A Daring Rescue!

Xanadu Weyr - Shore of Lake Caspian
The cliffs that run along the shore come and go, various weyrs nestled along the tops of them or dug into the walls, but eventually they recede enough to expose a beach. The white sand echoes the rise and fall of the cliffs with a multitude of sandy dunes, endlessly creating tiny valleys that are constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of dragons. The dunes smooth out as the gentle slope approaches the edge of the deep blue water. The sand darkens, and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect.
The beach narrows to the southwest, leaving a path barely wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to a smaller, more sheltered cove. The sands are the same white, the waters the same blue, but they're calmer and more tranquil, more protected from the winds that ruffle Lake Caspian and the currents that tug beneath the surface.
Rough, wide stairs lead up to the meadow above and the road that runs along the top of the cliffs, passing through the fields and heading for the river mouth that can be just barely seen from here. The largest of the staircases up the cliff is located near the docks that jut out onto the peaceful blue waters.

Hello, midday! And it's a sunny one too, with Rukbat casting Xanadu Weyr in its glorious golden light. There's a group of candidates lined up on the shore, where Galaxy riders are waiting, all gathered around one of the assistant weyrlingmasters. "This afternoon, you'll be learning about the water rescues Galaxy wing conducts by taking part in their training. You've each been put into pairs, and you'll be partnered with one of the wing members here." He reads out candidate names and the rider they're assigned to, eventually getting to "Maorin and Quillan, you're with D'had and Siebith." Quillan gives Fishboy a smirky, "You and me, huh?" then turns to see where D'had might be.

Oh glorious day! Maorin is out with the others, of course, having taken his place in the line of candidates with everyone else. There's a certain amount of slight bouncing from the teen, containing the energy is somewhat..difficult at times. Brows arch a bit when the names are called out though, and he leans a bit forward to peer down the line at Quillan. "Well that's gonna be interesting.." It's lowly spoken, and fingers ruff through his hair briefly before they all get moving. He passes on through to stand with Quill, head tilting a bit to the side. "Well if this isn't the best sort of 'chore', I dunno what could be better."

D'had is there, hanging in the group of Galaxy riders gathered for today's drills. When his name is called he steps forward however, dark eyes giving the pair of candidates a quick appraisal. If there happens to be a glint of amusement in the look he sends them.. well don't be scared boys. Nodding down the line the bluerider motions for them to join him and his dragon so they can begin going over the basics while the few remaining of the group are paired off.

"That's D'had," Quillan says to Maorin, when he notices the bluerider beckoning them. So he puffs up his chest, and struts on over to the man, giving him a salute. "D'had, sir. I'm Quillan, this here is Fishboy." He points to Maorin, turning to grin and wink at the younger boy. "He's a natural in water, sir. I'm… so-so. I can swim, but I don't know exactly what we're going to be doing, so…"

Maorin is…not as puffed up. He's rather relaxed as he follows Quillan over, though he does offer his salute just the same, grinning. "Ahoy, sir. I'm.." There's a pause for that name again, looking a bit sidelong at the other candidate. "Maorin. Quill's probably giving a bit of an exaggeration though on account that I haven't been swimming since I got here." There's still a smile for that though, despite the older candidate's..assumptions. "Still, pretty sure I won't drown myself or anything."

Quillan and Maorin. Hope you don't mind being called you and you, because chances are, that's what will happen this afternoon. A brow raises at the introductions. Fishboy..? Yeah, D'had's not going to ask on that one but its more or less explained all the same and so he nods. "Right," to the note of how the boys thing they fair at swimming. "And how are ya with heights and flying?"

Quillan's confidence ups a notch. "Heights and flying, no problem. I was practically born on a dragon. My parents are both riders. Mum did some Search and Rescue at one point, too, over in Igen." He stands a little taller, and runs a hand through his hair to ruffle it. "It's something I'd want to get into, if I Impress."

Well there's a surprise. That revelation earns a look from Maorin again, brows arched. "Yeah? That's where I'm headed if it all works out. Hadn't pegged you for it but the more the merrier when it comes to helping people out. Way I see it, can never have too many searching and rescuing." Lips quirk just slightly, half into a grin as he turns back to D'had again. "While I haven't done too much flying before, being up high hasn't bothered me much yet."

"Good," its a rough reply from D'had as he nods for their replies. At least he's not going to have to deal with that it seems to say. "Ain't an easy job," he adds when not only one, but both speak up as being interested in it if they're chosen. "So.." he starts after a second, "Someone's got themselves out there," he nods towards the water, "And needs your help." The proverbial 'someone' being a dummy bobbing in the water several dragonlengths off shore. Siebith is already strapped up and ready to go, so for now he's content to bask in the sun until he's needed. "Here," the man comments, stooping to grab and then toss a flotation device to each of the boys from the small pile of supplies beside the blue.

Quillan looks up at the blue, grinning. "He looks kinda like my dad's dragon," he says, either to Maorin or D'had, whoever wants to listen. "Maybe a bit bigger, though. Uh, sir? What do we do with these?" The floatation device is waggled at D'had, while Quill takes a moment to tie the cord on his shorts a little tighter, just to be sure they won't accidentally slip, or anything. "How do you get to the dummy if you're up a height?"

"I remember these. …Kinda. I think." Maorin's own brief contact with search and rescue isn't exactly the clearest of memories. But he holds onto the floater when it's tossed to him, curling an arm around it, before lightly nudging it against Quill. "It floats, doesn't it?" There's a slight pause though, shifting on his feet with a grin to his fellow candidate. "I could be wrong, but jumping's an option. You wouldn't want a dragon to land in the water or anything right on top of people."

"Put 'em on," D'had replies to the question of what to do with the device. Even if they did both say they could swim in that at least he's going to follow the rules of this shadowing experience. "Its any option, yeah," he adds, not exactly confirming though if that smirk he sends the boys is any suggestion Maorin's on the right track there. Turning while the candidates get ready to check the straps and hook on a few extra ropes where they're needed.

Aha, they go on. Quillan slips into his floatation device, fastening it up tight as it'll go. "Any option? Wait. Waitwaitwait. You mean you'd jump, even if your dragon's, like, dragonlengths above the surface? How high are we talking here when you say high?" Did Quill just go a shade lighter? Possibly! He slips his hands into his pockets, looking over at Maorin. If Fishboy's going to start looking nervous, then maybe he'll allow his own bravado to slip, too.

Maorin turns his own floater over, then slides his arms into it. It takes some adjusting to get things all comfortable and strapped properly, but he manages it well enough. Once it's settled, there's a quick glance at Quillan, and a grin. If there's nervousness to be had, it's overridden by sheer excitement on his part. Oops? So much for fearful solidarity. There's a bit of a laugh though, turning his torso a few times to make sure he can still move around alright. "Probably not high enough to /kill/ you."

Some groups on the beach are easing into the drill getting their candidates used to the water, used to the equipment and the dragons. Quillan and Maorin on the other hand, they're the ones who claimed they could swim and weren't bothered by highs. At least one mentioned his parents were riders. "There's options," D'had returns, turning back to the boys once he's happy with the adjustments he's made to the straps. "Depends on the conditions - weather, water, who you're helping, how they are. Plenty of factors to take into consideration. And no, he hasn't answered Quillan's question yet. "How bout you watch one, hmm?" D'had really isn't waiting for a reply before he mounts up and Siebith takes off.

First set, pretty simple once they get past the sand that's sent into the air at the blue's takeoff. Swooping out over the water with only a few strong beats of his wings to glide past the dummy several dragon lengths out before banking hard and swinging back around. His rider dropping the rope well before where the dummy is with practiced accuracy. The weight on the end helping it fall while a small buoy makes the end easy to find in the water. Another, out there in the water, snatches the rope to clip the dummy on so it can be towed slowly back to shore where Siebith carefully lands. "Pull 'im in boys," D'had orders as dismounts before going on to explain further. "No so far out, conscious victim, understands what's goin' on. They can clip in. Not so much a rescue as an assist." Good practice all the same.

Once he's brushed the sand off himself - thanks, Siebith - Quillan can watch the rescue… and he watches it with wide eyes, and a slightly agape mouth. It's snapped shut once the blue's back on shore and D'had orders to go pull the dummy in. He does as he's told, grabbing the rope to start hauling it in. "So that didn't look too bad… there wasn't any jumping off involved, anyway."

Ick, sand. Sand in the mouth. Sand everywhere. Maorin turns his head away as much as he can to ward off most of it, but there's still grit to be had. Gross. He watches at least, grin still vaguely there as the whole process is gone through. He darts after Quillan to start pulling in the rope though, nodding. "Yeah, but I know someone was in the water with me at least. I'm pretty sure I was half dead and only kinda conscious. I don't remember most of it but someone was definitely in the water."

Search and Rescue: now a spectator sport! As the candidates get buckled into their flotation devices and D'had readies his dragon, a likely-familiar form sidles down towards the lake shore, not really bothering to keep up its distance. Esiae isn't high-maintenance enough to care about getting covered in sand, after all, she's just here for the spectacle, clad in an old weyr-issue one piece covered by a red sarong. It doesn't do much to camouflage the ugly scarring that now mars her right shoulder, but at least it's healed up well. Towel under one arm, she moves between the drill teams, checking on riders and supplies before drawing up to Maorin and Quillan. "Hey," she greets simply, offering D'had a wave as he returns from his demonstration. "Yeah, that went smoothly. Dummies are helpful sorts, though. They don't protest, or weight a ton when waterlogged, or try to climb you," she says way-too-cheerfully for essentially describing saving a drowning person. This perhaps explains the apologetic wince she sends towards Maorin. Whoops. "If you want, I can be live bait," is offered more towards D'had than the others, since he's leading the drill, shoulder rolling with a shrug. "I promise not to overwhelm the poor things," she adds with a twinkling glance at the candidates.

D'had chuckles, "Assists are easier," he offers the boys. About to explain further the junior werywoman is right on queue, and he sends her a nod in way of greeting. "Was just about to toss this thing back in," he nods towards the dummy the boys have now hauled back onto the beach. "But she's right about all that. What'dya say? Live target for your first try?"

"Hey, weyrwoman E." There are people about, and therefore Quillan isn't going to risk tossing out his first just-E nickname on the goldrider. "You wanna be bait?" He looks at Maorin, checking if he's game. "I'm game for saving you, ma'am. Reckon I'll do a good job of it too… though how do we save her, D'had, sir, if we're sitting up behind you on Siebith?"

Maorin looks over when Esiae appears, blinking just a bit. "And here I thought we'd have to take turns being the victim in the water." Bonding experiences through rescue! Even if it is fake-rescue. The boy grins all the same however, offering the weyrwoman a thumbs up for the offer. "That's a no problem at all, ma'am. If anything, we can't let the Weyr down in rescuing you. Now there's /stakes/, and we'll just have to come out on top." He pauses then to sling an arm over Quillan's shoulders, grinning at the other candidate. "Even if it means leaping off a flying dragon, right Quill?"

"Candidate Q," Esiae returns in kind, pointer finger tipping down from her brow in a lazy mock-salute. "And you're more than welcome to rescue each other if you really want to," she says in a dramatic 'aww, that's so sweet ' tone of voice towards Maorin. Lookit her precious candidates, all bonding and stuff. D'aww! Winking for the boy's thumbs-up, the junior drops her towel and sarong. "Dunno though. You could let me drown, but with the rest of you as my witness, Maorin has to take over my paperwork if I die." How's that for stakes? She matches him grin for grin though as he loops his arm over Quill's shoulder, feigning flattery as she presses one hand over her chest. "My heroes." Both brows raise over at D'had with a shrug. "Guess I'm in, then, if you don't mind dropping me?" She'll let him explain how they're to execute the rescue - she's just here to play the damsel!

"Guess you're up then ma'am," D'had says, the comment directed towards Esiae of course, far more formal than previous meetings with the man may have been. Reaching for the rope to unclip said dead weight from the end he sets to wrapping it back up, careful to make sure it's free of tangles and kinks. Unhooking the weight and smaller buoy he'd been working with for their first round. "You clip in," he explains the how, "And once you're in the water you keep her calm, steady, make sure not too much water gets in her face." See, simple! For the weyrwoman then, "Course not," they can do a fly over to get her into place. He'll leave the rope with the candidates for now. Let them get comfortable with it.

"Blue buoy out there's our target," D'had notes to the woman, pointing out where their dummy was previously held in place for rescue as he pulls himself back into place along Siebith's neckridges and offers a hand back down to the weyrwoman.

As he watches the bluerider get ready to go out for this all important rescue, Quillan leans towards Maorin, and whispers a slightly nervous, "Do you know what's going to happen next? Cos I sure as shards don't, and you're going to be stuck with a bucketload of paperwork if this goes wrong." To Esiae and D'had he grins widely, while clasping his hands together behind his back to hide the anxious twitching of his fingers.

Maorin does seem to consider that for a moment. He doesn't look particularly worried, though. He just watches as D'had works on getting Esiae into place for all of the rescuing efforts before tipping his head at Quillan, brows lifted. "Not a clue! But on the bright side, I might get /points/ if I have to do her paperwork." Hey, paperwork is on the /list/ of things they need to do. It's possible.

Esiae perhaps recognizes D'had's formality, because she shoots him an amused sideways glance before nodding, taking a moment to limber up shoulder and leg muscles while he explains the drop to the candidates. If she catches that nervous whispering going on over there, she doesn't show it, though she does aim a reassuring look back at them as she follows D'had over to Siebith. "You'll do fine." She believes in them, or at the very least, in their ability to do her job in her stead if they drown her. Whichever. "Yes, sir," Esi chirps, mimicking the bluerider's earlier decorum with a jaunty grin as she takes his hand and climbs aboard Siebith. "Blue buoy, got it."

D'had chuckling D'had shoots back towards the candidates, "Trust me, you don't want her paperwork." Experience speaking? Likely. If he notices their nervousness he doesn't comment on it. Once he's sure she's settled in Siebith takes to the skies once again. Its not a terribly long flight anyway. "They miss," he starts to Esiae once they're in the air, and it sounds like he expects them to, "I'll drop 'em and swing back around." The blue banks sharply, and deeply - low as he is to the water a wingtip might just touch he's rolled so far to make the turn. Hey! He has an audience he can't be expected to NOT show off just a little given the pass this time isn't for rescue.

"Yup, I reckon you really don't want her paperwork, even if it'll get you points, Fishy." Hey look, Mao! New nickname. Quillan crosses his arms over his chest - no easy feat, with the float he's wearing - and watches Siebith's showing off. "That's pretty neat flying. So… do you reckon we're going to knock the weyrwoman out or something, when we drop that rope down? That is what we're doing… right? Or are we actually jumping, or… I have no sharding clue, man. "

Maorin sighs faintly at the now shortened version of the dreaded nickname. Now he's not just a Fishboy, but Fishy? Unamused is the look he slides towards Quillan. Unamused indeed. But at least he's tolerant. "I don't mind the idea of jumping down. I imagine in a storm it'd be totally different, but this? It's just like jumping off a cliff into the water, or something like that. So long as you're not too high up, it doesn't hurt. Just don't land on your stomach."

"They miss, you recoup and come back for another try. I'll be fine," is Esiae's stubborn reply, though really, she's having too much fun for the words to be any sort of harsh. Giggling for Siebith's sharp dip, the goldrider leans in and adds, "And tell your dragon he's a big fat showoff." Yet, judging by her tone, she clearly approves. Borrowing D'had's shoulder to carefully push herself to her feet, the goldrider takes advantage of the Siebith's tilted body and leaps into the water, foregoing a fancier dive for functionality. Feet hit the water first, and though it takes a hot second, she eventually reemerges in the water below, executing a few lazy strokes to get her closer to the blue buoy. She has time.

"Right then," D'had chuckles. He'll let the candidates give it a second try when the first fails. As for his dragon he can only shrug. He knows that all too well. "You should see him when we're not on drills," he tosses back as the blue steadies, staying low to the water to make it as easy a jump for the woman as it can be. Once she's in the water he straightens out to land back on the beach for candidate pick up. The rider doesn't dismount this time, rather snapping his fingers for the boy's attention, holding a hand out for the rope he'd left them with. "Come on, you got a weyrwoman to save," he teases them, though he will offer a hand in mounting up if they need it.

And she's in! Quillan watched Esiae's descent with an intense gaze, dark eyes squinted and fixed on her from leap to landing and re-emerging. "That doesn't look so bad," he admits to Mao, switching his gaze to Siebith to be sure he's ready to cover himself up when the blue makes his sand-flinging landing. As soon as they're invited up, Quillan takes the lead and manages to shimmy up the blue's side easily enough, considering the bulky restrictions of the floatation device. He's there to offer Maorin a hand though, if the candidate wants it. Once he's buckled in, he gives D'had the thumbs-up. Good to go!

With the weyrwoman down, and the rope handed off, Maorin as well makes his way climbing aboard. He's not about to decline the help up. Or two hands, with them being offered all over the place. Once he's settled in, the candidate gives a nod and grin both. "Looks like we're set. Okay, for the sake of the Weyr and everything, we've completely and totally got this."

Leaning down D'had gives the ropes one last check, draping the one from the boys over the hook on the side of Siebith's straps. One end is secured to the straps, the other is pulled up and clipped onto the floatation device of one of the candidates and the process is repeated with a rope already secured on the other side for the second of the candidates. "When we get out there I'll tell you when to jump," he instructs. "You," to Quillan, "take port, and you," to Maorin, "take starboard," each matching the side their rope is on. "On 'ready' you unclip from the straps, 'go' you jump." Its all about timing. Once he's satisfied everything's as ready as it can be the blue takes off for his third loop around the practice area.

"Port is… this side, right?" Quillan points to the rope he's attached to, looking back over his shoulder at Maorin as he braces for take-off. Thank goodness for seafaring folk who know the difference between nautical directions! "We're - I'm ready as I'll ever be, sir," he then says to D'had, leaning in to be sure the bluerider can hear him. Unclip, jump on go. Unclip, jump on go. Can't be that hard, right?

Eventually, Maorin will be able to stop grinning like an idiot. Maybe when he jumps, so he doesn't get water all in his mouth. There's an almost automatic checking of ropes and lines, looking for anything that doesn't seem..sturdy. Indeed, the seafaring sort know their secure lines! He glances over, peering around Quillan for the question before nodding, and gives the other candidate a quick pat on the back. Or his floatation device. Thud thud? "Yep, you got it figured. Whew! Ready..and go. Ready..got it."

"Left," D'had clarifies the direction for the boy. "Port's left." Since this is a practice run Siebith doesn't show off, or rather at least not as much. "Ready," the rider warns as they make the turn to come back around, holding a hand up for them to wait as he judges the path. They aren't as low to the water as they were when Esiae hopped off. Wait for it, wait for it… and several feet before they reach the woman, "Go!"

Unclip, jump on go… for how many times he's been repeating it, Quillan's slow off the mark as if he's forgotten it all already. So when D'had gives the instruction he falters, taking a moment to snap back into reality, and… did Maorin go yet? There's no time to look as he manages to fumble his way free, and then not so much dive off Siebith as tumble. It's a totally graceless (and 75% reluctant) plummet down into the water, ending with him resurfacing and gasping in a deep lungful of air. How close did he get to Esiae, though?

With his fingers on the clip, ready to unhook, Maorin doesn't miss a beat when the 'ready' command happens. And while he doesn't exactly want to just /fall/ off, the 'go' has him kicking free to take the plunge. Really, it's best not to really /think/ about what's happening too much. There's a moment of freefall in which he makes sure his feet are /under/ him, and then he hits with a splash before making his way up again. Breathing! It's important! Considering the half-choked laugh that comes from him, anyway. /That/ might need to start being a sport around the lake. Dragon diving. "Quill! You alive?"

As for Esiae, she'll just be over here, gently treading water to keep afloat. An amused gaze marks Siebith's progress as the blue returns, the goldrider wincing for Quill's rather graceless descent into the water. Maorin's jump looks much better, and frankly lands much closer, but she's about as concerned for the other candidate's gasp for air as Rin is. "Y'alright?" It would be ironic, if they had to rescue a rescuer, right? Still, he's breathing, and Maorin is likely close enough to nab her if D'had thinks that was good enough; she'll play at being dead in the water long enough for them to 'save' her, if so. If not, time for another go!

Given Quillan missed the mark he likely landed already past the weyrwoman. Maorin was closer to target. Given both, if they followed directions, are still attached by a rope to Siebith and being towed back to shore. 'Rescuing' Esiae is up to them now. Can they get to her before they're pulled too far away or the blue begins his practiced lift to bring them somewhat out of the water and keep more of it out of their faces.

Quillan's breathing air rather than water, so he's ok! Or so he signals to Esiae and Maorin, as he raises a hand to give them a thumbs-up. Then he's got ground to cover - or waves to cross? - to make it to the goldrider in time. Luckily he can swim, though probably not as well as Fishboy over there, and he crawls to the weyrwoman's side… except he doesn't grab her straight off. He starts fiddling around underwater a bit, first. "Fall pulled my shorts half off," he explains, cheeks flushed with embarrassment. There's an underwater exposition situation!

Maorin will try not to laugh. Truly he will. But since he's there, and Quillan is grabbing at shorts instead of Esiae, the candidate moves right on in to wrap his arm around the weyrwoman. "It's okay, ma'am. We're here now, and Quill's doing his best to save those shorts. Everything's under control, I'm sure they'll be fine." If they're already being towed, all anybody has to do now is hang on for the ride!

"Doing it for your good, E…" Saving his shorts, that is. Quillan's got them fixed now, and he copies Maorin in grabbing onto Esiae and letting the tow do what it does. "Better for everyone really that everything," ahemcoughcough, "is under control." He gives a pointed look down there, just in case she didn't get it. "And hey, we've got a real live fish with us, so it's not like we're going to drown or anything. Right, Fishy?"

As they near the beach once again Siebith lands, and D'had dismounts. This time he moves to the ropes to pull them in the rest of the way, looping the rope into a coil as he does so it doesn't need to be wrapped later. Its Maorin and Esiae that are pulled in first given she was the rescuee. "Ya alright?" the question is to all three, but the look that accompanies it is to the woman before he directs the candidate to help with the second rope that holds Quillan. "That wasn't.. terrible." Okay, it kind of was if you as him, but the fact that they tried - he'll give them props for that.

"I'd totally do it again sometime," Quillan says to D'had, once he's pulled in to shore. He gets up to his feet, tugs his shorts up for good measure, and then walks over to join the others. "Thanks for showing us the ropes, sir. And for letting us save you, ma'am."

Esiae relaxes once it's clear Quill's safe, though her eyes do narrow in a squint, shoulders shaking with barely suppressed laughter for his dilemma. "Why so embarassed, Runnerboy?," she teases, unable to help herself. Though her task as damsel in distress is rather ruined by a fit of snickering for Maorin's humor, Esiae eventually settles, tipping backwards into a float so they can properly secure her. She doesn't splash or carry on or any of that nonsense, but she certainly doesn't help them, either. It's their job to keep her upright until her feet hit sand. "Scarred for life, but dandy," Esiae informs D'had with a laugh when she eventually traipses ashore, hands wringing out her hair. "For their first time? No. Not terrible. We're in definite need of dragon diving practice, though." And, judging from her expression, she's only too willing to provide. "Happy to assist, though. Thanks for rescuing me," is added towards Quill and Rin with a twinkle in her eye.

Once Maorin's feet are touching ground, he helps to trudge himself right out of the water. Fingers shove hair away from his face though, grinning. "Absolutely /great/ is how I am. That's like jumping from the cliffs into the sea, if the cliffs were /moving/ anyway. And we didn't land on anybody." Hey, they might be amateurs, but he's going to take what he can get, and the fact that nobody got landed on is a mighty big achievement to him. He gives a slight bow however. "Happy to be of service. /That/ was much more fun than saving the floating dummy would've been, I'm sure."

"You're welcome?" D'had's not quiet sure to say to Esiae's answer of being scarred for life. Not his fault though! She volunteered. "Ya coulda done worse," he agrees about the boy's performance however. And yes, that's his way of saying they did good.

"Sooo… if we didn't fail miserably, does that mean we're done for the day, or are we doing more runs?" Because Quillan sounds happy enough with either of those options, as he looks from D'had to Esiae, then back again. All the while, he's dripping half of Lake Caspian onto the shore from his sodden clothes.

"It's much more exciting than cliffdiving, too," Esi drawls towards Maorin with a grin of agreement, flicking her hair behind her again now that it isn't pouring torrents down her back. "Mostly 'cause you don't need a proper cliff." Portability, in other words. Eyes scrunch over at D'had, jerking her thumb back at Quill to explain. "Nearly lost his shorts. Only too please to help, otherwise. It was kinda fun. If you need someone to rescue drills in the future, just let me know, yeah?" She's only too happy to help.

"Or at least take a break for lunch?" And allow forty-five minutes before returning to the water? Maorin at least looks hopeful for a meal. Did they already /have/ lunch before starting? Leaping off dragons works up an appetite. Or something. Still, the candidate doesn't look too terribly opposed to having another go at it. Dripping just like the other teen, he glances over at Quill with half a grin.

There's a few other candidates heading back towards the weyrproper when D'had sends a glance over to check on the progress of some of the other groups. "Go on, get outta here," he replies to that question, tossing a grin back towards the pair. Though once they're on their way he'll only shake his head for the junior weyrwoman.

"Yessir!" Quillan salutes D'had at their dismissal, and turns to do the same to Esiae - though she also gets a wink. Then he looks to Maorin. "Let's go eat, Fishy." Beware, living caverns - there's two sopping wet candidates coming your way!

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