Of Boys, and Other Pets

Xanadu Weyr - Meadow
A large, slightly rolling meadow is set high enough above the riverbank on both sides to avoid suffering from flooding, healthy ground cover and grass spreading out from either side of the dividing river. Scattered amongst the meadow are a variety of buildings, each with a narrow path leading up to it from a main, winding road. Some are set under a few trees, while others sit by themselves.
Stables and a smithy are settled on their own plots, while trees border the western edge of the meadow, and a faint outline of a fence can be seen to the north.

It's a rather hot summery day and Asher has found a great place to relax down near the riverbank rolling about in some of the cool water. Idrissa is sitting up on the hill a bit watching her canine splash about and make a fool out of himself. She smirks faintly and lifts a hand to rub across her face a few times, someone didn't get much sleep after the night before, crazy how beach parties will cause someone to stay up all late! A yawn escapes her and she flops back so she can look up at the clouds that are slowly drifting through the sky.

Tsenik can be seen slowly picking his way across the meadow, a bag is draped across his body and rests against his hips. It looks like he's just got done delivering flowers, because there's still remains of flower petals sticking to the the bag and it has a little bit of dirt on it as well. He slows as he notices Idrissa and offers a wave to the female, "Heya, Idrissa!" The florist says in a greeting, a smile pulling at his lips as he slows to watch the canine playing in the river. "You two look like you're enjoying yourselves, did your face get fixed okay?"

Idrissa blinks and peers up at the voice and shifts so she is sitting up. "Hey Tsenik." A soft ah escapes her and she rubs across her nose where a cut is still seen. "Ya I'm fine. Like I said just a cut no big deal." She soon smiles. "How are you Tsenik?" Asher continues to play within the water.

Tsenik makes his way over and plops himself next to Idrissa, brushing the dirt off of his hands. "How's it going?" The florist asks with a wide grin on his face and leans forward to investigate the cut. "it's not that bad," he agrees, tapping a finger against his lips. "It should heal okay."

"Told you it wasn't bad." Idrissa offers with a smile. "Ya, I'm sure it will. Not that worried about it." She offers with a shrug. "It's going alright. Just taking a break and letting Asher run around and stretch his legs. How about yourself?"

Tsenik wraps his arms behind his head as he looks up at the sky tot watch the clouds floating lazily, "well, I panicked when Kale started calling for a healer." Tsenik says softly, his lips pulling into a tight frown. "I didn't want you to get hurt, and I didn't exactly see what happened. So I wanted to make sure you'd be okay." There's a quiet silence from the florist before his gaze turns back to Idrissa. "I just got done with deliveries, so I decided to take the rest of the day off."

Idrissa tilts her head while watching him a moment, a soft smile seen and she nods while she glances off. "Well, thanks Tsenik. I appricate it. I've gotten worse when dealing with the runners so I'm sorta use to getting bumped and brusied so to speak." A glance is offered back to him. "Well, good. I'm glad everything is working out for you." She reaches over to poke at his arm. "Told you if you stuck around long enough it would work out now didn't I?"

"Still," Tsenik says, shooting Idrissa a small smile, "You should be a little bit more careful, eh? You might end up with a concussion at this rate, and then you'd be stuck in bed for a while. That wouldn't be fun." He smiles widely and laughs at the poke, "Well, yeah, I was hoping it'd take off well. I'm glad things are going pretty good for me at the moment. I didn't really want to pack up and move. Do you know how annoying it'd be to transport all my plants to somewhere else?"

Tooo hot. Today is too hot. Soriana does not run. She saunters! Also she's got a large-brimmed straw hat, which, admittedly, looks kinda silly, but it's too hot for her to care. She wanders up from the clearing with a large glass of iced lemonade (the ice is half melted already) and glances over at the sound of Asher's splashing to see Tsenik and Idrissa. She waves with her free hand, and heads over that way.

Idrissa waves a hand slightly. "Ya I know, not like I don't try to be careful. Stuff just happens tis all." She smiles and nods, a soft chuckle escapes her. "Well… No but I gather it wouldn't be that easy to pick and move stuff around like that." Her gaze turns towards more movement and she catches sight of Soriana and grins before waving at her. "Hey Soriana, nice hat!"

"Well, for one, the plants would be exposed to whatever weather I'd be traveling in. I'd probably lose half of my plants, if not all of 'em. And most of 'em are rather picky about the amount of water they get, and how much sunlight and all sorts of complicated things. It'd be much more costly to me to move than to stick it out a bit longer and hope business picks up." Though, as Sorianna is suddenly arriving, he turns to greet the other woman. "It's not really that bad, Sori, I mean, it's hot but it's not overbearing! And besides, we can always go swimming!"

Soriana gives Tsenik a dubious look, then grins. "Yeah, well, you work in a greenhouse, so of course you're fine," she says, and takes another sip of her lemonade before leaning toward Idrissa. "Just don't tell Xanthius, and we'll be okay."

Idrissa makes a face as Xanthius's name is brought up. "Right…" She offers softly and a faint roll of eyes before she grins. "Swimming always makes things better in my book at least." A nod is seen as she says this.

"Xanthius?" Tsenik echos, his eyes flickering between the two females in confusion. A hand rubs at the back of his head, "Well, I don't go into the greenhouse in the middle of the day. I usually take care of my plants early in the morning before the sun is out. That way it doesn't get too stifiling in there for me."

Soriana hehs, and nods to Tsenik. "Sounds like a smart idea. Otherwise… steamed florist!" She grins, then shrugs. "Xanthius is a friend of Kale's. If he's not one of your customers, he should be. Oh so pretty and fashionable, and the laaaaadies love him." A snort shows what she thinks of that, and she takes another sip of lemonade.

Idrissa ehs softly and shakes her head. "His… Some kid. An I'd be surprized if he wasn't one of your customers with how all the girls fawn over him." Her gaze lingers on Soriana's glass and she leans forward slightly. "Can I steal a sip?" Well, she's hot, and Sori is the one with the drink so!

Tsenik blinks as he looks between the two females, "Nope, haven't met him yet, maybe he hasn't heard of my services yet." His shoulders lift indifferently at the thought and he leanas backwards to prop himself up on his hands. "I don't do that sort of thing, I think if I had a girlfriend, they'd just get jealous when I'm out delivering flowers to girls all the time."

Soriana hands over the glass to Idrissa with a nod and absolutely no getting faces smashed in, and hehs. "Maybe not," she says to Tsenik. "Well, that just means you need a girlfriend who's also a florist, right? So you can take turns on the deliveries…"

Idrissa takes hold of the glass and sips from it, no faces are to be smashed in today! The glass is offered back to her friend along with a thanks. "Well give it time. I'm sure he'll be getting flowers for all his litle fawning group of girls to make them gasp and ooo over him more so if that is possible." She hums and chuckles osftly hearing Soriana and nods. "Sori has a point."

Tsenik laughs quietly, "I can tell you don't like him." A small smile pulls at Tsenik's lips as he glances up at the sky, "that's why I just rather not have a relationship at all. They're hard enough without people getting jealous because of my work."

"Meh," says Soriana. "He could be worse." She shrugs, letting it stand at that as she takes back the glass from Rissa. Tsenik's ideas of romance and the challenges thereof… make her hmm, considering a moment before shrugging again. She certainly can't say they're easy!

Idrissa glances over to Tsenik. "It's not that I don't like him. I just dont like how he acts." Or how he treated her. At the talk of relationships she shrugs slightly, she isn't going there!

Tsenik nods his head, "I can see how that'd be kind of mean, treating someone like that. I hate guys like that." His lips purse up in thought.

Soriana hehs. "Not much point in talking about him, anyway." She flops down on the grass, and the sudden motion brings a zzchirp? from her beltpouch.

"Sorta have to agree with both." Idrissa offeres while scratching at her neck. She peers over at Soriana curiously. "Did you bring Inkfoot with you?"

Tsenik looks between the two women and rubs at the back of his head, seeming to pick up the lack of conversation. "So…er…nice day?" His attention drifts toward the sound as its heard, causing him to blink in curiosity, "What was that?" He asks, pointing towards the direction it came from.

Inkfoot answers Idrissa's question by poking his head out from the pouch, the ferret chirping again as he peers around. Which is good, 'cause Sori's answering Tsenik instead. "Still say it's too hot! Though maybe not hot enough to try and get a ride to Fort. I don't need snow /that/ bad." She grins, as her ferret jumps out of the pouch, and glances down to him. "Oh, uh… this is my tunnelcat," she answers Tsenik. "His name's Inkfoot." Dook!

Idrissa chuckles and grins at Inkfoot and leans down to peer at him. "Hey Inkfoot. Haven't see you in a while, she's been hiding you huh?" She quesitoned with an amused tone. Asher is making his way on towards the three, an the tunnelcat, the canine is dripping wet from the looks of it and once close enough he pauses and shakes sending cool water flying in all directions. Rissa eeps at the sudden water and eyes Asher. "Brat…"

Tsenik blinks curiously as the ferret sticks his head out of the pouch, "Oh! Neat! I've never seen one of those before." He's about to lean in to get a better look when someone's calling his name. "Shards," He curses under his breath and he quickly stands to his feet. "I totally forgot. I'll catch up with you guys later!" And then he's running off.

Dookchirp? Dook! So saith Inkfoot, peering up first at Tsenik, then at Idrissa… and then he's splashed and goes tearing off after the culprit. Asheeeeeer! Dooooooook! Soriana laughs, then ohs to Tsenik. "Okay, later!" she says, giving him a wave before looking back to Rissa. "Well. I haven't wanted him to be underfoot.."

Idrissa peers after Tsenik and ahs softly before shrugging and then eyes Asher. "Crazy dog.." She offers with a soft laugh escapes her and she looks back to Inkfoot. "Oh that's alright, just wondering how he was doing." Asher flops down next to his owner and stretches out.

Inkfoot is… prancing around Asher's legs and running in circles, what else is new? Soriana laughs, and nods. "Yeah, he's good. Gettin' into all his usual trouble." She grins.

Asher tilts his head and watches Inkfoot, a half wruff escaping him, a forepaw lifting to bat and poke out at Inkfoot though he manages to miss. "So I can see." Idrissa offeres with a laugh before she looks over to Soriana. "So… Are you ok after all the crap with 'you know who'?"

Yeah, Soriana knows who, though she's watching Inkfoot romp around Asher. She glances back to Idrissa, and shrugs. "Yeah. I'm fine. I mean…" Another shrug. "I haven't seen him around, either."

Idrissa nods slightly while watching the two animals play. Asher flops down, a large forepaw batting out towards Inkfoot once more. "I haven't either. I just wanted to make sure that you was alright an stuff."

Inkfoot is batted! He wrassles with the paw briefly, and dooks. Soriana hehs. "Yeah, no, I'm fine. I mean… guess I just sorta got carried away with things, you know?" A glance to Idrissa, and a hmm. "Well, maybe you wouldn't, but anyway."

Asher wruffles out a few times as his paw is wrassled with and peers before leaning over to try and give Inkfoot a great big slobbering lick! Idrissa blinks and peers over at Sori and smirks a bit. "Yes well… I guess I wouldn't know, but I get your point."

Not the liiiicks! Okay so Inkfoot neebles back. Soriana hehs. "Well, yeah, so… yeah." Yeah. That's right.

Idrissa waves a hand slightly while she leans back into the grasses. "Did you have fun at the party?" This questioned as she goes about changing the subject! Asher wruffles out and wiggles about looking rather happy with himself!

Much better topic. Soriana grins. "Definitely. Kale did a good job… with help." Because the two of them certainly contributed, not to mention all his other recruits. "Ended up in a game of racketball… I kinda sucked at it, but it was fun!"

Idrissa smiles and nods. "Totally, it was awesome. An Datsun cooked some spiderclaws in a rather interesting way. It tasted really good though. I tryed to save you some but that didn't work too well." Not when a bunch of teens and food is around!

"Was that the grilled ones?" asks Soriana. "Someone brought some of those back around. There was a lot of food floating around." She grins, because there was the good kind of confusion. "If it was, they were good, and if it wasn't… well, they were still good!"

Idrissa ponders. "Well… He got Kale to smash up some apples and cooked it with the spiderclaws so, did it have a apple taste?" She questions curiously and shrugs. "It was all good so I dono. I figure we could try an make more sometime. Don't have to have a party just like something with the few people we hang out with or something one night?"

"Oh, that one!" Sori laughs. "Okay, not the one I was thinking of, but I think I had some of that, too. It all blurs together sometimes." She grins, and nods. "I like that idea. Hey, especially if Datsun can cook…"

Idrissa grins and nods. "Ya really. It all bluured into one big pile of goodness when dealing with the food." She would have loved to avoid the ball to her face, and running into Datsun later on!

Soriana laughs. "Hey, and the games. This one guy - I forget his name, but whatever - said he might start up a racketball league or something." Food, games, yeah, total party success. Now, back to food. "Did you get any of those little apple candies?"

Idrissa ponders this. "Naw… I didn't, who brought them?" She questions while peering over. "I got the orange bread only because I brought it, the other sweet things ran as quickly as it was put down."

Soriana says "Aww, too bad, you really woulda liked them. Kylli brought them, but there weren't that many. Apparently her parents are candymakers at Paradise Hold, so they send her stuff a lot."

Idrissa ohs at this and darns softly. "Geezs.. Of course I would miss things like that. Hopfully I'll be around when she wants to share them agian."

"She seems pretty cool," says Sori. "Y'know, besides having access to candy." Whiiich doesn't hurt, nope.

Idrissa grins and nods. "Well ya." This said with an amused tone while peering over at Asher and Inkfoot. Asher seems well beat and is letting Inkfoot play "King of the canine".

With the heat what it is, Inkfoot is rather lazier than usual. So, he only tromps around in circles a /few/ times before he's done trampling Asher and sprawls out atop the canine. Soriana grins, leaning back and bit and re-tilting her hat to keep out the sun. "We should definitely do more stuff, though. Like… with planning. But not /that/ much planning."

Idrissa chuckles while peering at Inkfoot. "I think Asher lets him get away with stuff like that." She offers with a soft murmur. A nod is seen. "Ya I totally agree with you. Be nice to just do some little thing now and then you know?"

Soriana smirks. "Sure, so you claim. I'll have you know Inkfoot took down a wild feline once!" she retorts, as the ferret lets out a chirrup and sprawls. "So… what should be the next one?"

Idrissa snickers out softly and shakes her head. "Please.. How big was this wild feline you keep talking about?" She questions while eyeing her friendly playful like. A soft oh escapes her and she scratches at her neck pondering. "Well, can go for another ride, maybe throw a picnic in at the end too."

Soriana's smirk is undaunted. "Oh, I'd say about…. mm, same height as Asher, but longer." As felines are wont to be. "Ask Jessi, if you don't believe me. Or Zan or Esiae, they were all three of them there." She stretches, and sets down her glass before flopping back to the grass. "We could go for another ride, yeah… it's kinda harder to invite people, though, 'cause… if they don't show up on time you gotta wait for them or leave without them."

Idrissa peers at her a few moments. "Alright.. SO you win on thta one." She shrugs and glances back towards the river. "True… Could just do another night on the beach now that it is summery an all. Perhaps star watching, or fishing?"

Soriana laughs. "I'm not saying we can't do it, just…" she shrugs. "It works better when it's just a few people." She smiles. "Bonfire night sounds like a fun idea. Maybe see if we can get a wherry or something to roast."

Idrissa nods and ohs softly at this. "Well that's an idea as well. An for sure find more spiderclaws. Everyone seemed to really enjoy them from what I saw."
Soriana grins. "Yeah, they're good. Especially 'cause everyone does the work of finding 'em themselves!" Aww yeah lazy.

Idrissa chuckles and grins. "Totally, makes it so much easier when they find it and then all is left is to cook 'em." She humms softly to herself at the thought. "Just have to then find out what way to cook 'em."

Soriana laughs. "Hey, 'all of them' seemed like it worked pretty well, didn't it?" she says, grinning. "I dunno, I'm definitely not a cook…. but it sure was tasty."

Idrissa laughs softly and nods, an amused look seen while she ponders. "We're take a vote and pick how to cook 'em." Yes that'll work!

Soriana smirks. "Ohhh, because that worked /so/ well when it came to the kissing." Pause. "Hey, did anyone actually play spin the bottle? I didn't see it, if so…."

Idrissa blinks and blushes as the kissing part is brought up, a soft ah escapes her. "Well if they did play it I didn't see it happen." She wasn't playing it!

Soriana hmmmms, and nods. She considers it a moment. "Well, good thing you did kiss, then, or otherwise you would've been cheating and not done either. It was kinda a tie, though, so… you're okay."

Idrissa smirks. "I don't think the kissing police is gona come and arrest me or something for cheating." This said with a roll of her eyes and slight grin.

Soriana grins. "Hey, y'never know. Besides, you'd have to deal with the terrible horrible guilt of it!" Because that's totally a thing.

Idrissa eyes Soriana curious. "What, the guilt of not getting to kiss Kale?" She already did that so there isn't any guilt!

Yeah, see, and there's the other thing. "No, of cheating the rest of us," says Soriana. "Also when did you kiss him the first time?"

Idrissa pauses and ums softly, blushing while she glances at her hands. "Kale and I was done on the beach, swiming an stuff an… I dono I just gave him a kiss on the cheek." There is a slight pause. "An then we well, kissed on the lips a little bit later."

Soriana mmhmms, listening to this story of the kissings. "So that's it, huh?" she asks. "Well. I'd ask if you liked it, but I think I saw that part for round two. Or was it two? Not like… three or four, was it?"

Idrissa eyes widen as she hears Soriana and she oys softly while peering over at her. "That was round two." She smirks. "An well… Ya I liked it."

What, she can't not tease, at least a little! Soriana grins, and nods. "Well, good."

Idrissa continues to blush and glances off to the sleeping Asher and Inkfoot. "What do you think about Kale? I mean his nice an all…" She peers at Soriana after a moment.

Soriana glances back to Idrissa. "Yeah, he is." She looks at the other girl for a moment. "Why? Are you thinking about doin' more with him?"

Idrissa blinks. "What? No, why would I think about doing that? Just wondering what you think of him that's all."

Soriana laughs. "You've known him as long as I have," she says, and looks away and up at fluffy little clouds. After a moment, she goes on. "He's fun. I mean, I said that before, but it's true."

Idrissa chuckles softly and smiles and nods. "Well ya there is that." She offers with an amused tone.

"Yes, there is!" Sori looks back again. "Why, what do you think about him?"

Idrissa ums softly at this and lets her hands rest upon her lap, a glance is offerd over to Soriana and she ahs. "Well I think his very nice. An I like him a lot… Fun to hang out with an all."

Soriana mmhmms. "It's true. So… why are you asking me?" She's still looking at the other girl, a brow arched in curious question.

Idrissa smirks now and eyes her friend a moment. "Becaue your my friend, an I don't know much on this subject at all. This is all new to me… You know having possible feelings for some boy.." There she admited it!

Ohhhh, so all this is because Idrissa is thinking about doing more with him! Well, then, in that case it all makes moe sense. Soriana grins, and reaches out a hand to pat Idrissa's knee. "Well, I figure you picked a good one. Least, so long as you don't expect him to be serious about it, which you don't need anyway, so! There ya go."

Idrissa never said that! She peers over at Soriana and smirks. "I don't mind the serious stuff. I just dono what to expect I suppose." This said softly and ehs. "I never really thought about well… Any of this before." Which shouldn't be a surprize!

"Well, sure, but this is Kale." As guys go for being serious? Yeah, right. "You don't gotta expect anything. Least, not unless you /are/ in a rush to be married with little holder babies?" Sori raises a brow.

Idrissa just eyes Soriana and smirks. "Geeze! /No/… Do you just do this to get a reaction outa me or something?" She makes a face at the whole ideas.

Soriana giggles at the response, and stretches. "Aww, how should I know what you want?" she replies. "But really, then. Just like… do stuff with him, like you would. Only, y'know… with kisses if you want 'em." She grins. "Or not."

Idrissa rolls her eyes and lets her arms fold in front of her. "Ya ya.. Alrigh I get it." She offers after a moment.

Soriana hehs. "I dunno, I mean, what do you want me to say? It's not like I know all /that/ much." Gasp, Sori admitting she doesn't know something!

Idrissa waves a hand. "Eh, its alright… Don't goten say nothing unless I'm making a fool outa myself how's that?"

Soriana laughs. "If you're making a fool of yourself, I'll tell you." Beat. "And I'll even do it when nobody else is watching! Well, unless it's like you're walking up to the cliff of foolishness and about to step off…"

Idrissa blinks and snickers softly. "Gee, thanks. I really appricate that!" THis said with an amused tone while she grins and pokes out at Soriana a few times.

Soriana is just sooooo nice! She eeps at the pokes, wriggling a bit as she sprawls on the grass near Idrissa and the two of them talk. "Yep. Hmm… Cliff of Foolishness… sounds like the name of a song, doesn't it?"

After some time, Tsenik can be seen making his way back into the clearing with a loud sigh. "Well, that took longer than I thought." He mutters under his breath as he makes his way back towards the females, "Sorry for taking off like that, I forgot all about the new client I was supposed to meet."

Idrissa laughs out softly and soon peers over at the new voice and looks to Tsenik. She smiles and waves at him. "That's alright. Welcome back."

Soriana hmmms, considering on that, then looks up at Tsenik's approach and waves. "Did it still go okay?"

Tsenik Nods his head as he moves towards the others and smiles, "Well, should have a couple new people to deliver to. Maybe if I can figure out how to transport them between without them dying, I'll deliver them that way."

Idrissa smiles and nods to Tsenik. "Well that is good to hear." She offers as she leans back into the grasses to rest upon her elbows once more.

"Well, that's good," says Soriana, and hmms. "I dunno how you could get them between, though. It's not just cold like winter, it's… it sort of gets right through you, even when you've got riding gear."

Tsenik moves to crouch near the females, pulling his nees up tightly to his chest. "I don't know how I'd do it though, and stil keep them fresh." Tsenik sighs softly and runs a hand through his hair, "So what are you guys up to? You two want to go have some fun or something? I don't really have much to do."

Idrissa hums softly. "If you could figure out a way to put them in a protective basket or box could use runners if it isn't /that/ far off. Or dragons that wouldn't go between?" Well it is an idea. She hums and glances from Tsenik over to Soriana. "Well… Sure. What do you have in mind that is fun like?"

Soriana considers on that puzzle for a few more moments, then shrugs. "Maybe. I guess you can investigate sometime, huh?" She grins a bit, then pulls herself up to a sitting position. "Y'were talking about swimming earlier…"

Tsenik leans forward to grin at the two, "Well, I didnt' get to go swimming the other day since I had to go get a healer for Idrissa, so maybe we could go swimming and hang out at the beach." It's an idea, anyway. "Maybe I could talk to crafters, maybe they'd have some ideas about how to protect stuff from between."

"You know I never turn down the idea of swiming." Idrissa offeres to Soriana with a smile and soon nods. "Alright, sounds like a plan."

Soriana laughs, and nods. "Lemme stop by m'weyr first, and I'll meet you two there…" she says, getting all the way up to her feet and picking up her glass and now-dozing ferret. He chirps sleepily.

Tsenik stands to his feet and offers out a hand to Idrissa so she can pull herself up. He'd offer out a hand to Sori, too, but she's already standing. "You have a weyr?" And then his eyes are going wide at the thought, "I've never seen a weyr, I heard they're uncomfy." He smiles slightly at the ferret, "He's so fluffy and cute. I should get a pet one of these days, maybe one that likes flowers."

Idrissa chuckles and nods to Soriana while taking hold of Tsenik's hand and stands up. "Thanks, an see you there Soriana." Asher lifts his head and lets out a yawn before glancing around, a faint snort escaping the door while he stands up. "Well, like as it won't eat them, or will eat them?" She questions with a grin.

"Well, it's my mother's weyr, really," says Soriana. "But I live there too. It's not one of the ones on the cliff, it's over there…" And she points, to where there's an oversized windmill on the meadow's edge that's been adapted to a big open dragon-couch on the bottom and a human-home on top. "So it's pretty good." Inkfoot chirrups sleepily again, and Soriana grins at the compliment to him.. though Idrissa's clarifying question makes her laugh!

"But still, it's a weyr!" Tsenik points out with a little grin, turning to eye the windmill curiously. "It's /huge/," Yeah, he'll stare at the windmill. "You guys are so lucky to have so much room. I wish I had my own place so I could grow my own plants." There's a soft sigh and his shoulders slump. "Well, I woudn't want something that'd eat my flowers or destroy them. So probably not a firelizard."

Idrissa chuckles and nods with a smile. "You'r get it some day Tsenik." She offers while ruffling Asher's fur a few times. "Well, what about a bird? I don't think they eat or destory flowers." Though she could be wrong!

Soriana giggles. "It doesn't seem so huge when I have to sneak past Yumeth to get up the stairs," she points out. Nevertheless, compared to some… yeah, it's pretty giant. Not to mention how Tsenik will probably be noticing the various flowers growing out front. (Totally not Sori's doing.) "Aww, firelizards are fine if you train them right. I mean, sure they can get into trouble, but…"

Tsenik frowns thoughtfully, "A bird? But they're hard to keep and I don't really have a place for it." Tsenik shakes his head slowly, "Maybe when I get my own place. If I get my own place. Not like they're going to give me a place to stay." His shoulders slump though there is a soft appreciation for the flowers outside the windmill. "You guys have some really nice flowers. You're so lucky…"

"I think any pet can get into trouble." Idrissa offeres while peering at her overgrown canine. Asher just tils his head, a bark escaping him and his tail wagging about happly. "Especially the big ones.. Right Asher?" She glances to Tsenik and pokes at him. "You have to ask before you know the answer to something like that."

Soriana tilts her head, considering on that for a moment. "I mean, I suppose you can just feed the birds out by that little pond in the garden and see them there. It's not the same as a pet, but… at least you don't have to find a place to keep it." She shrugs a little at the talk of her being lucky, then glances to Idrissa and laughs at the talk of troublemaking pets.

Tsenik chuckles quietly, "You're probably right, Idrissa, all pets are troublesome. But, I'd like to keep my profit as much as possible. I guess I could get a firelizard and just keep them away from the flowers when I go water them…" That idea has some thought at least, "At least they don't require a lot of room, right? I mean, it doesn't sound too hard to take care of them and I wouldn't need to get them a home."

Idrissa chuckles softly and smiles to Tsenik. "Well it's an idea. An if you had a firelizard it could take messages for flowers or something." Sure that totally works! "Have to ask Soriana about that. They don't take a lot of room from what I can see at least."

As the other two discuss the matter of firelizards, Soriana closes her eyes for a moment. When she opens them again, she's also reaching out her hand, and there's a soft pop as a brown firelizard appears from between and glides down to perch there. "It kinda depends on the firelizard, I think. Some of them are really clingy and always want to sit on their person's shoulder and be carried around, but some don't mind going off on their own for most of the time."

Wakua comes out of the Smith forge and she's wearing her normal clothes. She spots the others and moves over towards them, "Hello all." She sees the brown firelizard, "Oh he's so handsome, what's his name Soriana?"

Tsenik nods his head, "Well, I'll keep that in mind, maybe one of these days I'll give it some serious thought once I have a better idea of how firelizards are. I don't have the slightest idea of how to take care of one." His attention drifts as he spots the smith, offering her a nod in greeting. "Really, Sori? Well, You'd know more about them than I do, so long as they don't destroy my flowers." If he could have a flower pet, he probably would.

Idrissa smiles to Toral and leans over to give his head a soft scritching. "Hello Toral." She offers happly, glad to see him. A glance is offered over to Wakua and she waves to her while listening to the talk on flowers.

The brown chirps, his eyes whorling a lazy green. Soriana glances over to Wakua, and smiles. "His name's Toral," she answers, then turns her gaze back to Tsenik. "I don't think they would. I mean… Firelizards don't have much reason to care about flowers. They eat meat, not plants… and besides, if it's your firelizard, he'd know when something made you unhappy."

Wakua smiles as she reaches to gently pet him, "Hello Toral, you are such a cutie. I hope I get a green one or a gold one. That would be wonderful to have a gold firelizard."

Tsenik snorts quietly at Wakua's comment, "Other colors are just as good," He says quietly, "Though, I wouldn't mind a green, it'd remind me of a plant." He nods his head at the thought, "besides, all firelizards are pretty much the same, I think. They eat, they sleep, and they burn plants." Well, he's never seen one burn a plant before, but still. Fire and plants? Not a good idea. "You sure they wouldn't burn my plants down? And they'd know I wouldn't want them doing that?"

Idrissa smiles at Toral, and tilts her head. "Well I wouldn't mind what color I had if I got a firelizard. I'd be thrilled with any color." An that shouldn't surprize anyone if they know Rissa, she doesn't pay attention to things like that. "If Soriana says that then it's true Tsenik. There not like runners or canine's after all. There is a link they have with there person."

Toral croons graciously at the petting, spreading his wings slightly. Inkfoot, meanwhile, has woken up enough that he chitters at the fact that he's not being petted. Because… pettings! Soriana nods to Tsenik's comment about the colors. "Besides, you can't know until they hatch, and if you try to pick and choose then… you're going to miss your chance to impress!" As for being all the same… "Well, there's some differences, but they're more alike even than dragons, so far as colors go." And as far as burninating? "Firelizards can't breathe fire at all unless they chew firestone, same as dragons. And Rissa's right, there's a mindlink. That's how I brought Toral here, I thought myself at him. He was just sunning on the roof before, anyhow."

Wakua smiles, "Well I'd love any color that I got, but if I had a choice I'd pick a gold one." She looks up at Inkfoot and she reaches to gently pet him, "You are cute too." She nods as she listens to Soriana explain about firelizard, "Still it's like having a little dragon."

"I'd like any color, but I'd think I'd want a green, or maybe a blue…they're pretty colors. I dont think I'd want a bronze, or a gold, or a brown, they're not as pretty as a green or a blue." Tsenik nods his head at the idea though he does seem to appreciate the little brown on Soriana's shoulder. "How'd you come up with that name, Sori? I think If I got one, I'd name it after a one of my favorite flowers." Who saw that coming? Raise your hands. Soriana gets a nod, "Ah, okay, well, that's alright then, if they wouldn't burn my flowers. Or destroy them."

Idrissa shrugs some. "Well, everyone seems to want the gold ones. I'd rather just be surprized I guess." She smiles while looking at Toral and awws before giving the brown's head a soft rubbing. "Don't worry about Tsenik. I think your pretty my dear Toral." Asher huffs out from his spot next to Rissa and she ohs before giving him a ears scratching. "An your handsome Asher!"

Inkfoot gets the pettings due him! Chrr. Soriana smiles a little. "Well, they're related to dragons, but only distantly. Dragons are a lot smarter, for one thing." Lookit her, talking like she knows what's going on. Oh wait, with her mother the dragonrider and her personal firelizard experience, she kinda does, at least in a gathering of random teens. "Firelizards are a lot simpler to impress, once you have an egg. Wait 'til it hatches, think happy thoughts and offer food. I've heard of firelizards rejecting someone, but… it doesn't happen often. So long's you can love at them, they'll love at you." She smiles, and Toral chirps softly, watching Wakua as Sori turns her attention back to Tsenik. "Oh, uh… I was reading a book. About seashores and stuff, the 'littoral zones'. And he kinda looked all splashed-earth wet, so… I called him Toral." A little shrug, and then she grins to Rissa. "Well, you will be surprised!" Assuming she ever gets her hands on an egg, that is. "You can't tell any of the firelizard eggs apart before they hatch, not even golds like you usually can with dragons."

Wakua smiles as she continues to pet Inkfoot and she nods as she listens to Soriana explain about firelizards, "Right food and happy thoughts. Sounds like a lot of boys around here." She laughs.

"Boys? I'm the only boy here." A finger jabs at his chest, as if to point out the obvious. "At least at the moment, anyway." Tsenik looks over towards Idrissa, "I don't want a gold, I don't know why people hold them in such high esteem. Just because they get more eggs that way? It seems kinda silly. /I/ wouldn't want to take care of all those eggs." He shakes his head slowly, nodding as he listens to Idrissa, "Oh, well, that sound okay then. Thanks, Sori, that makes me feel a little better on getting a firelizard. Maybe one of these days I'll think about it."

Idrissa tibbits at Soriana. "I know! Just have to find one now." She offers with a thoughtful tone at finding a firelizard. A glance is offered to Tsenki and she glances around. "Well… There is Inkfoot, Toral and Asher too." This said while she grins about the boy comment. "Have to find an egg though. which isn't all that easy it seemes." So maybe she has been sorta looking for one.

Soriana just laughs and shakes her head at the talk of boys and Tsenik's rebuttal. No comment! So very no comment. Instead, she just nods to Tsenik's thanks, smiling. "Well, me, I'm perfectly happy with Toral." He croons happily, blue-green eyes pleased with that shared emotion. "Though I wouldn't mind another firelizard. I've heard some stuff about getting them to work together…" She lets that trail off, and shrugs. "Yeah, the beaches are mostly too cold around here for wild nests. I guess if one got flown in summer… but they mostly flitter to the tropics, even the wild ones near here. So… it means you're down to asking someone who has a gold or green."

Wakua looks over at Tsenik, "I was talking about boys in general." She smiles, "You know what we should do, we should walk all up the beach and try to find some wild firelizard clutches. If we go in a group we'll be bound to stop some of them."

"We were going to head towards the beach," Really, they were, but then they got distracted. "Oh, is it hard to find firelizards? I've never attempted to actually look for an egg before. Wouldn't it be better to just wait until someone brings eggs our or something? I don't really know how that works." Though, the most of his attention seems to be on the ferret, it is soft and fuzzy, after all. "Is he friendly?" He asks, pointing to Inkfoot.

Idrissa ahs softly as she hears Wakua, a glance sent to Soriana and she peers back to the younger girl. "There arn't many clutches here. Xanadu tends to be too far north most likely. Tell 'em how you got Toral's egg Soriana." At the question for Inkfoot and she grins. "Yup, he is." Yes she shall just answer for Sori!

As Wakua and the others talk, Soriana gets a very… strange… expression for a moment. Sort of a combination of surprise and amusement. "Apparently," she informs the group, "-there's a green rising at a place with three big rocks. Right about, uh, now." Toral's contented-blue eyes gain orangey flecks in their whirling, his head cocking with interest, and after a moment, Soriana gives him a boost into the air and he vanishes between. She stares after her firelizard for a moment, then looks back down to the rest. Uh. Friendly? What? She blinks a moment, but fortunately Idrissa's there to provide the answer she was too distracted for, and Inkfoot dooks in ferrety confirmation.

Wakua nods a little bit and she sighs softly, "That's good bad. Still it'd be fun to hunt up for them even if we don't find any. And who knows we could get lucky." She looks over at Soriana and ohs softly, "Are you going to be okay?"

"Can I…pet him?" Yes, the ferret is soft and it looks like the florist is itching to feel the fur. He laughs quietly as he wiggles his fingers at Inkfoot. "A firelizard is going up, or a dragon?" He's a little confused on that little bit of information that Soriana provides. "Well, wouldn't it be better to get a firelizard from someone that has a female? I mean, I don't really have any need for one now. Just, it'd be nice to have some company when I'm on deliveries."

Idrissa peers at Soriana curiously and tilts her head as she peers after Toral whom soon disappears between. "What green?" Is questioned while she glances back to Soriana. She chuckles as she hears Tsenik. "Now your more interested in one huh?" She questions with an amused tone.

Chirpdookyes! So saith Inkfoot, because when those fingers go wiggly, he goes pouncing! Well, okay, it's not a full pounce, but he does uncurl that sleek tunnelcat body and plants his paws against Tsenik's hand while peering at the florist adorably. Soriana hehs. "Sure," she says, moments too late, and steps a bit closer. To Wakua, she says, "Yeah, I'm fine," and grins. "Sometimes they get the strangest ideas about what their people want to know. Well, not all that strange, I guess. We were talking about eggs." Eggs, flights… it's a natural connection to make! The thought was probably even right there in Sori's head. Toral just… flew with it. "A firelizard," she answers Tsenik, then adds, "A wild one, I think, I didn't see any bands on her."

Wakua hmms, "Well I hope that your firelizard wins it's flight." She looks over at Tsenik, "What does it matter who you get a firelizard from?"

Yay! The florist is all grins as he leans out his hand to pet the fuzzy ferrit. "He's so cute." Tsenik pratically preens as he runs his fingers through the soft fur, "Hello!" Tsenik laughs quietly as he gives the little ferrit a scritch. His attention drifts to Idrissa, "Interested in what? A firelizard?" He shrugs his shoulders as his attention turns back to Inkfoot curiously. "I'm just kinda lonely, that's all." Tsenik lets his hand drop to his side. "Oh? A wild firelizard? Not many wild ones are there? I don't see many without bands." His attention drifts to Wakua, shrugging. "It doesn't matter, but you're more likely to get a firelizard from someone who has firelizards."

Idrissa ahs as Soriana explains and ponders before shrugging. "Well I'm sure your figure out a right pet for you at some point Tsenik." This said while she smiles. "Be it firelizard, tunnelcall or canine." She offers with an amused tone.

Oh, Inkfoot is definitely friendly, full of wriggles and chitters and nice soft fur. Bestest buddies! Like… with everyone else who pets him. What, he's a ferret of simple wants! Soriana grins as her pet gets attention, then helps settle him back down as she talks more of firelizards. "Most of the wild ones don't trust people. They all sort of… gossip with each other, though. Wild and tame. I don't think the green was very near here, but I'm not sure. The pictures get… fuzzy, sometimes. Like… trying to look at ten pictures at once, all on top of each other." She frowns, not happy with her explanation, but not having a better one, so she shrugs. "Well, I got Toral because I helped recover a stolen clutch… so I guess that's from someone who has them."

Wakua wrinkles her nose, "Who would want a tunnelsnake for a pet, those things are gross and just ews. Besides firelizards and tunnelsnakes don't like each other. I saw a firelizard catch a tunnelsnake in it's tunnel, drag it out and kill it." She oohs, "A stolen clutch….that sounds so cool where did you find it? Who stole it? How was it found?"

Tsenik 's eyes flicker to Wakua, his nose screwing up thoughtfully, "I don't think we were talking about tunnelsnakes. They're downright mean anyway, they'd probably tear your arm off rather than let you pet them." The ferret gets another grin before he steps away, "He's cute, Sori, I don't think I've ever seen one of those up close before. I didn't know they could be pets." Idrissa gets a grin, "Well, I'm not in any big hurry. Just would be nice to have some company."

Idrissa peers at Wakua curiously, though Tsenik goes about answering on the tunnelsnake bit so she doesn't offer up her comment. She nods and chuckles to Tsenik. "Oh I understand that fully." She points to Asher. "I got Asher after being here for a little while. Even with Soriana, and her two it just felt like something was missing until I got the big lug." Asher lets out a yawn and snuffles about while peering up at the humans, his tail thumps against the ground a few times. "That's alright Soriana." She says to her friend with a smile.

Did someone say TUNNELSNAKE? Congratulations, Wakua, you now have Inkfoot's undivided attention! Well, not you, exactly. More the surroundings! The tunnelcat ('cause, see, it's like a cat (kinda) but can chase things down tunnels!) leaps down and starts sniffing around for the burrow that, clearly, must be somewhere nearby. Soriana just laughs, shaking her head. "Sure. Toral hunts tunnelsnakes, and so does Inkfoot." As he's doing now, without much success. Sori laughs to Idrissa. "Oh, I see where I rate," she says teasingly. Asher gets a pat on the head, and Sori looks over to Tsenik and nods. "I found Inkfoot when he was just a baby… they're not very well-known, outside Beastcraft." She shrugs, 'cause what can you do? Back to Wakua. "Well, it got stolen by a drudge from the caverns. Wanted it for himself, I guess? I dunno. But anyways, he took it to these old ruins and hid it, and they wanted volunteers to help find it. So we did! There was a big sinkhole, and this creepy old prison cell, and a big auditorium with a stage, and we were attacked by a wild feline, but we found 'em!"

Wakua has never been around tunnelcats before so she thought that they meant tunnelsnakes. "Well that's what she said was tunnelsnakes Inkfoot is very cute, but I think he'd be too much mischief in the forge and I'd worry about him getting burn or stepped on or squished." She listens to the story, "That's amazing, there were felines there too? How did you fight them off?"

Tsenik grins as he watches Inkfoot with a hint of amusement, shuffling to get out of his way as he snuffles around. "They're good for hunting tunnelsnakes?" He asks of Sori curiously, "I've never really seen one like him before. He's really interesting." And as Sori tells her tale, he tilts his head slightly. "So what's wrong with a drudge taking a firelizard. Shouldn't he be allowed to have a pet too? So they gave the firelizard egg to you because you rescued it?"

Asher turns to look at Inkfoot and shifts to follow after him, snuffling about here and there in the process while his tail sways about in the air. Idrissa smirks and chuckles as she hears Soriana. "You know what I mean." This said while she grins. A soft hum escapes her and she peers over to Tsenik. "Well, if they took a clutch that belonged to someone else that is sorta bad you know?" Makes sense to her!

"Oh, the feline? Inkfoot killed it," says Soriana casually, then grins. "Really truly, he did. Zan softened it up, though." She glances at her ferret, still ranging about and searching for prey. She nods to Tsenik. "Yeah, they're very good at it. I take Inkfoot around to the storerooms and stuff, especially during winter, and he runs down the tunnels after them." She smiles, then shrugs. "Maybe if he'd asked, they'd've given him one. Probably would've, since they gave one to all of us who found them… but he stole them instead. All of them." She nods to what Idrissa says. "Didn't take very good care of them, either. The sands were starting to get cold."

Datsun comes ambling from the direction of the Stables, smelling a mixture of horses and wood. This time he has his pack with him on his back, glancing about the Meadow as he passes through. Spotting people and /something/ moving, he changes direction towards them instead.

Wakua wows softly, "Really Inkfoot killed it." She smiles, "Very cool I hate hearing the tunnelsnakes in the cavern in the winter." She frowns softly, "Well it just goes to show you that being greedy doesn't pay off." She kneels down to pet at Inkfoot, "I don't think there are any tunnelsnakes around here buddy sorry."

Tsenik reaches down to allow Asher a little scritch as the canine wanders about, "Oh, so he stole it?" Must be he wasn't paying too much attention to the story. "And he took /all/ of them? I'm surprised they hatched if they were treated that bad. I'm sorry." His shoulders slump and his attention goes to the ground, watching Inkfoot search the hole curiously. "If I could get something that keeps the pests away from my flowers, I'd be quite happy." And then Datsun is entering, finally! Another male! He gets an enthusastic wave from the florist, "Heya, Datsun!"

Idrissa peers at Tsenik cuirously. "Well… I bet there will be something you find that will fit into your lifestyle at some point in time." She offers before looking over towards where Asher is, still siffing around though the grasses near Inkfoot. Her gaze turns up as she hears Datsun's name, a smile and wave is offered back to him. "Hello Datsun." She ponders what he was doing over at the stables.

This is no time for pettings! There are tunnelsnakes that might be lurking! Inkfoot seems disinterested in Wakua at the moment. Crafty as he may be when it comes to hunting, he's still only an animal. Recognizing certain words, he can manage. Putting them together with concepts like negation? Nope. So, he wriggles away and searches on, along with his canine shadow. Maybe under this broadleaf weed? He won't know until he tries! Soriana grins to Wakua, nodding, and shares some of that same smile with Tsenik. No hard feelings! "It's lucky they did, yeah. We must've found them just in time. Eggs can be surprisingly tough, I guess." And she's certainly happy these ones were! "There were some tunnelsnakes in the greenhouse last winter, but I don't think they came back after Inkfoot chased 'em out." Or if they did, she didn't hear about it! Regardless, she waves cheerfully to Datsun's arrival.

Datsun offers Tsenik a salute as he's greeted, coming up to the group, his eyes on the strange animal. "/What/ is /that/ thing?" is finally asked, looking up at the others, "I've never seen that despite having been through a lot of places on Pern. I've seen weird things, but that one has got to be up there."

Wakua gives a wave to Datsun as she sees him, "Hello Datsun, how was your day?" She asks as she gets up and she hmms, "Did you get to save any of the egg shell? I always wondered what they do with the left over egg shells from firelizard and dragon hatchings? Do they just toss them in between?" She smiles, "His name is Inkfoot."

Tsenik gets a…salute? Blinkblink. Tsenik will stare at Datsun, "Why are you saluting me? That's kind of silly." A hand rubs at the back of his head, "He's Sori's he's cute." Beam, yup, Tsenik's already quite fond of the little animal. "I don't really know much about animals. I know more about flowers than I do about animals. I'd probably be terrible at taking care of one anyway."

Idrissa hums softly and glances over tp Tsenik and then back to Datsun looking a wee bit confused over the whole 'salute' bit. Not that she thinks much about it mind you. "Well, like I said. Just give it time. Your find something that fits in well with you life an all." She offers to Tsenik about pets. Asher continues to follow along with Inkfoot, sniffing here and there with a tilt of his head before a large paw digs out at the ground a few times.

"Yeah, I've got some of his shell saved," says Sori to Wakua. "I think there are some people who make jewelry out of the shards, that might be interesting… but I dunno, really." She shrugs, then laughs at Datsun's question… and grins as Wakua and Tsenik give partial answers. She'll just fill in the rest! "He's a tunnelcat. Or a ferret, some of the records call them that. They're hunters, like felines, only, well…" She waves a hand, indicating the slinky pouncy critter as if that explains all the differences. Which it may well! "They've been around forever, but nobody much keeps them… even though they're really good at hunting tunnelsnakes and such." In this case, 'and such' turns out to be a crawlybug that had taken refuge under that leaf. Too bad for it! Pounce, chomp, crunch! No more crawlybug.

Datsun shrugs at Tsenik, "A salute is a form of greeting, is it not?" A grin at the flower man, "Tunnelcat, huh? Inkfoot? That name seems fitting, somehow." The Woodcrafter crouches down to get a closer look, raising an eyebrow at the crawlybug, "I can see that. The ships could use something like that to kill all the acursed ship rats. They get on ships and spoil the food." Hestiantly, a few fingers is put down on the ground, wriggling.

"You don't really salute someone unless it's someone of higer rank. At least, that's what I thought?" Tsenik could be wrong. He nods at Idrissa, "Well, maybe sooner or later."

Wakua smiles, "That's cool. I'll have to remember to do that if I ever do get a firelizard." She shivers a little bit, "Ooh rats on hip. I hate rats, almost as bad as tunnelsnakes."

Idrissa shrugs a moment. "I guess… Doesn't really matter among all us with a salute though does it?" She questions curiously while peering over to Inkfoot and Asher. While the tunnecall is busy eatting bugs, Asher slips over to Datsun and snuffles out at him, his large head is pressed into the woodcrafter's shoulders. A soft chuckle escapes Rissa at the sight. "Don't push him over Asher."

Inkfoot is the mighty hunter! He has been victorious against the forces of evil, aka crawlies. Crunch, crunch… oh, hey, are those wiggly fingers? The remnants of the crawlybug are dropped, 'cause he's not actually hungry, and he scampers over to investigate. Sniff, sniff, dook? Soriana nods to Wakua, then laughs to Datsun. "Yeah, I named him when I was a kid, but… it does fit." She nods at the talk of ship-ferrets. "They'd probably be good at it."

"Really? Does that mean you should be saluting me, then, Tsenik?" asks Datsun with a teasing grin, thrown a little bit off-balance by the canine pushing into him. "Oi. You know, these two seem to have a thing for me being on the ground." He nods at Idrissa and Asher but the canine gets his other free arm, giving him friendly stratches. "Maybe he smells the runners on me." is said about Inkfoot smelling him, allowing the tunnelcat to sniff him before he tries to pet the animal.

Tsenik shrugs his shoulders, "If you want. I don't care." He watches the girls for a moment, frowning slightly to himself. "I think I'll go check up on my flowers." Cause yeah, flowers. He's obsessed with them.

Wakua smiles, "It's a cute name." She waves to Tsenik, "See you later Tsenik, I hope your flowers are all right." She watches the animals and Datsun, "Oh why do you smell like runners?"

Idrissa blinks as she hears Datsun and ahs sofly while blushing and clears her throat to peer around. "Oh…Funny. That was a total accident." She points out in her defense. Asher settles down to his haunches next to Datsun, tail thumping upon the ground while he leans back into the scratches. "Possible, he does spend a lot of time with me at the stables." A glance is offered over to TSenik and she ohs while nodding. "Ah, take care then Tsenik." This said while she waves after him.

Datsun blinks at Tsenik as he departs, "I was just joking around… Is something bothering him?" The guy gets a studied look before a smile is directed to Idrissa, "Oh, I know. It's all good." Occupied with stratching both the tunnelcat and the canine, Datsun answers Wakua's question, "I was repairing one of the stalls. I also make it a point to know the runners and stablehands anywhere I go in case I want to use them."

Wakua shrugs a little bit, "I don't know, maybe his flower business isn't going as well as he hoped." She ahs a little bit, "Well that was nice of you to help repair the stall. Do you get to ride runners often? I've only ridden them a couple of times, but it's great."

Idrissa ohs as she hears Datsun and nods with a smile. "Well, when ever you might want to go for a ride let me know. I know all the runners as I work with 'em all." She hums softly. "I dono, I think Tsenik is jsut sorta shy, getting use to everything here an all."

"When you travel as much as I did, you do ride runners more. I rode several up North. I agree, it's a good time." answers Datsun, "You can be sure I'll take you up on that offer, 'Rissa. It's a pity the forest is off-limits for now or I'd already have taken one in there to see what's /really/ here. Sure, you can look at the wood at the edge of the forest or around the Weyr, but there are usually always surprise trees that you'd never expect deeper into the woods." This is said with a bit of a wistful tone, "Sorry, I know trees aren't very interesting to you guys. Seems that way. It seems every time I appear, he either runs off or stays for a bit then runs off."

Wakua smiles, "That'd be fun if we all went riding together. I was trying to get a beach search for firelizard eggs going earlier, but no one seemed interested." She hmms, "Yah it's too bad, but hopefully we'll be let back in the forest soon."

Idrissa smiles and nods "Kale, Soriana and I took a ride on the beach a while back. It was fun. An when the forest does open back up I know the runners that will be great to go into them." Oh yes she spends a good amount of time with the runners, good thing she likes them! She smiles to Datsun. "That's alright, you like it, nothing wrong with that."

Soriana waves after Tsenik as he departs, and hmms a bit. "I think he's like that way with everyone," she says after a moment to Datsun. "I dunno." She shrugs. "Nothin' wrong with trees. At the very least, I want to know which ones are gonna give me a nasty rash!" A grin, while Inkfoot stretches out and sprawls on his back to… nap, again. Tunnelcats have only two states, on and off, and nothing between them.

Datsun looks around the group, standing up as Inkfoot naps but still makes a conscious effort to keep up Asher's stratching, "I wouldn't mind a firelizard. I've never had a pet like people here seem to do. 'Rissa with Asher, Soriana with Inkfoot. Maybe I'll just go and tame a wherry or something." A laugh, "That does sound like fun, 'Rissa. I'll keep you to that." A smirk goes to Soriana, "That's plants. Not trees. Trees can either help you or kill you. By falling on top of you, that is. Although there are a few trees that can heal you. Ging trees seal up wounds. Aspen has a white powder on it. Lick it, and it'll help your headache or aches go away."

Wakua chuckles as she sees Inkfoot sleeping, "Aws he's so cut." She nods, "I've never had a pet either, always too busy in the forge working, the forge it not a good place for pets." Wakua looks over at Datsun, "More bits of knowledge that you picked up in your travels?"

Idrissa chuckles softly. "Funny, we was all talking about firelizard's before you got her e actually. Funny how that works." Asher has settled down upon the grass next to Datsun, his tail thumping against the ground a few times as he seems rather happy with all the attention his gotten today. "I suppose I've had pets in one form or another most of my life. It was too strange not having one when I got here."

Soriana laughs! A pet wherry would be awesome. Also unique. "Squawrk!" As for plants, well, she nods. "Shows you what I know!" She grins. "I do actually know some of 'em, anyways. I've done some gathering for the healers, nothing fancy but… the basics. Though that mostly is more plants than trees." A shrug for that, then a nod at the talk of firelizards having been talked.

"No, knowledge I picked up becoming a Woodcrafter." A wink is given to Wakua, "If you're going to work with wood, you should know it as well. That's the mark of a good Woodcrafter. If you meet someone who doesn't seem to know what kind of wood it is, it's a safe bet he's not a good Woodcrafter." Then Idrissa gets his attention, "How did you come by Asher? And Inkfoot?" The last to Soriana. "Yeah, it'd be awesome… until a dragon decided it was hungry and ate my pet wherry. Yup, then you know numbweed always grows around Ging trees."

Wakua smiles, "I just know that flowers are pretty and well that numbweed makes you numb and stinks when you have to render it down." She grins, "Or you get hungry and roast wherry starts looking really good."

Idrissa chuckles softly and smiles. "Well, yes you'd have to keep the wherry away from any dragons that's for sure." This said with an amused tone at the thought. She hums softly and glances to Asher. "Well, the weyrlings found a litter up puppies out in the forest. The rest all got homes and Asher was the last one. I think I got sorta lucky, his not a bad canine really."

"…point," says Soriana. "The dragons don't even really get why they shouldn't eat runners, sometimes. A wherry wouldn't stand a chance." As for her pet… "Oh, I found him when he was a baby. He must've gotten lost from his den or something, or maybe something happened to his mother. My mom's a beastcrafter, so she helped me find out how to take care of him." And it all went from there! She nods about the numbweed. "Makes it easy to find, when the ging's starting to bloom. Course, then by mid-season the smell's just everywhere…"

"Maybe I should have you two find me something. The closest thing I've had to a pet is a trundlebug that decided to crawl into my camp bed one night. And runners, that is." Datsun says, looking down at the two animals again. "Both were found, as babies. Seems that's the trick, then. Nah, Asher's not. He just gets excited." A smirk is directed at Soriana, "Thank Faranth I'm not a Healer." Wakua gets a nod of agreement, "Yeah, but that would be a lot of work just to prepare a wherry. They're not exactly small like spiderclaws."

Wakua smiles, "Wow both you and Soriana were really lucky in finding your pets. Don't remind me it makes me wanna stick two pieces of coal up my nose." She smiles at Datsun, "That was delicious by the way, I don't know if I told that last night or not."

Idrissa chuckles and shrugs. "He could be worse." She points out with an amused tone. An really Asher isn't a bad dog! He just loves people, really. "Well, what sorta pet might you be interested in Datsun?"

Soriana laughs. "Well, yeah, I guess. Same with firelizards, only you gotta find them when they're still in the egg so's you can impress them when they hatch." She grins. "I suppose you could just go buy a pet from the beastcrafters…" A shrug, because where's the fun in that? "Oh, yeah, I heard you were the one who did the apple-spiderclaws. D'y'cook more than just that?"

Datsun shrugs, "I don't know, something different. Like him." He points at Inkfoot. "Maybe something like… lizardhawks. That would be incredible. I've seen several trained ones." A smile at the thought, looking at the others, "Oh, thanks, Wakua. No, Soriana, I just made a couple. It was right when the party was dying down. I did the carving, though, if you saw that. Nothing else."

Wakua smiles, "A firelizard, yah we were talking about that earlier, Soriana's the only one who'd been lucky enough to impress a firelizard."

Idrissa makes a face as she hears Soriana. "Where's the fun in that? Better to train your own pet. Well… At least that is what I think." She eyes Asher a moment. "I mean, Asher isn't a complete faliure. His good…mostly." Asher is innocent! His over here sleeping, see?

Yep, Sori has a firelizard! Who's currently off - well, she's not thinking about that now, but she nods to Wakua. "I don't think I've even seen a real lizardhawk… they're more on the northern continent, aren't they?" she says, then laughs to Idrissa about training critters. "Well, course you'd say that, beastcrafter!" Ahhh, the carving. Back to Datsun! "It was kinda hard to miss," she says with a grin. "So, uh… what're you going to do with it now?"

Datsun nods, having stopped stratching Asher by now, tapping his chin in thought as how to go about acquiring a lizardhawk. "They are. I suppose I could ask a rider to take me North. I have a few places in mind for finding a lizardhawk. A Wildcat would be very nice too, but they're much more difficult to find… and risky." A nod goes to Idrissa, "I agree, I'd want to find and train my own pet." A smile happens when the carving is mentioned, "Oh, I don't know. I didn't really think about that part. It's a pretty big piece and I don't have any place of my own to put it. After all, I'm sleeping on a residential cot."

Wakua hmms, "I've never heard of a lizardhawk what's that?" She asks as she doesn't know a lot about the animals or the natural world, but she is a smith.

Idrissa tibbits out at Soriana while she shifts and settles down upon the ground next to Asher, whom is happly sleeping away. "I never thought about trying to train a bird before." She ponders this.

"There's been wild felines around here lately," says Soriana, though maybe she shouldn't. That seems like trouble. "They've been killing some of the herdbeasts…" And even attacked a person or three, she thinks. "Jessi knows a lot about them, anyhow. She'd be the one to talk to about that."

"And attacking people, right? Wildcats are hard to train, you have to Impress 'em too, just like dragons, from what I understand. I'm not willing to have one end up not Impressing me and attack me later." Datsun shakes his head at that, "Nah, I'd rather a lizardhawk. They're hunters, like Inkfoot. Birds that can take anything, even firelizards. That's why they're called lizardhawks." is explained to Wakua. "Eh, I don't know, maybe I'm thinking too much."

Idrissa makes a slight face at the talk of the wild felines. "I think I'll just stick with runners and canines." They are easier to deal with, right? "I've heard some about lizardhawk's never actually seen them though."

Wakua hmms, "I doubt they can take anything, can they between like firelizards can?" She does know that firelizards can between." She shakes her head, "Yah I wouldn't want a wild feline even if you can impress it."

Soriana nods to Datsun about the feline attacks. "I never heard a story about one of those felines that didn't end badly. Even Jessi only watched them from a distance." At the talk of lizardhawks, she lifts up one corner of her mouth in a smirk. "Only if they get 'em before the lizard can go between," she just has to add. Dragonkind pride! "Anyway, if you get one, you'd better get it well trained before you bring it around here. There's lots of people with firelizards." Including her! And she's certainly not losing hers to some weird avian.

"The ones I met who had lizardhawks were travelers or hunters. It's easier to have one do your hunting for you than putting in the work." answers Datsun, grinning at Soriana and Wakua, "Soriana is right. They can catch firelizards only /if/ they don't go Between fast enough. But, yeah, I'd imagine I'd have to train it elsewhere, not here, before it was safe around firelizards." Soriana gets a look, "Though one might put Inkfoot out of business." is teased, leaning back against his pack. "Maybe I should talk to your mother, Soriana. She'd know, right?"

Wakua nods a little bit, "I suppose you two would know better than I would. I'll still like firelizards better than some lizardhawks. It might hunt after Inkfoot too if it will hunt after firelizards."

Idrissa hehs softly and shakes her head a moment. "That would be a bad thing if there was a lizardhawk around causing problems from not being trained. Though I wouldn't mind seeing one. They sound like rather interesting birds." A glance is sent over to Wakua. "Which, is why you train it not too of course."

Soriana nods again to Datsun about the use of them for hunting. "Can do the same with firelizards… though I guess the lizardhawks are probably better at it, at least for some things." She suppooooses. As for the question of Inkfoot, the sticks out her tongue. "Yeah, well, it might…. but it better not!" She grins, glancing over at her snoozing pet, then back to Datsun. "Maaaybe? She mostly works with runners, and she hasn't had much time for beastcraft lately anyway. Not since we moved here, 'cause she's junior weyrwoman and has all the paperwork and stuff." But, yes. Beasties are for training! Else they'll get into trouble… like Inkfoot, who's scampering off to explore, so she has to go fetch him. "Just a sec…"

Datsun nods at Wakua, "It would, yes. I'd have to teach it a command to release something that it's not supposed to hunt or something along those lines. I'd have to find someone with one first to talk with more about it." A shrug as he gets up from sitting, "Maybe you could come with me if I do decide to go find someone with one and meet one." He suggests to 'Rissa but extends it to all present. "Oh, Junior Weyrwoman. That's a busy woman. I'd best find someone else." Looking after Soriana running off, "That reminds me, I need to help someone. I'll see you young girls later." A wave as he turns, departing.

Wakua nods in agreement with Idrissa, "Yah don't want a war between lizardhawk and firelizards, it would not end well for either side." She waves to Datsun, "See you later."

Idrissa ohs and offers Datsun a smile and nods. "Well, that is possible." She glances after Soriana and smirks before glancing back to Datsun as he talks about leaving. "Alrighty, have a good night Datsun." This said while she waves.

Wakua watches Datsun head off and her stomach rumbles, "I don't know about you, but I'm hungry. Have you had anything to eat yet?"

Soriana manages to catch her ferret and inform him now is not go off and explore time. She wanders back, carrying him, and waves to the departing back of Datsun before glancing to Wakua. "Food, huh? Yeah, I could go for that!" Off to the caverns!

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