Rolling Right Along

Xanadu Weyr - Infirmary
The infirmary here is intended for human care. It is regularly scrubbed spotless and smells of disinfectant, redwort and other herbs that are - if sometimes strong - preferable to the scents of sickness. Cots are lined up against one wall, with a set of curtains that can be pulled to give some privacy to the occupants of the cots if they so desire. They're mostly used for examinations of patients and the treatment of mild injuries that won't require long term care; near the back are some more private areas with folding dividers.
There's a number of cabinets that stand off against another wall, instruments and medications stored against when they will be needed, and a back room holds those supplies seldom required.
A desk with chair is set just off of the doorway to the caverns, meant for the healer to sit and catch up on record keeping after a long day's work or await patients. If things get too busy, the patients can do the waiting on a set of uncomfortable chairs set nearby. The other doorway comes directly from the clearing, wide enough for a team to carry a stretcher through.

It's a pleasant enough morning at Xanadu Weyr and it seems that at least some Candidates have pulled the same chores as the day before. Fortunately, it's not just Ligeia - some of her fellows are with her, with the trio of Candidates rolling bandages and laughing about the fact that they're enduring an odd case of deja vu. Things seem to be pretty slow, fortunately, and the Candidates are free to continue their work at their own pace, with the pile of unrolled gauze growing smaller and smaller and the pile of neatly rolled balls growing larger and larger.

Ava Wouldn't it be a shame if that piled were to precariously tip one way one another? A slide of bandages, or perhaps a careless elbow or ill attentive step? Thankfully Ava dances around the growing pile, a tray hefted waiter style over her head as she passes back and forth. Its the end of her rotation and, despite the quiet now, the night had seen quite the commotion with several residents involved in a little too much turn day revelry. The journeyman is dancing past once more, her head turning to peek in on the work of the candidates, though not strictly overseeing them before she slows to a stop, her tired expression crossing with a shared sense of dejavu. Wait- Wernt you lot in here yesterday? Or was it still the same day? Ava squints, second guessing herself.

Oh no. No, no, no. Were that pile of bandages to go a-tumbling, it'd be a huge mess - so, it's a good thing that Ava's not in any risk of knocking it over. Ligeia looks up from her work when the Journeyman speaks, a slow blink yielding a sidelong look to her companion, then back to Ava. "It looks like it. I think someone must have just… forgotten, maybe?" She chews a little at the inside of her cheek. "Or maybe one of the others got cheeky and decided to swap the roster charts out with yesterday's." Another finished roll joins the pile, which is now wobbling a bit precariously. That precariousness intensifies when one of the others chucks their ball o' gauze a little too hard.

Ava's attention is on Ligeia's words, she swears, but that wobble catches her attention and she visibly stiffens as if that pile might offend her by falling and prolonging her shift. "Right.." Ava responds before her gaze returns, looking at each face in the group as she struggles to get her thoughts back on track as another bundle joins the pile. "Soft as they might be, those aren't quite snow balls." She snorts a quiet amused breath. "Seeing how this place seems to operate I feel cheeky might be a safe assumption." One free hand nudges the pile carefully, assuaging her fears "Hey, actually, do you have time to help me find something? If it won't detract from your bandage rolling?" Ava offers with a sharp smile.

There's a fleeting pinch of Ligeia's expression at the mention of snowballs, though it passes quickly; consider it a thoughtful little cramp, one that's there and gone. The Igen in her accent is made more apparent the longer she talks. "Hey, hey. You heard her. I think this can be split up into two piles, right?" There's a flicked look to Ava, as if to seek some affirmation, and then she pushes to her feet from where she'd been sitting. "Oh? Do you- I mean, do you just need one of us to help look? Or all of us?" Not that it matters, because her curiosity is peaked and she's all eyes on the Healer with unadulterated intrigue. "What are we looking for?"

Perhaps it is inattentive of the healer to *not* catch that flinch, but it passes by her as she continues on without a beat. "Oh, all of you could go, I need a few items actually and well," One arm gestures broadly to her diminutive height with an apologetic smile, "I often find it hard to find things, much less reach them." Ava's tray is set down on a clear spot, a small notebook produced, a pen following close behind. "I need these items-" She scrawls in typical, traditional, doctor chicken scratch. The list reads, 'left handed fallopian tubes,' and ' right handed left leg stretcher,' followed by '5 gallons of..elbow grease'. The paper is ripped out of the booklet, before it is snapped shut and tucked back away, the single page offered to Ligeia, and the others through her.

"I'm pretty good at finding things I'm not supposed to," Ligeia admits while she listens - and then, of course, there's the list being made and that's worthy of a brief skim on her part. Fortunately, she's had some experience with medical chicken scratch, so it doesn't take her too long to parse the contents. To her credit, her expression remains neutral, but she passes the list along to the other two, who study it most studiously and stare, wide-eyed, at the infirmary at large. "Where are we supposed to find all of this?" That's Brevan, of course, a former Smith that's rather literal-minded. Ligeia cuts a glance to Ava, her mouth twitching into a half-smile before she mouths 'I know what you're up to'. Aloud, though: "I'll bet you'll find the tubes in one of those jars over there. Maybe. Unless they're really large, then you might need to look for bins." The two other candidates disperse soon enough, glad to be free of rolling duty.

"And if not the bins, the closest in the back." The broom closet, of course. "To the right of the Needle finder stack." Ava's smile is wide and wry, her own eyes following after the two eager candidates before allowing herself and barely stifled chuckle before awarding Ligeia with a tooth filled, impish grin. Really she should be ashamed of herself. "I can't help but enjoy that, but you caught it quickly and with enough wit to play along," Ava starts, offering her hand, "I'm Ava. Since this is your second day in a row I will hazard a guess that you might be bored with the same mindless tasks?" Her brows lift in consideration, the impish grin barely faded. "If so, is there anything in here that you might find more interesting to work on or learn more about?" Mind numbing tasks served a purpose but could also quash valuable, genuine earnestness.

"You guys are way better at finding things than me," Ligeia adds, watching the other two begin the impossible feat of finding all of the things on the list. "We-ell, I'll be honest, the fallopian tubes kind of tipped me off," she muses with a grin to Ava, "but the five gallon bucket of elbow grease? Someone pulled that one over on me at Igen, so." Fool her once and all that! She'll take the offered hand warmly, with a firm grip. "They'll probably figure it out." Maybe. "Well met, Ava. I'm Ligeia - and you are absolutely right," comes with a soft laugh and an impish curl of a grin of her own. "I've never had much of, um- well, I guess much skill at Healing, though I've been a patient plenty. But, I'm pretty good at copying things and taking notes."

"Oh? That is usually the one that gets people." Ava grins, shaking her hand, "Well met, Ligeia." The tray from before is hoisted onto her shoulder and she nods towards a wash station, indicating her to follow. "The grease is a dead give away, someone at the hall did get me with the leg stretcher though, " Ava admitted with a solid, short laugh. "Hopefully they figure it out after my shift ends." The tray is settled down with a clatter as she lets go of a breath in thought. "Mmm well, you don't gain skills by not practicing," She starts, "And if you intend to be a rider, you'll need basic skills for yourself and your dragon." Probably, right? Ava's hold bred as they come but she's been here long enough now to figure somethings out. "But if basic skill practise doesn't interest you I have charts to copy over from the night, that drunk lot that skinned themselves on the reef rock on the beach." She waves her hand off to the side in an attempt to dismiss that lingering annoyance. "Or you can write up the work chart for the next of your group to come though." Her brows lift, penance for those who switched the roster charts.

She'll follow gamely enough, with nary a backwards look for the final fate of her fellow Candidates. Will they? Won't they? That's a them problem now. Ligeia laughs and shakes her head, "I can see how the stretchers would do it, too. If the grease wasn't there, maybe I'd have half-fallen for it." Maybe. "I've had a little experience with dragonhealing- kind of. I have two firelizards," somewhere, "and they sometimes get into trouble." That door's half-open, anyway, though the other suggestions do seem to get her interest a bit more keenly - she really should have been a Harper. "I could try the copying, though? And, um- well. I don't know if you want me working up the work chart. I can't promise it'll be a good one." For whom? Who can say. "So, wait. How badly skinned up did they get? Is the reef rock really that dangerous?"

"Think they would count," Ava starts thoughtfully, "At least, at a glance they seem to share much of the same physiology, just, smaller." Her hands press together before busying themselves with cleaning and sanitizing equipment. "Couldn't speculate beyond that. The charts of the individuals are hanging on the peg board there." Her head nods, then to a folder. "The information there needs to be logged there in the discharge notebook. It'll include their injuries, treatment and follow up notes." Ava explains before pausing to take in her question. "Well, the reef rock itself isn't the most dangerous stuff, just sharp. Which, when inebriated enough after a rousing bonfire, becomes a larger threat. It's good at causing infection and you bleed like a stuck pig after too much drink and friends goading you, it's a perfect storm of foolery." Ava plunks the cleaned tools into the drying racks. "Far from the worst thing I've seen, drunk patients are the actual worst, though. Far worse than a work chart you'd make." Ava winks.

Mental notes are surely made along with the nod-nod-nod of understanding and agreement. Ligeia sucks her teeth a moment until the peg board's pointed out and all thoughts skew toward the task of copying. "These ones?" Confirmation is sough before she collects them, in preparation to add them to the discharge notebook as appropriate. "Okay, got it. Seems pretty straightforward, anyway!" And while there's a shudder for the idea of drunkenly grating oneself against the reef rock, there's a firm nod of utter understanding. Her nose scrunches and she hauls everything to a table or desk and, while conversation continues until there's no conversation to be had, she copies the information over well into the morning - and by the time lunch rolls 'round, her hands will be grateful for the reprieve… and if Ava's still around, she'll have a ready minion on hand to bring her a meal, as well, before their paths part for the rest of the day.

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