were present in the air conditioning system." Apologies are not offered. Datsun gets a glance. See? Everything is fine. "It should remain habitable; the ventilation system is still functional, though there may be a slight interruption of service when the sands' heater is brought online. Less than an hour, ideally." Okay, that's not only sufficient digression from the first question, it's also a segue. "The issue with filling the tanks is, quite simply, the quantity of water required. The original plan was to use a desalination pump and fill it slowly; however, that's no longer feasible. We need a great deal of reasonably pure water, and we need it fast."

Thea follows the explanation Jethaniel gives, with a brief upward glance at the vents overhead, back to the techcrafter, nodding slowly as it sinks in that they'll now be waiting two months to get the air conditioning back online. But the more important thing is the sands. "Good thinking!" Her praise is genuine even if she is feeling the warmth more than other might. "That's the price one pays for growing up in the frigid high Reaches, I guess. At least Summer is halfway finished," she sighs. In that pause, Datsun's greeting pulls her mind from the issues at hand and her seagreen eyes flick his way. "Thank you. And Xanadu's to the Hall. Are you… visiting, delivering or new? Ah! New." She's seen his shoulder knot. "Welcome, ah… your name is? I am Thea." Her smile is bright and friendly even if it is brief. Back to Jethaniel, she hmms. "The river running through the meadow is fresh. Can we use that? Maybe dig a canal or run piping?" She's trying not to look too worried, but it shows. Yumeth won't wait for sands to be ready. She'll pop when she pops.

Taking more care with his food and drink now that he's aware of the Weyrwoman's presence, Datsun makes certain his nibbling and sipping isn't messy. Once again, Jethaniel's words flies completely right over his head but he latches onto three words, "Air conditioning system? How would you even condition air?" Once again, Datsun eyes the air itself, as if it were possible for the substance to be seen. Thea's glance gets followed, seeing the vents. "What is /that/?" Clearly vents are something the Woodcrafter hasn't seen before. A bit distracted, Datsun answers Thea's question, "I /was/ visiting on my travels but I sent in a request to the Hall to be posted here. I like the people here, and it appears to me that your Weyr has need of a Journeyman Woodcrafter. I've already made several repairs in the time I've been here." Thea's smile is returned but as she looks back to Jethaniel, it's clear to him that whatever Jethaniel is talking about, it's more important than him. "Datsun's the name." is added as an afterthought.

Maybe, once the current crisis is averted, Jethaniel will adapt something else and get the air conditioning back on sooner! Or maybe, with the lack of priority on the orders, it'll take an extra month for the parts to arrive. Who knows? He nods to Thea's praise, but the current issue means he's not even thinking about that yet, except maybe in his dreams; but most of the recent schematics in his dreams are not only for the hatching sands, but rather flawed. Dream logic is inapplicable to the real world. As for the idea of using the river. "Hmm," he goes, gaze becoming distant. "-need a filtration system, but that's feasible. Manual pumping station would be the simplest, and…" His gaze, as with the rest, goes to the vent - though in his case, it's less interest in the plate with slits in it, and more what he knows lies behind it. Metres and metres and metres of broad, semi-flexible tubing. "Yes, I believe that's possible." He looks back down to Thea. "I'll need some quarter-meter flex tubing. Most likely from Landing; sufficient to go from the riverbank to the sands." He's scribbling it down on a sheet of paper as he talks, with all those technical details. As for Datsun's introduction, Jethaniel… fails to return it, though he does turn his attention to the woodcrafter. Woodcrafting! Just what he needs. "Can you construct a series of trusses to support a half-metre tube along rough terrain? I'll want an initial height of about three meters, with a broad base and space for a pumping station and, ideally, stairs up to the top - though a ladder will be a reasonable fallback position. The gradient should be such as to let the water flow continuously at a moderate rate…" Sketchysketch schematics!

At the moment Jethaniel is more important since they have an egg-laden gold ready to clutch and no hot sands for the eggs. Though the woodcrafter gets an almost feral grin as the Weyrwoman makes a mental note of his name. "Datsun, well-met. And when you've got time, there's a chair in the Weyrsecond's office - the one at the big desk - that needs your attention." As she returns her focus to Jethaniel, her words become an under-her-breath mutter that may very well be heard, "If the man would stop tipping his chair back all the time, he wouldn't keep breaking it." Her eyes follow the techcrafter's up to that vent. Filtration she understands and she's even becoming somewhat familiar with Jethaniel's problem-solving vague expression followed by the Eureka! one he's wearing now. Though her eyeing of the vent (and perhaps the whole out-of-sight air conditioning system) gets a vaguely troubled, lingering look, she adopts a 'Don't-Ask-Don't-Tell' policy though - it's better all around this way. "Do what you have to do to get it done and I'll sign for whatever you need." Datsun's question is belatedly answered as her eyes drop back to the people at the table, "It's conditioned to be cooler, that's what. Don't ask me how though." She points to Jethaniel. He's your man. Her technospeak consists of simplicity, "Sort of like the breeze over a High Reaches Glacier."

If there's anything that can make Datsun overlook rudeness such as not introducing oneself, it's business opportunities. Sensing one, and a rather significant one at that, Datsun edges closer, his food and drink completely forgotten now. "Trusses, eh?" That practiced smile for business comes into play here, giving it to Jethaniel, "I do believe I can fulfill your needs, sir." His head tilts, listening to the specifications, tapping a finger on his chin, "Hm, it can most certainly be done. However… the cost wouldn't be cheap." His hand moves from his chin to out in front of him, palm upwards, almost as if he were expecting marks. "Oh, stairs won't be a problem. Once you're done dawdling down the schematics, I'll give you an estimate. Though there is one way to save on costs…" His eyes turn to the Weyrwoman for this part, "The forest. It's off-limits, so I haven't been able to gain access to as much local wood as I'd like. If /you/ were to give me, permission to enter the Forest and take the raw materials from there, that would reduce the costs." As Thea speaks, a /second/ business opportunity presents itself! Most excellent! Datsun almost rubbs his hands together but freezes at the last second as he remembers he mustn't appear too greedy, so he simply changes the gestures to his hand stratching an itch on the other. "Oh, definitely. That can be arranged." Then Datsun leans closer to the Weyrwoman in order to catch what she's saying under her breath, "Tipping?" A broad smile is given to her, "I can solve that rather nasty problem for you, Weyrwoman Thea."

K'drozen makes his way slowly into the living cavern, looking nothing like the clean cut rider he normally appears, his hair unruly and appearing somewhat grungy, several days growth of beard frame his face. Almost looking like what someone would think a holdless we would look like. The Fortian brown rider looks weary as he makes his way though the crowd in the crowd towards the serving table. Not really seeming to pay much attention to who is here.

What, the air conditioning? Utterly simple. Just a condensation-evaporation cycle, in which- Ah, but never mind now. That's a conversation for a pleasant evening over drinks! Jethaniel nods to Thea. "Hopefully, what we need should be in-stock. Ideally, in Xanadu stocks." Otherwise, this project might get expensive. "I'll check with the stores records, and send you a requisition for the rest." Speaking of expenses, here's Datsun mentioning the same. Those poor Xanadu coffers. "A meterwide spacing should be sufficient, for the trusses," he says, sketching a few more things then pulling out a fresh sheet to start over without all the extra scribbles. The final structure is fairly simple, so far as miniature water towers and temporary aqueducts go, and he presents it to Datsun for analysis.

Jaye steps into the caverns, peeling off goggles and helmet from herself as she goes followed by riding gloves which are tucked into a pocket. The scarred Fortian pauses just inside the entrance as she scans the room looking for a place to settle. Once a proper table is spotted, the weary brownrider makes her way towards it, slipping out of her jacket and hanging it upon a chair before turning to watch the other Fortian head for the serving tables. Of course, this is when the others, especially the weyrwoman, are spotted and recieve a headbob of greeting.

K'drozen picks his way along the serving table making up two plate for the pair of fortian riders as he finishs he gazes slwoly about the cavern looking for where Jaye came to sit." he look up as he spots the weyrwomen he gives a light nod in greeting before moving slowly towards his weyrmate.

"The Weyr will pay for the trusses," Thea cuts in quickly to Datsun, adding cautiously, "whatever the Hall's going price for that is, of course. Though if you're speedy as well as accurate, Xanadu will give you a bonus." She holds up a forefinger when he holds out his palm. "After the job is completed." His comment about the forests draws a thoughtful frown. He doesn't look like a lumberjack? "Surely you don't want unseasoned wood for that project. We have cured lumber aplenty that our woodcutters have sawn. I'll write you a requisition for that. Stop by my office after you've eaten." As for him solving D'had's tendency to balance his chair on the back two legs, she shoots him a frankly skeptical look. "Really? How?" She could just fire him to save the poor chair, but… She catches K'drozen's approach, distracted for a moment as the rider passes by, blinks but says nothing, though she does note his Fort knot and the fact he could use a bath. As he moves to join Jaye, she catches the woman's headbob and both are given a salute, their service at the outpost silently acknowledged and appreciated. Nodding in response to Jethaniel, she murmurs something along the lines that hopefully the storage cavern does have it.

The new arrivals aren't noted yet by Datsun, as he's focused on the issue of Woodcrafting, or to be more specific, opportunities for marks. His brows furrows at the mention of stores from Jethaniel, quickly interjecting, "Ah, but it would not be wise to completely deplete the Weyr's stores of its wood. After all, it would take some time to resupply it. I don't think people would appreciate having such a necessity deprived of them for long. Certainly, we'll use some of the wood in Stores, but I do highly recommend other sources…" However, the Woodcrafter is caught in his schemes for high marks with the trusses project. At that forefinger, Datsun's hands comes up to both sides of his head, indicating supplication. "Of course, ma'am, of course." The talk of a bonus does catch his attention, abandoning his previous plans to go along with the others' plans, "Done, Weyrwoman. I shall pay your office an visit." A nod, "Quite simple, really. Heavier and more stout wood. As well as a change in the chair's design." The Woodcrafter moves his body back and forth, tipping his chairs forwards and backwards before coming to a stop, "Four legs isn't a stable design. It's mostly for simplicity and cost-saving reasons that this design exists. However, if you were to make those four legs a full square." He gestures a square with his hands, "The design has been improved dramatically and tipping is prevented, in addition to the extra weight of the woods. A person is only strong enough, after all." A shrug. "If required, I can put additional weights inside the chair and board up everything inside as well as add a base so that the chair cannot be moved at all except by the strongest several men your Weyr possesses."

Jethaniel glances at the moving riders, but it's only a glance. The fact one of their dragons helped make his sands-repair project more urgent was not sufficient to make him learn either of their faces. Dragons, under these circumstances, count as forces of nature, and none of his concern except insofar as he must act in response. "After the pipe system has been filled, the structure can be disassembled and the wood turned to other uses." Salvage and reuse are topics he's quite familiar with, if not generally of a wooden nature! Still, the principles hold. By and large, though, he's not one to tell another how to do their craft… nor a skilled haggler. That part is for Thea to take care of! His sixteenth-mark contributed, he finishes up schematics and his parts list while they discuss chairs.

Jaye pushes out the chair next to her for K'drozen to settle into while she flops into her own after her greeting is returned. She gives her fellow Fortian brownrider a smile as she moves to take the plate. "Thanks Dear." Jaye says, settling in to start eating, falling quiet for the moment. Afterall, they are talking business and she's just here to have a bite to eat so that her weyrmate will let her head to the tavern to have her drinks.

"Oh you may certainly help cut timber if you want to resupply the Weyr. However, for this project, we need speed. Use what we've got on hand, please," the Weyrwoman replies to Datsun firmly. She knows the urgency of a mama-to-be gold breathing down her neck to lay those eggs. She explains patiently, "If we're not ready by the time Yumeth wants to clutch she'll have to do it on cold sands, the eggs will have to be transported immediately to the Dragonhealer's Annex where the incubator is located. I don't have to tell you, do I, what stress that will cause the queen? The only other alternative is to send her to another Weyr to clutch." A thought that brings dark brows lowering in displeasure. That would be inconvenient all around. The woodcrafter's elaboration of how to cure D'had draws a short bark of a laugh and a head shake. "He'd simply refuse to use it and either order another desk and chair or not do his paperwork. The legs are a little rickety, that's all. We have them tightened periodically, that's all. But if you want to redesign the legs to withstand his habit, we'll both be happy." Peering cautiously behind her, she brightens to find the person with the problem has drifted away, bored with the shop talk or repairs and requisitions. "Back to work for me," she tells the two at the table, eyes flicking over the room and idly passing over the Fortian riders, pleased that they're able to refresh themselves. "Send me your requisitions," she reminds needlessly as she turns to go. It's a repetition that shows her concern over the matter. Yumeth looms!

K'drozen gives Jaye a half smiles as he moves to to join here at there table sitting down heavilly he says softly, "i can't wait until we can just go home.' he shakes his head and says, "Til Mae isn't needed here and we don't have to worry about that guy." he shakes his heand and sigh.

"Of course. Reuse." is accorded to Jethaniel with a nod by Datsun, finally noticing the plans that have been drawn for him. One hand slides out, taking the plans, sliding it back over to him, turning it right side up to face him. Reading the schematics, Datsun nods again, "This will work. I'll work the details out with you two as soon as I'm done here." Finally remembering his food, Datsun returns to it, raising an eyebrow at the explanation of dragon and Weyr needs by Thea. "Nay, I wouldn't imagine that would turn out too well. You have my cooperation and speediness, Weyrwoman. It'll be my top priority." A smile is given to her, "I'll come up with another, more simple design to improve the chair and eliminate the need to repeatedly fix it. I simply thought you would want to send him a message." A wink is offered, withdrawing from his business aspect back into a more normal display, "Will do." K'drozen and Jaye are finally noticed, raising an hand to them, "Hello, I'm Datsun! Well met." Jethaniel is remembered as an afterthought, "By the way, your name? So I know who to contact about the trusses."

Jethaniel nods to Thea. "Yes, yes of course…" he says as she departs and he investigates his papers a moment longer before finally looking up. Ah. Here's Datsun, reintroducing himself. Right. Social graces and niceties; also, practical matters of finding each other again. The techie extends a hand. "Jethaniel. You can likely find me under the sands - if not, someone there will know." And there is, in fact, someone there at pretty much all hours of the day and night at this stage.

Jaye smirks a little as she overhears the Xanadu talk of the cold sands, lowering her voice so that only the people close enough to the scarred rider will hear. "P'rhaps I should jus' 'ave Maehwa threaten t'sit on 'em 'til they get th'sands fixed, cause y'know he'd do it." Okay, so maybe she might have said it a little louder than she should have, but it could be fun. Yes, Yumeth looms, and so does the Shadowbeast that caught her. At the greeting from the Woodcrafter, the scarred Fortian returns the greeting. "H'lo Datsun, name's Jaye, an' this 'ere be m'mate K'drozen from Fort. S'good t'know there be s'many willin' t'work t'get them sands hot 'gain. Iff'n y'need m'Maehwa t'do any fetchin' I'm sure he'd be willin' t'help out." This offered to both crafters.

Teaching an old dog new tricks… SO not her style. Not that the Weyrsecond is old at 48 mind, but sending him a message wouldn't go over so well. Over her shoulder, "Nono, Datsun, that sort of thing would backfire with him, trust me." Stubborn, thy name is D'had. "It would end up as kindling. If he couldn't move it, he'd take an axe to it. Really." Cue winning smile. "When the truss project no longer needs you, then you may see to the chair. Priority goes to that sands repair." With a grateful glance at the hard-working Jethaniel, she slips out back to her office.

K'drozen says softly, "oh i am sure he would. Rhyrith on the other hand I am keepin as far away from that gold as i can." he shakes his head, "I was back home day before yesterday to check on Kaylen, and they said they are holding out ok with us over here, thngs are slow for the wing otherwise…." he looks to the young man the greats them and gives him a nod.

Jethaniel's hand is taken enthuasically and shaken with vigor by Datsun. After all, it's thanks to this fine, brilliant, and young man that Datsun will be pocketing a nice sum of marks! "Well met, well met, Jethaniel! The Sands, eh? I would imagine that would get itchy after a while." A geniune smile is flashed to K'drozen and Jaye, "Of course, anything to help the Weyr." And his own coffers. "I will most definitely be taking you up on your offer for help. After all, the trusses would need manpower to move them, and I'm certain your dragon is more than capable of fitting the bill." Thea gets a grin, "I believe you. You're the boss!" A salute after the departing Weyrwoman.

Jethaniel shakes Datsun's hand in an affable, if already distracted, manner. He does chuckle slightly at the comment about the sands. "Technically speaking, the work is going on beneath the sands." The offer from Jaye serves to bring the brownrider to Jethaniel's attention, and he nods. "I may have some requests as well, if local stores are insufficent. I'll be checking those as soon as I've measured the distances… the data on our requirements should be available by mid-afternoon, and we can contact Landing via radio to make arrangements. Jaye, you said?"

Jaye nods, "Aye, name's Jaye, m'shadowbeast Maehwazeyeth's th'one that caught Yumeth, so he's almost as anxious as she be. He's a good strong brown, best bet be catchin' 'im at night, tho, he's a bit of a night dragon. Y'kin find us out at th'old renegade stronghold, we been 'ssigned a post there t'keep watch an' such." Thus the dishevelled and weary looks on both her and her weyrmate. "Maehwa spends plenty o'time 'ere, watchin' th'weyr from afar."

Datsun blinks at Jethaniel, "Beneath the sands? You mean, there's a space under the sands? I thought was just the ground and the sands. Huh. Learn something new everyday." That case proves to be true in Datsun's case. Having finished the meatroll, vegetables and fruits, Datsun is now at work on the pastries and sweets on his plate. Jaye and K'drozen are listened to. "Is it much fun watching the Weyr?"

Ah. So there's a reason for this rider's involvement! Jethaniel nods to Jaye. "I'll be sure and mention it to Thea." Contact a dragon himself? Ahaha, no. That part of the logistics is solidly for the weyrwoman, who has far better ways to go about it. Still, volunteers are a fine thing! So he'll mention it, assuming it doesn't get knocked back out of his head by more technical issues in the meantime. Fascinating, fascinating technical issues. Like- "Oh, yes," he says to Datsun. "There's a passage down there, and a room to house the control structures and serviceable parts. It's fortunate none of the pipes directly beneath the sands were flawed, or we really would have to dig the whole thing up." Yes, Jethaniel. Go on and talk about how things could be worse with an audience of Maehwazeyeth's rider. That's smart for sure. Blithely oblivious, he makes a ticky mark on his paper, then rises. "I'll just be getting those measurements," he says, and gathers up his papers and klah - though forgetting his half-eaten sandwich - before giving a vague sort of salute and heading out into the sunlight and the only fractionally hotter outdoors.

Jaye shrugs, briefly, chewing and swallowing a bite of her food before answering Datsun's question. "It keep 'im outta trouble, so i ain't one t'question 'im. He's nay a social dragon but he's a loyal one, I kin barely get 'im t'go ome t'Fort sometimes when we get called back. Y'all're likely gonna be stuck with 'is presence 'til them eggs are laid an' hatched I think." She glances at Jethaniel briefly, then, at his comments. "Well, iff'n y'need 'nother hand down there, m'boy Cesran's been visitin' me an' K'drozen 'ere when he's th'chance, he's jus' an 'pprentice but he'd likely be willin t'help iff'n he kin use it as an excuse t'be 'ere with us rather than back at Fort by 'imself."

Datsun's gaze drops down to the knots on the riders' shoulders, "Ah, Fortians! I enjoyed Fort when I was on my way through during my travels. It's always nice to have Northerners like me here in the South. I'll be sure to put your son to work. Can't have idle hands." Finishing off his food and drink, Datsun rubs his belly, peering at Jethaniel, "Fascinating. You'll have to show me one day. The sooner this is all done, the sooner that man…" A finger points at the departing Jethaniel, "Can fix this… 'air conditioning' system thing and I can experience it for myself. I must see this marvel for myself." Standing up Datsun announces, "I apologize, but I must go pay the Weyrwoman a visit about the requistions so we can get your dragon's eggs laid, poppin' open, and nabbing people as their own." A salute is offered to the riders before heading off to the Weyrwoman's office.

Did someone say help? That pulls Jethaniel back from the light. "Most certainly," he says to Jaye. "There's plenty of work to be done, and even a first-year apprentice can monitor a lightboard or keep hold of screws." There's a smile for that, but it seems kindly meant as well as earnest. Besides, dull as some of the jobs for an apprentice may be… they're generally the more exciting for being part of a real project instead of yet another training board. Practical HVAC! Speaking of, air conditioning, yes. He blinks at Datsun for a moment. "Well, perhaps-" if he were to- No, Jethaniel. Bad Jethaniel. No ambitious projects when there are dragons waiting on you. Do the simple solution that will be fast and effective. First step of that: get his measurements. Prerequisite step for that: finish social conversation. He waves to Datsun, then glances back to Jaye. "If I'm not beneath the sands, someone there will know where to find me." Probably. At the very least, he'll show up there again before long!

Jaye nods to both departing men. "Aye, well, I'll send Cesran soon's I see 'im 'gain." She chuckles quietly at something or other, but doesn't share what. And then the scarred Fortian gives a brief salute to both. "'ave a good day, then, y'two." She calls, returning to her meal once the two have moved out of the caverns.

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