Visit to Western

Western Weyr - Center of the Bowl

This is the center of the huge oval crater of the Weyr. Standing here you can see how immense it is. The cliff sides rise up all around you, dotted with the caves of the dragon rider's weyrs. To the west you can see the arch open to the sea. North is the hatching grounds, south you see the cave entrance to the living caverns, and to the south east the entrance to the infirmary, raised a little from the weyr wall.

A burst of cold air high above the bowl and in winks Malphath. The darkly etched bulk of the bronze circles the center of the bowl a few times before gliding in and backwinging into a terribly graceful landing. Despite the dragon's size, every movement was fluid, flowing one into the next as if calculated beforehand. From his back, his rider unstraps, and drops down to the ground with the help of one of his lifemate's forelimbs. Sliding down from that height, would probably break something. As soon as the rider has both feet down on solid earth, he unclasps his helmet and removes it, revealing long blond hair. Goggles are removed and shoved inside the helmet along with his gloves. That done, the Xanadu weyrling salutes the full fledged rider that accompanied him, getting a chuffing snorting sound from the dragon behind him. Lips desperately try not to twitch up into a grin, which makes his expression rather odd for a few seconds. The brownrider returns the salute, eying the bronzeling. But he has schooled his expression, very seriously, and so with a few soft exchanged words the woman wanders off towards the living cavern. Golden eyes do not follow her, but rather are cast to the blue dragon that had landed with them a short distance away.

At least she isn't mimicking that time on the Yokohama! But Kileycertainly has a wide grin that just radiates excitement. Apparently, someone has sent word that a certain pair of weyrlings have arrived and are seeking her. So the computer crafter arrives in the bowl, almost at a full run and there's even a soft eep that accompanies the sight of one of them. P'rel, first, just because. And there's a woman latched onto him rather quickly. "You came! I can't believe it. I was going to go visit you but I was waiting for something to be finished and then the eggs were laid and then I was Searched and…" Excitement fades as she draws a breath and is quickly moving over to hug a certain blue riding weyrling. "Hi!"

Midnight and moonlight, caught and held in effortless balance, descends upon Western Weyr, the star-touched blue emerging from between as silent as the ocean deeps. Narrow wings, angled sharply, bring him down beside Malphath in a careful, controlled glide. Landing softly, with the barest ripple of muscle visible across shadowed hide. He stands there, poised, as if waiting, though for what could be anyone's guess. Tscyleth is large, nearly the size of a brown, though in build he is utterly sleek, as much a match for his bronzen clutchbrother as the darkly clad young man settled between the weyrling dragon's shoulders. Iessrien has changed since candidacy, toned and aged, certainly, the lines of his face far less boyish, and carrying a maturity behind pondwater eyes which only in recent months has begun to shine past the badboy attitude. He takes a moment to survey the weyr bowl, lips slightly parted, lashes lowering for the sight of P'rel over there. It's only a moment later that I'srie unbuckles, Tscy's straps black and silver, to match his striking hide. Iess, too, slides down, wit hthe help of his lifemate's forelimb, goggles and riding helmet stowed on one of the strap bags before long fingers shove back into dark hair. It's grown out ouf its original, styled cut by now, the tips just brushing his shoulders and slightly wavy in its thickness, already long enough to fall over his eyes. He inclines his head to the bronwrider who accompanied them, flicking a glance toward Py as he tugs off dark suede gloves and begins to unbutton his jacket. His garments are all black, possibly not the wisest of attire when visiting an island, but they're finely tailored, snug to his frame, and edged in palest grey, the jacket's front font crafted in a military sort of style with a flap angled across the chest, the bluerider only managing to undo the first few, revealing that rectangular charm, still hanging from a silver chain at his throat. Brows arch for the sight of Kilet, and he cannot help the smile which flickers actoss his features, a slight twitch to his epxression for the ..enthusiastic hugging over there, but as she grabs him too, there is a briefly stifled, "Hmh-" and he curves an arm up aroudn the girl for a few seconds to return the embrace, "Hi." So very eloquent. "Of course we came," the corners of his lips twitch upward again, "It's good to see you, Kiley."

There's a grin now, as golden eyes meet pondwater blue across the bowl, offering the bluerider a sort of helpless shrug for whatever reason before P'rel had arms full of flying Kiley. Nearly bowled over, the bronzerider takes a single step backwards to catch himself from landing flat on his back. It takes but a second before he wraps arms around her waist and returns the embrace. "Whoa. Hey." he says, and maybe, just maybe his voice had deepened just a bit. He had certainly gotten taller since the last time that Kiley saw him, by three whole inches in the past turn or so. His hair was definitely longer, with a dark blue braid set against the sun-lit blond. As for his leathers: A long coat of leather with trims of soft fluffy white fur at the collar, hood and at the bottom most hem. There were silver accents for the twin belts at his waist, the buckles here and there, and of course the piercings on his face. Two at his bottom lip, two at one eyebrow and now his ears were pierced with a single red lacquered stud each. All this matched the straps adoring Malphath. He released her and wanders on over in her wake, taking his place beside the bluerider only after she had released the older boy from her embrace.

Kiley beams a bright grin at I'srien as he returns the hug, quickly pulling back and looking him over. "You look all official now. Shells… It's been awhile. I am so happy to see you." The computer crafter peeks at both their lifemates with a curious tilt of her head, then a furrow of concentration. "Do you remember what eggs they came out of? What they were like in the egg?" No, she did not just pop into a somewhat business-like tone. She is then whipping a look to P'rel, mouth opening and closing before she's looking him up and down, appraising the bronzerider. "You're taller. And you're voice is deeper. Shells." And she is smart enough to avoid mentioning that she remembers when he was shorter than her.

Iess cants a look at P'rel, just a flick of a glance as the bronzerider approaches, before pondwater-blue eyes return to Kiley, lips twitching again upward, this time into a slight smirk. "We're almost full riders," he tells the girl, his posture, once she lets him go, straightening, with shoulders back. There's no longer that slight slouch to him, nor the lazily undone look, as he continues to unbutton and then shrug off the jacket, a torso-hugging sleeveless black shirt worn beneath, pale grey striping on the sides. Outer garment neatly folded over one arm, the bluerider jerkes his head toward his lifemate, gaze lingering o nthe midnight-hued blue for long seconds before he murmurs, "This is Tscyleth. Tscy, Kiley." The blue approaches, narrow muzzle lowering briefly to regard the girl before rising again, possibly a sort of head dip in greeting. Iess, though, is shaking his head slowly, free hand shoving back more of that inky dark hair from his forehead, "No, I wasn't paying much attention to which egg, when he hatched, but I'd wager one of the harpers was keeping track." That smirk shifts toward amusement for the girl's commentary on P'rel, but Iess probably knows better than to mention the other boy's height either. Instead, eyebrows arch at the girl, a quiet,considering look given as he asks, "You're a candidate again? When did you get searched?"

"Another month or two I think." P'rel adds, eyes sliding over and lashes lowering as I'srie removes his jacket, his helmet nestled between his body and where it was tucked under his arm. Lips are moistened and those golden orbs dart back to Kiley, considering her question before he glances briefly over his shoulder at the big bronze. "And that's Malphath." he says, jerking his thumb over said shoulder at the inky snouted beast. This earned a rumble for the computer crafter, the bronze's whirling red eyes focused on the woman for a few moments and then he loses interest, finding Tscyleth suddenly so much more interesting. He lowers his muzzle to the dark blue's hide and noses at it, just there along his side. P'rel shakes his head though, "Afraid I wasn't paying much attention either. I remember I was about to say something to you, and I saw something out of the corner of my eye. Turned my head, and there he was, staring at me." he says, shoulders lifted and then dropped in a shrug of sorts, with just the faintest twitches of a smile upturning the corners of his lips. "One of two times a guy has stared at me and not gotten his ass pounded." he adds wry-like, before all expression vanishes in the wake of a single blink. He was getting the up and down appraisal of Kiley, eyes flicking this way and that, mouth opening as if to say something, but when he hears what the woman has to say about him. His mouth closes and a sort of amused look traverses his features. "I got older." Smartass. However that fades in the wake of I'srie pointing out the knot of Kiley's shoulder and brows furrow. "Well, shit."

"It's been quite awhile then, if you're almost full riders. Shells." Kiley blinks at the pair, though she smiles and considers I'srien for a moment longer and then nodding with approval for what she sees. Then, there is the blue that he introduces her to. Her head bows low in greeting as he regards her. "Well met, Tscyleth. You have grown so much." Though this also encompasses his rider and she seems content to step back once and look them both over with another widening smile. "That is true," she notes about the harpers, "I'll have to ask, then. I was simply curious if you remembered, many riders say they don't and some say they do." There's a nod for his question and fingers tuck partially into the pockets of her pants. "Yes. I was Searched when the eggs were laid and we touched them today. The eggs were different and I felt more at ease with some of these ones." P'rel is given another look of consideration before her gaze is sliding over to Malphath and nodding much as she did to the blue, smiling. "Well met, Malphath." Her gaze slides back to his rider and she nods. "Three of you Impressed all around me, the situation was quite overwhelming." A soft chuckle, but then she is doing quite the double take and staring at P'rel. "You… Are talking better." Blinkblink. Then a glance to her knot and then back towards the pair. "I am looking forward to it. Maybe my lifemate will be there this time. Maybe not, we'll have to see."

Iess totally notices Py checking him out over there, gaze flicking sideways toward the other boy, smirk lingering slightly. Tscyleth, for the nosing to his hide, tilts his head toward his clutchbrother, the tip of his long, narrow muzzle pressed to the bronze's side in return, just the barest touch. I'srie's brows arch somewhat more for Py's commentary on guys and decking, an utterly absent, "Oh? And who was the other?" as if he has to ask, really. Another smirk. Some is, arguably, looking awful smug, and not just because he's totally hotter than Rukbat's backside in those riding leathers. Attention returns to Kiley, nodding agreement, "More than a turn," jerking his head again toward the dragons, "They're full grown now. It feels longer, though. I remember when we were all running around on that ship-" whatever memory having him briefly lowering lashes over pondwater blues briefly, considering the other two from beneath them. "If you impress, you have to promise to come see us in Xanadu, to return the favor," lips twitch again, "It's not the same without all of us." Someone might just miss the comraderie of candidacy. Though he's glancing back at Py again, for the commentary on the other weyrling's speech, Iess saying nothing to this either, though there's that slightly appraising look for the other boy.

Malphath does spare Kiley another look, and a rumble for her greeting. His own in return no doubt, but that is all. His interest remains with Tscyleth, and for all the attention that this gets from the two weyrlings it's likely a common occurrence. "I remember Iess Impressing, and then Pol," he recounts, shifting the helmet from under his arm, to just sort of hang from one hand, holding it firmly there with fingers curled. "Then…me. I was admittedly distracted after that." As for what I'srie says, the bronzerider grins and shakes his head a bit back and forth. Did he really have to answer that question? No, probably not, but still. "The guy I'll be sharing a weyr with after graduation. You should meet him sometime, I think you'd like him." Smartass version two point oh, with a soft nudge into the bluerider's side with the tip of one elbow. Sarcastic playfulness aside, Py nods towards Kiley, "Yes. There was, a bit of a struggle for Malphath and I in the beginning. Things he wanted," a glance towards his fellow weyrling there beside him, and then back to Kiley his attention returns. "Things I wanted. It was a compromise. It used to bother me just as much as it bothered Iess in the beginning, but I think we're both pretty much used to it now." He nods again though, as I'srie brings up Impression and visitation. "Not that we can't come visit you of course, especially once we've graduated. But there is something to be said for having someone from another weyr show up with their dragon."

Kiley peeks between the two, curious but not surprised at all, simply smiling at their inside looks and conversations. Though, she settles in on what I'srien has to say about the time. "Yes." A flicker of attention to the two dragons, "they're quite large. It does feel like a lot longer, doesn't it?" Laughter spills from the computer crafter's lips and she nods, "I remember then, that was a fun time on the Yokohama. I scared 3.14," brief gesture towards P'rel to clarify who, exactly, she is speaking of… "If I do, I will visit when I am allowed to. It would certainly be fun to return the favor, should my lifemate be on those sands." A brief glance in the direction before she smiles, "if not, I will be making a short trip to Fort and then Ista for some more research. I have officially transferred to Western, though, I am helping with the computers and technology in the Weyr." Xanadu certainly can do without much help in that area, being that they are the most technologically advanced Weyr so far. Her gaze settles on P'rel and she nods, "it was you, then Briana, and Ers'lan. I won't forget that because all three of you were standing close to me." His quip to the bluerider earns a laugh and she smiles, "congratulations, you two. I'm proud of you." Pause, "I must admit though, I have a gift being made for you, P'rel. I'll have to find the person making it, I had intended to go out for your graduation to give it to you, but I'll have my firelizard send it." A flicker of surprise and then brows lift in question, "I see. I can imagine that there was a bit of a struggle, depending on the personalities. I wish I could remember the eggs to see if they were anything like they were in the shell." A shrug, light dismissal of that idea. "Of course you can still visit. You should come to the Hatching?"

I'srie, certainly, pays little mind to the bronze and blue, who might as well have turned into slightly dignified cuddlebunnies behind them, Tscyleth having edged over till he's all but tucked beneath Malphath's wing. "Shit.. that whole day went by, fuck if I remember most of it," head shaking slowly, though from the slight frownward twitch to his expression.. it wasn't entirely all that thrilling. Still, hatching day upsets aside, the boy does ffer a slight smile for Py's smartassedness two point oh over there, elbowing the other boy back lightly. Again that smirk, tracing the line of his lips, just the briefest sideways glance for his future-weyrmate. And the fact that P'rel is talking so openly about this, in the middle of the bowl, with people who might overhear? Pft. Iessrien has /definitely/ come a long way, despite the slightest tightening to his shoulders. But there's absolutely no argument from the bluerider, lashes lowering again, to regard the bronzerider, "Can't wait to meet him. Heh." Another sideways glance, for the talk of compromise and struggles, though this time there's more of a flicker of a frown, and pondwater blues slide back over his shoulder, flicking to the two dragons for only a second before returning to Py and Kiley. Yet again, no commentary made. But he will he will agree, "Feels like forever. Shit, when we graduate, and you can travel again, we should all get together somewhere - us and Pol, for drinks or something." He means wine. There's a seconds' more hesitation, "Maybe go back to that ship- the Yoko..hama?" Another blink, and a blank, "3.14?" curious look sent Py's way before he cants his head, eyeing Kiley for her talk of getting Py a gift. What, Iess gets nuthin'? Sneef. He will assure her, though, "We'll be at the hatching."

Malphath has settled into a resting position, having lowered himself to the ground. When Tscyleth comes over to nestle himself against his side, the bronze lifts a wing, not bothering to check what's going on down the muscled side of his body. He merely curls the graceful slope of his neck around to that his snout touches the blue's and closes his eyes. P'rel does look at the two dragons there this time though, if only to return his attention to the conversation again a second later. Like a mother would checking on her child playing nearby. Not a single blink for the cuddlebunniness. He nods in agreement with I'srie, "Some of the things that went on are pretty fresh, but the first couple of months were more or less a blur. You're too busy running, chopping up meat, cleaning up shit, and trying to find a moment to yourself so that you can grab something to eat real quick…" And from there his voice trails off as his shoulders suddenly slump. "It's fucking raining again at Xanadu." Random. But there it is. For Iessrien, there is a side-glance and then a grin as he's elbowed back. These two had come a long way for certain, and apparently along the way they had found each other. There is no further verbal response, but there is the slight shifting of weight from one foot to the other, the one closest to the bluerider. With a toss of his blond head, the bronzerider's chin lifts slightly. "A turn is a long time not too see someone you practically lived with for six months." he points out before arching a brow. "Three point one four?" A blink for that all right before he looks to I'srie, and then back to Kiley when clearly whatever it was she just said went clear over both their heads. "Gift?" he asks, brows twitching down a little bit before sliding his gaze towards the boy beside him and then he nods, "We'll definitely be at the hatching."

Kiley chuckles, "I imagine it all was quite a blur, I can't imagine what it is like having a whole mind suddenly be one with yours in the matter of seconds…" A sigh from the computer crafter, entirely thoughtful of the whole situation, mulling over the Hatching now passed. The teasing between the two simply earns a louder laugh, because she actually /gets/ it! And she is delighted by this fact if the grin on her face is any indication of this. "I think that would be nice. Though I'd rather settle for juice or something." The mention of the Yokohama draws a delighted squeal. "Yes! That'd be a wonderful trip! In the observation room or the room where all those books were. We could bring drinks there for whoever wants to drink and juice or something else for the others." The question of clarification has the computer crafter grinning wider, "the mathematical term for the number 3.14 is pi, which is said like P'rel's nickname. I thought it fit. And I've recently started understanding jokes, so I also thought /that/ fit." It also helps if the others around you understand the context, oh well. A delighted grin comes to the woman's lips at the assurance from the bluerider. "I'm so excited, thank you guys." Attention settles upon P'rel, nodding in understanding for his words and listening to the story and apparently taking it all to heart as she continues to nod. The mention of rain earns a wrinkle of her nose. "That's crazy. Are you still short on food then? I heard whispering of it, but… Y'know, our caverns are full." She may regret offering this to two hungry teens, but the offer is certainly there. "I'm sorry, I don't want to disturb you when you were busy with your lifemates. I didn't expect that I would decide to move, either. I thought I would be back." A cheerful smile for the mention of the gift, a single nod but no further elaboration.

Tscyleth, likewise, simply closes his eyes, lids sinking to hide moonlight-bright facets, wings tucking in close as he curls beneath the bronze's, the blue resting with the very tip of his nose touching Malphath's. The two dragons, are ignored by I'srie, the boy apparently completely unbothered by their lifemates' snuggling. He'd /have/ to be used to it by now, really. Nope, not a single blink for the cuddlebunnies. Though Iess might, in all the time they've been talking, have edges juust slightly closer to P'rel. Unconsciously, of course. There's slow, nodded agreement for the bronzerider's summary of weyrlinghood, flicker of a grimace for the random mention of rain. "So sick of that shit," he mutters absently in that regard, then turns to Kiley, mumbling a softer, "Impression ..was fucking incredible. I hope you impress," a pause, again that twitch of a smirk, "" Because blues are that awesome. Brows arch significantly for the squeal there, though, which has Iess possibly chuckling for a few seconds before he agrees, "It's settled then. Soon as we can, we'll get everyone together and head up there." It'll be just like old times! The explanation for pi, however, earns only a blank look, and a vague, "..Huh?" Alas, this joke, he gets it not. SadPi. As for food, Iess shifs slightly, an uneasy lift of his shoulder, sort of a shrug as he admits, "There's still a food shortage. My father's hold won't send anything, either. But my mother will probably at least have a messenger bring me something, in a few sevendays," he doesn't look too thrilled for this either. Yay for being a Lord Holder's son? A flick of a glance is given toward the caverns, and Iess suggests, "Py's been losing weight though," embarrassing boyfriend moment, ahead, "We better feed him. Before we go back," twitch of a smile at the corners of his mouth, "I could go for a steak, right now."

"It was," P'rel begins, and then grows contemplative. "Hard to think straight. At first anyway. After a couple of days though, you get used to having them there, but at least for me it was a while before Malphath and I were happy with the way things were." He makes a bit of a face though, sliding a slender fingered hand through his hair and gathering the length of it, pulling it out of where he had tucked it into the back of his jacket and tosses it over his shoulder. It pools like spun gold in the fur trimmed hood back there. A frown pulls down the corner of his lips though at mention of bringing spilly things into the room on the Yokohama with the books. "Best we leave the eating and drinking to places suited to them." His voice right then suddenly dropped into a low purr and somehow the words used turn crisp and specific, as his face takes on a very serious and straight-faced expression. This was Py, being serious, and apparently another change that he'd been talked into. No ruining the books! And, like I'srie, the bronzerider looks totally and utterly confused as to his new nickname. Perhaps math wasn't his thing. He says nothing about Kiley and her chances of Impression though, or on what his fellow weyrling there thought. Other than a chuckle and a roll of eyes upwards, that is. Not mocking or meant to insult the bluerider, but rather amused and of course he wasn't surprised by the suggestion. "Yeah," Py says on the food shortages, almost at the same time that the other boy had. He gets a kind of grrface on when I'srie brings up his father for some reason, and perhaps for the first time since they arrived, looking like his old self. Irritated without explanation. This expression fades though when both Kiley and Iess mention food, and as if right on cue the bronzerider's stomach growls. Nice and loud. There is a twitch for this, and a rather sheepish heh, before he reaches out and grabs both woman and boy and drags them if he has to, towards the food, er, living cavern. "I could use at least three steaks, and one to go."

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