Eastern/Xanadu Aliance (Weyrlings Between Lesson)

Island River Hold - Scenic Path

A small path winds its way up the hill. All around, trees wave gently in the breeze. To one side of the path, a split-rail fence lines the hill, broken at a gate. Beyond, runners graze lazily in the sun. As you look down to the end of the path, you notice the friendly, thatched-roof cottage, whitewashed and perky. A similar building stands out in the field, not nearly so well-kept as the house. V-tols buzz and dive all around in the peaceful stillness. As you near the summit of the hill, you can even see the river sparkling far down the hill, invitingly twinkling its promises of cool, clean water. You may even be just as happy to sit here a while and enjoy the view.

It's a standard, warm Eastern morning before the heat of the day has really soaked in since Eastern is so equatorial it doesn't really have a Winter any more than Ista does. With it being autumn, now's the time to harvest the greatest of the natural bounty and Phantasm wing has chosen a prime location full of fruit trees and bushes as well as a long plain down the hill fully of tall wild grasses. It's not a required activity, but many riders and folk of the Weyr have turned out none-the-less. Crews are arrayed between all the viable locations. Arolaeth has just landed and is looking a little thin while K'nan's up a tree eating instead of harvesting. Fiona, J'em, and Ur'con are loitering where they might catch fruit in baskets.

A juicy crunch, hopefully that's a piece of fruit and not the juicy bug. J'em gets out of work for at least a little longer as Syra and Arolaeth arrive and the weyrleader moves over towards Syra and offer her a hand down. "Seems t'be goin' good, I think K'nan jus' ate a bug though." He says with a chuckle.

Ur'con is being a good wingleader. Other than grinning over Fiona's shoulder like some demented feline…he's supervising. Hey, K'nan's up a tree. That can't be the worst view in the world, can it? "Aye, I was coming…I think I announced that during morning meeting, and suggested that everyone bring their youngsters with." There are a suspicious number of youngsters between the age of 10 and 18…and now they're running around like it was a Gather instead of a Gathering. "Not to worry…we can give you a ride back, or P'ushme…whichever you prefer."

Syra seems quite happy to J'em's assistance; even so, she winces at the jarring landing on her poor-old bones. "I'm happy to see it— look at all of you, being so industrious. Warms my heart." She shares a private smile with J'em, then a more maternal one at the youngsters. Arolaeth seems less interested; the too-skinny queen flares her wings, rumbling with irritation, then stalks off towards where Fenrith is laying in the sun.

Fiona gives Ur'con a look and a poke in the side, "You know which I prefer, Ur'con. P'ushme was suited up, so I caught the ride, that's all." K'nan's 'juicy crunch' draws a wince, "Though I really need to stop spending time with riders without supervision." Her hands come put automatically to catch a tossed fruit, then move it gently to the nearest basket, "I don't have any littles to bring, Ur. You know that."

Ur'con snorts, "I know that…but you'd think by implication, if I'm inviting people to bring their youngsters, I'd be going myself. Nice catch." He snorts again, peering at K'nan's….perch. "Why don't we get some of the young kids up there, K'nan, instead of our blueriders?" Hey, it's just a suggestion! "Besides, why would you need to stop spending time with riders without supervision? You're a bloody wingsecond now." Yeah, that might draw the attention of ears unused to seeing a non-rider in a leadership position. "Or are you saying you need to superviser riders better now."

Darlth, for his part, watches Arolaeth move away from where she'd landed, there beside him, and gives Fenrith something that looks rather like a draconic raspberry, flickering his tongue out and then yawning and blinking a few times. He HUFFS out a hrmph of disappointment, and settles down…to eyeball the humans running helterskelter nearby.

K'nan laughs brightly "Because I can eat while working." she replies and then a core comes raining down. "They kids can carry the bags in my opinion." Phaili is no where to be seen still. The blue is having fun. Likely chasing something."

Overhead another dragon arrives, this one crooning a sweet-voiced greeting while announcing her name and that of her rider to those dragons present. Her rains are dancing with joy at this outing, « Seryth of Xanadu and Thea. It is our pleasure to assist Eastern Weyr. » Her descent is a gentle, curving glide 'round to land mindful of the little ones running about, her rider shrugging out of jacket, goggles and gloves before dismounting and heading over to the group. Her sea green eyes flicker over the group seeking knots before stepping over towards Syra and J'em. "Xanadu's greetings." Well, it's really aimed at all of those nearby, a quiet smile tweaking her lips.

Okay, well it was his spot, but arolaeth an share it if she wants. Afterall, the wolfen one will give Aro anything she wants, at least for now as he moves aside to make room for his golden mate, but not far enough to give her all the best sun, he has to keep his, erm, masculinity somehow right? J'em turns to watch the newest arrival and smiles softly, "Greeting Weyrwoman Thea and Seryth of Xanadu, Eastern's duties." He doesn't move from Syra just yet. He's just happy to see so many ager working bodies, ayup. All abuzz and stuff, such fun.

Darlth perks up quite a bit, as suddenly his dreams are answered. A SECOND gold! He swings his big head around, and offers Seryth a throaty, masculine warble of greeting, while Fenrith settles with Arolaeth. His rider seems completely oblivious to the pale putty bronze's overtures to the golden ones, and turns a bit, so he can keep more of an ear on J'em, Syra, and the rest…but only one of his ears. The other he leaves open for Fiona.

Arolaeth twists sharply around when Seryth appears from between, distracted from her needling of Fenrith by the other queen's arrival. She's ominously silent for a moment, but then does, reluctantly, trumpet a welcome. Syra, at least, is a bit friendlier. "Thea! Welcome." She seems content to remain besides J'em for the time being. "I'm glad you could join us! I'd been meaning to stop by Xanadu, but well—" There was a flight, after all.

Fiona gives Ur'con a look, "Wingsecond or no some are still a bit forward for my comfort." coughk'nancough. She straightens slightly before inclining her head to Thea and echoing J'em's, "Eastern's duties to Xanadu and her queens." Wingsecond, right? She has to know some manners. Now she's starting to get into a rhythm of catching flying redfruits.

A Thea? Hmm, the bluerider flips unside down as she hangs from a branch. "It is a Thea. Good ta see you in the great out doors. Bars just don't di you justice." K'nan calls out in way of greeting. "Hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor. They are tasty. Course, our laboring for you can be tasty too. But alas, you're a gold, so maybe you'ld be interested in a bronze?" Hmm?

Ur'con chuckles at Fiona, despite himself, and actually reaches out as if he'd grab her up in a comradely hug. Then seems to think better of it, and doesn't. "Shards, girl…if you applied half the backbone you have to your social situations, you'd do everyone some good, including yourself." He, like most of those holding onto huge, lumpy knots, seems to be more supervising than helping as a Weyr's worth of youngsters and young adults are climbing trees, plucking out fruit and scaring roosts of native wildlife…or falling afoul of the native wildlife and running around with swarms of flying things around their head…

Seryth's reply to Darlth is demure; she's on her best behavior today. But she does intend pad over to join the others - first though she HAS to check something. Her left paw is lifted, peered at, replaced on the ground. Her right follows suit. Hindfeet both checked and an audible whuff of relieved breath. Nothing stuck between the toes that shouldn't be, no teltale stains or screaming mothers; she can relax and enjoy this visit. For Thea, there's a smothered chuckle, but otherwise her gaze remains on the people she's saying hey to. Her smile widens in response to Syra. "Things happen," she finishes for her, mouth open to say something else when K'nan swings down - sort of - and for a moment she visibly wrestles with a touch of confusion. "A bronze?" She flickers a little 'what?' sort of look at the others, then her face clears. "Oh… it's K'nan, right? I see they finally let you out. Or did you dig a tunnel?" She's joking, but by the look on her face, she's very pleased the woman is free.

Fiona smirks gently, "K'nans roam freely at Eastern, for better or worse." She steps back as one of the Weyrbrats steals the basket she was filling off to the next tree. Ur'con might stop himself, but Fiona returns the hug anyway before taking a polite step back and shrugging, "Maybe I want them to think I'm afraid, eh?" Which is about when her little one-eyed bronze appears with a redfruit clutched in his claws and offers it to the techcrafter. Of course she takes it. Wild redfruit is tasty.

Golds and bronzes are rather the best example of Weyr Darwinism. Eastern's weyrbrats, it seems, are wise enough to stay out of the range of landing dragons. Maybe it's not the same at other Weyrs? But Darlth is content to settle again, as a fully formed wing comes out of *between*…a mixed lot, actually, and mostly many younger greens and blues, as their temporary leader reports back loudly enough for all the other dragons…and possibly some of the humans…to hear « There's several large herds of bovines closer to the river! » Those SHOULD be feral, anyway. No one's reported missing whole herds of bovines. Darlth politely relays that to his rider, who ahs, "J'em…I'd had an idea the other night…about what to do with herdbeasts we can't easily transport back live anyway…"

Syra turns to stare at K'nan, unable to stifle a helpless laugh. "I— I don't want to know, I don't think. I see you are acquainted?" It's asked of Thea, though Syra is still staring at K'nan. "I— well—" Completely sidetracked now, she struggles to regain her train of thought. "I, uh. I hear we've got quite the harvest collected so far. I hope it'll be enough to be of use."

K'nan is good at derailing, she excels at that "Oh, yes free as bird. No tunnel though, hard ta dig with ribbons and all, and I couldn't fit down the drain." she smiles and then she snorts at Fiona "well, not completly freely, some won't let me be too free with them." she sighs and then pulls herself back up again. "Oo, a nice hunt would be good. Better than the things Phaili's chasing. He's so going to need a bath later."

Fenrith rumbles happily, he loves a good hunt, yes indeedy. J'em, having been distracted by, hmm, something turns back to people, oh yeah, there are people here. Where were we now? "'Tis a good harvest, I think." Of course, he's doing his best not to get in the youngers' way as they rush back and forth filling and picking and stacking and, well, whatever else they're doing.

Mhairie slips down off of Fiviath and then beckons Briana over her way while sending the rest of the weyrlings off. "Find a workgroup and keep busy." There's a look as if they'd better keep busy. She then turns back to Briana and waits for the goldling to come join her.

Zhaoth isn't about doing the lazy circle thing and floating down, he is quick and to the point, that is once he made sure the gold pair joined them from *between*. After a subsequent location check to find a place with sufficient room to land, he does, hopefully without squashing any attempts at finding food - literally or figuratively speaking. The brown zeros in quickly on a patch of dirt that has his name on it, backwinging the last moments to touch down with a coiling reflex of muscle, dropping his chest near to the ground to absorb some of the pressure the swift landing caused. Only after does he stand right big and tall, showing off his neck as he turns it just so, a proud boastful posturing if nothing else. Ers'lan is still on his back, leaned into Zhaoth's neck, one hand across his stomach, the other covering his mouth.

The look Thea flickers Fiona's way for that 'better or worse' says it all: That is the best way to take K'nans. Yup. Ur'con's comment has her giving the bronzerider a frankly curious look even while she's nodding at Syra, "We were inmates together in Ista's prison. I still have no idea why they locked her up; she seems harmless enough." No mention why they'd lock up a goldrider though, but K'nan's comment sends Thea into a fit of coughing. As for the harvest, she asides, "Anything fresh would be a treat. Dried fruits tend to pall but we've long since run out of those. We really appreciate this, Syra." As a wing of dragons appears from *Between* Seryth warbles a greeting, her tone is enough to have Xanadu's Weyrwoman squinting at the sky and then waving.

Briana quickly dismounts from Sahazyth at the greenrider's beckoning, her face perhaps a bit pale still from her mishap. She is removing her flight gloves and setting them in her waistband as she hurries her steps to the woman. There is a look around to Ers'lan and Fl'ynn as they land, then over to any other familiar faces amoung the group, settling on Thea before she looks quickly to Mhairie, "I am sorry, I don't know what happened…I thought…Well I thought it was all clear but.." She shakes her head and looking back to Sahazyth again.

Arolaeth, being the skinniest, scrawniest (and probably oldest) pregnant queen on Pern, doesn't have much energy left to bugle a welcome to all these newcomers; instead, she flops down with limited grace in the space she stole from Fenrith and lets others do her duty for her. "Inmates… together?" That takes Syra aback a little, though she has the good manners not to dwell. Rather, she beckons for Thea to join her as she heads out of the suddenly-busy landing zone and towards the slightly more peaceful refuge to be found beneath the nearest already-harvested tree. "We're glad to help; much of this would go to rot, since we've more than we could ever harvest, let alone eat. And— we're certainly glad you brought… are those the newest weyrlings? It's been so long since we've had more than a handful around, ourserlves. They look well-grown."

Kagenaith is a hot mess as he comes from aloft. All flaring lavender wings, near to galloping wingbeats that has him lift up and down, rising and falling like a cresting wave. Excitement trims him from pinions to tail-tip 'til his paws find the earth with splayed toes and a bounce 'til landed. Fl'ynn rides it all out with a quirked grin that widens some at Briana and the gold's appearance. That pairing gets something of a salute, fingers glancing off of his brow in acknowledgement of their presence -and appreciation that they made it and could join them. "This is… This is… uhm." Just as clueless as his 'mate, Fl'ynn asks, "Where are we again?"

Fiona goes a bit silent as the Istan weyrlings arrive and the goldriders chatter. She's not good with people, so she'll just listen.

Ur'con offers a cheerful, booming answer to the young riders, "The middle of nowhere, Xanadulings…." He was definately distracted for a few moments, mostly with Darlth suddenly bugling in excitement to the youngsters arriving. Mostly the young gold arriving. You'd think HE was a weyrling bronze or something! He shakes himself a bit (Ur'con, that is), and then ahs, "Anyway. I was thinking. Speaking of hunting…I know we have the coolers back at the Weyr…but I think we need a backup." And he, apparently, has an idea…because he has a map.

K'nan drops down out of the tree with a thud and then heads over to Fiona "You're lookin' a little. Hmm troubled. What say you we head of somewhere a little quieter?" she asks with a sweet smile and then she tips her head "I saw a patch of berries I could show you." the bluerider offers

J'em lets Syra move off towards Thea and he, himself, heads towards Ur'con. "So, what's yer idea Ur'con? Sorry, Fenny's all 'xcited with all th'new arrivals an' such." And we all know how loud and distracting Fenny can be, right? Well, at least the Easterners do anyway.

Fenrith is indeed excited by all the new arrivals, he rather enjoys having company. But please forgive him if he doesn't leave his golden mate's side to greet each one. He will, however, rumble his happy greetings to those new arrivals.

Ers'lan sluggishly removes himself from the straps, with Zhaoth cranning his head back enough to physically regard his rider. "Narh so fast next time, aye?" could be heard of the young man's voice, thick still with a sea-farring accent that weyrlinghood has not removed. The brownling descends from his rangy brown's back, sliding over the new scarring that dragon-healers at Xanadu compared to 'threadscoring' … A similar pattern of scars gives a tell tale sign that weyrlinghood hasn't been easy for this group of weyrlings, at least a particular pair out of the bunch. Knees almost buckle out from underneath him however as he grapples to the ground, leaning on Zhaoth's shifting ribcage for a time until the former-sailor rights himself. Curiosity and concern do have him sparing a glance toward Briana and Sahazyth, pivoting lastly to face the crowd with an absent dusting of his hand against his flight jacket.

Ur'con chuckles a little. Darlth wasn't being any better, apparently! Seems like maybe the Easterners need more visitors or something. He grins, though, "Well…rather than risking a whole lot of spoiled food if the power goes out…no offense to my lovely Wingsecond, but things happen…I was thinking we could open up an ice cave here…these three mountains are very close to the edge of our coverage area…and they all have snow all turn long. We could establish a cold larder for meat and vegetables up there…keep a watch duty on it…it'd give some SOMETHING to do…and we'd have fresh meat Turn'round."

Mhairie shakes her head a bit. "Obviously not clear enough. Where did you go?" she asks "You have to make sure the image is clear, very clear. A dragon cannot be expected to fill in the blanks for us. You're lucky that you had a clear picture of a place that was real. No going to somewhere in a book for us. You'ld be gone forever. We'll work more on visualization later. For now, think about it and go help gather."

Fiona gives Ur'con a half-glare, "My power never goes out for more than a day, Ur." Not that she isn't leaning over to examine the plans anyway, "Still, an auxilury cold cave would be a reasonable investment, I'd think…" She glances up at Syra and J'em.

Fl'ynn pounces down from Kagenaith's back with a rattle of loosed straps and a crow of excitement. Not to be left out, the blue bounces off of his forelegs and croons a counterpoint sound as well. It could be a greeting. Probably. Lets just go with it. The teen reaches over to give the blue a sound pat upon his shoulder, only to get a headbutt in return affection, which nearly sends him to his arse. "Whoa, hah. So, aye, betweening… not as easy as it seems." Especially when you have a 'mate with about the attention span of a puppy, and just as much understanding. He looks towards Mhairie and Briana, wincing slightly, only to look beyond to Lan to try to share a look with the brownrider.

Briana looks to Mhairie at the question, "I had remembered the first time I rode a dragon and had a thought of wondering what it looked like now." She admits to the woman, "I Did not think I focused all that hard upon it…" She admits before looking over to the group that is greeting them. The gold is fully grown though still needs to fill out a bit more, a youthfulness to her baring. She gives a bugle of greeting to the dragons here present.

Ur'con nods to Fiona, "I know you work very hard, Fiona…but what if we have another earthshake, or a part breaks that we can't get replaced immediately? It's called a contingency plan. And…the less we're having to use on power to keep food cold, the more we can use power for other things. Like keeping the Sands warm." That's been a troublesome idea to him since he arrived at Eastern…those electrically heated Sands. And now there's eggs on the way.
Jeniosa has arrived.

As her offer is ignored, not that she seems to mind, K'nan hmms a little at Ur'con "Well, what about pumping heated water under the sands. Though I suppose that might be a bit difficult now to do?" She hmms a little "Or well, we could just get a bunch of the aunties and uncles to sit in on the sands, I mean they'r so full of hot air and all…"

J'em is half-listening to Ur'con and half trying to listen to everyone else, wow it's kinda hard being a weyrleader. "An ice cave, hmm. Sounds like an int'restin' idea." Then he just laughs as he hears what K'nan says. "Now now, not all us ol' folk're full o'hot air." He teases lightly.

http://eastern.wikidot.com/character:Jeniosa has been here, ayup, she's just off being her quiet little self as she picks berries idly, because the berries are a nice distance away from the big huge crowd of people and dragons.

Briana gives a final nod to the weyrlingmaster and grabs up a basket and follows a group into the brush rather quickly. The dark skin mostly hiding her blush of embaressment.

Ur'con laughs heartily at K'nan's joke, but, he agrees, "Aye…and I could set up a kiln near to it and pump the heat too…but still. Well, if you're in favor of it…and with your kind permission, perhaps I can present the idea to Weyrwoman Thea there. Might solve some of Xanadu's problems too."

Seryth, for her part is curled in the vicinity of Arolaeth, her attempt to converse with the older queen paused to watch the young Xanadu Weyrlings land. She winces, a soft rumble that might be interpreted as 'Be good' aimed their way. Thea too, watches the weyrlings while nodding absently in response to Syra. "Hmm, yes. Long story. But they-" She indicates the Xanadu group with her chin, "Are coming along well." Her gaze lingers on Zhaoth's scars before giving the newly-arrived group a smart salute and a twinkle of approval for their success. Thankfully she misses the comments about 'mishaps' otherwise she wouldn't be quite as easy as she follows Syra towards the shade the tree offers. "You'll have a bunch soon I hear. My congratulations." Mind not the tiny smile of amusement the thought brings. She's commiserating.

Ers'lan scrubs his hand over Zhaoth's hide as he seems unable to hear the conversation between Briana and Mhairie, deciding to check the scar tissue that seems almost like black veins from afar. No trouble present has the man starting to loosen the flight straps, which earns an appreciative nudge from Zhaoth. An affectionate slap sends Zhaoth off on a mission of greeting, the brown prancing toward the Eastern dragons with a regale bounce in each step and loose buckles clinking. This leaves Lan a moment to get his barrings, eyes peering up to the sun, then out toward the horizon, and back again. Somewhere inbetween he caught Fl'ynn's stare, deciding to head over to his friend. "Reckon we be westward," is all that he offers, not entirely confident as he rolls his shoulder, visually checking out the place they've been transported to within seconds. Scrubbing a hand through his stubble thoughtfully, his attention turns toward the group gathered, brow lifting, squinting at some of those with visible 'knots' of where they hail from. A moment later he claps his hand on Fl'ynn's shoulder, "Reckon I have no idea. Been knowin the North better…" a smirk, as he nods after Briana, "Ya think she be ok?"

"We'll see - it's a little early to tell, yet. But she has been— off. So I'm hoping she's got a couple in her," Syra responds to Thea, hiding her uncertainty behind a maternal smile. "If she loses much more weight, I'm going to have to step in. Have you had many incidents with them?" Her gaze, too, is on Zhaoth and his scarring. Arolaeth has, indeed, lost a non-trivial amount of weight. « Well-grown indeed, » she remarks to Seryth, in a tone that implies she's just stating facts. « They appear robust. »

"She'll be fine. She'll think some. Brood some. But she will be fine." Fl'ynn looks back at Lan, his smile more bemused than anything. A hand comes over to push Kagenaith's muzzle away from him, to which the blue is already wandering off, scenting the ground, looking aloft, peering with quite a bit of interest towards the structures. "Stay here." « I'll stay. » Blue butt plops down. Beat. He is up and starting away again. Fl'ynn turns his head back to Lan, nodding, "I almost don't give a flying ovine where we are, just that we are /here/." And it isn't raining.

J'em nods again to Ur'con, "Aye, iff'n y'think y'kin get it all settled safely an' stuff." He eyes the maps briefly. "Though, better ask Syra as well, I'm nay th'only one that makes th'decisions 'round 'ere." And he nods towards the two weyrwomen under the tree, hey, it looks nice and cool over there, but he remains by his wingleader. "Jus' lemme know when yer ready fer th'huntin'. I ain't been huntin' in awhile, I got m'bow o'er yonder somewhere by Fenny." His gaze lingers on the skinny Arolaeth and he just watches her a moment. Fenrith just snorts, « Of course she has some in there, it was I who flew her. » The wolf rumbles almost defensively.

Ur'con grins a bit, younger bronzerider that he is, and then gestures to Fiona again, "Hey..want to come while I pitch this to Syra and the Xanadu…ian…Senior?" He's smug, he is…and looks like he thinks it would work. "But you'll have to talk to the rest of em, J'em. I'm a miserable hunter. I'd have to live on redfruit and wishpies, if I had to rely on myself to feed me."

At the arrival of weyrlings Phailinugoth comes charging in from seaward. He's got a big fish that is flapping maddly back and forth. It's a actually a rather huge fish and the blue looks quite happy with what he has. There's seaweed and the like hanging off his hide. He bugles a greeting as he drops said fish with a bit of a splat. K'nan ohs "Good show Phaili, good show. We've got lunch!" She looks around then points to one of the weyrlings. The young blue "Ya up for guttin'?" she asks with a tilt of her head. Phaili in the meantime is sniffing at Kagenaith.

Fiona's quiet facade is broken with a "Huh?" She blinks a couple of times, then nods, "Xanaduan. And sure." She reaches out to give his shoulder a squeeze, "After all, I'm the one who'd end up having to tell our hunters where to go."

Ur'con grins a bit, and gestures onwards, heading off after the pair of weyrwomen with purpose and a crafter at his heels…he's downright cheerful when he comes close enough to hail, but not so close he's horning in on their weyrwomanly conversation, "Syra…Weyrwoman Thea…do you two have a moment?"

J'em grabs a redfruit from a basket as a youngster passes by bringing the basket to the proper place where it is to be picked up. The old bronzer shines it on his shirt before taking a bite, mmm, nice and crunchy. Then he will follow after the younger bronze and the techie, though he's only going for the shade, and Syra of course, whom he slides over to stand beside.

"Aye," Ers'lan intones with a considerate eye watching Briana trod off to hide her embarrassment. As for Zhaoth, the brown who is large enough to make like a small bronze, is introducing himself to the unfamiliar dragons, only for a time since he plops down listens subsequent to his initial greetings. Lan crosses his arms in the meantime, staying back from most of the others gathered, noting that a few of them are regarding the horrid scar on the young brown. A derisive glance finds Kagenaith, "He be still popping 'round like a kid with too much bubbly pies in 'em." A wink there for Fl'ynn as he ensures to keep out of the way of the ever shifting moving blue. A final snort, "Aye. Reckon I be likin this *between* thin', iffin only ta find the sun…" His face at this point turns up toward it, with eyes closing, and an appreciative yearning of a sigh following.

« Yes, well, you are out of practice, Fenrith. » That's Arolaeth, being contrary with her mate simply out of habit. « However, I have made the best of it. » At least she's sure of herself. To Ur'con, Syra turns her warm smile. "Ur'con? What is it?"

Kagenaith is all about new dragons who look just like him! Kinda. Flared wings and a pounce forth as Kage greeting that fish-catching blue all the same. Watch out all, could get trampled in puppy-like antics. "Gutting? No problem," Fl'ynn drawls, fingers interlacing and then cracking in a show that goes along with his words. "I'm gonna have to be asking Kagenaith to help me with fishing more often. Catching big ones like that." A glance is shot back over his shoulder to Lan, bobbing his head in full agreement. "You're apt to find that sun sooner or later."

Ur'con waggles a map at Syra as he closes in, "I had a thought." Like this was momentous or something. Then again, he's a bronzer. Thinking doesn't always come naturally…or so some say. Repeatedly. "Anyway…without getting into the whys of it. I was thinking we could establish an outpost…here. Or better yet, three…one here, here, and here. These mountains have reliable, stable glaciers…they stay frozen Turn-round. We could construct cold-larders there, and keep a watch on duty to keep fingers and whers out of them….and reduce the need for cold storage at the weyr itself. It'd establish another duty for a rider…give us a little more idea of what's going on out that way anyway. And then if the unthinkable happened, we could focus all of the weyr's generators on the sands instead of trying to keep food cold."

Fenrith snorts softly at his mate, he's used to this abuse alas, and knows better than to backsass, at least in public. He merely opens his wings slightly to take in more sun. Aro's so meann to him. Pout!

K'nan laughs "I like you boy." and then reaches out to tousle his hair. "Plenty of fish in the sea I always say. Always more to be catching." Oh yes, always more fish in the sea." There's a glance for Ers'la "Well, at least it's rain and not a lot of snow. Course snow is fun, I was just telling Miho the other day about skinny dippin in Reaches in the middle of winter. Very invigoratin and all. Course, Eastern's got plenty of sun. We've been pretty hot and humid of late, but it makes for great swimmin' in the cove." Phaili is quite likely to just as much pouncing himself. The blue has never grown up and in fact does pounce. After Kagenaith's tail. He does have a thing for tails after all.

"Yes, well, those generators /have/ been known to have problems," Syra remarks dryly in near-perfect imitation of Arolaeth's own voice. Apparently she missed Fiona's comment. "It's a good idea," she admits. "We'd be able to preserve quite a bit more, without having to fly in blocks of ice for the storage room. And it /would/ give Xanadu better access." A smile is directed towards Thea. "A trading post, as it were." Arolaeth wins again, and it shows in the smugness she radiates.

Jeniosa pops a berry in hher mouth, then goes back to picking the lovely ripe berries.

Thea murmurs reassurance, her eyes drifting to the Eastern queen, the expression in them one of concern. "Maybe it's a phase and will pass soon, Syra. What do the healers say?" She leans her back against the rough bark of the tree, reluctantly shifting her attention from the queen's health to the Weyrlings. "They're a little rough around the edges yet." Seryth tilts her head at robust, indicating Zhaoth with her muzzle, her tone ripples with disapproval, «Except that one. He's all bone. » Mama wants him to clean his plate more often, apparently. As Ur'con approaches, Thea turns and smiles, brows lifting questioningly, but she waits for the Eastern Weyrwoman to answer first. She peers at the map, but offers no comment for the time being.

Fiona smiles gently, "The generators run well enough, Weyrwoman, but having outside stores would allow some pooling of resources and preparation for emergencies in case we do lose a generator and need to, say, keep the sands heated."

Darlth sits like a comfortable rock in the sun, like a jutting mound of pale stone in a sea of dust and trees…like some ancient marble monument lost to time and its own makers. That, and he's trying to watch all three golds at the same time…even the young weyrling one. And to sun himself. And to keep half an eye on the tussling blues. Darlth is, in effect, multitasking. Ur'con nods, though, as his techcrafter wingsecond speaks up, "Yes, that as well…I have to admit, that's been on my mind since before Arolaeth rose. Better safe thans orry."

Zhaoth cocks his head to the side, similar to a canine's action at some curious sound, in this case Seryth's disapproval. The brown did look gangly and rangy, not at all pleasing to the eye. He wasn't ever going to win any beauty contests. Ers'lan for himself, once Fl'ynn is pulled away to gut, seems to follow in the tracks Briana laid down, making a wide-circle around those who carry a bit of rank on their shoulder, or in most cases have experience showing in their faces.

"I'm my own worst patient, didn't you know?" A note of wry amusement enters Syra's voice. "If she goes another seven without eating properly, I'll call in a consult… or bring her down to the annex." To Fiona, perhaps a bit more sharply than necessary, "Those generators can and have failed us in the past; I can remember at least one instance when Arolaeth had eggs on the sands to boot. I agree with Ur'con - it never hurts to be prepared."

J'em shudders at the thought, he remember that time. "Aye, 'twas….painful." And evil and all sorts of, well, not right. Ha! And y'all thought nothing fazed the old bronzer huh?
Fiona looks just a little taken aback, "I have done a /lot/ of maintenance to bring those generators back up to a reasonable code but I won't deny failing is possible, which is part of why I support the venture."

Ur'con looks from Syra to J'em and back again; obviously, there's a story in the telling there. "Aye…and what was the outcome? Would it be safer to take Arolaeth to Igen or Telgar to use their Sands?" The concern in his face is obvious, if not panicked. The idea of eggs, their tiny lives inside growing cold and still…it's distressing to the bronzer! Enough so that Darlth stops 'multitasking' and lifts his big, blocky head to call a soft thrumble out to his lifemate.

It's really a wonder Seryth doesn't give Zhaoth a pinch-test every day, then drag her brown son to the feeding grounds and make him choke down another beast. But she's not the bossy type it seems. Thea considers the map thoughtfully, then nods slowly. "We have the incubator in the Dragon healing annex and have used it once when our generator failed. Do you have a backup system?" Dividing her attention between the three, she sums up their problem: "We can't keep herdbeasts all winter on no fodder and won't have any again this winter if the rains continue. But we could offer you some tech support if you need it in trade for the fruit, vegetables and herdbeasts? Maybe more solar panels or… help developing a manual heating system?"

"It all turned out fine," Syra glosses over the event, a hint of color flushing her cheeks beneath her deep tan. "It was before we used them for /heat/, and the eggs were, ah, pretty close to hatching anyways, so no harm was done. Wasn't the most pleasant hatching, but it all worked out. For the most part." She's very purposefully not looking at J'em for this, no sir. "I'd love to get off our reliance on the generator for heat, though. Arolaeth's never had to clutch on them with the new system, and I don't feel altogether comfortable."

J'em has purposefully found something very interesting on the ground, yes, something like that. And he just briefly shivers once more, running a hand through his hair and down his eyepatch. "Aye, it turned out 'kay." Well, it could've been worse, really.
Ur'con ahems a bit. This might be more than he bargained for, "Well…I can speak to To'by and J'em here…" He gestures to the weyrleader. "And see about getting some structures started out there. Before feeding herdbeasts is an issue." He notes, after a moment, "And there's a least three big feral herds of herdbeast out there. I can't imagine it'd hurt to let Xanadu's experienced dragons come out here to hunt now and again."

Fiona nods again, "Ur'con and I have been discussing some other options, but most of them will require hiring on a few master-level smiths and with Arolaeth coming up on clutching I'd be worried about tearing them out completely." She blushes just slightly, "RIght now, my jury-rigging is our backup system. It makes me… us uncomfortable."

Mind not that faint choking sound Thea makes. "Jury-rigging?" Her eyes slide sideways towards Syra for a quick peek at her before returning to Fiona. "I'm the last person to put a lot of trust in technology. Grew up in a hold that didn't use it, but good machinery has its benefits, I've seen. Xanadu has plenty of smiths just idling and itching for a challenge. Surely they could come up with something that wouldn't require tearing apart your existing structure? Radiant heat… pipes that bring in super-heated steam with cromcoal or… something?" She flashes Ur'con a grateful smile about the hunting before eyeing the Xanadu Weyrlings to see how they're faring with the harvesting. It seems there's a few that feel fruit-fights are why they're here. "Excuse me for a moment?" And she's off with a purposeful stride to put a stop to that. She'll be back after she's smacked a few heads together.

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