Blush Buddies 3.5: The Morning After

This log contains some suggestive situations and mild innuendo and a level of saccharine not suitable for diabetics and young readers. You have been warned.

Rubicon River Hold - Guest Weyr

The gentle light of dawn filters in through the opening of the guest weyr accompanied by gentle birdsong. Faraeth gives a draconic snore, shifting in his sleep. M'nol, however, is not asleep. He sits, leaned against the headboard, smiling softly at the beautiful young woman laying next to him. He gently sweeps a stray strand of hair away from her face, watching.

Phylicia is a bit of a bed hog, plain and simple. She's on her side, arms half-way curled up, and the rest of her just kind of falls stomach-down as her legs stretch across part of the bed. And it's a cute kind of sprawl too, coupled with the serene expression upon her face. As Morl moves the scrap of bang her eyes slowly creak open and she inhales to left it out slowly in a soft sigh as she stretches out. The odd surroundings might have another person panicing slightly, but Phy isn't that sort of person, even if she happened not to remember what happened the night prior - which she does remember. Her eyes search for a few seconds until she looks up and smiles lazily. "Morning."

M'nol smiles down at her, probably the only time in their relationship he'll ever be able to look down at her, "Morning beautiful." He nudges her leg gently with her foot, clearly suggesting a slight re-adjustment, "How'd you sleep?" A quiet cheep from the corner shows that all of M'nol's fair have managed to re-locate themselves to Faraeth's back over the night even though they'd be left at Xanadu and M'nol gives them a soft, non-admonitory glare before turning his soft, happy smile back on Phy, waiting for her reply.

Phylicia mms in a slightly questioning manner as her leg is nudged, and she does shift a little bit, to be fully on her side instead of slightly on her stomach. She props her head on her hand, waiting for him to move the way he wants to. She's not feeling motivated enough to sit up yet. "Wonderfully." She says with a large smile. Phy's two 'lizards are curled up on the headboard, snoozing peacefully. "How did you?"

M'nol shifts to lay curled up against her, one arm resting over her shoulder, "I slept quite well. Though that might've been you lulling me to sleep." He smiles again, the corners of his mouth pulling up and crinkling, "It was… different then I expected…" He thinks for a moment, then asks, "You hungry?"

"Lulling you, mmm?" Phylicia chuckles as she snakes out her topmost arm, snuggling in a little closer to M'nol even though they're still both quite nude. "I am…" She pauses for a breif moment, guaging. "Starving." She finishes off, though she's not quite willing to let go of him yet. Though as she shifts her hips and legs again, she winces slightly. "I'm also kinda sore." She chuckles. Oh, she's so heart broken about that fact, it seems. "Different?" Is her one word question.

M'nol smiles and nods, chuckling softly, "There's something very different about sharing a bed with someone." He snuggles in as she does, sighing gently, "People say a lot of things about… you know… but it wasn't like I expected… I…" He blushes, leaning his head against her, "I hope you liked it, too." He looks a little hurt, perhaps a little worried, "Sore? I… I didn't hurt you, did I?" The thoughts of breakfast forgotten as he worries for her.

Phylicia's face goes blank for a moment as she registers M'nol's hurt and worry, and she hugs him tightly. "No!" Is the first word that comes rather vehemently from her mouth, and she takes a moment to shut her mouth and inhale, smiling gently at him before continuing. "No, no. It's just…" She fumbles for words, her cheeks reddening a little bit. "Such.. positions .. if you're not /used/ to them…" Her topmost shoulder lifts in a sheepish shrug as she continues to smile. "It's not a bad sort of sore." And she lowers her head to kiss him gently on the forehead. "It's a very /good/ sort of sore." And her voice has dropped down into the husky tones that he heard from her last night. And she chuckles very softly, her eyes dancing. "You couldn't tell that I was enjoying it?" Which by the way, is a rhetorical question. She was sure squirming enough.

M'nol smiles, letting out a relieved sigh, "That's good… I… I thought you liked it but… you being the… the first… I couldn't really know for sure… some of those noises could have been mistaken for pain." He shifts a little, then groans himself, "I guess I'm a little sore myself." He reaches down to rub his thighs slightly before returning his arm to hugging her. He nuzzles her neck gently, his own voice deepening as well, "So it was good for you? I was worried my… my inexperience would…" He shrugs gently, his intent clear.

Haaa. /He's/ sore, and he wasn't the one .. ahem. Yah. Phylicia's smile grows as she nuzzles the top of his head, deciding curling around him sounds like a good idea. "Well, maybe next time it'll be even better." She offers with a strange amount of shyness to her voice. "For both of us." Her cheeks flush again, not that he can probably see. "You're my first too, M'nol.." She says softly, arms squeezing in a hug. "I enjoyed it. I really did." She murmurs, trying to convince the rider of the fact. And suddenly her cheeks flush a deep crimson. "I'd almost.. suggest a round two, if my thighs wouldn't kill me for the thought." Well, doesn't she just get rather daring?

M'nol blushes deeply. Not because they were equally inexperienced, or because she suggested that her thighs were killing, his single question is, "Next time?" He's flustered for a moment. He'd always been told that riders couldn't manage to keep someone or that people would sleep with them just to say they'd been with a rider. He certainly doesn't mind, he is just a little surprised. And happy, definitely happy. He holds her tight for a moment, then pulls back so he can look into her eyes, the whimsy of the moment taking him, he asks, "Would… would you go with me to weyrling graduation? I'd… I'd be honored to escort you."

Phylicia gets just about as flustered as he does for a moment because of the tone of his voice. "Was I not goo-" she breaks off the question as she gets squeezed and his expression changes. The fist that had been squeezing her heart a few seconds ago loosens, letting her breath again. The worry that was beginning to sprawl across her face melts away and she smiles, as she can only do when he meets her eyes. "Yes!" Wait, did she even stop to think? Nope. "Gladly! I'd .. be honored if you took me.."

M'nol hugs her tight to him, kissing her neck gently, "You were great," he pauses to squeezer her again, "and thank you… I was worried you wanted a rider more than you wanted me specifically… I'd… I'd been warned some women did…" He lets that trail off, "but you're not like that… I don't know why I let myself worry about it… I guess I'm just dumb."

"You are." Phylicia says tartly. Or tartly enough where she's likely to get a look of surprise. But her facial expression says something completely different; she's amused. If only midly offended from the slight quirk in her lips, though as he kisses her neck her body shivers slightly. Her hands splay across his back and hugs him tighter as an ankle idly wraps around his. "And I definitely do /not/ play by the rules of 'some women'." Returns her tart tone again, though laughter starts to peek through it as she runs a hand down his side. "You better think of a /good/ way to say you're sorry for that one." Oh yes, the teen is teasing, as she's like to do when the mood strikes her.

M'nol blushes deeply at her semi-hurt response, holding her as tightly as she holds him, "Of course you don't, Phy." He kisses her again, then runs a hand gently through her hair, "I'm sorry I let myself doubt you… would some meatrolls and warm klah make it up to you?" Only now does Faraeth begin to wake, turning his head to stare at the two curled up on the bed, his eyes whirling blue-green in happiness for his rider even as he speaks to Phy, his silken mindvoice enveloping her in soft reds and purples, « Do not hurt him. I do not like him sad. »

Phylicia takes the chance to scooch herself down the bed a little bit, so she can tuck her head underneath his, exhaling softly in contentment. "It would be a very good start." She says, and her head moves just enough to look at Faraeth, her expression odd for a moment as she takes in more completely the feel of Faraeth's 'voice'. "I don't intend to. I wouldn't like it either." She responds, not knowing if Morl knows what Faraeth said, but not seeming to care if he does. And her attention turns back to M'nol. Or rather, his neck and upper chest as she places light kisses on them, because it just seems like a fun thing to do. "You do know that I like to tease sometimes, yah?" She asks. Just gotta clear that one up before she says something sarcastically and hurts him instead.

M'nol sighs softly, cradling her in his arms, enjoying for the moment her attention to him, shuddering gently with each light kiss. "You do, my dear, but I think I can manage," He favors her with a broad smile she probably can't see, then gently disentangles himself and, with an impish grin, sneaks across the room to where he'd put Faraeth's harness when the brown had complained about it itching mid-encounter. *That* had been embarrassing. From the saddle bag he removes a large thermos and a bundle of meatrolls before returning to the bed, sitting himself on the side of it and waggling the thermos at her, "I planned ahead this time… just in case we stayed out or another storm came up."

Phylicia rolls back onto her stomach as M'nol disentangles himself and goes to fetch something out of the harness. Her face had been pouting playfully, as she rested her torso on her elbows, her back arched enough so her torso is partially upright. But as she sees food, the pout disappears to be replaced just by a grin. "That's good." And she laughs, shifting her hips again like she can't quite seem to get comfortable. "I think you were hoping for the first one." She teases, remember the slight look of shock on his face when she invited it.

M'nol smiles when he sees her positioning as he turns back and she smiles at him, then he chuckles, "Hoping? sure.. Expecting? shards no." He hands her a meat roll, it's cold, but still good as he procured them fresh from the kitchens, "You're so special and unique and I didn't want to push you or make you think I was only interested for… you know… but I didn't want to risk you waking up starving, either." He winks, pouring some klah into the top of the thermos and taking a drink before passing it to her. He raises his eyebrow, "Uncomfortable?"

"Only a little bit." Phylicia says, dismissing it without much thought, though she has an inkling. She wasn't silly enough to go into all this uneducated by an older healer woman. She breaks off a piece of the meatroll and swallows it before accepting the thermos top with a smile. She's pretty close to the edge already, so she doesn't move too much more, just enough so she can rest a shoulder against M'nol's side and she smiles up at him, her cheeks rosy before she seems to hide her face, nuzzling his arm. "That's part of why I like you. You're so thoughtful, and nice, and sweet.."

M'nol smiles and blushes again, petting her hair gently, "I… am…?" He takes a bite of his own meatroll and watching her smile so prettily.

"You are." Phylicia says. Deja vu? But this tone is much kinder, even hinting at shy still. She breaks off another piece, using the distraction of chewing and taking another sip of klah as a pause to regain control of her blood. "I've heard more stories about … carefree men, than you've probably heard about women sleeping with riders just to say they have." Which is partially why she had that slight panic attack when Nol couldn't seem to wrap his head around 'next time'.

M'nol smiles, but looks somewhat concerned, "Carefree men? Is that men who sleep with women and then leave? That's… horrible." The conviction in his voice could be a little scary. He wraps a free arm around her, taking another bite of meatroll as he does so, "Even knowing I could have to sleep with any rider girl or… or…" he gulps loudly, "… boy if Faraeth catches their green," he still hasn't caught on that Faraeth's more interested in the queens than the greens, "but that doesn't mean that I don't want someone who *wants* me instead of is stuck with me."

Phylicia strokes M'nol's arm gently. "I'm sorry I can't help you prepare for .. that one." She says to his comments about boys, though his prior one earns a look of consideration before she smiles, leaning back up against him again, sort of like a puppy would in a way. "Being wanted is a very /nice/ feeling." She says simply and happily, taking another good chunk out of the roll as she shifts again slightly.

M'nol nods, holding her tight to his side, "I'm hoping not to have to prepare for that one… I know it's possible but," he shudders again, "I guess if it happens I'll do the best I can, but… even if you weren't here I wouldn't be looking for practice for that." He runs his fingers gently down her spine as he too takes another bite, "I… I like you and want you near me…"

Phylicia finishes off the klah in the thermos top and the meatroll, and gently sets the thermos top on the floor not too far away. She shivers agreeably as his fingers trail down her spine and she finally moves out of a laying position, sitting up in the opposite direction than him, so it makes it easier to wrap her arms around him, and kisses the edge of his shoulder, smiling softly. "A very sweet and caring young man," She repeats her sentiments from earlier. "Who I enjoy the company of too."

M'nol smiles happily down at her, fishing the klah-lid up and pouring another 'cup' for himself and downing it quickly before wrapping his arms back around her in her new position. He blushes, resting his head on her shoulder as he swallows his last chunk of meatroll. Not speaking for the moment, simply enjoying her presence.

Phylicia uses his head as a pillow in turn, her arms tightening slightly and for a few long moments she stays like that until she chuckles softly. "If you aren't careful, I could get very used to this, sir." She says, her tone light.

M'nol chuckles, squeezing her tightly again, then says in an equally light tone, "You say that like it's a bad thing, m'lady."

Phylicia returns his laugh, one of her hands trailing down his back in an idle movement. "It might be; I might not let us answer the call of reality." She giggles lifting her head to look at him. "It seems a bit too much like a dream. Wisking me away for a sunset ride and all."

M'nol leans over and kisses her gently, then smiles. He seems about to say something when Faraeth gives a soft rumble and M'nol sighs, glancing away from her and down, "We should probably head back… I'm going to be scorched by V'dim as it is… apparently I'm missing more formation training a-dragonback."

Phylicia doesn't let him draw back right away from the kiss, a hand on the back of his neck keeping him there gently for another moment until she lets him pull away. "Should." She says as she shifts her position to sit directly behind him, wrapping her arms around his middle, which also means her chest is pressed against his back. "I hope this is all worth any scorching you'll get." She kisses the nape of his neck. "Not like you deserve it at all."

M'nol chuckles then sighs happily, leaning back into her, "Totally worth it. No question. But I could've taken us back to Xanadu and gone to a guest weyr there… so V'dim kinda wins that argument before it even starts." He sighs again, not quite as happily this time, "I'll have my own Weyr soon and then this won't be an issue at all."

"So he wins it." Phylicia says with a shrug in her tone, though she doesn't phyiscally shrug, because she's enjoying holding M'nol close to her, even if the room is a bit chilled and she has nothing around her. At the droop in his tone she leans forward enough to kiss the side of his neck. "We'll manage I'm sure, M'nol." And for some reason, M'nol can probably feel her face flush, the few centimeters that it is away from his neck.

M'nol nods, "So long as we want to manage we'll manage." He chuckles, arching his neck when she kisses it, "I guess we're still blush buddies, huh?" He rests a hand on her thigh, stroking it gently, "It's nearly noon, you know… when… when's your shift? I don't want to go, but I don't want you to get in trouble, either."

"Oh, phoo, be that way." Phylicia says half-jokingly as she reluctantly disentangles herself from him, moving just a few inches back. "I've an hour or two before my shift starts…" She sighs softly. "I don't really want to go either, even if we end up blushing more than anything else..!" Aw, is she going to pout?

M'nol turns towards her, brushing her hair back behind her ear, then pulls her in to one last strong kiss before he stands, pulling theme both from the bed and twirling her across the floor to the chair that holds their discarded clothes even as Faraeth stirs, beginning to stand.

It's just as well the chair isn't pushed into the desk it was infront of, because Phylicia plops into it with no grace to speak of after being manhandled off the bed in one of the more pleasing ways, by the grin on her face. Picking it off of the chair, she throws his shirt at him, chuckling. "Throwing me away now, eh?" And she picks up her chemise, sorting it out in her hands to find the proper openings and slip it on over her head.

M'nol slips on his shirt over his head, then steps into his pants, pulling them on along with the underthings that had dropped with them the night before, "Throw you away? Never! Just keeping us both safe from our teachers' wraths." He scoops up her bodice and passes it to her, "You should know, though, that V'dim said that if he ever saw any of the weyrlings… you know… in the barracks he'd take the equipment… so… if you want to do something like this again send a flit and I'll meet you wherever you want if I can possibly get to you."

Phylicia chuckles, slipping her own underpants on now, before accepting the bodice from M'nol. "Noted." She says grinning. "I suppose it would be best /not/ to get in trouble like that." Not to mention how embarrassing that would be! "Ciaran should have no problem finding you." She slips her arms through the bodice, and starts lacing it up, which is probably a slightly amusing sight to see; the girl tugging hard at laces until it's completely laced up. It's snug enough too, by the looks of it. "Huh. I must've grown since I got this one.." She mumbles before turning back to M'nol. "What would you think of slightly more … simplistic dresses? Instead of bodices?" And she's asking clothing opinions? Gawd. Like he could probably care less.

M'nol chuckles, leading her to Faraeth once she's ready, "How would I know? Perhaps we should experiment and find out." He raises an eyebrow, then hoists himself up to Faraeth's neck before reaching down to help her up as well.

Phylicia flushes as she takes his hand and akwardly climbs up, settling herself with a grunt. "Oo. Now.. ow." She says softly. Seems like her thighs don't like this treatment much. "I was talking in well, general." She continues in a normal volume. "You don't see too many ladies in bodices anymore…"


Xanadu Weyr - Beach

The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.

The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.

M'nol dismounts, then helps Phy down, "Let… let me know if it still hurts." He gives her a good dose of puppy-dog eyes, then V'dim is yelling at him from across the beach and with a parting kiss the poor brownrider makes a hasty exit

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