A Cool Weyr

Nature Gone Wild Weyrbarn

The victim of one of the major storms to pass through the Weyr this past turn or so, this weyrbarn stands amidst the majestic trees of the forest like a testament to rebuilding and carrying on. Though it used to be little more than a shack, with a lot of hard work and effort, this structure has been returned to its former magnificence. Broad boarded dark wood walls rise two stories to a slate roof, a stone chimney rising up along the right wall crafted from smooth river stones. Windows with shutters often stand open, glass panes also propped up to invite breezes, or closed and latched to keep out the weather.

A smaller human sized door is nestled within the larger dragon sized one, and walking in you are treated to the vastness of space. Much of it given to Kalsuoth's couch on the left side of the building, the worn stone comfortable and perfectly sized for the brown. The human part has been built up from nothing, with fresh wooden floors laid and new furniture brought in. The walls are left to their natural wood, though many of the cabinets have a fresh coat of blue paint, and fabric accents also hold hints of blue and green to soften all that brown from the natural wood. A sitting area on the right side is reached up a few steps, nestled near to the fireplace. Beyond, the open floorplan boasts a kitchen and a laundry room, as well as a spacious bathroom with a wide, deep tub. A spiral staircase leads to the top floor, where there are two bedrooms - only one currently in use - and an office.

Just the kind of fixer-upper Thea would recommend for her son, if indeed she had anything to do with assigning the dwelling. It builds character, right? +views available

It's mid-day, and a rain has come to cool off the heated weyr. Though when the clouds move on everything will steam with humidity, right now the forest is damp and cool. Windows and doors open, Mur'dah coaxes breezes into his large weyrbarn with all the fans going, keeping the inside as nice as the outside. Sitting on his couch, feet up, he's flipping through a book, trying to stay engaged in the story and utterly failing.

Soriana has escaped the sands! Okay, so she does it semi-regularly, but seldom for very long. She goes for a quick shower or whatever, and then she's back before Luraoth starts fretting. Gradually, though, the gold has been getting calmer about things - especially when Kanekith is there. So today, after Soriana emerged from a bath, she discovered that Luraoth… was okay with the idea of her staying gone a little longer. And it's cool out, in a way that the sands never get. So yes. Soriana's staying gone. In fact, she's going places - because she went and picked up a basket from the kitchens, and borrowed an umbrella, and making her way through the woods to Mur'dah's door. Knock knock?

Mur'dah lifts his head, squinting towards the door. "It's open!" he calls. Open and inviting, drawing in those damp breezes. He sits up a bit more when he sees who it is though, surprise plain on his face. "Sori?" She's the last person he expected to see. Well…maybe D'had is the /last/, but Sori is right up there. "Is everything okay?" On his couch, Kalsuoth opens an eye and rumbles a soft, fond greeting for the goldrider.

Open, yes, but just because the door's down to a frame (heh, like when he first got the place) doesn't mean Soriana's going to walk right in. Not until she's invited, anyhow! …so now that she is, she does. "Hey," she says as she steps inside, with a smile that's… a little lopsided. "Sorry for dripping on your floor." Though she sets the umbrella down near the entrance, glancing back to brown with a, "Hey, Kalsuoth," before returning her attention to his rider. "No, nothing's wrong. Luraoth's fine." Because that's what's there to be worried about, right? "I just heard you had… y'know. A real weyr. So I brought a weyrwarming. Sorta." She extends the basket. It's got bread and sweetbuns and food-type-stuff. The somewhat impromptu sort that one can get raiding the kitchens with no planning ahead.

Mur'dah pushes to his feet, setting the book aside, face down and open to hold his place. "Oh." No, that's not what he was worried about, as he studies her for a moment. "Don't worry about it, c'mon in," he says with a little smile, gesturing to her to follow as he moves out of the sitting area into the dining area. Which, with this open floorplan, just means walking between two cabinets. "Yeah, it's done," and there's a lot of pride in his voice as he says it, gazing around. "Thanks," he adds, glancing back to her and reaching out to take the basket, setting it on the counter and opening it. "Want to have some of this? Or…" Does she have to get back? Or maybe he's implying they can't be *gasp* alone together.

So Soriana does come in, looking around. "Nice place," she says with a smile and a nod, handing the basket over. "Yeah, I'll have some. I'm…" she makes a face somewhere between a smile and a grimace. "I don't have anywhere else I have to be until Luraoth tells me that I do." But for the moment, her dragon's calm. "So… yeah." Pause. "Haven't seen you much, lately."

Mur'dah gets two wooden plates out of an overhead cabinet and starts to lay out the food, dividing it between them. He glances at her and then away with a shrug. "Been busy. Wing stuff, you know. Newbies get all the long sweeps, the boring deliveries. Plus," he says, trying to restrain the hurt in his voice, "I wasn't sure if I was allowed." There's some bitterness there, deep and smoldering, but he gives her a smile as he offers her the plate, nodding to the dining area so they can sit, eat and maybe chat.

Soriana watches Mur'dah arrange the plates, her gaze drifting between his face and the motions of his hands. The busy makes her nod. Everyone's busy. And… then she frowns. It's a deep frown, and she looks away. She takes the plate, with a little nod but not a smile, and then takes it to the dining area and sets it down on the table before sighing and looking up. "I'm sorry." She sits down. "I didn't want for you to be caught in that. And, yeah, you're allowed…" A pause, and a troubled look to her eyes. "…by me." But what about Ka'el?

Mur'dah slides into the padded seat and puts his plate down, choosing the chair across from her so they're facing. Glancing up at her at the apology, he nods slightly, and then shrugs with a humorless laugh. "I didn't want to be caught in it either, but you'd think I'd be used to it by now. Feel like I'm constantly walking the tightrope between you two, even before the flight happened…" Shaking his head, he pushes hair away from his face and picks at his food. "Good to know I'm allowed. By you." What about Ka'el indeed? "He doesn't trust me." Statement. Not a question.

The corner of Soriana's mouth tugs to the side at Mur'dah's thought of a tightrope. "Sorry," she says again, and looks down to her plate. Food. It looked good. So she should have a bite to eat. So she does. And then… she sighs, and looks up again. "He doesn't trust anyone." Another statement. "Not even me." A shrug, and Soriana returns her attention to her plate.

"Then why are you with him?" It's out before Mur'dah can stop it, and harsher than he wanted it to be, so it's quickly followed by a sharp shake of his head and a sigh, an exhaled breath of pent up emotion and pain. "It's none of my business. It's /none/ of my business," he mutters, more to himself than to her.

Soriana's gaze lifts up sharply, but she's silent for a long moment. Her eyes are directed at Mur'dah, but mostly… she's seeing her thoughts, with a distant gaze that lasts for moments before she almost-smiles, a motion of her lips that doesn't reach her eyes. "Sure it is. You're my friend, right?" Almost a smile. "Same reason we were talking about Idrissa." Because friends don't let friends date… oh wait. They do, they just worry about it. "Because… shards, it's all a mess. Because he's trying?" Her tone sounds uncertain.

Mur'dah picks at the food, glancing up at Sori and then back down. "I like to think I am," he says. Then he snorts, shaking his head firmly. "The more I hear about Zi'on, the less I like it…but." Nothing they can do. He is quiet a moment before he exhales, slouching back in his chair with hands folded over his stomach. He watches Soriana for a long moment and then nods. "I'm glad he's trying with you," he says quietly.

The smile gets a little closer to real at Mur'dah's answer… then fades at the talk of Zi'on. "I haven't heard much, lately. The sands… it's like weyrlinghood all over again, but worse." She sees nothing. She hears nothing. She does nothing. Not unless she has a visitor, or manages to escape. Like now. Soriana gives her head a shake, trying to be rid of the nothing, and gets silence instead. Her gaze stays lifted, willing to meet his eyes. She nods slightly at his words, confirmation that Ka'el is trying… then sighs. With her. "He…" can be a jerk? "…is. And… I wish he'd try with my friends, but I can't make him."

Mur'dah visibly flinches as though struck, pushing to his feet and turning away so she can't see the pained expression on his face. "Juice?" he asks, clearing his throat as he pours juice for them both no matter what her answer is. Anything to be /moving/.

Soriana lowers her head, putting an elbow on the table and her head in her hand. Nope, she can't see Mur'dah. "Sure," she says to the juice, not looking up as he pours. "Shards. What'd he do?" Because Ka'el … because she didn't expect to get that reaction. Prickly Ka'el should be old news, right?

Mur'dah carries the mugs back and sets them down ever so gently, before he sits gently into his own chair. Gentle. Easy. Holding himself together. "You….just said with your friends. I'd…well. I'd thought I was /his/ friend too…but. I guess not?" Her words confirmed his fears, it seems, and he grips his juice mug, eyes flicking briefly to the open whiskey bottle on the shelf.

Soriana looks up. Blinks. "I sharding hope he's your friend," she says sharply, her eyes are wide in surprise. "I mean… oh, Mur'dah, I'm sorry. I didn't mean…" She gives her head a shake. "He needs friends. He's… kinda been shit with them. But… I think he's… there's only so much trying he can do at once?" And right now, it's going to her. Soriana lowers her hand, reaching it for her mug.

Mur'dah watches her, almost hopeful. Wanting to believe her. Then he just waves a hand. "It's fine," he mutters. Then a low snort. Yeah, he's been shit with them. "His focus is on you. As it should be." Still. It stings. "I don't know if I'm his friend or not. He's mine, but…I don't know. He hasn't come to see me. Doesn't trust me. Still thinks I'm trying to steal you away or something. Gets righteously pissed off when I'm just trying to make /you/ happy…" Frown. "I just…it just hurts to have the default of our friendship be tension and mistrust. I keep waiting, but…" He trails off, glancing at the open door. Perhaps he'd been hoping today might be the day? With a shrug, he sips his juice. Yum. Juice.

Soriana frowns a little about Ka'el's focus being on her, but she nods, and keeps her gaze on Mur'dah as he talks. Listening. She sighs, then… nods. Yeah, it hurts. She gives her mug of juice a swirl, has a sip. "I don't think it's the basis. Not really. It's just… Ka'el, right now. I mean…" she trails off, and gives her head a shake. "It gets in everything. Like it's… like he's sick or something." With malaise and mistrust. "So he sneezes." …if only there were some kind of, she doesn't know, healer or something for emotional problems. If. Only.

Mur'dah shakes his head. "It's Ka'el most of the time with me, Sori. Most of the time. I can count our good times on two hands." And maybe his feet. "Just makes me wonder if it's worth it. And then I feel terrible, because I promised him I'd try to be more supportive. But it's hard to support someone who doesn't seem to /want/ it." If only indeed. Because Faranth knows Mur'dah is no good at it. His nose wrinkles a bit at her analogy, but he mostly follows it.

Soriana tilts her head as she listens to Mur'dah, and then - very slowly - she nods. "It is. It's really hard. But…" she pauses. "So why'd you promise it? In the first place?" she asks, then waves a hand. "You don't have to tell me. But… you thought it was worth it then. Did it change?"

Mur'dah has to think about that. He does, bows furrowed as he stares at the plate of goodies she brought. "Because I thought…he'd try too," he says with a little shrug. "I thought we'd both work at it. But then…" Flight Stuff. "And now it seems like he's not trying at /all/. He's…anti-trying. I promised it because I wanted it so badly. But if he doesn't want it too, then…I'm just putting all this effort into…nothing."

Mur'dah doesn't have to answer, but while he thinks about it, Soriana nibbles on some of the food from her plate. When he starts speaking again, she stops, and listens. She nods. Trying from both sides… yeah. But if both sides aren't trying… she frowns, a little, but she nods again. "I think he does. But…" he's bad at showing it? "I mean. He told you to watch me, right?" And then freaked out about Mur'dah doing it, but still. "If he didn't trust you…" deep, deep, DEEP inside where he never ever admits it, "he could have asked someone else." She sighs, and is quiet a moment before she half-smiles. "It was funny, that morning. With the titles and juggling and… all of it." Until it wasn't.

Mur'dah sighs. "He did tell me to watch you. And I /did/. I mean not that I wouldn't have /anyway/, but still. I have been checking on you, talking to you, hanging out with you…and then he fucking lost his /mind/ when I touched you. Maybe he didn't think you'd ever let me do such a thing," he says bitterly. "Maybe he didn't think I'd ever try." Another sigh. "That morning was great. Everything was back to normal, and then…"

Soriana nods to that 'anyway', with a little smile… but it goes away at the memory of Ka'el's reaction. Of… she shakes her head. "…no. That wasn't you. Ka'el's always been jealous." Always. "I just… I was hoping he'd get over it. That he'd…" She gives her head another shake. "I don't know why." A smile, rueful. "He hasn't in four turns." She shrugs, then lets her gaze drift up. "I guess, for me… that's why I'm still trying. Things like that morning. I don't want to just give up on that."

"Maybe because he doesn't think he deserves you," Mur'dah mutters. And it's harsh, but…he's not in the most Ka'el-friendly of moods right now as he picks at his food. Then he sighs. "Are you going to keep trying forever though? I just don't know how much longer I can handle it…the ups and downs, and never knowing what's going to set him off or if I'll get Good Ka'el or Bad Ka'el." Bad Ka'el needs a recall.

Soriana frowns at that mutter, but… "Maybe." It's quiet, and she looks down to her plate again. Food. Tasty food, that deserves more than picking and prodding. Maybe she'll have another bite. There. She did, and she looks up at Mur'dah again as she chews. Chewing gives her time to think about the question, and after she swallows… she has a sip of juice, and then she answers. "No. Not forever, but… I'm not done yet. I guess… if I break up with him, I want to know that I did it because I knew it was him, not me. And I'm still kinda messed up too." A pause, and then she adds, "And he's trying." That part's important.

Mur'dah watches her while she eats and thinks, though it's a distant, distracted kind of watching - like she's just in his line of sight, until she speaks. Then his eyes focus again. "How are you messed up?" he asks, sounding both surprised and…scoffing. "He's trying," he agrees with a nod. With her. Not with him. But. She's more important than him. He /knows/ this, even though it stings a bit.

Soriana sighs. "I'm…" She shakes her head, searching for an explanation, and the one she finds makes her smile. "Like him. Getting angry, just because. I've yelled at him… a lot." For her. "I get tense. I'm working on it. But even when he hasn't done anything," that moment, "I sometimes just… remember."

Mur'dah frowns, and shakes his head a bit. About to protest, but in the end he just nods, slumping in his chair. "Right," he says quietly. Then the silence, though it's not really all that silent. It's a full quiet, with the sound of the rain, and the wind, the fans going and the soft hum of electricity.

Soriana watches Mur'dah's reaction, and she nods back. Yeah. After a moment, she adds the sound of food brushed against wooden plate to the mix filling the silence, gathering a bite and then pausing. "…I really did want to see your weyr," she says softly. "And you."

Mur'dah glances up at her, mustering a warm smile. "Thank you," he says, to both, before he's looking around. "This is pretty much it, but I'm real proud of how it turned out. Bathroom in the back, and upstairs are a few bedrooms. But…I love it. So does Kalsuoth. It's…it suits us well."

Soriana returns the smile. "It looks good. It's sorta… it looks rustic in the good way? Like, you're not afraid to put your feet up on things, but there's indoor plumbing." A grin. A brief one, but it's there.

Mur'dah laughs. "That's kind of what I was going for. /Finished/," that was important, "but casual. A place friends could come by and just hang out, and come and go, and feel comfortable and at home." He shrugs.

"No holes in the roof," Soriana agrees, looking up. "Though, it'd be kinda funny if you put in a skylight. In a bedroom, maybe, and then you could look up and see the rain and remember when it would have been falling on your head." Another grin, and then she reaches for food again. A bigger bite. More appetite, now.

Mur'dah laughs. "That's a good idea…but honestly? I /really/ don't feel like cutting a hole in this place." He grins though, amused. "I like the idea though. Maybe some day…" When she takes a bigger bite he smiles, and takes one for himself too. "So what's the stupidest question you've been asked since graduation?"

"…okay, I can see that," Soriana says, and laughs. "You kinda worked hard for the not having any holes." She takes another glance around. "It looks like a completely different place, until I see the right angle and I'm like… hey, I recognize that beam!" She hehs at the question… then hmms, and ponders. "Well… there was the guy who asked me why he had to wait for his laundry, and couldn't he just get fresh clothes from the stores instead…"

Mur'dah snorts, though he's grinning. "He must have had somewhere /really/ important to get to, and really fast," he muses. "I had a guy last seven ask me if I could take him to this island he's never seen, and couldn't describe. Then got upset when I turned him down."

"That's not the worst of it, though." Soriana grins. "It wasn't even that he wanted a new set of clothes - that, I could have done - he just had this sack of dirties. And he expected me to sort them and get him a new set!" …needless to say, he was disappointed. Mur'dah's story just makes her stare. "But… how… how did he expect you to go there without anything to image? I mean, shards, it's risky enough betweening off someone else's image…"

Mur'dah shakes his head. "That reminds me of this one guy who /never/ did dishes. He just stacked them behind his place and went to buy new ones. Maybe it's the same guy…would be cheaper just to pay someone to come in and clean." Then he's nodding. "I know! I was going to get his image and find someone to confirm it with, but when he couldn't even do that…sorry, man, I can't help. He got all huffy. Demanded to see the wingleader." Shrug. "Speaking of which. You hear how they're handling wings now?" Comfortable gossip. This is easy, the brownrider beginning to relax.

"Maybe it was the same guy." Soriana laughs, then nods. "I know! I mean, just get an apprentice who wants marks for next gather. Easy." She gives her head a shake. Some people! "If he tries again, you should just take him to a random island. He won't know the difference, right?" She grins. Joking. But… "Huh?" She thinks on it a moment, and shakes her head. "I haven't." Stupid sands. Stupid lack of hearing anything. "What's going on?"

Mur'dah laughs. "That's a good idea." Not joking. He looks a bit surprised though when she admits to having not heard about the wing rotations. "Oh. They're…going to start randomly rotating everyone into leadership. Wingleader, Wingseconds…it's going to be random. Rotated. So everyone has a chance to, uh. Lead. I don't like it." As if that wasn't obvious.

The wings are the responsibility of the Weyrleader! Which doesn't mean Soriana wouldn't hear about it, usually, but it does mean that there's no reason why she has to hear about it. She tilts her head, listening to Mur'dah's explanation. "…huh." Blink. Ponder. …blink. "That's… different." Understatement. "I mean… is it just… completely random?" Head: not yet wrapped around concept.

Mur'dah nods, "Completely random," he says with another bite of food. "So there's no cries of favoritism. Random. Not sure how long the rotations will be…4 or 6 months? But…yeah. I kind of get the reason for it, but I think there's easier ways to achieve it…"
Okay, buuut… "I mean, I could see rotating wingsecond," Soriana says. "That way there's still someone who knows what they're doing." Y'know, being wingleader. Instead of… "So it could just randomly be… you? And suddenly you're the one that guy gets sent to?"
Mur'dah nods. "Exactly. It could be /me/. And I think that's a terrible idea." Shudder.

"You're a great guy, Mur'dah," Soriana says, "But… yeah." The vote of no confidence carries! "People expect stuff of wingleaders. You can't just throw someone into a job and expect them to suddenly become able to do it." She frowns. "…dragon or not."

Mur'dah nods, "I'm also sixteen and /just/ graduated. Me running a wing now would be horrible." Twitch. "But that's what they're going to do. I don't know when, but…that's the plan."

Soriana nods her agreement. "It'd be like me trying to run a Weyr." …Nova isn't part of this crazy plan, is it? Soriana's eyes widen at the thought, but… surely not. Faranth, no. That would be taking the crazy to new levels. Which, admittedly… "You heard about Darsce?"

Mur'dah sits up a bit, worry in his eyes at the start of /that/ question. "I…last I heard she was Headwoman…?" Is he behind the times? Likely.

Soriana nods confirmation. "Yeah." Mur'dah may be behind the times, but Soriana's even more so. "That. So she's headwoman now, and the wings are going to be rotating, and…" Soriana shakes her head. "It's just so… so… random."

Mur'dah nods slowly, looking…worried. "It's very random. I don't like it. I thought we'd have /consistency/ now, but…" Sigh.

"…yeah." Soriana sighs. "Things are supposed to be stable, not… new every six months. I mean… we spent that long on history lessons." Okay, yes, admittedly they were doing other stuff at the time, but still. She frowns. "What happens when somebody messes up because they can't get help?"

Mur'dah shrugs, "I don't know. N'shen said that he would pull folks if they weren't doing their job, but…ugh. I hate this idea, Sori. It makes me /so/ nervous. I think it's /bad/ but…there's nothing I can do about it. I told them what I thought…that's all I can do."

"Yeah, but what if they don't know they're not doing it? Or…" Soriana frowns. "Imagine if that guy had a bad image for you. And you couldn't confirm it, but you went to the wingleader," who's supposed to know what he's doing, "and he said to try it anyway. And…" She trails off, because she doesn't even want to say it. Besides. It's not Mur'dah who needs to be convinced… and it's not like there's anything Soriana can do, either.

Mur'dah shakes his head with a grimace, and a sigh. "I love my brother but I don't like this idea at all," he mumbles, running fingers through his hair.

"…you can love someone and think they're being stupid," Soriana mutters, then gives her head a shake. "I don't know. It's… his decision. I guess. But…"

Mur'dah glances at Soriana with a smirk. "Well we would know all about that wouldn't we?" With a low chuckle, he then shrugs. "I guess we just see how it works out…hope no one gets hurt and they come to their senses."

Soriana snorts. Or maybe it's a laugh. Just, well. "Yeah. Yeah we would." She gives her head a shake, smirking for a moment before she sighs. "I guess we do. I mean… not much else we can do. Make sure that if there's problems, N'shen hears about it? And… hope." No injuries, please.

Mur'dah nods, "Yeah. Other than that…I've got nothing." He shrugs and stretches out in his chair, closing his eyes for a moment to listen to the sound of rain. "So you're doing better?"

Soriana sighs, and nods. Can there be a problem she can do something about, one of these days? She takes a slow sip of juice, then looks back to Mur'dah. "Yeah. I am. I'm doing better. Sands are still boring." She half-smiles, then tilts her head. "How'd things go with that girl?"

Mur'dah smiles warmly at her. "I'm glad you're doing better." Then he grins, "She thought my gift was hilarious. She sent me a bag of water in return. We've hung out again, too. Just…nice. She's nice, and we have fun flying around and stuff. So yeah, it's good."

Soriana grins back, then outright laughs at the returned gift. "Nice," she agrees. "I'm glad it's working out. It's -" Soriana pauses suddenly, the laughter leaving her face. "What?" she asks, addressing the empty air. The dragonrider look. She frowns, confused and annoyed (and maybe a little worried), and after a moment, she pushes back her chair. Her gaze settles on Mur'dah again. "…I've got to get back to Luraoth."

Mur'dah pushes to his feet at her frown, glancing towards Kalsuoth. But…he's not in the loop, clearly. "Is everything okay?"

Soriana frowns. "Yeah. Probably." She gives her head a shake. "Kanekith's upset about something." The frown deepens. "And Luraoth's… she doesn't like to be alone." The bronze's company is what kept her happy this long, but now? Kanekith is leaving, and Soriana's presence is once more required. She pauses by the door, picking up the umbrella, and chases the frown away for a moment in order to smile. "Was good seeing you." But now she has to go.

Mur'dah follows her to the door, but he keeps a respectful distance. "Ah. It was good seeing you too, Sori. Take care. Any time, remember," he reminds with a little smile. "Thanks for coming." And that is soft, sincere. Emotional.

Soriana nods. "Thanks," she says and holds that smile for a moment longer. "You too." Anytime. She meets his eyes for a moment, and then - she's out, quick-striding along the muddy path and back to the sands, where she'll sit with Luraoth and fail to figure out what happened with Kanekith. Mysteries and surprises. She's coming to dislike those.

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