A Coin Flip and A Kiss

Xanadu Weyr - Beach

The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.
The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.

Soriana grins. "Aww, we'll probably get plenty. I mean, fun and sun, who can resist that?" she says, and takes another glance around. "I think we're probably okay for now as far as searching. I mean… yeah." She shrugs.

Idrissa shrugs a moment. "Dono.. I suppose if they didn't like the beach or something?" Well who would /not/ like the beach. Asher comes back carrying the seaweed ball and drops it in front of Rissa, whom picks it up and tosses it again. The canine is off running for it once more.

Soriana hmmms. "Point. Devim was pretty dubious about the whole beach thing," she says to Idrissa, then grins as she watches Asher go chasing off again. "But it'll be fun, anyway."

Idrissa nods slightly and starts to follow after Asher with a yawn escapes her and she stretches her arms up above her head. "See." She points out with an amused tone.

Soriana laughs, and nudges at Idrissa's side as she follows the other girl. "Yeah, yeah. But he still likes fun! That, or… he's weirder than I thought was even possible."

Idrissa meeps and bats out at Soriana after she is poked. "Well that's true too. I hope he comes around for it." Asher bounces back over to the two carrying the seaweed ball with him.

Soriana grins. She ruffles Asher's ears, and while he's going tongue-loll at that… she steals the ball! Hah! Lookit da ball, lookit da ball… whoop, she threw it!

Asher bounces around on his paws and peers at Soriana, he barks out a few times and then takes off after it, sand getting kicked up and the some water as he follows after the seaweed ball into the waves. Idrissa laughs at the sight. "Maybe I should get him a ball."
"He'd probably have fun with it," says Soriana. "Though he might also start stealing the balls for games, and people might not be quite so happy about that part."

Idrissa ponders at this and peers over at Soriana, a faint heh escapes her. "Well yes, you have a point there. No ball for him." This said with a soft chuckle escapes her. Asher comes back, dripping wet and drops the ball in front of Soriana once more.
Oh, look! A ball! Soriana picks it up. Holds it a moment. Tosses it from one hand to the other. Holds it again. Another toss. Hooolds it. And… throws it!

Idrissa grins whie she folds her arms behind her and watches as Asher bounces forward the first time and pauses, ears perking as he looks one then another… Asher looks back to Soriana and wruffs before taking off once the seaweed ball is finally throw. "He almost fell for it."

Soriana laughs. "See? I'm teaching him important lessons. Advanced ball-chasing technique." She nods sagely, watching as the canine chases off again.

Thudding sounds comes from the stairway as heavy heeled boots make their way down the stairs. The owner is Datsun, carrying a pack on his back, as always, pausing at the last step to sit down and unbuckle the three heavy buckles on each boot. The socks are taken off as well, tossed into the boots. Once he's done, he picks up the boots, standing up and stepping into the sand, moving along the beach.

Idrissa chuckles. "Oh yes, VERY important lessons in ball throwing tricks." She watches as Asher gets hold of the ball and then brings it back over to Sori and sits down barking up at them both.

Soriana laughs, and ruffles between Asher's ears. "Y'see? All good." She picks up the ball and gives it another hard throw, not having noticed Datsun's arrival yet, or she probably wouldn't be throwing it so close to him. Oops?

Datsun reaches the shore, ambling along the beach, looking out at the water for a few moments before he turns and blinks, seeing a round ball heading for his head. Fortunately, with his quick reflexes, his boots are dropped as Datsun catches the ball, "Ugh. Drool." Wrinkling his nose at it, seeing Asher coming for him. A quick glance up the beach reveals two faces, quickly throwing the ball right back at them but not intending to hit them before Asher reaches him.

Idrissa grins and nods, she catches sight of Datsun and ohs softly seeing where the seaweed ball is getting thrown. "Oh dear.." She is a bit surprized as he grabs the ball out from the air and sends it tossing back towards them. Asher has his attention on the ball once more and he shifts about on his paws and leaps upwards to snag the flying seaweed. "Didn't know he could do that.."

"Sorry!" calls out Soriana as she sees the ball headed for Datsun. Fortunately he catches it, so that works, and she doesn't have to feel guilty about her laugh as Asher does a flying leap. "Advanced ball-chasing!" she says to Idrissa, then starts off across the beach to greet Datsun more properly.

Datsun applauds the canine's aerobatics, clapping, "Very impressive!" He calls out, nodding his approval of the canine. "I could've used the company of a canine like that during my travels. It would've made things more fun." Then as he comes closer to the other two, he smiles at them, "Look who it is. My two favorite girls! I see you're giving him some exercise." A shrug, "Don't worry about it. I've had worse things thrown at me."

Idrissa chuckles softly and tilts her head as Asher trots back over with the ball. "Advanced ball-chasing indeed." She seems amused at this and looks over to Datsun and she smiles while waving over at him. "I know, he has some mad skill shuh?" This questioned with an amused tone. "How are you Datsun?.. Nice to see you again as well."

That's good, 'cause Soriana clearly wasn't all that worried anyhow, and it'd just be a pain to try and come up with some genuine worry on short notice. "Ahhh, previous practice, I see." She grins. "I'll remember that, next time we're playing dodgeball."

Datsun agrees, "That he does. I name him Journeycanine Ballcatchcrafter Asher." Then he blinks for a moment, turning around to go back and get his boots still in the sand, which he'd forgotten when he saw the two girls. Retreiving them, he returns, "If you can call buckets of slop being thrown at you on a rocking ship in the middle of the ocean previous practice." He replies, wrinkling his nose at the memory. "I'm doing as well as can be, Idrissa. I've really been enjoying my time here. What are you two up to?"

Idrissa grins and ruffles Asher's head fur a bit. "You like the new name Asher?" Yes she does talk to him as if expecting a answer, not that she would /get/ one mind you. "I dono.. from what my father told me that can be plenty of practice for balance and stuff." This said while she nods. "An that's good. Ah.. We so far not to much really. Was looking for stuff for the beach party. Your gona come to it, right?"

Ewww, slop-buckets! Soriana makes a face and sticks out her tongue. "I think I'll just call that 'ick'," she says, then nods. "Xanadu's a nice place. I'm glad I came here." At Idrissa's comment, she nods. "Checking for places to hunt spiderclaws that day, so's we can do a bake. Or a boil." She glances to the other girl a moment, and grins. "Or at least, we were, until the journeycanine drafted us!"

"'Course he does. He's the first of his Craft!" Datsun answers for Asher, "I suppose so. It certainly did force me to catch on quick. Ah, yes, the beach party. I'll try, but no promises." A shrug, turning his attention to Soriana, "Apt description. You came here? From where?" A glance is given to his surroundings, "Dig a sand pit and roast the spiderclaws." He suggests.

Idrissa smiles and nods, she chuckles while peering at Asher whom looks rather happy with al the attention his is getting from everyone, be it petting or verbal like. "Well we hope you can. I know Kale has worked hard to get it all set up." She takes hold of the seaweed ball and sends it flying which Asher takes off for once again. "Well, we could roast em.." So many options for the spiderclaws! Hopfully th spiderclaws can't understand what they are saying!

Seee? Bake! Or roast, that's close enough. Soriana gives Idrissa another meaningful glance, then nods. "And tubers and corn and…" Mmmm, such tastiness! As for Datsun's question, she shrugs. "Oh, just a tiny little cothold with more runners than people. Near Ierne Weyrhold, so we visited there… but I like Xanadu better'n Ierne, too."

Datsun nods, "Hope so as well, but I don't like giving confirmations because something might come up and I'll have to go back on my word. And that's something I believe in strongly, a person's word. If you don't have that, you don't have anything." Asher is watched, "Roast 'em, bake 'em, boil 'em, eat 'em raw, fry 'em, there're loads of ways to eat 'em." Soriana gets a nod before he steps closer to the two girls, lowering his voice conspiratorially, "So, what d'you two think of Kale?"

"Oh I know. my father use to cook 'em all the time. All different manner of ways even." Idrissa offers, a faint smile seen as she thinks of that letting her gaze rest on Asher whom has found something else to play with as he is splashing about in the waves. Hearing Datsun she looks over to him curiously. "Um.. well his really nice. Been a good friend to Soriana an me." She tilts her head. "Why?"

Soooo how long is it until dinnertime? Because with all this talk of food, Soriana's starting to wonder! "Mmh?" Questions that aren't food? "Kale? He's good, yah. I mean, good luck getting him to be serious unless there's, like… a wher eating his arm… but I don't mind that. He's fun, and he's not like… mean or anything, just goofy." Her head tilts, silently echoing Idrissa's why.

Shrugging, Datsun replies, "Just wanted to see what he'd do if I set him up with a girl. I think that would be entertaining to watch. Judging from what I've seen of him, anyway." Not that Datsun knows anything about girls himself. He nods at Soriana, "I have observed that about him." A grin, "A wher eating his arm? I imagine that wher wouldn't be tasty to eat after he'd eaten Kale."

Idrissa peers at Datsun curiously a moment. "What girl?" Is questioned as she ponders sending a glance over to Soriana and smirks at the arm eating wher idea. "I dono, he can be serious sometimes. Just not often. Naw, the wher would taste like ash and soot from him working all the time." So…would she taste like a runner then? Scarey thought!

Well, leafy green vegetables - oh, wait, wrong Kale. "I don't think anyone actually eats wher, anyways!" says Soriana. "Wherry, now, that's another matter entirely." As for setting Kale up with a girl… "Well, as of a few months ago… mm, awkward but kinda sweet was the order of the day." She grins a bit, then looks to Idrissa. "And did you ever try again with your starwatching?" That's right. Put Rissa on the spot!
Idrissa chews on her lip a moment and glances over to Soriana. "Huh?.." Is questioned. "Um, no… Never really brought it up." A slight shrug is seen while she ponders still whom Datsun wants to set up with Kale. What if its Darsce…? "I mean with everything that happened, and the forest off limits, and us going on that searching bit for Laris I just never brought it up."

If Datsun manages to convince Darsce to go out with Kale, he has previously unrevealed powers of persuasion above and beyond mortal ken! "Well, you should," she tells Rissa. "I mean, unless you're saying you don't want to anymore…" Which has a raised brow, because she totally doesn't believe it.

Idrissa blinks and peers over at Soriana. "Hey… I never said that I didn't want to do it. Just haven't asked him since being back." An now Datsun is thinking of setting Kale up with someone?

Datsun blinks, returning from his deep thoughts, "Sorry." His head tilts at Idrissa's first question, "What girl? You. Or you." He points at each one. "That's why I asked. As for the wher, it'd taste funny." His eyebrows raise, "Darsce, huh? Maybe… So there was something between you and Kale?" Datsun questions Idrissa, curious.

Oh, right, this is Idrissa. Wanting something and going for it have the long hesitation phase in between! Soriana laughs, shaking her head. "Yeah, yeah…" she says. As for Datsun's scheme… oh, that just makes her grin, though she doesn't actually say why. Just grins the wider as he asks Rissa the next question.

Idrissa gaze flicks between then two and she seems rather unsure what to say. As for Soriana's thought she actually didn't take long in the hesitation phase when she /kissed/ Kale, not that her friend knows this. "Um…" Well what is she suppose to say. She looks down at the ground kicking a bit of sand. "Well… I sorta like Kale, ya…" Is soon murmured out, perhaps almost missed unless they are actually listening to her.

Datsun blinks at the kicked sand, shimmying out of the way. "Pardon? What was that?" The Journeyman leans closer, presenting his ear to Idrissa, "What did she say?" He questions Soriana, peering at Idrissa, "Speak up, girl." He waves his hand in a motion for her to raise her voice.

Soriana reaches over and pats at Idrissa's shoulder. "What she's trying to say here is that she's been crushing on him forever," Ten months is like forever. "-and they went on a date once but it kinda ended awkwardly and neither of them has managed to try it a second time, even though they both still like each other." She grins wide. "So how's that, Rissa? Did I miss anything?"

Idrissa peers at Datsun slightly and blinks as she hears Soriana, blushing at what she says. "What I said is that I do like Kale." She offers with a slightly louder turn. A glance is sent back towards Soriana. "What do you mean he likes me? No… that about sums it up. Anything else you want to say since I'm already blushing to get it over and done with?"

"Forever? Since you two were wee, tiny, little babes?" Datsun asks, pretending that he's holding a baby, rocking his folded arms back and forth. Then he lets his arms fall, "What happened? I could talk to Kale and find out what he thinks about you. See if there's anything." He offers. "Either that or I could tie him up and deliver him to you."

"Course he likes you. 'Member with the runners? He did it 'cause of you." Soriana's tone to Idrissa is matter-of-fact, as if this is the most obvious thing in the universe. Which it might well be, so long as it's not /her/ romantic life being involved. Specks and logs and all that. She laughs to Datsun. "Yeah, something like that. Or at least since he came here, last fall." Same thing! "Aww, they just got found by a wingleader. Not like they got in trouble or anything, but…" she trails off, with a gesture as if to indicate Rissa's current blush.

Idrissa shakes her head to Datsun. "Well, no. I came here to Xanadu when Soriana did. An Kale came a bit after that." Oh sure that explains everything doesn't it? She blinks at Soriana and eyes her faintly, though she is still blushing somewhat. "Yes well… Excuse me I've never been caught and accused of doing stuff on a beach before." Ok so she was never that close to a boy before that night actually. "No… Don't need to go doing that." She peers at Datsun. "Why would you think of doing that anyway?"

Datsun raises an eyebrow at Soriana, "Found by a Wingleader? What's wrong with that? Is there something in the rules against it?" Yes, he's dissecting Idrissa's love life. "Runners?" Another shrug at Idrissa's question to him, "For the sheer entertainment value, I suppose. 'Sides if he does still like you, what's the harm in trying again?"

Well, Soriana certainly doesn't see a problem with it! So she just spreads her hands and shrugs to Datsun. "Nah, he just wanted to make sure everything was okay." She grins. "I guess beastcraft hall might mind, since she's just an apprentice, but so long's they don't find out… and the weyr sure doesn't." Nor are most of the beastcrafters around the weyr! "She just got awkward about it, that's all. But she shoooould try again." Idrissa gets a look. Go on, Rissa! Do eet!

Idrissa lifts a hand and rubs across her eyes a moment. "I'm a beastcrafter apprentice.. I work with runners an I got him to go riding with me on a runner. He had a issue with 'em before then." Well Sori explains the rest on that. She peers at Datsun at the 'enterainment' part and smirks. "Gee.. Glad I can offer you some entertainment then. An no I guess not…" A glance is sent towards Soriana. "I'm /going/ to ask him again. I just haven't done it yet!" She points a finger at Soriana. "You are awful."

Datsun shrugs, "Apprentices do it all the time. It's nothing new." He answers about that bit, "I haven't heard of an apprentice kicked out for that, unless it was a serious offense. Oh, you did? That's big." is said about the runners, "I'm glad you're glad." His eyebrows shoot up, "I have an idea… Do you think he'd get jealous if he saw us doing something? Like, I don't know, holding hands?"

Soriana nods at the mention of 'pprentice hijinks from Datsun, then laughs to Idrissa. "Who, me?" she says. "That depends on who you talk to." A slight smirk there, and she moves on. To an actual vaguely serious tone for a moment! "Really, though, you should. If you're waitin' for him to ask you… well, he's a boy." A glance to Datsun, and a grin. "No offense."

Idrissa smirks and shakes her head at Soriana before looking to Datsun and ahs softly. "I dono about that… I mean I wouldn't want to hurt his feelings or something." Or make him think the wrong thing." A glance is sent back towards Soriana. "Wait, ask me what?" All these questions is confusing poor Rissa at the moment.

Datsun eyes Soriana about the awful bit, "I don't know if I should be careful around you or not. None taken." Idrissa gets a shrug, "Just a thought. I thought maybe he'd do something if he saw us and take you for himself."

"Ask you on a date," says Soriana. Y'know, that. Nothing weird. Just a date! That is the topic of conversation here, is it not? As for Datsun's comment on her awfulness… ah, that makes her frown briefly. "Yeah, I dunno either," she says, and shakes her head. "Anyway. I'd better head out, I'm already kinda late." She waves, and heads off to the stairs.

Idrissa goes to say something else to Soriana and the girl is running off quicker then a tunnelcat. Her gaze turns back to Datsun. "I…I'd rather he want to ask me because he wants to ask me not because he would see me with someone else." There is a faint pause. "Don't take offense to that or anything…please."

Soriana's comment gets another eye from Datsun, "Hmm. Maybe I ought to watch myself around her…" is said as an afterthought after he watches her running off, turning back to Idrissa, putting an hand on her shoulder as a friendly gesture, "Ah, Rissa, if I may call you that, that is… I understand. It's all good." Then the same hand comes off, waving it to dismiss the thought, "Any idea what she meant by that, by the way?" His head tilts at the departed Soriana.

Idrissa tilts her head, bright green gaze settled on Datsun a moment, and she doesn't move at the touch of his hand to her shoulder. A soft smile seen and she nods. "Thanks for understanding, I do appricate it." As for Soriana? She ponders and shrugs a moment. "She is really nice, I promise. Just after everything with Harlin… I think she might be a bit unsure of things." A slight shake of her head seen. "Soriana's my best friend, sorta part of the reason why I came to Xanadu."

"Anytime." answers Datsun, returning the smile. Harlin gets an eyebrow raise, "Is that the Minecrafter? The one who caused all the trouble the day I arrived?" Datsun clarifies, "Why would she be unsure? Oh? I didn't know that. You two are from the same Hold or something?"

The beach is a good place to break for lunch! Usually not too crowded, one can clear his head (or take a quick nap) before having to return to the grind. Kale arrives from the meadow looking like his usual at work self, but thankfully his hands and face are soot free (though his clothes haven't fared as well). He carries a wrapped sandwich in one hand, metal canteen in the other, and a notebook clutched between his arm and side. He moves across the sands quickly, looking for a spot.

Idrissa ndos slightly as to who Harlin is. "You'd have to ask Soriana that. I don't like answering for her." Sori is very capable of answering for herself after all. A faint smile is seen. "Well to some degree. I worked with her mother's runners a good amount an we became friends over time. My uncle and aunt works on a colthold that raises runners rather near where Soriana use to live." Well looky here! There is a Kale right over thar whom manages to miss all that conversation about him somehow! "Hey Kale." Is offered while she waves towards him.

Datsun notices Kale moving across the sands, silent as he studies the other boy. For Idrissa's answers, Datsun just nods, "I see. So you two sorta made the decision to come here." At Idrissa greeting Kale, Datsun raises a hand in a greeting of his own, "Greetings!"

Conversation about him? Bah, he's hardly that interesting of a fellow! Kale focuses ahead upon hearing greetings from two different voices, and his expression lights up as he spies familir faces ahead. "Hello!" he says, waving his sandwich to wave while approaching. "Fancy meetin' you here again," he says to them both when near, grinning. "Lemme guess, imaginin' the grand time you'll be havin' here in a few days? I hope people show up. I made prizes an' I don't want them to go to waste."
Wakua has connected.

"Well Soriana's mother is Sorrin, Junior Weyrwoman with Yumeth. An I wanted to get into the beastcraft so it worked out nicely." Her gaze turns back to Kale and she smiles. "Oh, totally! Hey.. Soriana and I was working on finding some spiderclaws for the party too."

Datsun starts walking to meet Kale halfway with Idrissa, "I ran into Soriana and 'Rissa here hunting for spiderclaws. Also almost ended up having Asher's ball take my head off." He grins, "They've been busy for your party." A nod at Idrissa for her explanation.

Kale beams a little. Really. One can almost see happy rays of sunshine radiating from the ashen boy. "Spiderclaws? Ah, that'll make it a feast. Thank you, an' Sori too. You two are a grand help. I think I've said it before but I'll say it again, in case you've forgotten." A smirk is given to Datson, followed by a sage sort of nod. "Anything to do with Asher is usually a life or death situation," he says, /almost/ pulling off a serious look, but .. eh, not quite! "Lunch break," he explains to them both, gesturing to his food and drink. "Figured I'd come out here to eat. Try 'n think of anything else that needs to get do- oh!" His brows raise with inspiration. "I meant to ask you, Datsun. D'you think you could find some wood for the bonfire? Maybe the craft hall has some? I don't think they'd up an' give me any without good reason.."

Idrissa chuckles softly as she hears Kale and smiles. "Well course, glad we can help out. Soriana thought if we can't find enough that maybe it could be one of the games. Everyone has to find some spiderclaws and then the prize would be we get to eat 'em an so forth." Sounds like a good idea! She chuckles at the talk of Asher, whom is off sleeping it seems. Ah yes there is the big pup flopped down in the sand on his back, stretched out and a forepaw in the air as he dozes.

"I've noticed that about him." Datsun comments about Asher, sighing as he sends a glance in the canine's direction before turning back to the conversation, "Good idea. Maybe you can add 'spin the bottle' to the festivities." A half-grin before nodding at Kale, "Sure, I'll find you some suitable wood for a fire pit since the forest's off-limits. I'll see if I can get the kind they add spices to so it makes the food taste better."

"Meanin' we'll need a pot to throw'm all in.." Kale muses in response to Idrissa. He snaps his fingers and grins, "lucky I live with everything metal. Won't be hard to find a big pot nobody'll miss for a night. There's always junk layin' around the storage room." He stoops a bit to set down his canteen so that his hand is free to unwrap his sandwich, taking a bite. Chomp chomp. "Thanks Datsun," is said after a swallow. "Lucky you showed up here when ya did. I don't know who else I could've asked. And spin the bottle?" A pause, thinking. "That's the game where ya've to kiss someone, right? What happens if I spun an' it landed on a boy? I'd have to kiss'm?" He makes a face. Nose scrunched, eyes squinty. Yuck!
Wakua comes out after a long day of work and she's all ready cleaned so she doesn't smell like sweat. The beach seems to be a popular place to hang out for the local teens. She is wearing her normal clothes and she moves out onto the beach. She spots Kale and Datsun and Idrissa, "Hello you three."

Idrissa sends a faint glance over to Datsun at the comment about 'spin the bottle' and smirks before peering back over to Kale and tilts her head. She ponders before blinking at the comment of the bottle landing on a guy and the possibility of Kale having to kiss one. "Well, it would be the same thing if I spun it and it landed on a girl. Still have to do it." This said while she grins a moment. "I'm sure you can get a hold of a pot for it. Soriana talked about getting corn and tubers as well. Oh.. An orange bread.. Have to get that too." Her gaze turns over to Wakua and she offers him a smile and wave towards her. "Hello Wakua."

Datsun smirks at Idrissa. "I don't have much experience, but I think you're supposed to sit so that the bottle always points to a girl and a boy? Like a boy is always across from a girl? Not that I wouldn't find you kissing a boy funny. And gross." A wrinkle of his nose, shaking his head at the thought, raising an eyebrow at Idrissa's comment. "Now that, I'd pay to see." A grin at her. Kale gets a nod at his thanks, "Indeed, it seems my arrival was timely." is agreed. Wakua gets a wave, "Hello, you one."

Hm. Girls kissing girls. Boys kissing boys. One of those may be easier to watch than the other! But when it comes to gambling himself kissing another boy, Kale can only shudder. "If there are any bottles around, then we can see who wants to play. I wouldn't mind watchin'…but if I'm gonna kiss anybody, I'm gonna choose who it is, not some unlucky bottle!" Another bite of his sandwich is taken, and he looks amused by Datsun's comment to Idrissa. But hey, who is this? Another voice catches his attention, and he looks toward Wakua, waving a bit. "Hello Wakua. Would you play spin the bottle?"

Wakua moves over towards the others and she hears about kissing and food, "Is there some that I can bring to the party?" She asks and she smiles, "Sure I'll play spin the bottle. Who has the bottle?" She gives a sassy wink and giggles.

Idrissa smirks at Datsun and rolls her eyes a moment at the thought. "Well I don't often play such things so I don't really know the rules to tell you the truth." There is a pause as she glances over to Wakua, wait she wants to play it now? A soft cough escapes her before she looks back to Kale and she grins faintly at what he says about how he wants to be able to choose whom he wants to kiss over the bottle.

Datsun opens his pouch, pulling out a sixteenth mark, grinning at Idrissa and Wakua, "I don't have a bottle, but I do have this. How about it?" He teases, flipping the mark into the air, catching it, glancing back and forth between the two. Kale gets a glance, "That wouldn't be playing by the rules."

"Er.. no bottle. I have a canteen, but it's filled with water," says Kale before blinking, realizing what's unfolding. "I didn't mean /now/," he says, but it looks like it's too late! As Datsun pulls out a coin, he arches a brow. "How would it be played with that, anyway? Heads I kiss Idrissa, tails I kiss Wakua?" Pause. Er … that's actually a rather good idea, not that he meant to have one.

Wakua hmms, "I don't think a coin would work…either way I'd end up kissing either Datsun or Kale, I'll never get a chance to kiss Idrissa." She teases as she moves to sit down, "So what did the Master have you working on today Kale?" She tries to change the subject.

Idrissa glances back to Datsun and hums softly. "There are rules for using a coin or something?" She questions curiously and peers back at Kale with an amused look. Hearing Wakua she blinks and ums while looking over to her and hehs. "Ya.." An look she is sorta blushing again.

Datsun tilts his head at all three, "I said I'd pay to see Idrissa kiss a girl. There's one right there." A finger is pointed at Wakua, "But of course, if you'd rather kiss one of them, Kale, go for it. Just don't expect me to pay for it." A smirk, eyeing the sixteenth mark, "So, heads, Idrissa, Tails, Wakua, huh?" And Datsun does just that, flipping the mark once again, moving away his hand so that it lands on the sand, peering down at it… "HEADS!" He yells!

Kale snickers at Wakua. "An' I know she'd just love to pucker up with ya, wouldn't you Idrissa?" he teases in return. "Ah, I'm with Journeyman Orik today. I am mos' days now." Journeyman Orik, the big burly bearded yeller! A very talented man with zero social skills. "He's got a few welding jobs today. I'm observin', cleanin' up after, /acing/ his pop quizzes," he says just a tiny bit pridefully. "Hopin' before the day's end he'll let me finish a few." But.. huh what now? He glances quickly back to Datsun as he settles in with the rules of the game. "Wait. No, I didn' mean.." Too late. The coin is flipped and..heads? His eyes turn to Idrissa. What just happened?

Back to the beach, and… oh, hey! Looks like not only are the others where she left them, they've picked up a few others. Soriana grins, making her way back toward them again and waving to anyone who happens to be looking in the right direction.

Wakua looks at Datsun, "Hey I didn't agree to it, don't throw me in there." She makes a face at Datsun, "I didn't agree to play you are lucky it came up heads or you'll be kissing Kale, right now." She waves to Soriana, "Hello Soriana, how are you doing?"

Idrissa smirks as she hears Kale and then looks over to Wakua and chuckles. "Ya totally.. No problem here in the least." This said with an amused tone before her gaze turns back to Datsun and she blinks, oh wait he is serious? "Ah.. What…?" She watches the coin flip and hit the sand and she peers at Datsun and then over at Kale with a rather unsure look offered back. An now Soriana is back? "Ah…" What can she possible say now?

Datsun shrugs, "Your rules, Kale." is said with a straight face, looking seriously at the other boy, "Hop to it." The sixteenth mark is snatched up from the sand, blowing the grains off it before it's pocketed away into his pouch. Arms are crossed on his chest, an expectant expression on his face. Wakua simply gets a smirk, "Luck's usually on my side." is all he has to say to her. Soriana gets a nod.

"But those rules were…" Ah, what's the word? Hypothetical is what Kale's looking for, but he never does find it in his vocabulary. "Those were jus' "what if" rules. Y'know, /if/ we were playing.." Now's a good time for a drink! He unscrews the top of his canteen and takes a few swallows of the cold water. Great, if he does end up doing the deed, he's totally going to have sandwich breath! Luck is not on /his/ side. "Hey how about we jus' wait til the party? If I go around kissin' girls now, it's not going to be as grand on party day." Totally reasonable excuse, yes? He flashes Idrissa a grin, and it's a grin that widens a bit as Soriana is noted. "Hey Sori!" What a great distraction you are!

Soriana is most certainly back. "Heya!" she says once she's close enough. There's a little chirp from her belt-pouch as a ferrety head peeks out to investigate, and Sori looks to see… a pair of awkward expressions being awkward at each other. Hmmmm. A glance to Datsun, since he seems to be the instigator here, and then she looks back to Kale and Idrissa with a grin. "What's this about kissing?" Bad distraction!

Wakua nods, "Good point save it for the party, you don't want to get all kissed out." She looks to Soriana, "Oh the boys wanna play spin the bottle, but we don't have a bottle, so they are playing flip the coin. Heads Kale had to kiss Idrissa and tails he had to kiss me. But it's just for practice I guess."

Idrissa ahs softly and lifts her hand to scratch at the back of her neck a few times. "Could just wait for the party… Sure…" As if they will let that slide by now. Especially with Soriana on the scene it will be hard as heck to get it dropped now. "Just talking about some game for the party." Sure, that'll work! A soft oy escapes her as she hears Wakua goes about explaining everything.

"Do you want the firewood or not?" asks Datsun, raising an eyebrow at Kale. "I flipped and it came up heads. So now Kale has to kiss 'Rissa. It was Kale's own idea." is explained to Soriana. "Okay, how about this. Let's vote. Who wants them to follow Kale's rules and kiss now?" Both of Datsun's hands shoots sky-high, unable to supress a grin. "My vote counts as double, by the way."

Kale gives Soriana a withering look. Thank you, so very much! Wakua's summary is pretty much on point though, so he only nods in agreement. "/Practice/" he emphasizes. Hypothetical stuff! But apparently it's not as hypothetical as Kale thought, and his suggestion for saving it for the party, while accepted by the girls, doesn't seem to be flying with Datsun. But he grins as it comes down to a vote. Yes, it's the only fair way. "Fine, your vote counts twice /Journeyman/. So that's two for now. I vote no and we spin bottles at the party. Who's with me?" he lifts his hand, shooting a smug look the other fellow's way.

Soriana is undaunted by Kale's glare. She grins at the explanations, though! "Oh, well, if it's your own idea, you can hardly go denying it. Your poor sad idea! Gotta carry it through. Consequence, don't'cha know." She smirks. "Besides, who's to say we can't do both? Kiss now," one hand goes up, "-and spin bottles then." Up goes the other hand. So that's… what, a vote for both sides? Do they cancel out?

Wakua smiles, "Well my vote is no, as fun as it would be, I think we should save it for the party." She nods to Soriana, "A yes and a no vote cancel each other out. So that leaves it up to Idrissa, "Are we going to kiss or save it for the party?"

All eyes turn to Idrissa.

Idrissa blinks as she hears Datsun and eyes him curiously a moment. "Wait.. Why do you get two votes, cause your a Journeyman?" She smirks at that. "Sorta a abuse of power there an't it?" As for Soriana she casts her friend a faint glance and smirks before she peers at Wakua and then looks over to Kale with a raised brow. An now everyone is looking at her, wait… It's up to HER?! She clears her throat slightly. "Um.." Is said at first while she scratches at her neck nervously. What is the difference between kissing now and kissing then at the party. A bit of amusement slipping across her face. "I vote with… Doing now, but also for the party too. An /not/ because of Soriana going that way." Yes she just wants to make sure they understand that after a certain minercraft's comments from the other day perhaps.

Datsun's expectant grin falls at Idrissa's words, performing a faceslap, "Oy vey… A tie. Didn't see /that/ coming…" Then he tilts his head at Idrissa, "Hmm. Since she voted for both, including now, that means you have to do it, Kale." His hand falls away, locking eyes on Kale. "I mean, if you need to freshen up your breath, there's the water." He points at the water.

Hey now…his plan is backfiring! Soriana, oh he /knew/ she was going to vote along with Datsun, even though she…doesn't exactly. As both of her hands raise up he laughs and lightly slaps his palm to his forehead. "What, you think y'get two votes too? You can't vote both ways!" Wakua is on his side, which he was hoping for. And Idrissa definitely is going to … vote with Datsun?? "What!" Cue another facepalm. "Alright, now I know two things. One, I can't make a wager to save my life. Two, I can't read minds as well as I thought." He grins as his hand slides from his face, and he squares his shoulders. "Fine then. Let's do it." Cue dramatic music. He glances to Datsun at the breath comment and grins. "I heard sandwich breath is like..what girls want." Or something. Maybe. He steps up to Idrissa, game face on. "Are you ready?"

"They totally don't cancel out!" insists Soriana. "It's both! At once. Well, now and then, but both of them!" Her hands stay raised, and now… Idrissa! The final vote! The ultimate decision. The kissy choice! To kiss or not to kiss, that is the question - well, and the question is also who'll be there to see it. Audience now: three. Audience then: who knows? But, here it comes. Decision time, and Idrissa goes… both ways! Soriana grins wide. "See? It's a real thing," she informs the doubters. Yes. Totally. It's tied for most popular vote, it must be legit. Also because it's working, and they're gonna ki-iss!

Wakua ews and shakes her head, "You aren't kissing me with sandwich breath." She makes a face and yucks. "Well he's all your Idrissa." She hmms, "I think it's a tie anyway." She says trying to save Idrissa from sandwich breath kiss,"It's Datsun's 2, Soriana's 1 and Idressa's 1 that's 4. Than there is Kale's 1, my 1, Soriana's 1 and Idressa's 1 and that's 4 too. So it's a tie."

Idrissa blushes as she hears them and chuckles while peering at Kale and smirks slightly. "Gee.. You make it sound like some /awful/ thing." She says with an amused tone. Yup, she sure fooled him didn't she? Her bright gaze watches his, pondering now it seems if he is truly alright with doing this. An now of course she is getting that feeling that perhaps she voted wrong… Well she does tend to second guess everything she does already so this shouldn't be a surprize tha she is doing it now as well.

Datsun waves his hands at everybody, "Ssh! Let's quieten down and let them do it. I'm going to commit this to memory so I can make a carving to memoralize this moment forever into immortality." Then he himself quietens down, leaning forward to watch them eagerly, looking back and forth between Kale and Idrissa. Will they? Won't they? Will they? Won't they?

Kale glances to Wakua as she straightens out the details of just how many votes were given. A tie? "Hmmmm…" he lifts a hand to his chin, stroking it in a thoughtful way. "A tie is a draw, meanin' we don't have to if we don't want, huh?" Decisions, decisions. He could back out of this if he wanted, no problem! Datsun's encouraging words draw a grin from him, and he snickers while glancing his way. "Will it be life size?" Now he turns back to Idrissa, who he's already close to. "Awful for you if you don't like ham and tomatoes," he remarks with a grin. He eyes the others once more. Yup. All eyes on them! It's like the hush before a momentous moment that will go down in history! A smirk. "S'not like I haven't done this before," he remarks with a sly grin before he leans forward to press his lips to hers. Ooo! Kale and Idrissa, sittin' in a tree!

"Nah, see, we're just rejecting the false dichotomy. Kisses now and later!" says Soriana to Wakua. But Datsun does have a point, and she hushes up, just grinning and watching. Go on, Kale! Go on, Rissa! Your adoring audience awaits! Go- Wait what they've done it before? When'd that happen? Ker-blin- oh hey there's the kiiiiiiiss!

Wakua ooohs softly as they kiss and it doesn't matter about ties now as they are actually kissing. She looks away to give the pair privacy and she sigh softly.

Idrissa sends a glance over to Datsun and smirks a moment. "Well an't that nice!" A soft chuckle escapes her before her attention is back on Kale even while she hears the others around them. "Naw I don't mind ham and tomatoes, after all last time it was salt water." There she totally confirmed what Kale said about them kissing before. She waits quietly, which is only a few seconds but it feels like /forever/ before Kale leans close, an no she doesn't move away and preses close to him eyes closing as she lets her lips press back against his in the /kiss/. Yes indeed there, they done did it!

Datsun leans back with a satsified nod, clapping at the kiss. "If you like." is said in answer to Kale's question to the life-size, "Perhaps it can be unveiled at the party where everyone can see. Granted, it won't be smooth because I won't have enough time to completely finalize it, but it should have a nice likeness of both of you. It'll be the centerpiece!" He throws his hands up, imagining the scene. "Kale and Rissa dancing hand-in-hand all around it." His chin lifts up, crossing his arms. "Then before we know it, there'll be a Kalissa or an Idirale."

Kale closes his eyes as staring is rude, especially when the person is like two centimeters away from you. Yup. It's just as nice as he remembered it being, even /with/ an audience this time! And he can almost pretend that the others aren't present, almost, as he focuses on the kind of giddy and warm feeling that's starting to resurface. But wait a second. Kalissa or Idirale? That has him opening his eyes again, getting a cross eyed view of Idrissa before he pulls back. "Wait, what?" he looks to Datsun. "No way!"

Yay kissing! Though, hmm, there's also this interesting thing of it not being the first. Someone hasn't been keeping Soriana updated on the latest gossip! Hmph. Still, that's a small indignance, and mostly she just grins. Oh, and when Datsun mentions little babies? She laughs.
Wakua laughs as she hears Datsun's plans, "Well I'm glad that coin toss came up heads." She snickers at Datsun's teasing, "It will take more than kissing if there are going to be babies."

Well of course the kiss is nice! An Idrissa does indeed remember the first time, and this is rather up there with being nice. There is that happy ittle thrill she feels and she doesn't even pay any attention to the voices. Up until a certain person is talking about baby names and she blinks while sending a glance towards Datsun after the kiss. "Oh… Your a funny one, an't ya?" Her cheeks are flushed red, an her arms cross in front of her. At least the kiss was good! As for Soriana, well… She just never got around to telling her!

Datsun tilts his head at the pair of them, "Oh…" A glance at Soriana and Wakua, "You didn't know?" He asks Idrissa and Kale. "That's how you get pregnant. By kissing." He states absolutely matter-of-factly. "Congratulations." The red color is noted on Idrissa, "I think that color suits you."

"Ha! You're not foolin' me, Datsun," says Kale who turns to the fellow. "I know what it takes to make a woman be with child. /That/ was a talk I had a long time ago!" Well .. not a /long/ time ago, a few turns maybe, but still. He knows! It works the same no matter where one is, right? Just because weyrs are so backwards and liberal, doesn't mean that the rules of nature change when one is on one….right? No second guessing yourself, Kale! Stay firm in your belief! He crosses his arms too, looking smug. "If that was the case, there'd be a whole lot of trouble around here."

Soriana smirks, because she most certainly knows where babies actually come from. As does Kale, apparently! "S'few more steps along the way, buuuut kissing's a good start." She nods sagely. "I'm not changing any diapers, though." A grin, again. "Besides, isn't that how it works for holders? You find someone, you kiss 'em, you start having babies?"

Wakua laughs and she nods, "I know how baby are made my mother even showed me once." She holds up her hands and make a circle with her index finger and thumb and then uses her other index finger and puts it through the hole. "That's the basics of it anyway."

Idrissa oys softly and raises a hand to hide her head as her head lowers a touch. "I dono.. Maybe his right Kale.." She offers with a suddenly scared and worried tone. There is no way she bought that, right? Well of /course/ not. "Maybe we should go ahead and start picking out names?" Though soon neough she snickers out unable to hold it in anymore it seems. "I think your barking up the wrong tree on this matter Datsun, we all know how that there is 'made' so to speak." A glance is sent to Wakua and she lifts a brow before smirking. "So funny Soriana."

"Mmm. Well, I think I'd make a great uncle to it." Datsun comments, smirking. However, at Wakua's actions, he shakes his head, laughing, "Yeah, we all know how it's done, Wakua. Thanks for demonstrating." A wink is sent her way, "But seriously, do you want the life-size carving? I'll do it." He raises his eyebrows, sending them a challenge.

"S'a few more steps along the way," Kale echoes to Soriana, the phrase accompanied with a smirk. "Besides, isn't that more like how it'd work with weyrfolk?" he counters, snickering after. Wakua's demonstration gets an outright laugh though. "I hope your mother didn' really /show/ you!" he says between guffaws, clutching his stomach as he laughs. After a moment he dies down to just snickering though, brows lifting at Idrissa's dramatic act. Wait.. she's joking, right? Phew, of course she is! "If names were bein' picked, 'Idirale' would be the first one to go." What a horrible name! He lifts a brow at Datsun. "..You're joking. You couldn't finish somethin' like that in time even if we /did/ want it."

Wakua looks at Datsun, "Aren't you all ready an Uncle?" She asks and she smiles, "You're welcome. I'm always glad to help. She didn't really show me." She wrinkles her nose, "That's a horrible name. Your poor child." She looks back to Datsun, "Do you think you could?" She asks curiously.

Idrissa shakes her head as she hears Datsun. "Suppose you've have to wait for a while before any of that happenes." She ponders the thought and eyes Datsun curiously a moment. "Why… Would you want to do that anyway?" She isn't sure if its a good idea or not it seems. A glance is sent towards Kale. "You…actually interested in him making it?"

Datsun blinks, turning to look at Wakua, "What do you mean?" Distractedly, he answers Kale, "Like I said, it wouldn't be smooth, but I can do a likeness of both of you. At least your faces would be clear. I'd just do an outline of the bodies. After all, I don't have any real duties. I'm free all day tomorrow to make it. I can finish it up later." A shrug. "Why not?" is his response to Idrissa's question.

"No," Kale answers to Idrissa. "Jus' … kinda want to see what he can do. I haven't shown you the dolphin he crafted. S'pretty awesome." He smirks and looks back to Datsun. "How 'bout this. You carve somethin', /not/ us kissin', to show at the party. Can be anything ya like … other than us kissin'. Could be your big reveal here. Like, your grand entrance. What do you say?"

Wakua shakes her head, "Never mind I was thinking of someone else. Sorry." She hmms, "Why don't you carve just kids sitting around a bonfire or just hanging out like we are now."

Idrissa ponders this and peers over at Kale. "Yes well.. I'd admit that I'm curious to but.." As Kale goes on a soft ah escapes her and nods while looking towrads Datsun. "That'll work, whatever you like /save/ for us kissing." Yes that will be just fine to her!

Datsun smiles, "I have some more carvings of other stuff in my pack." He pats the pack that's always with him, "With wood from all the areas I've visited… except Xanadu. But I'll show you guys those another time." At their suggestion for a different carving, Datsun shrugs, "Sure. I'll figure something out. Pity it can't be of you two." A teasing smile as he stands up, picking up his boots, "You've given me an idea, Wakua." He points a finger at her, clicking his tongue. "I think I'm going to go find the wood for it and your firewood. See you guys later." A wave as he starts off, heading towards the stairway.

"That's a good idea," Kale says to Wakua, nodding at her. So much safer (and a thousand times less embarassing) than a carving of him making out with one of his best friends! And he feels relieved as Datsun seems to go with that idea too, and the Journeyman is offered a wave as he heads off. "See you! And thanks again for agreein' to the wood!" he calls after him, picking up his canteen for another drink. Hm. Canteen. Sandwich. Lunch break… "Shards! I should've been back by now!" He winces, already anticipating the earful he'll be getting for being tardy. "Hey, I've to go. I'll see you girls later!" He flashes them both a grin and waves before he too turns to hurry off.

Idrissa ponders this while peering at Datsun and shakes her head before catches sight of Kale and blinks a moment. "Ah.. Alright, later!" She watches thw two go and then glances over to Asher whom is still asleep. A shake of her head seen and she yawns before moving on over to her canine and settles down next to him on the sand. A yawn escapes her and she goes about watching the waves, smiling slightly over all that happened recently, it wasn't too bad really..

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