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Xanadu Weyr - Stables
The Stables of Xanadu Weyr are composed of one long building, lined with box and standing stalls that are kept thoroughly clean by the resident grooms and stablehands. Runners nicker and neigh at everyone who enters, save for the obstinate ones that just flicker their ears in indignant curiousity that they dare not make visible. The foremost stalls near the door to the Barn Yard are the grand box stalls which are home to the prized runners of Xanadu, as well as the most pregnant, those which are so far along that they require constant observation by the Herders, so as to ensure easy foaling.

However, the primary design of stall which lines the broad pathway that is covered in saw dust which is the main avenue of the Stables, is that of the Standing Stall. Many runners are in the standing stalls, with ropes strung across the front so as to keep the runners from leaving their designated containers. A few hay bales sit here and there along the avenue, some of which act as seats for the stablehands and grooms on their breaks, others as snacks for those runners who can reach out their necks far enough. Buckets and baskets of grooming supplies, brushes and combs, and the like also sit here and there, occassionally knocked over by a wayward hoof or inquiring muzzle.

It has been a fairly hot today, Idrissa can be found outside near one of the paddocks hosing down a runner that needed a bath it seems. She has on a simple sleeveless tshirt, jeans are rolled up to about her knees and her boots are fairly wet. The hose is set down and she pulls a brush out from a bucket and goes about scrubbing across the shoulder of the runner. The runner whickers out from its place seeming for the moment not minding the bath.

It's been a while since ka-el has visited the stables. He's been busy and such, and party planning had taken much of his free time. But! With that done and his exam over, he finally has a free day that really is a /free/ day. And so he decides to check up on the runners, and he enters the stables with a carrot in his hand. He glances around, though the person he's really here to visit is nowhere to be seen. "Hey there, boy," he says, making a stop at Two Steps' stall, giving his neck a rub and feeding him the carrot. "Where's Idrissa, eh? She run off with a runner?" He grins a little before moving on, hearing water out in the paddock. He peeks out and lightly grins to himself. He eyes the hose and sneakily moves, trying to stay mostly out of sight, then steps down on it, cutting off the water til it's just a dribble.

Idrissa continues on her work, humming softly to herself while she scrubs about the runner's shoulder and then back across the large animal's side. She doesn't hear anyone talking so isn't aware that someone is looking for her. The brush is dropped back into the bucket and she picks up the hose and goes wash off the side and pauses as there is no water. Pausing she peers at the hose and blinks, a faint ah escaping her while she gives the hose a shake and then peers at it.

Kale covers his mouth a little to keep himself form laughing, then straightens up and clears his throat. "Ahem. Uh … looks like you've got a clog somewhere, eh Idrissa?" he says, grinning a little wider now. He lifts his foot away, allowing the water to flow freely .. and hopefully not right into her face!

Idrissa hums and peers up at the voice. "Kale?.." About this time she does get a bunch of water, yet not in her face at least. It hits onto her neck and shoulders and she grumbles while turning the hose away from her. "Oh so funny…" This said while she grins and turns the hose and tries to spray him with the hose now.

Kale snickers and squints in a wince as she's indeed sprayed with water. Apparently, his vow to cut down on the teasing and playing about hasn't lasted very long! But at least she doesn't look angry, and as the water is turned on him, he heys! and lifts up his hands to try to protect himself. It doesn't work. Laughing, he hops away. "Hey, cut it out. What'd I ever do to you, huh?" he laughs, trying to get out of range of the hose spray.

Idrissa laughs out and grins while she pulls the water off of him and goes about spraying down the runner once more. "Gee, I wonder what you could have done." She seems amused, not angry at all. "Where've you been hiding?"

"Yeah I wonder, cuz I /never/ pull pranks on you or anything," says Kale, shaking off his arms, but in truth the water spray sure did feel nice on this summer day! He heads towards her now that she's aiming at the runner and not him. "I've been hidin' in my dorm, as it's the only place I could find any peace to study." He grins, pausing nearby. "Speakin' of studying, guess who got the highest marks on his ores exam?" he says, puffing out his chest juuust a tad.

Idrissa chuckles softly and grins, shaking her head while washing off the runner and then sets the hose down once more and starts scrubbing again. "Oh!… Let's see…" She peers over at Kale. "Was it Linc or Sam this time?" This questioned while watching him looking utterly amused before grinning. "So you got the highest marks then huh? Good for you."

Hrmph! Kale gives her /a look./ "Linc? Ha! He's lucky if he can even spell titanium, much less know any've its properties," he retorts, a grin beginning to curve his lips. "Yes, I did! And y'know the best thing about that is I got a reward. I get to work on a special project for a week with another journeyman of a different craft." A pause. "Well .. not a /different/ craft, but a different field in smithin'. Like clockwork, jewelry, explosives, chemistry.. Since I don' have a specialty, I kinda get to play around with it. Not sure which one I'll choose yet though."

Idrissa continues to grin while she works on scrubbing down the runner's other side. "Ya I know that about Linc." This said with a faint snicker escaping her. "Well good for you." She peers over at him at the talk of doing some specific craft. "Well, pick something that you like to deal with?" She questions before looking back to the runner and works on scrubbing across side a few more times.

"Yeah, but I already'm doin' that with Journeyman Orik," notes Kale. "His specialty is weaponry. He's teachin' me the basic smithing stuff, and /some/ weapons things too. But he wants me to uh … 'broaden my talents'." He smirks. "I think he already figured I was gonna do well on that exam." He moves closer to her, approaching from behind, and lightly touches at her waist, just briefly. "Hey. D'you wanna do somethin' with me sometime? Like…er, I dunno. Maybe food?" Awkward. "Someplace other than the caverns. Like maybe that place on the beach.. Just you an' me?" As opposed to with their usual entourage of other teenfolk, which he never really minds and actually enjoys. But this is a little different!

Idrissa chuckles and nods. "He sorta has a point there. Should do other things so you can fall back on it, or well do other things for fun and what not you know?" There is a pause as she feels the touch and she glances to him, a warm smile is seen. "Well of course I would." She pauses a moment. "Not that I don't like doing stuff like that an all too… But ya, something like off on the beach or something would be nice."

"Great!" replies Kale, a bright grin lighting up his face. Eh, that wasn't so hard after all. "Alright then. Next time we're both free then? Maybe tomorrow after duties.." He takes a step backward. Mission, accomplished! Now it's time to flee and get some advice from the only other person he knows that is really .. girl savvy. Now that he's secured a date, what is he supposed to do while on one? "So…I'll see ya then. Maybe before then. But definitely then." Another grin and he nods his head to her. "G'bye!" And he's off!

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