Help is a Four-Letter Word

Xanadu Weyr – Infirmary

The infirmary here is intended for human care. It is spotless and smells of disinfectant, cots are lined up against one wall, a curtain can be pulled to give some privacy to the occupants of the cots if they so desire. A cabinet stands off against another wall, instruments and medications stored against when they will be needed. A couple of curtained off beds are used for examinations of patients and the treatment of minor injuries which won't require long term care. A desk with chair is just off of the doorway for the healer to sit and catch up on record keeping after a long days work.

The smells and sounds of dinner waft into the infirmary. As quiet as they try to keep it here, there's no stopping the symphony of dinnertime from creating vague background noise while healers do their thing and patients rest. Granted, there isn't ever a huge influx of bed-ridden patients here. Those who come are usually in and out with a prescribed this or that or a bandage. Ka'el though, isn't so lucky. There's no in and out for him. Out will come, but not this day. Since morning the young rider has been in bed. His injuries have been managed with no indication of major damage to inner organs, seeing that he's still alive and relatively well. Fractured ribs have to heal on their own, with nothing but rest and painkillers to assist the process.

And so, with said painkillers ingested and a fresh coat of numbweed applied to purple bruises, Ka'el has been left to rest. And he has been doing so for most of the day, surprisingly. Sleeping. Maybe meds have had something to do with it, as sleep certainly didn't seem to be on his fitful and grumpy agenda upon arrival here. Through lunch he slept, waking only for a brief drink of water, and he continues to sleep now. His clothing has been changed, likely upon arrival, to a loose beige colored loose tunic and matching pants. Feet are unsocked and mouth slightly open, taking shallow breaths. Eating is going to become a priority soon and possibly the thing that rouses him if no one else does, for his stomach, empty for most of the day besides water, rumbles in response to those dinner smells.

Unlike Ka'el, Soriana hasn't been here the whole time. Luraoth wants visits! But Soriana's been making them quick ones, checking in on the gold (and bronze) before coming back to check on the bronzerider. The healers don't stop her. She has a chair by his bed. Right now, she's perched in it, legs curled up in front of her with her arms around them and her chin resting on the knees. Her expression's a worried frown, her thoughts - as her eyes - wandering over Ka'el. Like they have a hundred times so far today.

This morning, after booting the healers to hustle to the hatching arena, the Weyrwoman remained while Ka'el had been settled into the infirmary and seen to by the healers. Pacing, she’d waited none too patiently for their report. Sometime in the interim, N'shen had also been notified via Taozyuth from Seryth. But Ka'el, the healer on duty, asserted, was to rest and thus he escaped questioning then - and all this day. But there's no forgetting and the anger Thea is keeping a lid on is not diminished in any way shape or form. So it is, after numerous checkings with the healers, visitors are allowed in. Dun-dun-DUN!

There is no annoying squeaky sound coming from the trolley Kera pushes, someone must have fixed it, thankfully. Several covered plates and a pitcher of juice are arranged on the mobile surface. Rolling it quietly into Ka'el's room, she spots Soriana and gives a soft spoken greeting "Hi Soriana. I brought a few things for when he wakes. Soup, toast with butter, fruit." She flicks her fingers to the differant covered dishes before wiggling her fingers and stepping back out of the way. The infirmary seems to be flooded with Weyr rank, thus the apprentice should at least /look/ busy. Fluttering around, she tidies up the room some.

It's not long after Thea arrives that the Weyrleader appears. Literally. One minute, the doorway is empty, the next it is filled with a rather irate bronzerider. And when someone N'shen's side is irate, it shows. Although his face is composed, his green eyes snap with anger and there's a certain tightness to his jaw that might otherwise earn him an admonition for tooth-grinding. Edging his way towards his Weyrwoman, Nash eyes first Soriana, then Ka'el, his expression darkening minutely. "Lady," he murmurs to Thea, baratone voice harsh-edged, "I have come." Yep. He's letting her take the lead. Maybe good. Maybe not so good.

Kanekith has been … okay. He's stuck with Luraoth, leaving only to hunt for her and himself back and bringing back small kills. Quick kills. Half of his mind is with his rider, whose mind is a myriad of shaded faces and memories and worrisome voices the jumble together and turn to jibberish. In his bed, Ka'el shifts, eye twitching at the edges. Maybe it's the food smell from the not too distant kitchens. Maybe it's the sixth sense that men have that tell them 'hey…there's food here, WAKE UP' that's rousing him now that Kera's brought the dinner tray. Or, maybe even, it's the seventh sense that's poking as his consciousness, alerting him that the Head Haunchos are getting closer….closer….no, they're here! Both at once! Run, hide! Whatever the case, sleeping beauty begins to wake, closed eyes squinting as he makes a face. "…shards…" It's time for another round of those painkillers if he has any say. Blue eyes squint open and focus on the ceiling.

Soriana doesn't count as a visitor. She counts as a "yes I'll be very quiet and let him rest and see he's happier now that I'm here and do you really want to start an argument that'll upset your patient?" Which is totally different! Hence why she's been here during that day of 'no visitors'. Kera gets a nod, but Soriana's gaze is quick to return to Ka'el. Still sleeping? He's not being disturbed by the noise of things being moved, right? As Thea arrives, Soriana glances there and back and- wait. Back to Thea again. Oh. This isn't another healer coming by for vital signs. It's Thea. And behind her, N'shen. Soriana's legs unfold and her back straightens into a proper sitting position. "Hi." Her voice is a very small one as she looks up at the weyrleading pair. Not disturbing the patient. Hiding the lump in her throat. Worrying about what she has and hasn't done. All of the above, really… but she stays where she is, next to Ka'el, and her eyes dart to him at the murmured sound, concern rising in a way the other arrivals couldn't manage.

Kera grabs a pile of linens that were switched out earlier for fresh ones and quietly slips out out of the curtained off area. When she returns, she's carrying a small cup that she fill from the pitcher. Her gaze darts around the gathered knots til she notices Ka'el waking. A little grin if given to Soriana before sets the cup on the side table and leans in to whisper to her friend.
Kera whispers "There is a measured dose of fellis that the Journeyman wants him to take after he gets something on his stomach. If his pain is bad, he suggest urging him to drink the whole dose. I put apple juice in it if ya need to sneak it to him."

The on-duty healer has report for the Weyrleaders and he meets them to converse in low tones. This information is merely factual in nature, showing a rough diagram of the body and the mass of bruising covering his side and abdomen, noted also is the cracked ribs, though lack of internal injury and how he's slept, fluids taken and that, yes, he can pee. They're then waved to have their visit with the request that they don't allow the patient to exert himself.

The Weyrwoman listens, her mouth forming a flat line, her expression grim. A murmur of thanks to the healer and then, waiting for N'shen, she'll move towards that curtained cot, passing Kera on the way. Sorry Kera, she sees you, but her mind is so occupied, all she does is to avoid running into your very quiet cart. The hand she uses to grip the curtain trembles as she pulls it aside but her voice is steady, if not steely, as she greets the pair quietly. "Ka'el. Soriana, please remain." A deep breath is taken. "We'd like to talk to you."

It's hard for Nash not to loom. It's genetics - though which genetics one sometimes might wonder, if anyone's ever seen his mother or father. He does, however, give it his best shot, if only for Kera's sake. No sense in scaring the apprentices, after all. Still, those emerald eyes are hot as they turn back to Ka'el when Thea speaks, and he nods his head once, clearly in agreement with his Weyrwoman.

Pain relievers will have to wait until after he's eaten something, unless Ka'el wants to feel even worse. Which is why they aren't forthcoming. But for now his attention isn't on the ache. It's on Soriana, who happens to be the first face he notices. "Still here…?" It's a statement..with the vague inflection of a question tacked subtly at the end. He's slightly angled up in his bad, which saves him the exertion needed to sit himself up. But also, that gives him a good view of others here. Kera. Thea…N'shen? He looks immediately startled by them, and his eyes dart to Soriana, clearly with the question 'What in the shardin' heck are they doing here?' written in them. With teeth gnawing on his inner lip, he sits just just a smidge straighter. It isn't every day that one has an audience with both Weyrwoman and Leader…especially while in infirmary clothes. -.-; "Yes'm," he answers to Thea, eyes on her, though they drift periodically to N'shen as well.

Soriana doesn't return Kera's smile, but her eyes flit briefly to the cup set down. She frowns at the whisper, but nods. Most of her attention is settled on Ka'el, though. "Yeah. I'm here," she tells him, reaching out to curl her fingers lightly over his hand for a moment. There's no injury there. Or line for an infusion, either. So there. The 'still' part, well, that can be explained later. She's here. So's the weyrleadership, but she doesn't have an answer for Ka'el about that. Her gaze returns to Thea, and she nods. "Okay." Being asked to stay is good, because it means she doesn't have to argue about whether or not she's staying. (She is.)

Thea's eyes flick to the apprentice healer as she places the cup on Ka'el's nightstand then to N'shen, "I'll be right back," she tells them and she steps out of the curtained area, finds the on-duty and murmurs something lowly to him. She's back within a few moments, stepping past that curtain beside the Weyrleader and pretty much stalls for time. "How are you feeling this evening, Ka'el?" Though obviously still upset and angry, her concern is, nevertheless genuine. Questions. Soriana gets one too! "Luraoth is well?" Meanwhile the on-duty does his thing, that is, shooing out anyone not in need of a cot, workers included. So this meeting will be conducted in privacy, he's also stepping outside himself to remain guarding those infirmary doors until he's allowed ownership of his infirmary back.

Kera finishes her messege to Soriana and offers both her friends an encouraging smile. Edging around everyone, she slips away from the area to tend to her other duties. With so many knots clogging passage, this is definately /NOT/ where Kera wants to be.

As the infirmary clears, N'shen abandons his position at Thea's back, co-opting two chairs to bring back to the gathering with him. One is placed behind his Weyrwoman, and he places a gentle hand on her shoulder, indicating his desire for her to sit, before setting his own chair down with the back facing the bed. Slinging his leg over it, he straddles the back and rests his arms along the back rail of the chair. Just a nice, casual chat. With two angry Weyrleaders. The message, however, indicates that while both Thea and Nash are upset, it's not Ka'el - or Soriana - that they're irate with.

The touch to his hand is comforting, and Ka'el manages a smile to Soriana, but his worry causes it to be brief. His mind is racing now. What do they want? Why is Kera and everyone clearing out? Is he in trouble? It was his rest day when he left, he checked! Did he check the schedule wrong and he was actually out of weyr without permission? AWOL? Did his altercation in Black Rock cause some trouble for the weyr leadership, and now he'll be stripped of his Galaxy knot and banned from living here?? Where else does he have to go? And what about Kanekith and Luraoth and the eggs? Surely they can stay til the eggs hatch, right? If he was wearing a heart monitor, the increased rate of the beeping would surely be an irksome sound. How does he feel? "I'm feeling much better, Weyrwoman Thea, thank you," he answers half-honestly. His ribs have felt better days, but he's not one to complain. Eyes ping to N'shen as he sits, then pongs back to Thea. "..Have I…done something?"

Soriana watches as the infirmary clears. Not just a meeting with the weyrleaders. A private meeting… or as close to one as is possible. Her fingers squeeze Ka'el's gently, though it's probably not enough reassurance. Still, she's here. And Ka'el's feeling better… she half-smiles. That's probably the fellis talking, but still. "Luraoth is doing well," Soriana replies, looking back to Thea with a nod. "She's been keeping an eye on Kanekith." Who's keeping an eye on the eggs, but… Soriana's gaze flits to Ka'el and back again. "She knows to talk to Seryth if she needs help." Because, well, there's also the eggs to take her attention, and… yeah. Kanekith can probably feel her presence more strongly as Ka'el begins to worry. Luraoth's here to help him protect his. He's there to help her protect the eggs. Soriana's gaze flits to Ka'el at his question, and she frowns.

Thea is distraught enough not to have thought of chairs. Or of sitting. Oh, she's maintaining an outward calm, but N'shen certainly knows how to read her - and most definitely they've spoken either last night or sometime earlier today. Feeling the gentle 'sit down' pressure on her shoulder, she blinks over at him, her eyes soften and her mouth twitches. She sits. "Thank you," she murmurs before her ice green eyes lock back upon - mostly Ka'el, serious again. Satisfied with the answers she hears from the both of them, she nods slowly. "Be sure she does," the Weyrwoman responds to her Junior, then to Ka'el, "Please relax." Good… luck? "Please tell us how you were injured." And she tilts her gaze to N'shen, giving him tacit permission to jump in. Not that he needs it, really She needs it. Before she loses it and bursts out with, 'WHO DID THIS TO YOU?'

Reaching out to press a gentle hand into Thea's arm, N'shen eyes the other metallic pair. "Before you answer that, I want you both to know that as of this particular moment, neither of you is in trouble." Of course, that is subject to change, but at least he's willing to offer a little reassurance. "Obviously, we are concerned and we need answers, but don't be afraid to speak up. We aren't angry with you." Who they are angry with remains up in the air right now - though surely both Ka'el and Soriana can take a pretty good guess at this point. "Continue."

Relax? Suuuure, Ka'el will relax…though not right now. Right now his nerves are wiggling inside. At least Kanekith has the dominant influence of golds to keep him calm. Ka'el… well, he has Soriana. Not exactly the same, but her hand is a helpful, tangible thing that he can focus the kinesthetic part of himself on while he processes what the weyrleaders are asking him. N'shen's reassurance is, well, reassuring. Nobody's in trouble! … at this particular moment. In two moments, they might be, so the relief is short-lived. He looks to Soriana. Would she be punished by association? "Soriana hasn't done anything," he says, first foremost, those words the surest sounding ones he's spoken since waking. "None've anything was her fault." He's suddenly glad that he left her behind after all.
"I went home," he begins. "Black Rock," because he doesn't expect them to know where every rider's birth home is. "To visit my family. To tell them about…all that's happened while I've been away." He pauses, hesitant, or is that reluctant? To delve into too much, or further, detail. He looks to Thea. "What happened won't happen again. That I can promise you both. I don't mean to cause trouble for either've you."

Soriana nods to Thea, but stays quiet. The next question - the THE question - is for Ka'el. She's heard a version of the story, but… he's the one it happened to. Her hand gives his a squeeze as Thea tells him to relax - not that she expects he will - and then she nods to N'shen's addition. Her gaze drifts over the senior pair, then returns to Ka'el as he begins. ….okay, she won't quite keep quiet, because she can't hold back a snort as he says she didn't do anything. Oh, if she'd been there, things would have been done for sure. She would have … angry face Soriana glares across the cot vaguely, but she swallows down actual words. She lets Ka'el talk, though her jaw is set as she does. Won't happen again? Sharding right it won't, but. "Ka'el…" The nice lady asked what happened.

A firm nod demonstrates that the Weyrleaders are in agreementhere. Thea flashes N'shen a grateful look. In trying not to be overly emotional, she's forgotten to reassure them and appreciates his doing so. Of Soriana, "I know that!" The Weyrwoman says it with an almost-snort, a faint smile beginning at the corners of her mouth. It's pretty hard to do something wrong when you're glued to the hatching grounds by a broody gold. She motions for him to go on with a little flip of fingers. And then nods, unsurprised by the name of Ka'el's home hold. She knows more than he thinks she does about not only her riders, but her weyrfolk. There are those forms, paperwork (probably in triplicate!) they'd filled out in classes during candidacy and V'dim's notes as well as informal reports from the AWLMs during weyrlinghood. Her lips part, but before she says anything, Soriana comments, which earns her a glance. Thea clears her throat, "I'd like to believe you, Ka'el, but before I can, I need to know what happened. So I'll ask again, please, what happened? Who… did this to you? And why?" There. Her voice went and wobbled. And there's a glitter of moisture in her eyes. Breaths, Thea, calm breaths!

It's an interesting dichotomy at work, the Weyrleaders. The more emotional Thea gets, the calmer N'shen gets. There's still a glimmer of fire deep in his emerald eyes, but his seat in his chair is relatively relaxed and his expression is calm, even welcoming as he regards Ka'el and Soriana. Mention of Black Rock earns a very soft snort from the Weyrleader, but that's as far as his commentary goes for the moment. He'll content himself with being Thea's big, calming shadow. For now.

But…but he..doesn't want to tell them. Not really. Because who could so easily turn their back on their own family? Besides, well…his own family. Ka'el glances to Soriana, knowing what she wishes from him. Knowing what Thea wants from him, and oh, he doesn't like seeing her upset, or hearing her upset. Not at all. He curses in his head, and the same curse is echoed in Kanekith's mind, which is likely echoed to both golds, which .. makes his thoughts not as private as he'd like. He inhales a breath, slowly yet deeply, tensing at the pain felt from that, a physical reminder that he shouldn't be feeling so protective. He exhales.
"My ma…my family doesn't agree with what 've done. We were raised.. eh. See, things at home were as different from here as night is to day. We were brought up differently, my brothers 'n me. We weren't supposed to be riders. It was wrong to be one.." His mouth twitches downward, and his gaze follows, leaving Thea's slightly glittery one, glancing to N'shen now. "I went to tell them about Kanekith. They hadn't known any've it. Candidacy. Weyrlinghood…" He shakes his head. "I told them. My brother didn't like it. He followed me when I left that night, and he was mad. He's always been mad. He always is mad. But that night was his worst. He did," he answers the question of 'who did it'. "But it's over." So no need to trouble yourselves, right?

It's hard to be comforting while wanting to glare. Soriana is trying, though. She's got that hand of Ka'el's. She's not going to let go of it. She knows he doesn't want to tell, but… she nods slightly as he begins to talk. A small, small bit of satisfaction. She stares at the wall past him, mostly. There's no surprise on her face for any of it, though at the end, when he just says 'brother', she frowns. She glances back to him, frowning… then blinks as a thought strikes her. Oh. She doesn't know who the angry brother is - not for sure - but she's willing to bet Kei'lan does. He could figure it out for her. If… the frown lingers, but now she looks down for a moment and away, over to Thea and N'shen. Her expression is a combination of troubled and stubborn, but she's quiet for now. Maybe he'll say, and she won't have to go behind his back.

Hey, she's got it together more than she did when Nash was a kid. Back then she'd cry at the drop of a hat. Still, the Weyrwoman isn't good at hiding her emotions. And while it's clear she's angry enough to cry - and then go punch someone's lights out, it's over the injury done to Ka'el not towards the rider himself. She manages to hang onto her emotions throughout Ka'el's account, saying nothing, nodding at several points to encourage him to keep going. This… isn't something that was in that paperwork of theirs, so she isn't expecting this particular turn. By the look on her face though, the tale is a familiar one. When he finishes, she says, "I've seen this before, Ka'el, in my own- the holder of Cold Stone." She can no longer call him father, she can't form the words to say more right now, but a look of understanding tempers the anger. N'shen knows the story, but the telling of it is for another time. It is to him Thea looks now to take over here regarding how to go forward. This hits… too close to home. "It's never over," she adds bleakly. "Ask Marel and Mur'dah sometime."

"Unfortunately, Ka'el, it is not over." N'shen's voice is properly grave, though that spark of anger burns brighter in his eyes. "I understand the desire to shield a sibling - I have plenty of my own I would walk through fire for." And some he wouldn't, but that's another story. "However, this is more serious than a simple family dispute. Had it stopped at your parents' anger, at words, then there would be nothing for us to concern ourselves over other than making certain you understand you have family here," and he pauses, his eyes flittering briefly to Soriana, "and that the Weyr will provide where they fail. However," and here his voice grows chill, frost forming on the words, "there is a severe penalty for striking a rider. There is an even more severe penalty for causing extensive injury to a rider. You understand why this is, correct?"

Although Ka'el's not looking at Soriana, he's glad that she's there, and that could possibly be gleaned from how his hand is no longer passively sitting beneath hers and instead has turned to hold in return. Thea's words surprise him. She's seen it before? Cold Stone. .. The name brings a memory of Mur'dah and a story told a long time ago. Months. At least a turn back. But it wasn't about dragon riding, but they were candidates then. His brows furrow as he ponders both that and the expression on the Weyrwoman's face, and her hopeless sounding final words pulls a frown on his face. To N'shen now, whose voice sounds more commanding. Down to the business of what the tornado has left in its wake. He's tense again, his grip upon Soriana's hand unintentionally tightening a little as the words spill. Penalty. Not just penalty. Severe. More severe. "But you can't!" The words sound childish. And, besides that, he CAN. He cringes. "Weyrleader," he says, voice calmer, yet no less tight, "..please. Can't you spare him? This once. I understand." He thinks. "I'm injured, so I can't fly. I'm useless to the weyr as I am. I'm taking and not giving back. But I will. I swear to you, I'll take double shifts until I'm not indebted. I'll do what needs to be done. Just…leave him be?"

Soriana's gaze remains on Thea now, and her eyes widen slightly at the mention of Cold Stone and… huh. Huh. She's heard… well, not much. Mur'dah doesn't like talking about it. But… she's heard a little. Enough to make her listen carefully to that little bit of a story, then slowly nod. When N'shen looks to her, she gives Ka'el's hand a small squeeze, then looks back to the injured bronzerider, and frowns. She looks… at him, but not at his eyes. Not as he starts to protest. At his… chest, more or less, which doesn't exactly make her feel any happier about things. Her jaw sets, an unhappy expression, until finally even the set of it can't keep her quiet, and her gaze darts up to his face as she bursts out. "Ka'el, you didn't do anything." Angry? Yeah. Not at him. Okay, so maybe there's a little bit of exasperated, but… he's trying to fix the wrong thing! And being completely stubborn about it. Which she wouldn't know anything about, herself.

After flashing N'shen a grateful look, Thea's gaze returns to Ka'el, but she nods, agreeing with N'shen. The pleas coming from the bronzerider cause the Weyrwoman to flicker a warning glance towards Soriana. Seryth's mists curl tighter about Kanekith, restraining, but also a hug, comforting. Easy. Be easy. This will pass. "Ka'el, think for a moment," Thea says quickly. "What happens if next time your brother gets angry, he attacks Soriana because she's associated with you, with the Weyr he so despises? Think that can't happen? I'm here to tell you from personal experience it can." Her eyes are flashing and she takes a deep breath. "You owe Xanadu nothing. The Weyr provides for her own." Her hands have formed fists, slowly over the course of this conversation, quite forgotten about. She uncurls the fingers of one now - ow! and reaches a hand towards Ka'el, an earnest touch aimed for his forearm with fingers are now numb. "This is not about avenging the Weyr."

Sighing, N'shen shakes his head. "I'm not talking about personal or political consequences here, Ka'el. Injure a rider, it affects the dragon." The Weyrleader's tone indicates that the bronzerider should already know this. "Injure a rider enough, the dragon will panic. Injure the rider enough… the dragon will go berzerk, resulting in property and personal damage to both the dragon, his surroundings… and anyone unlucky enough to be in the dragon's way. In some cases," he adds grimly, "injuring a rider severely can cause the dragon to go into a state of… what is it called? Catatonia, I think." He glances at Thea for confirmation. "This is why dueling and fighting are expressly forbidden to riders… and why we can't simply allow this attack on you to slide." There might be a hint of apology in Nash's tone… but it's buried far beneath the smoldering anger. "You are very lucky that Kanekith kept his cool - the results could have been much more… unfortunate."

"I know…" spoken to Soriana, a fact that angers him too. The same anger he's continuously shoved down due to loyalty, "but he's my brother." One of many, but still a brother. But in this argument, he's the only one on his side. It's absurd that he is, and even Ka'el himself can admit to that. It's a ridiculous thing to want to protect him! Even Kanekith knows this, irritated by his rider's stubbornness. Angry at his injured. Consoled by Seryth. But Ka'el remains stoic in that stubbornness … right up until Soriana is mentioned. Eyes narrow sharply at Thea, though the look isn't meant for her at all. "He…" Wouldn't, was the word that was supposed to be spoken. But…that wouldn't be entirely true, and so the phrase goes unfinished as his teeth clench. Eyes lower to Thea's hand that touches his arm, and he exhales a breath that slightly deflates his chest. And N'shen's addition has his expression turning grim. Kanekith, hurting others? Hurting himself because of him and hsi lack of action? He could see it happening easily with his hot-headed bronze. "Catatonia…" he echoes the word. Likely one they discussed during weyrlinghood. "..May I ask…what'll happen to him, my brother, before I give his name?" he asks lowly, looking to N'shen now.

Some brother. Soriana frowns, but then she takes a deep breath. Right. She's supposed to be calm about all this. For… Ka'el. (Which is why it's so hard to be calm.) For Luraoth, and she reaches out mentally for the gold, the heated blur of the sands. Everything's okay. She and Luraoth will remind each other of that fact, even though it's not true, and Luraoth's bright will twine at Kanekith's dark, reminding him to calm and focusing his protective instincts toward the eggs they share. Soriana's eyes half-close to focus on that, then open sharply once again at Thea's suggestion. Her? …why not? The surprise passes quickly, and she nods. If a sibling's a target, someone met once should be easy to attack. She nods slightly to N'shen's additions, her expression distracted again as she reaches out to Luraoth once more. Soriana's eyes settle on Ka'el as his move to N'shen, and she gives his hand another squeeze.

Thea returns N'shen's glance with an affirmative nod. "Catatonia, yes. And sometimes, Ka'el, if a rider is injured severely enough their dragon will panic and suicide thinking their lifemate has died." She knows the weyrling classes taught this, but she pins him with a long look. "Kanekith felt every blow, every rib-cracking kick. My point is, as N'shen said, this attack affects Kanekith too." Obviously. "And if he did it once…" Ka'el might trust his brother, but she doesn't! Nothing says his brother won't harbor an unhealthy hate and find him again. "I want him arrested," she says lowly in an aside to N'shen.

Thea's aside garners barely a nod from N'shen. Naturally. "That depends on your brother, Ka'el," he replies quietly. "As Black Rock falls under Xanadu's jurisdiction, he will be brought in to answer for his attack on you. If he is properly repentant, he will likely only be assigned hard labor for a period. However," and here the Weyrleader's voice could chill a 'Reachian, "if he refuses to acknowledge his crime or to express apology or remorse, then it is likely he will be exiled, so that there is never the risk that he might do the same to you - or any other rider - again. As I said, his ultimate punishment depends on him." Abruptly, the Weyrleader's expression softens and he sighs. "I know you want to protect your brother, Ka'el. I commend your loyalty, even if I feel that the target is… unworthy. However, this is no simple matter. We must take action, not only to protect you, but to protect other riders who may fall afoul of him." His eyes slide to Soriana, an unmistakeable gesture. Will he guilt Ka'el into spilling? Heck yes.

"Damn…" Again, he doesn't mean to curse in the presence of the weyrleadership, but perhaps the situation calls for some leniency on tact? The word summarizes all of it for Ka'el. Kanekith and what could happen to him. He pales at that, actually. His lifemate, gone? As knuckle-headed, prideful, self-absorbed, over-confident, and egotistical as he is, Ka'el can't really imagine any sort of life without him. Knowing that he hurts when he does is crushing enough. He pulls his hand from Soriana's and lifts both of them to comb through his hair, grasping at the roots as he frowns and winces. Pull, and release. "I know how he is… He won't apologize. Not for me." And thus, exile? It's a harsh word, painting a picture of banishment to a desert in tattered clothing, wandering lost forever. He shakes it away. What option does he have? Is it worth the gamble of his dragon and his heart? "…Kinden," he says, looking at no one as he speaks. "My brother's name is Kinden."

Soriana can be leverage. Or, well, the idea of her being leverage can be leverage. She doesn't mind, to judge from the way she doesn't protest those meaningful glances from the weyrleaders. Her gaze stays on Ka'el, though she nods slightly at parts of what they say about the effect on Kanekith. Dragons live in the moment. They can't imagine a life without their rider any more than Ka'el can without his dragon. Even less so, in fact. Her fingers splay as Ka'el draws his hand away, continuing to rest against the bed but not chasing him. She just… watches, with a troubled frown for seeing him go through this, and then… exhales. There. The name. Kinden. …Kinden. She's got a face for that name. It's weird trying to put it together with the actions, but… her gaze lowers to Ka'el's chest, and her jaw sets as she nods.

"Yes, Damn." That's Thea, cursing. She does on rare occasion. And this occasion calls for it. She's not unsympathetic, the look she gives Ka'el is telling in that she understands, at least somewhat. "It sucks, but there's really no other alternative." She's quiet while Ka'el struggles and Soriana finally breathes when the name is given. "Tonight, Nash," she says turning to him. Her tone is calm, but a hint of fear lurks in her eyes. And then she leans to him, "I want Guards posted at the infirmary entrance." This is one thing that Laris has taught her. Be vigilant. Overreacting? Well, maybe. But she won't stand by and let others threaten her people. Not any of them! She rises abruptly. And pats Ka'el's arm with a few soothing rubs added in. "I'm sorry," she says because she is and then steps away meeting N'shen's eyes. She's learned to be strong over the turns but apparently hasn't learned to be hard-hearted.

Oddly enough, it seems that N'shen might just have heard a few curse words in his time. At least, he doesn't bat an eye at either Ka'el or Thea as they vent their frustrations. Blandly, he watches the two of them until Thea is done, then turns his gaze on the bronzerider. Sympathy is present - but so is a steely determination. "I understand what it is like to be loyal long past the time when it is deserved." One might notice he is very careful in NOT looking at Thea as he speaks. "I will go personally, tonight. I will take some of Galaxy," he adds, before Thea can protest, "and some of the Weyr guards. But this is my duty." And he faces it unflinchingly - if with clear reluctance to further hurt one of his wingriders. "I hope, for your sake and your brother's, that he understands the magnitude of his crime and repents of it. Otherwise, we have no choice but to ensure he can no longer endanger you or any rider." Yep, there's that eyeflicker to Soriana. He'll milk that leverage. And honestly, who better than Nash for sheer physical intimidation? >.>

Wait.. "Guards?" Did he hear that right? The words weren't meant for him, but the lack of bodies in here makes thins quiet, and Ka'el could've sworn he heard something along those lines being spoken. "I don't n-..ah!" Ka'el winces, forgetting that he's actually in the infirmary a reason: busted ribs. That hurt when you talk too loudly, cuz loud words require more breath. He grimaces, settling back down as a hand fists upon the sheets. He nods only once at Thea's apology and arm rub, and another nod to N'shen. He listens now to the plans being made. Tonight. Already? Where will Kinden be? In a bar somewhere, probably. The man has always loved to drink. Maybe a home with ma and da, snugly eating a home cooked dinner. Little do they know what's heading their way. Ka'el leans back against his pillow, eyes turning to and lingering on Soriana. "So do I," is spoken to N'shen in response to his hopes, glancing back at him, though his words are without confidence, already knowing the answer to that. "Fly safe, Weyrleader."

Soriana is quiet, though, yeah, she's listening to what's being said. Her gaze lingers on Ka'el, lowered to not meet his eyes - until the wince of pain. That makes her look up, with a worried frown as she meets his eyes. "…they left some fellis for you," she says after a moment, because that's easier than anything else she could say. "For after you eat something." Because the pain of his ribs, at least, can be reduced. The pain of the why and how and what comes next… she doesn't have an answer for. But at least she can offer the dose of physical painkillers the healers left. It's something.

Thea will save her steely for Kinden. Right now, even though she's so guilty of… what N'shen is not looking at her for, she gets her gruff on. She lifts her chin when N'shen speaks, pride for him glints in her eyes. Not a peep of protesting from her! "Clear skies, N'shen." Ka'el's protest and wince snaps her patience. "Enough! There will be guards. End of discussion. Soriana, if anything changes," her glance shifts to Ka'el pointedly and back to her junior, "have Luraoth bespeak Seryth immediately. I'm getting the healer back in here. You." She points to Ka'el. "Eat. Take your medicine and rest." She needs to breathe and so takes a long one. "I want to know when you have him, Nash. I'll meet you at the holding cell." Who's sleeping tonight? Not this woman.

Well, not until Nash spikes her drink. But we won't mention that little detail. "Rest, Ka'el," he says gently as he pulls himself out of his chair and swings it out of the way. Crossing over, he presses a hand gently on the bronzerider's shoulder, then touches Soriana's as well. "Both of you, rest. If you insist on staying here, weyrwoman, please ensure that the healers bring you a cot. You must stay fit, for yourself and your queen." Yep, he's all sorts of good at using leverage. Quasar's wingleader. Backing away, he offers his arm to Thea. "Come, let's leave them to eat and rest. I need to make preparations before my flight."

Eat! Rest! medicine! Guards! Fiiiiine. Ka'el looks stubborn.. but… nah. He's hungry. And he wants that medicine that'll make the pain subside again. And there's no stopping the weyrleader and Weyrwoman now. They're on a mission! And so the best thing he can do now is just like, follow directions. "Fellis," he looks to Sori. "That the stuff that makes it not feel so bad?" If so, bring on the food! He watches Thea now, nodding to her medicine and eat command (that he will be following) and doing his best to pick up any last bits of info about what will happen tonight before N'shen moves over. Holding cell… He looks up at him as the Weyrleader's hand goes to his shoulder, and he nods once. "Yessir. .. Thank you." Maybe. Sort of. In a way. Sigh. He brings a palm to his face and rubs. "Sori, I dunno if you already went to see Luraoth, but you should go. I'll be alright." Hell. He has guards!

"I will," Soriana says to Thea, with a brief flicker of her eyes toward the senior and a duck of her head. She's learned her lesson about waiting on these things. She glances up to N'shen, and nods. "I'll get some sleep." Where? Well, that depends on how willing Luraoth is to have her stay away. The healers will probably get used to her coming and going. When? …ehhhh sometime, but it's not like she has much to actually do besides keep track of a sandsbound queen and an infirmarybound bronzerider. She'll just stick a cot next to each of them and take naps. It'll work out. She nods to Ka'el about the fellis, then reaches over for… hmm, this one is the toast. Good place to start! So she uncovers it and offers it to him. "I went earlier. While you were sleeping. She's okay, Kanekith's been hunting wherries." With prejudice and much rending of flesh. Angry bronze? Yeahhhh.

Thea is already two steps towards the door to get the healer, but in Nash-strides, that's maybe one-half stride behind him. She takes his arm, turning her head back to glance at the pair, saying more softly, "I will be in to see you two later this evening." If Nash doesn't spike her tea. In that case, maybe N'shen will stop by and let Ka'el know how it went down. She might be hungover in the morning, so don't be surprised if she's not here until noon.

Toast. Awesome. His stomach acts as if he's just been handed prime rib with the way it growls. Ka'el takes it, eyeing Thea in her wake. She'll see them later this evening? He nods, though it isn't til the leadership pair have departed that he closes his eyes with a sigh. "For what? What more is there?" He takes a bite of toast to chew on, the look on his face too many things at once. Anger, at his brother. Distraught about the situation. Worried, for his parents. Guilty, about everything, Soriana included, who is being stretched every which way. What he owes her is complete and utter bliss. That was his plan to make things up to her. Yet that path obviously got twisted somehow. One bite of bread, and the toast is lowere. He swallows, then looks at her. "I'll keep you safe, you know. Anything I can do, I'd do it, to keep people like .. him…away from you."

Or maybe Thea won't. Soriana's seen how meetings sometimes turn into different meetings. The perils of trying to cross the clearing, when you're the weyrwoman. The way there's always something urgent… which she tried not to be, even if she should have been. Still, she nods to what Thea says - the intention - and looks up at Ka'el. "…talk to the healers, maybe?" she suggests with a shrug of one shoulder. Though Luraoth will be telling Seryth if anything changes, so there's another reason why Thea might let other important things keep her away. Soriana doesn't really know, and as she watches Ka'el's face, she lets out a slow sigh, her mouth twisted up with worry for him and anger at his brother that's got a sour taste to it now that there's a name and a face attached to it. But that's in N'shen's hands now, isn't it? Soriana glances over to the plates. There was soup, right? Or something like it. She wasn't paying much attention to Kera. More to Ka'el - and as he speaks again, she looks back to him. "You… don't have to be a hero." Soriana swallows. "You know? There's… you heard N'shen. Riders. Guards." Like the ones that will soon be posted here at the infirmary.

Hopefully it's just to talk to the healers with no further surprises in store. This whole evening? One big unwanted surprise. This whole evening will need to be processed so that Ka'el's brain can figure out just what's an appropriate reaction to it all. His earlier worry has drifted into a false calm. He's not calm though. Anything but, but he hasn't sorted taht out yet. The toast in his hand is kept there instead of being brought back to his mouth. Are dragons being assembled now? Has N'shen gotten with the Galaxy wingleader to tell him of their mission? What will Kinden do? He's not sure which thought to attend to first, if any of those. There are dozens more still buzzing around his overwhelmed head. Soriana's answer makes it easier for him to refocus though, and he blinks once slowly, letting those words settle before he answers. "I know. Just yours, that's all. That's all .. the hero I want to be." Though heroic is not a fitting word right now, and he takes another bite of bread, eyes looking forward. He'll eat enough to take his mecidine, and afterwards, sit in silence to poke Kanekith's mind to reach out to the other Galaxy riders to give him updates. He has to know.

Soriana smiles, a little. It's sweet. Only, Ka'el's hurt, and that's rather the opposite. So it takes her a moment to put words together. "Well. Just stay in one piece to do it, then. Okay?" No getting hurt. … more hurt. Again. Anymore. Somehow she's not sure he'll be able to manage it… but Soriana helps get food and medicine into Ka'el - the healer will be by to check and make sure, at some point - and sneaks a kiss and makes sure a cot arrives, and shuttles back and forth between a sands-dozing Luraoth and a fellis-dazed Ka'el. And tries not to worry, but spends far too much time thinking.

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