Visiting the Annex

Xanadu Weyr - DragonHealer's Annex

An entrance way which would allow admittance to even the greatest of Queen Dragons leads into a chamber which would house half-a-dozen of the same size. To one side is a shallow pool which constantly clears itself of grime and is used is washing wounds. Nearby is a shelf with a generous supply of clean bandages and clean sheets upon stone shelves. The other side of the chamber is taken up by an alcove with multiple banks of computers to house medical records and help to diagnose illness and injury in the Dragons who come for aid. Within this alcove is a small medical laboratory where medicines and herbs can be prepared and experiments can take place. The far wall houses two dozen Dragon couches, each separated above by a rail which supports a thick curtain allowing the patients an option of privacy as they rest and recover.

Though much of the Weyr is still in chaos, with people moving back and forth with removing debris and salvaging what can be saved and in general many short tempers, the annex is a welcome place of refuge for some, but in essence perhaps a prison for others with injured dragons not yet cleared to be discharged and their riders snoozing with them. Though there's one rider in particular that is of interest to a trio of folk who quietly enter into the annex mindful of those recuperating and not wanting to be kicked out by the dragonhealers. One in particular is a little nervous about heading in there. Perhaps it's the scents that due it, even if it's not people infirmary. "Umm, we're here to see Thea." Keziah says quietly to on of the dragonhealers.

Over near the huge incubator, sprawled on the floor lies Seryth, as close as she can get to her eggs without being in the way of those working to monitor temperature, humidity and the like. Usually serene and relaxed, she is alert, perhaps one could even say tense. Although her head is stretched out upon the floor, the queen has her eyes open, watching each 'Healer approaching the apparatus that hold her eggs. Thea's curled up within the cradle of the gold's forearms, partly to help keep her still, partly for her own comfort. Voices from the doorway have her turning her head that way and there's a quick frown of concern. One of the Weyrlings dragon's hurt? Those thoughts are written clearly on her face as she half-rises.

M'nol smiles when the healer points out Thea and Seryth, not that he would have missed them given a good look around. He smiles to Phy and Kez, "Well, here goes nothing." He shifts the box under his arm and starts to make his way over to Thea with a smile. Nope, no injuries here.

Phylicia is in the small grouping of people coming to visit Thea, which either means one of the Weyrlings is really hurt where she's forcing them to come … or they're all just fine and visiting a friend. From the look of light concern on Phy's face, it's the latter. "We'll behave, promise." She says quietly to the healer at the door. "If we disturb people you can kick us out." But then again, Healers reserve that right whether or not you admit to it. She flanks herself just a pace or two behind M'nol and slightly to the side, pausing a moment to eye his hand before turning her attention back to Thea as the team approaches. "Afternoon, ma'am."

Keziah glances quietly over Thea's face, but she doesn't say anything much at first at the look of concern and then there's a quirk of a grin "No need to be standin' on ceremony, please sit back down. We've just come to umm, to see you." she notes "Figure you might be feeling a little more cooped up." Okay, likely it's more than that with the way Keziah is watching her but the young woman isn't going to press any points. "Figured you might like a little company and all.

Thea relaxes when the trio walks in, moving deeper into the Annex without lifemates in tow. She's slipping off Seryth's forearms and walking to meet them with a glad smile on her lips. Her eyes slide towards Phylicia, "Thea," she murmurs in reminder before snickering at Keziah, "And how! Dragonhealers are fine company, but they're all too busy to talk much." She peers at M'nol, "You look a little pale. Everything all right?" A headtilt at Phylicia, "The Infirmary full I'd imagine. Everything okay in there?" Then to all of them, "I haven't been able to get out and see the damage yet. Is it bad?"

M'nol kind of nods and shrugs at the same time, "I'm fine… just… growin' up…" He pulls the box out from under his arm and passes it to her, the lid popping open to reveal a fresh bubbly pie, "Thought you might want one, being stuck in here and all." He smiles, passing the box to Thea before adding, "It's pretty bad, but most of the major structures are still standing… Kez and I had to take F'yr to the infirmary… I think she was one of the first." Consciously, he shifts his hand back slightly and holds it open. If Phy wants it, she can take it.

Phylicia nods her head in response, a semi-shy smile spreading across her face. Her forehead is only vague ugliness now, the markings of a healing bruise, and she's more animated than she was in days prior. And bwah! There's a hand. Phy moves a few steps to semi-discreetly take his hand, but the grin-turned-silly rather spoils that. "It's full, for sure Thea, but there's not too many life threatening injuries. Lots of scrapes, cuts and bumps." The last is said, a finger lightly tapping her forehead to signify the kinds of bumps. "I got kicked out not too long ago, from a shift." Yes, even little apprentices are pulling full shifts in the infirmary for the time being. That might say more than her dismissal of the injuries.

Keziah gives a bit of a nod "I imagine they are, even those not hurt before the no flying went into effect." There's a pause "The weyrs out in the meadows, there's so many destroyed and some in the forest as well where trees fell on them. F'yr.. she had a beam on her. Luckily I guess nothing vital was crushed. Her dragon though, Alosynth had a time trying to get through to him. More kept him distracted though I guess so M'nol and I could get to her." There's a glance towards the incubation unit and then the gold "Are the eggs okay then?" she asks after a moment. There's a glance at M'nol and a quirk of a smile at the hand holding "Yeah, M'nol is growing up."

Thea continues to watch M'nol with just a hint of skepticism before taking the box with a pleased look, "Aw, thanks, I… yeah. I'll enjoy this." She notes where his hand has gone with a quirk of her brow but amazing wonder does not needle him. "F'yr, hmm? The troubled brownrider?" A look of concern crosses her face then she is mulling Phylicia's reassurances about everyone else. "If it's full…" Then she's back to the brownrider, "How bad is F'yr?" She gives the Healer a keen look and then gapes at Keziah, "Shards! A beam?" Keziah's mentioning destroyed Weyrs and there's a visible wince. "The eggs are fine, Sigam tells me. Come see." She turns and strides to the incubator, flipping the switch she's seen the 'Healers do and light floods the eggs. Something is on her mind, for the look she gives the eggs is unfocused and one hand clenches. Softly, "I haven't had a moment to go and see if mine is still standing."

M'nol blushes slightly when Thea notices the location of his hand, but doesn't try to take it back from her either. Every time he starts to answer a question of Thea's she's throwing another one at someone else. After a few attempts he just gives up, distracting himself with the rapidly lit eggs. His attention comes back when Thea mentions her weyr, though… he honestly didn't know if it was still there and was a little terrified to tell her that.

"Thea." Phylicia's voice sounds unnaturally stern for her. Oh shards, has she been picking up tricks between M'nol and being on shifts at the infirmary? Ah well, it seems like M'nol hasn't been the only one growing up. "You may be a Weyrwoman, but stop worrying over /everyone/." She follows M'nol to the eggs, though her attention doesn't go to them right away, instead she's smiling at the goldrider. "The healers at the infirmary have the human portion under control." Mostly. "And I'm sure the healers here have things in hand, too." Oh gawd. She's sounding like a /grown up/. SOmeone smack her quick. That head injury did damage! But now her attention goes to the eggs and she looks them over carefully. Not as a healer, but as one interested in the eggs just 'cause. "We could check for you, or baby sit the eggs for you, if you want to check…?" She offers, head turning away from the eggs again.

Keziah bites her lower lip a little "Some are still standing, maybe yours is as well?" she notes softly "Not all were destroyed, many just umm suffered minor damage." She shifts a little and then is following over to the eggs. Her eyes drift over them "F'yr didn't seem to be too bad. Mostly head trauma and I think something with her wrist." She's silent a little "I've not heard if she's come too yet." She glances over at Phylicia and nods "We can do either for you, or any other errands you might need taken care of."

Thea slides another concerned look M'nol's way at the silence and the expression on his face. She has no idea what he's thinking. Her brow puckers slightly as she watches him. Phylicia's words break whatever thoughts she's forming, "Excuse me?" Cool eyes take Phylicia's measure. She gives the teen a long, steady look, then says slowly, but firmly, "I think, you'd best keep such comments to yourself." The flash in her eye warms to a genuine smile as she says kindly, "I know you mean well, Phylicia, but the people of the weyr are -my- concern, as it is that of all the Weyrwomen. It's best this way, trust me it would be worse if we didn't care, you know?" Keziah's words have her breathing deeply, relaxing as she removes Shep from her shoulders and looks at him intently for a few moments. As the brown lifts off and disappears *Between*, Thea includes the trio as she considers their offer. "I'll get down there to check it tonight and the Dragonhealers are taking fine care of the eggs. I'm mostly here for Seryth. This has upset her greatly." She is still thinking, however. "Other things…yes!" Her face brightens. "Could I get some of you to stop by D'son's office and see if he's got any requisitions for me to fill out? I get to tally broken things and order new." Oh joy.

M'nol squeezes Phy's hand gently when Thea reprimands her. They were both right, after all. He smiles for Thea, doing his best to look happy, "I'm sure one of us could manage it… how is Seryth coping?"

Phylicia meets Thea's eyes for a whole of two seconds before they shift to looking at the floor, her cheeks coloring to a faint rosy pink. She squeezes M'nol's hand in return, slinking a step closer to him. It's almost like she's expecting something more to come from Thea. "I-I wasn't saying not care, just… don't wear yourself out caring." Is mumbled in a sort of self-defense as she fidgets.

Keziah glances back and forth between Thea and Phylicia and then clears her throat a little "Everyone's been under strain. I've heard some of the riders talking about needing to space things out so people aren't burning out." she notes "We need all the able bodies we can get." There's a glance at Seryth "There's enough upset dragons as well, we don't need more and if you were to collapse." She looks towards the eggs and then back at Thea "I cannot imagine the stress you must have went through during the storm. The worry." A glance back at the gold "And perhaps the worry still. But we all need to take care of ourselves." A glance at Phy as well at that point and then back to Thea and there's a sheepish shrug "We worry about you. It's just one of those things. Friends look out for one another." Then there's a quirk to her smile as she drops the seriousness "You'll just have to deal with that." She then nods to M'nol "Yeah, either one of us can get those for you. Must be really bored to be wanting paperwork."

"Seryth is…tense." Thea answers M'nol and her voice has an odd tone as she says the words as if the young queen's state of mind is unusual for her to deal with. "I'll try not to wear myself out," she says wryly as she lifts a hand warningly, "Otherwise I'll end up in the Infirmary once again and at your mercy, Phylicia." Her pale green eyes crinkle as she smiles at them all. "Aw, you guys were worried about me? And look at me - not a scratch on me. I missed the storm all together." Except for running out into a tornado, but we won't mention that. She sobers, adding, "Thanks, all of you. It means a lot to me." Her voice is humble as she says it, her eyes drift towards the eggs, "I've just needed to… keep my mind busy, so caring about the people here…has helped." She doesn't go into the whys of that. A snicker at Keziah's last comment brings her back to the here and now, "It's either my paperwork or entering mind-numbing dragonhealing details of which I know nothing about into those computers over there for Sigam."

M'nol slips his hand out of Phy's, shifting closer so he can place his arm around her shoulders, even as he smiles at Thea, "Of course we worried about you. You ran through a raging hailstorm and disappeared." He sighs, "If you really want paperwork I'll bring you paperwork, if you want something more entertaining, I'll bring you that too, if I can."

Phylicia seems to become a little more comfortable as both Kez and M'nol step in. Kez verbally and Nol with the arm around her shoulders. "Faranth forbid you end up /there/ again, Thea!" She grins, a bit tentively, but she's not totally shying away anymore. "And at my mercy, even." She apparently is picturing this, from the strange look on her face before she shakes her head. "No. No more infirmary visits for you unless it's on business, yah?"

Keziah glances over to the computers and then frowns a bit "Complicated machines." she notes and then nods "I'd take the paperwork as well." she remarks and then shakes her head "Why wouldn't we worry about you?" she asks as she tilts her head and looks at Thea as if she's daft. "As I said, you're our friend. Honestly." she snorts a bit and then she's frowning a little over
Thea's choice of words about caring about the people here." She looks over a M'nol a moment to see if he caught that or not and then looks back to Thea and looks thoughtful.

"It was hailing?" There's total wonder in the junior's voice. She didn't even notice the stuff hitting her. She eyes M'nol with mock-trepidation. "More…entertaining?" Does she want to know? Shep pops out of *Between* with a smug chitter, lands on Thea's shoulder and creeps back under her hair, curling around her neck, causing her to shiver. "Ack! Cold!" To the others she says, "He saw F'yr awake and talking to a visitor. The face he's picturing looks like Sigam's." She's not really suuuure. She nods in reply to Phylicia, "Not much fun being stuck in there unless you;re drunk. Cenlia can tell you about -that- one." She grins at Keziah, raising both hands, "I surrender!"

M'nol chuckles, holding Phy close to him as he does so, "Yeah, entertaining, like a book or a game instead of just boring paperwork." He smiles again, "It's good that she's doing okay… I was worried when Varuath was snapping at Alosynth and Faraeth."

Phylicia tilts her head slightly to the side - which Nol isn't standing at - and blinks. "Drunk in the infirmary…?" She drawls out slowly and softly. "Doesn't really sound like a good idea." But then again being drunk period doesn't really sound like a good idea to her. Without really thinking about it, her arm goes about M'nol's waist and she just quiets to listen to the others for a bit a little akwardly if one might notice.

Keziah eyes Thea a moment and then just shakes her eye and snorts as the goldrider 'surrenders.' "Silly." she remarks, as if she's one to talk. "Drunk in the infirmary?" she echoes Phy and then shakes her head a bit "If Cen's involved, I'm not surprised."

Thea shakes her head at M'nol. "Really need to keep up with my work, but thanks." She laughs softly at Phylicia and Keziah, "It wasn't, trust me. Cenlia was…persuasive as well as crafty. The one and only time I ever was, or will be." Her voice still carries the chagrin she feels about that. Green eyes light with amusement on M'nol and Phylicia, "You two need to get a room." Gentle teasing, that. She reaches over and flips the light off on the incubator. Her gaze rests for a long, thoughtful moment on Seryth, who is sound asleep. "While she's out I need to go get some things from my weyr and… see if it's still there. Thanks guys, for coming. And… don't stay away." So saying she heads off, not one to waste time, is she.

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