Delicious Distraction

Ierne Weyrhold - Marketplace
Bright banners and colorful flora line the wide square full of shops, stores, and sidewalk vendors. The proud proprietors are mostly traders who specialize in certain items or crafters who wanted a place in which to market their wares and they decorate their establishments in bold, eye-catching ways to attract cliental. A single massive banyan tree sits in the center of the square, surrounded by clusters of stone benches. Children and firelizards play among the nooks and crannies created by its aerial roots. A broad avenue to the ferry port leads to the south, while a smaller roadway heads southwest to the weyrhold proper.

How many days in is it now, for this Great Abandoning of 2734? Maybe some of the Candidates are keeping track but Kyriel is not. It’s another bright mid-morning summer day and he’s found himself wandering the marketplace again; what once held awe has become decently familiar. He could still get lost but for now, his meandering pace is just that — idle and without much direct purpose. Earlier had him doing a small bit of work for an equally small amount of marks. Not much, but it’ll have to do! Hopefully he’ll find what is needed and not give into other temptations … like food. Kyriel’s already half way to losing that battle, having stopped across from a food stall with enticing goodies. Snack or no snack? —such woefully deep decisions—

If there's ever any question between snack or NO snack, the answer is always obvious (to Izobet). "Mm, that smells delicious," says the girl, drawn like a firelizard to something they shouldn't get into to her fellow candidate in this strange and foreign land. "Are you hungry? I could eat. We should get something." Hopefully Kyriel wasn't looking for someone to talk him out of it, because Izobet has probably never talked anyone out of anything in her entire life.

Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to have a little bit of outside influence! Snacks are the least of poor choices (and there are probably several lurking here in Ierne for wayward Candidates)~ Kyriel blinks as Izobet approaches, easily flashing her a slanted grin. “I’m always hungry.” Which isn’t a lie! Or him bragging. “It does smell delicious. Looks delicious…” BUT IS IT? —or is it a trap?— He shrugs and starts to move forwards, only to pause again and turn a little to face her. “Do you have enough marks?” He sure doesn’t but he’s committed now, to listening to his stomach and Izobet’s encouragement over priority.

"Oh, I've got loads of marks," says Izobet, reaching to jiggle the little belt purse at her waist as she beams a smile at Kyriel. Judging by the sound it makes, 'loads' must be a very subjective term because it does not, in fact, sound like she's loaded. But she has something. Which is basically the same thing. She probably spent everything else she's managed on that mark purse (and snacks), honestly. It's called optimism. "Come on, then," she adds, moving past him to lead the way that he'd been leading a moment ago.

From the way Kyriel looks down at that little belt purse, he completely bought in to Izobet’s claim! He was about to look impressed by it, until it’s evident that maaaybe it’s not quite the truth. Still, he huffs (just ignore the slight uncertainty plaguing it) in amusement. “Alright!” If she’s confident on her marks, then he’ll gladly let her take the lead. As for his own? “I’ve got just enough, I think. This shouldn’t be too expensive?” Snacks don’t have to break the bank, right? On closer inspection, the one stall is favouring what looks to be sweeter options. There’s even fried foods! Deep fried dessert, anyone? At least it doesn’t look sus~ —but then, how would Kyriel know? it’s not like he has experience in shady food business— “You have a chance to explore much yet?” Kyriel asks in idle conversation, while trying to see if there’s labels or a menu somewhere for ease of choice. His marks, sadly, will not cover a ‘one of everything’ scenario this day!

Blind, unwarranted confidence is basically Izobet's middle name. Tunnelsnake Confidence McGee. That's her! As she stares at the menu and showcase with wide, awestruck, hungry eyes, she does her best to answer Kyriel despite this very distracting distraction. "Uh, yeah, a bit, I guess. I could show you where you could get one of these!" She jiggles that little purse again for effect, like this will somehow convince the poor boy to get one to match hers or something. But then she's giggling, maybe she is at least slightly self aware, and stepping up to the stall. She points at what she wants as she orders the fried pile of dough with powdered sugar, and lets out an audible gasp at the (really quite reasonable) price that she doesn't even have to think about before dumping her purse out on the counter. It doesn't completely clean her out, but there won't be any sounds jiggling in that purse anymore. "Your turn!" to Kyriel as she makes room for him.

It’s got a good ring to it! Better than the nickname he discovered he’d somehow inspired~ Poor unsuspecting Vanilla. Kyriel laughs when Izobet jiggles that little purse, “Sure.” Wait, was her offer a real one? Because he just took her up on it. “One of those might actually work towards this whole ‘find an outfit’ thing we’re tasked with.” Speaking of! “Have you—” And there she goes, making her choice and lucking out with having some spare change! Leaving his comment to hang unfinished as he’s reminded he’s supposed to be making a choice. He eyes the fried pile of dough and thankfully doesn’t actually drool! She’s clearly on to something, but he doesn’t copy-cat her choice; instead, in a moment of rushed decisions, he orders down the menu and half by mistake. How much does it cost him? Of course it does! What he’s left with won’t get him anything more that day; not for clothing anyways. When he rejoins Izobet, he’s carrying a skewer with what looks to be fried bananas. He smirks, “I think you got the better one.” And is he hinting at sharing?

Fortunately for Kyriel, Izobet probably wouldn't even understand that nickname! She's already nibbling on her sugared dough when the other candidate rejoins her, and she eyes his banana with both brows lifted. "Wow. I didn't even see those." She's clearly impressed by his decision making capabilities, because she has no idea it might have been a mistake. She'd probably still be impressed, honestly. "Do you wanna go halfsies? You can have the side I haven't chewed on." She lifts up her thing as if to prove she's only nibbled on the one side. So generous. And then, then she steals his question. "Have you gotten any outfit stuff yet?" She asks it as she looks between the fried bananas and Kyriel's current outfit, of which she seems unconvinced it's anything other than what he usually wears.

“I didn’t even think they were a thing!” Now look what Izobet has done! Kyriel’s gone half-way bashful and pleased. He’s (way too) eager in agreeing with her offer to share. “Shards, yes!” Halfsies it is! Now he just has to figure out how to split the skewer without squishing it all with his fingers. He’s working on it! Even as he chuckles, “Appreciate not having the chewed side — I swear I didn’t on mine either.” He’s definitely wearing his everyday clothing, which pretty much further emphasizes that nickname. It’s not flashy or eccentric or anything that would fit the criteria of their reason for being here. Kyriel likely assumes they’re here to collect and not model. “Kind of? I found boots … and a hat.” It’s a very glittery one! There’s going to be glitter everywhere — and not just on his stuff. Now that he says it out loud? He pulls a bit of a face. “Not much of an ‘outfit’ yet. A lot of what I find I can’t buy. What about you?” She may have stole his question, but he gets around to asking it!

Her eyes light up when Kyriel agrees to share with her, and she starts to work on tearing the pile of dough in half so she can make good on her end of the bargain. And to have room, obviously. "I bet they'll be even better together, honestly," says Izobet, apparently unconcerned about however much of his fingers squish the banana. "Ooh, a hat. That's a good idea. I need to find a hat." Mental checklist started. Or added to. It's hard to tell if she's actually given this outfit thing too much thought yet. There's so much to see and do here! "I just got this so far," she says with a wiggle of her hip to make the purse flop a little bit. "I think I'll build my whole outfit around it. I saw a belt with bells on it. I love the way it sounds. Hopefully it's still there when I go back. Oh, maybe they'll hold it for me!" Once the trade is complete, she's given Kyriel a look that might be as close to an apology as she can muster before, "I need to go check!" And then she's abandoning him with his snacks to see if she can get a belled out belt somehow despite her dwindling marks.

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