GlitterPoo and the Pink Defender

Xanadu Weyr - Nursery
Large and spacious, this room is just perfect for families with young ones too little for the playgrounds to gather together. Situated just off the resident halls near the main caverns, it is easy to for parents to drop off or visit with their children throughout the day. Just outside the door, is a small set of shelves with nooks for shoes and boots to be placed in with hooks above for sweaters and jackets. Scattered throughout the room in both adult-sized and child-sized are several plush couches where parents and nannies can cuddle the little ones.
In the center of the room is a miniature 'playground' area for toddlers to climb on with pint-sized slides, ladders and crawling tubes. The floor there is well padded for protection from falls. In one corner are cushions and pillows along with shelve full of books to read, several tiny table provide space for coloring and crafts while a stack of pallets is available for naptime. Cubbies and baskets are filled to the brim with colorful toys in a variety of shapes to help stimulate the imagination. Foot-powered riding toys are also available for the active child.
In one corner, on a rug with bright colors and a variety of shapes, there's an area for storytelling with comfortably upholstered chairs and pillows available for sitting on the floor. A projector is available for visual aid, with a white screen that pulls down should anyone need it.

Today's wing assignment for an assortment of candidates - Janaya among them - is Nova. The Weyrwoman's wing! Surely this means they're in for something glamorous, right? Visits to holds, paperwork… okay, paperwork isn't glamorous. But that's okay, they're not doing paperwork! In fact, when they showed up, they were told by one of the headwoman's assistants that today they were going to learn about 'keeping tabs on how the Weyr feels' and 'building strong community'. And with that assignment in mind, they were led to… the nursery? This definitely looks like the nursery. Inside, there's all the usual nursery sorts of things. Like babies. And toys! …and babies gumming on toys. And pillows! …and babies drooling on pillows. And toddlers! …and so on for the next half-decade or so of weyrbrat life. Sitting amidst these babies are the usual people attending to them, as well as a low table with kid-sized chairs around it and various craft supplies - glue, fabric, safety scissors, glitter, and so on - surrounding… a pile of rocks.

Being assigned to the nursery is Quillan's worst nightmare. Or definitely high amongst the worst of them, anyway, and he's done nothing but complain vociferously since their task was revealed to them. Now that he's here, standing cross-armed in the doorway and with a grumpy expression firm upon his face, he looks more obstinate than a mule as he glowers at all the babies. Gross. But, despite his attempt to be surly, he keeps looking at the table with all the glitter on it. And bright colours. And glue. "Is that… for us?"

Babies and young children aren't really Maelle's first choice of kinds of people to deal with. They can't be reasoned with! However, despite the fact she's not excited she isn't as grumpy looking as Quillan about it. Instead, she just takes in a deep breath and steels herself for the crying and whatever else is going to happen while they're stuck in the nursery. She tugs at her tunic as she walks over towards the table, wondering, "I guess we should grab some kids…" She looks to a nearby little girl with pony tails and waves her over to one of the seats. At least this one looks fairly well behaved. /So far/. Of course, what to do after kids are gathered, she isn't too sure.

Janaya glances to Quillan, preparing to roll her eyes for his protest, but… oh, no, wait, it's just a question. She looks to the table instead. "Uhm. I guess so?" she says, looking to the others as if they'll have any more clue. Maelle seems to have a pretty decent idea, getting the attention of a kid! A non-troublemaking (hopefully) kid. "Yeah," Janaya says. "I guess?"

One of the nursery workers smiles cheerily to the candidates, nodding. "That's right, you're joining us for craft time today! Time for all our friends to find a seat." How does she smile like that amidst the madness that is a nursery? The world may never know. Meanwhile, a passing toddler stumbles over his own feet and wobbles into Quillan. "Uh-oh!" he declares, giggling… and then stuffs his entire fist into his mouth, drooling around it as he peers up at the candidates - and Quillan in particular. Hello grumpyface!

Stumbling tots have a habit of putting hands out to steady themselves on things that shouldn't be touched, and when there's a hand headed for him, Quillan shies away. Let the kid stick his hand into his mouth on his own, because there's a freaked out teen sticking like glue to his fellow candidates. He doesn't grab himself a kid, but instead sticks between Janaya and Maelle, using them as brat-barriers. "I'm sitting with you two." Wedged between them tightly, if he can manage it.

Maelle has a difficult time putting on a smile as bright at the nursery worker, though she is smiling a little - does nobody any good if nobody is good with children, and working in the infirmary as she has she's learned to fake it well enough. "You're not getting out of helping the kids do their crafts that easy, Quill…" She certainly isn't going to be that easy to sway, and even attempts to put the kid she'd gathered to sit next to Quillan unless he chooses somewhere /else/. "What are we supposed to be making?" She wonders, looking at the pile of craft materials and not quite putting it together but hopes someone does know.

These chairs are too small for candidate butts to be comfortable. And the table's too low for candidate knees to fit well, either. Janaya doesn't so much grab a kid directly as wave to a few of them as she passes. Hello small things! She even pats one on the head, and doesn't immediately explode. Maelle's threat for Quillan with that kid - who looks sweet, doesn't she? Better than the drooly one, anyhow! - makes Janaya grin. "Well, you can sit next to me, at least," she tells Quill. Protection on one side from the juvenile horde! But safety is partial and fleeting, for soon after Janaya takes a seat, a boy of four turns or so settles in on her other side… and other children are filtering in to take their places. The craft time leader keeps right on beaming. "Why, we're making pet rocks! They make a great gift for that special someone in your life who needs a friend to talk to."

"Pet rocks, yup." Quillan can't entirely hide a little excited lip-quirk. "I had one when I was little." He makes sure Janaya's at his side when he sits down at the table, and gives Maelle's chosen minion a grumpy frown when it gets too close… so he pointedly slides his chair closer to Jan until they're practically touching. That, of course, leaves no room for children to squeeze in between them. As he reaches out to start rifling through the rocks, finding the perfect one, he asks his fellow candidates: "If we feed the kids glitter, do you think they'd poop shiny stuff?"

Maelle gives the little girl next to Quillan a little pat, and mutters, "This girl seems alright, and you should look like you're at least trying Quill…" She decides /that/ little girl is going to be Quillan's little helper, whether he enjoys it or not! The other kids that fall into place close to her, she seems alright with helping all of those ones get into their places. "I never had any pet rocks… So, not too sure what to do. Just decorate them with.. glitter and stuff?" She figures it must be that simple, right? As for kids pooping glitter she frowns, "It isn't good for them to eat glitter… at least not much of it."

"Pet rocks, really?" Now it's Janaya's turn to be dubious. "Why not a real pet? One that can like… move." She glances to Maelle, with a thoughtful frown, then to Quillan. "Did your pet rock have glitter? And stuff?" Because he's just set himself up as the expert! And never mind the person who's allegedly actually leading this little exercise. Besides, she's being distracted with a kid just now. Probably one who put something in his mouth. Like glitter? "Ewwwwww. That's gross," Janaya declares, then looks to Maelle and nods. "See? I bet if you make them sick, you have to take care of them."

"Not much of it means they can eat some." Mwahaha. "Hey, pigtails," Quillan drags a pot of glitter over to plonk it in front of Maelle's kid, while the older girl is distracted. "Glitter tastes like bubblies and makes you puke and poo rainbows. Mmmm. Tasty." He even dips a spit-wet finger into it himself, to stick into his mouth. And what does Janaya get? A glittery tongue, stuck out at her. "My pet rock was epic. It had dirt all over it when mum threw it out, but it had some glitter left, too." There's actually some glittery drool in the corner of his mouth, because talking with a mouthful of the stuff isn't easy. "I'm gonna make one that's so frickin' shiny."

"My name is Clara," pigtails declares. And then she reaches for the pot of glitter, investigating it. Hmm… well… let's see now… Janaya rolls her eyes, but doesn't actually do anything like stop these investigations. She's busy debating pet rocks! "Most rocks have dirt, I'd think. I mean, it's kind of the proper state for a rock." These ones are nice and clean, though, and she looks to them, reaching for one to give it a look. "Shouldn't it have like… I dunno, a face or something? Other than glitter?" But glitter is great! Or so thinks Clara, who's just upended the pot and given it a shake. Yay! Glitter everywhere! A cascade of glitter, dumped over the table… and her lap… and the laps of the people next to her… and the floor… SO MUCH GLITTER.

Quillan has a lap FULL of glitter. And weirdly enough, he's not protesting. Not as much as he did about the whole being around brats thing, anway. He just stands up, turns towards Janaya, and gives his hips a wiggle to make sure a load of it falls off onto her, too. Sharing is caring! "Yeah, well, you've gotta put eyes and stuff on it after you've decorated it. You can use buttons, or… more glitter? Mine had glitter eyes. Like a dragon. It had spikes, too, and I had a little set of straps for it, and… did I tell you mum threw it away?"

Janaya starts to laugh at Quillan, which probably means she deserves that glitter. "Hey!" she protests anyhow, glaring at him for… oh, a good two or three seconds, probably. But, well, taking care of animals is a messy business, and apparently pet rocks are no different. She brushes off some of the glitter - or tries to, anyhow - while she listens to him describe his former pet…rock. Her hand slows, then stops as she just stares at him. "…yeah. You did say. So… did you take it out for walks? Or like… flights?" She's imagining a rock on a harness being swung around over his head.

The cheery nursery worker turns back to the table, only to see the glitter-splosion that has happened. Her smile slips. "Oh, dear me… what happened?"

Quillan has his chosen rock in hand, and he tosses it up in the air. "Flights." Simple as that. "I'd kinda… chuck it. Make it fly?" There's a second when it looks like he might demonstrate that right where they are… until the nursery worker comes over. He scowls at her, until he remembers better and then schools his expression into something more neutral. "Glitter slipped. It's ok, though. We'll be sure to eat it all up." See the glitter sticking around his mouth? "Pigtails thinks it's delicious. Right, Pigtails?"

Janaya laughs. "Musta been kinda terrible at the landings…" she says, and does nothing like stop him. Fortunately, there's that nursery worker to bring a little bit of sense to the proceedings. "…eep," Janaya says. The nanny doesn't notice her, just staring at Quillan. "Oh. Well, accidents do happ- wait, what?" Glitter-mouth! And… "Don't eat the glitter! Clara, you know better than that!" Quillan, on the other hand? "You're supposed to be a good example here!" Someone didn't do their research before getting these candidates in, did they?

"It's not like it's gonna kill her. I'm still alive." Quillan shrugs at the nanny, but he does, at least, reach out to sweep whatever glitter's left on the table into the container it was poured from. "She'll poo shiny stuff. Won't that be better for changing time?" Then, after a moment of thinking about it, he huffs. "Pigtails, no more glitter. Nannies say so. Kay?" It's very obviously said for the benefit of those in charge only, as there's little sincerity in his tone. Jan, though, gets a genuine smile. "Yeah, it sucked at landings. One time we made these parachute thingies for them, and threw them off the top of the bowl to see if they'd fly. We all got latrine duty for nearly killing people."

From the look that nanny gives him, Quillan's survival might be in question. "Well! I'm sure…." Wait, no. She's the happy one. She's supposed to smile. Smi-le. "Things… will work out okay. Just be careful, okay?" She gives him a look, then Clara-pigtails, then goes off to get a broom and dustpan to finish cleaning this up. She's turned her back on them again, the fool!

Janaya tries not to snicker at Quillan's about-face for the benefit of the staff, really she does. She doesn't succeed very well, but she does try. "You're gonna poo shiny too, you know," she tells Quillan, then hastily adds, "Not that I want to see it!" Ewwww. Anyway. Back to things that are merely dangerous and not gross. "…but did they? I mean, did the parachutes open or whatever?"

Quillan gives Janaya a look. "You're gross." Who would want to see that?! He reaches out for the paint, and uses a brush to start daubing his pet rock in with black and brown splodges. A sort of camo pattern, perhaps? "Yeah, they sorta opened a bit, but mostly the rocks just fell. Mine chipped when it landed, but one of the others pretty much exploded." He even provides the sound effect - "BOOMF." Without any regard for getting paint on his fingers, he flips the rock painted-side over in his palm and continues decorating its belly, mixing in a little bit of white to lighten it up. "I wouldn't recommend it, unless you want to commit rockicide."

Janaya wrinkles her nose at Quillan, saying without words, "No you." Oh wait, no, she also said it with words. Just for the extra emphasis. Anyway! She finally picks out her rock - a rather elongated one with a bulge on one end - and pulls some red paint toward her to start adorning it. "Nice," she says for that explosion… which really wasn't very nice at all, given the risk of rockicide… and grins. "Oh, yeah, I'm not going to actually do it. So… was that when you decided you were going into explosions? Or did that come later?"

"I think I was maybe six or something then, so I guess I probably didn't think about it… or maybe that rock inspired me to think about it? I dunno. I apprenticed when I was 12, anyway." Quillan shrugs, using a fingertip to blend the colours on his rock. He's probably messier than any of the tots he's not looking after. "And Weyrwoman Neyuni's a fan of explosions too, so maybe she inspired me? She makes fireworks. But mostly I wanted something that'd freak out my mum, and that would get me out from under her nose. That's why I accepted Search, y'know? So she can come freak out about me getting shredded on the Sands, and so if I Impress, I'll stay here and there'll be nothing she can do about it." See? He has a plan - and one that he's proud about, if his expression is any sort of giveaway.

Well, there is that kid who started using dark blue paint and then decided to rub his eyes. He looks… striking. Janaya grins. "Just think, one of these kids here could be inspired today." She waves an arm, encompassing the room… and knocking over a pot of orange paint. "…oops." Quickly, time to pretend she meant to do that… which she does by righting the pot and then rolling her rock's base in the spilled paint. "See," she tells the kid next to her. "You can paint a whole side at once by doing it like this." So helpful! And, once he's trying that - and variations thereof - she turns her attention back to Quillan, nodding. "Makes sense. And it's not like she can say no to it, she's a rider herself! Like, I think it worries my mom… but she won't say anything 'cause my dad's so pleased about it."

Watch out, orange paint! Thankfully it doesn't seep towards him, so Quill can ignore it. He's done painting his rock, and instead blows on it as Janaya talks, to try and dry the paint faster. "Your mum's a rider? Or did you mean my mum?" He confused. There's a lot going on right now with painting and blowing and trying to listen! "I think my dad'll be proud if I Impress. Mum too, I guess, though she'll probably cry cos it'll mean I'm definitely not coming home. Maybe I ought to send her a Quillrock to keep her company?" His brown and black-splodged rock is looking far from pretty, and it's only going to get worse as he reaches out for the glue to start slathering it all over.

Janaya shakes her head, then nods. "Yours. You said your parents were green and blue, right?" Which would mean they're both riders! Assuming she's remembering. "My dad's a rider, my mom's not. She was searched once, she just… didn't impress." A shrug, and she glances aside to snag a paintbrush and… use it as a barricade against a rivulet of spilled paint. "Well, if you think your mum'd like that." Janaya shakes her head, and grins. "You're the one who knows her… and about pet rocks." She tilts her head to peer at her own, splotchy red on top and sopping orange on bottom. "Hmm. It needs… something."

"Feathers?" Is Quillan suggesting that Janaya add them, or is he just pointing to the tub of them so that he can raid the best ones? "Yeah, my parents are riders. Maybe if I sent my mum a Quillrock, she'd chuck it off her ledge. Or drop it between. Faranth knows." He probably won't bother. As for his own rock, it's currently getting the glitter treatment. Gold glitter, no less! In splodges all over it's back. "Anyway, your parents will be proud of you if you Impress. They always are, unless you're like supposed to be getting married to someone and then you can't."

"Mm… Good idea," Janaya says. She tugs the bin of feathers a bit closer, shuffling through it to find some long tufty ones. "She'd better not throw it off the ledge. Doesn't she know that's dangerous?" She grins wide, and snags a few more feathers before she starts gluing them onto the rock, in two clumps to either side like some sort of weird tufty wings. Flying rock, look out! As for her own parents, she nods, wrinkling her nose a bit. "I'm not gonna be married to anyone. I'm gonna impress, or else I'm gonna go be an apprentice."

"Hey, maybe that'll fly if you throw if off the… wait. We don't have a bowl here, do we? Off the… cliffs, maybe?" They have those at least? Quill eyes Jan's rock a few moments longer, before he holds his out in the palm of his hand for her to see. "Jan, meet GlitterPoo." Brown and black splodges, covered with spots of gold? Totally what they were just talking about, right? "Maybe I should add feathers to make him the Flying GlitterPoo? Did you leave any good ones?" With his fingers covered in glue, he's not about to go fishing through them all to find out. "Apprentices can get promoted then marry, you know. Maybe you will, if you don't Impress."

"I'd have to find a way up there." Janaya hmms, then grins. "Huh. I bet we could get up on top of the hatching dome, if we tried. 'Cause they're working on it, so they've got all the scaffolding and stuff." Now there's a thought. Not one that bodes well for anyone, most likely, but a thought nonetheless. Janaya eyes Quill's rock, once she's introduced, as her expression fights between a curved-mouth smirk and a wrinkled nose eww. "GlitterPoo," she repeats, like she's just making sure she's got it right, then snerks. "Poo doesn't fly, it floats." Clearly. She turns back to her own rock, dipping her fingers in congealing orange paint and adding a few spots along its back, then nodding to the bit about apprentices. "Well, yeah, but that won't be for turns." Janaya shrugs, because that might as well be forever as far as she's concerned. "And anyhow, I'd have to meet someone to marry and all that." So many steps along the way! "But maybe."

Quillan snorts. "GlitterPoo is never going to float, so he may as well fly… but maybe not off the top of the hatching dome. Innes would have your hide for a helmet if you threw rocks where they could hit the eggs. Anyway, there's a way to get to the top of the cliffs." He reaches over to wipe his glittery, glue and paint-mucky fingers on Jan's sleeve, then digs into the feathers. That wiping didn't exactly work well, though, so he pulls out a hand as fluffy as a hen, and waggles it in his friend's face while making a… noise. Ghost noise? Creepy noise? Some sort of noise. "Did I tell you I'm gonna blow myself a weyr in the cliff face, if I Impress?"

"…true. Assuming the dragons left any pieces big enough." So okay, maybe Janaya won't go flinging her rock around there. Even if it would totally (not) fly. "Hey, I liked this shirt," she protests as Quill wipes fingers - though it's not like it wasn't already spattered with paint here and there - and tries, without much success, to wipe it off again on the edge of the table. All that really does is collect glitter to further adorn the fabric. She snorts at those feathers, dismissive… oh wait, no, ticklish, because then she turns her head and sneezes into her elbow. Sniff. "Yeah. If you found a good cliff, anyhow."

"I did, I found one near the beach that'll be good, I think. Just need to examine it more closely." Since his fingers are covered in feathers on one hand, and he's holding GlitterPoo in the other hand, Quill's kind of incapable of doing much at the moment so he tries to put his pet rock gently down on the table without smudging its funky paintjob. "I'm going to make a rock for Fishboy. Didn't he get PT or something now?" He starts plucking the feathers off his fingers, flicking them at Janaya when they're loosened. "Are you still gonna live underground?"

Janaya nods. "If you do it wrong, could the whole cliff collapse?" she asks with rather more intrigued interest than fear, then hmphs and starts picking up those feathers. This one goes to the kid next to her, this one to the kid across the table, and… that one can go on her rock, as a sort of tail-tuft. "I haven't decided where I'm gonna live yet. Maybe I'll live in a cliff too, if there's room." She shrugs, then hmms. "Maorin… I think so, yeah. Something like that, anyhow." Janaya reaches for another jar of paint, then eyes Quill. "You better not throw it at him."

Quillan is fully plucked, and can go about choosing another rock for Mao's present. "Wouldn't make him any uglier if I did," he snorts to the comment about throwing the rock at him. He picks out a rock, and shows it briefly to Janaya. "This one." Then he reaches out for the black, blue and white paint, mixing it to a fishy sort of grey shade. "Yeah, I could make the whole cliff go down in big sheets if I get it wrong, so I need to get up there and examine it properly, see if I can figure out how strong it is, where faults are, stuff like that." He shrugs, brushing away the subject as if it's everyday stuff. Which it really is for him. "I'll get F'zen to help, anyway. My mentor. You want us to blow you a weyr, too?"

Janaya just hmphs at Quill, glaring for a moment… but it's only a moment, because then she's looking at that rock and nodding. The fishy shade of paint is pretty much exactly what she expected, so it draws no comment - though she does snag a bit of the white paint in order to daub a pair of large eyes on her rock, set wide and goggly. "Well, maybe. It'd be fun to have something a little different." She shrugs. "I mean, I know it's usual in other weyrs, but… it's different here."

"E lives in a boat. That's pretty crazy." With the rock covered in an even shade of grey, Quillan dips his thumb into the white paint and uses it to make scale-shaped markings, overlapping them neatly, row by row from bottom to top. "So what sort of different home would you have? You wouldn't paint it pink or anything, would you? I wouldn't come visit a pink weyr. Too girly. It might rub off on my overt masculineness."

"Lots of people live in boats… they're just usually seacrafters and not dragonriders." Janaya shrugs, and eyes the eyes she's making on her rock before nudging the kid next to her. "Hey, pass the buttons. … Thanks." Time for proper eyeballs for this… whatever it is. "Maybe I'll live in a tree. Like the cafe on the beach." She grins. "And there's nothing wrong with pink, either. It's a good color! …I mean, I wouldn't paint a whole weyr pink, because that's just too much, but pink's a good color. 'Specially for accents and stuff."

Quillan finishes applying scales, and picks up a thinner brush to begin outlining them in a darker shade of grey. It's going to be a pretty fish, even if Maorin doesn't like it! "Yeah, but don't seacrafters normally live in boats at sea? Maybe I should live in a cave because I'm a miner, and Candidate Z could live in a barn because he's a beastcrafter. Everyone else can be homeless." He winks. "… especially if they're gonna paint things pink. Otherwise I'd invite you to crash on my sofa or something. In my mine-weyr. With my mine-dragon."

"I'm pretty sure a mine-dragon is called a wher," Janaya says with a smirk, then hmms, expression growing a little more serious. "It must suck for seacrafters if they impress. I mean, most crafts can keep doing stuff - you can still do explosions with a dragon, I could still study tech, beastcraft's fine… but what's a seacrafter going to do, go out fishing from the back of their dragon?" She frowns. "It's just not gonna work." A pair of buttons are popped onto her feathered rock, and then she finds a small, rounded rock… and mixes up some red and white. Pink! Pink to roll that rock all around in. So very pink.

"Techcraft - you could live in a giant computer." Quillan has all the answers to questions never asked. "You can go fishing with a dragon, for sure. You just have to have a dragon that likes water. They can swim alongside the boat or whatever, and I bet if you tried hard enough you could fish from one? Maybe by net though instead of by pole, cos hooks could hurt the dragon." He frowns pitifully at the pink-painted rock. "We're gonna take our dragons fishing to prove it can be done. What the shards are you doing to that rock? It looks like a pink bogey."

"There'd be a secret code to enter. And if you messed it up three times, you'd explode," Janaya says with a sage nod. "I'd get your help with that part." She grins, reaching for the glue and glitter. "Of course you can," and never mind ten seconds ago she was claiming you couldn't, "but it's not the same as without. Whatever you learned about like… sailing and working on a boat, you can't use it unless you leave your dragon behind." Fortunately, since neither of them are expert fishers, they have nothing to unlearn before taking that trip! Janaya dabs glue onto her rock in a pair of spots, then puts silver glitter there. "It's a guard rock. Able to defend against anyone manly."

Janaya's rock is given a dubious look. "Uh-huh. I'll try not to squish it when I come visit. You'd give me your secret code so I wouldn't blow up, right?" Quill thinks about that for a moment, then snorts. "Or I'd just disable the explosives. I can do that. Also, GlitterPoo is an anti-girl defence. He'll be sleeping next to my cot." Maorin's fish is properly scaled now, and so its other features are added - fins, gills, and finally a pair of white eyes with tiny black pupils that make it look a bit… well, creepy. Crazed. "I bet your pink bogey would make a good skimming rock."

Janaya doubles down on her pink rock defense system by adding a sparkly glitter heart instead of a mouth. "Hey, if you want to sit on a rock, that's on you." Or, well, he'd be on it, but either way. "But yeah, I wouldn't expect explosions to stop you." Hence why she needs pink-based defenses, right? And Quill, on the other side of it… "Ha. You know, most guys like the idea of meeting girls. But, if you'd rather sleep with your poo…" Janaya grins, then eyes that fish with a slightly… uneasy… expression. It's a pretty good representation of what he's going for. That's kind of the problem, really.

"I reckon I'm boom-proof, anyway. I can probably disable it before it gets me." Probably not a theory Quill wants to try out. "What? I like meeting girls. Just not candidate girls, cos you can't do anything with them, and anyway I'm a candidate, so I can't do anything anyway. So it's more like… keeping them away so I keep away from them. No tempta— wait. You're too young to even know shi—stuff," there are babies around! "like that anyway!"

Janaya rolls her eyes. "I'm not a baby," she protests. The room may be full of them, but she's not one! …unlike most of the occupants of this table, who didn't quite get to learn a new word just now. "And even if I didn't know - which I did - they send the candidate girls to get a talk about that stuff from a healer." Or maybe they just do that to the ones that seem on the younger, less knowledgeable side? "Besides, this is a weyr, not some hold where people just have arranged marriages or whatever."

"Not a baby, but you're all of 12 or something." Quillan rolls his eyes. "You've probably not even had your first kiss yet. With tongues. From someone you fancy, not from your mother or a cousin or something." Because she is a baby, and babies don't do that sort of thing! Quill reaches for the glue, pouring a little bit into an empty pot and mixing some blue glitter in with it. Then he starts spreading the mixture over the FishRock with a brush. "Do you really have to talk about that stuff with a Healer?"

Janaya shows her maturity by glaring at Quillan - and, in case that isn't enough, kicking him under the table. That'll prove it for sure! At least she doesn't kick all that hard, just enough to (hopefully) get the point across. Which is that she's not a baby, in case he lost track. "I'm fourteen." Which is a lot more like 12 than she makes it sound, but those two turns are a crucial difference… when you're fourteen. "And yeah, we do… but it's mostly just listening, they don't make us actually say anything." Small favors!

"Hey! That hurt." No, it didn't, but Quill will protest whenever he can. "That's the sorta thing babies do, Jan. Anyway. You're not allowed to date anyone until you're at least 16, and then I reckon you'll still be a weyrling anyway, so really you're going to have to wait until you're like 18 or something. Which is good. You can have babies or whatever then." His two amazing rock creations are picked up and put into the middle of the table where the others are all drying, and he looks over Jan with a smirk. "Maybe you'll have boobs then. Boys like boobs."

Janaya glares at Quill, and… kicks him again. Hey, if she's going to be a baby anyhow, she might as well take advantage of it to be violent, right? Take advantage of a broken system and all that! "If I have babies, I'm going to leave them in your weyr." This would be a terrible idea and probably constitute child abuse. "Screaming, and drooling, and pooping everywhere in your mine-weyr and on your mine-dragon." Who's apparently just going to sit there and take it? "So there. And I'm sure I'll have plenty of boys interested in me, just as soon as I want them." Yeah. That's right. It's that she's too busy for boys. Being a candidate means so much to do! An apprentice or a weyrling, much the same. "Someday, you'll see!" But for now, she puts her own rocks - feather-lump and pink-sparkly - to dry, then stands up. "I'm going to wash my hands."

Quillan calls her out on the future baby-abandoning. "No you wouldn't. You'd probably love them. And I'd move out, anyway." Problem solved! And the rocks are drying, too, which means there's nothing left to do other than get out of there before the nannies rope them into cleaning up. "Yeah, I'll go wash mine too. Maybe my mouth as well." It's probably still got glitter in it.

Janaya wrinkles her nose. Curse that 'love', keeping her from using her potential future babies as weapons of annoyance! One of the actual babies - okay, he's actually a toddler, but still - pipes up, "Boobs!" as Janaya turns to go. She turns, looks at the kid, then looks at Quillan. "Better use some soap on that mouth." And then she's off! Time to clean up and come up with some kind of good answer for if they get asked about what they learned today. Maybe something about diversity? Adaptability? Certainly not maturity and responsibility!

"That's right, buddy. Boobs." Quillan gives the toddler a double thumbs up, then follows Janaya out. Maybe to tease her some more. Definitely to wash the glitter off his tongue, if he hasn't swallowed it all by now.

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