Candied Resolutions

Xanadu Weyr - Craft Complex
This large area has been painted a soft cream with dark orange trim used as an accent. It's separated into a variety of smaller sitting areas, couches and chairs organized into rings and squares, tables set where they can be used easily. Recessed electric lights in the ceiling provide a warm glow, and a row of angled skylights on the eastern wall above the entrance give some natural light when bleary crafters first emerge. There's often a cart with klah parked off to one side to help with waking up or finishing that important project - or simply to be enjoyed with comfortable seating and good company.
Along the southern edge, an open archway leads to a library of books and records. There's something for every craft, it seems, from tomes of caprine diseases, to Pernese history and law, to gemstone identification, to sheet music, to sea charts and herbal manuals. There's even a few works of fiction, though none of it seems very well organized. Whatever is sought, it's probably here… somewhere. A few desks for studying are tucked in amongst the shelves, each with a lamp to illuminate the reading material. Near that archway, a long table holds a row of computers. They're connected to databases all over Pern, and are available for general use except when the computercraft requires them.
To the north, a pair of double doors open onto a grand hall, the vaulted ceiling designed with acoustics in mind. This space is used for lectures and concerts, rows of benches set up to face the front. Along one wall, instruments hang free or on shelves for anyone with the appropriate skills to use. There are often harpers here, practicing their craft.
A pair of hallways lead back from the western wall, one going to the apprentice dorms and the the private quarters for the ranking crafters posted at the weyr. The other provides access to the various workshops.

Over near the Craft Complex can be found a certain green dragon that is settled in front of the complex. Tahryth has several crates still strapped at her sides and the green is eyeing the doorway where her rider went while her tail slowly taps against the ground. Idrissa is inside trying to hunt down someone that knows about a shipment of different colored bales of straw, all sort of colors mind you. Either someone thought it would be good to have a rainbow of colored straw, or someone ordered the wrong thing, either or Rissa needs to find someone with answer. "Yeah hi I need someone to either ok this or not." This said while the rider waggles a clipboard to a crafter that has stopped just long enough for her to snag their attention. The crafter takes the clipboard and eyes it a few moments. "I don't know who can ok it, we needed certain things for basket weaving, how long and wide are the straw?" Idrissa smirks a touch. "I don't know honestly, I delivery them and we go from there."

You know what the only thing better than straw is? …colored straw! At least… somebody thought that. Or somebody thought that somebody thought that. Or… well, the point is, apparently the straw is here, and now… so is Soriana! Not because of the straw. At least… probably not because of the straw. Harpers don't use straw, do they? No, surely not. There's no such thing as a straw guitar. But Soriana was talking to the Harpers, or at least in one of their rooms, and now she's coming out from there into the main complex. Oh hey, it's Idrissa! So, she smiles and waves despite the fact that there is A Problem that Needs Resolving. Or maybe she just hasn't noticed that part… yet.

Hey, Ka'el knows that dragon! … Granted, he knows just about every dragon who calls Xanadu home, but he especially knows that green that's hanging outside of the craft complex. "Tahryth, good day to you," he says to the little female as he angles up towards her. "You look busy," he remarks, eyeing those crates that are attached to her with an expression of curiosity. "Is your rider inside?" He glances to the entrance, then makes his way indoors, hands clasping behind his once inside. He smiles politely to the spattering of people who linger in the common area. The strum of a guitar comes from somewhere, and it looks like a class of some sort of starting to gather in one of the workshops. But he doesn't see the person he's come looking for. Until now! He spies Idrissa looking official with a clipboard and grins a little, steering himself that way. He glances between her and the crafter, catching the last snippets of their exchange. Straw? He eases up, not wanting to blatantly interrupt, but he interrupts anyway with a nod and greeting. "Good day."

Yes, colored /straw/ just imagine all the things that can be made with it. Pot holders, baskets, placemats, other crafty things! Idrissa is a crafty person, just not with straw honestly. The crafter looks a bit confused at the answer and Rissa peeks over the clipboard to point at the information that is printed on it. "Well, seems to be different lengths, and widths, lots of colors too." The crafter ahs a touch and looks confused. "We only ordered five colors and three different length and widths. So I am rather uncertain as to why they sent so many." The crafter waves a hand slight and turns taking the clipboard with him as he goes. "I'll be right back." Idrissa is about to say something but just slips quiet as he moves off. Maybe someone else will have a answer? Possible! Tahryth looks to Ka'el, a soft warble escaping her as she seems to answer the Weyrleader, not that she give a 'real' answer! Idrissa sighs a bit before there is a voice and she glances over to Ka'el curiously a moment. "Afternoon, Weyrleader. How are you?" She wasn't sure, does she call him Ka'el Weyrleader? Oh sure there on talking terms to a point but still it is a bit strange to her after so long honestly. As for Soriana she doesn't catch sight of her just yet.

Soriana looks after the crafter as he heads off to investigate what went wrong, arching her eyebrows slightly. Hmm. That's… well, okay, he's not running, it can't be all that bad. If it's bad enough, she'll hear it eventually. If it's not, it can all get fixed without her. She likes it when that happens! So, she gives it a chance to do so. Her attention instead goes back to Idrissa, who has also been found by… Ka'el! Soriana smiles slightly, hesitating for a moment to watch the two of them before making her own approach. "Hey there," she says once in easy range.

Lengths. Widths. And colors? Ka'el is being nosey and eavesdrops on the conversation between crafter and Comet rider. What could they be discussing! He doesn't go as far as to try to take a peek at that clipboard though, and he watches as the crafter shuffles off to take care of business. Or to find someone else who can take care of business! His attention returns to Idrissa soon after, smirking at her greeting and bobbing his head in answer. "Afternoon, Idrissa," he says in return. "And…. Ka'el works," he assures. "Or 'Weyrleader Ka'el' if you really want, but… really, just Ka'el is fine." He smiles now, though soon the look is replaced by one of curiosity. "Trouble with your delivery?" he assumes. "Are you delivering…candies?" he asks with just a slight sound of hopefulness in his voice. It'd match the description! Candy can be different lengths and widths, and they come in a variety of colors! .. Why crafters would need it though? Who knows. Soriana might! Hearing her greeting has him turning in her direction, and he grins in reply. "Afternoon, Soriana. We may be in luck. Idrissa has cratefuls of candy." Maybe.

The crafter is indeed not running, just off to find some answers it seems. So no worries! Idrissa nods as she hears Ka'el. "Alright." Is offered to the bit on what to call him, though it might take some time for her to get use to the idea of saying his name honestly. At the bit on candies she smiles a touch. "Well Not unless you like chewing on straw. Seems there was a bit of a mix-up." A slight wave is sent after the crafter. "He went to find out what to do about it, I hope." If not she isn't too sure what to do with all that straw! Hearing Soriana the other gets a smile and she nods. "Hey Soriana." She grins a touch at the comment of candy once more. "Not this shipment, sorry."

The candycraft is an ancient and honorable profession! …okay, technically, it's a subcraft of the bakers, and it's less 'honorable' and more 'popular with kids'. Also, they make the candies, not order them to use, but… details! "Yeah?" Soriana says, looking to Idrissa and then back to Ka'el. "…why is that lucky for us, again?" Deliveries go to the people who ordered them, not the ones who come skulking along and make big eyes at the people doing the deliveries. Besides, apparently they're not lucky after all (…if it was even lucky in the first place…) because there's no candy to be had here. "Skyler would be sad," she says with an amused smile, and then it broadens. "…so would Nugget." She grins, then glances after where the crafter left. "Well, at least… as places to have a break go, this isn't a terrible one."

Kera swerves to the side of the clear path as a crafter moves by with a quick pace to his step. Glancing after the man a few seconds, her gaze swings back around to spot Idrissa, Ka'el and Soriana discussing something very important. She knows that cause Ka'el voice mentions crates of candy, so yea, very important stuff. Stepping closer, Idrissa mentions 'chewing candy' Yayyy. Sending the trio a quick wave and polite dip of her head when she gets closer "G'day Weyrleader, Weyrwoman, Idrissa." Kera looks around expectantly then focuses back to the group again "Did I just hear there were some crates of chewy candy?"

"It's lucky because maaaaybe, if asked nicely enough, a bit of candy could be spared," answers Ka'el to Soriana. Who could say no to a candy-wanting, pleading Weyrleader? There be crates! Surely one or two pieces of colorful, sweet….straw? could be spared. Wait. What? Blinking, he looks back to Idrissa. "Straw? … You mean, the regular sort of straw? Now a new strand of candied straw for children and Weyrleaders?" Hey, he'll keep the hope alive! "None for Nugget. Absolutely zero pieces of candied anything for the firelizard! Somehow, he found himself a half-eaten bubbly the other day. I caught him in the Caverns." That bronze will never lose weight. Kera's approach is noted with a smile and a wave, and he nods to her. "Maybe chewy straw candy, I think. It's a new type of candy the crafters are making, it'd seem." And this is how rumors get started!

Idrissa looks a bit amused as she sends a glance to Ka'el as he goes on about candy, she chuckle softly. "No candy… Honestly." She offers softly at the thought. "It was straw for weaving baskets and the like from what I can tell honestly." A glance is sent over to Kera and she waves to her now. "Hey Kera." Talk more about candy! Yes indeed this is how rumors are started, right now there are a pair of young crafters chattering about different colored candies at the crafterhall as they make their way on outside. Soon enough it will be sent around the Weyr, and no telling what might happen when people start coming to the crafterhall looking for this new candy!

Soriana laughs and shakes her head to Ka'el's explanation. Not like the Weyrleader couldn't make candy appear through other means, but… oh, it's more tasty when it's wheedled, isn't it? And definitely more tasty when it's actually candy instead of… "Candied or not, I'm not so sure I'd want straw." She grins. "…maybe we should feed Nugget that. Straw. I mean, he couldn't gain weight from that, could he?" …no, which is why he'd go around sneaking bubblies using the techniques of pleading he's learned from… oh… Ka'el. Who is - in addition to wanting candy - apparently starting rumors about it. Free candy! Today only! "Hi Kera!" Soriana says with a grin, then looks back to the others. "…is that what you're going to do for the cooking contest?" she asks Ka'el. "Straw candy?"

Kera ahhs softly as things are clarified. No new type of candy invented. Just Ka'el's inner sweet tooth growling to be appeased. "Oh well, maybe tomorrow." A little smile as Soriana and Ka'el mention Nugget stealing food "Not cooperating with the forced diet I take it?" A hint of sympathey over their delima. How exactly do you restrict something that doesn't need to make use of doors. Mention of a cooking contest has her glancing to Idrissa. "Cooking contest? When did this pop up?"

Ka'el's expression falls a little. "So, there is no candy? This is just regular straw? …. Regular colored straw?" For weaving baskets? Awww man! Ka'el snaps his fingers. "Ah, and I was hoping to be the first to taste the new straw candy!" And so will a handful of others, once the word gets out that there's allegedly candy to be had here! The crafthall better get ready for the children of Xanadu's stampede! To Soriana, he laughs. "I will not be participating in the cooking contest, for I'll be a judge, sampling all of Xanadu's finest dishes." He pats his stomach in anticipation. "But, if I was to enter, I would find a way to create straw candy, yes. And it would be the best thing anyone's ever tasted." He looks to Idrissa and Kera. "Are you two going to enter in any of the Turnover contests? Baking, cooking, and talent. You've heard about them, yes?" he asks just before nodding to a group of plush seats just begging to be sat upon. "Let's all take a load off."

Idrissa shakes her head as she hears Ka'el. "Nope, no candy. At least I don't have any." There is even a slight pat of her pockets to show that she doesn't have any! "I'm sure it would help Nugget lose weight, but would he eat it is the question?" Some firelizards tend to do what they want to after all! At the talk of some cooking contest she glances between Soriana and then Ka'el once answers are brought forth. "Well that sounds like fun. When is the cooking contest?" Maybe she just doesn't keep up with such things. At the question to herself there is a pause. "I don't think so. Not much of a cooker really." Though at the talk of sitting down she nods. "Sure." She is waiting for that crafter to come back with her clipboard after all!

Candy yesterday and candy tomorrow, but never candy today! Soriana laughs a bit at the talk of Nugget, and shakes her head. "It's sort of impressive how good he is at convincing people he needs a treat." …only… not in a good way. She hehs to Ka'el's correction about the contest. "Point. I suppose I'm probably judging too, aren't I?" Shouldn't she know these things? Oh well. She grins as she looks back to Kera and Idrissa. "It's on Turnover," she says. "There'll be a stage with the talent competition and the tasting tables will be up through the whole afternoon. Even if you don't compete with something, you should at least make sure to taste things!" Her grin widens. "Or you could do something talented. Or both!" She nods to Ka'el, heading with the others toward those seats. Mmm, comfy. She likes comfy.

Kera chuckles as Ka'el's obsession over sweets is thwart by…straw…for weaving baskets. No sweet tasties today. Following the trio to where some seats are available, she snorts at the question of entering one of the cooking contest. "The last time I cooked, people came down with the plague.." is the smartass quip that slips past her filter. Snapping her mouth shut quickly, a bit of an appologetic shrug offered while dropping onto one of the seats. Shaking her head uncertainly. "Doubt people would find a needlework demonstration very exciting." She peeks among Soriana and Ka, grinning to the 'judges' before blinking at an idea "Is this resticted to the Weyr proper, or could Rubicon residents enter something. If they 'just' happened to be at Xanadu that is."

Ka'el momentarily catches the Weyrwoman's hand before moving over to a cluster of couches and seats, settling himself onto the plush cushions of the couch. Ahhh, comfort! He gently leans against the arm of the seat while considering the talk of Turnover. He looks to Kera first, brow arching at the mentioning of cooking and plague. "Hmmm…well, when you put it that way, stay far…far away from any stove or fire or pot, please," he answer with a crooked grin. But..what's this about residents of Rubi-..oh! "Your parents? They're residents of Rubicon River, right? As a Beholden area, they're definitely eligible for a prize!" Rules. Conveniently made up on the spur of the moment! But hey, that sounds legit, right? Ka'el just wants some cookies. "And then there's the talent," he says, nodding to Soriana as she mentions it. "Do you sing? Dance? Juggle? Recite poetry? I think I'm looking forward to the talent portion the most because it's really up to anyone's imagination what they want to showcase. Idrissa," he grins to the beastcrafter. "Have you considered entering Asher? He knows tricks, doesn't he?"

"Well that makes a bit of sense. For the Turnover and so forth, contests are good for those sort of things after all." She offers with a smile at the idea while she takes over a seat. "I'm sure I'll wander on through it at some point." She smiles to Kera at the talk of needlework. "Maybe there could be a contest for things like that? I do make those sun-catchers with the sea glass after all." Well it's a thought! At the bit on Asher, she ponders. "Well he did sure, his getting a bit slow though." Asher isn't the young canine he once was after all. "His joints are bothering him so I don't think it'll be good to have him bouncing around."

Soriana gives Ka'el's hand a light squeeze, then laughs at Kera's refusal. "Okay, so maybe we'll just count you for, uh, numbweed served and not have you enter the contest." She grins, settling herself down, and nods to Idrissa. "Lets everyone show off what they learned in the past year… or figure out something to try to learn in the year coming up!" She grins. Ka'el's decision about Rubicon has her nodding along, so… spur of the moment or not, it's official. Then there's Kera's needlework and Idrissa's sea glass, and she hmms. "Well, the demonstration not so much, but… we could maybe have a display table for those sorts of things? They are talents, after all… just, not performing ones." She glances to Ka'el to share her considering look with him. "An… art and craft show sort of thing." As opposed to a dog and pony show, which… apparently they won't be getting. "Aww," she says to Idrissa. "What about the new one? Has she learned any good tricks yet?"

Kera reaches back to tug her satchel from under her as she scooches further back onto the seat. Swinging it around to rest on her lap, she rifles around in it while grinning to Ka'el when he follows her line of thought quickly. Nodding "Aye. I can send Minimur with a messege that will get her to baking." Rest assured, there will be sweets at Xanadu one way or the other. Head tips a couple of times to Idrissa "Yea, I have a couple of threadworks I can show if they decided on including non-baked entries." Peeking over to Ka'el and Soriana, the couple seem to be discussing just that thing. Time to start figuring out what she'll enter from her walls. Tricks…new one? "Hmm?" A curious glance to Idrissa, wondering what about her fellow greenrider's tricksy talent.

Wait. Asher is getting old? Old man canine! "Aw. Then yes, he should probably sit this one out unless he has some less bouncy talents that he can show," answers Ka'el. The art idea is… He glances to Soriana, nodding. "I don't see why not. People might want to purchase what they see, who knows. You may be lucky and earn yourself a few marks," he says to Idrissa and Kera both, nodding. "Shouldn't be hard to have a few extra tables set up for showcases of art and personal work," he confers with Soriana. And what is this about a new canine? "A new one?" he echoes, looking back to the beastcrafter. "You have a new canine?" Do tell! "Kera, I hope your mother agrees to enter. It's been too long since I've had her cookies!" Another pat to his stomach. "But rest assured everyone. I'll still be an impartial judge. Totally fair, with no bias!"

"I've taught Luna a few things." Idrissa offers, finally seems the other canine has a name! "Though I'm not too sure she'll be able to do anything like that. She's still pretty bouncing being a pup and all after all." She nods to the talk of a new canine. "Yeah, I picked her up off at a colthold a while ago. She didn't want to stay and I didn't have the heart to leave her I suppose." Well she does have a way of collecting animals after all, she has chickens, canines, firelizards, and her runner. "I have a few pieces of the sea glass art done that I can bring for it though."

Luna! Aha! Soriana grins. Now she knows the pup's name, and she… uh… anyway, she knows it, and she nods to the rest of Idrissa's answer. "And, well, I suppose that a festival and crowds would be just the sort of thing to overexcite a pup." And then, chaos! Which is not so good a thing, especially not when there might - apparently - be fragile arts and crafts nearby. Soriana nods to Ka'el. "A few tables, someone to keep an eye on them…" Easy. "So yeah, we'll see about getting that set up." The only way it could be simpler is if she were on her way to talk to the harpers now instead of being on her way back from there. Oh well. She laughs to Ka'el's pursuit of those cookies. "Do we need to make the entries anonymous?" she teases. "Keep the cooks secret until the grand reveal?"

Kera has created a monster. A Cookie Monster! That's what Ka'el is. Trying to surpress a snicker she nods quickly to Soriana's suggestion of a blind tasting. "That might not be a bad idea." Flicking her gaze back to the Weyrleader "Don't worry, I'll make sure you get a whole batch just for yourself sir." Looking back to Idrissa as she talks about her pup, a fond grin is given. "When she settles down to learning the tricks, I'ld like to see them. I not seen you working with canines very much, just the..runnerbeasts." See, she didn't insult Idrissa's beloved crazy beasties.

"Luna and Asher. I'll have to make her acquaintance one of thse days, soon," remarks Ka'el who doesn't seem overly surprised that Idrissa has snagged herself another canine! "And yes, bring your sea art. The window hang that you made for Skyler is spectacular. Your table will be a hit, I'm sure. Be prepared to name prices!" He turns his head to Soriana, fixing her with a smug look. "Do you mean to imply that I won't be able to remain impartial? I'm insulted, Weyrwoman," he says, looking rather uninsulted at that. "Wholeheartedly so!" Not really. He chuckles and tlances to Kera, brows raising. "And you, Kera? Not you too!" He laughs. "You're right thought. It'd make things look more fair, so I'm game for secrecry! Though I've to say I'm a tad disappointed that neither one of you want to get up on stage and sing a song."

"Maybe we could take Skyler to meet the canines," Soriana muses, then turns to Idrissa to ask, "Are they good with kids?" Except… that crafter who was taking the delivery of straw has returned with… well, some answers and some other questions, and is pulling the Comet rider aside to consult with about all those. Soriana hehs, and turns her attention back to Ka'el and Kera for the moment to let Idrissa do her job. "Besides," she says with a grin. "The cookies should win on their own merits! Everyone will bake that much harder for knowing they can't just ride on the strength of that reputation." Assuming 'harder' is even a thing that applies when it comes to baking. Soriana doesn't know! She's a Weyrwoman, not a chef. "Maybe you could work up a show with someone. A play in… well, probably only one act, but if it's good it could have a longer version sometime."

Kera turns her attention to the crafter walking off with Idrissa to discuss their business before facing forward again. This puts her main focus on Ka'el and Soriana, among other things in the cavern. Her hands lift in surrender to the bronzer's plea, trying not to look too amused "I have to agree with my Weyrwoman on this one sir." Amusement fades a little at the thought of subjecting the Weyr to herself trying to sing. "Awww. What did Xanadu do to be punished like that?" A quick smirk and she looks around for Idrissa to be shuffling back. Maybe the other greeny can sing. "My dad once compared my singing to one of the herdbeast giving birth."

Ka'el nods a little to that returned crafter as he pulls away one member of their group for work things. Ka'el watches Idrissa head off, then glances to Soriana. "If we introduce Skyler to canines, he'll be expecting to see one in our weyr, you know. Are you ready to add one more animal to the mix?" he asks with a teasing smirk and elevated brow. Granted…they do have a barn, but that's not the point! Chuckling, he reclines back into the cushions a bit, thoughts returning to cookies. "You know, all of this talk of candy and cookies is making me want to raid the kitchens for dessert," he says, inhaling a deep breath. "Mmm, I can smell the bubblies already. And the cakes. And the tarts…" One can almost see the drool! "Kera, I refuse to believe you're that bad. But you know," he lifts an arm to gesture to their surroundings, "we're in a perfect spot to test the theory. You should give us a preview right here! Then, we'll be the judges on whether or not you should sing … or act on stage," he laughs.

Soriana opens her mouth to contradict Ka'el. Surely Skyler will recognize that animals don't all have to live with him! They can be sometimes-friends. Ones only seen elsewhere. He… uh… yeah, actually, she's not entirely sure it would work that way. He might well wrap his arms around Luna and try to carry her home himself, which - given that she's probably bigger than he is - would not end well. So, instead of a contradiction, what comes out of Soriana's mouth is a sigh. "…maybe later." Much later. After Skyler has not only learned what 'No' means but will consistently believe it. Sooooo… maybe when he's thirty or so? They can hope! Just like Ka'el is hoping for pies, cakes, cookies, and other treats. "But you have to set a good example for Nugget, right?" Soriana grins, then settles back in her comfy seat, laughing. "So… it's a lovely lullaby to welcome new life into the world, right?" This is maybe not quite what Kera's father meant.

Kera 's fingers begin to tap, then drum slowly as she ponders mischief. "Maybe Skyler could get a fluffy wiggly little pup for his next turnday." Giving it some thought, she flicks her gaze between the leaders and grins "I mean, I can point you in the right direction if you decide on that option." She tries to look her most innocent, but fails as she cracks into a grin. As Ka'el begins sniffing out sweets from his imagination, she sits back and watches the couple a moment, chuckling to Soriana's misunderstanding. "I think he meant more along the lines of sounding like something being coughed up." Brow lifts to Ka'el's prodding to get up and sing, eyes flick around, for Idrissa. "Maybe I'll, um give it a try after Idrissa." She cough uncomfortably before looking back to the Soriana and Ka'el.

Later? So, wait that means they might get a canine? Ka'el's brows raise. "Can it be a large one?" he requests. "The small…yappy ones, I don't much care for. And, if we're to have a canine, its job should be to protect the weyr and Skyler. Something smaller than him wouldn't get the job done." Wait so .. is Skyler the one who wants a canine, or is it actually Ka'el? >.> … <.< Hmm! As for his gnawing sweet tooth and Nugget, he glances left and right, then laughs. "What Nugget doesn't know won't hurt him, right? He'll never know! Unless someone tells him.." He gives a half glare to Soriana, then Kera. Who's gonna be the snitch! And who is going to be the first to sing? Apparently not Kera, who knows the call of the herdbeast. "What if I strum a tune for you, eh? Will that sweeten the deal?" he says as he uses his hands to mime playing a guitar.

Idrissa is making her way on back towards the three. Seems everything is all ok, she has her clipboard back and there are some crafters out getting the crates full of the colored straw. "What am I do give a try?" This questioned with an unsure tone as she caught her name on the way back over it seems. A curious look is sent towards them. She takes over the seat once more. Seems they are talking about canines? "I bet I could find you guys a canine if you want?"

"Er," Soriana says as Kera actually proposes getting Skyler that pup. "That's more…" …an idea that Ka'el's into, apparently? She looks to him, and one side of her mouth quirks up. "I'm not about to get a canine that could be confused with a tunnelcat." So… is she about to get a canine? These things are sort of confusing. Apparently Idrissa thinks they are? But, well, that doesn't mean… this might be like the candy straw! A lie wrapped in an illusion wrapped in a not-actually-existing. "…and anyway, we have firelizards for that." Like Nugget! Who'll… trip anyone who dares come near… unless they bribe him with cake. Yeah, this is totally a great defense system. Especially if he does hear about Ka'el's dessert-having ways. He'd probably betray them all for a bubbly, so Soriana shakes her head. He won't hear it from her! …or maybe that's the headshake of 'really?' Either way! Things will not be heard. Including, apparently, Kera's singing voice. But… what about a canine's singing (howling?) voice? Soriana hehs. "We don't even know if he likes them yet."

Kera softly pfft's to Soriana's final, weak, attempt to keep future canines from her weyr. "He's a kid, all kids love fluffy canines." Her gaze flashes to Ka'el a second before focusing on Soriana again. "Even big ones." Did she just say the Weyrleader was like a giant kid? Noooo. Even if he is trying to sweeten (pun intended) the pot to get her to sing by strumming the air. A slightly pained look flashes across her face then Idrissa's return gets a welcome sigh of relief. Yayy, someone else to share humiliation with. Trying one last trick to get Ka'el off this let's sing along kick, Kera shrugs and broaches something she's been thinking about for a few minutes, "Could it be possible that Nugget's love of all things sweet comes from you Ka'el? Maybe you love for sweets is sooo strong that he picks it up loud and clear, taking up your slack when you can't indulge your sweet tooth?"

"Singing!" Ka'el informs the newly returned Idrissa. "And I'll provide accompaniment on guitar. This could be considered your … tryout for the talent show. If you make the cut.." he juts out a hand with a thumbs-up signal. "And if you don't.. no harm, no foul." His arm is lowered back down, and he laughs in Soriana's direction. "The only firelizards of ours that are good for guarding would be Toral and Alloy. Haruhi would… on her own terms, if she's in the mood. And Nugget…" He trails off there, letting that speak for itself! "For now, Idrissa, I think our future canine is only an imagined one. Though if the time comes that we do need help finding one, we know who to turn to." With his air-guitar show now over, he lifts one arm to settle upon the top of the sofa, chuckling to Kera. Ka'el might be a big kid in disguise, but at least he hides it well. Sometimes? "You know Kera, you may be right about Nugget. Maybe. Though Alloy doesn't have the same lust for them. Lucky me. I don't think I, or the Weyr, could handle two Nuggets."

Idrissa just blinks and peers at Ka'el for a few moments. "Singing…?" Is questions with an unsure tone. "I don't sing thta well so I dono about that." She glances to Kera. "I bet Kera would just love to though, won't you?" Don't make her sing… she doesn't want to! She nods to the bed on the canine. "Well I don't mind letting you guys borrow one of mine if you ever want to try it out." This said with a smile.

Soriana smirks. "Haruhi would guard anything she liked." And anything she didn't? Like the things belonging to the people with whom she deigns to share her weyr? Yeah, not so much. Still, that gives them an entire pair of firelizard guards, which is surely enough that they don't actually need a canine. Want? Well, that's another question entirely. She nods along, and smiles to Idrissa. "We might bring Skyler by to meet yours." Because, hey. Fluffy puppy time! It's an educational experience. Also a fun one. Singing, on the other hand… is apparently not an experience that these two consider fun. "I suppose we'll have to find someone else to perform in the talent show," Soriana says, and laughs. "Maybe we can make Nugget do something. He does 'beg' very well. Not… any other tricks, but that one, he's got down."

Kera nods slightly as it seems her thoughts about Nugget's weight may not be toooo far off. Idrissa volunteering her gets a little narrowed gaze, one that promises some form of retribution in the future, as does the smile that forms across her face. "Thanks Idrissa, your…generousity won't be forgotten." Throw me off the deep end will ya. Hmpf! Waving off Ka'el last attempts to get her to sing, she pushes to her feet, flicking her gaze to Soriana, adding a flicker of her fingers to Idrissa "Like she said, if you do decide on a little pup for Skyler,…or someone else." Eyes flash to Ka'el at that then to everyone in general "There are plenty of beastcrafters to point ya in the right direction." Waving to the trio "I need to get moving and see about getting new buckles for Moncerath's straps. And pop in with mom and get some cookies." An amused wink flashes to the cookie monster before dipping her head politely to the trio "G'day sir, ma'am, Idrissa." The the greenhealer meanders off to track down new strap shiny bits.

"Skyler should meet Asher, definitely. We'll bring him by," agrees Ka'el with a nod. "If he likes tunnelcats, firelizards, and dragons, he'll love canines. What's not to like?" They lick and follow you and can do tricks! And they are man's best friend, right? And that includes babies! And Ka'el is giving up on hearing anyone sing today. No Kera performance. No Idrissa performance. And look, Kera is running away! He lifts a hand to her as she takes her leave. "Good luck on your buckle search," he says. "And please, bring me back a batch of cookies, and give my regards to your mother!" he says in her wake, smirking to her. He rises to his feet as she departs, giving both arms a stretch. "Well, the two of you may not want to sing, but if I can't have candy or desserts, I should at least get music." And with that, he strides off, heading towards the music workshop in which he can snag himself something strum-worthy! Like say, a guitar.

Idrissa has never been one to be the center of attention if they would recall, and singing in a talent show would make her the center of attention for a short amount of time after all! Hearing Kera she grins a touch. "Welcome!" Is offered softly at the idea of such things. A wave is sent after Kera as she goes about making her leave. "See you later Kera." A glance is sent curiously after Ka'el as he is off to get something music like it would seem.

"I suspect he will," Soriana agrees with Ka'el about Skyler and Asher. They have yet to meet an animal that Skyler dislikes, and canines are pretty classically likeable. So! Fluffy puppy (er… old canine…) time is go. "And he'll like the walk there, too." A pleasant evening stroll complete with canines. Soriana grins to Kera as she avoids singing by fleeing to Moncerath and the purveyor of cookies!. "Enjoy!" she says. "And if you do come up with some sort of an act for the talent show, great. Otherwise, we'll see about having that craft table." It's not like people have to perform… Ka'el's attempts aside. Which apparently are continuing, and Soriana laughs. "If they have some candy, bring that too!" Not that she expects the harpers to have a stock of it, but hey, you never know.

Any candy here in the back rooms? Nope! Just instruments of every sort (none of which are made of candy, unfortunately). And so, Ka'el only returns with a used guitar strapped around the torso and a smug look on his face. "Unfortunately, nothing was found that was edible," he says with a deep sounding sigh. "We really should speak to the crafters about having snacks readily available." Chuckling, he reclaims a seat, choosing a hard-backed chair instead of his former plush sofa spot from before. The instrument is settled against a thigh, and he goes about softly plucking strings and twisting tuning knobs at random. "Can you believe that it'll be another turn come and gone?" he asks, glancing to the both of them with a mild smile. "I feel like… I'm getting old."

"I can't recall meeting anyone that doesn't like canines honestly." Idrissa offers after a few moments of thought on the matter. She glances to Ka'el once he is back and curiously eyes the instrument in question, she honestly forgot he could play such things. "Turns come and turns go rather quickly it seems." As for the bit on Ka'el getting old she smirks a moment. "Well that is because ye are old." She points out with a teasing tone.

"A shame, really," Soriana says to that lack of snacks. "If only we had… shards, who was it who kept that stockpile of them, back when we were candidates? She had a heap under her bed, lots of little things like she was expecting to have to live on them until the dragons hatched…" Soriana can't remember! …must be because she's getting old. She hehs, leaning back. "We're all old. Getting older by the day! But… I think it's because we're so busy with things. That's why the turns go so quickly, we're… not having enough time to notice them, anymore. There's always something else for us to think about up until it's Turnover and the time is… well, the thing we're supposed to think about."

Ka'el arches a brow, pausing in his tuning. "Wait. Someone kept a stockpile of snacks during Candidacy and I didn't know about it?" he says incredulously! "…Are you sure that wasn't me?" He smirks, glancing to Idrissa before testing out the guitar with a strummed chord. Perfect! Or, good enough. Whichever. "Ha. You're getting old," he counters to her as fingers strum downstrokes on the strings, not really playing a song, but instead keeping a rhythm, changing chords here and there. "Next time I see you you'll be usin' a cane to get around with." A chuckle. "But, Sori's right. We're all getting old. I've seen kids who were…kids last I remember them, but are apprentices now in a craft. Shards, Skyler's already a turn and it doesn't feel all that long ago that he was born. … Any resolutions for Turnover?"

Idrissa well with the way these two talk Ka'el might have a point there honestly about the cane bit. She looks a touch amused but that is it. A glance is sent over to Soriana at the bit on snacks. "I had the jerky bits but that was about all I had." As for the getting old bit she just shrugs at it. "I suppose so. Though honestly that happens with everyone if one thinks about it." Everyone gets older, and the like after all.

"It wasn't you," Soriana tells Ka'el. "I would've remembered that." She grins to Idrissa. "Wasn't you, either. I mean, yeah, you had the jerky, but this was like… dried fruit and packed things and… all sorts of stuff." She frowns. And yet she can't remember who. Her failing memory! They do say it's the first thing to go. "Haven't heard of anyone yet who's managed to stay young," she says, and laughs. "I mean… shells, there's Kera there. Her dragon's from Luraoth." Not that they're not all still babies compared to V'dim, but hey. Let them have this moment of edging on adulthood and realizing that they've gotten there without any cheek-pinching. They'll discover later what old really is. "I dunno if I have any resolutions. I mean… keep on doing things and try to make them better? It doesn't really have any zing to it." She grins crookedly. "What about you?"

Another pause in strumming. "Wow. Moncerath is Luraoth's kid, isn't she? That's….weird to think about," Ka'el says with furrowed brows as he lets that sink in. "And Kanekith has kids. Two sets of them. That's….even weirder to think about." If not only because Kanekith is so … Kanekith! How could he be a dad? Good thing dragon parents don't have the same responsibilities as human parents! His kids would've never made it. The sounds of the guitar resume, soft enough that conversation can continue without the overbearing sound of music. "My resolution…-s are.." He glances up in thought. "Not to lose my knot. You know I accidentally threw it in with the wash one day? Luckily found it before it was thrown in. Would've been nothing left of it but frazzled thread! Uhh…what else? Keep doing my best at this Weyrleader thing. Eat breakfast every day. Try to remember to make the bed." Key word being try. A grins a little. "Idrissa? Do you have any resolutions you'd like to try to keep this coming turn?"

"Maybe it was Mur'dah? There was that time the boys went out tot he kitchens after all." Idrissa offers as she glances over her clipboard while the two talk about there resolutions for the next turn. Once the question is sent to her she peers up slightly to Ka'el, a faint glance sent over to Soriana as well. There is a slight moment that she ponders before she clears her throat slightly and shrugs. "I guess not work so much. Hard to try and have friends that way after all.. Would be nice to get to know some again that I use to hang around with too." Meaning the present company it seems.

Soriana hmms, thoughtful. Who was it who stockpiled food in a way that seemed both relevant and unforgettable at the time? Whoever it was, Soriana's forgotten. How many clutchings has it even been since then? And at least three of them were Luraoth's clutchings. Her own dragon-baby having dragon-babies! It's weird. They're definitely old. "…might've been Hotaru," she notes, then shrugs. That's the past! Now is the time to look toward resolutions of the future. "…I could've given you an extra juniors' knot," she says to Ka'el. Because she's motivating him to keep a careful watch over his own, right? She grins for his others, nodding, then looks to Idrissa and hehs. "It's… sort of easy to disappear into work. It's always there, waiting… and it's simpler than trying to figure out something else to do. Only… if we're going to all be old… I don't think work's going to make very good memories. I sure don't remember candidacy according to the chores!"

"Hotaru…maybe…" says the strumming Ka'el, his look thoughtful. "Heh. There's time I miss Candidacy …. and then, many times that I don't," he laughs. "Chores are definitely worth forgetting. But the trips and experiences, not so much." His eyes traverse to the neck of the guitar as his fingers shift from one chord to another, then back. "Not working so much is a good resolution to have," he agrees with Idrissa. "Sometimes, we lost track of what's important. Work is important, of course. But … so are relationships." He looks over at her with a small smile. "And earning back lost friendships, too. I'm learning the importance of that, at least. Maybe that could be a resolution of mine." Eyes shift to Soriana, and he chortles at the thought of wearing a junior's knot. "I think I would've rather have worn a piece of string. And I think a good resolution for everyone is to not let work dictate every moment've your life, be you a Weyrwoman or drudge. Life's short sometimes.." A small pause there, a fathom of a frown.

Idrissa would say she lost track of time, but that could be a bit of a lie. Tahryth is 6 turns old, just like the other's dragons ages. A lot happened during those days when the dragons were young, a lot of sad things that linger on ones mind if they allow it. She's never been one to easily forget things either. A soft chuckle is heard. "Yeah, maybe Hotaru." She ponders how that one is as she's not talked to her for a very long time. "Work can help someone forget things for a whie

Idrissa is quiet for a few moments as she listens to the two. Its been six turns since they were weylings, six turns that she tryed to forget a lot of things. Though time goes slow at times, thoughts linger and she put herself deep into work to try and escape thing, which she could not. She picks at the paper on her clipboard for a moment, her gaze lifting to the pair before the crafter comes over to let her know the crates are all unloaded and that a certain green dragon is licking several of the crafters. "Ah… sorry:." This murmured as she stands, a smile sent to the others. "I bet it was Hotuar, sounds like something she would do. Its good to work on friendships too, without them its a rather quiet life." She looks to Ka'el a few moments and a slight smile is offered. "So far so good." Ill see you guys around." A wave is seen before she is off to get her dragon from slobbering on people. Shes willing to give Ka'el that chance it seems, she just hopes it wont turn into a mess again as things do seem to happen when she is involved in them.

"I'm not sure we're the same people now as we were then," Soriana says, and her eyes linger on Ka'el and then Idrissa in turn before going off to drift vaguely across the room. "Not any of us, whether we impressed or didn't. We're… we have some things in common with those people, but we're not them." A crooked smile, and a glance to Ka'el. "Doesn't mean we're not the ones who have to fix what they did, but we're not them." She nods a little for Ka'el's new resolution, then looks back to Idrissa with a wry twitch of her lips. "…and some things are better to forget… for a little while. Until you're ready to deal with them… or until other people are. They don't… heal, exactly, but they do scab over." A further twitch into a half-smile. "Metaphorically, that is." Things which are not metaphorical? The tongue of Tahryth. It is not an analogy to a canine regarding how friendly she is. It is the fact that, much like a canine, she actually licks people, and so Soriana outright laughs as she hears that part of things. "See you around," she agrees to Idrissa, waving to her as the Comet rider heads off to take care of the mess involving her dragon. Other messes? Well, those will be found when they get to them. Soon it will be a whole new year!

Ka'el definitely is not Kale. Parts of him, sure, but.. not exactly the same. And today's version of Ka'el is not the same version of himself that he was when he first got his new name when feet were pressed against hot sands. People change. It's been a topic, or at least a thought, that's come up .. often in the past month or so. The tempo of his fingers slow in time with his thoughts, and the strums gradually turn to plucking. Single motions upon individual strings, as if each thought that drifts through his mind is represented by a note that's allowed to resonate in the air to be mulled over. Mulled over. Not rolled over, which is what Tahryth's tongue is doing to unsuspecting crafters. Hearing the news has Ka'el chuckling. "And then, there are some things that don't change at all," he remarks with a crooked smirk as Idrissa takes her leave. "Take care, Idrissa. We'll bring Skyler by to meet Asher and.. Luna? soon," he says in her wake, watching her go. His head shakes a little, and his attention rests solely on Soriana now. "I'm excited for the new turn. There's been a lot of change in this one. To see what comes from all of it is what I look forward to."

Soriana listens to the music being generated by Ka'el. He'll never be a harper - not even the apprentice there that he is to the smiths - but he can still play a tune. Something relaxing, something joyous… something not too fast, because he's hardly got the time to practice enough for that, but still something worth listening to. So Soriana does, because… for all that time is racing on, she has a good reason to sit for a while. It's called Ka'el, and the fact that she doesn't have any meetings important enough to draw her away. "It's funny to think that Skyler… wasn't born in this past turn." Her lips twitch, and she leans back against the couch, looking up. "And Thea's been gone for more than a turn." Not something she thinks about every day, but… now she's reminded. Last turnover, there was an acting Senior and nobody knew what to do. Now? It's the two of them, and if they don't know what to do… they pretend. "It's almost scary, that… how fast it happened. Just a turn." One turn, and being Senior feels… natural. "I guess we'll see… how things catch up." She looks back to Ka'el. "Yeah. What comes from all of it."

Ka'el shakes his head. Time does fly. Faster than dragons at times. Skyler's getting older. Walking. Kind of talking. Eating solid foods. He's outgrown his carrying basket. It feels like he outgrows clothes every week! Even the winter jacket given by Thea…is too small. "It's funny to think that Skyler isn't that small thing I held over a turn ago." A grins fondly at the memory. "He was so … pink. And squished looking. And tiny." Although he's already said that. "Kera was just a Weyrling. Innes and the rest of them too. .. Faranth. Thinking about things really does make me feel like an elder," he says with a slight laugh and a strum to interrupt the single sounds of plucking. So much has happened in just a turn, she's right. And now, they have a brand new turn to look forward to. A turn of possibilities! More things to learn. More opportunities to grasp at. Chances to succeed and fail. Situations to learn from. Friends to make. Friends to lose. Who knows what the future holds. "Here's a question for you, then. Not quite a resolution. Looking back instead of forward. What's your favorite memory of the past turn?"

Pink and squishy! Soriana snickers. "He's more a beige, now. Maybe a peach." Her expression softens to a more serious sort of smile, and she nods as Ka'el continues. Kera, Innes, all of them. Babies! …except they're not. Shells, Skyler's not even a baby, really. He's a toddler, and he walks and talks (sorta) and makes messes with paint instead of just in his diapers. He feeds himself, even if he doesn't do it neatly… but that's no worse than some grown men after a beer or three. "Maybe that's why they keep calling me ma'am," she suggests wryly. "The weight of years." Soriana smirks, then shakes her head slowly before tilting it to the side at Ka'el's question. "Huh," she says, thoughtful. There are so many things. Days in the office. Days out of the Weyr. Days at festivals, days alone at home. So many days - a turn's worth of them - and Soriana shuffles through them before her lips curve in a smile. "You remember that day on the beach, when we got Skyler the cherry freezie and he got it all over? And it started to rain and when we got home that shirt was still stained red?"

"It's why I call you ma'am," teases Ka'el. "Because you are so much older than me." Perhaps his fingers are tiring, for the tempo of his song, if it is in fact an actual song, is getting slower. Or maybe that's merely because his mind is busy now reaching back for that day on the beach that she recalls. He remembers, shown by the smile that curves his lips and the laugh that comes not long after. "How could I forget? He loved that thing. So much that he had to share it with his face, his shirt, his hair, his fingers, his arms…" Another fond laugh follows, and he nods in remembrance. "Yes, I remember that. And I'm sure if we dig it out, the shirt probably is still stained to this day." They have such a messy child! Probably no worse than any other, but still! When they have no other to compare his messes with, every mess can seem like the mess of the century. "Mine was the time when Kanekith and Skyler really got acquainted with one another. Remember, in the barn? Everything was going fine until Skyler stuck both his hands right up Kane's nostrils. Ugh, the dragon snot that had to be washed off! To this day, Kanekith's head will turn if Ky gets too close, you know. He may not remember everything, but he knows something's amiss with his nose when he's around."

Soriana smirks and stretches out a leg, poking Ka'el's calf with her foot in the slowest-motion kick on record, and then she laughs. "Not to mention the sand." If you love something set it free? "I'm not sure entirely how he got it some of those places." But hey, they know they have a talented son. It's just… the making messes isn't usually what proud parents want to boast about. "Oh, I'm sure it is. The stains last longer than the patterns!" And none of them last all that long, at the rate Skyler's growing. Ka'el's reminiscence makes Soriana laugh, and leaves a lingering grin. "And he had no clue why we weren't letting him touch everything." Because really, what harm could a coating of dragon snot do? "Kanekith's probably still waiting for him to grow a proper set of wings and a tail."

Slo-mo kick! Ka'el makes a theatrically pained face in response. The pain! The agony! "With as many winged and tailed creatures that we have, Skyler is probably waiting to grow a proper set himself," he counters with a chuckle, giving the guitar one last strum before he leans forward to unhook the strap from around him. He sets it aside, leaning it carefully against the side of the chair that he sits on before he himself stands. "I do think he believes he's part tunnelcat, part firelizard, part dragon, and only a smidge human." He makes his way towards where she sits and smiles, offering his hand. "You don't have an immediate meeting this afternoon, do you? Other than any last minute Turnover preparations to oversee, I hope?"

Soriana laughs. "Probably. Or at least the tail, he might be planning to take after Dusty when he grows up." She can be supportive of whatever her son's life choices are! …even if they're actually impossible. Skyler will figure that out eventually, along with the rest of his… mixed heritage. "It explains why half the time he speaks in firelizard." It's not that he doesn't have words. It's not that he doesn't use words… sometimes. But sometimes… he's all about the babbling, or about using one word (recognizable, at least to his parents) along with a string of other stuff that… doesn't make any sense. Especially when he's happy. When he's upset about something, he's much better about clearly demanding that it stop. When he's happy? He can go off on a long conversation that's about as comprehensible as… well, a firelizard. But, hey, making sense is optional, and it's hard to complain too much about Skyler being happy. Soriana reaches for Ka'el's hand, and shakes her head. "I just finished talking to the harpers. They're set to run the talent show - and they've got some apprentices lined up to fill the ranks if people are being shy. A juggler, some comics, that sort of thing."

With her hand in his, Ka'el's fingers gently curl around hers and he pulls back, aiming to get her on her feet. "At least he can claim to know a second language," boasts he. "It's rare for a person to know the words of a firelizard. He'll become an interpreter, known across every Weyr and cothold for his ability to communicate with firelizards, domestic and wild. … Faranth knows even I have a hard time trying to figure out what Alloy and Nugget are trying to show me. Half the time … neither one've them make sense to anyone other them themselves, I bet." His arm slips around her, though it lingers only for a brief moment, for an apprentice who picks up the guitar he was playing to put it back in its proper place reminds him of his surroundings. He smirks faintly as that same arm slips away from her, though he keeps a hold of her hand. "Good idea," he notes of the harpers. "If Kera and Idrissa are of any indication, we'll have to bribe people to get onstage. Though .. there are bound to be those who want to show their talents in front of an audience, as well." A grin, then a nod to the building's exit. "Would you like to walk with me a while?"

It's as if Soriana suspected this was coming, because she rises to her feet readily without putting all that much tension on the brace of Ka'el's arm. "I'm not so sure the firelizards actually have any sense to make." Even in their own heads, it might be more delusion than anything. Then again, self-delusion is also a talent of toddlers, so… Skyler, the firelizard linguist! Soriana tilts toward Ka'el while his arm heads for around her, then smiles to the apprentice picking up after them. "Thank you," she says to the kid (who looks so young!) before looking back to Ka'el and nodding. "I'm sure there'll be someone who's willing to come up and perform." Not that she can name any names just now, but… they must exist! There's always someone clowning around at the tavern or making cook scowl at them across the caverns. Surely at least some of them will want to do so from an actual stage! "A walk sounds nice," she agrees to Ka'el, and gives that hand of his a squeeze.

Firelizard sense. Such an oxymoron! Performing residents? Not so much. There will be someone. Probably even a handful of someones on stage. And food to be tasted and voted on. And dunking to be had. And crafts to show off and possibly sell. And music to dance to. "It'll be nice to have a gather that won't have to be paused for diaper changes…" Although diaper changes will likely happen, they probably won't be by Skyler's parents, who'll have to judge contests and chat with people and make sure things are running smoothly throughout. Duties! Skyler's (doodies!) will be tended to by one of his very capable nannies, likely. At least, for a time. Soriana's held hand is lifted to his lips which are pressed fondly to the skin. "A walk then. Possibly to a place where I can give you a proper kiss as I've wanted to do since seeing you," said with a half grin as her hand is lowered down again. He glances back, making sure nothing of importance is left behind in a chair or sofa, and spying nothing, moves with her towards the doorway that leads outside to the warmth of summer. A nice day for a walk .. to shady places.

"The Gather must go on!" Soriana says, and laughs. It always does, doesn't it? Much like life, really. "We can probably sit him with my mom to watch the talent show for a while." At least until he gets bored with jokes he doesn't understand, but that's what grandparents (and nannies) are for, right? Soriana smiles to Ka'el, one that quirks up one corner further than the other. "Those can be hard to find. The thing about quiet spots, you see, is that when people go looking for them… they stop being quiet." It's important to get there first, because if there's anything more awkward than trying to have a romantic couple-y moment in the middle of a crafting cavern… it's trying to have one in the same spot as another couple. But, worst case, they'll just wander until dinner and then after… well, they do have their own weyr. They can likely find a private spot there! …at least, once they've put Skyler to bed. …assuming the firelizards don't go crazy tonight. …and nothing happens to send them back to work. …really, given the failure rate on these things, it's important that they try every chance they get, so… they do! Off on hot walk to look for a shady spot to… make hot.

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