It's Everyone's Party!

Xanadu Weyr - Rustic Treetop Cafe
Perched on the cliff overlooking Xanadu's beach is a gnarled and massive skybroom tree. The bark and outer layers are sturdy enough to support the thriving, brushy top, but the interior, which is hollow, contains a spiral staircase that leads to a cafe built on a high platform amongst the branches. With a panoramic view of lake, sky, Weyr and the mountains beyond, the treetop eatery offers both sheltered seating just inside the trunk and tables on the wide deck that encircles the old tree.
The cafe's decor is comfortable and rustic, but closer inspection shows the smallest embellishments to be artfully combined into one detailed masterpiece. The wood of the doors, floor and walls of the trunk have been stained a dark mahogany that lends the space a sense of intimacy. Tables in various sizes have been carved to mimic driftwood, the chairs and benches padded with oiled sailcloth cushions to provide weather-proof comfort. Each table has an aged brass lantern filled with shells and agates gathered from Xanadu's shores, the sparkling natural mosaics holding tapered candles upright in their embrace. Lamps hang from the ceiling on silver poles, the thick frosted glass carved into intricate pastel shells or swirling white-capped waves. At night the colored glass softens the glowlight to enhance the ambience.
During the day, the retractable doors allow leaf-spattered sunlight to fill both the outer deck and the smaller interior with green and gold light, as well as allowing pleasant breezes to cool the interior. On clear nights, farviewers perch on the elaborately carved railing are free for use to enhance the gorgeous view of the stars over the Caspian Lake, the Sea of Azov beyond and the rock formations of the Weyr.

It may be late into the summer months, but the hot summer weather is hanging in there. It's sunk it's claws in good and doesn't seem to be letting go. The sky is a brilliant blue and a light breeze blows in from the west, rustling the dark green leaves of the trees and bushes and proving a cool relief from the heat. With the sun now dipping lower and evening approaching, what better time to enjoy the good weather than up in the rooftop cafe? Not that the indoors seem to boast anything new or different. It's out on the deck that seems the popular place to be! Several of the tables have been arranged in a loose cluster, some of them occupied by various weyrfolk, Kiena among them. She sits by the railing, not quite tucked into the corner and she is deep in some amusing tale with what appears to be some fellow Smithcrafters to judge by the badge they wear. Another, familiar face, sits close beside her and as Kiena finishes her tale to the sound of laughter, she turns to smile briefly to him. There's one table that holds what looks to be several platters of food and there are plenty of drinks to go around. Is this a party? It certainly seems so! One of those spur of the moment ones, when enough gather together and it just seems to happen (or there was a teeny bit of planning involved anyways). Why not go with the flow?

Mur'dah is lounging beside Kiena, flashing her a grin and laughing along at the end of the story. "It's the grip you've got to look out for!" he adds at the end, with another laugh. Reaching out for his ale, he winks at the bluerider and takes a long sip, setting it down with a satisfied exhale. "Food time!" More food, as he gets up. "Want anything?" he asks Kiena. the other Smiths can fend for themselves.

There's probably plenty of people who'll be sorry summer's gone when it's cold out, but for the moment… it's hot, which makes a good reason to go to a breezy spot. Like the deck! Soriana had that thought, only now that she's come up the stairs, she's discovered that apparently, she wasn't the only one to have it. Proof it's a good thought? Great (or overly warm) minds think alike, after all! But it does mean that she hesitates near the top of the stairs, uncertain whether to continue or look for another spot that has a bit more quiet to go with the cool.

Kera jogs up the last portion of the stair around the the massive trunk. Stumbling them hopping the first couple of steps across the landing, she mutters under her breath and limps a few steps. Trying to ignore the stinging in her toes, the new layout of the tables and platters among them catch her eyes. Noting familar faces among the group, she sends a wave before and cheery grin to those nearest and stops at the rail. Draping her damp towel over it to dry, Kera catches snippets of some funny story she's mostly missed, but the voice snags her attention. "G'afternoon, you two." This to Kiena and Mur'dah. Slipping her eyes around the deck Soriana is spotted and sent a wave "Afternoon Weyrwoman."

Now there's no escape! Kera's greeting instantly has those around the table lifting their glasses (okay, so maybe some are already a bit in to their cups!) as they greet her in chorused: "Weyrwoman!" Followed by many a grin and a few more polite offers for her to come and sit. Those that seem to have enjoyed the flow of alcohol a bit too early into things vacate their seats with their more sober counterparts, offering their farewells that are counterpointed by the far more exuberant ones. What's the occasion? Hard to say. Maybe they're celebrating the extended summer! Kiena just shakes her head, watching them go and then gesturing to Soriana. Quick, now! While the coast is clear. See? There's a seat at the "sane" table. Pat, pat goes her hand to the back of one of the chairs, just as she flashes a grin to Kera. "Afternoon! Off shift? How've you been, Kera?" she asks before turning to Mur'dah. "Do I want anything?" Such a silly question! "A bit of everything." She isn't kidding him either and her grin proves it. "Unless it's spiderclaw! No spiderclaw." There's a big penalty with that. "And if there's any of that cold tea? That stuff is delicious!"

Mur'dah waves to both Soriana and Kera, gesturing. "Come join our weyrmating party!" before he grins down at Kiena. "You're insatiable," he murmurs fondly, kissing her hair before he moves off to the food tables, piling up plates for the both of them. He has to go inside for her tea, but he happily does so.

Soriana sees a Kera go by! Zoom. Which, once she follows it through, means she also sees a Mur'dah, soon followed by a Kiena, and… an entire round of 'Weyrwoman'? Well… ask and ye shall receive? (…except for asking for things to be informal, apparently. How did Thea manage it?) Soriana approaches, waving to riders and crafters alike as she does, and nodding to Kera with a smiled, "Good afternoon!" Then she laughs to Mur'dah, glancing from him to Kiena and then back again. "Well, congratulations!" she says to them both, putting her hands on the back of a chair, and grins. "Hopefully you've already figured out who snores and which one of you gets stuck doing the dishes?"

Kera looks around at the tables, grinning "I didn't know there was a party happenin out here to intrude on." Flashing a grin to her friends, she finds a seat when one becomes available "Congratulations, again I guess, on your Weyrmating." A hint of a chuckle slips out. Mur'dah's off and getting Kiena food so she looks back to the bluerider "Yea, been off swimming most of the day. Wrangled a few days off at once. So I'm enjoying my time off." Her damp hair says she's not long from the water now. Soriana's amusing comments about snoring and dishes simple gets a chuckle. Kera doesn't have that issue. She always has to do the dishes at the cottage.

"Weyrmating party or… anything party! It's a party. Pick your celebration!" Kiena drawls with a crooked grin and a wave of her hand. How does that even make sense? Chuckling to Kera, her grin broadens. "Wasn't really planned, t'be honest! Mur'dah and I had talked about it 'n figured we'd come out here and see. Turns out one of the Smith's I work with — he just walked out there not long ago — been at it for almost thirty Turns now so they're celebrating that, with us." A party for everyone! "Thanks," she murmurs to Kera and Soriana both, her grin still well in place as the Weyrwoman joins them too. Laughing, she'll lean forwards on the stool she's perched herself on, craning her head a bit. Mur'dah still inside? Good. "He does. Both!" she whispers conspiratorially before snickering. Is it the truth? "And you, Soriana? How've you been and what brings you up here?"

Mur'dah returns with two plates /and/ Kiena's cold tea, just catching the end of what she's saying. "I do both of what?" he asks, setting the plates and drink down, before he takes his seat once again. "Good to see you both. Please, have some food, some drinks, we've got a tab going inside if you want."

Soriana laughs to Kiena's explanation. "May yours last twice as long!" she replies. "And theirs the same. Really, let's just have a lot of lasting all around - including of the party!" She grins to Kera's talk of rest days. "Nice when you can stay up late and sleep in, huh?" Kiena's answer to her question about chores makes her grin. "Well, congratulations!" she says again. For that? Or just in general? "All sorts of good things," she answers Mur'dah when he returns, and nods to the mention of food. "I may, at that." She smiles. "I was thinking about getting some dinner here, have an evening out since I've the chance. Didn't expect there to be a party, but…" A laugh. "It's good to celebrate sometimes. For whatever reason, even if it's just life being good."

Kera eases her satchel strap off her shoulder, draping it across the back of he chair as she rises back to her feet. Mur'dah's questioning of what he did gets cheeky reply "You're a snoring dishwasher." A look to Kiena with a curious lifted brow "Or at least I think that's what was decided." Flashing a wink the Kiena, a quick glance among the others around the table "Gonna go grab some food. Anyone want anything while I'm at it?" Her attention is mainly on Soriana at that, snce Mur'dah has already gotten himself and Kiena food.

Kiena perks up when Mur'dah returns with food and some of that tea and for a moment the bluerider looks ready to pounce like someone half-starved. Just ignore the empty plate already beside her. Yep. Not there! "Dang, that'd have made a good toast!" she drawls to Soriana, though she'll grin all the same. "Looks like you wandered by just in time then! Kick back, relax a bit," Weyrwomen are permitted this, right? "And that's exactly the reason to celebrate! Life being good. Mur'dah 'n I are weyrmated and crazy enough to do it, life is good for you and Kera… what're you going to celebrate?" No trick questions here! Blinking, Kiena then laughs as she takes her plate from Mur'dah, along with that tea. "Kera!" Still snickering, she feigns an innocent look to the brownrider. "Oh… Soriana asked if we'd figured out who snores and who gets stuck with the dishes. I said you do both?" Sorry.

Mur'dah laughs. "I do a /lot/ more than that. And yes, life is good. Wouldn't call weyrmating me /crazy/ though," he laughs, grinning crookedly at Kiena. Then he laughs. "Yeah, I do both of those. But she cooks and cleans a lot, so." He's got the easy end of the deal, the way he figures it!

Weyrwomen are allegedly permitted that rest and relaxation, but… Soriana gets the distant look for a moment instead of answering. Luraoth has such timing, sometimes. "I think I'll have to leave you to the celebrating," she says with a rueful half-smile. "I'm being called back to another meeting. So… enjoy yourselves for me, and… Kera? Have a bit of whatever looks tastiest on my behalf." She grins, though it's on the brief side. "And tonight, the cafe's the one cleaning up for this party, so…" she lifts her voice a bit, "Everyone have a good time!" That said, she waves and turns back to the stairs to head out. Back to work with her!

Kera dips her head a few times with a gentle nod to Soriana as the woman has to get to another meeting, grinning to the Weyrwoman's parting words. "I'll try not to let ya down Soriana." A sympathetic little smile to the departing woman as she looks to Kiena with a mock surprised look. "What? I basically told him the same thing, just not as many words." Grinning to the couple briefly, she slips away with a 'be right back' and goes to get some food. A few minutes later, she flopping back onto her seat with a plate inhand "So, what did I miss?"

"I didn't mean it like that!" Kiena scoffs, amused, to Mur'dah as she pops in a few small bites of food into her mouth. Something she finds on her plate is really delicious though and she promptly fishes around for more, finds none and so attempts to steal it from the brown rider's plate. MINE! "H-hey! I do more than just that! You make it seem like I'm your personal cook and maid…" she drawls teasingly, while giving Kera a playful look. Men! "Oh, so soon?" Kiena looks close to disappointed when Soriana has to take her leave but the bluerider remembers well enough how it goes. So she smiles warmly and gives a little wave of farewell. "Thanks for coming to sit with us! Maybe another time," she murmurs and then grins. "Will do!" And she'll salute, but in fun rather than formally. Chuckling to Kera, she waves a hand dismissively and tucks back into her food. "Guess you've a point there. Oh! Try these!" And she'll hold up yet another finger food that's apparently got her approval! While Kera is gone, Kiena will gently nudge Mur'dah with her elbow. "Thanks for the food. How you holding up?" she asks, only to chuckle as the greenrider returns. "Ooh… nothing?"

Mur'dah lifts a hand as Soriana departs, and then resigns himself to watching as Kiena steals food from his plate. "Well yeah, of course you do, but they didn't ask about all that!" he protests. As Kera leaves, Mur'dah smiles at Kiena. "I'm having a blast, you?" As Kera returns, he flashes her a grin. "We were just making out."

Kera eyes her plate as if not sure what to attack first. Seems the grilled herb fish loses whatever protection it had as Kera's fork stabs and shreds the flakey bits very quickly. The brownrider's retorts does drag her gaze up from her plate though. It's obvious by the amused expression that she doesn't say the first thing that popped into her head, but chose the second instead "Ahh, very well, carry on then." Smirking, her attention drops back to her plate and she manages a few bites. A older man she doesn't know wearing smith knots a few places down the table lifts his glass to congratulate the brown/blue couple. Kera lifts her glass as well wi the cheer as well, as she takes in Kiena and plates that seem to be converging around her. Watching the pair a moment longer, she sits back in her seat, still spearing bites from her plate. "So, how're you both doing? And the twins?"

Kiena snickers softly to Mur'dah, "That's because some things are better left unshared!" she teases him and gives him another playful nudge. "I am. This… whole party thing isn't so bad…" Why did she think it would be? Mur'dah's answer to Kera's question has Kiena rolling her eyes and snorting. "You wish!" she drawls, before taking another bite of food. Kiena does seem to shrink back though at the Smith raising yet another toast and she grins, but nervously. "Thank you!" Okay, now the toasting is becoming odd. Not so much from Kera though and the bluerider relaxes when she opens up some casual conversation. "I'm doing alright! Been keeping busy 'n all. Ellie and Ezzie are doing well too! Growing like weeds. How've you been, Kera? Any big plans for your several days off?"

Mur'dah smiles warmly at Kiena. "Glad you're enjoying yourself," he murmurs. "I've been very good. You? Glad you're back from the Hall and…not dead."

Kera nods across the table, her cheery smile slipping a bit at the mention of not being dead at the Hall. A halfhearted shrug "Thankfully I didn't get infected, even though I probably should have with how much interaction I had with the patients. A couple of older men and a woman weren't so lucky though. The illness seems to have spread quite a bit. Hopefully we've seen the worst of it." Grinning at the exchanges between the couple, she can't say it was much of a surprise they made it official. A nod wobbles her head forward some, chuckling at the twins growing quickly. "Well, isn't that what they're supposed to do? Any sign yet which will be a healer?…. Or maybe they're future sibling will get all the healing skills hmm?" Kera smirks to across the table a moment, eyeing all Kiena's plates suspiciously and shoves a couple more bites in. "Nothing really planned. Only loosely planned. Visiting a few people. N'talya will be popping in a few sevendays probably, if her belly the last time I saw her was any clue." She grins to her friend "But like you said, stay up late, sleep in late, then see what happens."

Kiena will give Mur'dah a slight smack to the arm for that comment and a level look that follows. Wrong choice of words? She'll nibble on more of her food, chasing it all down with some of her tea. "I'm sorry to hear that there were losses at the Hall. You're lucky! My brother wrote to me to say he had sent his children away as precaution and not long after that, the Weyrwoman fell ill, a Wingleader and one of their weyrlings too and some of the Healers in the Weyr itself." Among others, but the bluerider isn't about to list out all the names. "Seemed pretty serious but that's promising if the worst of it has passed." As for the twins, Kiena just mock pouts. "No! They're supposed to grow up slower. They're already on their way to being seven Turns! Seven!" It's not fair! Suddenly, Kiena coughs and clears her throat. Future sibling? "Ah, well… yeah. Guess we'll see? Right now the girls are just… well, girls! I can tell you one thing though: Ezzie is trouble, Ellie is not." That's a start, right? Kiena goes right back to eating, unaware of Kera's suspicions. "Ahh, I was wondering if there'd be news of your friend up in Ista! Perfect time to have her baby, if you've the time off. You going as support if you can or… as actual Healer?"

Mur'dah is smacked, and gives Kiena an apologetic look. "Sorry a few died," he murmurs. "I hope we've seen the worst of it too. Don't think we got any cases here though…" Small miracles. The mention of a future sibling has his brows lifting, turning to look at Kiena for a moment, then back to Kera, puzzled. Oh, look, more ale! Yay!

Kera murmurs some reply concerning the patients that didn't make it and nods over Xanadu being luckier than many other locals. "I've not heard of any new cases or outbreaks. So we have that going for us. Hopefully everyone will pay more attention to the warnings given out by the Hall now, rather than scoffing at good advice simply cause a healer gave it." Kera's eyes may flicker to Mur'dah when she says that but all to soon, her attention is right back on her plate, picking out a couple of needlelike bones from the flakey bits. A chuckle over Kiena's little panic over her girls growing so fast, and Kera flashes her a cheeky grin between the brown and blue rider. "I wonder though…how long before we will be seeing…" their little sibling. Waving off whatever the end of her sentance was gonna be.. "Soon enough, soon enough. You been feeling alright Kiena…extra hungry lately..?" She'll leave off her curious questions and grins about the impending new Istan. "I'll try to be around for moral support. Assist the healer on duty if needed."

Kiena smiles to Mur'dah's apologetic look. No harm done! She'll steal another bite from his plate too while she's at it and then nods her head, "We were fortunate not to get any cases here. It's what I explained to Ka'el," Did her voice just falter a bit? Maybe but she continues on long before anything can be said. "And you've the right of it too, Kera. So long as folks followed orders by Healer Hall, we'd be as fine as we could be. Only could take as many precautions as possible. If it happens well… at least we wouldn't be one of those caught scoffing?" Logical, right? Kiena's head tilts and then her brows lift and if she could, she'd likely try to gently kick Kera's shins at this point but there is no way the bluerider can discreetly reach the greenrider. Again, she clears her throat and goes back to eating… only to pause. "Well, yeah but… it's a party? You eat at parties!" Riiiight. Glancing sidelong to Mur'dah, Kiena laughs next but it sounds shaky. "You going all Healer on me, Kera? I swear, I'm fine! Right, Mur'dah?" Help her out here! "Good of you to be there for her. Any bets on to the gender?"

Mur'dah nods, taking a big bite from his own plate. "Yup! You're fine, just worked hard today and got a good, healthy appetite. It's a party! Eat!" He /eyes/ Kera for a moment, then nods. "Best of luck to her. Hope it's an easy birth."

Kera chuckles to Kiena and Mur'dah "Me? Go all healer on someone? Why ever would I do that?" She does some damage on her own plate, as it's pointed out, it is a party, you're supposed to eat at parties. Shoulders lift slightly to Kiena "I've no clue. I think she is hoping for a little girl, but I'm not completely sure." She nods over her plate to Mur'dah "It's her first, so I doubt she'll think it's easy no matter how long it takes." Flicking her fingers towards her plate, trying to get a couple of tiny fishbones off. "How about you two? Planning on taking a little vacation to celebrate?"

"Eat and drink and be merry!" Kiena proclaims, something that is echoed heartily by the others still sitting at the other tables. Someone has pulled out a drum and wind instrument too and they play in the opposite corner. Some lively tune, that has others singing roughly alone and even one pair dancing to it. They're far enough down the deck though that conversation can still continue comfortably on their end. "The first births can be tough on some… or so I hear." And so she experienced first hand too but she was NOT expecting to have twins — neither was she expecting to have children at eighteen. "Ah, vacation? Dunno. Maybe if we can score some time off like you did, Kera. Otherwise…" They're stuck! Kiena grins crookedly to Mur'dah and then glancing between the two riders as she nibbles on a sliced carrot, she adds. "Where are two places on Pern you'd love to go to but have never been?"

Mur'dah has nothing to add on the birth topic, so he just drinks more ale and eats more food. And is merry! "Yeah, getting time off is the problem," he agrees. "Hmm. I've been most everywhere I've wanted to go…" Yay, Comet!

Kera scrapes her fingers along the edge of her plate, finally getting the spiney fishbones off. "There was a few forms to fill out and turn in….but then again, I don't have the obligations you both have. And it probably wouldn't be as relaxing a trip with the girls along with you." A little smile to the couple and thinks about all the places there are to go. "Tough question….there is one place, but I've already been once. I'ld like to find a certain Istan isle again that has a ship crashed on the middle of it. Of the bits left after all the turns at least. I'll have to ask what the name of it was again when I see N'talya next time." Sitting back with her glass as she lets her meal settle "I've read about a couple of places in the south that could be nice."

Kiena laughs as she glances sidelong to Mur'dah, one brow quirked. "Really? I find that highly doubtful that you've explored every nook and cranny on the planet! I'm talking outside of the major Holds and Halls and Weyrs here! None of the wilds?" she asks. No uncharted lands or unfamiliar islands? Tsk. Kiena blinks as she looks back to Kera. "The girls? Oh no… Noooo, if I'm going on a vacation, they stay here with their foster parents. Sometimes, if they're good, I'll take 'em for short trips. But a whole vacation?" She'd lose her mind, at the age the girls are now! Even with Mur'dah there to help her! As Kera describes the island, Kiena perks up and grins. "Now that sounds like an adventure! See, I didn't know that about Ista and I was there for their Weyr Games! All Th'ero told me was not to get into the Istan rum… whatever that means." Chuckling, she leans back a bit and seems to think before speaking up again. "I'd like to visit Igen sometime. I know most folk say it's boring because it's a desert but… I've never seen a desert. I'd also like to go back to the remote parts of the Emerald Isles. There's ruins there and a rumoured old structure that apparently has weird things occur in it." Haunted? You bet! If the Pernese believed in such things. Calling a place "odd" and "mysterious" is probably as close as one gets.

Mur'dah shakes his head with a laugh at Kiena. "I haven't, but I've gone everywhere I've wanted to go. Everywhere I /know/ of." His head nods in agreement. "That island sounds really interesting. Wonder where it is and how it got there…" His nose wrinkles a bit. "Igen is…yeah. Desert. Not much of a trip, but I guess worth a stop? Ruins sound much more exciting."

Kera grins, chuckling over her glass as Kiena sputters over taking the twins on a vacation "Are yoy saying you'ld need a vacation after your vacation if you took the girls along? How can you say that? They are so sweet and innocent. Never an ounce of.." She cracks unable to finish with a straight face and lets her sentance trail off. Wiping her hands on a cloth she nods to both Kiena and Mur'dah "It was a sight to see, that's for sure. I mean who would expect to find the skeleton of a big ship crashed onto the middle of a small island. Talk about exciting." Shaking her head at the storm it must have taken to do such a thing, Kera pushes up from the table "I wish you both the best, and hope you enjoy the rest of your evening. I'm gonna go wash some of this sand off." She leans and rumples fingers through her damp clumps of hair, some sand clinging to her fingers when she tosses the clump back over her shoulder. Gathering her satchel and stretching to the rail for her drying towel, she waves and flashes a grin to her friends "Later you two." then starts towards the stairs.

Kiena's mouth opens, ready to speak up to counter Kera when the greenrider breaks into laughter and she clues in that it was all a joke to start. Laughing, she grins. "I was about to ask you if you'd gone mad or were confusing two other twin girls with mine!" she drawls and whistles low. "A whole ship in the middle of an island? Faranth if I know what could've done that… A really bad storm? Tsunami?" she theorizes but lets that conversation slide when Kera begins to excuse herself. "Ugh. Sand! Hear you on that but thanks for coming by. Was good to catch up! Best of luck to your friend, when her time comes! Take it easy, Kera." Turning back to Mur'dah, Kiena snickers. "So that's a no then to Igen? As for those ruins… I'd have to get the coordinates from my brother somehow." Why does she make it seem like that'd be next to impossible? Are the ruins forbidden or something?

Mur'dah waves as Kera departs, settling back with his ale. "Oh, we can go to Igen, I just don't think you'll want to stay very long. Your brother knows the ruin coordinates? Would he not share them with us?"

Kiena chuckles, "This almost sounds like a challenge!" she teases him and polishes off the last of her plate. Setting it aside, she groans softly as she leans back and then sighs. "I could really, really go for some of the flavoured oil and vinegar dips they served in Torince Hold. Shards, were those ever good…" Something occurs to her then and she looks sidelong to Mur'dah. "Ever been to Torince Hold?" she asks, only to shrug. "You know how Th'ero is! These ruins are apparently "bad". That's all he'd say to me or anyone says, really."

Mur'dah shakes his head. "Torince? I haven't…no. Never even heard of it." That's no surprise. "Could I go get you some?" he offers.

Kiena laughs. "You'd have to go to Torince Hold, I think, to find it or… we'd have to sneak in the kitchens and see if I can't remember how to do it myself." she muses and the look she gives him is a touch mischievous. Maybe later? "HA! See? You haven't been everywhere!" She'll point a finger at him too. Caught ya! "It's a Hold on the Emerald Isles, not too far from Half Moon Bay Weyr. Newer, a little more modern and a touch eclectic. Resort, really. All open concept rooms and builds. White stone, curved archways, gardens, hot springs, massages…"

Mur'dah laughs. "I never said I'd been everywhere! Just everywhere I knew I wanted to go. How can I want to go somewhere I've never heard of? /Now/ I want to go. It sounds lovely. And delicious. And I'm game if you are, for sneaking into the kitchens tonight."

Kiena waves a hand in a dismissive way. Details! Who needs them? Not her, apparently. "It is, though I've not been in Turns!" And it holds more bad memories than it does good but she doesn't tell Mur'dah that. Seeing him excited to visit it seems too good to ruin. "Heh, I knew you'd be in on my plan!" she muses with a mischievous grin. "All we need is oil, some vinegar and a few spices. Doubtful the cooks will mind." No rare ingredients in there!

Mur'dah shrugs, "That doesn't sound hard at all…downright easy, even. We'll see if you're still hungry after all of this…" He eyes the spread of empty plates dubiously.

"It's deceiving! If you get the balance of the ingredients wrong, it's pretty awful." Kiena remarks and then laughs, looking at her two empty plates. "Right now I'm pretty full but… I think by the end of the night I'll be hungry again." Kera was right, she has been eating more lately but… ignorance is bliss! Never mind that Kiena hasn't touched a drop of alcohol either tonight and it's a celebration! The music starts up again, another lively tune played to a simple flute and drum. Certainly no Harper-made work but it's still fun to listen to and Kiena taps her fingers to the rhythm. "This has been nice…" she muses to Mur'dah.

Mur'dah smiles over at Kiena, nodding. "It has been," he agrees. Looking around, seeing everyone occupied with their own thing, he reaches into an inner vest pocket and pulls out a little package. "So this is for you," he says, a gentle blush on his cheeks. "A weyrmating gift…"

Kiena startles when he pulls out the little package and she looks almost stricken and yet flattered at the same time. "Mur'dah!" she whispers softly, reaching hesitantly for the gift. "We… I didn't know we were doing gifts… I…" Oh shards, did she screw this up? Of course, it's a party! Aren't gifts a part of them? Now she has nothing for him in return and she blushes hotly, embarrassed and guilty.

Mur'dah blushes a bit, and smiles at the same time. "Kiena, it's fine," he soothes. "You're making our /rings/, remember?"

Kiena relaxes, slowly, at his reassurance. "Yeah, but…" she begins to protest, as those rings to her are a gift to both of them! She quiets though and smiles to him, setting the little package in her lap so she can begin to unwrap it. "You spoil me," she mutters under her breath, giving him a quick, loving look.

Mur'dah smiles. "I like spoiling you," he whispers. When she opens the parcel she'll find a silver necklace, with a silver bird charm at the end. This one though, is far fancier. A diamond for the bird's eye, and several sapphires set in a raised wing.

Kiena opens the parcel and has to grip hard and fast to keep the little box from tumbling from her stunned hands. For a moment, she can only stare at the necklace and stare some more at the design of it. Finally, she seems to recover, mouth gaping a bit. "I— oh wow… I… Mur'dah, this is lovely! It's…" Incredibly fancy. As a Smithcrafter, she'd know how much something like this would cost and that brings a deep blush to her skin. He really DID spoil her! "Wherever did you find this?" she asks as she carefully takes it out of the box, fingers fumbling to find the clasp so she can slip the necklace on.

Mur'dah smiles widely as he watches her reaction to his gift. "At a craft fair around Boll. Do you like it?" If she fumbles too much, he'll reach out to help her with the necklace.

"I love it," Kiena murmurs, flashing him a bright smile and he'll have to help her in the end. Her fingers just will not cooperate with her and she fears dropping it. Once it's slipped around her neck, she will hold up the pendent, letting the light play off the diamond and sapphires and she still wears a rather shocked but pleased look on her face. "It must have cost you… You really do spoil me, y'know that? And I give you so little…" Now she begins to chuckle. "Maybe I should learn to forge a sword?" That he'd never use.

Mur'dah leans in to offer her a kiss, quick but firm. "You give me everything," he whispers. "Everything. Besides, I'm not keeping a tally of who spends what on who, alright?" As for a sword, he laughs. "When would I use a sword?"

Kiena returns the kiss just as quickly, less the Smiths still sitting at the other tables begin to taunt them. As it is, one of them whistles and she'll give him a rather rude gesture of her hand which only sets them to laughing. "Alright, alright. Still… this necklace is beautiful, Mur'dah. Thank you!" She'll give him a proper thank you later. She grins at his laughter. "Hopefully never? But you'd at least have bragging rights and could hang it over the mantle of the hearth?"

Mur'dah winks at the whistling Smith, slinging an arm around Kiena's shoulders. "You're welcome," he says. Another laugh is loosened, and then a sparkle is in his eyes. "If you're going to make me a sword I won't say no." He would hang it with pride, and probably wear it every chance he got…even if it's something he couldn't ever use. Not effectively anyway, considering he's had zero training.

That wink only encourages the Smiths to whistle and cheer all the more but they quiet down soon enough when another round of drinks are brought out by the servers. Kiena leans into Mur'dah's arm, still grinning and snickering as he laughs. "Didn't think you'd say no! Wonder though if you'd know how to use one, eh? You even know a scrap of hand-to-hand fightin' or duelling?" she teases him. She won't dare mention how he could have some lessons from her brother! That'd just be awkward on so many levels.

Mur'dah shakes his head. "Nope, not a thing. Never had to learn. Why would I? Still, it'd look nice over the mantle." Leaning back, he surveys the table and smiles. "Finished eating? Or you want more?"

"Because it's a good skill to have?" Just in case. Kiena seems almost puzzled that Mur'dah wouldn't want to know how to fight or defend himself but that quickly fades and she's laughing. "Well, maybe I'll see if I can't ever get my hands on enough metal to try…" If her Journyemen mentors will even allow such a use of the material! "Y'know… since we talked about it, all I can think of are those dips. Now I want them in a bad way… 'n maybe it's time we took this party home, hmm?"

Mur'dah grins, getting to his feet. "Sounds like a plan to me, weyrmate. Want to stop at the kitchens on the way home for supplies?"

Kiena slowly pushes to her feet as well, grinning ear to ear. "You bet I do!" she chuckles, taking a moment to stretch and then give a rather energetic farewell to the other Smiths, all who notice her necklace and voice their approval. Mur'dah likely gets several approving comments too, a few lower whispered jibes and one very crude and crass muttered comment from an older Smith who grins toothily at him and clasps him on the shoulder as he passes, chuckling to himself. Kiena just rolls her eyes and takes Mur'dah's hand, squeezing firmly. "Come on! Let's go. They'll be here way until the wee hours of the morning at this rate…"

Mur'dah laughs, returning a few of the remarks before he's taking Kiena's hand. "Lead on!" he says, tossing up one more wave before they leave the Cafe behind.

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