Beach Party!

Xanadu Weyr - Beach
The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.
The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.

It is time! Party time! Thankfully, the rain that's plagued Xanadu for a few days seem to have passed on, leaving the morning and afternoon sun to dry things up a bit. Kale has been busy on his rest day since earlier this morning, finding people to make sure they don't slack off on their promises. These /are/ other teens he's relying on to help, but luckily things have pulled together nicely enough! The beach itself doesn't look too different. There was sand yesterday, there's sand today, and the ocean is still doing its in and out pull thing as usual. But there are some subtle changes. For instance! That ring of cat sized rocks wasn't there before. A pile of wood is set in the middle with a few extra pieces strewn outside of the ring, ready to fuel a dying fire. A few lawnlike chairs are set here and there, likely to be moved whenever one feels like sitting somewhere else. A table has been carried out to accommodate food, all of which are the finger types. Fruits, sandwiches, things of that nature, and there's a bowl of what one hopes to be punch that's not spiked with anything. Datsun seems to have kept his promise, for there really /is/ a life sized statue to be seen! Thankfully, it's sans any kissing (even of the bunny sort), and it'll likely be a source of ooohs, ahs, and a few, what the hell's?

ka-el is here. Being the party planner he'd better be. Currently he's checking on the food. And by checking I mean tasting, already gnawing on a sandwich triangle while a girl in swimwear and bare-chested boy finish pouring the rest of the punch in the bowl. "This is a family recipe. Secret ingredient and all!" the sand haired fellow snickers as he moves off, leaving Kale to sort of .. eye the drink. Er. He's also dressed for beach fun! No shoes, shorts, and a sleeveless white shirt that's a size or two too large.

Here comes Soriana, with an assortment of supplies. There's a whole stack of buckets, for the spiderclaw catching contest and subsequent bake/boil/roast, and a stuffed-full bag over her shoulder. She's dressed in a loose, pale orange shirt and a pair of light brown shorts… and the shirt is hanging open in front. Fortunately for the decency of this party, she's actually wearing a swimsuit underneath for once. A two-piece in red. She grins as she approaches, but her hands are rather too full to wave!

Yes indeed it is a great beachy fun sorta time! Idrissa has already been and gone a few times to drop some things off for the party. Yes that there food is some stuff she brought. At the moment she is making her way back towards where everything is set up, she has hold of a bucket and in said bucket seems to be something(s) wiggling and scraping across the metal, there is a top upon it to make sure nothing can escape! Asher is with her, the dog has his harness on and is carrying a box tied to one side and a bag to the other with whom knows what inside, bout time he is put to good use via carrying stuffs! As she gets closer she glances around to see whom all may or may not be here. Her hair is pulled back and one may be surprised that she is wearing a bikini styled top that ties about her neck, and is a rather nice greenish-blue color an she has on a pair of simple jeans cut off shorts that have seen better days, and nothing upon her feet. "Hey Kale, Soriana." Is offered with a wave and smile.

One last dutiful look is given to the punch before Kale decides to leave it be. What's the worst that can happen? It's not like it's laced with poison .. one hopes. He moves away from the food but is caught in midstep by a call. "Hey Sori, Idrissa!" he says to the both of them, waving an arm up high as if they'll have trouble finding him. Which…they probably won't. The place is nothing near crowded! "Oh hey, you brought buckets!" And.. doh! He forgot the pot! The palm of his hand smacks his head. "I knew I forgot to write somethin' down. I left the pot! No worries, I'll send someone for it.." There's got to be a young smither around here somewhere. "Oh hey, you two look really nice!" So much skin! At least for Idrissa, and Soriana likely will look the same once that shirt comes off. "Look, there're already people here. I'm callin' it a success. We should do things like this more often.." A pause. "What's in the bucket? And the box?" he asks of Idrissa while reaching to take some of those buckets off of Soriana's hands to help.

Wouldn't be much of a family left if they laced their punch with poison, right? Soriana grins, handing over some of her buckets to Kale. "Hey Rissa, hey Kale! Hey Tored!" That last is one of the other teens here, who's waved to her. "We don't need it right away, anyhow. Well… unless we want to start the water boiling first. Do we?" She dunno! She's no cook, not even of the 'on the beach' style. "Definitely looks like success to me."

Idrissa is indeed showing a bit more skin then she normally does, and looky there is a new scar across her left arm, totally the bow's fault from archery practicing. "The box is that orange bread Soriana and I was talking about getting. I had to wait until a bit ago to get it which /wasn't/ easy mind you!" As for the bucket she gives it a slight shake, more scraping heard. "I went looking for some spiderclaws this morning and got a few that I didn't want skittering off. Some good sized ones. Found plenty and let little marks on the rocks for some of 'em to make it easier for them to find." She sets the bucket down and then goes about unting the box from Asher's harness and opens it, the bread is even still warm. "An Suzan let me have all the orange bread when I gave her half a bucket of spiderclaws so.. It worked out, she didn't even ask why." Total, win!

"Uh, I don' know how long it takes spiderclaws to cook," admits Kale, who shrugs soon after. "No problem. We'll get the pot, throw'm in, and figure it out along the way." That's the spirit! He carries the buckets to the same area in which the sparse seats available are scattered. "Orange bread? Oo, does it need a taste tester? I'm findin' out that I'm pretty grand at that job," he says, mouth watering as the aroma of the sweet bread rises to his nose once the box is opened. "Ooo, that's great Idrissa. The minute y'set it down, it'll be gone!" Asher is given a head scritch of greeting before he regards both of his friends with a grateful look. "Thanks for everything. I couldnt've done half this stuff without you guys. I'm really glad you've come. I've brought a ball for kickin', a ball for tossin', and a throwing disk." AKA a frisbee at some point in time. "D'you want to eat or play a game?"

Hey, if it's not all done at the same time, that just means the party lasts longer! Woohoo! Soriana oohs. "So you did get some!" she says to Idrissa, and grins. "Nice." Kale gets a laugh. "It's not poisoned, you know!" Not that it's the point of his taste-testing, ooooor he would have checked out the punch. Details! She just grins, then. "Hey, we couldn't just let you have a flop of a party! That'd suck." As for the question… "Eat!"

Idrissa grins. "It doesn't take that long to cook the spiderclaws in the water. Just have to get it all boiling and it'll be all good." She has had a few of these sort parties before it seems! The opened box of orange bread is offered to both Soriana and Kale for them to take a piece. "Course I did, you think I’d forget about getting the orange bread? I know, just go on and get some before I set it down." She snags a piece and takes a bite from it. "I got some seasoning stuff for the boil. It'll be good with the spiderclaws, and some corn and such." Yes she has thought this all out! "Start off eating some and then go to playing games and then go back to eating."

"Well you never know til you try," Kale points out, hungry eyeing the bread as its offered to him. He plucks out a piece of it and takes a bite. Chomp chomp swallow. Five seconds pass. "The bread passes the poison test everyone!" he declares, drawing the bewildered applause from a twelve year old who was just on her way for some food. Clap … clap. What has she gotten herself into?? Kale grins and tosses her a thumbs up before he moves to stand inbetween them both. One arm is flung around Idrissa's shoulders, the other around Soriana's. "Let's eat! The drink is supposed to be very good. There's a special ingredient. I'm thinkin' it's strawberry juice." Or vodka. Either or! "C'mon, after we eat, we can play a game! One that we can all play. Oh, have you ever gone water slidin'? This guy, er … Markelo, I think, brought these plastic boards that you can go sliding on in the shallows. He showed me earlier, and it looks wicked fun."

Yes. Running around with full stomachs is the awesomest of ideas and nothing could possibly go wrong! So Soriana reaches over and snags some of the orange bread, omnomnom, eating it with one hand as she sets down the rest of the buckets in a convenient jumble. Hey, they'll figure it out later. Soriana grins at the poor confused kid, and gives Kale's back a thump as she starts off. "It'd account for the color," she says of the punch. Strawberry, that is, not vodka. "Hafta give it a try. And.. oh, are those fried cheesybits?" This really is shaping up partylike! "Water sliding? Nah. Can give it a try!"

Well it’s not like they are going to /inhale/ a bunch of food and then go running about playing! Idrissa chuckles and nods while she lets them get hold of some orange bread and then sets the box down on the table while taking another bite from the piece she has a hold of. She hums and glances over towards the girl moving over to the table and points at the bread. "It's good!" This said with a grin before she looks to Kale and follow along with the two. "Sure… Fired cheesybits?" She questions with a soft ooo escaping her. "And water sliding sounds great."

"Fried what? Oh, is /that/ what those are?" says Kale who leans forward to get a better look at the snacks. He snickers. "You do /not/ wanna know what I thought those were. But if they're cheese.." He unhooks his arms from around them to pluck one up and pop it into his mouth. Mm .. cheesy! "Nah bad.." he says before swallowing. "There's all sorts've things. Didn't think we'd have more'n just .. fruit pieces." The varied spread sure isn't anything he's going to complain about! "Hey look, there's Xan," he says, pointing to the familiar blonde before he waves an arm to him. Xanthius looks the same as always. Pretty perfect, with his hair windswept from his face and long khaki shorts looking fashionably weathered. Sandals worn on the feet, looking as if they've never seen a hint of sand til today. Even without a shirt, as most boys, he looks so .. /together/. A wide, perfect toothed grin is sent their way and he heads over. "Long time no see, ladies. I do hope all has been forgiven and no one is holding grudges."

Soriana smirks at Kale's implied version, and eats the actual version. Which is much more palatable! "So, what, you're just accepting random snacks from whoever?" she says, and laughs. "Seems to have worked out, though." Oh, and here's Xanthius. Ah, well, turns out? In her grand scale of people to care about, he's gone down to nothing and gotten dusty in the backmost depths of his extensive closet. It's been months. She's all but forgotten him. So! "Hey, Xanthius. S'been a while." Tone: casual. Next action: going to get a cup of punch!

Idrissa smirks at Kale. "Right.." Is said while she munches on a piece of cheesy goodness! A soft hum escapes her and her bright gaze flits around until she catches sight of Xanthius and she inwardly sighs. "Hey Xanthius." She shifts a bit on her feet and huffs as she hears Kale. "Please, with as many teens here there had to be lots of food to keep them all interested." This said with a joking tone while she grins.

"Yes," answers Kale to Soriana. "I can't cook. If it was up to me, there'd be nothin' here at all." And what a sad, hungry bunch of people /that/ would make! Xanthius is greeted with a handclap, shake, chestbump thing that boys tend to do when they meet up with friends. The greeting that he receives is enough for form a happy grin on Xan's face. "It has been a while, hasn't it? So my absence has been noted. But it's been a grand time these past few months. I'll have to fill you in on the details later, and they are glorious trust me. But at the moment.." Brown eyes have turned from them to eye a pretty young thing that's admiring the statue with a friend. "I believe I'm needed elsewhere. When a game starts up, we should be on the same team!" he says, already beginning to depart, but he stops midway, eyeing Idrissa's swimwear. "Nice choice," he comments with a nod. "The color, it suits you. And styling..not bad." And then he's off! Kale can only grin, eyes rolling. "I think he missed the two've you."

Soriana returns with her punch, in time to shake her head at Xanthius's departure. "Maybe one'f these days, he'll even get a head that's not full of fluff to go with his wardrobe," she declares, but… this is Sori. That's practically being friendly and gushing. Anyway, she spends no further attention on him, instead sipping at her punch and watching as a couple of the teens start playing catch.

Idrissa ahs softly and blinks while peering over to Xanthius and blushes a tad. "Thanks." Is offered softly and scratches at her neck nervously a few times. Her gaze turns over to Soriana and she grins faintly. "Well… He’s not that bad. At least it's just wardroobe and not other 'things'." Well there was that time at the stables, but at least Xan doesn't tease her like a certain person whom she is glad to not see here! "How's the punch?"

"Doubt it," remarks Kale to Sori with a grin. "But if he was any different, he wouldn' be Xanthius!" As if that says it all! "He's changed his craft to textiles, so he's very, uh … focused on people's clothes 'n stuff." Luckily, he hasn't been asked for a wardrobe make over! "Oh hey, thanks for that," he says, reaching over to try to pluck Soriana's drink out of her hands. "Aaah, I was thirsty, how'd ya know this is just what I wanted?" He grins at her and, if he manages to snag that drink, he jogs off with it. Har!

Liiiike he wasn't focused on people's clothes before. Right. Soriana laughs. "So…. does he know Darsce?" she asks. Hey, they'd have something to talk about that was, like, professional! But then Kale steals her drink! The thief! So… she kicks his leg! Hard!

Idrissa smirks at Kale. "He was focused on that stuff before. Remember the dresses Soriana?" She questions with a roll of her eyes and blinks at Kale steals Sori's drink which makes her snicker. "Donno. I bet just about everyone knows Darsce to some degree." She goes to get some punch now as well.

Ow! Kicked! Kale is left to hop on one leg as he's /brutally attacked/ by his friend! Hop! Hop! Cue snickering from a pair of mid teen boys who lounge on the sand with a buffet of food in front of them. Kale points a finger at Soriana, still one legging it. "I'll get you for that!" As for Xan knowing Darsce, it's likely, but Kale's attention is off the question. "Idrissa, Sori kicked me. Avenge me!" Said before he takes a huge swallow from Sori's cup because apparently hopping two yards away makes one so thirsty!

Soriana sure showed him. She grins at Kale, crossing her arms in front of her. "Watchit, or next time we'll dump you in the exile islands!" For… stealing cups of punch. Yes. "Idriiissa, would you like some punch?" she asks, ever so sweetly.

"I'll do no such thing. You stole her cup." Idrissa offers with a half laugh escaping her while she takes a sip from her cup of punch. "So, how about we go play a game?" She peers over towards Soriana sipping at her cup agian. "Ah… Well I'm drinking it so..Yes?"

What? No avenging? "But…she kicked me," Kale says again because she must not have heard him correctly the first time! "See look? I bet I'll bruise an' everything.." He touches at the portion of his leg that was kicked then shoots them both a glare. Oh, wait, a game eh? Blue eyes turn from them to scan the area. Kids in the water. Kids eating. Kids sword fighting with sticks from the unlit fire…wait what? Ah, nevermind that. Ah! There it is. Grinning, he jogs off to claim an inflatable ball, carrying it beneath his arm while finishing up his stolen drink. "I've a game we can play." He sets his empty cup on the food table then brings the ball up over his head, hurling it toward Soriana. "Tag!" beach ball style, apparently. And, also apparent is the fact that he is not afraid of being dumped into the isle of exile!

Oh, well, sure Idrissa has a drink now. When'd she go and do that? Soriana laughs, and nabs another bit of orange bread instead. It's hers now! "I musta missed it," she tells Rissa, then shrugs. Then…. beach ball tag dodgeball what? Her eyes widen, and she ducks! Whiff. There goes the ball, right over her head.

Idrissa smirks as she hears Kale and looks up to eye him playful like. "I'm sure you've gotten worse working!" She offers while sipping at her cup once more and looks back towards Soriana only to catch sight of the ball flying towards her. Her eyes widen and a eeee escapes her as the beach ball smacks her square in the face causing punch to get splashed all over her. Luckily she has on the bikini top and not a shirt, and her shorts are at least free from the punch! A sputtering cough escapes her, the cup is dropped and she holds onto her nose that said cup hit her thanks to the ball!

It seems for once, Tsenik is not on delivery duty, for today he's simply wearing swimming trunks and a blanket is thrown over his shoulder. On his feet are simple sandals and he seems to be carrying a extra shirt in his hand. He slows as he spots the people gathered on the beach, "Heya!" Tsen calls out with a little wiggle of his fingers. Oh, food. He'll venture that way.

Dang, he missed! Kale is going to have to practice his ball throwing. But while he misses one girl, he slams the other! Er, right in the face? "Ooo!" says a chorus of guys who apparently witnessed the incident. Kale cringes. Uh oh. "I'm sorry! I wasn't aimin' to you," he says as he trots over to her, looking pretty guilty. Is that punch or is that blood? Someone call the infirmary quick! And ah look… it isn't a healer that arrives, but a florist!

Er. Oops? Soriana rises up from her crouch to see that Idrissa took the full ball-based brunt of that attack. Uh… right. She lets Kale get in to check things over, while taking one of the rags somebody included with the food for wiping hands (utterly unused, these are teens we're talking about) down to dip in the water for purposes of getting Rissa cleaned off! As she's on her way back from that, she notes Tsenik's arrival and waves to the florist. "Uh, hey!"

Idrissa hears everyone going 'oooo', great just what she needs at the moment, attention on her because of getting hit in the face. And there is a bit of blood thanks to the cup. "Eh, I’m fine." She offers while rubbing at her nose and rubbing at the cut from said cup before eyeing the blood on her hand. "Sure you weren't." A smirk is seen while she eyes Kale and catches sight of someone new and hehs. "Hey Tsenik." Is offered once she catches sight of someone new comes over to the table where she is trying to hide her face from staring and snickering teens.

Tsenik's eyes flicker on the scene and Tsenik arches a brow at those gathered, "Playing a bit rough with the girls? I'm no healer, but I could go get you one." After all, what is a florist to do? "You okay, Idrissa, you need any help? I could go fetch some ice or something for you."

Oh no, she /is/ bleeding! Not blood gushing or anything but still! "Duuuude, nice one," says a shaggy haired fellow of fifteen who comes up to see what the fuss is about, clapping Kale on the back. "Nailing a girl in the face! Smooth. I saw it all from right over there." He points to the left. Kale winces, again. "It was an accident," said to him, Idrissa, Tsenik, and anyone else who may be listening. Sori's coming with the wet rag, and so he's left with just his words to console her. "It doesn't look bad. Your nose isn't crooked or anything.." He looks to Tsenik hopefully. "Right? We don't need a healer.." He hopes!

Soriana has a wet rag. Soriana cleans off punch and blood. Scrubba scrubba. Soriana rolls her eyes at Kale's attempts to console Idrissa, giving her a look that says 'boys!' so clearly it doesn't need any words.

Idrissa smirks as she hears Kale and allows Soriana to help clean her up before taking hold of the rag and holds it to the cut. "It's fine, thanks though Tsenik. Just a cut. I've gotten worse at the stables." She smirks hearing the shaggy haired kid and peers over at him. "Want him to nail you in the face? Kale is totally deadly with a ball as you have seen."

The florist looks between the people gathered, a hand rubbing at the back of his head. "I'll go get a healer, just to make sure. If it was really hard, you might have a concussion, you don't want that." Tsenik gathers up his things once again, "Better to be safe than sorry!" Tsen calls with a grin, whirling on his foot to head back the way he came. So much for enjoying some time off at the beach!

Shaggy hair boy does not want to get nailed in the face, no he does not! "Oh I believe you.." he says taking a few steps back, grinning cheesily and holding his palms out to her. Just step away sloowwwlllyy. Kale watches the other kid head off to escape to go play in the water with a few others. Kale steps aside a little as Soriana cleans her up, and really, without the punch and the dribble of blood, it looks much less traumatic! He flexes an arm to show off muscle, which he has a little more of now than when he first arrived on Xanadu! "Guess I don't know my own strength huh?" he says, grinning. But now Tsenik is off on a good will mission for a healer. "Wait, we don't really need one. Have some punch!" he calls in his wake.

Ohhh, concussions! Soriana rolls her eyes at that. "Those are such a pain," she informs Idrissa. "I mean, seriously. Taking it easy? Who ever heard of that?" It's boring is what it is! But, it's too late now, 'cause there'll likely be a healer involved and those are always such spoilsports. "Hey, but maybe they'll bring Mikal, and he'll get to see a party but have to be responsible."

Idrissa blinks as she hears Tsenik. "It was just a little ball, I don't think anyone could get a concussion from one of them.." An unsure glance is sent towards Soriana and then Kale. "I'm fine really. It's just a cut from the cup." A faint sigh escapes her and she lifts her head up slightly while shaking her head. "I'm sorry.." Is murmured to her friends while peering at the rag she has hold of, the cut still bleeding some.

Time to deter thoughts away from concussions and cuts, because such things are not fun! "We're not here to take it easy. C'mon, look!" he points to a kid who found the, for lacking of a better word, boogie boards! To Kale, laying on your belly riding the little waves does look like fun. Much more than a lecture from a healer may be. "Let's try that. It'll wash off the punch, an' plus it's hot out here."

Yes! That is partytime sort of thing! So Soriana goes off to do it and otherwise enjoy herself!

Idrissa dabs at her cut nose a few more times before peering after Kale. "Alright alright, grab me one!" She calls out as she pauses long enough to wiggles out of her jean shorts and is left in the whole bikini bit, the bottoms more 'shorts' style. She then follows after Kale towards the water.

One thing about beach parties, a /great/ thing he might add, is to see people in beachwear! Specifically girls. Specifically .. heh, Idrissa. Of /course/ Kale kinda slows down and notices Idrissa's new undressed self. Though maybe he's like Xanthius and is merely appreciating the color and make of her swimsuit. .. Ha. Riiight. No one stares that hard at a swimsuit. Wait, he's staring? "Uh.." He blinks out of it and shakes his head. Focus, Kale! Snapping back to attention, he moves to snag two plastic boards for themselves. Luckily, there are three left! "This one's saved," he tells a younger kid who lingers nearby. Grinning now, he trots back to Idrissa, offering her one. "You know how to use it? Looks pretty easy."

Idrissa doesn't know a certain person is staring at her, if she knew someone was staring at her she might be pulling her clothing back on. Seeing how she /never/ bares this much skin! She hums while peering at plastic board and takes hold of it before glancing towards whom all is using said thing in the water already. "Well… No but I bet I could figure it out. You know how?" A glance is offered back to Kale while tilting her head.

"Huh?" Er, sorry. Got caught staring again, though luckily he snaps out of it before he makes it too obvious. Kale grins sheepishly and combs his fingers through his hair once. "Nope, buuut it doesn't look hard. I bet I could do it on the first try." He sets his board down on the sand and pulls off his tshirt, tossing it to the ground. He glances at the other kids who are running and sliding on the boards. Some further out on the waves, others near the shoreline. He picks up his board, flashes her a grin, and then starts running! His feet splash in the shallow waters then he leaps forward, positioning the plastic board under him. "Woooo!" He whizzes on the water's surface, spraying up water around him, then..loses his balance and rolls off. Splash!

Idrissa did sorta catch some of him staring now and tilts her head to peer at herself. "What… Do I still have blood on me or somethin'?" She touches her nose where the cut is but doesn't seen any fresh blood. Shrugging she watches the kids running with the board and then Kale, a laugh escapes her and she grins while following after him. The board is dropped as a wave is just coming in and she manages to hop up on the board and moves one way and then another with her feet and hips riding it for a few short seconds which makes her laugh.

Kale rolls in the shallows once before he sits up, hair dripping. Luckily, he's up in time to see Idrissa's go at it, and he grins, shouting encouragement as he pumps a fist. "Yeah, go Idrissa, go!" Such a better go than him. She didn't fall! He picks himself up and wades a little deeper in the water, eyeing some of the others' techniques. Ah, he can totally do this. He turns his back to the sea and glances over his shoulder, waiting for the next wave. 3…2,1,go! He jumps forward, belly on his board again, catching a wave. "Woo!" He clutches the sides of the plastic, this time keeping his balace through the whole ride, washing up to the shore.

The party is going in full swing. There's food located on a table, though most of it has been gobbled up by hungry teen bellies! The stone circled bonfire is in the process of being lit by a circle of teens with dragonlizards nearby. The large carving has a set of admirers poking at it and touching the detailed carvings upon the faces. Idrissa and Kale are two of a handful who are out in the water, sliding around in the shallows on plastic boards.

Idrissa grins as she hears Kale and continues to ride the wave until it doesn't go anymore. She hops off the boogie board this and picks it up. "That is so cool!" Is heard while she turns around to watch the waves as she moves to catch up to where Kale has went back into the water. She waits a few moments before running forward, the board it dropped back into the water and she jumps back on it riding it once more. She has on a greenish-blue bikini, the bottoms more shorts like though, hair pulled back and there seems to be a cut on her nose. The girl can't seem to not get hurt in some way or fashion!

*Gasp!* Once again, Datsun appears without his pack. Is this a new trend? The Journeyman comes down the stairs, grinning at the ongoing party. He's barechested, wearing royal blue swimshorts that extend past his knees, a towel slung over a shoulder. It takes him a while to locate his friends, navigating through the crowd, quickly grabbing a sweetroll when he sees one, biting it. As his gaze turns out to the water, he finally catches sight of the others, "Glad to see it's still going!"

Kale again rolls off of his board, though this time it's on purpose, onto the wet stand, allowing it to wash up at his side. "I'm gonna /buy/ one've these things!" he proclaims as he reaches over and holds the board up above his head. Grinning, he sits up, sand sticking to his bare back as he peers out at the water, spying Idrissa surfing on her boogie board, standing again. "I'm gonna try that," he claims, standing up. Buut what's this? He glances back at a call, grinning upon seeing Datsun. "Hey! Glad you could make it. Your statue's /wicked/ cool!" he compliments, brows lifting. "Come over here! Have you tried usin' these?" he asks, holding up his plastic body board.

Wakua comes onto the beach and she's dressed in her usual clothes although she does have her bag with her. She's fresh from the forge as she wanted to come here before the party is all done. She heads over towards the others and gives a smile as she sees the statue. She shakes in front of it, "He really did a great job of it."

Idrissa is able to ride the wave for a bit longer before she loses her balance and goes *splash* into the water. At least its deep enough that she won't hurt herself! She stands up once back in shallow water laughing as she goes to fetch the board. "This is great.." She gives her head a shake and splashes on out of the water onwards towards where Kale and Datsun can be found. "Hey Datsun."

Datsun drops his towel onto the sand, stepping ankle-deep into the water over to Kale, peering at the plastic body board, "Oh, thanks! It was a blast making it. I don't usually get /that/ messy." He comments about the statue, "But this material… I saw it a few times on my travels. I think it's called… 'plaaztik'?" He mangles the word, obviously not used to the term as he reaches out to touch the foreign material (at least to him). "Thanks, Wakua! Hey 'Rissa." But his eyes don't come off the board as he greets the other two.

"Oh, hey there," Kale says as Wakua joins them as well, his grin growing. "You made it too! Awesome. I was jus' showin' Datsun these boards. There's a couple more not bein' used," he gestures a short ways down the beach. "But uh…" he eyes her clothes. "You're not really dressed the part." Hearing Datsun butcher the word, he grins and offers a helpful, "Plastic. Uh huh, that's what it is. Smooth an' light. Floats. Try makin' that with most metal and you'll sink to the bottom've the sea!"

Wakua smiles, "Yah I just gotta go change in the bushes and I'll come out and join you." She heads over to the privacy of the bushes to change into her bathing suit. She comes out in a two piece bikini and she puts her stuff down next to the others. She runs over to the others, "Hey what do you have there?"

Idrissa ohs while peering at the board. "Well, dono what this plastic is. But the boards are really fun to use." This said with a nod, she has on a bikini as well, greenish-blue in color, and the bottoms are rather shorts like. "And I liked the statue Datsun. I bet bunnies would have been too cute and caused all the boys to run off screaming."

Rapping the board, Datsun huhs, "Plaaztik. Well, I'll give it a try. It /does/ look fun." Eyes go up and down the beach, looking at other kids using the boards as well, noting where the unused ones are. "Thanks, 'Rissa. Oh, yeah?" Datsun asks, grinning as he walks around Idrissa, "That's weird. I don't see a bushy bunny tail on you." A wink as he heads off to go and get one of the boards.

"Here," Kale says, offering his board to Wakua once she returns. "You can have mine. Well .. it's not /mine/ but y'know. You can have the one I was using. I'll find another!" He eyes Idrissa's board with a devious look. "I might just take that one there.." he says, wiggling his fingers. Datsun's comment regarding her lacking a tail has him glancing at him, then snickering a little before he stealthily reaches out to try to snag her board from her.

Wakua smiles at Kale, "Thanks." She looks over the board and she hmmms as she looks to see how the others are using it so she won't look like a total idiot out there.

Idrissa blinks and peers at herself before smirking at Datsun, though it does make her blush. "Har har.." Hearing Kale she grins and pulls the board away quickly and turns to run the other way. "Have to come get it!" She calls out to Kale.

Retrieving one of the boards, Datsun returns, carrying it like he sees others carrying theirs, under one arm. "How do you do this?" queries the teenager to Wakua, bringing the board out in front of him, eyeing it critically. Watching others do it, he smirks at Idrissa and Kale, "You two…" A shake of his head before he attempts to mimick others using the boards. Datsun takes off at a run, heading towards the water, jumping high, bringing the board to his chest as he slams into the water… before tipping over and going head over heels, disappearing underwater.

Wakua shrugs a little bit and smiles, "I don't know let's leave the love birds alone." She giggles as she runs into the surf and splashes about as she gets deep enough to jump. She slams into the water and laughs as the water gets all over her.

No worries, Wakua! Kale has looked like a total idiot enough times for everyone! "Jus' run and slide," he encourages to them both before he goes to claim his own board. That is, the board that's already been claimed by Idrissa. He takes off after her (thankfully missing any /love bird/ comment!) bare feet kicking up sand as he runs. "Give up, I'm faster than you!" he calls from a few feet behind her, hopping over the legs of a tanning girl, getting an indignant, "hey!" in the process. He reaches an arm out, stretching it towards Driss. Reeeeach!

Idrissa manages to miss the 'love bird' comments as well. "You wish!" Is called out to Kale while she continues to run. She manages to keep /just/ out of reach and turns towards the water. Doing so she catches sight of Datsun disappearing under the water, hopefully he knows how to swim! Or maybe from all the wood he has worked with he can float? Once she makes it to the water's edge she continues to run through the shallows laughing as she goes.

Datsun reappears in the shallows, spluttering out the water with his hair plastered to his forehead. He trudges back through the water to the shoreline to try again. However, his mind is elsewhere as he slicks back his hair with his hand, the board retrieved again as he lost his hold on it and put under his arm. His path intersects with Idrissa's own running path…

Wakua laughs as he comes up out of the water and she splashes around as she rides on the waves using the body board. She laughs each time the water crashes over her. She pretty much ignores Kale and Idrissa in favor of having fun.

Kale's feet splash into the shallows perhaps a second after Idrissa's do. He's not giving up! Just an inch more and he'll have her! Er, the board, not her. He's after the plastic board thing, right! Somewhere to the left, there's a collective cheer as the bonfire is successfully lit, and it's not long before the smell of burning wood begins to permeate the area. Kale is too focused on his task to notice the new flames. He's gained a few centimeters, just a little more.. But woah, where did Datsun come from? Collision is eminent! "Watch out!" he calls ahead while he slows down.

Idrissa continues to run through the shallows, glancing back to see where Kale is a few times an thus missing Datsun's appearing form. Well something like this was bound to happen right?… She looks back just in time to catches sight of Datsun suddenly there and she yelps before crashing right into him. Well the board that Kale wanted so badly is dropped and the two are falling back into the water.

Yet another board is added to the mix, the impact causing Datsun to lose hold of the thing again, flying up into the air. "Hey!" is yelped out at the crash, the Journeyman's head snapping forward as he falls, limbs becoming tangled up with Idrissa's. Prone in the water, Datsun splutters out the water again, peering up at Idrissa. "…Can I help you?"

Wakua comes up out of the water in time to see the crash between the two and she winces as she gets up. She trudges over towards the pair in the water, "Are you two all right?" She asks as she pushes her hair out of her face. She looks for any blood or limbs bent at odd angles.

Wince! There's the crash. And there goes one of the boards flying out of someone's hand. And down goes Idrissa and Datsun. Kale splashes up not long after, coming up beside Wakua, bending down with his hands pressed to his knees. "I'm not gonna say anything. Last time I said anythin' about blood, there was blood. So this time, /no/ blood or injury or .. uh, anything. Right?" he tips his head to one side.

Idrissa is just great, she gets hit in the face with a ball and then goes about crashing into Dastun, what else could /possible/ happen?! She coughs and sputters out herself, and faint mutter escapes her and she soon blinks peering at Datsun. "Um… I'm sorry!" Her cheek flush and she attempts to untangle herself from Datsun in the process. "I'm fine!" Yup, just bruised ego really, she'll be sore later that's for sure.

Datsun somehow figures out which limbs are his and helps Idrissa untangle them, pushing her up before doing so for himself. Standing again, he checks himself, feeling a bit of a burn on his side, "Sand is /not/ ideal for sliding…" he mutters, rubbing the spot. Looking around, Datsun asks, "Where did my board go?"

Wakua nods, "I think they are just gonna be bruised. I don't see any blood or broken bones." She hmms as she looks around it, "I think it's over there." She goes to get it for Datsun before it washes away and she comes back to give it to him.

Hmm. "I'll have to watch you for one whole single day, Idrissa. I wanna see how many accidents you get into," says Kale with a grin, brow arching as he helps her up too. A helping hand is offered to Datsun as well, offering an arm to help pull him up with. As Wakua retrieves his board, he glances around for Idrissa's. "Hey!" he protests, seeing a teenage boy snatch it up and ride off on it. He shakes a fist his way. "Get back here, we were usin' that!" but his efforts are in vain. Sigh. "Sorry Idrissa. I tried my hardest, but I'll go chase'm down if you want me to," said with a grin. "Rough him up a little." Because Kale is such the violent type and all!

Idrissa smirks as she hears Kale and ehs softly while rubbing at her neck a few times. She slowly shifts and makes her way on out from the water. "Oh funny Kale. Seems the only time it happens is when I'm around you." This said while she grins slightly. "Eh it's alright. I think I'm sorta done with it at the moment." She moves over to a blanket and sits down on it, rest time before she manages to really hurt herself.

"Thanks," says Datsun as he accepts Kale's helping hand, standing up. Performing a visual check on himself, he seems to be A-OK for the most part. "Thanks, Wakua." as he accepts the board from her but takes a moment to walk over to Idrissa on the blanket, "I'm sorry, I wasn't paying attention to where I was going."

Wakua nods, "Well glad you two aren't hurt. I'm going back out to swim." She keeps her board as she heads off with another group of teens and she starts to use the body board to splash in the waves with the other teens, a mix of boys and girls. She laughs as a splash fight breaks out.

"Then maybe I should stay far far away then, huh?" remarks Kale to Idrissa, smirking at her as she heads out of the water. As Datsun follows her, he turns to watch Wakua play around with the others. Then glances to the bonfire, where a ring of people have settled around it, shadows growing long in the dimming light. Then to a few who are playing with the infamous beach ball. He smirks to himself, then heads out of the water to join the other two. "M'gonna see if there's any orange bread left. Want anything? You want anything, Wakua?" he calls out to her too.

Idrissa blinks as she hears Kale and glance to him, a slight frown seen. "Don't have too." She points out, though soon drops it once she is sitting on the blanket. Her bright gaze drifts to Datsun and she smiles to him. "It's alright. I should have been looking where I was going too." A slight shrug seen before she peers over to Kale. "Did anyone go and get that pot you were talking about?"

Datsun watches Wakua's splash fight, then the bonfire. Idrissa gets a nod of agreement, "Nobody got killed, so I call that good." Kale is looked at as he speaks, "Actually, I /am/ a bit hungry. Is there anything left at all? That repair I had to do made me peckish."

Wakua hears someone calling her and it is getting a bit cooler as the sun starts to go down. She heads in with the other teens and she goes over to put the board with the others and she gets her towel on to dry off, "Some food?" She asks as she comes over, "Sure I'd be up for some food and a mug of klah."

"My pot!" Kale facepalms (again) "I forgot to tell someone to go get it. An' you brought those spiderclaws…" He makes an apologetic face, but then perks a bit. "Hey.. Soriana brought those buckets…they're metal. They can keep boiled water." Maybe spiderclaws are on the menu. He hurries back to the table to see what spread is left. It's a dismal sight. Just one piece of orange bread. Two meatrolls, and a few apple halves. Everything else has been devoured! He takes what's left, grabs a bucket, and brings it back to Idrissa's towel. "There's punch.." he says to Wakua.

Idrissa nods to Datsun and chuckles softly. "Ya.. It is rather good in that regard." She offers softly before looking to Kale as he comes back over with the bucket in hand. "I bet they will work as well. Want to get some water in it?" This questioned while she picks up her bag looking around in it before pulling out a small jar and then goes about finding the bucket of spiderclaws she brought with her. With bucket in hand she humms softly. "Let's all go on over to the fire ya?" This questioned while she smiles.

Datsun peers at the choices Kale brings, "Eh… They don't look all that appetizing now…" However, at the mention of spiderclaws, Datsun perks up, "Let's do that instead! It'll be more fresh than this stuff." Clearly he's all for the spiderclaws. "I can teach you guys a trick I learned on my travels with a spiderclaw if you'll give me one."

Wakua nods, "Punch would be fine." She catches the last bit of orange bread and she sits down on the sand by the fire to happy munch on it. "Spiderclaws sound good, just how are you going to make them?" She asks as she scoots over a little bit.

Kale has to agree with Datsun. The food was much fresher hours ago before teenage hands got a hold of it. But spiderclaws..yum! "Uh huh, awesome. Spiderclaws jus' for us!" Leaving the handful of food he nabbed behind, Kale hads off to the shoreline and wades in a bit to scoop up a bucketful of a salt water. He carries it back to shore, sloshing just a little as he makes his way to the fire. "Boil'm of course," he says to Wakua. If Kale knows nothing else, he knows fire! The bonfire itself is too large for their task, but he goes about making a smaller pit for them to use, using his hand to scoop away some sand, placing a few leftover woodchips and sticks together, then very, very carefully catching a flame from the main fire to light their smaller one, nursing it til it flames up. Ta da! A regular caveman he is. He sets the waterbucket on.

Idrissa ohs as she hears Datsun. "Sure, what sorta trick is it?" She questions curiously while setting the bucket that has the spiderclaws within it, it also has a top to keep them from escaping! As Kale goes about making a different fire for the bucket she ohs and smiles. "Smart idea." She offers with a nod.

"A way to cook them. One of the guys I sailed with taught me. Useful if you ever should find yourself stranded on an island." Not that there's much risk of that happening /here/… Datsun grins at the sounds of the spiderclaws scuttling around inside the bucket, "Mmm… Those apple halves will come in handy." Kale is watched, nodding his approval, "That's a good Smith right there." He almost sets off before he realizes he's missing something he needs. "Erm… this is a first for me. Does anyone have a sharp knife I can borrow? I know, I'm a bad Woodcrafter." A shrug.

Wakua nods, "Sounds good to me too bad we didn't have some veggies to add to it." She hmms as she gets up to get a knife from her pack and she offer it handle first to Datsun, "Here you go." It has the sheath on it. She stands there to see what Datsun is going to do.

Kale grins slightly at the compliment from both Idrissa and Datsun, though now that the fire's going he needn't stick by it. "I have a hammer…" he says as he leans back from the flames, though a hammer may not be so helpful. He rests on his knees, watching Datsun curiously. Of course he'll pay attention! In case he's stranded on an island, he doesn't want to have to say 'dang! I should've paid more attention to Datsun when he was teaching me how to survive.'.

Idrissa settles down upon the sand next to Kale and watches Datsun curiously. She grins and chuckles softly. "You had to borrow a knife?.." Hearing Wakua, she turns and points towards a box that has corn in it that everyone has been roasting over the fires whenever they wanted it. "Have some corn, there were some tubers but they may have been eaten already."

Datsun accepts the knife Wakua lends him, checking the blade's edge with a finger, testing the weight in his hand. "Hmm. It'll do." A grin is offered to her before he shrugs guiltily at Idrissa, "I know, I know… I wanted to get down here quick after I couldn't come earlier and forgot about my own knives." Yeah, that's a good excuse. The borrowed knife is tucked into the waistband of his swimshorts. The Woodcrafter sets off at a run towards a tree by the shore, leaping up when he gets to the tree, grabbing the trunk with both arms, clinging to it and using his feet to climb up until he reaches a large frond. Cutting the frond off, Datsun jumps back down, landing with his knees bent before strolling back over. "That hammer's useful, actually. You can smash up the apple halves with it. Provided it's clean." is directed to Kale.

Wakua watches Datsun check the blade and then uses it. She heads off to get some corn, "Does anyone else want any while I'm up?" She asks as she picks out a piece of corn to add to the pot so that it will boil too rather than trying to roast it." She sits down, "So what after you going to do with those fronds?"

Kale sits up on his knees a bit as Datsun goes running off, glancing at Idrissa momentarily qith a questioning look. Then, up he goes, climbing the tree like a nimble animal. And for … a frond? "Are you gonna fan us?" he asks, opening his arms a bit and turning his head, inviting a nice breeze. He grins though, a playful look on his face, and when he asks for his hammer he smirk. "My hammer is polished every day," he says while rising. Er, no pun intended. He darts off to the food table, shuffling around in his bag that rests behind it til he retrieves a standard looking smith's hammer. On his way back, he plucks up the apple slices. "Wait. Smash like…applesauce smash?" HULK SMASH!

Idrissa blinks as she watches Datsun run off and climb the tree, and pull down the frond. "I dono why he would want to fan you with it." This said to Kale while she snickers softly. A soft oh escapes her. "Hammer made applesauce, totally should market it."

Datsun grins at Kale, doing what he suggests, fanning each one with the frond, "Yes, Lord Holder and Lady Holders. I shall fan you." Then he settles down into a seating position, cutting up the frond into two squares with the knife, stripping the remains of the leaf to form twisting cords. "Applesauce smash, yup. Exactly the sort of thing you're perfectly suited for!" Then to Idrissa, "I'll make two spiderclaws and you can cook the rest your own way. Can you toss me one?"

Wakua watches the cooking going on and she doesn't know anything about cooking. She hmms, "That does look kind good are you going to cook it over the fire?" She asks curiously as she wonders what it's going to taste like.

Heh. Awesome. Kale grins at the ok to use his hammer for what hammers are best used for, and to get a solid surface he moves one more time to claim one of the stones that surround the main fire, bringing it back to their makeshift …, er stove! He brushes off the surface (hey, it's mostly clean!) and sets the apples down upon it. To his credit, he doesn't go crazy with it, knowing /too/ much power will splatter apple stuff everywhere. So he goes about gently pounding. "You learned this while sailing?" he asks. He glances to Idrissa, offering her the hammer. "Here. We can go into apple mashing business together."

Idrissa nods to Datsun and goes about taking the top off the bucket and eyes the spiderclaws before reaching in to pull one out. It takes a few moments to make sure she doesn't get pinched by the claws but she get one and offers it to Datsun. "Naw, that is all your business Kale. I wouldn't want to step in all over your dreams after all."

"Ow! Why, you little jerk!" Datsun comments as he reaches for Idrissa's spiderclaw only to be pinched by it. Quickly darting his hand, he takes the spiderclaw's body, holding it from the back so it can't pinch him anymore. "Yeah, the guy I sailed with taught me once we got to Western since the boat had to be unloaded and resupplied then stayed a couple of days for shore leave." All this is said while waving the spiderclaw around in the air, one claw very nearly missing his ear before Datsun turns it upside-down on the sand. "We're not eating the frond, it's just to hold the spiderclaw." is explained to Wakua, grinning as he uses the knife point to point at the scales on the claw's underbelly. "See the triangle? Spiderclaws don't have brains like we do." The knife's point is tapped against his temple, before it's brought back down to the triangle scale close to the back of the belly, "This is where everything meets. Muscle, nerves, all that. This is how you kill one quickly. Strike it at the point of the triangle or along the sides." Then the knife is drawn back and a quick strike home, sticking through the spiderclaw.

Wakua winces, "Careful Datsun. How bad did it get you?" She watches and listens as Datsun explains about spiderclaws. "I know I've eaten spider claws before Datsun, but thank you for explaining it anyway." She looks to Kale, "Go ahead and smash all you want."

Kale snickers and nods to Idrissa, going back to his gentle mashing of the apple. He watches the exchange of the spiderclaw from hand to hand, squinting his eyes a little as one of the pincers gets Datsun. Ow! His eyes remain on the sea creature as he mash mash mashes, leaning forward to get a better look at the triangle area that's pointed out to him, nodding as it is explained the importance of it. The kill spot? Noted, and as the knife is struck through that very spot, Kale peels away the apple's skin, the only thing that doesn't get mashed. "And…this?" he asked, gesturing to the apple goo that he's created.

Idrissa blinks at Datsun and hehs softly. "I imagine they are a wee bit mad being in the bucket for a while." This said with an amused tone. She tilts her head slightly and peers at what is done to the spiderclaw, a slight nod seen but she doesn't interrupt him as she listens. "Ya…what do you do with the apple?" She quesions while peering at the knife wilding Datsun. His dangerous to any spiderclaws around that is for sure!

Datsun shrugs at Wakua, "Most people just toss 'em in the boiling pot." He answers her, glancing at where the spiderclaw pinched him, a red spot on the side of his hand, "Eh, I'll live." A grin, looking down at the now-dead spiderclaw, positioning his knife at certain areas to create a split through the shell by tapping his fist against the hilt, cutting the meat in half, "That apple mash goes in between the meat. Then you put it in those front squares." A nod at the squares, "Fold it and tie it up then take some embers from that fire. Then you just put it on top and wait. If you'll give me the apple mash and the second spiderclaw, please."

Wakua nods, "True but they are good when you fry them up too." She watches the demonstration that Datsun puts on and she goes to get another spiderclaw for Datsun. She avoids the claws as she shows she learned what Datsun told her as she uses another knife from her pack to kill it and split it open before she hands it to Datsun.

"Aye, so it's your fault he got bitten. Er .. pinched," says Kale to Idrissa, smirking at her. "Glad I wasn't born a spider claw an' stuffed in /your/ bucket. Cramped. No light…unloved 'n forgotten," he shakes his head, putting on a miserable face. But oh…yes. Apple time! "Inside?" he echoes, lifting a brow. "Y'know….that actually sounds kinda good. An' the frond keeps it all from fallin' out?" he assumes as he lifts the stone, holding out the mash to him. "I've only had'm boiled … or however they make'm in the cavern. But I don' think they've ever made them like this." He grins as Wakua takes it upon herself to get the second claw ready for the stuffing. "Nice."

Idrissa blinks at Kale and smirks while eyeing him curiously a moment. "What.. if you was one you'd want to be stuffed into my bucket?" She questions with a curious tone, a slight shake of her head seen while she looks back to what Datsun does. "Well, if you all want we can make more like how Datsun is doing 'em. I don't mind as there's plenty in the bucket and we can do whatever."

Datsun grins at Wakua, "Well done! I'm glad someone was paying attention. Aye, they're delicious fried too." He agrees, taking the prepared spiderclaw from Wakua, "Thanks." Nodding at Kale, "It'll be delicious. I'll share, one half for each of us." Taking the stone from Kale, Datsun begins to stuff the spiderclaws with the apple mash into the splits and cuts with the knife. "Just goes to show how he'd like to be treated by you, huh, Idrissa?" A laugh as he folds up each spiderclaw in each frond square, using the twisted cords to tie them all up. By now the fire's embers have been ready, and Datsun uses the knife to take some out. The tied spiderclaws are then placed on the embers and the Woodcrafter cleans the knife with sand. "That was the last of the apple. We only had like, two or three to start with?" A look is sent to Kale to confirm.

Wakua smiles, 'Thanks. I do my best to pay attention when someone is teaching." She takes off the towel to dry her hair. She heads over to her pack to put the knife away after cleaning it off and she pulls on an extra pair of pants and a shirt with sandals.

"/Wouldn't/" says Kale, using his free hand to poke at Idrissa once the stone with the mash is taken from him. "And aye, that was the last've the apples. If I'd've known we were goin' to make a feast with them, I would have saved more! But that's alright. We'll try these when they're done, an' if we like'm, we'll know next time to bring apples just for stuffin'." He watches the spiderclaws, now roastng on the embers. "The others can be boiled…or set free, whichever." He glances around. Some party goers still linger, though it's been long enough that those left have settled down and sit in small groups or pairs on the sand around the fire or near the statue. "M'sure they'll still be eaten by who's left."

Idrissa chuckles as she hears Datsun. "SO I can see." She eyes Kale playful like before looking over at the bucket of watch which is at last boiling. "Can just go ahead and cook 'em. There not a bunch of them." With Datsun dealing with the few spiderclaws she picks up the bucket with the spiderclaws left within it and moves over to the bucket of boiling of boiling water and goes about dumping the spiderclaws on into the water a little at a time.

Datsun keeps an eye on his roasting spiderclaws, blinking, "Oh, I forgot your question, Kale. The leaves keeps everything together, yeah, but it also helps concentrate the heat and doesn't let the 'claws be burned." The now-cleaned knife is then handed back to Wakua, "Thanks again." A grin as he settles back again, watching the boiling pot. "I really like it here, guys. I'd forgotten what it was like to see friends everyday. I'm thinking about putting in a request for a post here."

Wakua smiles as she gets the knife back, "You are welcome Datsun. I hope you do get posted here. It's nice to have you here." She puts her knife away and sits back down, "Mmm it's starting to smell good."

Kale peers over Idrissa's shoulder as she takes care of the rest of the spiderclaws. Plop, plop. "These don't take long, do they? You said before they finish pretty fast?" Why does he ask? Well the gurgling of his stomach may be an indicator. Other than the sandwich he ate and the one piece of orange bread, he's been too busy to eat! And Wakua's right, everything is smelling really good! He plops down to sit again, eyes turning to Datsun. "Yeah?" he says, brightening. "That's great! You're sure you're not gonna be bored here? I mean, after travelin' the world…"

Wakua sits by the fire after they ate the delicious meal that Datsun made, but after that Datsun and Idrsisa had to go. Leaving the two smiths by themselves on the beach near the fire. She rubs her hands, "This is a great party you put on."

Kale walked Idrissa off a bit to the edge of the beach, glad that Datsun was there to accompany her away. It is, by now, evening and no girl should be out walking by herself at night. But now, he's back at the fire with Wakua, a stick in his hand as he idly pokes at the fire. He grins over at her, draping an arm over his upturned knee. "Thanks. Was hopin' it wasn't boring. I mean .. I jus' thought it up one day an' decided to do it. I'm no big party planner." He smiles a little. "But I guess it did turn out alright in the end. M'glad you were able to make it after all."

Wakua smiles, "Yah I was able to finish up all my work to make it down here. No spin the bottle though." She teases Kale and she's glad he came back to sit with her as she enjoys the last bits of the party. "Or did you play that earlier?"

Kale laughs and gently smacks his forehead. "Another thing I forgot," he admits. "I was so worried about havin' everything together, makin' sure it wasn't a drag, I forgot about spin the bottle. That's alright though, I think. There was enough kissin' going on without any bottle." He chuckles, then waves a hand. "Not me. Other kids. Saw some older guys earlier by the statue, an' I could bet there were others." He grins gently, again poking the fire.

Wakua chuckles, "Oh well, guess we'll have to wait til the next party to play it." She snickers, "Yah I'm surprised some adults didn't try to crash it or say that it needed to be chaperoned. LIke we are all just gonna get naked and go crazy."

"Mmm, there was one adult who came," muses Kale. "But he was alright, an' he left kinda quick after Idrissa hurt her nose. He never sticks around for long. He's a flower guy. Buuut, yeah, I know what ya mean," he snickers. "I was hoping no one showed up to bust us all. Nothing bad happened…" he grins, "actually, I'm kinda surprised nothin' bad did happen. Nothin' major, I mean. Like somebody gettin' naked and goin' crazy," he jokes.

Wakua nods, "I know him, he seems like a nice guy, hopefully he'll be able to start his flower shop here and not have to go else where." She looks around and snickers, 'The night is still young…"

Kale tips his head up to regard the evening sky, a gentle smirk curving up one side of his mouth. "Guess so. What do you wanna do?" he asks, head tilting a little. "I've got a throwing disc, we could swim. There's no more food left so that's out. Can't spin a bottle," he grins playfully, brows lifting. "What ya have in mind?"

Wakua smiles, "I'm fine with just sitting by the fire. What do you have in mind?" She asks and shakes her head, 'I just got out of the forge not too long ago I'm not in the mood to be running around after a disk."

"Oh, good," says Kale, slouching forward with an exhale. "Cuz I don' think I can run around after anything anymore. An' I might jus' drown in the water. You'd have to save me. Can you swim?" He smirks over at her. "You're not tired of bein' by a fire after workin' in the forges all day?"

Wakua smiles, "Yah I can swim I was out there early, I suppose we could go out again if you wanted." She shakes her head, "No I love to work in the forge, just don't want to work in the forge all day than run after a disk." She smiles, "So whatcha wanna do go skinny dipping." She teases.

Kale laughs and shakes his head. "No," he answers. "Why, do you? People do that here, huh? Nah, the only time you'll see me naked is in the baths." A pause and he thinks over what he said. "Eh, not that I plan on takin' a bath with you or anything," he says, grinning. "Have you done it before? I bet you have."

Wakua hmms, "Skinny dipping? Yah a couple of times. Oh why wouldn't you wanna take a bath with me?" She teases, "I know I've seen you naked in the baths before."

"I don't think you have," remarks Kale, grinning. "Y'see, I take care to make sure that I'm only there when there are only guys. Or when I'm by myself." He gently rubs at his chin, eyeing her with slightly squinted eyes. "Naah, I would've remembered seein' you. That is, unless you're secretly stalkin' me.." he says. Dun dun duun!

Wakua chuckles, "Nope I'm not secretly stalking you. I'm sure you would have." She teases, "I was just kidding around with you."

Kale snickers and rolls his eyes, reaching over to push at her shoulder. "I know you were, an' so was I. I don't really think you're stalking me." He gives her a shifty eyed expression. "I /hope./" He grins afterwards and looks back at the fire, feeling the warmth on his face. "What made you wanna be a smither? Is it a family thing for you?"

Wakua smiles, "I know you were teasing, well I want to be a smith cause I love working with the metal and helping make stuff, I started with my grandfather back at the hold and when I came here I apprenticed as soon as I could. How about you?"

"I wanted to do somethin' different than what my family wanted me to do," Kale answers, dragging his fingers through the sand. "Farm craft is what I started as an' what I was supposed to be. Buuut.." he shakes his head, wrinkling his nose a bit. "I didn't like it. So I tried somethin' different. I always liked metal. Thought it was really neat that it could be made into different things. So, I tried the apprentice thing an' figured out I was pretty good at it."

Wakua nods, 'So what brought you to the Weyr instead of being an apprentice back at the Hold. That's cool though that you are finding your own way in life and from what I've seen you are very good at smithing. So I think you picked right."

"On Black Rock?" Kale laughs, shaking his head. "Right. No way I would've found anyone worth anything there. Farm crafting there's amazing. I could've learned a lot. But smithing?" he shakes his head. "Most I would've gotten is probably how to bend a nail. Nah. I knew that if I wanted to be good, I had to come to a weyr. Really, I wanted to go to the craft hall in Telgar, but.."" he rolls his eyes a bit, "my mother…" He grins a little. "I'm sure I picked right. I love it."

Wakua nods a little bit, "I guess my hold was lucky that my grandfather was the smith there. Although they had a couple of other apprentice smiths take over after her left." She smiles, "I understand I'd like to go to the craft hall too, but why go so far away when there is a good smith right here and it's nice. Otherwise we'd be freezing out butts off and no beach party."

"The best go to an' come from the craft hall," says Kale, lightly rocking back and forth. "I mean, I'd be crazy to not wanna go some day. But…right now, I'm happy here. The smiths are great an' I've got friends I don' really want to leave." He falls back onto his back in the sand, his arms crossing behind his head. "Datsun's gonna stay. He's a cool guy. Idrissa, Soriana, Xan, Datsun, you. I like it here on Xanadu well enough. For now."

Wakua nods and smiles, "Yah we've got a nice group going here." She looks at Kale as he falls back and she gets up, "Sorry if I lay down I'm gonna go to sleep and I'd rather head to the cot for that. Don't fall asleep out here."

"Mmhmm," Kale says, eyes sliding closed. Don't fall asleep out here? Not likely, but he lifts up a hand and raises his hand to wave. "G'night Wakua. I'll see you back at the dorms.." He lowers his arm. "Or in the morning. Whichever comes first."

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